Friday, July 31, 2009

A Fall Pandemic Could Open the Door to World Depression

Whether one subscribes to the theories of starting recovery, or attributes it to statistical skull drudgery and slight of hand, all can agree that the world continues to be in a very precarious position. Whether on its knees or with one leg up and trying to rise, a swift kick to the chest will send the body on its back.

Enter stage right, Nature or as some suspect, Laboratory Creationism: the H1N1 or better named Swine Flu virus. This hybrid virus, so similar in it transmittal patterns to that of the Spanish Flu, may just be the iron clad jack boot that finally collapses the chronic patients lungs and puts an end to the order as it presently stands. What comes next is any body's guess. But I am, dear readers, getting ahead of myself.

Everyone knows, or should know, that early to mid fall is known for two things: economic slow downs and the flu.

Summer vacation times are done. Back to school shopping in the developed world is done. The harvests are done. For many firms, the end of the fiscal calendar is also coming up, a time when accounts are rapped up not opened up. Further, due to the bad weather, the very thing that transmits the flu virus, economic activity also slows. In dear Russia and much of eastern Europe, heavy rains bring things to a grinding halt. This is also true to a smaller degree in western Europe, North America and east Asia.

Any actual or made believe recovery would have to survive this natural down cycle in the early to mid fall, to have a hope of being built upon in the late fall, early winter holiday season.
Unfortunately, other issues are playing against economic growth: illness. This is a season when regular flu cases skyrocket, the damp cold weather and closed crowded office spaces breeding disease. As such, lost productivity and wages abound. Enter Swine Flu.

Swine Flu, even if at only a quarter the strength of the Spanish Flu, will leave .25% of the infected population dead. It seems to spread and infect about the same amount of the population as Spanish Flu did, which also first showed up in spring, went quiet in summer and than roared the roar of death through fall. If a third of Europe's and America's combined 900 million people fall ill with Swine Flu and .25% die, that will leave 2.3 million bodies in a span of 3 months. While this may not seem to be a huge number and it isn't, the cumulative effect of hundreds of millions sick and a population paralyzed in fear of being sick will crush what is left of consumerism and manufacturing.

At the same time, it will place an incredible burden on already bankrupt and over stretched governments and their public services. Where will the money come from, in nations like America, UK or Hungary, to take care of their populations. Government collapse and surely economic collapse would await all of us in this winter of our combined discontent.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Putin's First Move, Freeing Russia

It has become common fodder amongst the Oligarchical press of the West, specifically that of the Anglo-Sphere, to wax thoughtlessly about the corruption of Russia. Like screeching Scottish banshees they wail their dearth of stolen treasures. Of course, one must now wonder which treasures, when speaking of Russia, are these lepers of decent thought alluding to? Peal away the dead skin of their rotting hides and the lies of than President Putin and his clique stealing Russian treasures, falls off like so much diseased flesh.

It is interesting to note that the vampires who even now drain their helpless fellow citizens into abject poverty, the Nosferatu who own the liberals and conservatives of Anglo finance, were more than happy to loan massive amounts of funds (much of which was than rerouted back into their coffers after paying Yeltsin and his goons a fair share) to young, post Soviet Russia as well as to the Soviet Union itself, as it lay dieing in the late 1980s. Of course, those loaned funds, which went to benefit first and foremost the Central Asian, Caucus and Baltic republics of the SU, were first, foremost and only placed upon the shoulders of the Russian peoples.

The plan, of course was simple: a debt laden Russia, one unable to survive without direct infusion of funding, would have no freedom of action on its own but would be forced to always look at her creditors for permission before acting even in self defense. Thus the Soviet Union was dissolved as a territory. Thus did NATO expand, ripping away its promises. Thus did the West led by the Anglos butcher and maim and reign the Devil's terror upon helpless Serbian Orthodox Christians, whose one crime was to resist the Islamic onslaught that the Anglos so love to serve. Thus was the first Chechen war lost, as pressure built upon Moscow to always step back and negotiate, a process that had as much success as that forced down the throats of Israel, India, Nigeria and Armenia.

Thus, it is interesting that the Russian stabilization fund, a fund that in two parts firstly is invested in the US to the tune of almost $400 billion in various debt instruments and in Russia as a bad weather fund that still has well over $300 billion in it, did not exist for the entirety of the rule of the drunken horse's arse, Yeltsin.

In deed, the man the West loves to label a thief, Vladimir Putin, first and foremost paid off all of Russia's outstanding debts with oil monies that had seemingly not existed under Yeltsin the traitorous puppet. We shall not dive into the question of where that money went, under Yeltsin, anyone with a grade school intellect can figure that out.

Of course the Anglo media must lie, lie, lie, it would not dare tell its public that life without debits possible or desirable and how the world's 7th largest economy was able to shed it, to protect its industries and markets from Chinese dumping, to live within its means while growing industry at 7% annually, to work towards the good of its people, as well as its rich. Public ignorance and superstition is the saving grace of the Western and specifically Anglo oligarchs and their hand picked media mouth pieces.

Putin, in short order paid off $3.3 billion to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), he paid off $15 billion to the Paris Group, $4.3 billion to the World Bank, $1.4 billion to cover the deficit in the Russian Pensioner Fund and the $46 billion debt of the old and defunct Soviet Union. After that he grew the internal stabilization fund at an incredible rate. The fund, which by August 2006 had $82 billion in it, by January 2008 had $157.4 billion in it and continued to grow through the end of 2008. This fund has allowed Russia to continue without the mass liquidity bubble of the broken Anglos or the depressionary collapse of industry of the Japanese.

This has not only brought the Russian state a freedom of action it had previously not had, but it has allowed it, during this second Great Depression to act freely and avoid the death trashes of a bloated Anglo-Finance Cthulu. It has equally allowed Russian business to go on a buying spree of devalued Western assets, be it Opel, Porsch or Facebook.

Freedom from debt has its advantages.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Three Deadly Western Imports

Russia, as the cross roads between Europe and Asia, has been used for more than trade, but also for the exchange of ideas. Unfortunately this applies just as well to horribly bad ideas as to good ideas and if those horribly bad ideas ruin or weaken Orthodox Christian Russia, the West is all the more happy to export them with every ounce of its being.

Three horrible ideas have been planted in Russia to, if not destroy her, retard her growth, as much as possible. We, dear reader, will now explore each of them in detail.

1. Serfdom

Many in the propagandized West, particularly in the Anglo-Sphere, know Russia as the land of serfs and the unfree, and the Tsars are tyrants over the people. There are of course several things wrong with this issue. First, Serfdom is a singularly Western idea, as far as Russia is concerned. Sure, forms of it originated to a limited degree in China and Tibet and to a very strict degree in Japan, but the Serfdom as was practiced in Russia, and all of Eastern Europe, was a Western European import in the mid 1500s to 1600s. It was never an organic development, unlike that in East Asia.

Russia is kept to an unfair standard in this, as usual. Everyone loves to remember the "slavery" of the Russian peasant and use that to beat Russia over the head with. The serfdom of peasants lasted till February 1861 but it did not form in Russia, was not fully imported, until after the Times of Troubles, the Smuta, which ended in 1613. Thus from around the middle of the 1600s to 1861, or approximately 220 years. As such, unlike the West, Serfdom had very shallow roots in Russia.

