Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We Will Find Them and Wipe Them Out

...those were the words of President Medvedev today, in response to what will be done in retaliation for the murderous attack that killed 39 of our fellow citizens. He is correct in this, this was the fate, two weeks ago, of the band of four who planted the mine and blew up the St.Peterburg-Moscow express train. All four will not be getting a trial, they are all burning in their Allah Hell. I have little doubt that those who stand directly behind those murderous whores of Satan, who blew themselves up, will face the same.

However, that leads us to a deeper question: how long do we continue to play catch up? How long do we react and do nothing but react? The problem here is several fold: 1. you are dealing with Islam, a religion which preaches war and whose history is a history of endless Jihad: Jihad between believers and unbelievers and Jihad between factions of believers. It is truly a work of Satan meant to force man in to hatred, murder and ignorance, for all time. 2. you are dealing with an enemy who, why the puppets and first echelon are here on our lands, has his brains and wallet in the capitals of foreign nations: both Islamic and Western. Yes, the West has done much to facilitate this nightmare, even as it bit them too.

The question is, what shall be done? As Orthodox Christians, we are not put out to whole sale genocide, as are our enemies and our Catholic cousins and their protestant off shots. We have never accepted Just War, under whose banner anything and everything has been justified.

Several things must happen, in layers:

1. President Medvedev, through the UN must make it very very clear that if ever a nuclear weapon is set off in Russia by any Islamic group, regardless of backers, Mecca will cease to exist. It will be wiped out by a nuclear rain. In other words, serpents of Saud and your slithering cousins, keep your fanatics in check.

2. Society and the Church must escalate matters in spreading the Word and converting the Muslim population of Russia to Christ. This is a major priority issue. Already 2 million of the 14 million Muslims have converted, that is a very good start.

3. Without a word, those responsible directly, must be wiped out. Killed, exterminated, crushed, be they in a village in Chechnya, a hole in Azerbajan, a government sponsored Georgian camp or in foreign capitals such as Riyadh or others. They must know that the arm of the FSB and the GRU will reach them anywhere. This should also include any technical assistants, be they Western or not, and any financiers.

4. The houses of the family, three generations removed, of the perpetrators, must be destroyed. If they want to celebrate their martyr sons and daughters, let them do it with naked arses in the cold night. Burn their houses and their belongings and if they refuse to leave, them too.

5. Northern Chechnya must be returned to the Cossacks. Allow them to settle, armed to the teeth, in mass and do what needs to be done to protect themselves. In the days of the Tsars, the Islamic barbarians of the Caucus had good reason to fear the Cossacks. It is well past time for them to remember those fears.

6. Georgia and Azerbajan must both clearly understand, their continued direct and indirect support of these Islamics, be it through food or weapons or just a blind eye to camps, is tantamount to a Cassa Bella.

If this does not work, then things can get a lot uglier.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mass Migration, the Modern Version of Invasion

Mass Migration, the Modern Version of Invasion

In the ancient days, such as prior to 1945, politics, that is territorial acquisition, was much more honest. If I wanted your province, I invaded, if I could, took it, if I could and annexed it, if I could. That was prior to 1946.

Since 1946 and the UN, things have gotten more complicated and much more bloody.

Human migration, integration and annexation of property is something that is age old. One group moves into the territory of another, they either agree to settle or fight and then the outcome to one degree or another settles the issue. The conquered, and it usually was a fast event, either gets exterminated, assimilated or pushed out. More often it was the later two and quite often it was direct assimilation into the new state and culture, to one degree or another. Often times, the speed of the event precluded a high level of hatred and sped up assimilation.

Not so, in the modern world. In the modern world, states conquer each other through a slow, grinding process of migration and assimilation and forced cultural change. Since this does not involve a clear cut battle or series of military engagements, the victim does not feel defeated and resists with everything he has, thus instead of a short sharp act of mass violence, followed by first oppression and then integration, something that usually lasts a generation or less, we have multi-generational, degeneration, murder, oppression and counter oppression. In other words, slow attrition that further grinds down both societies, especially those at the center of it.

Now, the local populations resist in different measures. Often, the state, for what ever reason: corruption, ideology, or simple plain ignorance, does not actively support its own population on its own territory, against the aggressor state that is sending its population over. Some times the people take action to defend their lands and some times they roll over and "die".

