Tuesday, April 30, 2013

US the Evangelist of the Anti-Christ

US the Evangelist of the Anti-Christ
"President Obama called and congratulated Jason Collins, a basketball player who came out of the closet and declare he's gay." American headline.
Few nations and civilizations have done so much to destroy the Christian kingdom on earth, to wreck and ruin and take life, since the pagan Roman Empire, than the "Christian" US.
The majority of the people of America consider themselves Christians, but this is a self delusional falicy. In truth, the US is one of the most militantly secular and vehemently anti-Christian countries in the world.
It all started when the American churches sold out their souls to Lucifer for tax exempt status. In return for not paying taxes, they would no lecture morally to the politicians or their flocks on the right and wrong of their government policies. As those policies expanded exponentially into controlling every aspect of the "free" American lives, those who were slaves of sin in turn became slaves in real life, while still deluding themselves that they were a free and godly people.
The road to Hell is paved with good intentions, and it is peopled with the self delusional. Many a soul will drop into those burning pits believing in its own self righteousness.
Not only have the protestants gone above and beyond anything that Lucifer may have hoped for, in splintering, mutating and heresy the message of Christ, they have also watered down the strong Orthodox/Catholic faiths so much so, that there is little of God and much of a social club atmosphere. People are assaulted by revisionist church doctrines from one side, that tells them that everything is ok and that God loves everyone, true, and nothing really is a sin, FALSE. So they sing in the chorus and memorize some lines in the Bible and then commit the most heinous of sins against their fellow brothers and sisters.
Add to this the most base and vulgar and nihilistic attacks by the secularists and you get the quagmire and evil den of vileness that is the modern American society. Get mine and screw all you bastards...yeah, get mine, society. Greed, gluttony, self obsesses self love, you name it: and above all PRIDE. A pride that has a blind people committing evil with every breath.
This has even led to a false doctrine, born in Scotland, in 1886, but grown and nurtured in America, the doctrine of Tribulation and dispensationalism. Where American Christians, protestants, are so holy that at the end of the world, they'll just be whisked away and not have to suffer as the others. This in and of itself, this self identified "holiness" has bred pride at astonishing levels.
Now many readers who fall under this label will turn away and scream that all this is generalizing and that they are not like this and such. True it is generalizing to a degree and exception can be found, but exceptions, and there are few, only uphold the law.
If not, then tell me, dear dissenting views, if the nation of America is such a Christian nation, full of such Christians, how is it that your elites, in a Republic, no less, since the 1910s were sponsoring anti-Christian Marxists, first in Russia and bringing us the Bolshevik Revolution, the Civil War, the horrors of Soviet repression and then equally the German Nazis, who also rode to power on the backs of Wall Street monies.
Tell me, how it is that the US supports one Islamic jihadist thuggery after another, sending monies, tanks, soldiers and covering, excusing their terrorism, repression and anti-Christian jihads (as long as those thugs are not Shiete of course)? The whole of the creation of Al Quida, an American project that now plagues the world and has snuffed out the lives of hundreds of thousands. The rise of the Muslim Brotherhood, all created by American efforts before our very eyes and it has already cost the lives of thousands and will cost the lives of millions before it is put down in bloody war and destruction.
Now we read that a Russian charter plane, flying over Syria was shot at by two manpad anti-aircraft missiles. Thankfully the plane and the 159 tourists returning from Egypt, was to high to reach. And whence came those missiles? Why from the American military, now actively supplying, training and moralizing the Islamic mass murderers, butchers and sadists who run the rebellion against Assad in Syria. These are the very men who were video taped using 6-7 year old children to behead their tied up captured enemies and then with joy roasted those heads. Did they eat them too?
But this is the overt direct Satanism that flows from the modern US. There is also the less obvious and much more dangerous.
America's greatest exports, now that it produces almost no goods, is culture, but what a culture! Vile music that denigrates women into bitches and hos, that emphasis only self absorption and greed. Films that assault God and morality at every opportunity, that push a godless Marxism at every turn. Mass murder of the unborn created by and exported by Planned Parenthood, who even has murder (abortion) ships that they will drive to the coasts of countries where abortion is illegal, so that they can sacrifice the unborn to their satanic masters.
And the US government, through grants to a myriad of fronts called NGOs pushes homosexuality, divorce, immorality, destruction of order, the family, the Christian faith at every opportunity, even as it directly finance Russian Nazis: National Bolshevik Workers' Party or the Ukrainian Nazis: Una-Unso and other such subhuman trash around the world.
All is aimed at domination through destruction of Christianity, as it prepares for the coming of the anti-Christ.
But God will not be screwed with. God will not be mocked. God will act and do so with a power that even Obama and his den of bugger and corruption, the US Congress, can not executive power or legislate away. And all those self righteous "Christians" who sat by and did nothing, risked nothing will be nothing, along with their leaders.
Is the Judgement of God upon you? As one of your politicos likes to say: "You betcha".

