Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Good Start But Not Nearly Enough

Our government has finally come to the absolute realization that science and technology is absolutely critical to the future of Russia's economy.

To be sure, two strong steps have launched Russia into the right direction but over all, they are not even nearly enough.

First came the reform of the work visas, with a new 3 year work visa for scientists, engineers and top management, that the government really is turning around in as little as 1 month, better then just about anyone in the world. Very impressive, considering the previous system was only 1 year and took a 6-8 month period to achieve the first visa.

The second step came with the announcement of the construction of our own Silicon Valley, about 20km west of Moscow at Skolkovo. 85 billion rubles will be invested over the next 3 years ($2.5 billion) to build the infrastructure from scratch and create a low tax zone for companies.

All are great idea, but there needs to be much more. I propose the following steps:

1. Comprehensive streamlining of the bureaucracy to allow internet based registration of businesses and cut out the infamous chenovnik.

2. An active campeign to bring in first Russian diaspora and then non-Russian university students for hard sciences. The student visa system must equally be streamlined and made quick. Most students will stay close to where they graduate, if work is available, so this will produce a steady supply of talent, in addition to our own. You really can never have to many scientists.

3. Tax holidays, say 5 years, both on corporate income tax and NDS (VAT) for all new high tech businesses that get set up. Nothing like money or the prospect of making money that will bring in new companies into Russia.

4. Total stream lining of the construction permit process. Russia is one of the hardest countries to get construction permits and requires up to 2-5% of the value in bribes, just to keep the process going. The 6-12 month delay in getting the permits is a major retard on new construction and thus new business.

5. Creation of skunk works by the government, giving gov scientists the free hand to pursue whatever research they want, with most of their pay based on 50% of the profits off of patents, the rest going back to the state. Patents should only be sold, by the state, to Russian companies.

If we follow on these five steps, I believe we will have a synthesis of events that will lead to a new explosion in scientific development that will place us back at the top.

Friday, October 29, 2010

The Upcoming US Elections: What Do They Mean?

In a word: nothing.
Lets explore:

I have spoken with several American friends and acquaintances and all have bought into the new “Hope” and “Change”. No, this is not the Hope and Change of the Obama regime, but the Hope and Change of the Republicans, the other branch of the One Party Two Branch system of government. Simply put, it is now the American right that is mindlessly chanting Hope and Change, egged on by the oligarch owned mass media and cheering on one side or another of the One Party Two Branch state.

In truth, few stop to think through what will change and but they have lots of hope, hope that constantly gets redirected away from direct action and in hopes that discredited elections will work this time…always this time…thus the owners of America put off any real opposition and street protest or worse for another 2 years and another 2 years, while the prols mindlessly hope for change that never comes.

Let explore:
Am I saying that there are no conservatives who will be elected? Of course not. What I am saying is that it will not matters and for several key reasons:

First, the Republicans may win the majority of both houses of parliament, but it will be a narrow majority. The exiting Democrats are prepared to push through many laws before they get replaced. The sitting Republicans will do next to nothing to stop this, as most are on board of the same express train as the exiting Democrats and opposition is just political theater for the masses.

Now, the Republicans will not only not have a large enough majority to over ride a presidential veto, but to believe that the Republicans will act conservatively is a delusion. Conservatives will not only be a minority but as new members will have no seniority and even less say. Then there is the issue of corruption and sell outs. It is thus, equally foolish not to believe that at least some, if not the majority of, the new conservatives will sell out as soon as the big money is thrown at them: which will be about 10 minutes before they reach their offices.

Lastly, is of course the principles on which these so called conservatives are coming into power. These are not what the anglos call paleo conservatives who believe in balanced budgets, really small government and no foreign wars. No the majority are rightly classified as Neocons, would be “conservative” would be president Sarah Palin, falls right into that.

Sure they want to cut spending, but on the citizens who are already unemployed. They will be the hatchet men for the Democrat wing, while continuing to spend on foreign imperial wars of revolutionary Third Way Socialism (Corporate Marxism aka Capitalism).