In the West, Serfdom lasted close to 1200 years and like the West and the Anglo-Sphere so loves to forget, was quickly replaced with whole sale slavery of foreigners, captured or bought from far away lands and possessing absolutely none of the few protections afforded by law and tradition to the serf.

European Serfdom developed early on, particularly for Western and Southern Europe and is directly traceable to Edicts of Constantine of 332 AD, which first fully bound the free peasant to the land, in replacement of the slaves. Serfdom continued in England until 1574 and in France until it was formerly abolished in 1789, though in effect it was all but dead from a hundred years earlier. Of course, this was also the time that first the Portuguese and then the rest of Western Europe started buying black African slaves from Arab traders and than opened their own slaving stations, as well as enslaving South American and Caribbean Indians in the New World.

Serfdom in other areas lasted well into the 1800s. In the Polish-Lithuanian Monarchy, Serfdom was officially made law in the early 1500s and was abolished in the Dutchy of Warsaw (the stump kingdom recreated by Napoleon, of the once much larger state) in 1807, under Napoleonic revolutionary rule. In Prussia, Serfdom was initiated in 1525 by the Prussian Ordinance and ended only in 1807, while in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Hapsburg rule that covered more than 1/3rd of Europe, Serfdom lasted until 1848. However, who ever mentions these facts when speaking about Serfdom in Europe, it is almost exclusively thrown on Russia as the example.

In truth, until the Mongol invasions of the 1200s, Russian peasants had the most mobility of any of the lower classes of Europe, most of which had shackled their own people 800 years earlier. Initial restraints on movement were created under Mongol rule but this was far from Serfdom and effected both the rich and poor alike. After the Mongol Yoke was over thrown in the mid 1400s, mobility returned, up through the reign of Ivan Grozny in the late 1500s who started the process that was completed in the mid 1630s by Michael Romanov, who seeking after the West, copied this failed and disastrous idea.

Serfdom and it legacy, severely retarded Russian industrial growth, pushing back the true Industrial Revolution to the mid to late 1800s instead of the early 1800s. In short, it cost us at least 50 years of growth and much heart ache in the form of various social upheavals and peasant revolts.

2. Marxism

By far the worst of the Western concepts imported into Russia, the one that cost us the most in lost lives and the one that was most inorganic to our souls, psyches and motherland. A disaster of monumental proportion that lasted for 70 years, cost well over 30 million lives and set us back from our path of being the preeminent world economy by probably at least 100 years.

If Marxism and its communist economy and collective farming failures had not been brought to Russia on Western capital and Western politics, Russia's Empire would not have fallen. There would be close to 250 million Russians in the world (instead of the 170 million spread out now) and the Empire's population would more than likely be closer to 350 million.

Equally, if the Marxists had not been imported into Russia, Hitler would have never come to power, the Kaiser would have remained or been returned to the throne and World War Two, if it ever happened, would have been a much different affair. Thus with the blow of Communist Marxism to Russia, the Anglo-Sphere equally destroyed the Germans with Trotskyte Nazi Marxism and the World War that made Germany into first a divided and then a NATO subjugated land that it is still.

As an aside, the Middle East and Asia Minor would not be the Christian Free Zones that they now are, as with Russia the Defender of Orthodox Christianity in specific and Christians throughout the Muslim World in general, the massacres and exterminations of Christians, as has happened and continues to happen to this day, under the Anglo-Marxist care, would never have happened. This is especially true for the insane massacres of Christians by Ataturk, who finished off those started by the Young Turks, to whom he had belonged. The deChristianization of the West may also have been retarded as Russia would have, as she does now again, offered an alternative to the Humanistic Nihilism that is the new foundation of the morally bankrupt West.

3. Free Trade and Economic Open Borders and Democracy

With the Russian people throwing off the second of the Western imports, the leadership and people were sold on the idea of a get rich quick scheme: just drop your protections, just allow the Western companies in and they would show you how to run business and make money and everyone would be rich. Of course this was sold to Yeltsin and his bunch, the very people who in getting rid of the Marxists (a good thing) listening to the Western money and along with Kravchuk of Ukraine and Pushcha of Belarus betrayed the vast majority of the Soviet peoples (85% having voted for keeping the country whole) and as traitors grabbed power dissolving what was in effect the remains of the Russian Empire.

When oh when will we stop listening to Western concepts of social engineering? None of it is aimed at making us stronger, wealthier or happier, all is aimed at just the opposite.

The Russian Empire was at its strongest when it rejected the Western Ideals, when it was a Monarchy under God, when it threw off the Serfdom of the West and batted aside the Marxism of the 1905 Revolution.

It is time to return to our roots fully, as a nationalistic, patriotic, mercantistic state that protects its people, its assets and its businesses from those abroad.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

What I Believe, What I Stand For

There has recently been, on the internet, some debate, as to just what I stand for. Well, most anyone who has read more than one or two of my articles, would start to get a rather good idea. However, many people do not and many have attempted to write me into the program of American and British politics. I do not pigeon hole into Russian politics, let alone American.

I am not a socialist and despise Marxism, yet I do understand that some areas of society must be socialized and that Anastasia Rand took things to illogical extremes. I am not a leftist in the American sense nor a rightest. I do not fit into such molds. I am a Russian nationalist, true, but I am far from blind to our faults nor do I live in delusions about our past, which had many glories and tragedies and punishments by God for disobeying His Eternal Will.

For the record, what I, Stanislav Mishin stand for: in a short summery: God and the Orthodox Faith, Motherland, Monarchy.

Now the long break down:


On politics, I am a monarchist, a constitutional monarchist with the monarch filling the executive for life roll and a freely elected parliament. Do not mistake this with loyalty to the Romanovs. The present crop has no more claim to the crown than my own boyar family roots, less so since they prefer to sit in France, Britain and America and make occasional visits. A Zemsky Sobor is needed to pick a candidate, regardless of his birth. Let our Faith in the Holy Father guide our choice as a united land. If the people pick Putin, so be it as well. I will honour that choice. The Throne holds a power all its own and a set of constraints all its own.

Parliament should be open to election of multiple parties who can pass the 3% threshold.

A loyalty bound nobility should be allowed. Title will be at the discretion of the monarch and not hereditary, though at the monarch's discretion it can be passed as such or can be taken away.

Of course the nobility and the aristocracy, political and business, must be held to a very tight morality code. If convicted of a crime, the upper class must always receive the maximum penalty in the worst prisons. If the upper class is corrupt, the rest of the society will follow, as such view the West for prime examples of this in effect. So, the upper class must set the proper example and it must be enforced upon them.


On the issue of economics, I admire Pat Buchanan, quite a bit. His paleoconservative (as I believe Americans classify it) views, are very precise. I am an unabashed mercantilist.

Yes, one of my several degrees was in economics and yes, I at one point did believe in the Western rubbish of Free Trade (coincidentally a plank of Marx). However, in my various travels in the military and then for business, I got to see the effects of enforced Free Trade, as well as seeing what it did to Russia in the 90s. As such I, slowly at first, then quickly in my late 20s and early 30s, became a protectionist. I very much believe first and foremost in open internal markets, with government oversight and key investment for strategic sectors and the banning of monopolies.

Free Trade, on the other hand, has been as bad a Western import as Serfdom (in Russia from early 1600s to 1861, far shorter than in most Europe) and Marxism.


