Thursday, July 26, 2012

Just a Casual Observation

Something caught my eye, the other day, and brought back up some disturbing memories.

I was walking through my facebook account....yes, I do have one and no its only for close friends and not the world, I am not one to advertise my daily thoughts, the underwear I put on or other such goobly gook. Anyways, back to the point:

As I was making my way through, and I've got a couple of hundred friends, from around the world, I noticed the seeming obsession that my American friends have with food. They talk about it, they worship it, in most of their posts they have pictures of it or something related to it. They make smily faces out of it, they make American football stadiums out of it (for the big games) and so on. They mark it on their calendars as to where they are (never figured out why I'd report my every step, but hay, I am just paranoid), and so on.

Inadvertently, one also notices that most are in some degree of over weightness, from plump to right out obese. Even those who are not obese, I honestly can not see how they can avoid it. It is rather disturbing and brings back to mind some of the images I have seen before on my trips to the US.

The beat the buffet races, where I watched people consume at one sitting more food than an average European takes in in a series of days. The people so fat that they can not sit down at a table like regular people, because their giant bellies keep their arms from reaching their plates and instead must sit on the corners of table to wrap their fat around the table's edge to reach the food.

I went to a country fair once, and yes, it was rather disgusting: deep fried candy bars, deep fried vegetables, deep friend icecream and hotdogs and this and that. The worst, the absolute heart attack on the spot: deep friend butter. Yup, advertised as crispy on the outside, yummy gooy goodness on the inside. Seriously? The time when people normally eat a stick of butter is when they are starving and need the calories and no, none of those who were eating it needed those calories. Most could have shared their stored calories with a couple of African villages.

When you see people who resemble beach balls, with a small round head and vestigial arms hanging off the side, so that a dark side of you just wants to tip them over and roll them to see how far they'll roll, its a disturbing culture.

The obsession, worship and consumption of food, the sin of gluttony on display in every corner and every window and in so, so many daily posts, is disturbing to say the least. If they spent just a third of that time and calories for Christ, they might live in a much better and saner nation.

In truth it is an outward sign of a nation in rapid decline, of a people who have given themselves to satanic sin of self pleasure, in this case with gluttony. It is a people who do not work to work or take equal interests in art, real art, not that talentless hack art that is so popular with the very people so obsessed with filling themselves. All of these are signs of the same sick, mindless decline. When your main pass time and obsession is food, much intellect is not needed.

The graphs below are mindboggling, not only in what they relate to now but in how quickly this decline has occurred.

And here's another "fringe" benefit to consider about being fat:

The Greater Your Weight, the Lower Your IQ, Scientists Say

Obesity Lowers IQ

Monday, July 16, 2012

Pro Monarchy from YouTube

What World Famous Men Said About Monarchy

Charles Coulombe On Monarchy and Catholicism "The people (american) were never so lightly taxed as they were under the King.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

When Stupidity Knows No Bounds

When Stupidity Knows No Bounds
We are all used to the stereotypes of Americans as an ignorant bunch, and no group does their utmost to uphold that view than Hollywood and its straphangers. Yes, American politicians are in second place, after the even more self important and obsessed American entertainment industry mental midgets.
Case in point: one Steven Moll and his Dangerous Water Productions wanna be reality show crew. Like a bunch of nitwits right out of a Monty Python skit, these smaller than life, mentally challenged wanna-be heroes of the American reality show unreality, (there are 10 of them) decided to take their jet skies and travel 10,000 kilometers from Nome, Alaska, to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. They got as far as Russia, Chukotka, a military district to boot, where lacking any entry visas or documents, or special permissions to be in a closed, military zone, they were promptly arrested. 
But of all the arrests, its been a rather gentle one, not that Messer Moll is bright enough to figure that one out. He is on facebook and youtube whining about wanting to leave and not being allowed. In this idiots own words:
"We want to leave. They won't let us leave". Well no duhh, you twit, you broke Russian federal law, by illegally entering the nation. And since you did not have Russian entry visas, we assume you also did not have permission from Japan, N.Korea, S.Korea, China and probably Vietnam itself, all nations you would be passing by. Just what do you think those nations would do to you for the same thing?
But to stupid to understand his predicament and how well he has been treated, he continues to whine.
"They are trying to take us around town and show us museums and other little things, but all we really want to do is get some fuel and head back to the United States. This is ridiculous. This is Third World Shit."
Yes, it is ridiculous Messer Moll. The authorities in Chukotka should stop pussy footing around with the like of ungrateful idiots like you and do exactly what your United States would have done with Russians caught doing something that stupid, not that that has ever happened, namely, put you and the rest of your mental dwarves into nice confined holding facilities and let you rot there until the diplomats work something out.
Instead, these ingrates are being kept in a spacious gym, with their cellphones in their hands. A guard is over their equipment and they are allowed to walk out and check on it and fix it up.
Now it turns out that they had already pulled this stunt once before and had just not gotten caught. So, they must have figured, surely there were no laws against that kind of thing, you know crossing from one nation to another, illegally. Of course, since Mexicans do it to the United States on a daily basis, they may have been inspired by that.
In the end, Moll and the rest of the would be Hollywood elite were allowed to leave, but back east, to Alaska.
Sorry, DENIED!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Why Russia Should Be Central To Your Economic Survival Plan

