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The Many Names of Rus

The Russian state, in one form or another, has been in existence for the better part of 1,400 years, starting as a confederation of tribes: Slavic, Ugric and one Norse, and proceeding into the biggest empire humanity has ever known. In our long existence, we have known many enemies, most have tried to invade us and found only their own ruin and some out right destruction.

However, over the millennium, many of our vanquished foes were not destroyed, but simply slinked off like whipped curs and rethought their tactics. One of these, which at present has born great fruit, has been to split us up and create false identities for our peoples.

This has taken the form in breaking the historic chain of the Rus which saw our capital first in Novgorod, then in Kiev, later contested between Moscow, Vladimir and Novgorod solidifying in Moscow, then moving to the newly created St.Peterburg and finally returning to Moscow.

Our enemies have sought to seperate our historic and unfettered chain by making a seemingly subtle but devastating suggestion that Moscow, in the form of Moscovy, was or is not part of the Rus. As if, as has been picked up by the Western Ukrainians, who themselves are more Polish or Romanian then eastern Slavic Rus, Moscow was some alien Asian power that came along or grew up out of nothing and swallowed up the remnants of the Rus. Never mind the city was established and ever only ruled by Russians and that until the death of Feador, Ivan Grozny's retarded son, there was an unbroken line to Rurik, the first Rus prince.

As a rather learned scholar of Russia, Michael Averko put it:

As someone noted to me, "Kievan Rus" and "Muscovy" are politicized terms used to deflate the idea that the Rus state was seeing a shift in stature from Kiev to Moscow before the Mongol occupation.

There has been an effort to deflate as much as possible the idea that the post Mongol occupied Rus territory saw Moscow as the lead city of the liberated Rus territory - which then became occupied by others thereafter. Instead, the image of "Muscovy' is suggestively presented as something that's not as related to Rus. There's plenty of evidence to contradict this contention. Such matter has been generally overlooked by North American Ukrainian Studies programs and some court appointed Russia friendly types not so well versed in the history.

The Oranges, those rotten Western fruits, tossed out by the Ukrainian electorates, even went as far, with American monies, of course, to build a new museum of Ukrainian history or rather "Rus" history, minus Russia....of course this created a few serious problems: like the lack of the cities of Novgorod, Nizhni Novgorod, Moscow, Vladimir, Pskov, Samara and many others being part of that history, leaving a rather Swiss cheese effect on history.

Only through a strong historical resilience and strength, as well as continuity, can we hope to not only preserve who we are, in the face of endless cultural barbarianism of Anglo mass media, but to, against all the will of that evil elite, reunite our people into one single Slavic Rus stock of Orthodox faith, and shine as a beacon to all Slavic as well as Orthodox peoples (Greeks, Romanians, Ethiopians, Kenyans, Armenians and so on), as well as push back the Anglo financed and backed Islamic Jihadist hordes.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Holbrooke, The Handmaiden of Allah: His Jihad is Finally Over

Few men, in the past 100 years, have had so much Orthodox Christian blood in their hands, have bathed in the misery of Orthodox Christians, have made their fame sitting on the bones of so many Orthodox Christian bones, then this lone and evil man. And yet, this shill for all things Jihad was not even a Muslim, but a Jew and in truth, he enjoyed the death of Catholic Christians just as much, as long as it was Jihadists doing the evil. He made his mark, covering for and pushing Jihad International, even as other Jews themselves, were being butchered by the very men, and the very faith, to which he damned his soul too. Of course, Holbrooke was an atheist and atheists seem to just love Islam, almost in proportion to as much as they hate the God Christ.

But in all truth, Holbrooke was no more than the face of the Anglo-elites drive to destroy first Orthodox and then Catholic Christianity and appease their real pay masters: the Wahhibist Islamics who shower them regularly with cash.

Holbrooke entered America's foreign service right out of college, heading first to Vietnam, from 1962-69. Following this tour, he had his first direct Islamic experience, in Morocco, where under his own request, he became the director of the Peace Corps. Holbrooke spent 6 years there.

After helping Jimmy Carter win his elections, he became Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, where in the service of Satan and Jihad (one and the same) he helped propagate and cover up for the massacre of over 200,000 Catholics in E.Timor. As typical, Holbrooke headed to Indonesia, to "condemn" and "sue" the Islamic dictator Suharto for human rights abuse, during one of the most bloody E.Timorese repressions of Indonesia. Instead, the usual two faced duplicity of the Anglo Elites was on display. Holbrooke praised Suharto and stated that his "steps" towards the West were welcomed, as was Suharto's human rights record.

According to Brad Simpson:
"Behind the scenes, Holbrooke and Zbigniew Brzezinski played point in trying to frustrate the efforts of congressional human rights activists to condition or stop US military assistance to Indonesia and in fact accelerated the flow of weapons to Indonesia."[10][11]

Having bathed in Christian blood, Holbrooke then went to Wall Street, the center of much of the world's pain and suffering (The Six Evils of Wall Street and the Suffering of Humanity ), where from 1981-1993 he was a managing director of Lehman Brothers, one of the most corrupt out fits in the world.

Of course, Holbrooke did not stay out of international affairs during this period, publishing books and working as an adviser to then Senator Al Gore, during the 1988 presidential elections. Four years later, he was helping guide Bill Clinton to victory.

With the explosion of the Bosnian civil war, Holbrooke could not help but get involved in support of global Jihad. In 1992, he visited Bosnia twice, as a private citizen and then as a board member of Refugee International. He drafted a memo to his colleagues stating: "Bosnia will be the key test of American policy in Europe. We must therefore succeed in whatever we attempt."

What of course this meant, was what ever it took to make sure that the Islamic Jihad, which was pouring in tens of thousands of fanatics from across the globe, would succeed and that the Serbs, defending their lands, would be defeated and ousted, made into those very same refugees.

The military effectiveness of the Bosnian Mujahideen is disputed. However, former US Balkans peace negotiator Richard Holbrooke said in an interview that "I think the Muslims wouldn't have survived without this" help.

During that same 1992 year, Holbrooke was also a member of the Carnegie Commission on America and a Changing World and Chairman and principal author of the bipartisan Commission on Government and Renewal, sponsored by the Carnegie Foundation and the Peterson Institute.

In 1993-1994, he became US Ambassador to Germany. There, during those two years of Germany's reunification and rebirth, Holbrooke made sure that Germany fell in line with her Anglo overlords and marched in step with them to war in the Balkans and NATO expansion towards Russia. How much more different could all have been if the Germans had balked at these steps.

From 1994-96, he served as Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, where he first oversaw the Drag Nach Ost of NATO, towards our own borders, laying completely bare the lies of the so called guarantees to Russia that NATO would not enlarge.

In 1995, he was the chief architect of the Dayton Accords, which in turn created the frankenstonian monstrosity of Bosnia, held together only by Islamic Jihadists, backed by NATO jets, bombs and the spent treasures of Anglo peasants, to this very day.

After years of weak Western and United Nations response to Serb aggression and ethnic cleansing of Muslims and Croats in Bosnia, United States-led NATO bombing had put the Serbs on the defensive. Our small diplomatic negotiating team was trying to end a war that had taken the lives of nearly 300,000 people.

Milosevic, Mladic, and Karadzic were the primary reason for that war. Mladic and Karadzic had already been indicted as war criminals by the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia. (Milosevic was not to be indicted until 1999.)
The Face of Evil (Holbrooke)

Funny, no mention of the Nazi Tadjic or the Islamic Jihadist Izabegovic? Wow, one of the biggest displaced group of people in the world, the Serbs, apparently were the biggest founders of this war and the real villains? Only an Anglo elite can lie so well as Lucifer himself. I am sure the two of them are laughing even now.

Holbrooke tried to cover and excuse his backing and enabling of Islamic Jihad in Bosnia, but stating this silly quote:

We now know that that was al-Qaida. I'd never heard the word before, but we knew who they were. And if you look at the 9/11 hijackers, several of those hijackers were trained or fought in Bosnia. We cleaned them out, and they had to move much further east into Afghanistan. So if it hadn't been for Dayton, we would have been fighting the terrorists deep in the ravines and caves of Central Bosnia in the heart of Europe.

To this, London's The Spectator has noted,
"If Western intervention in Afghanistan created the mujahedin, Western intervention in Bosnia appears to have globalized it." Several current and former top al-Qaeda militants and financiers reportedly participated in the Bosnian civil war with the full support of the United States. It was for the Bosnian jihad that the 9/11 'paymaster', Omar Sheikh, was reportedly recruited to fight by the CIA and MI6.

Between 1996-1999, he became a private citizen, but of course, as usual, with such men, he could not and would not stay away from aiding and abetting Jihad. First as a special envoy to the Balkans, where under his guidance the Albanians stepped up their agitation in Yugoslavia and in Macedonia. Then he was a special envoy to Cyprus, where he pressured the EU to take the side of the barbaric invader Islamic Turks, over the native Cypriot Orthodox Greeks. From 1998-1999, during the US led, NATO rape of Serbia and the theft of Kosovo, through Islamic Jihad, Holbrooke took center spot. It was he, who had the "honour" to hand deliver the ultimatum of surrender to Milosovic on the eve of the NATO terror campaign, as the Serbs were fighting to keep the Islamic front from swallowing more of Europe.

When, in 1995, Croatia had slaughtered or "ethnically cleansed" Serbs with Washington's blessing, driving 150,000 people from their homes, we weren't supposed to notice, much less drop bombs to prevent it. The bombing was saved for Milosevic, who -- we were told in 1999 -- refused to negotiate peace and therefore had to be bombed. We were not told that the United States was insisting on an agreement that no nation in the world would voluntarily agree to, one giving NATO complete freedom to occupy all of Yugoslavia with absolute immunity from laws for all of its personnel.
War Is A Lie

Least we forget this famous quote from the Americans:

In the June 14, 1999, issue of The Nation, George Kenney, a former State Department Yugoslavia desk officer, reported:

"An unimpeachable press source who regularly travels with Secretary of State Madeleine Albright told this [writer] that, swearing reporters to deep-background confi dentiality at the Rambouillet talks, a senior State Department official had bragged that the United States "deliberately set the bar higher than the Serbs could accept.' The Serbs needed, according to the official, a little bombing to see reason."