In a word: traditionalist. In two: conservative traditionalist. Do not mistake that with a caveman, throwing his woman in the back of the cave with the screaming brats. No, while I do not believe a woman's only place is as a nun, wife or whore, and while I have no problems with women working or having careers, I very much believe that the greatest role a woman has is as a mother and mentor to her children, especially when they are little. The American practice of abandoning children to day care who are only 2 weeks to 2 months old, so their mother can run off to work, is just another Western abomination that shows itself as one more brick in the foundation of social corruption and eventual collapse.

Where this ties economically is: the government must provide an environment where a one income house hold, with the traditional father working, is able to not only survive but prosper as the norm in a middle class environment. The mother working must be an option for greater wealth, not a prerequisite to economic survival.

Children should be raised in a standard family. That is two parents. Families should be multi-generational, with the grandparents helping the children take care of the grandchildren.

Homosexuality? As long as you keep it in your house, and all is done with nothing against anyone's will, it will be between you and God, though I have a few ideas how that conversation may go. However, when and at the moment you try to make it public, to throw it in my face, then it becomes my business as it has no business being in the open and yes, it is a perversion.

Traditionally, we have a deep and powerful culture. We are like the great seas, an arbiter between two extremes. We do not gallop into change as does the West, head first, consequences be damned. In this the West has taken tens of millions to their ruin and destruction through the "creative" destruction which eventually just becomes nihilism and destruction. We do wait a bit and watch what others learn through their foolishness and than absorb that which will benefit us. On the other extreme of our land is the Orient, which does not seem to believe in any change at all. We are a mix of both, a stable median.

The West

I do not like the West, first and foremost, because in one way or another, they are an enemy to us and have been about enslaving, disenfranchising and destroying Russia, our faith, culture and even our very race, for 900 years. However, I also do not believe that 1. the "West" is an actual homogeneous unit, which is why I specify the Anglo-Sphere, so often and 2.
that we must be enemies and 3. that we can not learn or pickup key points to improve ourselves..

In the "West", we have much common ground with the Germans, Italians, and others, such as, possibly the Scots and Irish. Even in America, regional elements and possible future free nations such as the Texas, Confederacy and Alaska.

Culturally too, there are few things we can pickup.

What I do admire is the fact that Americans in particular, are always (or at least were, though they too seem to have changed) willing to change their position, what they call a "can do attitude". We as a people are a bit to patient, especially with fools. One's life can always be improved, even if in small, incremental ways. While this attitude can be found in large volumes in the large cities, it is lacking as the cultural norm. The lack of this is why so many of our villages look like hell, third world hell. As much as I despise the Soviet import from the West and what it did to us, I can not blame this on Marxism.

The Rule of Law is often sited, but I disagree. Our biggest problem with the Rule of Law, going back to the Peter Veliki, is that we have attempted to run the government on a cheap. Thus we have never paid our civil servants a true living wage, expecting them to always make up the lack of money in some other way, which through corruption, they have never failed to do.


Russians have an unabiding love of nature, yet in the years after the fall of sovietism, as if in rebellion, garbage is everywhere. Some groups have started cleaning this mess up and it is a start, a start that must move quickly and forcefully. Conservation must be a part of the culture and soul. Nature to us is more than some pretty trees, it is Mother Russia, our mother, given to us by God Himself, our Third Rome. She must be cared for, as she feeds us and gives our bodies life, we must care and protect her, from our own excesses and the greed of foreigners.


Russia is/was and will be an empire built upon defense. Ever were we invaded and after stopping and defeating our enemies, we have followed them home, absorbing them in turn.

Over all, war is murder, under all circumstances, as an Orthodox Christian, we do not buy into the Augustinian theory of Just War, all war is murder/evil. However, as often in this fallen world, it is a lesser of evils and must thus be prosecuted to the extreme, so that it does not drag out longer then need be nor must be repeated.

As such, considering our tragic history, a large professional military should be kept, as well as all males and females, who opt out of contract service, should go through a 3 month training course.

Personal Weapons:

Our society is under armed. Rather, the criminal elements in Russia are very well armed, while the citizen, who may have the right to self defense, has no tools for it. Sure there are hunting rifles and shotguns, but these do not make for self defense. I fully believe that all citizens, without criminal backgrounds, should be able to be armed and carry their weapons, upon completion of proper training, with them. As they say: an armed society is polite. Further, it will make our enemies lives that much more hell when they again come to try and take our lands and lives.


I am and will be, no matter what, an Orthodox Christian. As such, I put my life and the judgment of it, firmly into the hands of God. I tolerate other faiths, however: Russia is an Orthodox Nation, she shall always be such and no one will change that.

I am under no delusions of Islam, but as long as the mostly Suffies in Russia keep their heads down and keep out of extremes like the Wahhabi, they will be tolerated. Of course the right to change religion should be guaranteed to all, so if anyone (and many do) leaves Islam, their choice must be protected.

The Orthodox faith is the Light of God upon the world and as the original Church brought forth by the Apostles, has brought hope and salvation for hundreds of millions for 2,000 years. It is the truest, purist of the various branches of Christianity and the closest thing to the will of God. It is our faith and through that Faith, Russia was, is and will be saved, regardless of our enemies and their misbegotten wills. Upon our shoulders was put the weight of the Third Rome and as the Irish did for Britain, so shall we do for Europe and return them their Christian faith.


Russia has a sphere, the rest of the world, best get used to that fact. Ukraine is our Jerusalem, it will be reunited to us, as will Belarus and so should be Kazakhstan. The rest do not matter.

In Eastern Europe, Russia must reforge her historic links through cultural and religious unions. She must once again take up the mantle of Defender of the Faith for all Orthodox suffering in foreign lands (that would be Islamic lands primarily) and the defender of all small Christian groups in Islamic lands.

Islam must know, they can no longer hide behind the skirts of America and England, while they butcher Christians, since Mother Russia is back and her stick is big and her reach is long.

Israel: let the Jews have their homeland, so long as under no circumstances are Orthodox Christians kept from our shrines or abused inside of Israel. If the radicals of Islam ever conquer Israel, we, the Orthodox Christians, will be denied our holy sites, just as they are already doing in those areas they can. This can not, under any circumstances be allowed, even if the evil of war must be prosecuted.

UN/Ultra-National Organizations (UNOs)

In a word: NO. No group or organization can be above the sovereignty of Russia. None. If they so claim to be, than bring your army and lay claim, otherwise, bugger off.


The one payer French system of national insurance, in my eyes, is the best. All workers are taxed at some percentage and all thus pay into the system, which in turn provides a set ruble coverage for each procedure per patient. Now, doctors are absolutely free to charge more, as long as they notify their patients on what is and is not covered. If a patient determines that they need additional coverage, they are free to buy from one of our modern private insurances.

In this way, some minimal coverage is always provided and the citizen can choose any doctor they wish to go see.

The State also bares responsibility to help private as well as state hospitals and clinics invest in the best equipment that is available in the world, to make sure that our citizens are the healthiest. This will not be an over night issue, but it is the responsibility of the State to strive for this, through direct monetary assistance in equipment purchases and medical training, especially for our various locations far from the rich city centers. We have grown out of darwanistic survival into a higher society, if others wish to enjoy the survival of the fitest, an anti-Christian pagan ideology, than let them.