They will continue to spend and spend and bomb and bomb, just on slightly different subjects, while making soft sounds to calm the narrow sighted masses with a fight against gay marriage, while actively supporting Islamic Jihad against Christians world wide. Further, they are almost all Free Trade zealots, thus they will not bring factories or jobs back, which is the only way to hold off the continued collapse in the US economy.

Thus, any investors, who still believe that the US will turn around, just after this election or the next or the next, are equally fooling themselves, in no better fashion than the masses duped into an election process controlled by their owners and made into grand political theater.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

What is to Fear From a Nuclear Iran?

From the sounds of the Anglo-American-Israeli-Saudi now there is a Axis of Insanity for you, there is much to fear from a power mad Iran preparing its legions to march upon the world. Why it is the reincarnation of the Fourth Reich....well right after Slobadon Milosevic's Yugoslavia, Taliban Afghanistan, Saddam's Iraq, Kiredoch's Serbska Republic, Chavez's Venezuela, Castro's Cuba, Lukashenko's Belarus and of course, on and off, Putin's Russia....other Fourth Reich 2.0s are sure to join that list, as needed by the propaganda masters of the West.

But really what is to fear from Iran and its pseudo nut job leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? Outside of making assnine statements, pseudo threats and hanging gays and shooting the occasional opposition member (of course that Rafsanjani, Washington's favorite Persian, is even more radical and took American hostage in the late 1970s, is irrelevant.) they do sponsor terrorism. Of course, the level of terrorism that Iran sponsors, and no there is no excuse for it, is nothing compared to what America's owners, the Saudis sponsor across the world as they pour billions into Global Jihad...but that bothers the Sunni leadership of America none and even the former Protestant leadership under Bush loved Islamic Jihad, as long as it was only murdering Orthodox and Catholic Christians, Hindus and Buddhists.

So what is to fear? Is it Iran's imperialistic nature? Well, no, seems that Persia has not started a single war in 200 years. Say what? Yes, 200 years, while the champion of peace, the Americans, have done almost nothing but launch wars for 200 years, all across the globe attacking friend and foes, when the urge and the cash struck them.

So, is it Iran's desire to exterminate the Jews or other religions. Well here to we run into several key problems. For example, there are 40,000 Jews, living in a 3,000 year old community in Iran and they have refused to leave. Further, with less then 0.1% of the population, they have a member of parliament. Heck, so do the Zorasterins, who are not even "people of the book" aka Christians and Jews and by Islam, should not be tolerated at all.

As a matter of fact, radical Iran is far from Radical. For the Western readers, this should come as a mental explosion to them: there are actually quite a few Christians in Iran.
-Armenian Apostolic Church of Iran (250,000 adherents) - basically an Orthodox affiliate
-Assyrian Church of the East of Iran (about 11,000 adherents) Also basically an Orthodox church
-Chaldean Catholic Church of Iran (about 7,000 adherents)
-Presbyterian, including the Assyrian Evangelical Church
-Pentecostal, including the Assyrian Pentecostal Church
-Jama'at-e Rabbani (the Iranian Assemblies of God churches)
-the Anglican Church of Iran.
The protestants number around 15,000 and many are former Muslims. Yes, that's right, Muslims do convert and unlike America's best buddies Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Egypt, they are not murdered and imprisoned for this. So when are the Anglo champions of freedom going to say something about their owners, the Sunnis? Never, cash talks.

So, in radical Iran, out of a population of 66 million, there are about 300,000 Christians, and Iran never converted to Christianity, prior to Islam, it was Zorasterin. There are also 22,000 Zorasterins also and other minorities. If the Iranians are so radical, why do they allow any of these groups? Surely the close allies of America, the champions of freedom in Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Kuwait or even the bastion of tolerance, Qatar, allow other faiths in large numbers...right? No.

Further, the Iranian parliment has one Jewish member, a Zorasteran and two Christians (but so did Saddam's Iraq, until the US liberation liberated the 10% Christians of their homes and faith and history).

Am I making excuses for Iran's society? Hardly, I view all Islam with suspicion at best and hostility at worst, but the truth of the matter must be stated and Iran is far from the beast that the Axis of Insanity has constantly repeated.