What was the bar set at? Why the relinquishing of Serbian sovereignty and the permanent stationing of NATO war dogs all over their lands with full control of the Serbian government in the hands of these Luciferites. Under this pretense, the Americans and their NATO dhimmis, launched a "defensive" war. To this day, most Americans still see this evil and despicable deed as a 'good' war.

Through books, white washing his Islamic shilling, Holbrooke made further millions for himself and his masters. It is a wonder if he did not get a cut of the Serbian organ trade also ran by his friends, the Albanians.

It is also interesting to note that all this time, while gallivanting around SE Europe, spreading Jihadism as he went, Holbrooke was also holding the position of Vice Chairman at Credit Suisse First Boston. Wonder if the share holders felt they were getting fair value for their investments? Or maybe Holbrooke was busy laundering all that Albanian Narco cash that was now passing through the bastard protectorate/vassal state that he and the other Jihad Shill, Billy Blowjob Clinton helped create?

From 1999-2001 he was the US Ambassador to the UN, where again he scape goated the Serbs for everything that happened in the Balkans.

Finally this man of Jihad left the main world stage, though he continue to run the circuit and get paid for his Jihadist shilling, that is until 2009, when the First American Sunni called him back to mediate the Afghanistan-Pakistan conflict. Originally he was supposed to be over India and the Kashmir conflict too. As if the US had a "right" to be over anything outside its own boarders. India with loud protest, refused him entry, having little desire to be another Serbia, for this weasel of Mohamed.

However, to fully understand the foolish serfs that pass for "freemen" in America, one needs only to go to the blog at ABC and read the comments on the passing of this "great" man.

Great loss for Pakistan And Afghanistan.
Salute to fallen soldier.

Posted by: Imran | Dec 14, 2010 1:55:18 PM

A great loss, indeed a great man. Deserving of kind words and condolences to his family.

Posted by: kottaras | Dec 14, 2010 1:34:40 AM

In a time when political parties are warring with each other here at home, when Washington's inner power circle is less popular with its own people than ever, when China is balking and North Korea is threatening and all the world seems to be in potential financial free fall, with two wars raging on foreign shores, the foreign service of diplomacy has lost a "Raging Bull" of communication, the fighter for peace Richard Holbrooke. In a time when trust and treaties are diminished by suspicion and isolating nationalism, when walls of self-interest replace fading borders, America was fortunate for "The Bulldozer" who verbally crashed through indifference, ignorance and division to form international alliances respectful of national interests. Though speaking softly was not really his style, his forceful negotiations revealed a deep abiding regard for point of view of all sides. Governments need pay respect and give thanks that when humanity needed to interject peace into hearts full of war, Richard Holbrooke was humanity's spokesman for humankind’s hope for global peace.

Posted by: Marcello Rollando | Dec 14, 2010 1:18:11 AM

He was a lion of the diplomatic corps whose passionate sense of duty to the interests of his country and his postings should be celebrated long and studied by those who would take his place.

Posted by: Eagle 1 | Dec 14, 2010 12:18:10 AM

I am a lifelong Republican and I would have been pleased to see Richard Holbrooke as Secretary of State.

Posted by: nj republican | Dec 14, 2010 12:11:27 AM

Holbrooke was a very decent man and an able emissary. His loss will be felt immediately. My condolences to his family.

One thing I might add: There are none of the typical partisan insults usually present on such forums .... I presume it is moderated, and I thank the moderators for their work.

Posted by: Guy | Dec 13, 2010 10:07:12 PM

I don't know much about this man nor do I need to-life lost is always sad.

And those who would smile about life loss...that is almost as sad. When you are gone, will there be those who smile and say, "I'm glad s/he is dead and I am happy?"

I sincerely hope not, because that means you've led a sad and miserable life.

This man, at least, has touched lives. I would somewhere, you are doing the same. Pity on you.

Posted by: sage | Dec 13, 2010 8:13:45 PM

May he rest in peace. God bless and console his grieving family.

Posted by: Moderate | Dec 13, 2010 8:06:19 PM

Richard Holbrooke was a very impressive man, with ta broad range of understanding and tremendous negotiating skills. I would have loved to have had the chance to play poker with him, even if it turned out to be an expensive learning experience...

His death is a tremendous loss..

Posted by: Joey Tranchina | Dec 13, 2010 8:05:04 PM

very sad news he was very sincere about
pakistan and afghanistan

Posted by: khan | Dec 13, 2010 8:00:37 PM

May he rest in peace. I did not agree with his politics, but he served his country. He was an honorable man who did want the middle east problem to be solved. I believe he still had a lot to give ths country. LIfe is very precious and must be respected.

Ironically, he was afforded top care that would be denied many seniors under the new administrator of Medicare.

Posted by: Karen | Dec 13, 2010 7:56:00 PM

There is often not a good outcome once it ruptures.

I sincerely grieve the loss of this good man who served us all so well. This is a huge loss for all of us and for those abroad whom he served.

In the interview he did recently with Rachel Maddow, a glimpse of the man his family must know and love was there for all of us to see as well and I express my deep condolences to his family for their very personal loss. He was, it seemed, a joy to be with; a man of strenth and humor; a man capable of deep love.

Posted by: TJ | Dec 13, 2010 7:54:49 PM

His job was a difficult one. Looks as if Richard put his whole heart in it...and I don't say that facetiously or meanly.

It was a demanding job. Prayers to his family and loved ones.

Posted by: marybel | Dec 13, 2010 7:52:26 PM

May He rest in peace! Condolences to his family.

Posted by: Marianne | Dec 13, 2010 7:50:06 PM

Blessed be the peacemakers.
They dont come better then this man.
We are all better that he was part of our world.

Posted by: adam | Dec 13, 2010 7:50:00 PM

Rest In Peace Amb. Holbrooke and may the Lord help you in your time of sorrow.

Posted by: Rhonda D | Dec 13, 2010 7:49:59 PM

What a sad thing.

Posted by: Prantha | Dec 13, 2010 7:47:25 PM

My prayers are with him and his family for all the Goods Deeds he did for Mankind

Posted by: Robert Tan | Dec 13, 2010 7:42:35 PM

God bless him and his family.

Posted by: tinkerthinker | Dec 13, 2010 7:39:56 PM

R.I.P. Ambassador. The same thing got John Ritter.

Posted by: Jersey Dave | Dec 13, 2010 7:38:52 PM

May God's eternal light shine upon him, and may he rest in peace.

Posted by: apodaca | Dec 13, 2010 7:38:28 PM

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wikileaks: The Serbian Judases and the US Silver Coins

Wikileaks has taught us much, such as the release two days ago, that quite frankly outlined the traitorous Judases who now nest in Belgrade, spreading their vile poison through the body politic of Serbia. Lets review:

Vice President Biden’s May 20 visit to Belgrade, during which he met with President Tadic, Prime Minister Cvetkovic, and Defense Minister Sutanovac, marked a “new beginning” in the bilateral relationship thanks to the core message that the United States recognized Serbia as an important regional partner and potential contributor to global prosperity and stability.

How bloody nice, so the nation that bombed your people, murdered your children, no so long ago, who continues to push national guilt of the Serbs, the very state that dismembered you totally, even took away your ancestral heartland, now sees you as a regional partner for prosperity and stability? Are you insane or just traitors to your own people? To your own Church?

Why the answer is:

Two months later, we have seen constructive engagement from the Serbian government on a certain number of issues. Our challenge now is to maintain and build on the momentum generated by the Vice President’s visit to keep pushing Serbia forward on Euro-Atlantic integration, regional relations, economic development, and the bilateral relationship. During this several-month period between Ambassadors, post urges Washington policymakers to visit Belgrade and engage in international fora with their Serbian counterparts as frequently as possible on these key issues.

The answer is obvious, yes, yes they are.

The Vice President’s message that the United States wanted Serbia to consider joining NATO, but would not push it to do so given the lasting impact of the 1999 NATO intervention, was well-received by the Serbian government and public.

You mean the intervention that has never ended? The intervention that still sits on Serbian land in Kosovo, that still supports the illegal Albanian entity that now steals Serbian land for the Islamic Jihadist front?

In addition, the Vice President’s decision to meet separately with Minister of Defense Dragan Sutanovac has given this reform-oriented advocate of cooperation with NATO additional credibility and weight in the policymaking process. Moving forward, we should continue to expand our vibrant military-to-military relationship with Serbia, work with partners to educate the public about the benefits of NATO membership, and encourage the Serbian government to cut through its interagency squabbles and open its long-awaited NATO mission in Brussels.

Yes, explain to them, that by becoming the sock puppets of the Anglos, by surrendering your faith to the homosexuals, the atheists, the Islamics, you can feel good that you will not be bombed, just one day soon required to die in Afghanistan, Iran and eventually against your brother Orthodox Slavs, in Russia. But those who bombed and murdered your women and children will make nice and pretend it didn’t happen.

We should also encourage Serbia to play an increasingly active role in global security issues, for example by sending police to Afghanistan within the ISAF framework.

Like I said, just more Slavic cannon fodder for the Anglos. Are you proud yet, of your so called leadership?

Its main challenge now is to convince The Netherlands that its efforts to capture ICTY indictees Ratko Mladic and Goran Hadzic are sincere and effective, as the Dutch insist on Serbia’s full cooperation with The Hague Tribunal as a prerequisite to unfreezing the Interim Trade Agreement and ratifying the Stabilization and Association Agreement.