Ignorance is the simplest matter to deal with, as the situation will become critical sooner than later and will force the attention of the government and population. Corruption is a much more difficult issue, as usually there are special interests involved at the highest levels. Ideology, such as that in the West, is a death knell, as there is no curing it, short of radical revolution, and the outcome is the destruction of the target culture and in the end a large section of the resistant population.

This is most obvious in places such as East Asia, Russia, Europe and America.

In East Asia, the invasions come both at the back end of the military, such as the occupation of Tibet by China and the so far failed cultural, racial assimilation or the invasions by Chinese into south eastern Russia (Siberia). As we have seen, recently, the Tibetans, based on religion, first and foremost, have resisted assimilation but due to the strict control of the government, that is Beijing, violent outbursts have been few and quickly surpressed.

But most nations are very homogeneous, such as the Koreans or Japanese, are as such, make it very difficult for legal immigrants and basically impossible for illegals. This is a concerted effort, coordinated by both the government and society, as a whole.

In Russia, Chinese migration and that of Chinese Koreans, fleeing China, has been much more visible. Russia's Siberia is heavily underpopulated, with about 20% of the Russia population located in the area. While the government's border controls are all but non-existent in the thousands of miles of wilderness, the enforcement in the cities and more populated areas, has also been very patchy, driven by corruption. Of course, unlike in many other areas of the world, the migrants do not bring drugs with them, but cheap Chinese merchandise, without authorization, taxes paid and used to dominate the local markets. Of course, this also is their downfall amongst the
population. Simply put, the Chinese move into a village or town, start to dominate the market, bringing in more illegals to work it and force out the local population.

In cases such as these, where the local population is not actively supported by the government, the people have, on more than one occasion, taken the matters directly into their own hands, quite literally with torches and pitchforks. This
often enough, forces the Moscow government to take notice of the lackings in the oblast governments and force the oblasts to rectify the situation, along nationalist, pro-Russian lines. In other words, enforce the law. Enforced migration checks, even deep in Russia, on trains, has netted thousands of Chinese who had no right to be in Russia.

Unfortunately, until recently, the same could not be said about Moscow itself and many of the other major cities, where building booms allowed local companies to quietly import illegal workers, some even from Mexico, but most from Central Asia. Now, unlike the Chinese, these are your classic, dirt poor, unskilled labour that floods in, along with drugs, guns and violence. This quickly became evident when the building boom left many tens of thousands without work and turning quickly to

A galvanizing incident was the murder of a 36 year old, 8 month pregnant, mother of 1 other child, who was strangled to death by a Tadzhik illegal, for nothing more than her wallet. Public outcry was deafening and Moscow city government was forced to at least start to address the issue with sweeps and deportations. The issue is far from settled and these third worlders are less than welcome.

Then there is the case of the West, especially that of the Anglos.

Entire cultures are being radically changed by the mass importation, and what else can it be possibly called, of third world Islamics in Europe and Latin Americans, specifically Mexicans, as well as Islamics, in America. This has caused radical shifts toward oppressive Shari, calls for Islamic Caliphates and Raza Reconquesta, depending on which nation is talked about. However, Europe is not all equal and outside of the mostly Anglo sheep, though to be fair, there are small groups fighting to over come their cultural and physical enslavement and destruction, there is a quickly growing back lash.

In Austria, Switzerland and Netherlands, right parties have come to power, advocating expelling the Islamic threat. These parties join the already in power Italian right. Behind them, clamoring for power and gaining it, are similar parties in the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, France and Spain. It would seem that the radical Islamics are over staying their welcome and over playing their Jihadist hand. Their drive for Shari has awoken a sleeping public that still out numbers them some 10 to 1. If the will of the people is not carried out peacefully, by the government, the people will more than take matters into their own hands, as have Italians, first burning out gypsy shanty towns, then forming mobs to attack rioting Africans in Sicily.

However, the English and American Anglos do not seem phased. Never mind that Islamics in England can stand on the street corners and scream death to the queen, while England itself is now a terrorist state, exporting Jihad. Of course, England has been joined by the US in that distinction. Both are coming more and more to resemble the very states they define as evil: Iran: authoritarian and Islamic, though
of the Sunni, Saudi, variety.

