Sunday, March 29, 2009

911 And The Enemy that Mourned For America

Every day, the mainstream Anglo-Marxist, and to be more specific American press pushes out various Russophobic drivel, celebrating any Marxist demonstration in Russia, exhaulting the crisis in Russia (while down playing it in the US) and celebrating any misfortune of the Russian people, especially if caused by Islamic Jihad


Americans are constantly told that Russians are evil, sadistic, corrupt and hate filled. They are constantly told how Russians do not deserve the oil and gas and other natural resources that the Almighty has bestowed upon us. Conversely they are told how their own government, which steals their monies, their sons lives in pointless wars, their lands and their futures, cares for them.

Well, let us take one example of this "careing" and end this stupid propaganda once and for all.

All that needs to be said about the caring of the US government is the fact that 8 years after the trajedgy of 911, the biggest terrorist attack anywhere in the world (though some would say the dropping of atomic bombs was a terrorist attack and thus bigger), there is still no monument to the fallen. Well, then again, that is also not true. There is no American monument.

However, the man that America's elites love to call the newest Stalin/Hilter/Attila the Hun or whom ever else they can pull out of history to mistify their people and their 2nd world quality educations, led the very effort to errect the only monument to the fallen of 911, on American soil.
The man America loves to hate is the man who called first offerring aid and was soon betrayed for it, in Central Asia and the MidEast and in Eastern Europe with America's so called defense missile shield..aka..first strike short range ballistic missile systems.

Here it is, the monument to America's fallen by the man and the people that Americans have been brainwashed to hate. Why no media coverage?

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Who Are Russia's True Patriots?

It is always the way of men, that only during the hardest of crisis that their true nature is shown. This is true both of the individuals and of groups as well as of nations. It is also true, that people are captives of their culture and thus their collective history, whether they realize this or not and whether they know that history or not.

As such, this crisis is showing the true nature of nations and their peoples: be it the Russian people, who as a whole have bulked down, cut back and chosen to follow the sensible, long term solutions, putting off the instant gratification that is the over all ethos of the West. Be it the Icelanders who have fallen into despair and disrepair, first drowning their sorrows and then openly rebelling and over throwing their governments, only to find themselves in the very same mess they were originally in. Be it the Greeks, who have allowed waves of young radicals to hijack their cities and their nation, disrupt their lives and drag the nation as a whole to the edge of the abyss. Be it the Japanese, who with silent resolution have closed ranks as a society and marched forth to weather out the storm, the pain and the suffer ring their nation is under going. Or be it the Americans, who, for the majority, without question have followed their leaders from one hair brained idea to another, all in a an ever more desperate attempt to avoid the pain and the bill and to find the quick fix, silver bullet solution to the rot they created.

But major societies are rarely ever really homogeneous and it is times like these that one sees who the people are who are more then happy to put their personal needs and ambitions ahead of their motherlands, their peoples and even their God's/ In other words, who are the true vultures of society.

The West pushes absolute individualism, which puts the self interest above that of society and in times of troubles, makes control of the people very easy. At this point, my Western readers or at least a large subsection are scratching their heads and entertaining visions of my pending insanity. How could this be? In truth, very easily. The pure individualist, who is never oh so pure to begin with, is easy prey for the Demagogues. Demagogues and promises are like puppies and sunshine, they simply go well together. Pure individualism is loath to fully sacrifice for society without seeing a benefit to himself. He is loath to cut back because it will "help" the greater good, because his greater good is himself. Thus he is loath to follow the painful treatments that are truly needed to save himself and his society.

The Demagogues know this and feed upon this. They promise the individual solutions that will not cause undo pain or sacrifice and will again make the world a rosy place and the individual a richer, fuller person. They promise, in other words, a free lunch. And as a whole, societies of individuals, are more then happy to follow along. The society of greatest individuals is the Americans and one can easily see this in the last elections, between two Marxists: Obama the Stalinist and McCain the Trotskyte. By the time these individualists, really self-centralists, realize they have been had, that is if they allow themselves to admit that they were fools and have been had, it is too late. For the Americans, well it may already be, to late.

But I digress.

The East pushes absolute obedience, where the authority is never or rarely to be questioned and sacrifice for the greater whole is always the norm. Again, for absolute autocrats, this is a dream. Of course the elites of the West also fully believe in this, and as such have been molding their societies closer and closer to that of the East, again by the Demagogue approach.