¶2. (SBU) In meetings with President Tadic and other Serbian government officials on October 16, Ambassador at Large for War Crimes Issues Stephen Rapp received updates on the search for International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) fugitives Ratko Mladic and Goran Hadzic and highlighted the importance of capturing them, offering U.S. assistance. He also discussed domestic Serbian war crimes trials and cooperation with regional neighbors. Serbian officials made it clear to Ambassador Rapp their commitment to finding the fugitives, but they avoided Ambassador Rapp’s suggestion that they take up the challenge of influencing public opinion about the need for war crimes trials. Both sides agreed on the clear need for increased regional war crimes cooperation.

Again, you Serbs, must give up your people to die in the Anglo sponsored Hague kangaroo courts, which let Islamic psychopaths go on a regular basis, but would rather give Serb defendants induced heart attacks rather then let one dirty slimy Orthodox out of their clean and God like hands…..or so they seem to purely and satanically believe. But why do all the dirty work yourself, when plenty of Serbian Judases are more than happy to do it for you.

¶10. (SBU) Ambassador Rapp’s interlocutors also noted the successes of Serbia’s domestic war crimes trials in the Serbian War Crimes Special Court. They all expressed thanks for the USG’s strong and continuing support to the court and the police War Crimes Investigation Service. Ambassador Rapp noted the importance of having trials in national courts, which facilitated reconciliation. Kostic said the domestic trials had been important in helping the Serbian public understand that Serbs had committed war crimes and not just been victims of them. Ambassador Rapp told Judge Vazic he was concerned that the Supreme Court had overturned many of the Special Court’s convictions. Vazic noted that Supreme Court judges lacked the specialized training to understand war crimes cases.

So, the biggest group of homeless and exiled peoples, their lands stolen at all fronts, their ancestral churches bombed by NATO and burned by NATO’s Islamic war dogs, must understand that they are the criminals. Where are these trials in Croatia for Croats? In Bosnia for Bosnian Muslims? In Serbia’s Kosovo for Albanians? Or how about in the US/UK for their war criminals? Oh, its only Orthodox Christians and specifically Orthodox Slavs who are war criminals, as they watch their children murdered by NATO bombs. But see, its those damn Supreme Court Judges who are just to dumb to realize what these whores for politicians already know…how to sell their souls to Satan.

we are working with the FBI to bring a fugitive investigation expert to Belgrade to review the case file on Mladic and determine whether there are avenues of investigation or techniques that have not yet been applied. Continued engagement with the Dutch government to identify steps the Serbian government could take to demonstrate its best efforts to cooperate with the ICTY would enhance our leverage with the Serbian government.

How nice.

¶10. (C) Although the current Serbian government is democratic and
pro-European, it is also frequently unfocused and politically timid. Our challenge is to make it clear that Vice President Biden’s visit wasn’t merely a reward for good behavior, but rather the start of what needs to be a much more intensive dialogue on how we can work together more closely and productively on our shared objectives. End Comment.

How nice again. Those shared objectives seem to be squarely the vassalhood of Serbia, to the modern version of the Ottomans, the US Empire. So we should take it, the timid rulers of Serbia have no qualms with this. Do the people agree?

¶1. (C) We expect Serbia will continue to obstruct and undermine Kosovo’s sovereignty in the lead up to and following the International Court of Justice’s advisory opinion, which most believe will be ambiguous. Regardless of the position taken by the ICJ, Kosovo’s independence and sovereignty are irrefutable.

Yes, those shared objectives: to march Islam straight through the Orthodox Christian lands to shake hands with the growing Islamic caliphates in the dieing Western Europe. What else should one expect from the shills in the US/UK who serve the Saudi funded world Jihad? Serbs were always the gate keepers, defending the Europeans, not that they were ever thanked.

¶13. (C) If Belgrade follows the path that President Tadic appears to favor, Serbia will be able to move forward with EU integration while still not recognizing Kosovo. If however, when the ICJ opinion is issued, Jeremic is the only one with a plan, the GOS is likely to pursue the misguided idea of continuing to battle in the UNGA. This course will at least delay and at worse threaten
Serbia’s EU aspirations. In either case, we must snuff out any further roundabout talk on partition by both President Tadic and Foreign Minister Jeremic.

Get it? Just accept the fact of the land we stole from you, from your children and from the bones of your ancestors who died to reclaim it last time from Islamics, and just get on with your life….oh and we may throw you a bone of EU vassalhood, where we can flood your borders with Islamics, just like we did to Greece, are doing to Poland, Bulgaria and Romania.

If our strategy is to be effective, we need to encourage Brussels to have a clear, coordinated policy regarding the linkage between Serbia’s EU path and resolving practical issues with Kosovo. If Serbia fails to heed this message we and our like minded European partners will need to prepare to defeat any new Kosovo resolution in the UNGA next fall. This will require an aggressive strategy to counter Serbia’s lobbying.

Just more of those shared values.

President Tadic and his close advisors appear intent on giving the Russians their due without irritating the Europeans, while others - including Foreign Minister Jeremic - seem to want to use close ties to Russia as a “bargaining chip” with Europe and the United States (ref A).

Obviously, there are strong Anglo-phile elements who are more than happy to betray our brotherhood, our ancestral brotherhood for the dirty thirty pieces of silver. Mammon, the only god of the West and to many traitors in the East.

They perceive a continued need for Russia’s UNSC veto and rhetorical support on Kosovo, particularly while the International Court of Justice case is ongoing. At the same time, this more pragmatic group of policymakers sees that Russia is not always a reliable partner - such as when the Russian government used Kosovo’s declaration of independence to justify its actions in Abkhazia and Ossetia. This group also realizes that Russian assistance pales in comparison to the tangible benefits of eventual European Union membership.

Remind me again who started that war in S.Ossessia? Yes, the American still persist in the illusion that their vassal did nothing and that it was not under their instruction. And in the end, this “group” is only about their 30 pieces of silver and nothing else.

And when the US or the EU seem to say kind things about the Serbian-Russian relationship? Well, it is still the snake hissing with its two forked tongue.

We can strengthen the hand of pragmatic forces in the Serbian government by recognizing in our public statements that Serbia needs to devote effort to having a healthy, balanced relationship with Russia. We can afford to be magnanimous on this point because we have the better story to tell: the foreign direct investment statistics and the results of our programs supporting economic, political, and security reform demonstrate that Serbia benefits far more from cooperation with the United States and the West than it does from Russian rhetoric. While the Serbian public has not yet fully accepted these facts, our constant public diplomacy efforts to highlight the results of U.S. engagement are having an impact. We should continue to let our actions speak louder than our words by engaging with Serbia on issues of mutual interest, avoiding any direct comparisons with Russia, and flatly rejecting the notion that in the 21st century any country must choose between East and West.

Two faced duplicity at its best. Nothing else should ever be expected from the Masons ruling the enslaved populace of the US/UK.

So Serbia, best start choosing and acting: surrender your souls for EU vassalage and become cannon fodder for Anglo adventures, or stand strong for your God, Church and your ancestral allies?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wikileaked: For NATO Russia is Still Enemy Number One

For whatever reasons that archaic Cold War relic declares its purpose for existence, the truth is, outside of serving as home to tens of thousands of military bureaucrats, for NATO it is always about Russia and our destruction.

Rather interesting emails surfaced, demonstrating that even as NATO coaxis Russia into a "partnership" but never a membership, it is expanding its plans for war with us. For example, in January of this year, NATO's committee decided to expand the planning for reinforcement of troops and bases from just Poland to include the Baltics, code named Eagle Guardian.

Their excuse, or rather that of the Americans, who are masterminding this, as usual, is that NATO must prepare for the defense of its members. The question then becomes, from what? From us? Only a total lunatic would believe that our military and our political leadership are able and willing and planning on an invasion of Europe. Furthermore, if one ever bothered to look at our history, our "invasions" of various parts of Europe almost always followed one of two paths: a counter invasion of the invading power, which first attacked us or coming to the rescue of various allies.

From the US words:

-- We see the expansion of EAGLE GUARDIAN as a step toward the possible expansion of NATO’s other existing country-specific contingency plans into regional plans.

Well, outside of trying to invade US and overthrow OUR allies, what exact regional plans do the Anglos and their NATO puppets have?

-- Public discussion of contingency plans undermines their military value, giving insight into NATO’s planning processes. This weakens the security of all Allies.

Yes, we wouldn't want the public in any of these nations to have any say into what their so called "democratic" aka police state governments are doing, now would we?

-- A public discussion of contingency planning would also likely lead to an unnecessary increase in NATO-Russia tensions, something we should try to avoid as we work to improve practical cooperation in areas of common NATO-Russia interest.

Translation: we don't want those dumb Russians to realize that while they're helping us, we are planning their destruction. We plan to crack their nation up, suck out their resources, their brain trust, technology and anything else we can....after all, the Giant Vampire Squid which is the Anglo Finance system that keeps it all going is hungry.

-- President Obama acknowledged this when he said at Prague that “We must work together as NATO members so that we have contingency plans in place to deal with new threats, wherever they may come from.” CLINTON

There's that American "reset", for the world to see.

At the same time, the Americans are still busily trying to forestall any sale of military equipment from France, such as the Mistral ship, to Russia. They have brought up such reasons as a fear by Tbilisi of the ship. So, considering that our army invaded Georgia only once, in response to the American backed genocide of Russian citizens in S.Ossessia, what exactly are they planning next? Or need we ask that question.

Further, countless of the documents demonstrate that the Americans are obsessed with the Medvedev-Putin dynamic, seeking every angle to work their mischief. They are still working hard to set President Medvedev and Prime Minister Putin off on each other, trying to create havoc and anarchy in our political and economic system. It is also obvious that they still believe they can control President Medvedev like they controlled our drunken embarrassment, Yeltsin.