Monday, July 20, 2009

US Interference In Russian Internal Politics, or How to Make Enemies

US Interference In Russian Internal Politics, or How to Make Enemies

The US Emperor, in his trip to Russia, has continued a not so fine tradition of the US, reaching into a foreign nation's internal politics and trying to jiggle the levers. Unfortunately for the US, Russia is not Iraq or Serbia and this is not Yeltsin's era. The US has actively, in just the past 18 post cold war years, intervened in the internal politics, with crass actions of: Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Greece, Israel, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, India, Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Albania, Armenia, Uzbekistan, and at least half a dozen other nations I can not think of at the moment. Even now, the crass hand of the bankrupt, corrupt and inept Empire stretches down into peaceful Hondurans to force a despot and puppet upon them too.

Obama's relationship with President Medvedev and Prime Minister Putin, has been rocky at best. Obama first made an arse of himself with crass comments that Medvedev was selected by Putin, never mind a fair election where turn out was triple the typical American Imperial farce and where the vast majority, with international observers present, voted for Medvedev.

Obama's second dance on his tongue, was castigating President Medvedev for back handing the American Imperial vassal and petty mass murderer Saakashvili, a vampire who has fed not only on hundreds of millions of dollars of American serf's sweat but also on the blood of Ossessian women and children and now feeds on the blood of his own protesting people.

But none of this got in the way of the US Emperor as he prepared to go to Russia, which for some strange reason, he considers one of his vassals. In an opening salvo, aimed to "reset" the stage, Obama stated that he believed in Medvedev and looked at Putin as a man with one foot in the past, a Cold War warrior who was out of touch with reality. What was Emperor Obama and his West Africa Queen trying to reset? The Cold War? Well, you are well on your way.

Obama further tried to divide the Russian body politic by giving all his attention to President Medvedev while snubbing Prime Minister Putin, refusing his invitation to dinner, a major no-no in Russian culture, and spending the night instead in a glitz club for the criminally oligarchical and their whores.

The problem for the American Emperor and his handlers is that it is they who are in limbo of the Cold War, or rather the post Cold War 1990s, where the US opinion was actually taken seriously in internal Russian politics. What they can not seemingly understand is: Medvedev and Putin are a team who put together the plan and implemented together the plan and continue to do so with the plan...the plan that set Russian back on her feet and is now shaking off the last of the Western imperialistic chains. Through these ham fisted, crude and unimaginative tactics, regardless of how the peacocks who think them up and implement them may strut around afterward, the Russian power elite and the Russian public, can once more see that yet with another American president (term limited Emperor) nothing has changed, nothing. It is still business as usual: sow chaos, anarchy and misery in Russia. Work to break her up, to drain her, to destroy her culture, her religion in Christ and her soul.

But than again, this has been the action plan of DC ever since we made the mistake in 1861 was siding with them and not Richmond. It has been the plan of London even longer.

To the average Russian, this is nothing more than another reason to rally around the flag and look down upon the washed out Liberals with the same old shock therapy, spread misery, Wall Street economics and or the Other Russia, American pay rolled goons, crooks and Nazis.

A better boost to Russian nationalism, than the latest American Caesar, was hard to find. Crude behavior was just a big plus.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Social Conservatism of Soviet Marxism

With the daily sinking of the Anglo-West into the morass of Marxism, it is now common to find on various websites, the few remaining conservatives (and many who supported Bush's socialism but oppose Obama's Marxism)decry that the absolute rot of values and culture in America, Canada, England and to a smaller degree, all of Western Europe, is just like the things were in the Soviet Union. It is thus equally interesting to see that 18 years after the fall of the Soviet Union and the opening of the achieves, the westerners know even less about the Soviet Union than they did 18 years ago.

Outside of Market Economics and Religion (even that is questionable both in that the Soviet Union was far from Athiest and the Anglo-Sphere is far from Christian), and a brief do what you please period during the middle 1920s, the Soviet Union had a lot in common with the the social conservatives in the modern West.

Ok, I will now let you take a moment to get off the floor, drink water, pound your fists, grind your teeth, before we go on.

On the topic of marraige, population control and families. The Soviets were very much so family oriented. They spent large sums of money ideolizing the childhood and promoting large families. Stalin, though a murderous bastard indeed, even banned abortions. Abortion was legalized later and used as birth control, but only because the defunct Soviet economy could not produce things such as condoms. Regardless, abortions were never promoted or pushed. Indeed, the award of the Hero Mother was given to women with many children and they were lionized as the saviors of Soviet society. This is of course not to say that women did not work, they did and a lot worked in the heaviest industry, but none the less, the mother was always placed high.

Family was put on a pedestal and children taught to honor their parents. Abandonment of the old in nursing homes was almost unheard of.

To add to this, infrastructure for children was everywhere. Outside of every apartment building were play grounds for children. Parks were built everywhere. Children's theaters, clubs, sports associations were the norm. Much of this fell apart, unfortunately, during the Yeltsin era of Wall Street backed kelptocracy.

Education was also a very high standard. Sure there was the mandetory indoctronation. But in comparison to what American children suffer, it was rather minor. Most attention was given to reading, writing, mathematics, physics and so on. Even today, with a much lower standard than that of the Soviets, modern Russian education in math alone is 2-3 years ahead of American public schools and literacy is on a much higher rate than the US average of 6 grade. History, geography, literature, sciences, what was considered in the West as classical education, is the norm still in Russia.

Perversion was also not tolerated in the Soviet Union. Be it lethargy, sloth or lust, all were decreed as subhuman and to be fought against by the enlightened man. Hard work was always heralded as a great virtue. Of course when hard work was not rewarded monetary, the call to work hard fell on deaf ears. Exercise and physical fitness was also important, again, something that fell victim in the Yeltsin era is only starting to come back.

As mentioned earlier, family was of great importance, so perversions, like homosexuality was not tolerated and treated as a mental illness to be treated by psychologists not entertained by society or put upon a pedestal. Even Playboy was forbidden as derogatory to women. Childrens cartoons were rarely any bit violent and violence in movies was kept to a minimal where possible.

Of course, without sanctioning religion, Orthodox Christianity to be specific, the Soviets under cut their own goals and desires, just as well as denying the human nature to succeed in work and be rewarded for it, they undercut the ability to move forward economically.

So, the Marxist extremes in the West, those beyond socialistic economic controls and anti religious policies, are not equivalent in Soviet Marxism. The use of abortions for population controls, the Green movements, the State taking the children for "proper" education of the lowest denominator, homosexuality and all other perversions of human nature and the many new and less than wondrous additions that spring up every night and day in the West, such as euthanasia, are not and never did have an equivalent in Soviet Marxism but are a creation all onto the West itself.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Kosovo and Bosnia, the Ghetto of Christianity

Pristina, the capital of an Anglo created Islamic jihadist state, which of course it is never sold as, is a true show case for what any Christian nation has to face if and when its majority falls from power. This of course is nothing new for our ancient ancestors who witnessed this and knew why they fought against Islam.

Unfortunately, the present day West, decadent in its form, ignorant in its self love, intellectually bankrupt and lazy, refuses to see the hell they have forced on Orthodox Christian victims and that they themselves soon face.

In Pristina, the show case of "tolerant" Islam and the Anglo-Sphere/UN enablers, one can find many historic Christian churches, in a city that was built by Christian Serbs over 1,200 years ago. Unfortunately they have all been blown up or burnt down.

In Pristina, one can find ancient Christian neighborhoods, belonging to the people who built the city and are now the ghettoized minorities who inhabit them. The look on their faces is that of fear, fear of their "merciful" and "tolerant" overlords. Anglos, this is your future, the present Hell you so willingly inflict on your Christian brothers and sisters as you give God the finger.