Weak cultures are often over whelmed by more powerful, but rarely more civilized, cultures, as is happening in America and the UK, both led by self-loathing elites who are more than happy to see the very cultures that gave them prosperity destroyed, in some masochistic cleansing ritual. They use this to rid themselves of their own white-Christian guilt, regardless of the very real blood toll it is taking upon their very own people. Self obsession and self loathing is the way of the man-gods of the Anglo world. That the majority of the citizenry is rolling over for this, shows the very depth of that prevalent self-loathing and guilt and the desire for self-destruction.

The void can be a very alluring thing and it has already pulled in much of the corrupt and dieing West.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Age of the Man-Gods

What a sorry state we live in, or rather that of the rotting and dieing West. A people without morality, an amoral humanity made of tens of millions of individual man-gods, each nurtured from birth on the value of his own self worth above that of all of humanity.

It started a long time before, the roots planted in the Renaissance, nurtured in the Reformation and given full birth in the explosion of Nihilism that prevailed the world and especially the West in post Great War countries.

Western tradition, long ago, planted the roots of its own destruction, when it started to view itself as the center of the universe. Sure, people learned that the Sun did not rotate around the earth, but the earth around the Sun, however, at the same time they learned that the world, that reality, also rotated around something and that something was no and could not be God, it was them, each and everyone of them.

The Nihilism lead to the Marxisms: Stalinist Communism on one hand, Leninist-Trotskyte War Fascism on the other and 3rd War Socialism in the Anglospheres, Marx with a kinder gentler face and velvet lined club behind his back.

The veterans of the 1940s did not believe in large families, they believed in "quality" families. What this really meant was one or two children that could be spoiled rotten...give the "proper" amount of attention, that is, enough to make them think that they were the centers of the universe.

These spoiled and listless brats were the hope of that generation, not God. God, you see, was already on the way out, replaced with militant atheism or some pseudo Eastern mombo jumbo in half understood fashion or fashionably replaced by a neo-paganism that thought to take only the kinder parts of the pagan world and ignore the blood and guts. Just like the modern Druids running around in circles and chanting but avoiding, at least in public, the human sacrifices demanded by their blood thirsty gods. What no humans sacrificed inside the Burning Man every year? Where's the tradition? Where's the authenticity?

And so here we are, a West moraless, trying through bombs to instill its "correct" form of life upon all of humanity, while itself dieing from the now not so slow rot of its putrid moral guts. Everywhere in the West, a Christless, traditionaless, amoral elite has taken over, raped the dumbed down sheep that pass for citizens, and instilled a police state under which they control the very life and death of their public.

But these were the supposed enlightened republics and democracies for which the public over threw their age old, and God chosen Kings, bound by faith, the Church and tradition to take care of the people. As the populace abandoned God, so has God abandoned the populace, driven insane by the very inadequacies that they feel as man-gods at their own lacking statures.

After all, they were told that they were so ever very special, the centers of Creation itself, the purpose of the world's creation, each and everyone. Yet they are passed by life, aging, sagging and dieing, unable, through their vaunted science to live forever and have everything, finding that the material junk they have collected does not replace the relationships with God, family and friends that they have lost or worse never known.

They cling ever stronger to their own self worth, as they slide into the long night, feeling ever stronger their own self-loathing. These are the people who lead the West and populate the majority of its citizens. These are the fools who will quite willingly drag their fellow man into the Hell that they so well prepared for themselves.

I would say repent, but what has a man-god to repent for?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

First the Financial Disaster on Russia and Now the Middle East Disaster on Israel

Like a spoiled brat, whose fantasies about reality have come crashing down on its head, the US emperors and their elites are out to blame anyone and everyone rather than take responsibility for their own inadequacies and stupidities, rather than swallow their Satan induced hubris. The man-gods of America's Elites know no shame.

First, after bankrupting their own nation in 1973 and driving the world away from gold in 1974 to continue to print cash, almost Weihmer style, after blowing bubble after bubble, until the final collapse in 2008, the American elite have the nerve to blame Russia, a nation they helped rape for 8 years, stealing an estimated $500 billion in assets and cash, of collapsing their fantasy debt ridden "economy". Paulson laid the blame squarely at the feet of Moscow for dumping their $54 billion stake, a mere drop in the $5 trillion debt, of Fannie and Freddy Scam. Because of this, we are told, because of this mere 1.1% of the value, the whole system came crashing down.

As preposterous as this is, from the biggest beggars and spendthrifts in the world, who owe every third world hell hole, billions in dollars, the blame was placed squarely upon Russia's head. Blame the victim as usual.