From an interview with the (hereditary) President Aliyev of AZERBAIJAN

He added, "Many high-ranking
officials don't recognize (Medvedev) as a leader." He said
that there are signs of a strong confrontation between the
teams of the two men, although not yet between Putin and
Medvedev personally. "We have a saying in Azeri, 'Two heads
cannot be boiled in one pot'" (crude street slang suggesting
that two leaders are spoiling for a fight).

So, whether or not, Wikileaks is the real thing or a CIA front, these tell us quite a lot: the American elite still view us as their enemy and it is still their motive to bring us chaos, anarchy and political instability. In other words, they want us on our knees. I say: to Hell with that.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Wikileak Assange and the American Mullahs

It is rather interesting to see the reaction of the Americans to the Wikileak "leaks". First of all, the cables show just what the US elites think of everyone else: they are all nut jobs, perverts, mediocre or evil...that is, in the implied standard that they, these US elites, set for themselves. Notice, that the only critiques missing is of fellow, and also extremely flawed, UK politicians and any other American lapdogs, such as Georgia.

But aside from their: Gadhafi is afraid of flying and likes volumptious blonds (only in the gay ole Anglosphere is this a character flaw), Merkel is bland and uncreative (that is, she doesn't toe the DC line and doesn't like getting back stabbed by Anglos-and who does?), Sarkazi is a mini-tyrant (and not a lapdog, like the British), Berlasconi is weak and in Moscow's pocket (again, not a lapdog like the British), Putin is an Alpha male (as opposed to the Obama gamma (fe)male), Medvedev is a timid girliman (who ordered a crushing counter attack of the American Georgian puppets and then did not buckle down and become an American lapdog): views of everyone else, what is really interesting is the American psychotic reaction breaking out from Far Left (Democrat-Communists) to Almost Far Left (Republican-Fascists).

On the one hand, insane US pressure has closed down the servers and are chasing down Wikileaks (all the while screaming it'll be the Russians who'll be the bad guys and stop this freedom of information act enforced...not that the US gov ever really enforces their own laws, since they black out 90% of their documents, so someone outside this has to) across the internet, trying to ban them from the ether, even all the while the US government was already actively grabbing and closing down objectionable websites. On the other hand, PayPal has closed Wikileaks' accounts, and presumably confiscated (stolen) any cash there in. The US is also busy with Interpol getting Assunge arrested on anything and everything.

The one sensible thing that I have seen is a bill in the US parliament that makes it illegal to disclose the names of informents, which is usually a death sentence for them. Other than that, the loony bin of American politics is on display.

We have Sarah (empty vassal for the demon of neoconism) Palin wailing that the US must go after Assnge like the US has gone after the Taliban and Al Queda. Of course on this, I am not sure who should be afraid, Assuage or the American serfs, since it is their freedom, wealth and blood that has disappeared the most in their "crusade" on Freedom ... er Terror.

The US military has even gone into the censorship business, keeping its soldiers from reading any reports having to do with this issue, not simply the Wikileaks site but actual news reports. So much for the: they hate us for our freedom crap. The DC Mullahs do not believe in that any more than they do in Tehran. U.S. Military in Iraq Tries to Intimidate Soldiers Into Not Reading Wikileaks

The federal government seems to have lost its mind in a manic game of internet whack-a-mole aimed at getting the Wikileaks State Department cables thrown down the memory hole: First, Sen. Joe Lieberman successfully nudged Amazon into kicking the site off its servers. Then the Library of Congress blocked the site for all employees and users of its computer terminals. Now we learn that the State Department is warning prospective hires that if they write about Wikileaks on Twitter or Facebook, they might not get that job. And now Gawker has learned that military installations in Iraq are trying to keep soldiers from reading about Wikileaks. A tipster wrote to tell us that "the Army's unclassified, NIPRNET network in Iraq has blocked every major news website because of the Wikileaks issue," going on to say that,,, the Huffington Post, and a variety of other sites are blocked on the Army's unclassified network.

Then there is the "conservative" and "small" government advocate and former governor and presidential hopeful Huckabee screaming for the death penalty for anyone leaking government documents. Well, if there ever was a better way to make a transparent tyranny, er government, than the old American tradition of killing the messenger, what would it be? "Whoever in our government leaked that information is guilty of treason," Huckabee said. "I think anything less than execution is too kind a penalty." The American talking Ego Trip, Bill (I the right hand of god...just not sure which one) O'Reilly said "Whoever leaked all those State Department documents to the WikiLeaks website is a traitor and should be executed or put in prison for life,"

Other top elites and their hanger ons are screaming for the death of Assange, like some half witted Mullahs in Iran. Of course, considering that Dear Leader Barrack has signed documents allowing the murder of American citizens abroad, sans trial or any other niceties, what can Assange, a non-American hope for. 5 Reasons The CIA Should Have Already Killed Julian Assange. Saleman Rushdie, eat your heart out. Other Mullah wanna-bes, like Conservative columnist Jeffrey T. Kuhner. While Charles Krauthammer, the guru of "conservatism" and "freedom" called for the persecution of any media group that worked with Wikileaks, even as other Mullah lights called for the listing of Wikileaks and its employees as a terrorist organization.

So what do we now see as the difference between the Mullah's of Iran and the Mullah's of America? Both states sponsor terrorism, first against other nations: bombing their civilians and infrastructure, be it with car bombs or smart bombs. Both states sponsor the over throw of those who disagree with their particular and very revolutionary doctrines. Both groups claim to be republics, while shadow power elites control everything. Both groups claim to be fighting for human rights (yes Iran is always fighting for Sheites). Both nations assassinate and murder foreigners who they deemed as threats, and not just military threats and now both nations assassinate their citizens abroad. Finally, both nations constantly scream that they are misunderstood and that they are naturally "good", while abusing their citizens.

The difference is, the Iranian threat, world wide, is but a 1% of that of the American Mullahs. Assange, his family and friends, had best be very scared, for the DC Mullahs do have fangs that bite.

Russophobia, the Favorite Pass Time of the Anglos

No one hates us as much as the Anglos, the Anglo elites, backed up by a dumbed down public, which could not find us on a map, but knows we are EVIL with a capital EVIL. And after all, that is all they need to know.

The American and British Russophobia is nothing new, but of all the nations, those two the greatest hypocrites to be so. So where did it start? Surely not in the last 20 years, not even since the Soviet revolution, which was built upon Anglo cash and exploitation, nah, it came much much earlier than that.

Quite frankly, the Anglos, that is the British, have feared us ever since we came out of our forced upon shell, under Peter the Great. The British were our trade partners since the 1600s and Ivan Grozny, through the northern routes, around Scandanavia. Incidentally, the British knew these routes because their ships, prior to discovering Africans, were busy raiding Iceland and Norway for slaves, since the 1400s.

They had little to fear from us, contesting their empire, since we were hemmed in, at that time, by Turks to the south, Pole-Lithuanians and the Hapsburgs to the west and the Swedes to the north-west. However, since our breakout, they have been busy being the real Evil behind many of our misfortunes. Anglo monies and duplicity can be found in many indirect wars, to include with the Poles and the Turks and even direct ones, like the Crimean War.

Anglos brought about the collapse of the first Central Alliance: Germany, Austro-Hungary and Russia and all but assured that World War One was a done deal. Anglo money then sponsored the Russian Revolution (American absolutely the majority in this case) and made sure that they got the exploitation of Russia and her resources through out the 20s. Anglos, along with the French, took Kulchak's and Russia's recognized government's money for weapons and only gave him half, making sure the Whites would never win, while feeding the other half to the Reds. In effect, they assured that millions of Orthodox Christians would be butchered, along the Anglo-South African model.

But now it is they who are paranoid of us? As usual, the answer is yes and they always were. Since it is the Anglo model of government and finance that goes so strongly against God: a pseudo democracy where an evil and unaccountable elite does what it wants with more violence, force and duplicity then many of the worst dictators and a finance model, made not only to steal the wealth of their own people, but also the world, a model whose premise is: anything any way for money.

At the same time, a heretical form of Christianity, first imported by William the Bastard, in the Roman model, over throwing the Orthodox Herald at Hastings, and then on the back of the sinful and demonic lusts of Eward VI. Since then, the British form of protestantism, coming to pure fruitation in the Americas, has brought us tens of thousands of splinters and branches and heresies, many vile and built on pure satanic fiction: such as the Riches doctrines, where people send a "preacher" money so that he prays that God give these people money. Or the Mormons who gave up all their land to their "Church" and who are promised Godhood in the next life. Or the Scientologists and dozens of other such cults.

Is it any wonder that no where else in the world of Christiandom are even a fraction of these false prophets found or that they are allowed to flourish and then export themselves, like the spiritual version of the Anglo mortgage backed security, exported out to the world, under false pretenses. Unlike the MBS, these do not just steal your financial future, but damn your soul to Hell. Is it any wonder than that the Anglos, and the Americans first and center, scream so loudly when other nations ban these various vile cults? For example, when the Germans banned Scientology as a threat to the German national state. Why are the Americans so concerned that some cult of there's is accepted in, if not in the Satanic service of Corruption.

Anglo paranoia of Russians is well founded. Our nation should have been and will be the dominant economic power, but one moderated actively by the Church, and in all walks of life: Mindless Tolerance is a Sin. Furthermore, the Church, in its righteousness is influencing millions of the lost and to be damned serfs of the Anglo world: Satan is not happy.

So of course, a corrupt, Godless elite in the West must hate Russia and to that end it breeds strains of Russophobia like a diseased homosexual, through his perverse lifestyle (incidentally most strongly found also in the Anglo world) breeds new strains of viral infections.

During the 1950s, the Americans, for example, actively encouraged a heretical Rapture Dogma, that is about 1% based on the Bible, and that saw and still sees Russia as Gog in the Gog-Magog duel that is supposed to help spark Armageddon. They then attempted to export this lunacy to the rest of the world, thankfully with little fruition.