So again, what does the West fear? Will a nuclear Iran exterminate Israel? Hardly, first, outside the fact that a lone Iranian missile would be answered by a dozen Israeli nuclear warheads, leading to the destruction of Iran. As a matter of fact, if Iran's leadership was half as suicidal as the West claims, they could have covered Israel in chemicals and biologicals from head to toe for the past 25 years, but have never done so. Why?

Now, so what does the West or rather the Anglos and Saudis really fear?

Why a nuclear Iran, but for very different reasons.

The Saudis first see Iran as their direct political, economic and above all religious rival, as the Sunni Saudies despise the Shia Persians and treat their own giant Shia minority as unwanted vermin.

Further, though is what America fears. It fears, above all, a nuclear Iran in that it will no longer be able to invade Iran or directly threaten Iran as it likes. But why?

Simple, if Iran is no longer afraid of an American attack, take N.Korea's position now that they have a nuclear weapon, they will no longer feel threatened or forced to use the US dollar for oil and gas (something they already do not demand from China and Japan, to purchase oil and gas). If that happens, if they walk away from the dollar, if other nations do not need the dollar to buy oil and gas, that is a direct threat to the already crumbling US power. Do not forget that Saddam, two months before the US invasion, had made a deal with the UN to sell oil for food in Euros not dollars, something the Caesars of DC and their bankster backers found intolerable.

Further, if the Iranians leave the dollar, other may, thus with diminished need for the dollar, the value of the over printed currency will drop as more and more are dumped on the market, until sooner or later, a general panic ensues and those fourteen or so trillion dollars, outside the US, come flooding back.

So, as usual, when the Anglo elites begin chirping about human rights or other humanitarian reasons for another so called "Just" war, one must always start looking for the trail of dollars that lead to the real reasons for one insanity or another.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

France Shuts Down, UK Set To Burn: The Western Catastrophe

What we are witnessing with the mass disorders in France is what we tasted in Greece all spring and summer and what will rock the West in greater and greater ferocity.

For those who have not been paying attention, the shut downs, the walk outs and the break downs of Greece have spread now to France. The trigger? A broke, over extended government, already straddled with suffocating high taxation decided to raise the retirement age from 60 to 62.

Instantly, millions hit the streets, shutting down business and movement. Walkouts at the airports have shut down flights, while work stoppages at oil refineries and fuel depots threat to paralyze not only the economy but also emergency services. Panic buying and hording has already begun. Basically, French society is in paralysis just like Greece was for most of this year.

One poll showed that 70% believe that this will build into the same massive protests of 1995 and over half the population support this. What none are thinking about is the cost of that protest or the fact that their demands of long and easy retirement are unrealistic, always were and unsustainable.

Al Jazeera's reporter, Jacky Rowland, was quoted as stating ""French workers have campaigned long and hard for their rights and benefits, and they won't give them up without a fight," she said" She is right, they will fight and enjoy themselves right up to the third world economic collapse, all else be damned.

In Spain workers shut down production, freezing the country's economy and costing billions of Euros that that broken and bankrupt government also can not afford. Transportation and such were equally shut down.

Just like Greece before them, and Romania sporadically, and England about to follow.

The real show will, of course come in England. The new pseudo conservative government in England has announced that it will cut 40% of the budget, in order to reign in the 13% deficits. Of course this will translate in mass unemployment of the public sector and no alternatives in the private sector, as there are no plans to equally remove high taxes, high regulations and non-existent outsourcing barriers to China, that would actually encourage private business and industry to open plants and absorb the cast offs of the biggest employer in the UK: government.

The workers of course understand that, but instead of fighting and pushing the so called conservatives to actually free the economy, not just cut spending, they are indeed fighting for the continuation of the ruin that they all face. The UK is a broke 2nd world economy, rapidly economically, morally and culturally sliding into a failed state.

The government unions, first why does any government allow gov employee unions is insane to behold, have flatly stated, they will shut the country down and set it on fire. Well t-time is coming and coming rapidly: the Spring of British Discontent. Of course, the fact that without such actions, even these imperfect actions, by summer time next year, the UK economy will be in absolute free fall and these same bureaucrats and workers will not be getting paid anyways, is beyond their comprehension or cognizant abilities.

