Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Israel, Time to Wake Up

Last week, the 60th anniversary of Israel's existence came and passed and all in the face of continuous oscillation of violence and a growing threat to it's very existence. But wait, how could this be, even as Israel lives under the beneficial wing of the DC Eagle?

I have always found it humerus when Nazis and conspiracy theorists pontificate on Israel controlling Washington and thus America. One must ask the simple question: who owns whom, the one who gives the money or the one who takes the money? Obviously Israel, as a recipient of US aid and cash is owned by DC, but than again, DC is in turn also owned and owned by the worst enemies that Israel has: the House of Saud, a butcher's bill of snakes and lizards responsible for murders and genocide in the name of the Satanic cult of Islam, throughout the world.

So even as Kassam rockets come falling down upon more and more of Israel. As suicide bombing after suicide bombing rips through Israeli town and village and family, to whom does Israel cling? To Bush Jr? Hailed as it's greatest defender, this is the man who brought it the Road to Peace or rather the Map to National Suicide, at the behest of his kissing buddies in the land of Saud. Petro dollars talk and Israel has none.

Even as the US gives Israel $4 billion a year, it gives Israel's Islamic neighbors almost twice as much and sells them all the new toys in it's arsenal, many often better than what go to the US Armed Forces.

So, on it's 60th birthday, it is time for Israel to look reality in the face and make some new choices, the main one is whom to ally with?

I at this point, most humbly will put forth one nation in particular: Russia.

Why Russia? Russia who arms the Arabs?

Yes, Russia and for many reasons. To begin with, Russia maintains it's alliances with certain Arab states, certainly those states like Syria are no where near as evil as Saudi Arabia and other close "friends" and owners of the West. But mostly it maintains those relationships as a deterrent and counter weight to the US. In truth, Islam is in a rather bad light in Russia and Arabs are down right hated, put the two together and the average Russian feels loathing, especially when it should be remembered that the school massacre in Beslan, the two downed passenger airliners, the destroyed apartment buildings in Moscow, the destroyed Metro train in Moscow, the theater hostage taking, the rock concert bombings, the various other terrorist plots and actions of the past 15 years were sponsored by Arab monies (often with the West's blessings, usually through aid of Turkey and Georgia) and often enough with the participation of Arab Jihadists.

To boot a common enemy is a common enemy. If Israel was to jettison the US for Russia, Russia would have the political capital to jettison the Islamic Arabs those few it still calls 'friends". Least we forget that on Arafat's last trip to Russia he got no more than a second rate flunky for his meeting.

Furthermore, Israel has two very precious commodities: Russian citizens and former citizens, to the tune of 1.5 million, whose friends and relatives at home form a major special interest group and whose residency in Israel forms an enduring and powerful bridge back to Russia, both in culture and business and even as important, it has Christian holy places. The Russian Orthodox Church is the single biggest land owner in Israel, bet you did not know that, did you?

If Israel took the step of declaring Eastern Orthodoxy the second main religion of the country, they could and would quickly win a massive backer for their existence. Even if the Church is not in love and ecstasy of the Jews, it realizes quite well that without Israel, it's holy places would be pillaged and raped by the Islamic fanatics beyond the borders of the jewish state.

Add to this the fact that Russia, unlike many in the West, has historically always supported her allies with extreme loyalty. Just ask the Serbs, Austrians, Greeks and others for whom Russia (do not mistake her with the abomination of the Soviet Union) has marched to war on numerous occasions, even when it was disadvantageous to her.

Russia will give Israel the green light Israel needs to deal with the Islamics in the only way the Islamics understand and Russia understands all to well what that means and has shown a great willingness to use that force herself.

So Israel, think hard about whom to lay yourself with, because they just might have a Saudi saber under the bed waiting for you.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

The American Way of Life is Dead...

.... and like a beheaded corpse, still stumbling around, it has yet to come to that realization that should be obvious to anyone.

The American way of life, a system unsustainable by any stretch of the imagination, was facilitated on two facts: cheap gas and a valuable currency, the currency than morphing into cheap credit.

Since the US signed a deal with Saudi Arabia to value oil only in US dollar, something that happened in 1948, the US dollar has been a powerful currency, quickly rising to the level of the world reserve currency. As soon as all nations needed the dollar to purchase oil, there seemed to be no end as to how many dollars could be printed and what first the US government and than the ever down sized taxpayer, could afford...just add the cheap credit.

Godless consumerism never really took off the way it did until Nixon took the US off the gold standard in 1973. From then to now, there was no stopping it. Add to this, the cheap gas, partially guaranteed by that God forsaken deal between America and the worst of the worst of the Islamic jihadists, and the far flung suburban life style, with houses packed full of cheap priced and even cheaper quality Chinese goods, was born.