So it should be no surprise, that now Israel is being blamed, in a diplomatic explosion the size of a Hiroshima bomb, on the worsening situation in Iraq (stability? please...where?) and Afghanistan. The American Imperial Marshal, General David Patraeus, commander of all US forces in the Middle East, has laid the blame for America's decade of invasion and occupation and the failure of both, on the shoulders of Israel. Because of Israel, according to Patraeus, "America was not only viewed as weak, but its military posture in the region was eroding." He than demanded vassaldom of the Israeli conflict under his rule, at Centcom (US Central Command).

To this, the stooge and laughing stock Biden's "insult" has been added. The insult? Building housing in their own capital, in a neighborhood that had 3 times, in less than 100 years, been exterminated and cleansed by Islamic jihadists. This is as crazy as NATO chiefs (Anglo elites) demanding Russia remove bases from independent Abkhazia and S.Ossessia, while NATO continues to surround Russia with new bases and continue to occupy parts of Yugoslavia, declaring them Serb and Christian frei for the Islamic overlords (the SERBIAN province of Kosovo).

"This is starting to get dangerous for us," Biden reportedly told Netanyahu. "What you're doing here undermines the security of our troops who are fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. That endangers us and it endangers regional peace."

Yes, Israel building houses and shooting back at Islamics is what has caused the collapse of moral in the US military doing occupation duty and has forced the US to expand the wars into Pakistan, while backing Islamic jihadists in Russia (Caucuses), central Asia (the coloured revolutions), Serbia and Macedonia and even pressuring the Greeks, while Emperor Obama backs his Islamic third cousin's bid to turn 90% Christian (and mostly Orthodox Christian) Kenya into another Islamic Caliphate hellhole. Just ask the Serbs, why they were making it dangerous for the US Empire and its Saudi owners when they started defending themselves, too. How long till NATO starts bombing the Israelis to defend the Islamic hordes?

And for those of the neo-Nazi persuasion or such views, who will read this, don't rejoice to much, for sooner or later you too will be or are already being over run by the Islamics and when you fight back, what exactly do you think will happen to you? Instead, all nationalists and monarchists need to unite to stop this insanity.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Failed State of England

The Failed State of England

Rarely in our world have we had the opportunity to watch, first hand, as a major Western power came crumbling down on itself in such a spectacular fashion as we are about to see with the final collapse of the now empireless Britain. Only the eventual collapse of the USA will make for a greater show than what is about to transpire on...or rather just off, the European continent.

For England is a failed state in all manner of levels and realities, from a total lack of freedom in the pseudo Stalinist prison camp, to the collapse of the economy, society and military, a physical collapse linked as a Siamese twin to the spiritual or moral collapse. A Godless post Christian enterprise, morally corrupt, economically penniless and over run by the most vile and foul and blood thirsty of modern world savages.

The failure is now most visible in the financial sphere, overshadowing other just as vital areas. England is a print happy, debtor nation, who while lecturing the failed economies of Iceland and Greece is itself running a 12.6% deficit, as opposed to the equally unsupportable one of Greece, at 12.7%. Worse, England is running a 0% interest rate, ruining the retirement of millions of its pensioners, even as its medical system goes about the task of dispatching them off in drove, to the other world, in a "dignified" manner, of course. At present, on average, one in 8 stores has closed down, leaving many areas abandoned, and the rate is continuing to accelerate.

Furthermore, the Stalinist state of England has forcably nationalized all major banks on the island, while spiking taxes on everything. The final blows in this financial alchemy are the proposed VAT on food, which will bring back the old misery of the 1700s and a tax on garbage, through smart garbage cans, able to judge the weight of the trash and charge accordingly, that is after a general tax that already is supposed to pay for the garbage. The final nail will be the green laws destroying what is left of England's industry.

Control wise, the government of the proto-Stalinst Blair/Brown and their shills of a Tori "Menshavik" so called opposition, have installed twice as many cameras as people. Everything is cataloged and tracked, from personal movements, to transactions to drives on the autobahns. Informants are everywhere, neighbor snitching on neighbor, friend on friend, family on family. Now comes the news that the police state will even keep dossiers on children as young as five who use or exhibit "racist" or "intolerant" behavior. What police actions will follow from this tyranny is yet to be determined. Of course this is Stalinist in the extreme, very similar to what that mad bastard did during his various great purges. The only things that are missing are the camps...for now.