In Pristina's few remaining Orthodox neighborhoods and the various tiny towns and villages of Christian faith, are surrounded by wire and fences, the only way to keep the Islamics from murdering everyone in them. NATO, who created this monster of Islam, who birthed it with the Saudi father, breast fed it, protected it and allowed it to grow, on the bones and blood of Christians, is now protecting the reminents of those Christians from it's abomination of a child. But what happens when the it leaves and takes the leash off of its bastard creation?

The money that has flowed into the city has disappeared, funneled into the Saudi sponsored Islamic madras, and since the Saudis own the Western politicians, nothing is said. The Saudis are raising a new generation of white extremists who will be walking up to the Anglo churches, to the Anglo shopping temples and massacring those inside and to the last minute, they will look just like you and it will be the owners of your politicians, in Mecca and Riyadh who will laugh and jump in glee at your fates. This will come as little joy to the dead Christians, upon whose bones they will be jumping and already are.

In Bosnia, while the Croatian third and the Serbian third of that Frankenstien, are still Christian, they have, with NATO bombs and tanks, been force into a second rate position to the Islamic third, the so called Bosniaks. Even though they had at one point the strength to defend themselves, they are now far out gunned by the US/UK/Saudi/Egypt armed Bosniak Islamics. Yes, even "moderate" Egypt was quite happy to ship T62s to their Islamic brothers.

Anglos, NATO, what have you created? What blasphemy against God have you committed and are so proud of? Seek repentance while you can reverse the evil you have committed and save not murdered the Christianity of the western Balkans. Alas, it always falls on prideful, deaf ears.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Czar? You mean Commissar

There is a new silliness in the Western Anglo Media, comparing the US Emperor's Czar program to the number of Tsars that Holy Russia had. It is a good thing that the US/UK public is ignorant not only of ancient history but also of recent history, otherwise they might start to worry.

So let us go back and establish some historic references. Czar or rather Tsar, is a degradation of the Latin term Ceasar, similar to Germany's Kaiser. Ceasar, originally the family name of one Julious Ceasar, who almost became Rome's first Emperor, before his assassination, lent his family name to the title of Roman emperors.

The first use of the term in Russia was during the reign of Ivan Grozny (Ivan the Feared, which the Anglos mistranslate to "The Terrible") Before this, the term "князь" knyaz or "принц" prince, was used. The Moscow princes, being the new center of the Rus, Kiev being held by Catholic Poles, were called the grand princes (велики князь).

Ivan Grozny got the other princes under his rule, to refer to him as Tsar. They did it to humor their half mad overlord, not realizing the importance of words. Ivan, however, knew their power and that of titles in the human psyche and knew that once the title of Tsar stuck, he and his prodigy would forever be associated as some one absolutely separate and above the regular knyazi: an emperor rather than a challengable grand prince.

Now we forward several hundred years to the Wall Street sponsored Russian Revolution and Civil War and the Marxists take over of Holy Russia.

In order to control the vast nation and its revolutionary reshaping during a chaotic time, Lenin and later Stalin, created a system of Commissars. These were not limited to military and instilling party loyalty, but were used throughout Soviet society. A commissar and his staff had absolute authority, answering only to the dictator and by-passing the various local councils and people's senates. Two things to note here:

1. their spheres were ambiguous and often over lapped responsibilities of other commissars. This in turn caused a large volume of infighting. Sure this is very wasteful of resources and confusing, but what it does do, is allow the dictator to keep ultimate power by keeping his most powerful minions at each others throats with the dictator as the ultimate arbitrator of power.

2. The commissars were mostly young, had little achievement outside the power structure, self assured, true believers. They knew very well that outside their positions, created and granted by the dictator, they had little hope of career success. They were given responsibility much higher then their experience levels, further beholding them to their owner. It made them extremely jealous of their power, which in turn made them vengeful against anyone who stood in their way, especially other power hungry commissars.

Fast forward to modern transitional America. The American Emperor has taken the six commissars of his leftist predecessor and created at least 28 more. Yes, commissars do multiply quickly at first and many more are in the works, until the American parliament (congress) and the oblasts (states) assemblies (state senates) are powerless show pieces and all power centers (commissars) flow only to the dictator.

So while the Anglo owned talking mental traps compare the American commissars to Russian holy emperors (Tsars) answerable to God, the Church, holy and societal tradition, the nobility and popular uprisings (we had plenty).

The Commissars (Czars) of Emperor Obama, answerable to none but the Emperor, consolidate power on a level realizable only in the Marxist, Godless society of absolutes, not in a traditional Orthodox Christian monarchy.

So Americans can call them what they want, but we Russians and the US emperor know their true name: Commissar.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


“You must remember, the Aral Sea is not only an ecological catastrophe,”
points out former communist party official Abdikirim Tleyov. “It is above
all a human one.” (People and the Planet, Vol4 Num2 1995)

Imagine you are flying high above the earth, over barren, rocky mountains. All about you is the monochrome color of the earth and then your eye notices a long slim blue streak at it winds its way from these mountains. You follow the shimmering water way and are greeted with green life all along its banks. As miles upon countless miles pass by, this great river grows wider and thicker as tributaries feed into it. Eventually, after what seems like a journey of days you come upon the mouth of the river. This great lifeline in an otherwise dead land empties out into a vast body of water, so wide that your eyes cannot fathom its far banks. All along this sea are settlements and cities.

If one guesses that this is the Nile, one cannot be further from right. Instead the mentioned river is the Amu Darya, where it and several smaller such rivers originate in the mountainous lands of Kyrgistan and Tajikistan, flowing through the lands of Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan and eventually into the Aral Sea, located in western Uzbekistan. It has been so since time immortal and long before man arrived upon the banks of the great Aral Sea, once the fourth largest inland lake in the world.

The above scene would have been reminiscent of any historical time before 1958 when the Soviet Union, under the dictatorship of Joseph Stalin, constructed two enormous canals and many subsidiary canals in a bid to conduct collective farming and to create cotton as an export, a “white gold” to gain hard currency. A present day over flight of the same region would now show a scene of the same great river, except that as it flows, it becomes smaller and smaller until literally only a trickle of it and its sister rivers ever reaches the great Aral Sea. Except that the great Aral Sea is no longer so great. Instead it is less than a third of its original size and has really become three loosely connected bodies of water.

The sea is now less than a third of its original size and is really now three bodies of water. What the flyer will now notice is abandoned cities and settlements lying along what had once been a rich coast but is now nothing more then a salty wasteland. Great rusty hulls of marooned ships litter the waste land, all that remains as testament of a major fishing industry that in 1957 brought in fifty two thousand tons of fish to feed the local population and to export to the far reaches of the Soviet Union.

Only four of the two dozen species of fish survive in what is now three large and only slightly connected salt lakes.

The Aral Sea was originally a body of water of vast proportions for its deep in land position. Originally it covered 66,100 square kilometers of surface area with an average depth of 16.1 meters and a maximum depth of 68 meters. Now, only 40 years after the opening of the great canals up stream, the sea is less then 27,000 square kilometers in size and shrinking quickly. Already almost sixty percent of the water volume has been lost and the rate is accelerating as the local climate becomes more and more desert like. Presently the Aral’s sea level has fallen to 14 meters and its salt content has tripled from its previous one percent.