In the 1980s, the CIA and the US elites, through Hollywood, sponsored various movie "hits", like Red Dawn, portraying those EVIL Russians invading the American homeland, never mind the logistical impossibility of that. These films, along with a plethora of video games, such as World In Conflict, have made a stunning come back in the past few years. As a matter of fact, big US media and video game companies are charging ahead with one title after another attacking Russians left and right, be they over Georgia or just "mythical" Russian nationalists who must be shot down in the dozens by American joystick heroes. Michael Flenning's "unbiased" movie about the Georgian-Ossessian War, sponsored by Georgia's elites and shot only in Georgia, is another prime example, soon to get the Orwellian Hour of Hate from the American masses.

In the 1990s the Americans and British actively sponsored every corrupt and traitorous bastard in our nation, starting with that drunken embarrassment Yeltsin, while also and still to this day, actively sponsoring and backing Islamic Jihad in Russia.

Russophobia, of course continues and is seeing a new upsurge recently, as the combined Anglo-sphere's rot and death has accelerated with the destruction of its last great financial bubble.

The "spies" found in America, this year, was just one small chapter. To mention that this bunch had gathered or rather made inroads to key officials at a smaller rate, over the past two decades, then a good lobby firm in Washington can do in two weeks, is beyond mention. That they were outed by their former boss, who himself was recruited by the CIA, which actively works to undermine Russia both directly and through its NGO storm troopers, is taken as a norm.

During the American elections, Russophobia was the card play of choice by both of the branches of the One Part system and the ownership elite. From calls for more of the American "democratic" revolutions and exploitation of Russian allies and neighbors to ousting Russia, the 5th largest economy, from the G8, without asking the other members of course, to out and out calls by the totally insane, for war.

Mainstream American publications, by "experts" who are nothing more than mouth pieces and mental light weights, or just plain evil bastards, are rampant: "The New Cold War" by Edward Lucas, who claims that "Russia's vengeful, xenophobic and ruthless rulers have turned the sick man of Europe into a menacing bully."

There is, for example, the case of Victor Bout, who was supposed to be released by Thai court, after a US backed sting failed to bring evidence in to indict him. However, with massive American pressure, he is instead, illegally deported to America, handled worse than the Islamic terrorists or would be terrorists. He is, after all, a Russian.

“We regret the political decision made by the Thai Court of Appeals,” Sergey Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister, told reporters in the Armenian capital of Yerevan. “In my opinion, this verdict is unlawful. The information available to us confirms that this decision was made under very heavy pressure from abroad. This is sad.”

“The utmost discontent and concern were declared over the politically–motivated verdict of the Thai Appeals Court, which contradicts the Thai Criminal Court's ruling made in August 2009 that denied the US extradition request due to a lack of evidence,” the Foreign Ministry’s statement reads as cited by RIA Novosti.

Now we have the case of Katia Zatuliveter, who worked for the UK MP Mike Hancock. It is not as if she lied about being Russian or was not extensively vetted, but she is now being chased as a "sleeper" agent....again, would not a sleeper agent NOT draw attention to herself as being, oh, I don't know, RUSSIAN? AFP: Russian 'spy' found in British parliament

But in the end, we must view, until such time as the sheeple either remove their Elites or dismember their own states, the Anglos as enemies, if not as hot enemies then definitely as cold enemies. While the difference is great, between the desires of the owned and the owners, it is, after all, the will of the owners that matters and they have proven in the past as deft manipulators of those they own.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Revised Pay and Open Door, But We Can Do Better

President Medvedev recently announced that a three fold pay increase would follow for the military. A lieutenant would now earn approximately 50,000 rubles or $1,500 or so USD. Quite a few in the Western press started laughing at this, which is rather interesting considering that a US Army lieutenant's pay is only $2,400 and the cost of living is much more expensive.

Of course this is not enough, salaries must be increased so that a Captain makes at minimum an equivalent pay of a mid level manager, at least $2,500+ or more and salaries must increase accordingly. This is, after all, the only way to retain good talent and also weed out the slack from the armed forces.

It was also interesting to note that the doors were officially opened to foreigners serving in the Russian army for 5 year initial terms, and ability to receive citizenship after 3 years. Of course, good health and proper education are a must but so is good command of the Russian language. In this, it is a mistake.

We do not promote Russian effectively around the world and thus we limit heavily potential recruits. As of this year there were 350 foreigners, most from the CIS but others from such places as Germany and Israel. Some 700 had applied but were turned away, most due to language skills. This is simply stupid. We need to open up military grade language schools: let them enlist, study Russian for 6 months, while doing some manual work. If they pass a basic requirements after six months, they move on to the actual military, if not, they are returned to their home countries.

Anyone willing to fight for Russia and may as needed die for Russia, should not be stymied because we, as Russia, failed to address their language needs. This is stupid.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Mindless Tolerance is a Sin

It gets curiouser and curiouser, as I find myself horrified to be agreeing more and more with Vladimir Zhirinovsky, but, when the man is right, he is right.

"If the threat of Africa, Asia and Islamization aggravates, only Russia will be able to save those countries, and this is going to be still another "Suvorov's march" crossing the Alps, but not by the soldiers and the army, but by some joint projects aimed at restraining Europe's conquest by the Asians and the Africans," he said in a TV show Main Subject (3rd Channel).

What more can be said? Well, while Zhirinovsky is right, he is no believing Christian, labeling Christianity as a Jewish Hedgenism over the Slavs. Yes, in that he is a fool. However, in Christ and His Holy Orthodox Church is the salvation of Europe and even of America, if they only cross the threshold of the open door before them, for only in that way, can their societies change and defend themselves against the Islamic plagues that are destroying them. Modern Catholicism and the tens of thousands of diluted volumes of Protestantism and its spin off cults, are weak dogmatically and spiritually to defend against Islam.

Instead, so as to protect their skins and lives from the risk of standing up for their faiths and cultures, the post-Christians, spineless West and yes, I mean the vast majority of the people as well as the leaders, for if not the people, the leaders would have been powerless, prefer to hide under the blanket of "tolerance". So yes, you the people are the core of the fault for allowing this to go on.

A well-known writer Yelena Chudinova, speaking of tolerance, said "virtue without reason is a sin" and "tolerance has long been a sin."

"All our tolerance has been a one-way street. If the situation were different, there would be a dialog. As any reasonable person, I would prefer a dialog, but our tolerance has been viewed as our weakness, and this is where the two mentalities clash," she said.

Head of the Permanent Mission of Russia to NATO Dmitry Rogozin said "tolerance will kill" the Western countries.

Tolerance is pointless, as is its offspring multi-culturalism, to the survival of the body culture that it infects. It is a bacterial infection that starts out small and spreads wickedly. The more the difference in the peoples, the faster and more violent the spread. Of course, in peoples of similar cultures, a balanced weave can be reached, aka the Germans in Russia or the Russians in Germany. However, when the two groups have absolutely nothing in common, either one dies or the other.

The Western weak willed people and their corrupt, corpulent and anti-Christian owners, have decided on their own destruction, as long as its not to quick and to painful. The Islamic invaders, for whom the gates were opened and to whom the Danesgeld was given, well understand this. Of course as the climax of the conquest is reached, it will go quicker and much, much, much more painfully.

The Orthodox Church, especially the Russian Orthodox Church understands this and is fighting it on all fronts, even as the Western backed and owned Jihad, in our southern heartlands spreads or intensifies. Just last week, a grenade round was fired into an Orthodox church in Ingushetia, trying to spread the violence and motivate the Muslim population to Jihad. This Jihad would one: be suicidal, as they are vastly out numbered by the Orthodox and two, is much more difficult to start, as Russia, by its culture, is, was and will be assimilating that very population into the main Russian culture, which includes the Orthodox Church.

The Orthodox Church has not backed off of the grueling and very dangerous job of bringing Christ to these masses.

Last year, Father Daniil Sysoyev was killed by Islamic gunmen, in his Moscow church, for prostellizing to the migrants from Islamic countries. This already is a sacrifice that the vast majority of the so called Western "Christians" would run away from or one that would stop others in their tracks. Not so here. The members of Father Daniil's church, have instead become that much more energized to spread the word of Christ to the diaspora masses from outside of Russia. His murderer, a Kyrgzi Islamic, was killed in a shoot out, while police were trying to arrest him.

On the priest's memorial evening held last Sunday in Moscow, Viktor Kupriynchuk, warden of St. Thomas Church where Father Daniil served, said that missionary team of the killed pastor continue mission in diasporas. They issue missionary leaflets for migrants in English, Tajik, Uzbek and Vietnamese, leaflets in Kyrgyz are being prepared, a book about Orthodoxy in Chinese is published for the Chinese diaspora.
Parishioners of St. Thomas Church continue practice of street mission, carry out "missionary raids" along Moscow streets and this street missionary work develops. Besides, Fr. Daniil's followers set up a missionary school in Kazakhstan and publish methodic books for missionaries on argumentation with cultists.

After all, the Orthodox faith is built upon the bones of our martyrs: men and women in the hundreds of thousands and millions who willingly gave their lives to Christ.

Further, the Church fights both inside the country and in the government of the country for Christ, as well as the economy.

In Tartarstan, the Church is demanding from the Oblast (provincial) leadership of Tartarstan an erection of a monument at the Assumption Monastery, for 5,000 victims of Stalin's murderous purges, from 1930s-40s, whose bones were recently discovered. During the Soviet occupational government of the Western bankers, the grounds of the Church were turned into a NKVD camp and the territory only reverted back to the Church in 1997.

On the front of the government, addressing a alumni of Russian Foreign Ministry's Academy and diplomats in Moscow, Patriarch Kirill had this to say.

"We [the countries of the Russian world: Russia, Ukraine and Byelorussia] must make our own unique contribution to the development of the human civilization. There have been statements lately about the relativism of moral principles, "leading in a number of countries to the fall of family values, legalization of immoral models of behavior such as drug addiction, prostitution and homosexualism," he said. "It is the mission of the Russian world to thwart this destructive trend leading humankind into a deadlock,"

"Today the deficit of moral values "is being felt in international relations like never before, with many countries succeeding in building effective economies, coherently advancing their national interests and strengthening of the technological potential," he said.