Russia is a combination of both, neither to extreme in individualism nor in the group think, but a balance of both. Sure, there have been times where we as a society have oscillated to one extreme or another and have suffered incredibly for it, as a result.

There was the nihilism and self-centralistic "individualism" of the West from the 1880s through the late 1910s, leading to instability, and a betrayal of God, Rodina and Tsar in the midst of the Great War. The results of this was the coming of the Marxists and the eventual, in the late 1920s, extreme swing to the other side, of mass sacrifice and group obedience. Only in the 1970s through now, was the balance slowly restored.

Luckily, this crisis, so far, has shown that the balance is holding, all Western siren songs aside. For it is now that those groups who put their self interests ahead of society's and who, if allowed into power will bring the extreme of autocracy upon us, are coming to light. There are presently two major such groups, both supported by the West: the National Bolshevik Workers' Party (NAZIs), through their cover of Other Russia, and the Russian Communist Party. Once more the Anglo-Marxists.

The funding of the Kasparov's Other Russia, and thus by far of its biggest constituent group, has increased. That funding is of course coming from such fine Western instruments as the US Congress' Institute for Democracy and Freedom House and by George Soros' Open Society. Their illegal demonstrations have become bolder and more pronounced, even as their support has remained pitiful. They sense that their original sponsors are now back in power in America, so why not try a little harder? They bring with them only destruction, chaos and suffering and in the end pure autocracy.

Then there are the Free Trade guardians, the Russian Communist Party, a party who should have long ago been banned and outlawed. When Prime Minister Putin, raised the tariffs on imports, thus protecting Russian jobs, Russian well being, these traitors were first to mount demonstrations demanding their right to continue to flood the Russian markets with foreign used imports, even when the cost is Russia's well being. But then again, when have the Communists, or at least their elites, ever really cared about what was best for their people? The answer is, of course, NEVER. Not in 1919, not in 1939 not in 2009.

In the West, of course, the Communists are now treated, not unlike their Nazi brothers, as symbols of openness, freedom, prosperity and globalism, the last of course being much more important then the first three.

The only bright spot seems to be, that the Russian Liberals, have finally figured out that Western patriotism is the surest way to loose one's election at best and one's nation and society at worst.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What Will Poland's Bailout Cost

For America? A lot.

Poland has been, without a doubt, America's Manchurian Candidate within the EU. With the entry of Poland into the EU, the United States gained a perfect candidate who, for vague promises and cash prizes, would do anything for their masters, including blocking all EU initiatives that did not satisfy the overlords in DC.

From blocking trade deals between the EU and Russia, to secret US prisons and torture, to a willingness to host interceptor missile silos that can easily double for short range ballistic missile silos, there was nothing that Poland was not willing to do. It sent troops to Iraq, one of the bigger, minor contingents. It sent troops to Afghanistan. When other NATO members were questioning the deployments, Poland was the one of the first to run to the Anglo-Marxist request and send an additional 400 troops to fight and die in that barren hellhole.

When the Anglo-Marxists pushed their paid and bought for Orange Revolution, it was Poland, along with the UK who dragged the rest of the EU to back the Socialist Oranges. Again, it was Poland who led the charge in Georgia and backed every Anglo-Marxist Color/Flower revolution across the globe.

When the Anglo-Marxist push to break the EU/Russian relationship by sabotaging the gas transport routes was threatened by the Nord Stream route to Germany, again, it was the DC Manchurian Candidate Poland who led the charge, along with Estonia and Latvia, to try and block it. Of course that this further enraged an already angry Germany, Italy and France, mattered nothing to the bought and paid for Polish elites. That their economies and peoples might suffer, mattered even less.

In return, the Polish peoples got almost nothing. Their nation was viewed with annoyance, suspicion and even hatred by much of Europe. Many saw the waves of Poles in the rest of Europe as no better then how Americans look upon illegal Mexicans. The Poles did not, for the sacrifice of their futures and even lives, get a visa free regime with their DC masters, say like that of the Germans or French. Their demands were ignored. Their requests ridiculed but their leaders were well compensated.

And so the process has gone on, for the better part of eight years, gone on that is, until the Bank Panic of 2008 and the Economic Collapse of 2009, when everything changed.