At its height, the Aral Sea provided a strong moderation effect for the local environment and climate. Situated in the middle of a vast and inhospitable rock desert, the Aral Sea acted as a giant air conditioner during the summer months and as a warming basin during the freezing, dry winters. It also provided much evaporation to help with the lacking local rainfalls. Such was its affects, that it allowed for an otherwise impossible growing season. Since its decline, the seasons have become more continental in nature with the growing season dropping to only 180 days.

What is ironic, is that over 90% of its tributary waters are used to irrigate the vast cotton and rice fields. Cotton requires a 200 day growing season. Thus the very reason these waters are pulled off has helped doom that industry. Yet nothing is being done to concretely change this intolerable situation.

Desertification has become a serious and deadly problem for the whole of the region. The salt plains that were once covered by the waters of the Aral and it’s moderate climate, are now prone to heavy dust storms that annually whip up to 75 million tons of dust and salt into the atmosphere, helping to further destroy the local and some times distant environments in cumulative effects. Dust from the Aral has been found as far away as Belarus, over a thousand kilometers away. This dust and salt, combined with large amounts of pesticide and herbicide residues have created real and catastrophic health risks to the local population on a level found no where else on earth. Locally, the wild life supporting wetlands have all but disappeared from a previous 550,000 hectares to a modern 20,000 hectares. With them have gone not only a large amount of the local wild life but a huge and thriving muskrat fur industry that at one time provided massive amounts of fur for all of the Soviet Union

But to truly understand the disaster of the Aral, one must look at the people for whom these irrigation canals were originally built by the leadership of the former Soviet Union through its centralized planning, located a thousand kilometers away.

For this example, this paper will look at the town of Muynak, located along what had once been a generous delta of the Amu Darya River. The large town is a shadow of its former self with only two thousand or so people remaining.

In 1957 the city accounted for half of the entire fish catch of the Aral Sea, some 26,000 tons of fish. It also farmed over one point one million muskrat skins for the various furring industries of the Soviet Union. In and around it there were twelve state fishing farms dedicated solely to the Aral. Overall, it was a thriving city with a wealth population, by Soviet standards.

In 1962, Muynak was no longer on a delta but located on a peninsula. By 1970 this was no longer the case. By that year, the sea had receded ten kilometers from its ports. By 1980 the sea was over 40 kilometers away. Fishermen struggled to get to the water in trucks across the barren plain, their ships forgotten, rusting on that same plain. By 1982 all commercial fishing had stopped, not just in Muynak but throughout the Aral Sea basin. By the time of 1995 rolled around, the Aral’s once rich waters had receded over seventy kilometers from the once rich city.

Instead of the once rich wetlands that had surrounded Muynak, only desolate wasteland remains. As the people lost hope in fishing, they turned to agriculture and herding but even this has collapsed along with the biosphere. The health conditions of Muynak, along with all the peoples living in the Basin and to a lesser degree along the rivers that once fed it, some fifty five million people in all, have deteriated to unacceptable conditions.

In a report in the respected journal, People and the Planet, Don Hinrichsen says that
over one million people living in the country are under immediate and continued health threats from toxic pollution. (People and the Planet, Vol4 Num2 1995)

Over seventy percent of the remaining two thousand residents of the city have ‘pre-cancerous’ conditions. The towns death rate has sky rocketed up to 100/1000. The health reasons for this are legion and threaten to wipe out the remaining populations within a few decades.

We have high levels of heavy metals, salts and other toxic substances in our drinking
water, and the bulk of our vegetables are contaminated with organschlorine pesticides
such as DDT which is till here in great quantities.” Dr Oral Ataniyazova (People and
the Planet, Vol4 Num2 1995)

The doctor goes on to describe the situation of his people in the region as:

As a consequence, says Dr. Ataniyazova, “our people are dieing like flies. Karakalpakia
[note: this is a province along the northern Aral Sea within Uzbekistan and is of a different ethnic make up then the Uzbekistanies] has the highest level of maternal and infant mortality in the Former Soviet Union.” A regional health survey has shown that in the last ten to fifteen years kidney and liver disease, especially cancers, have increased by more then 30 fold, arthritic diseases by 60 fold and chronic bronchitis by 30 fold.” (People and the Planet, Vol4 Num2 1995)

Even grimmer figures exist on the same population. Over twenty percent of the women from ages 13 to 19 suffer from kidney disease, twenty three percent of the women in the same age group have thyroid dysfunction. And eighty percent of all women are anemic. Throughout the basin, birth defects are a common occurrence, as even those people living upriver of the pollution that is pumped along with the trickle of water that makes it down to the Aral, still suffer from the chemicals that are brought back mixed with the dust and the wind. Particularly because of the sudden increase in dust storms, tuberculosis and allergies have also been on the rise throughout the region, while typhoid, viral hepatitis and throat cancer are three times higher then the national average of Uzbekistan.

Now that the problem and its true scope has been identified, a logical follow on question would be: but what is being done about this? To put it plainly, very little to nothing. While it would be simple to blame this all on the Soviet rigid and careless system, and it was, the truth of the matter is, it has been 18 very long and very disastrous years since the fall of the Soviet Union and since then little has changed for the better.

The region, Central Asia, is in total political chaos and the countries involved are in economic freefall. None of the up river countries wish to restrict their use or pollution of the rivers that feed the Aral, even though they themselves suffer and their poor irrigation, of which 60% of the water is lost, have helped destroy the very fields it was meant to create.

To make things worse, if that is possible, the Uzbeks and Kazaks are fighting a water war. Kazakhstan, with $80 million in loans from the World Bank has built the Syr-Daria damn which has cut off the eastern/northern portion of the Aral from the rest, allowing the water to be saved. The hope is to restore some of the fishing industry in the region.

Uzbekistan, located to the south, has fully cut off the flow of the Amu-Daria, one of the main life lines. Most of the peoples of the Aral Sea basin are of a different ethnicity then the predominant Uzbekistanies, they are Karakalpaks. They make up only some two million people out of a nation of 22 million. For this reason, the little money that the government does receive from outside aid agencies, it does not deem necessary to share with its suffering province. As resources and survival grows scarce, armed conflict will surely follow.

Under the former Soviet Union, there was one solution that was to be implemented. The Ob River that flows north through Siberia was to be diverted into the Aral Sea. While this may have saved the Aral, which is still in doubt since it to would have been used for further agriculture, the diversion would have created another ecological disaster in its own right. Thankfully, under Gorbachov, this plan was scrapped.

In the end, the predictions for the Aral are grim and are only getting grimmer. Of course, if the water were to be returned, the conditions of the sea would be reversed though this would take several decades. As for the local wild life, that would take many more years to renew. The local extinct species are gone for good, short of a some miracle of cloning. The rest of the wild life can be reintroduced. The ruined agricultural fields will take many more years to revive. Unfortunately this is not taking into account the fractured nature of the local politics and that the up river nations are trying desperately to drain ever last drop of water out of the tributary rivers to irrigate the very fields that are in turn destroyed by the desertification that is then caused. Short sighted and termed economic planning is destroying the future of the region. Short of an unlikely reunification of the Former Soviet republics into one government, there is little hope for any of these nations to suddenly decide to work closely together.

As for the so called Green organizations around the world, they show even less concern. This area is not as sexy as the Amazon, not as interesting as whales and pulls no heart strings like polar bears. However, unlike those three, this is very much a real disaster, one that will continue to spread and plunge millions more into pain and poverty.