However, all these achievements "remain a 'colossus on clay feet' unless they are propped by moral values, by the integrity of human personality, as the recent global crisis has shown well," the Primate said.

Russia has "both spiritual and intellectual potential to face up to the super-challenges, one of which is to change the spiritual and, intellectual paradigm, including in the international relations," he said.

In the modern world, no country "can declare itself a serious global player without an articulate moral position and a vision of the humankind's ideology," and "the great power is characterized by the ability to defend the traditions of its people, its religious, cultural values and the moral backbone of society," the Patriarch said.

Further, to the business community, the Patriarch had this letter for First International Symposium on Ethical Aspects of Banking.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear Brothers and Sisters:

I cordially greet you all as you have gathered together to discuss the ethical dimension of banking and the social role of banks. This theme has become especially relevant in a situation where politicians and representatives of the business community continue searching for ways of overcoming the global financial and economic crisis and a possibility to build a new model for the development of global economy.

As the state of economy is dependent to a great extent on the spiritual and moral condition of the personality, the financial activity should have ethical guidelines. Material wealth in itself does not make a person happy. Moreover, one’s concentration only on material success leads to a moral degradation of the personality. Christ warns us: ‘Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; a man’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions’ (Lk. 12:15). The Church calls to see in wealth a gift of God given to a person not only for his sake but also for the sake of his neighbours.

The economic activity which ignores moral imperatives and is aimed wholly at personal enrichment has no future. Those who receive a profit should realize that they bear the great responsibility to be sensitive to the needs of other people and to do all that is possible to remove economic injustice in society, thus fulfilling the will of God.

The banking community can make a contribution to the building of a human community with justice primarily through active participation in social work. I believe the representatives of Russian and Italian banks participating in this forum can share their considerable experience in realization of social projects.

I hope that the discussion on the future economic world order will help you to become aware of the significance that basic Christian values have for rational economy and harmonious world order. Without this awareness it would hardly be possible to find a way out of a systemic crisis.

I invoke God’s blessing upon your efforts and wish you success in your work at the forum.

Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia
October 11, 2010

Thus once again, the Orthodox Church has shown itself and is positioned to be, not only the ever present bulwark against the Islamic invasions but the anti-biotic against the infection that is killing the West: a rejection of Christ.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

More US Hypocrisy: Russia, the US and Religion

A new report out by the US decries the lack of religious freedoms in the world, bringing up as usual the "troubling" fact that unlike the splintered and confused religious society of America, Russia's historic Orthodox Church is simply to strong and dominant.

I guess we need to force a few dozen percentile of the population out of the Orthodox Church and into the various heretical cults trying to flood into our lands from the "land of the free". After all, freedom of the majority of the Russian population to cling to the Orthodox Church, the true salvation under God, and thus also to Russian culture, is simply wrong, in the twisted minds of the Anglo-Elites, it smacks of nationalism. Everyone knows that the best way to destroy nationalism and thus make the people spineless and confused serfs, is to dilute religion, especially Christianity, with tens of thousands of branches and cults, creating a post Christian world that is easy to control by the Anglo-Elites and their Islamic storm troopers.

The report focuses on religious minority groups and ignores the right of other parts of society to preserve “its national and cultural tradition,” Hieromonk Philipp (Ryabykh), deputy head of the Moscow Patriarchate Department for External Church Relations

Well said, your Holiness.

The American report went further to decry that the Orthodox Church is to politically connected, that this "destroys" freedom. Well, if you mean that our culture just isn't up for a jolly Sodomite parade, or a nice big Hindu temple or Islamic mosque on Red Square, well gosh, you're right and it never will be. Have as much fun telling the Poles or Japanese they're to intolerant with their closeness of religion and state...oh but Yanks, you do not have to go even that far, just tell your own politicians who just love those merry ole tent revivals or church fund raising and praise the Lord, guys like Huckeberry who were protestant preachers themselves and were running for president.

"But it makes me wonder why such interaction is evaluated negatively: in the United States political forces actively cooperate with religious organizations, politicians speak at religious meetings and it is a democratic process when the country's major political forces build a dialogue with religious organizations," the Russian Church official stressed.

That the likes of America's First Sunni, Obama, who regularly gives speeches from Mosques in Islamic nations who either have no other religions allowed (Saudi Arabia, for example) or who murder, massacre, prosecute and persecute their Christians (Egypt and Pakistan) while praising the one state religion allowed: Islam, does nothing to smack of hypocrisy to the mindless West.

That Protestants are now regularly arrested in the US for preaching, or just giving out pamphlets near or even not so near Islamic or homosexual or other non-Christian gatherings, also does not smack of religious "un-freedom", after all: 1. its the US, the most "free" nation in the world, whatever the truth, that's the only line that will be sold and 2. these are nothing but Christians and thus not worth the lives of a single Islamic jihadist, except when he can get 72 shluhas for them.

Now lets take this example, right from the heart of that multi-cultural center of dysfunction: NYC. Everyone around the world has heard about how the US government and elites salivating over having the Cordoba House, a super Mosque built almost on the site of the 9/11 Islamic victory. Of course, most of the US elites are either blind, deaf and dumb fools or are themselves Islamic or Islamic shills. The will of the vast majority of the people, that would be the powerless serfs, is blatantly ignored and the sketchy, immoral, illegal dealings that got the Cordoba House going and are keeping it going are equally ignored by a US Justice Department that is only meant to keep the White Christian down. In this case, the Orthodox Christian is as is, as 2nd class Christian even amongst Christians of America.

So, as usual, not that it will ever be followed, I would advise our US "friends" not to open their mouths and criticize other nations while their own house is in such a shambles. Further, no matter how much they shill for radical Islam on the one hand and moraless post Christianity (the moraless Christianity leading to the radical Islam plan) we will not bend or change for you and your immorality.

Now we come to the climax of this story: the Eastern Orthodox (Greek in this case) St. Nicholas church, which stood right beside the World Trade Center Plaza and which itself was demolished in that tragic day. For eight years now, the Eastern Orthodox have been trying to rebuild the church which was razed by Islamic Jihad. The Port Authority of NYC has denied them at every step and in the final talks, without even notifying them directly, instead through a news interview talk show, said the deal was off the table.

Do you sheep in America get that? A church, and in this case an Orthodox church, with the Orthodox having been the main wall defending the rest of Christiandom from Islam for 1,400 years, is razed by Islamic Jihad and the Dhimmis and Islamics running America and NYC refuse to allow it to rebuild, while promoting, paying for and running circles

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The UN: all Atheist all Jihad Time

Though a Utopian idea of peace and prosperity for all men, the UN has however....oh wait, I used the word what else, dear readers, could you figure but a massive failure?

Outside of the corruption and the immoralistic relativism that is the UN, never has there been such a great forum for the Atheist elites of the West and the Islamic Jihad supporters of the rest. Never has there been a forum where the morally corrupt Western elite could force, through bribery and intimidation, their sorry state of Christ hatred and self loathing upon the rest of the world, especially that of the smaller Christian countries of the world. See The Age of the Man-Gods.

Thus these self loathing Western Elites and the majority of the Western population that follows them into damnation are equally sponsoring a huge rabble piss ant, primitive Islamic nations, the whole of whom could not invade or conquer even England, let alone snatch a Sicily from Italy, with the sole except of Turkey, which itself was armed and industrialized by the West and the Soviets.

Imagine that, a host of 57 or so nations, the sum of which industry does not match that of Spain. A host of illiteracy, with the average knowledge of a European peasant of the 14th century, beaten into a frantic, mouth foaming rage at any hint of criticism or "disrespect" for their religion of "peace" which preaches war and civilization that finds great joy in the dismemberment of those who disagree with it. Yet this same block, which in a rational world would have almost no say and with the exception of temporary oil wealth, would have no real input into the world economy, is given center stage to vent their rage of 6th century perceived grievances, perceived in that they are not the undisputed masters of humanity.

If not for these Western "man-gods", who not only put the spoiled and psychotic brats of humanity on center stage, flooded them in to their own societies to "enlighten" them, as if enlightenment meant a barbaric "legal" code created by murderous slave traders and desert fanatic tribesmen called Shari, this would be a part of the world one would only occasionally hear about in some documentary movie.

A portion of humanity that has given us nothing, short of some raw liquid resources and untold misery for hundreds of millions of their more and less civilized neighbors.

The UN, the Western Elite backing, has given us such gems as the "freedom" from criticism of Islam, in an act called the "Defamation of Religion", which is now against human rights. It has also given us the absolute shunning of the subject of the Armenian, Assyrian, Iotolan Greek and Cypriot Greek genocides by the Islamic Turks. It has given us the ignoration of the continued genocide against the Coptic Orthodox Christians of Egypt (the only real Egyptians), the South Sudanese Christians, the Ethiopian Orthodox Christians of Eratria, the Palestinian Orthodox Christians by the PLO, the various Iraqi Christians by the Western whores installed to rule Iraq, the desecration of the Serbian Orthodox by the Albanian and Bosnian Islamics and the Macedonian Orthodox by the Albanian Islamics, as well as the Albanian Orthodox by the Albanian Islamics. As a matter of fact, when ever Orthodox Christians, Catholic Christians, Jews and for that matter Hindus are victims, the Western elites and their legions of brain dead zombie backers lash out in anger and protest at the victims, and always in defense of the Islamics.

My American readers will now protest that they are the great lovers of Christiandom and Jews, and yet it was America who armed Ataturk in his murderous genocides against Iotolan Greeks, Armenians and Assyrians. It was America who armed the Turks of the 70s while they butchered Cypriot Greeks. It was America who armed the Egyptians while they expelled half their Christians in the 1960s. It was equally America who got Israel out of Lebanon and to betray their South Lebanese Christian Army allies, leaving them for death. It was America who had earlier saved the PLO after they butchered some 200,000 Christians in Lebanon and then it was America who set the PLO up and legitimized that terror group.

