Sunday, June 14, 2015

FIFA Another Color Revolution

FIFA Another Color Revolution

The drama that unfolded over the past month with FIFA is another example of the hamfisted and bovine drive by Morder to bring every human endeavor under its Masionic control.

The issue here is not corruption, though I am sure there was plenty of it. Remember this is the nation that bought for itself the winter Olympics in Salt Lake City with galling corruption, a nation that brought two depressions to the world with the same corruption and in which the bankers responsible were punished by being given trillions of additional dollars. No this is not about corruption as Mordor is as corrupt as the worst of the worst moments of the Roman empire and just as decadent.

What this is about is power and control. Mr. Blatter's crime was refusing to allow US political control of his organization. In specific, the drive to replace Russia's hosting of the 2018 games, with, gasp, the US'. For that matter his chief vice presidents were arrested right before the vote by US warrant in Switzerland. It of course shows that Switzerland is now a compromised Mordor puppet, with no sovereignty of its own.

However, the US Jordanian puppet was shot down by the non Mordor vassalized world. The European slave races of course followed Mordor to a T. The rest rebelled and reelected Blatter.

The fact that Blatter a week later resigned must demonstrate only the amount of threats by Mordor and pressured leveled against him. What threats were used? Was his family threatened? What was the offer from Mordor?

That more such evil will follow is beyond a doubt.