Similar strikes are further breaking out in Slovakia, again in Greece, and the capital of that frankenstinian state of the EU was equally rocked.

The communists are ecstatic, knowing that soft socialism always leads to this. Cradle to grave care is always expensive and steady growth in taxes, along with the strangling demands of the watermelons (green activist on the outside, red Marxist on the inside) have made sure that tax revenues shrink, not grow, as business flees. This of course leads to a crushing of the cushy expectations of the masses and the mass protests and revolutions.

The Marxists, as usual, are more than happy to aid these revolutions and sacrifices the lives of tens if not hundreds of thousands of their countrymen, to establish their Marxist utopias. That every single one of these Utopias has always failed and cost the lives of millions in the process, as well as whole lost decades in economic growth, is irrelevant to the true believers, who know that this one, this time, this even will be done correctly. Simply put, there is no reasoning with such true believers.

John Monks, general secretary of the European Trades Union Confederation, which organized the events, was quoted as stating: “This is the start of the fight, not the end,”

What all of these socialists fail to answer and the cushy and spoiled workers do not dare to ask is: how do we pay for this? This of course, plays right into the hands of the Marxists.

Equally, the elites in America are setting the situation up just as well and the people are playing into it. True, there are the Tea Party movements, who have no clear agenda except to cut spending and taxes, more so taxes. If these were actual fiscal conservatives, where were they during the "good ole" days when their government under the Fascist Republicans spent in the hundreds of billions on cheap credit? Only when the Communist Democrats aintied it up a notch did they "awake". But what do they want? Cut spending? But on what? See, no one in that movement puts forth a real agenda, because if they did then problems would appear instantly.

For example: many want no more social spending, but have no problems with wars after wars, spending trillions on the invasion of sovereign nations, especially if their kids never have to serve. Others want cuts in taxes, as long as they continue to enjoy their own retirements and get cost of living upgrades, never mind that their pension system: social security, is already $40 billion in the whole.

Just like their confused European cousins, they claim: I have paid into the system, I deserve it. Well yes, but how?

Equally, most of these so called conservatives are free trade enthusiasts, because most are not in manufacturing and make cash by importing and enjoy cheap Chinese junk, never bothering to think past the price to the actual cost.

More so, even then the Europeans, who at least practice some protectionism of their industry. The Americans face a conundrum: if they cut spending now, forty million workers and their families will be out on the street, with hundreds of thousands joining them weekly, plus massive layoffs of state employees, which is already underway. This is a formula for revolution. If they continue spending, which means printing debt, they equally face an economic collapse, another formula for revolution.

Of course, with their import debt growing to record levels every month, sooner or later, regardless of what they do, they will be cut off at worst or face exploding costs at best, and the further impoverishment of the people: equally a formula for revolution.

Either way, no matter what happens, the West, already sagging under the weight of its own "prosperity" and easy, Christless, moralless living, is facing catastrophe. Anarchy, autocracy, tyranny are what is on the horizon. The only hope: a return to Christian Monarchy and stable sensible economic policy, and the crushing and ousting of the Marxists and socialists, once and for all, seems a long shot at best.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tent City America

A series of videos that puts the American Super Depression into stark reality, a reality that is hidden from world view as the American government continues to sell lies about its economic Summer of Recovery, in an ever more desperate attempt to sell unsellable debt.

Homeless in the woods - a life of shame or the only escape?

For Sale: Welcome to United States of Tent Cities

Homeless Reality in America.. Where they gonna live? FEMA CAMPS? (140 camps in only 2 counties)

Homeless in Central Oregon CityEdJan09 (camps for homeless Veterans, upto 60 camps)

Homeless Tent City in Navada

Southern California Shanty Town / Tent City

USA becomes a HOMELESS camp

These are just some of the many many videos available demonstrating the every accelerating collapse of the hyper-economy.

Russian Breakthrough in Children’s Leukemia Treatment

This once global death sentence to affected children has come in to the light of a Russian cure. Previously, even the most advanced Western and Japanese medical sciences were powerless to save the vast bulk of children affected by children's Leukemia. Now there is hope.