Why Russia Should Be Central To Your Economic Survival Plan
With America's 30% youth unemployment plan shadowed by even worse numbers out of Europe, some as bad as 50%, with sputtering economies and open collapses, with a blighted future in the quickly disolving economies of the West, one may be excused for missing Russia. However, one should not be congratulated for one's ignorance, just excused, the way one excuses a child of ignorance, but than expects the child to learn.
So, to all those engineers, technicians, process improvement specialists, programmers, MBAs, scientists and other highly qualified and lowly paid, if paid at all, under employed, if employed at all, professionals in the US, UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Iceland, Italy, Hungary, Greece, are the lot of you really that blind, pacified and brow beaten? To all those Western Christians, under relentless attack by the Liberal anti-Christian sociopaths in power, by Islamic extremists, are you really so resigned to your own extermination? To all those farmers, whose land is lost to government decree, whose lives are regulated to no end by mindless bureaucrats so you never even see your fields, are you really so set to be landless and hopeless? Are you?
If your answer is "NO".
Well you than should have woken up a long time ago and looked at Russia. Not the Russia of the Western media propaganda, which is afraid of its serfs waking up and leaving, but of the real Russia.
Lets take the first group, professionals.
Did you know Russia is booming? No? You should. Russian heavy industry, flush with internal and external orders, is backed up from 12-18 months, working 3 shifts 7 days a week. Stop and think about that. Metallurgists, industrial engineers, mechnical engineers, electrical engineers are in extremely short supply. Russia IT is huge, growing faster than anywhere else, with hundreds of millions in US and British venture capital flooding in in the past 2 years alone, along side with native Russian capital. Every major IT corporation is here. Microsoft, Intel, Sony, Samsung, Electronic Arts, Google, NVideo and hundreds of others, big and small, as well as the dozens on dozens of native companies. Anything dealing with IT is in critically short supply. Infrastructural investment, both grand government projects, big business construction and private homes and villas is skyrocketing. Civil engineers, architects, builders are in critically short supply. Business is growing, expanding and modernizing, with critical, well trained, leadership in very very short supply.
Salaries for such positions are skyrocketing, up 14% for the first half of 2012 alone, competition is fierce. Consumer consumption, already high, rose 43% in the first half of 2012. Yes, language knowledge is critical but not absolutely mandatory, at least not when you are starting and as an indo-european language, its not an insurmountable task to learn Russian. As for immigrating, well even that is now easy for professionals. Russia, 2 years ago, implemented a Highly Trained Specialist visa, a 3 year work visa that requires: 1. a minimum yearly salary of 1,920,000R or $60,000 per year and 2. medical insurance and 3. a technical or leadership role. That is it, for the most part. Once you find an openning, and they are not hard to find, land the job, the company gathers your paperwork (college degrees, birth certificates, visa submission forms) and submits the packet, the government has exactly 14 business days to turn around an answer, one that is almost always YES. After issuing the invitation, it takes one week to get the invitation  to the local consulate or embassy and another week to translate it into a visa and place it in your passport. That's it, a turn around of 5 weeks. You than come to Russia, get a labour card, get your INN (individual tax ID number), get registered (through your company) and begin working. Reregistration has to be done every 3 months or when you leave and return into the country and can be done by your company/sponsor.
After one year of work, you can file for residency. True, this is a cumbersome process and require a lot of patience. It takes about 3 months and a few gray hairs, but once complete, the residency issues you an internal passport, just like anyone else, allowing you to move and change jobs and come and go out of the country. Five years of living in Russia, starting from the issue of the visas and you can gain citizenship. There are exceptions to this. Right off, if you were born in Russia or finish university in Russia, than your length of time to citizenship is 2 years. Also, if you buy land/apartment/real estate and were born in the former Soviet Union, you can also sue the government to grant you real estate. You may even be able to do it if you were born outside of the Soviet Union, the laws are somewhat flexible on this.
As for taxes, unless you're unlucky enough to be an American, you pay only the 13% flat tax on income and your employer files your taxes. If you are an American, every dollar over $92k (to include the dollar value of any office cars, drivers, apartment, etc) you also get the "privilege" of feeding the massive American government with an additional 35%+ on those dollars above $92k. If you are a businessman, with less than 100 employees, that is an entrapreuner, the government of Russia has another nice gift for you. To encourage you to grow, your income tax rate is 5.4%! Once you have residency, you can form your own companies without local "partners" or joint ventures.
But, what is the unemployment rate and would anyone hire me? Well, nation wide, the unemployment rate is hovering at 6%. For technical specialists its less than 4%. In Moscow and the surrounding areas, its 1%! I have had an opening to replace a fired manager, open for 4 months now. Pay is competitive, English language is a must. I have had 5 resumes, in 4 months. Yes, it is that insane.
Is it safe? Well, compared to last year's murder rates on the metro system of Moscow and that of London (London's system is less than half the size of Moscow's), Moscow has 11 murders, London, with half the population, 33. NYC and other such locations are even higher.
What about land?