It was America who looked the other way while the Sudanese ruling Muslims butchered the Christians to get at the oil below their land. It was America who backed Eratria against the Ethiopians, while they massacred their Christians. It was America who helped fight Jihad against Orthodox Christians and Catholics in Bosnia, in Albania, in Macedonia and in Serbia's Kosovo, while backing the Islamic Jihad (and many say still backing it) in our Russia's Chechnya and other regions. Just like it was and is America who backed and armed the Azerbaijani Islamics against the Orthodox Armenians.

It was the US who created and backed the Taliban, until that was unprofitable and opium levels fell and then replaced them with another group of better PRed but more corrupt Islamists.

It was equally the US who backed Pakistan, whose authorities looked the other way while Christians were and are massacred and Jihad is waged daily against Hindus. It was the US who, under its guidance and guardianship, oversaw the decimation of the Iraqi Christian populations from some 1.5 million to less than a quarter of that.

Of course, the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Germany and above all, the tyrannical midget state of Belgium. So why is it that you or your peoples dare to think that you are Christ blessed, when you have enabled or directly dealt in the mass murder of tens of millions of His most ardent followers? When the blood of millions of martyrs is on your hands, flowing from your mouths and eyes? Blood you bath in with absolute abandon?

So it is of little mirth or joy that we now watch the most logical conclusion, when the misguided, lethargic and nihilistic sheep under the Western Elite's rule are now themselves the target of the very same Jihad: cultural and military, brought about by the very groups they so easily supported while it was those eastern Christians dieing.

I would say repent and support and fight for not against your fellow Christians, and there is always that, but for most, their pride runeth to deep, almost as deep as the Islamic knife that will one day slice their throats.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Just Say No to WTO

Today I read a very disturbing piece of news: the bid to join the WTO may be completed by 2011. The question then becomes: why?

Why? Why do we need it? Why would we want it? Why would we be so blind to surrender our trade sovereignty to a foreign body dominated by the Anglo financial vampires and the Chinese slave labourers? For in effect, to join that "august" body of would be socialist overlords is to jettison our protective tariffs that have turned Russia around.

Least we forget, it was then President Putin's installation of a 30% (now at 35%) tariff on import cars that spurred over a dozen foreign auto plants to rethink their strategy and open major manufacturing facilities in Russia, thus not only feeding the Russian market but providing jobs and taxes to the Russian economy. Why just last month, Volkswagen was bragging that its plant in Volgoda is now almost exclusively using Russian made parts.

Does anyone honestly think, that being part of the WTO, the local content laws will hold? Or the trade barriers of defensive tariffs? We will be forced to sell our collective future to the Yellow Horde, who will no longer even need to contemplate invade us and dieing by the tens of millions, to own us....why just look at the American serfs who now toil for half a year to pay taxes that almost exclusively go to pay the interest, not the balance on the Chinese debt, and yet each is in debt, by government debt per capita, for more money then they will likely ever earn.

Was it the WTO that gave us growth rates of 7%+? No, but it was the WTO that sucked the last manufacturing air out of the US/UK, while our manufacturing grew at 7% or more annually.

Of course, this creation of the Anglo sphere, has benefited at least one group of Anglos, the top 1% who are mostly made up of the banksters of those countries and their political shills.

If this is a matter of prestige or pride that Russia must be in the club: pride goes before the fall. Let it go, instead, let us take pride that we do not need that house of Horrors of the Anglo-Sino creation.

Let us take absolute comfort in the fact that we are the loan super industrial state, the 2nd and soon to be first economy of Europe, who built itself without giving away itself to those vampires and slavers.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Russia's High Tech Military

Military Russian System-Russian Tech

Russia Army , XXI century

We Are Russians \ Мы Русские (Slavic Russian Rap)

Russian Laser Weapons

Russian Military Exhibition

Secret Russian weapons

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Looking for Contributors

I am willing to share this blog space with a small number of contributors. Please submit papers/articles to

Please note, sending me an article/paper does not mean that it will get published. I will vet all papers and am the final decision maker on whether or not they get published.

Published papers will be given full acknowledgment to their authors to include email and web links, if provided.



New Laws to Attract High Tech Immigrants and Workers

Russia Returns to the Competitive Airline Market

Russia has returned, after a long hiatis, to the competitive airline market with the first of an initial batch produced Sukhoi SuperJet 100s making their maiden 3 hour flight.

GSS president Vladimir Prisyazhnyuk said, "The premiere flight of the first batch-produced airliner Sukhoi Superjet 100 is an important landmark in the implementation of the programme; a beginning has been set for a batch production of the airliners".

Of the first production batch five are almost complete and the remaining 11 are in various stages of assembly. The plane, manufactured by the Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Co, is meant to replace the aging Tu-134s. Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Co is partially owned by Finmeccanica of Italy, 25%.

The plane is a modern fly by wire machine, and is designed to compete against the Embraer E-Jets and the Bombardier CRJ. It seats between 60 and 90 passengers, running at $31.7 million per unit, with lower operating expenses than either of its two main competitors. The plane was designed to meet Russian, CIS, EU and US market specifications. The plane’s powerplants are two PowerJet SaM146 turbofan engines developed by PowerJet.

There are presently orders for 256 planes: 86 for Russian aviation companies, 30 for Hungary, 10 for Italy and 6 for the US, the remainder going to other smaller nations.

The Georgians Are At It Again

That noxious state sponsor of terrorism is at it again. Recently, what on the face of things, may appear as a non-to serious move, by the war criminal and American puppet, the New York lawyer Michael Saakashvili, to open the Georgian border to passport free travel for some of Russia’s north Caucuses provinces, is nothing short of the direct sponsorship of Islamic terror.

Georgia, unable to win wars directly against its minorities or against Russia, even with massive American military intervention, has turned to the time tested method of pariah states all over the world: terrorism. The Georgians, who spend almost 40% of their GDP on weapons, more than any other nation in the world, and much of it on the US dole (how does it feel for bankrupt Americans? Like a foreclosure, I’m sure), has been very active in the support of the Islamic jihad in southern Russia.

This is interesting on several levels. First, Georgia is an Orthodox nation and any victory by the Islamic jihadists in establishing a northern Caucus Caliphate will surely spell the death of Georgia itself, which would instantly find itself surrounded on 3 sides by hostile Islamic states (Azerbajan, a regional lead sponsor of Islamic terrorism and Turkey). That on orders of DC, the Georgian sockpuppet is more than willing to sacrifice the future of his Orthodox Christian nation to the Saudi backed Sunnies, should come as no surprise to anyone but the sixty percent of Georgians to dumbed down to realize their dear leader is more than happy to sell them down the river. After all, it is not as if this bastard will have to live with his handy work, he will just return to his over priced apartment in NYC and live off of his hundreds of millions of US tax dollars that are squirreled away in his accounts. He will make even more on the speaking circuit of the Anglo-sphere, telling blindly faithful “conservatives” and Neocons just what they want to hear about “evil” Russia.

So aside from rebuilding his military via the generous and bankrupt US taxpayer, for what surely will be round 2 of the Georgian wars with Russia, the despotic regime has gone out of its way to promote Islamic jihad. In December of 2009, Tbilisi held a terrorist conference, bringing in various Islamic jihadist groups, through their embassy in Riyadh and Kuwait City, to plan out the next phase of what was a petering Islamic jihad in Russia’s south. Since that meeting, violent attacks have This was reported by the Russian intelligence agencies and made it into the press of several nations, though of course the West maintained a total blackout.

The West, particularly the Anglo-sphere, being long time shills and shluhi of the Islamic Jihad, as embodied by such “moderate” states as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Qatar, Yemen and Kuwait, have no problems with world wide jihad, as long as it is Sunnie and not aimed at them. They have so little trouble with it, they actively arm and direct it against Orthodox Christians, Catholics, Jews, Buddhists and Hindus.

So now we come to this new move of the Saakashvili suck puppet: the opening of the Georgian border to the North Caucus peoples, or rather, to be more precise, to the mostly Islamic eastern half of the North Caucus. The hollow froth from the blow hole is that the Georgians want to embrace the peoples they have had long and ancient relationships with, in brotherly love. To describe the relationship between Georgians and Chechens or Daghistanies as “brotherly” is to describe a serial wife beater as “loving”, since for 300 years, prior to Russia stepping into the area, those Islamics made a regular excursion of raiding and enslaving Georgians, that is Georgians who weren’t already minions of the Turkish Ottoman Empire.

The real reason, of course to create this two tier system is not to simply try to politically tear away a section of Russian territory by making a have and have not portion of border people (even if this was the case, why is, for example, Stavrapol oblast excluded, which borders Georgia in the west and is almost totally Orthodox?) but to create easy passage for Islamic jihadists into Georgian state run and US/UK financed camps for training and recovery.

“Georgia has become visibly active lately. We have information that special military training camps have been created on the territory of the country,” the deputy head of the Interior Ministry's North Caucasus federal district department, police Major General Nikolay Simakov said in an interview with newspaper Vremya Novostey. “Caucasian natives – mainly criminals – or those who are wanted in European countries are being gathered here, trained and later then sent to [Russia] via neighboring countries,” he added

Thus the Georgians have pulled their tails in, eaten their silk ties, licked their wounds, replaced their thousands of dead with new NATO trained zombies and new NATO toys and have actively started work under the Brzenski plan of destabilization of central asia.

This is nothing but open hostility by a terrorist sponsor and its terrorist backer owners.

It must be made very clear that if or rather when a spectacular terrorist event occurs and can be linked back to Tbilisi, Russia will have the right to retaliate militarily against the very organs of Georgian and thus the dictator Saakashvili’s state government. If Georgia then decides to fight a war over it, Russian tanks should not stop until they are in central Tbilisi and Saakashvili’s balls are hanging from the command tank’s antenna.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Good Start But Not Nearly Enough

Our government has finally come to the absolute realization that science and technology is absolutely critical to the future of Russia's economy.