The hope springs from the Ekaterinburg Regional children’s hospital, where a miraculous breakthrough has lifted the death sentence with a now unprecedented 70% survival rate for those afflicted.

One of the doctors described the break through as:

“We realized we couldn’t influence her disease anymore with aggressive chemotherapy,” said Karina’s [a patient] doctor Larisa Fechina. “We decided to use transregional acid. Leukemia thrives in immature blood cells and transregional acid, which is better known as “Vesanoid”, forces those cells to develop, stopping the leukemia from spreading.”

“We found that the results were so good that we could introduce it to the world,” Fechina claimed.

Do not expect to hear about this in the Anglo-American press, where anti Russian propaganda is more important than the lives of their own children. Even when or if they do acknowledge this, it is doubtless that they will blatantly try to steal this as their own invention to their own credit, as is done with everything.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lukashenko, No Morally but Power, Always For Sale: a Whore

Maybe its that he's been the butt of Russian jokes and television comedies one to many times, maybe its that he fears the emerging Russian-Belorussian Union will leave him jobless or maybe he's stupid enough to think that he can get by with fear mongering to Belorussian about the "evil" Russians, but the Belorussian botushka ... Lukashenko has set a straight course of conflict with Moscow and is now portraying Russia as his enemy number one.

Never mind that Russia, to its own detriment has paid for 20 years of Belorussian oil, gas and electricity, allowing the proto-Soviet state to avoid the shock economics everyone else has gone through. Never mind that Moscow protected the idiot savant from an American colour revolution or three, saving Belorussian from an economic slavery and collapse, such as in Ukraine or Georgia or even in Russia under the Yeltsin puppet.

Regardless of all this, regardless of the money that Russia has poured into Belorussia, Lukoshenko needs an enemy. Prior to Russia was the West, US and Britian in particular. Of course those two really were out to over throw the government and set ideological Third Way Socialist puppets in power, as they had done in so many other countries. Then came pour attempts to play Russia and the EU off on each other. Those too have failed.

Now we have a so called ally, who sits with a Western war criminal Saakashvilli and laments how Russia is the main threat to both. Then he starts coozing up to the Chinese, allowing the Sinos into the western Russian sphere. All of these are hardly the actions of an ally, especially one totally dependent on Russian energy and markets for his economic survival.

Recently he described his opposition as "enemy of the people" and even though this is old soviet rhetoric, it surely does apply to some, those soulless corrupt banshees who are puppets for the West. But the majority are far from that. Then, in front of a congress of trade unions, he declared a time to revive the Belorussian economy even while declaring Russia a hindrance to that renewal. Excuse me? Hmmm, allow us to close our markets and charge you real world prices for gas and oil and electricity and we shall see what a real hindrance is.

Whether batushko really feels the way he has been acting or is just trying to maneuver for the 19th December elections, is anyone's guess. However, the Kremlin is tired of him and tired of economically supporting an ingrate who is at best a schadenfreude

President Medvedev lashed out at Lukashenko, setting the stage for what could evolve into the down fall of the little tin pot king.

“President Lukashenko’s utterings not only go beyond all diplomatic sense, they are downright indecent. He is obviously concerned about a lot of things: bringing order to our economy; Russian journalists talking to Belarusian opposition; even what happens to some of our retired and sacked higher officials. The president of Belarus, it seems, should be looking into the interior affairs of his own country such as for instance the multiple disappearances of Belarusian citizens. Russia, like other countries, is concerned over these people’s fates,” Medvedev said.

Meanwhile, NTV leveled charges at Lukashenko of running death squads, intent on liquidation of all political opponents in Belaruss. A witness on the report claimed to have been a member of the death squad and of their involvement in the murders Viktor Gonchar and Yuri Zakharenko in 1999. There have been dozens of such unsolved murders in the 16 years Lukashenko has sat in power.

President Medvedev has further signaled that not only should Lukashenko not expect Russian backing in his elections but that there are enough alternative candidates with pro-Russian policies that the Kremlin may be looking for a personality change, long over due, in Belaruss. In all essence, Lukashenko is the new Yushenko and should be shown the door. The key of course, is that no Western puppet comes gate crashing, in the mean while.