First to go, was the Orange Revolution. While the players, upon whom the Poles had invested so heavily, are still there, they are now enemies of each other and the nation they so jokingly "governed" was and still is falling apart. Then there was the retreating Bear. The Russian Imperial Eagle was back, with the war in Georgia, the Poles suddenly got to see the fact that their masters would not come to the rescue of small vassals, pushed into suicidal wars. As a matter of fact, the Poles, the British and to a lesser extent the Baltics (the US vassals one and all), were the odd men out in the EU, which was more than eager to get back to normal relations with Russia, once they came to their senses and realized the Georgians were acting under US/UK orders. No way was the EU going to pay in treasure and pain for a US Cold War II.

For all the cheerleading and promises for the West that the Poles made, they were left looking like fools and dupes. Their one "victory" was a $30 billion deal to host the interceptor/short range ballistic missile silos, against the out cry of their peoples. So for $30 billion they turned their nation into a nuclear target and never mind that 53% of the population opposes it. Of course even that is now in question as the Americans are forced to print literally trillions in instant dollars to keep their economy from collapsing over night. To this end, even if the Poles get those $30 billion, they will be worth only a fraction of what they counted on.

That is when the latest bad news came to Poland.

Poland had experienced a building boom driven by cheap credit. Even its historic 18% unemployment rate was falling quickly. Of course the credit came primarily out of Swiss banks and in Swiss Franks, but no one stopped to think about the possibilities. Times were good, why plan ahead?

The Bank Panic of 2008 cracked the rose coloured glasses, once and for all. The Zloty devaluated sharply against the Swiss to only half its previous value. Suddenly, more than 2/3rds of Polish mortgage holders: residential and business, found their payments literally doubling. A further dry up of credit has put the squeeze on improvements to the EU's largest eastern European economy. Unemployment has starting inching back up towards the old 18% mark, hitting 11% in February 2009 and salaries are pushing downward. Add to this the hundreds of thousands of Polish expatriots working through out the EU and now out of jobs and the situation is tense to say the least.

Add to all this, with the falling Zloty, Polish power bills have sky rocketed by 30% and Poland is all but barred from restarting many of its massive coal burning generators, by the EU's strict environmental laws, human suffering be damned.

The initial expectation of aid from their overlords in the Anglo-Marxist sphere, has proven empty at best. Both the US and UK are busy nationalizing banks and other industries while printing trillions in dollars and pounds. Certainly the Poles could never and would never turn to the Russians as has Ukraine, Belarus and Iceland, so far. The IMF loaned them money but it was not enough and the IMF's stringent policies have more often then not, destroyed the very nations they supposibly seek to help.

Only the rest of the EU, the very organization the Poles have done everything, at the behest of their Anglo-Marxist masters, to bedevil, can and will save them from themselves. But do not think for a moment that this will not come with a hefty price.

While the Brussels summit saw Poland win support for the Nabucco pipeline from the Caspian rather then the Nord Stream, that pipeline is going ahead and will cost the Poles a lot of their income as a former transit nation. The set back is temperary at best.

As the Poles continue buckle under the Economic Collapse of 2009, which has just taken down the governments of Czech and Latvia, aid will only be available from either Germany or France and both have their interests firmly in the east, Russia that is. Poland will soon be forced to shut up and sit down and learn its place, in exchange for the Euros that government desperately needs to stay in power. Furthermore, as the Anglo-Marxist sphere slides ever further into economic quagmire and insolvancy, its power and cloat will continue to diminish in ever accelerating cyclical spins around the proverbal toilet bowl.

So it may finally be time for Poland, like the UK, to accept their places in the EU scheme of things: second rate powers to France and Germany.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Special Relationship is Dead, Where Will Britian Go Now?

For over a year, the UK cheered as Obama rose in polls and became president. How stupid they must now feel!

The British never seemed to bother reading Obama's autobiography, the Dreams of My Father, where he recalls weeping after being told the story of how his grandfather was tortured for two years by British colonial rulers. He makes such a big thing of his grandfather, whom he never met, that you should have known that once in power, pay back would be first on the list.