A new set of land laws, actually a full overhaul of the system of laws, has passed the first full reading of Parliament (yup, unlike Americans, our parliament actually has to read every word of the bill, TWICE, before the quorum of Parliament and not on the same no blind voting for 10,000 page super bills) and is expected to pass the second with no issue. This drops the 47 year rent from the government and sets land ownership into perpetuity and as an inheritable asset, as well as the rights to utilize it as wanted and to the mineral rights below it. Further there is no land tax for private land ownership.

The British, since 2003 have led the way in immigrating to Russia to farm. British farms are chuck full of bureaucracy and control and tiny parcels, while in Russia, they have been able to work their farms without nearly the same level of government interference and in comparison to a 250 hectare British farm, there are average farms of 3,000 hectares.

Scottish Farmers Eye New Pastures in Russia

Turning Russia's Rich Soil Into Riches

Milking Russia: Love it or Love Money

As Russia has jump started a mass drive to become a major exporter of prime beef, cowboys from the US midwest have also starting immigrating over, along with tens of thousands of heads of cattle, many of which would have perished in last year's and this years droughts.

As a country, Russia is rather more conservative, through no lack of counter effort by the Western liberals, gays and other subversive efforts. The country is primarily Orthodox Christian, with a 1,000 year tradition of Christianity. No, we are not looking to convert to one of the tens of thousands of US protestant denominations, sects or cults. What we do offer, is our own rich and humble faith, grown directly out of the very words and actions of the Apostles who under the guidance of Christ created the Orthodox Church. We offer a sanctuary from gay marriages, gay history months, orgy in the class rooms, no discipline do what you want environment of the modern US/UK.

For many reasons, all these groups should be viewing Russia. Of course, they should not be heading here to simply separate themselves from society but to integrate and lend themselves and their skills to building something bigger and better than what they left.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Magnitsky List's Hypocrisy

Magnitsky List's Hypocrisy
In an effort to at once reduce tensions and to at once expand to cover the whole of the world, the US Senate has modified the Russia specific Magnitsky bill to cover all officials of any country that commit or are connected to human rights abuses, adding them to black lists....well all countries but one, the US itself, of course. American double standards at its best.
As a reminder to my dear readers, the Magnistky affair involved the incarceration of a lawyer, Sergei Magnitsky, on corruption charges. The man suffered from heart disease and through bungling of the affair, the prison administration provided in adequate medical attention that led to his untimely death. He was not beaten, starved or terrorized. He was, however, delayed, criminally, in receiving emergency medical aid, which in turn, cost him his life. Several corrections facility administrators have been fired and criminal charges are pending.
The US, ever looking for a reason to politicize something, especially if it is in any way connected with one of the "liberals" that it favours, has turned this into a circus, creating a black list that defines the "guilty" party of government bureaucrats and others, whom it has already determined to be guilty of human rights abuse, minus trial of course. To give credit where credit is due, various hypocritical European nations have done the same, so the US does not stand alone, but shoulder to shoulder, as usual, with much of the hypocritical and rotten West.
But what of the new law on human rights abuses, by the US Senate, the Sergey Magnistky Rule of Law Accountability Act? Besides the fact that the new law applies to everyone around the world and does not even stipulate notification of affected black listed individuals, and the US so loves its numerous secret black lists that totally disregard the concept of innocent till proven guilty? Well it obviously ignores the massive police brutality epidemic that is and has been, ever worseningly, sweeping America for the better part of the last 3 decades.
That thousands of people die of police brutality on a yearly basis, that tens of thousands are beaten, brutalized, pepper sprayed, shocked, shot by police, even in their own homes and guilty of nothing, many if not most innocent people, is totally irrelevant to the hypocrites in the US Congress. They as usual assume that no one notices as they foster their double standards and reek of their own hypocrisy. 
I would give the old proverb about judgment and planks in eyes, but that is a subject lost on a bunch of bought and paid for power mad shills.