A political and economic solution is of course possible, and many treaties have been signed, though most are not worth the paper they are written on. Only through concerted effort to bring all parties to the table can a solution be reached. Short of that, the continued destruction of the environment will cause direct threat to Russia's western Siberian plain and southern agricultural regions and may just be the Causa Bella for a full Russian military return to the region.

Imperialism for the sake of environmental survival? At this point, why not?

The Nuclear Option

America, as much of the world knows, is out of energy. Despite importing a quarter of the world's oil, it is out of energy and being now a Leftist nation, it is in the gravity well of the black hole of "clean energy". What this of course means is, fake renewable energy. Of course there is no such thing as the cost in input energy to create the windmills and solar cells far outlasts what they can actually produce in their short lives.

America is also bankrupt.

The only hope that America has is to recreate its industry and to do that it needs cheap energy, something wind turbines will never give you. They might be great for crushing wheat kernels but not for generating electricity.

Enter stage right, Russia.

You want to set the reset button? You want to cut nuclear weapons? You want an electrical grid low in carbon dioxide (not that it really matters in the real world but we'll pretend it does)? You want industry to grow and jobs for your people?

Well welcome Mr. Civilian Nuclear Power or Mr CiNP or rather Mr. Russian CiNP. Russia is an expert on building nuclear power plant. Yes, before you start, Chernobyl happened and it was a freak accurance (unless you buy into the theory it was staged and knowing the CIA/MI6 it just may have been) but a lot of lessons were learned from it. Furthermore, unlike the US, which has not built a nuclear station in over thirty years, Russia has vast experience in both this and in turning nuclear weapons material into safe nuclear rods for nuclear power giant explosion guarenteed or your money back.

The advantages are many. Unlike wind turbines or solar cells, a nuclear power station will last over fifty years and provide not only hundreds of jobs in construction but hundreds of jobs in running it. It also takes up a much smaller foot print, both on the ground and visually than hundreds of rusting metal poles, sticking hundreds of meters in the air. But best of all, nuclear power costs a mere 2 rubles an hour, or about 6 American cents, compare that to wind, which runs closer to 20 rubles.

So, from 2,100 to 1,500 each, that is a yield of 1,200 nuclear decommissioned warheads, more than enough fuel to power most of the United States and Russia for decades to come. Remember, this is enriched Plutonium, not low grade Uranium.

So here is the deal: send Russia the nuclear warheads, and your inspectors. We will reprocess them for a fee. We will build your reactors and ship them to you, while you build the controls and housing. We will install them and get it up and running, and as Prime Minister Putin, early last year offered, we will, for another fee, take your spent fuel rods and dispose of them also, down some very deep hole in our Siberian not worry, thanks to the Soviets, we have plenty.

This will help our economy, this will help your economy, this will help the poor little eagles being turned into stir fry by the giant turbines. Best of all, the Watermelons will hate it and despise it, while sitting in their air conditioned houses (or heated) behind their electricity eating computers.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Obama Inadvertently Insults His Russian Hosts

In the first official visit to Russia, Barack Obama (his name in Russia, interestingly means "barracks" барак) has continued the tradition of his cabinet in making unwitting stupidities and unrecognized insulting gestures.

From Hillery's misnamed button (what there are no native Russian speakers in the US?) to Obama ditching Prime Minister Putin for dinner to go hang out, with his family, at the exclusive club O2 in Moscow, where oligarchs bring their wenches, not their wives. Never mind the question, who brings their small children, daughters no less, to such a club, where high end prostitution and absolute decadence is the absolute norm? Is this the American values advertised?

Of course we should not feel alone, he did the same to President Sarkozy, in Paris, where he blew off the president of France to go on a date with his wife in the city.

What the American emperor needs to understand is: 1. Paris and Moscow are not his vassals. 2. Business dinners are where a very large amount of key deals are made and foundations laid. 3. He is on official business not vacation and 4. THIS IS EXTREMELY INSULTING TO RUSSIANS!!!

While the Anglo media continues to fawn over every action of the American Emperor, to such a degree as to make even our Soviet era state media blush with embarrassment, the gaffs and inadvertent insults pile up. The people of Russia are not amused nor entertained. If anything, this goes to only further uphold the already negatively slanted view.

One of the most important functions a person can be invited to, for Russians, is a dinner. This is a very important social convention to share bread with a guest and to show him honour and respect. In Russian, we have a word for this: гостеприимность or literally, the acceptance of guests. It is a serious black mark on a person, family or organization, if they do not accept guests well. This was taken to such a degree by our ancestors that a nobleman was obligated to make war on another nobleman, if a guest of the first went to the second and was than insulted or treated otherwise poorly.

On the other side of the coin, a guest must be courteous, accept (unless there si a serious reason why he can not and hanging out in an exclusive lounge, populated mostly by high powered thieves and their whores, is not much of an excuse) and should absolutely never, ever come empty handed. Even if it is but a symbolic gift, like candy or flowers, bring something, especially when coming for the first time.

That the US Emperor shows no regard for Russian customs, while in Russia, shows how little things are likely to change and how much the present powers in DC absolutely disregard Russian sensibilities.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Россия, Учись У Ислама.

Россия ещё слаба в позиции сражения с Западом. Это всем понятно. Пока что, западная боевая и экономическая сила просто слишком могуча для прямого сражения. Поэтому России нужно находить другие способы и стратегии для ослабления этого могущества и защиты своих интересов. У России есть другие способы выиграть, и этот мировой кризис создал прекрасную почву для этих стратегий.

В борьбе против западного влияния, в особенности, англо- хегемонизма (Hegemony) , исламские страны создали международные организации и банки, с задачей соединить исламские страны в одно единое общество и с этим создать блок стран, которые могут, как минимум, защитить себя против западной "мягкой" силы, в форме культурного империализма.

Россия, с её историей, культурой и православной верой, также, имеет все данные создать такие же организации. Употребляя их, Россия сможет отбить Запад от своих границ и вернуть себя обратно в центральную роль в восточной Европе и Азии.

Первая организация должна быть Интернациональный Православный Союз (ИПС). Главной миссией которого будет защищать веру, культуру и права православных народов. ИПС даст платформу для обмена культуры,установку дружеских отношений и союза среди православных стран, стран с крупным числом православных и самими православными народами. Россия, самая крупная православная страна и исторический защитник веры, конечно, будет в главной роли. Кроме этого, Россия сможет предложить альтернативную культуру и цивилизацию миру, в альтернатив западной власти и коррупции англо-финансов. ИПС сможет, дополнительно, скоординировать миссионерную роль Православной церкви и будет быстрее распространять нашу веру.

Главными первыми членами должны быть:
Россия, Белоруссия, Украина, Молдова, Румыния, Болгария, Македония, Сербия, Чёрны Горы, Греция, Турция, Сирия, Израиль. Эфиопия, Грузия, Казахстан, Абхазия и Южная Осетия.

Дополнительно, приглашать страны с высоким процентом православных народов:
Финляндия, Норвегия, Литва, Латвия, Эстония, Польша, Словакия, Босния, Египет, Судан, Кения, Камерон, Иордан, Армения, Южная Корея, Индия и Албания.

Вторая организация должна быть Пан-Славянский Союз (ПСС). После выборов ЕС, многие правые националистические партии пришли к власти. Это указывает на то, что средний европеец не хочет быт просто европейцем, а хочет свою традицию. Итак, славянский национализм растёт и это повторяет историю от 100 до 120 лет тому назад. Снова пришел момент собрать все славянские народы в конфедерацию и защитить нашу общую культуру от англо-империализма.