The first thing that went was the bust of Churchill that had adorned the Oval Office, a gift from the UK. Now President Obama made it his first act in the "Special Relationship" or rather in the "Murder" of the so called Special Relationship, to send it packing back to the British embassy. Never mind what future US presidents, if there will be future presidents after Dear Leader, may wish.

Next came the absolute disrespect shown to Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister of the UK. Petty minor world leaders, with US strategic interests (such as Georgia or Azerbaijan or most of Africa or Arabia) get more respect then the UK. No state lunch. No official press conference, nothing but a quicky meeting. Even the presents were cheap and paltry. The Prime Minister gave the President a hand carved pen holder, made from wood from a famous British warship, HMS Resolute, 200 years old. In return he was given a boxed set of American movies, a set that could be picked up in any American Walmart or Kmart or other China supplied store and no doubt bore the mark of America's real owners: made in China. The President's daughters were given very expense dresses from a top London store, with matching jewelry. The Prime Minister's sons were given $20 matching models from a US government owned souvenir shop, in the White House.

When the British press howled at the insult, and in history, smaller insults have caused great wars, the American oligarch owned press, on cue, spouted out that the British are nothing but hyper sensitive ninnies...panzies and twits and when that did not work to shut the British up, do with them just like with a tantrumed child, simply ignore them. Scream all you want in England, no one cares.

Now the British Cabinet Secretary can not reach the White House, his calls given the answering service or when he gets through, it is some lowly phone clerk who promptly tosses the script.

Sure, Gordon Brown was not told to walk through the servants quarters, but that was well implied. He was dually summoned, humiliated and taught his place...lap dog and vassal. Sure, he did not have to feed the Khan's horses from his hat, like the Mongols demanded, but the effect was the same. England will be called upon to bleed in Iraq or Afghanistan or any future war such as Pakistan and Iran, you will not be, however, accorded the respect of an equal. Why should you be, when you are not.

For all the anger in the UK, they have no where to go. They have, on order from the US, ruined their relationship with most of the EU and started a Cold War with Russia. Who will take the poor English pup now that it's been shown the door and sent to the cold back yard? The Germans and French, who now command attention in the White House, must be laughing themselves silly over their wine and heffeweisens. Without the Special Relationship, the UK must accept its place as a second rate European power and British pride will keep the UK from seeking better friends.

So in the end, stiff upper lip, ole chaps, you are finally learning your place in the scheme of things and you have just realized you are not one of the masters.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

America's Next Catastrophe Is Brewing Just South Of Its Borders

As if there were not enough things to worry about for the US, what with a dieing economy, a spend happy neo-Marxist government in power, a stalemated war in Iraq and a loosing war in Afghanistan, here comes one more issue and the one that may create the final perfect storm: Mexico.

As I predicted, dear readers, Gloomy Predictions, Mexico is in the process of total collapse. The drug war violence has spun out of control so quickly that it is now a civil war and unlike the small time civil war with Mexico's southern Indians the Zapatistas, this one has the potential to topple the state government in very short order. The American Department of Defense has come out with an estimate that the two largest mafia cartels field, between them, over 100,000 foot soldiers. Now, these are not just gang bangers and lowlifes, alright they are lowlifes, but many are former Mexican army and some even US trained special forces. To make maters worse, they are armed with heavy weapons, everything short of tanks and fighter planes. Regular large scale gun battles, involving grenades and RPGs are a common, almost daily occurrence in Mexico.

Last year, death tolls doubled to over 7 thousand killed in these battles and various murders and retaliations. This year is on par to double again, as the cartels (mafias), military and various other groups, battle it out. Add to this the recent addition of vigilantes attacking in the night, often tied to quieter, smaller cartels and you are living in absolute chaos. The death rate, last year, was higher than that of Afghanistan and Iraq put together. Further, the favorite forms of murder, are extremely brutal. Beheadings are the norm. This must hail back to the old Aztec customs.

Another favorite is to hang a tire around the victim's neck, douse it in gasoline and set it on fire. Amputations, mass murders, rapes, massacres of whole families and dissolving the living and screaming victims in acid are all the new norm of Mexico. So could this get worse? Well, it is. The two main cartels, who between them have over 100,000 soldiers, are forming an alliance.

Is the US government worried about this?

Yes, but not enough. Besides this report, only the voices of governor Perry of Texas and the sheriff of Phoenix, Arizona, have come out loud enough to catch regional attention. The nation as a whole, remains blind and dumb to reality. Pictures of ostriches now come to mind.