Of course, anyone with half an understanding of reality and economics knew it could not go on forever and so it has come to an end. However, the elite oligarchies of America, must be congratulated that they were able to keep it going for so long. Of course the estimated $500 Billion in plundered Russian wealth, from the early and mid 1990s, sure did help.

However, the era of the dollar is over and with it US power. The dollar has been in a steady free fall for the better of the past 6 years, faster than the steady decline of the preceding 30 years. How is it, that with a prolonged war, costing close to $1 trillion, no new taxes have been raised? Well, that's what printing presses are for and why since 2004, the Fed has stopped issuing the M3 report.

Due partially to this dieing dollar, the falling US power that has stopped being able to pressure Arabs into pumping more, increase in demand world wide and the resurgence of Russian industry drinking up their own oil, the price of oil has skyrocketed. It sure does not hurt that the US idiocy of having cake and eating too is still fully in the swing: that would be the plan to be foreign oil independent while not drilling your own oil or to build nuclear power plants.

The era of big spending, large houses, long commutes and giant SUVs and trucks are over. Sure, the contraction back into tightly packed cities and small modest houses, budgeted spending and compact cars will not come over night and it is equally sure that the indebted and breaking US consumer will fight it every step of the way, but it is over.

The first thing to already go is the big trucks and SUVs. Sure there are plenty still on the roads, but sales of new ones are falling fast, actually collapsing out right would be a more proper term. Next, considering the absolute lack of public transportation in most US urban and suburban areas and for that matter the very city centers, next will come the car pooling fad, as smaller cars still eat gas, a commodity still climbing in price.

Sooner or later this will reach a tipping point as well, where even car pooling will no longer work, as incomes will never keep up with inflation. Incomes will further degrade as the cycle of cut backs by suppliers followed by cut backs and layoffs by businesses continues. Fewer hours and less real pay will make the expense of far flung large yards, expensive to heat and cool large houses and high gasoline bills, seem rather infuriating and pointless to support.

A final hit upon the suburbanite will be the high increase in the cost of goods around him. Since rail head are limited and diesel is sailing far ahead of gasoline, the best prices on goods will be those around the inner city, closest to the rail heads. Goods that have to be trucked out to the various far flung stores will bare the price of the fuel that delivers them. Many stores will close driving not only jobs away from the suburbs but also the ability to live comfortably.

As more and more suburbanites return to live in the city, the property they sell will have massive downward pressure on their neighbors' property values. This in turn will force more of their neighbors to equally move out. Would be farmers should take note, perfectly good farm land will be rather cheap to come by...just have to burn off the ply wood massive shacks on it.
Crime will also initially sky rocket, especially in the far flung neighborhoods. The satellite cities that grew up around the big cities will be hardest hit and many will bankrupt as their tax base continues to erode. With bankruptcy will come cut backs in services, to include the police force. Gun rights advocates should take heart as more and more Americans will quickly come to depend on self protection for their sole source of protection.

Large quantities of second hand goods will also come on the market, as people move away from large stuffed houses in the suburbs to smaller, some times much smaller, apartments and houses in the cities. Craig's List, Ebay and garage sale hunters will greatly benefit, at least in the short term.

But there will be massive problems in the cities. Over crowding is the most obvious one. But with little industry, little money and only the service economy to rely on, the cities will be poor, angry and dangerous, as well as over crowded. The country side will become once again lonely and manageable and small towns and villages a lot more inviting. A return to America cira 1920s is more likely.

Illegal aliens take note: not only will American workers compete more directly with you over jobs than any time in the past 50 years, but they will fully view you, and correctly to boot, as the usurpers you are of their livelihood. Illegals' lives are going to get very dangerous and violent.
Tourism will of course suffer, so all those far flung, well developed tourist hot spots, that also happen to be in hurricane paths, will become lonely and decayed. It will become harder and harder for the government to pay for their almost annual rebuilding or even to justify it. Nature will be a big winner in all this.

But one final issue must be faced, the one issue that could easily launch those over packed cities into full scale revolt: veterans. Yes, with bankruptcy of the great big world wide empire, some one million well trained and often enough, well armed, veterans will be returning to the cities where their chances of jobs are slim at best. If they take arms, things in the America of the 2010s will be rather interesting and lively indeed.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Church of Our Savior on Spilled Blood in St. Petersburg, Russia

This beautiful cathedral was built on the spot where the socialist murdered Tsar Alexander the II, the Emancipator. Two bombs were thrown at his carriage but no one was killed. He stepped out, looked at the damage and declared a thanks to God that no one had died. At that point, the Godless servants of Satan, threw a third bomb.

Click on the images for a larger view.

All of the icons on the walls are mosaics, made of millions of stones.

This shrine, in the back of the cathedral stands over the original cobblestones, the spot where Alexander II lay.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Yekaterinburg: Church on the Blood

The Imperial Family stands defiant against the Wall Street funded Christless Bolshavik murderers. Christ be Praised.