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Despicable Moral State of the Left: British Thatcher Death Parties

The Despicable Moral State of the Left: British Thatcher Death Parties

Last week a mighty woman, who had been brought down low by the inequity of Alzheimer's. She was a force of conservative and monarchistic values, one that turned a Leftist British society of government handouts into entrepreneurial spirit. A person who strove to set a spirit of "do for yourself" instead of "wait till the government does for me". 

In the long run, while she was triumphant, all that work has still been eroded by a lazy, and worthless and ever growing class of consumers of the government dole, who could not be bothered to get an education and commit to the evil or evils: work and self sustainment. 

The UK is, of course, not the only ones who suffer from this, by and far, far far from it. The whole of the Leftist pseudo Marxist WEST, in various stages of necrotic decomposition, has an ever growing class of leeches. These in turn feed the government uber leeches in power, who maintain their power by stealing from those that produce and giving bread and circuses to the masses. 

Of course this is the stepping stone to true Marxism, and when that steps in, those bloated and stupid grazers will suddenly find themselves with the choice of either working where the government tells them, for a nominal fee or working and dieing in some less than pleasant location when the government sends them. Marxists systems, after all, pride themselves on no unemployment. But I digress.

So it should come as no surprise at the baseness, in human character of the death rallies and parties that these human parasites are having, feeding off of the death of Lady Thatcher. In olden times, strong opponents, though they may have been hated, were never celebrated when they died, but given the respect of a strong and once feared opponent. No more. Not with the Marxist Left, which degrades all human nobility into a sub animalistic psyche, a Satanic creation, worthy of some inquisition, as they show themselves to be a cancerous cannibalistic growth on the body society.

The images that will follow speak for themselves. They are a pathetic testament to a paganistic, Satanic slice of society that in many Western Degenerocracies are now half or more of society. This is even more pathetic than the American parades for the death of Bin Ladin. Not that the American creation bin Ladin did not deserve to die, it is just that Christian societies should never behave the way the Yanks did and do at the death of a human being, no matter how evil he was.

That the British now do the same at the death of a fellow Britain, and one who loved her country first and foremost, even insisting on a simple burial to save money for the country, is beyond pathetic. It is a disgusting degeneration that must be cut out of society like any cancer to prevent the full demise of the Degenerocracy.

To Lady Thatcher, I say: You fought the good fight, you will be missed, rest tight in the arms of the Lord.

Some pathetic Degenerocracy comments from the degenerates:

thomas mcdade @TamMcdade
Class party in Leeds where a lady reveller cheerily asks would you like some Thatcher's dead cake

bunnylodge @bunnylodge
terry liverpool town centre is bouncing "lets all do the conga thatcher is no longer" spread theword

ude @judetx
Wow. RT @GlasgowsDA: Gregg's in 's George Square is giving free fairycakes to those attending the event to mark 's demise.

Alistair Sloan @alistair_sloan
Thatcher's death is being marked in Glasgow's George Square with dancing, speeches and song:

Unite the Resistance @UtRScotland
Margaret is dead!!! Enemy of the working class and trade unions. Meet TODAY 5:30pm at George Square in Glasgow!

Eddy39 @Eddy39
destroyed County Durham off to the pub to celebrate oh how I will dance and sing all night ding dong the witch is dead


Sunday, April 7, 2013

America's Business is Business

This famous saying by Calvin Coolidge along with the God Father's "Its nothing personnel, just business" are the two summaries of the American psyche. 

While in the short run, this may work for a society, that is, until of course 1% owns everything and the land is prepped for Leftist revolution, in the long run it is a disaster for everyone involved with that state.

When a people are concentrated only on money, on getting their's, on hitting it big, there is very little room in their lives for other, useless pass times and emotions. Such pass times and emotions are the Christian Faith (Americans have even created a doctrine of the rich, where it is said that God wants Christians to be rich, not in the spiritual sense but in cash and goods...now send us your money and we'll pray for you to get stinking rich), other things lost or discarded along the way are: honour, dignity, spravidlivost (there is no direct English translation that really encompasses this word and what it means). Along the way is lost the concept of the team, of pulling up those around you and counting on them to have your back, thus friendship is only valuable while serves some function and family is not something you build your life's bed rock on.

While many readers will say that this does not describe them or is the product of their elites, I say bunkus. First of all, dear readers, when a population is absolutely armed to the teeth, the leaders that sit in power sit there because the people do not mind them sitting there. While the so called conservatives bemoan the loss of family or God, they do absolutely nothing to stop it. Where are they in the streets? 