To be sure, two strong steps have launched Russia into the right direction but over all, they are not even nearly enough.

First came the reform of the work visas, with a new 3 year work visa for scientists, engineers and top management, that the government really is turning around in as little as 1 month, better then just about anyone in the world. Very impressive, considering the previous system was only 1 year and took a 6-8 month period to achieve the first visa.

The second step came with the announcement of the construction of our own Silicon Valley, about 20km west of Moscow at Skolkovo. 85 billion rubles will be invested over the next 3 years ($2.5 billion) to build the infrastructure from scratch and create a low tax zone for companies.

All are great idea, but there needs to be much more. I propose the following steps:

1. Comprehensive streamlining of the bureaucracy to allow internet based registration of businesses and cut out the infamous chenovnik.

2. An active campeign to bring in first Russian diaspora and then non-Russian university students for hard sciences. The student visa system must equally be streamlined and made quick. Most students will stay close to where they graduate, if work is available, so this will produce a steady supply of talent, in addition to our own. You really can never have to many scientists.

3. Tax holidays, say 5 years, both on corporate income tax and NDS (VAT) for all new high tech businesses that get set up. Nothing like money or the prospect of making money that will bring in new companies into Russia.

4. Total stream lining of the construction permit process. Russia is one of the hardest countries to get construction permits and requires up to 2-5% of the value in bribes, just to keep the process going. The 6-12 month delay in getting the permits is a major retard on new construction and thus new business.

5. Creation of skunk works by the government, giving gov scientists the free hand to pursue whatever research they want, with most of their pay based on 50% of the profits off of patents, the rest going back to the state. Patents should only be sold, by the state, to Russian companies.

If we follow on these five steps, I believe we will have a synthesis of events that will lead to a new explosion in scientific development that will place us back at the top.

Friday, October 29, 2010

The Upcoming US Elections: What Do They Mean?

In a word: nothing.
Lets explore:

I have spoken with several American friends and acquaintances and all have bought into the new “Hope” and “Change”. No, this is not the Hope and Change of the Obama regime, but the Hope and Change of the Republicans, the other branch of the One Party Two Branch system of government. Simply put, it is now the American right that is mindlessly chanting Hope and Change, egged on by the oligarch owned mass media and cheering on one side or another of the One Party Two Branch state.

In truth, few stop to think through what will change and but they have lots of hope, hope that constantly gets redirected away from direct action and in hopes that discredited elections will work this time…always this time…thus the owners of America put off any real opposition and street protest or worse for another 2 years and another 2 years, while the prols mindlessly hope for change that never comes.

Let explore:
Am I saying that there are no conservatives who will be elected? Of course not. What I am saying is that it will not matters and for several key reasons:

First, the Republicans may win the majority of both houses of parliament, but it will be a narrow majority. The exiting Democrats are prepared to push through many laws before they get replaced. The sitting Republicans will do next to nothing to stop this, as most are on board of the same express train as the exiting Democrats and opposition is just political theater for the masses.

Now, the Republicans will not only not have a large enough majority to over ride a presidential veto, but to believe that the Republicans will act conservatively is a delusion. Conservatives will not only be a minority but as new members will have no seniority and even less say. Then there is the issue of corruption and sell outs. It is thus, equally foolish not to believe that at least some, if not the majority of, the new conservatives will sell out as soon as the big money is thrown at them: which will be about 10 minutes before they reach their offices.

Lastly, is of course the principles on which these so called conservatives are coming into power. These are not what the anglos call paleo conservatives who believe in balanced budgets, really small government and no foreign wars. No the majority are rightly classified as Neocons, would be “conservative” would be president Sarah Palin, falls right into that.

Sure they want to cut spending, but on the citizens who are already unemployed. They will be the hatchet men for the Democrat wing, while continuing to spend on foreign imperial wars of revolutionary Third Way Socialism (Corporate Marxism aka Capitalism).

They will continue to spend and spend and bomb and bomb, just on slightly different subjects, while making soft sounds to calm the narrow sighted masses with a fight against gay marriage, while actively supporting Islamic Jihad against Christians world wide. Further, they are almost all Free Trade zealots, thus they will not bring factories or jobs back, which is the only way to hold off the continued collapse in the US economy.

Thus, any investors, who still believe that the US will turn around, just after this election or the next or the next, are equally fooling themselves, in no better fashion than the masses duped into an election process controlled by their owners and made into grand political theater.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

What is to Fear From a Nuclear Iran?

From the sounds of the Anglo-American-Israeli-Saudi now there is a Axis of Insanity for you, there is much to fear from a power mad Iran preparing its legions to march upon the world. Why it is the reincarnation of the Fourth Reich....well right after Slobadon Milosevic's Yugoslavia, Taliban Afghanistan, Saddam's Iraq, Kiredoch's Serbska Republic, Chavez's Venezuela, Castro's Cuba, Lukashenko's Belarus and of course, on and off, Putin's Russia....other Fourth Reich 2.0s are sure to join that list, as needed by the propaganda masters of the West.

But really what is to fear from Iran and its pseudo nut job leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? Outside of making assnine statements, pseudo threats and hanging gays and shooting the occasional opposition member (of course that Rafsanjani, Washington's favorite Persian, is even more radical and took American hostage in the late 1970s, is irrelevant.) they do sponsor terrorism. Of course, the level of terrorism that Iran sponsors, and no there is no excuse for it, is nothing compared to what America's owners, the Saudis sponsor across the world as they pour billions into Global Jihad...but that bothers the Sunni leadership of America none and even the former Protestant leadership under Bush loved Islamic Jihad, as long as it was only murdering Orthodox and Catholic Christians, Hindus and Buddhists.

So what is to fear? Is it Iran's imperialistic nature? Well, no, seems that Persia has not started a single war in 200 years. Say what? Yes, 200 years, while the champion of peace, the Americans, have done almost nothing but launch wars for 200 years, all across the globe attacking friend and foes, when the urge and the cash struck them.

So, is it Iran's desire to exterminate the Jews or other religions. Well here to we run into several key problems. For example, there are 40,000 Jews, living in a 3,000 year old community in Iran and they have refused to leave. Further, with less then 0.1% of the population, they have a member of parliament. Heck, so do the Zorasterins, who are not even "people of the book" aka Christians and Jews and by Islam, should not be tolerated at all.

As a matter of fact, radical Iran is far from Radical. For the Western readers, this should come as a mental explosion to them: there are actually quite a few Christians in Iran.
-Armenian Apostolic Church of Iran (250,000 adherents) - basically an Orthodox affiliate
-Assyrian Church of the East of Iran (about 11,000 adherents) Also basically an Orthodox church
-Chaldean Catholic Church of Iran (about 7,000 adherents)
-Presbyterian, including the Assyrian Evangelical Church
-Pentecostal, including the Assyrian Pentecostal Church
-Jama'at-e Rabbani (the Iranian Assemblies of God churches)
-the Anglican Church of Iran.
The protestants number around 15,000 and many are former Muslims. Yes, that's right, Muslims do convert and unlike America's best buddies Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Egypt, they are not murdered and imprisoned for this. So when are the Anglo champions of freedom going to say something about their owners, the Sunnis? Never, cash talks.

So, in radical Iran, out of a population of 66 million, there are about 300,000 Christians, and Iran never converted to Christianity, prior to Islam, it was Zorasterin. There are also 22,000 Zorasterins also and other minorities. If the Iranians are so radical, why do they allow any of these groups? Surely the close allies of America, the champions of freedom in Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Kuwait or even the bastion of tolerance, Qatar, allow other faiths in large numbers...right? No.

Further, the Iranian parliment has one Jewish member, a Zorasteran and two Christians (but so did Saddam's Iraq, until the US liberation liberated the 10% Christians of their homes and faith and history).

Am I making excuses for Iran's society? Hardly, I view all Islam with suspicion at best and hostility at worst, but the truth of the matter must be stated and Iran is far from the beast that the Axis of Insanity has constantly repeated.

So again, what does the West fear? Will a nuclear Iran exterminate Israel? Hardly, first, outside the fact that a lone Iranian missile would be answered by a dozen Israeli nuclear warheads, leading to the destruction of Iran. As a matter of fact, if Iran's leadership was half as suicidal as the West claims, they could have covered Israel in chemicals and biologicals from head to toe for the past 25 years, but have never done so. Why?

Now, so what does the West or rather the Anglos and Saudis really fear?

Why a nuclear Iran, but for very different reasons.

The Saudis first see Iran as their direct political, economic and above all religious rival, as the Sunni Saudies despise the Shia Persians and treat their own giant Shia minority as unwanted vermin.

Further, though is what America fears. It fears, above all, a nuclear Iran in that it will no longer be able to invade Iran or directly threaten Iran as it likes. But why?

Simple, if Iran is no longer afraid of an American attack, take N.Korea's position now that they have a nuclear weapon, they will no longer feel threatened or forced to use the US dollar for oil and gas (something they already do not demand from China and Japan, to purchase oil and gas). If that happens, if they walk away from the dollar, if other nations do not need the dollar to buy oil and gas, that is a direct threat to the already crumbling US power. Do not forget that Saddam, two months before the US invasion, had made a deal with the UN to sell oil for food in Euros not dollars, something the Caesars of DC and their bankster backers found intolerable.

Further, if the Iranians leave the dollar, other may, thus with diminished need for the dollar, the value of the over printed currency will drop as more and more are dumped on the market, until sooner or later, a general panic ensues and those fourteen or so trillion dollars, outside the US, come flooding back.

So, as usual, when the Anglo elites begin chirping about human rights or other humanitarian reasons for another so called "Just" war, one must always start looking for the trail of dollars that lead to the real reasons for one insanity or another.