Perry, in his frustration with his masters in DC, has called on 1,000 state guard (a form of militia) to take to the border, to protect a border that his police and the federal border patrol are not capable of dealing with. Drugs and guns flow both ways.

Phoenix, Arizona has the new distinct "honor" of being the 2nd kidnapping capital of the world, second only to Mexico and the victim of the same gangs. As a matter of fact, the US FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigations) in 2007, admitted that gangs in America numbered over 100,000 strong. Thus one can easily believe that there are at least, in reality, 150 to 200,000 gang members and almost half have direct ties to Mexico. Can the US army deal with this? Hardly, not in its present stretched out form, all over the world.

But there is worse to come.

By summer of this year, Mexico will enter a full blown war with large scale gun battles in most of the cities. Most civil wars push out refugees. If even 10% of the 110 million living in Mexico, start running north, that will collapse the governments of the American border states, already bankrupt from the Bank Panic of 2008 and the Economic Collapse of 2009. Most civil wars actually push out closer to 30-40% of a population, thus anywhere between 30-50 million people could head north.

But it gets even worse. A large chunk of the former US industry is located in northern Mexico, already in the war zone. US companies suffering in the present economic climate, will further sink or collapse with the loss of these facilities and their closing will force even more economic and war refugees north. A large percentage of the US fruits and vegetables also come from Mexico, as does US oil. It is not difficult to imagine that small groups of Mexican bandits could easily take to the water in speed boats and begin raid the various oil platforms, freighters and cruise ships sailing in the Gulf of Mexico and the southern Caribbean Seas. Somalia has already proven how effective this is.

All of this would require a large amount resources that the US no longer has to spare and will push the Americans into a grave political crisis.

Stay tooned, dear readers, this is starting to get ugly.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Georgia, Time to Learn Your Place

Two interesting head lines crossed the media boards today:

First US supplies for Afghanistan cross Russia,

Georgia appeals to West over Russian bases, Reuters UK

It would seem that our friend Saakashvili, Mad Misha the Bane of Silk Ties and Sleeping Cities, is about to be reminded once more his and his country's value on the bigger scene. It should come as no surprise that Misha's ravings about the mutual defense treaty about to be signed between Russia and Abkhazia (one of those small peoples he planned on exterminating) and Russia's new bases in that country and South Ossessia, are falling on deaf ears of the American power elites.

Just like Marcos, Noriega, Saddam and countless other petty dictators around the world and throughout the past eighty years, your usefulness is limited and you and your people are sacrificial. Sure, the West, led by the Anglo-Marxist sphere, courted and lured Georgia and paid for you to be put in power. Sure they looked the other way while you had opponents jailed or murdered. Sure they sent you money they knew you and your cohorts would steal. Sure they made you promises of EU and NATO membership and gave you the thumbs up as you continued the glorious Georgian tradition of allowing free passage to Islamic Jihadists heading into southern Russia.

Did all this go to your head? Of course it did, you were born on the same day as Stalin, something you like to remind everyone of. Best of all, they asked so little back. You had to absolutely ruin your relationship with Russia, but that was nothing difficult for you, right Misha? Sure your people suffered, as the only real market for their main exports disappeared and the one in four Georgians living in Russia and supporting their clans with money sent back, was now cut off, but that was a price you were willing for your people to pay.

Sure they asked you to stage a fake terror attack on Bush, when he visited, but that was fun for you, acting the hero.

Sure you had to send troops to Iraq, but its not as if your own son was going.

Sure, too, you had to allow Israeli airbases to be used against Iran and that could have easily pulled your country into a war with Iran, who also happens to provide you with gas, now that your Russian supplies are cut, but again, that's something your people would suffer through, on your behalf. Besides, you got a lot of cash out of that and whole bunch of new toys for your US trained army, and we all know how you love those Hitleresc military parades.

Then they asked you to launch a glorious war to retake those break away regions that the Georgians failed to exterminate in the 1920s and 1990s. We know you were told the Russians would not retaliate and that even if they did, it would be slow and half hearted and the Anglo-Marxists had your back and everyone would cheer you on. So sure, when things did not turn out quite that way, you started murdering ties faster they you got rid of your former colleagues and political rivals, but that is the stress of war. However, as John McCain said in the US media: "We are all Georgians now", so even if they did not send troops and did not go to war for your sacrifice, at least they "felt" your pain.