American pass time is to laugh at the French, yet when the French government started pushing through gay this and gay that, the French Catholics and Conservatives burst into the streets, even fighting with the police. The French by and far have much more fight in them in than Tea Party group or the whole bunch combined. Why? 

Simple really. Speak to any "conservative" American and he will tell you: unlike those hippies and such, I have to work. That goes back to the Business is Business quote. A conservative American is only conservative so long as it does nothing to get in the way of his pocket, earning his cash and buying his toys. His convictions are a thin veneer to make him feel better about his worship of the material over the spiritual. 

This equally applies to the American Left whose great en-devour is to "earn" other peoples' things and money. Just as morally bankrupt as the "right".

And what of the American churches? They sold out a hundred years ago to the god of Cash and Tax Exemption. Why do you think, dear readers, for those of you who have ever traveled into an American village of some 10,000 souls and there are 50 churches? Its a money making venture, nothing more. Most American "priests" barely have an understanding of God's word. Sure they have memorized the scriptures, but like empty pagan rituals, they spit them out while serving Lucifer and earning off of the speech making.  They sell the modern version of forgiveness to their flocks, who then go out and do what ever they feel like, while rationalizing everything away...."well I sing in the chorus".

And the priests themselves are fallen angles who when caught make remorseful confessions and such and the people do not just forgiven them but always fail to hold them to a higher standard.

This is seen daily in America's relations with its allies. The understanding of ally between the Anglos and especially the American Anglos and that of the Slavs, especially the Russian Slavs, is one of day and night.

In our ancient times, if my guest left my stronghold and went to stay with my neighbor and my neighbor insulted them, I would be honour and spravidliva bound to gather my clansmen and wage war on my neighbor for my former guest's honour.

To our allies, we go to war for them, be they Serbs or others. The Americans view allies as vassals, to be maintained as long as there is a profit and then ditched, murdered or captured as need be, as long as the next guy is just as much in their pocket. The list of the abandoned is hundreds long, just like Michael Saakashvillie just learned. He who started a war for the Americans and threw 3,000 Georgian soldiers under Russian tank treads, has just found out the truth of the matter. Before him was his own predecessor Shevernadze. Others recently were Yushenko, Tomoshenko and their former boss and rival Kuchma. In short the list is very long stretching 230 years.

It is of course sad to see that so many of our own people, who finally abandoned the American/UK/German imported godless Leninist Fascism and Stalinist Communism  have fallen for the latest Western craze, the Third Way Socialism. Slowly that realization is coming to fruition in our land, that this is just as much a short sighted decision as the previous Western import.

But regardless, there are two real world models, ideologies, one would say, that are now fighting it out, even if not in a full hot war: American "Business" and Russian "Spravidlivost". One is grounded in a godless pursuit of profit over everything, just as radically insane as the Marxism it also spawned, with the Lincoln Republicans, and the other grounded in Christ and Honour.

Nations of the world: which will you choose?

Friday, April 5, 2013

A Modest Proposal: Or Fight Hypocrites With Their Own Weapons

Once more we find ourselves facing the typical Western hypocrisy, an endless stream of do as we say not as we do.

The Anglos love to read us poor white apes lessons on the rule of law and justice. They go to great ends to make their endless, self righteous morality speeches. But do they follow them themselves?

What am I speaking of, this time, dear readers? Why the news of the latest Russian "political" refugee from Russia to London:  Mr Andrei Borodin, the former head of the Bank of Moscow. Why did this gentlemen suddenly discover that he is at odds with President Putin? Well there is that little matter of the $40 billion that the bank "lost" for its depositors and that had to be refinanced from government funds.  Deloitte & Touche auditors stated that "actions of the former Bank of Moscow management caused significant losses within the bank."

Luckily for Borodin, he had more than a billion of that sum stashed away in his own overseas accounts and was able to land comfortably in his new homeland, to the tune of a $210 million house. Yes, this is the face of the common British refugee, a filthy rich, filthy crooked bastard running with hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars of other people's monies.

Well, I have a modest proposal for dealing with America and Europe: fight fire with fire. Lets allow all the tax "criminals" of the West to settle here. First transfer a down payment of at least $500K, no questions asked, than just make it to Russia and our PR machines will work over time to make you an angle (considering the thieves in the Liberal Democracy governments, you probably are). You will automatically gain asylum and the more you transfer in, the stronger our defense of you. Luckily we are not as cold hearted as the various Western thieves, to demand tens or hundreds of millions as down payment.

I am sure that the government mouth pieces in the West will miss no notes in screaming about those corrupt Russians, defending thieves, all the while ignoring the Red Woods in their own eyes, but hay, what's good for the corrupt Goose is just as good for our Gander.