To boot, the Islamic mass migration, into what is now a Jihad exporter, the UK, has been staggering, and now word has come out that the ruling elites and their shills did this on purpose. Image, a national elite that on purpose has taken radical steps to in effect, exterminate the very society that allowed them to climb to the level that they are at. In most societies, there would be pitch forks and fire brands, but not in England...only mildly worded letters of protest from the general public, as the Islamics rape and murder at will and the all watching and all knowing police state never seems to know what is and when this is going on...but God forbid you light up in a bar and refuse to put it out, they will sent an entire riot squad to get you.

Or God forbid, you fight back. Vigilantism will not be tolerated, smacks to much of individualism and must be crushed. Thus the Islamics and the half feral yobs, who will one day be recruited by them, get to run wild and victimize the rest of the population. The London metro system, smaller than Moscow's and serving a city and surroundings of half the population of Moscow, had 33 murders in 2009, as opposed to Moscow's 10. And the English write about crime in Russia?

Hang a few dozen of your hooligan and jihadist scum from trees and lamps and they'll get the point rather quickly.

But this should be no surprise, when considering that the Church of England is itself post Christian and leading the lost and be-fumbled population down into Hell and damnation and most Englanders are more than happy to follow along and spit blissfully into the eyes of God...after all, their masters have convinced them that they are humanist man-gods themselves.

Meanwhile top bishops in the Church are pushing for gay marriages and are more busy defending the Islamics that seek to Shari the Christians into extinction than in leading their flocks to Christ. Is it any wonder that the Orthodox Church is growing quickly in the UK, while whole congregations have petitioned the Catholic Pope to join Rome/ The Devil definitely has a play ground in the Church of England.

Even the vaunted English National Healthcare System is broken and killing, both by design and my neglect, possibly hundreds of thousands of people a year. In 2008, 6,000 women gave birth in corridors, lifts and taxis, when lack of beds and doctors forced them away at the last minutes before birth. A new report, just out, but apparently in the hands of the elites for over half a year, shows that some 50,000 or more a year are dieing from direct neglect in the hospital systems, and this is even without the Satanic Pathway in effect. What is the Pathway? Why the Pathway to Dignified Death, where they take sick or sickly elderly and not so elderly, pump them full of morphine and allow them to starve and dehydrate to death. The evil of such as system and the fact that the English tolerate it and have not risen past indignation and strongly worded notes, shows one how befitting of total collapse English society is.

And where are the Royals? Where are the God chosen defenders of English faith, culture and law? Where are those, designated by God to rule and veto this insanity? Why drunk, drugged and debauched into a stupor, where else? Why rule when you can screw and drink your way through life, without a care or worry and the Devil take you, and he will, what happens to your own kingdom. A sorrier lot is hard to imagine.

So what will it take to finally bring the last of this rotting wreck of humanity down? Why the upcoming war with Argentina, over the Falklands, of course. England is stretched bare in Afghanistan, yelping like a good lapdog to the yanks, the very same yanks who are obviously siding with the financially broke and corrupt Latin Argentinians over the financially broke and corrupt Anglo English. There simply is no way that England can keep the Falklands and the oil wealth there and this loss may finally tumble the rot down, a shock that the system will not survive.

But to be honest, there is some hope, in small parties, steadily gaining ground, like the English Defense League. Labeled everything under the sun that rhymes with Nazi, just like Geert Wilders and his Freedom Party, these chaps have their work cut out for them and frankly they may be way to late.

Good luck lads, you're more than going to need it.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Yet More Truth From Afghanistan

In a piece of controlled media and disinformation that would make any dictator, on the loosing side of history proud, the American/NATO massive offensive to conquer the "city" of Marjah has been revealed to be nothing but a lie.

The so called city has been described as a central hub of political and logistical control for the Taliban in Helmand province. In other words, the most important target around. To this, the US/NATO forces have poured in the majority of their resources to take this piece of land and thus declare a great victory in
a 9 year long occupation filled with errors, stupidities and other words, those who created the modern hell that is Afghanistan and pulled in the Soviet Union into it, before themselves being pulled into it, have learned nothing and forgotten much.