Then the "unthinkable" happened, Pakistan destabilized, the main US/NATO supply line to Afghanistan was cut and now the US/NATO's legions can not survive without Russia. You dear fellow, are about to learn the lesson of life: why buy the cow when the milk is free? And you definitely gave your milk away as fast as you could wring it out of your people. Now you are last week's flavor, yesterday's super star, a washed up little country in a financial crises, with a defeated army and a demoralized people.

Good luck on those opposition protests that will be resuming nation wide in spring.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Sustainable, Green Development Means the Death of Russian Progress

First, let us give definition to these often used words: sustainable and green.

Sustainable, when used in terms of energy and industry, does not mean something that can be kept up for a long period of time, as one would think from the word. It does not mean coal from a vast vein of coal or nuclear power. What it means is green power. Green power is a mythical power that takes no energy or chemical/industrial processes to create. Of course this is nonsense.

When one points this out to an environmental leftist, which is what the majority of the Anglo-Marxists and West in general now has for leaders, they will tell you that wind turbines or solar arrays are just that. Never mind the inefficiencies of both, the amount of land they take up or how little power they actually generate, their construction alone uses up incredible amounts of energy that they never recoup. The average windmill needs 10 years of operations to make up for the natural gas and electricity in the steel production and forging of its parts and the diesel and electricity needed in its transportation and installation. The problem is, of course, the motors are burning out between 3 and 5 years and never mind in most areas they run barely 30% of the time, due to a lack of wind.

But on a more profound level, what this and Kyoto and other such regimes are made for is to keep Russia down on her knees, to keep her from rising again and leading the world. How? Simple. Let us, dear reader, start with Kyoto.

Kyoto did not recognize the Russian economy as a developing economy, unlike India and China, instead setting its maximum pollutions at the levels 1990 Soviet Union. At that time, Russia was very under industrialized as compared to where a nation like Russia was. Kyoto sought to bribe the government of Russia with carbon credits to sell to Europe in exchange for not growing Russia's economy to the level it was even under the Soviets. So, to cap this point, in exchange for taking money, Russia's leaders were to freeze Russia's economy as an underdeveloped state, while Russia's neighbors, buying these so called credits, would be able to continue growing, thus locking Russia into a position of an underdeveloped, second rate nation, bound only to sell its resources and in debt her people if they wanted any of the finished goods flowing from Europe and Japan, or for that matter from China and India, who had no bounds.

While the Russian government eventually signed up to sell those so called credits, the growth of the Russian economy barreled forward, surpassing rivals. To the uneducated minds of the Anglo-Sphere, there is no Russian industry because it does not export like China and India. They fail, in this sophomoric evaluation, to comprehend that at present Russian industry has not satisfied internal demand to allow the spill over of trade and export. This is how responsible, merchantalistic, societies grow, not the irresponsible, export model of China, SE Asia and to a smaller degree India, which then pulls them to the ocean's deep along with their customer America, when her markets finally tank and sink, as is the fact now.

Once it became obvious that Russia would not constrain her growth and the credits were pointless, the EU/US funded NGOs and UN missions started on a new course to curtail and thus cripple Russia: sustainable energy.

Russia's energy grids are under developed for the full needs of a citizenry enriched with larger apartments, new homes, money for electronics, for the new industries and businesses. As such, new power development is a priority.

In this, sustainable development, is a Western driven project to hamper and cripple Russia by focusing her energies on forms of electricity that are dangerously expensive with little real return, while by passing cost saving nuclear and coal power. If Russia was to follow the advice of the West, and judging by the results of the 1990s a grave mistake, Russians would be forced to pay a considerably higher portion of their salaries for the lights to come on, all to save the world from the hoax of man-made global warming.

In the end, it must be surmised that the country must grow to her maximum potential. Nature of Russia must be protected when ever possible, but growth and development can not be sacrificed on a Western, post-Christian fantasy alter of pagan, earth-mother Gia worship. Let those of the dieing West cling to their various fantasies as their societies in collective and individually rot, Russia must survive to preserve not only her people but the faith of Christ as embodied in the Third Rome.