В этот момент, Россия может победить Запад в этой сфере, без прямой военной конфронтации, но только в том случае, если она возмёт инициативу и не даст этой исторической возможности проскочить.

Friday, July 3, 2009

The Third Rome, A Heavy Responsibility

The Third Rome, A Heavy Responsibility

У Русского широкие плечи и сильная спина.

The old proverb translates into: A Russian has wide shoulders and a strong back. And frankly we have to, for upon those shoulders and back, was put the weight and responsibility of the Third Rome.

American Fundamentalist nonsense about Russia being the Magog (or Gog, take your choice) of ancient times, a set of beliefs that came to fruition in the 1950s with aid and approval of the CIA and NSA, as it helped radicalize the base against the Soviets, Russia and Moscow in specific do have a very large and important role in the plan of God, though hardly the one that most American fundamentalists care to think about.

But first, before we move into how the Irish saved England or rather the larger replay of how the Russians will save Europe, we must understand what is the Third Rome and how this came about.

Everyone can guess that Rome was obviously the First Rome, but alas great Yurik, it fell into heresy. We knew her well, but off she went, splitting the Christian Church asunder in a bid for total power. Thus, with the first Rome in heresy, Constantinople took up the mantel of Second Rome, which in many aspects she always was, first as the second capital of the Roman Empire and second as the second highest patriarchal throne in a system of equals, where the First Rome's Bishop was first amongst equals. Unfortunately, just like Rome fell to heresy in 1053 AD, so did Constantinople fall to infidels and heretics, the Islamic hordes of the Turks, in 1453 AD, exactly 400 years later.

With this, only one major Orthodox nation remained free of either heretic conquest or that of the Islamic scourge, but even that nation was just now starting to climb out from under the heel of the Mongols and its leading principality, which was rebuilding Kieven Rus, though further to the east, was the Principality of Muscovy and its capital city of Moscow. Muscovy was like the seven thousand Israelites following the prophet Elijah, who refused to bow to Baal, a lone light in the wilderness of sin, corruption, war and murder against the Word of God.

The notion throughout the lone pockets of oppressed Orthodoxy and the growing Russian lands continued to take form and were formally summarized in these words:
"The Church of old Rome fell because of the impiety of the Apollinarian heresy; the Church of the Second Rome, Constantinople, was smitten under the battle-axes of the Agarenes; but this present Church of the Third, New Rome, of Thy sovereign empire: the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church... shines in the whole universe more resplendent than the sun. And let it be known to Thy Lordship, O pious Tsar, that all the empires of the Orthodox Christian Faith have converged into Thine one empire. Thou art the soul Emperor of all the Christians in the whole universe... For two Romes have fallen and the Third stands and a fourth shall never be, for Thy Christian Empire shall never devolve upon others." They were written by the monk Philoteus to the Grand Duke (Tsar) Vasilli III, in 1510.

Thus, the heavy burden fell upon the Rus, attacked by enemies from every corner, by the Mongols and the Turks, by the Swedes and the Teutonics, by the Poles and Lithuanians, to not only survive Orthodoxy in a world of darkness and sin, but to let God's faith prosper and grow. But most importantly, the true responsibility of the Rus, of the Russian peoples, is to save Europe and the West from itself and from the anti-Christian (or as they now prefer to call themselves: post-Christian) and the Islamic scourge that the West is rotting of, like a gangrened alcoholic, dieing a slow withering, rotting death.

To this end, God has given us a great ability to suffer and to bare up under that suffering. He has thrice punished us severely for turning our backs upon Him, as He did to the Israelites of ancient days. First He sent upon us the Mongols, for we did not listen to His Church when it counselled our princes to unify in strength and stand strong in faith and they and our cities fell one by one. Only through great pain and suffering did we again learn love of God first and humility always. To that end, He gave us Dmitry Donski who in 1380 defeated the Mongols on the Donsk River on the fields of Kulikovo, after a long and bloody battle. It took almost another 100 years, to 1452, to fully be rid of the Mongol Yoke and their taxes.

God punished us a second time with the Great Smuta, from 1600 to 1613, for again disobeying His will and for entertaining the notion of putting Catholic Polish princes upon the Russian throne. Thirteen long years of civil war, murder, foreign crusader invasions and anarchy, until two national armies composed of peasants and noblemen rose up and under the leadership of Kuzma Minin (a butcher) and Dmitri Pozharsky ( a minor noble) drove out the Poles, brought order back to Russia and convened a Zemsky Sobor which in turn elected the first Romanov, Michael, to the throne, at the Ipatiev Monastery in Kostroma. On a side note, the last Tsar was murdered at the Ipatiev House in Yekaterinburg.

The last time God punished us was the worst of all, it was 70 years of Marxism and its sponsors were again in the West, driving to destroy Russia and her Orthodox faith. Never had so many suffered and died in Russia or destruction seemed so real. But not only did we survive and break free but in His punishment, the Lord protected us from the rot of the modern West's nihilism and humanism and the enforced (rather than the solicited) atheism in Russia has had the opposite effect to bring Christ and His Church again into the very forefront of Russian life and culture.

But the forces of evil have not changed and continue to assail us upon all of our borders, even as we now begin to assail them upon their borders, which brings us to the ultimate discharge of the duty that the Lord has bestowed upon the Russians.

Russia's inner meaning and calling, the very purpose of her existence, her God-given destiny, is to gather the peoples of the world together, each with its own personality and particularity and culture, into the Church of Christ...From 'The Saints of Russia and the Universality of Orthodoxy', November 1993, Pp. 267
It is the role of Russia to stand high in her faith and as the Irish did to England, after the Anglo-Saxon invasions destroyed the Britain's Christian faith and turned the land to paganism, so shall Russia to Europe as Ireland to England, return the Christian faith.

For the prophesies of St. Feofan wrote:
Oh, Russia, Russia! How terribly has she sinned before the loving kindness of the Lord.

The Lord God favoured Russia, and He gave her that which He had not given to a single other nation on earth. And this nation turned out to be so ungrateful.
She left Him; she rejected Him; and it is therefore that the Lord has given her over to be tormented by devils. The devils took up their residence in the souls of men, and the nation of Russia became possessed; literally, devil-ridden. And all the terrible things that we hear about what went on -- and what continues to go on -- in Russia: all the sacrilege, all the militant atheism and theomachy, -- all of this stems from her being possessed by devils.

But, through the inexpressible mercy of God, this possession will pass and the nation will be healed. The nation will turn to repentance; to faith.
That will occur, which none expects. Russia will be resurrected from the dead, and the entire world will be astonished. Orthodoxy in her will be reborn and triumph. But that Orthodoxy which had existed formerly will be no more.

The great startsy have said that Russia will be reborn; that the people themselves will restore the Orthodox Monarchy. A mighty Tsar' will be placed upon the Throne by God Himself. He will be a great reformer, and he will be strong in the Orthodox faith. He will cast down the unfaithful hierarchs of the Church. He himself will be an outstanding personality, with a pure and holy soul. He will possess a strong will. He will be of the Romanov Dynasty, through the maternal line.

He will be God's Chosen One, obedient to the Lord in all things. He will transform Siberia.

"But this Russia will exist only for a very short time. Soon thereafter will come to pass that of which the Apostle John speaks in his 'Apocalypse'."