It now turns out that this "city" of 80,000, as described by the US/UK media and shown in very close cropped and coached images, is nothing more than a cluster of small villages of no real significance. Richard Scott, a former consultant for the US Agency for International Development and who had worked the region, confirmed
that this was the fact, the "city" is nothing but a rural agricultural district, with hardly anything that would prove a political or industrial center, or for that matter with anything that would prove to be a real Taliban presence.

The actual "city" that which was ground zero is home to a mosque and a few shops as well as some dozen or so family compounds and this, we now know, was ground zero for 7,500 US/NATO troops, in operation Moshtarak (Together). A true victory. Is it any wonder that after 9 years, the US/NATO is in a worse position than even the Soviet army was, after a similar time period?

Of course this is not about winning in Afghanistan or even cleaning up the mess that the West created in that country. Just wait till proper reparation trials begin. This is about domestic mass consumption and has been very effective and continues to be, with a public, the majority of whom, I highly doubt, could find Afghanistan
on any world map.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Swine Flu, the Ultimate Racket

As many may recall, only a year ago, the world was abuzz, the death of the human race was coming, a plague to end all plague and it all started in a very remote farm in Mexico.

The plague ran north, it ran east and west. Nations panicked and to be honest, even I was a bit caught up in the mania. However, it took only a bit of digging to get at the death rates to realize, though much more viral at the time than the regular flu.

In truth, this flu season was anything but, probably the mildest season in decades, while the media around the world screamed death and apocalypse and cash strapped governments spent hundreds of billions on procedures and vaccines that did little to nothing to help and actually hurt quite a bit: the vaccines, many utilizing "weakened" live virus, actually caused most of the recorded illnesses and caused the deaths of tens of thousands of unborn babies, causing the miscarriage of their mothers.

So one must ask, several very pertinent questions:
1. Why did the governments of the world over react, when the statistics were showing anything but a plague?
2. Where did the mix of 4 very unrelated viruses: 2 swine (one from an Asian strain), human and avian. It would be somewhat easier to believe that this may have happened randomly, by viral evolution and dna swapping, in a major metropolis somewhere in the world, but an isolated south Mexican farm?
3. Which firms benefited? The original vaccines for this "super" flu, was almost $300, while the costs of regular yearly vaccines is less than $20.
4. How many people suffered from the vaccines themselves and why are there no legal actions?
5. Why is there no media coverage of these issues and the hundreds of billions spent aimlessly and racketeered by several specific firms? Why is there no tracing of which international politicians are tied and in which ways to these firms.

The very fact that there is total silence to this scam of ages is rather telling on how much the Western media is a whore to special and political interests, no matter what so called political position that media takes. Where are the reports on Deutchawelle? Where is BBC? Independent? or any of the American ubermedia channels who dare to regularly lecture us on corruption?

My bet is, counting their profits and ignoring the very real human costs of money spent aimlessly, of population control by abortion by vaccine, of destroyed economies (such as Mexico's tourism) and numerous other human costs.

However, considering the long list of the past 100 years of Western created and designed scams, rackets and catastrophic (Soviet Revolution, Great Depression, Rise of Hitler, WW2, Cold War, Asian Flu, Rape of Russia, Great Depression 2, Global Warming and such things as Eugenics in general) this is simply a minor foot note.

Patriotism In Russia Starts Early

For boys, still in school, pre-military preparation starts early. First, on every anniversary of the Great Patriotic War 9 May as well as on the Day of the Defender of the Motherland 23 Feb, they are reminded constantly, by placards, billboards, TV shows and other ways, of the various heroic sacrifices made by the previous generations to keep Russia free and strong.

These are very important moments in a young boy's life, that direct him in knowing that he belongs to a long cultural line of men and women who have sacrificed for the future and that if and when the time comes, he will be expected to do the same.

This is then extended in school.

Secondary schools have requirements of 80 hours a year of military education. This is for boys in 6 to 9th grades. The boys are taught the basics of riflemanship, shown patriotic and military films and allowed to play specially developed military video games that are designed to enhance their skills. For older boys, in 10th and 11th classes (11th being the last class in school), more intense training is given in the form of a five day stint as a school military unit, given a pseudo-boot camp experience. Thus, even if the boys do not go into the military after graduation, they will have at least some basis of education and preparation for the next time the West or possibly the Chinese decide to get nasty.

Not surprisingly, Western human rights groups and their local, but Western financed, groups are quite loud about the negative effects of patriotism. They have gone so far as to compare the five day stints to prison terms. Useful idiots, the lot of them.