Thursday, August 28, 2008

Was Georgia Only A Sacrificial Pawn for DC's War on Iran

Throughout this past month and the suicidal war launched by the the US/EU puppet Saakashvili, Eater of Ties and Spiller of the Blood of Children, a pertinent question has arisen: why? Or rather, why now? That this move was well planned out and timed, down to the call for a ceasefire and the initiation of hostilities at 2 am local time or approximately 10 am Beijing time, while the Olympics were opening, is beyond doubt.

Thus, while Saakashvili is irrational and hot tempered, this was not a spur of the moment move or a "reaction" to an imminent Russian invasion. No this was well planned ahead, which begs the question, "If this was preplanned than what assurance from the US did Georgia have that it would be backed up?"

Most likely it had plenty but as was seen, none materialized, none substantial. Sure the West, particularly the hypocrites sitting in DC, made lots of noises but the Georgian army still got pummeled and the territories were still freed from Georgians and their independence recognized. But still, the tension, which one would think would start to abide, has continued to be wretched up or kept artificially high with one small provocative move by the US after another. Be it a statement by Bush or another US warship, all small enough not to be to threatening but big enough to keep tensions high, appearing in the Black Sea.

Why would this continue? At this point, this kind of tension serves no purpose in descalating the situation, though it does little to actually escalate it either. What it does is to keep the pot simmering and everyone's attention on Georgia and the Black Sea. But why?

The answer seems to be simple, but one far from this zone of conflict. Rather further south in the Persian Gulf, the biggest build up of US navel assets since the 2003 Iraq Invasion, is in the process of building up. Presently in the Gulf are the aircraft task groups Abraham Lincoln and the Pelieliu. On the way are Iwo Jima, Theodore Roosevelt and the Ronald Reagan.

For that matter, it has been reported that French and British ships, having just completed military maneuvers with the Theodore Roosevelt in the North Atlantic, are now steaming along with it to the Persian Gulf.

In the West all of this is a non-event, a non-happening, with all media coverage in the US going to the elections, where two inane leftists spout out garbage on subjects neither has much knowledge of, and in Europe it is all on Georgia. Thus is the stage being set in stealth for the next Persian Gulf war, one that quite literally may set the Middle East and 40% of the world's oil in flames, to fill the Bush promise that he would not pass the Iran issue off to the next president.

Thus begs the question on Georgia: has the suffering of a quarter million people in the Caucasus been nothing more than a grand diversion by the three founders of the Axis of Hypocrisy (US, UK, France)?

It would not be the first time.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Orthodox Georgia?

Where is the Christ in your lives, that you supposedly believe in? Where is the salvation and brotherly love? Nah, the Georgian people, as a people have thrown out their faith in Christ and have replaced with hatred and the lies of the Devil.

The Georgian Furher Saakashvili has lead his nation into bed with heretics and non-believing Muslims. Why is there any surprise that the Georgian army may than create atrocities that equal those of the pagan and Satanic Nazis? Ask yourselves Georgians, why the disfavor of God has befallen on you and your new brothers, the Western Heretics and the Turkish Muslims did not save you from your own Satanic lies and actions?

Shame on you as a nation. It is shameful now for me to admit that I to have Georgian blood, that my great grandfather was a Georgian nobleman, for where is your nobility now? You have sacrificed everything, your eternal Christian soul, on the honeyed lies delivered upon you by your new allies and the Devil.

You have raised sword against not only other Orthodox soldiers, but much much worse, you have murdered, raped and massacred Orthodox women and children with the intent of extermination. Your soldiers have burned Orthodox Churchs with believers inside. Your tanks have driven over Orthodox grave yards, destroying the rest of the dead. There is no sin that the Georgian army did not repeat, that has now not been seen for 60 years. For that, it has been delivered into destruction and defeat, with many of the guilty already burning in eternal Hell.

What have the actions of the Georgian people been to the news of these murders? Why, they have further spit upon our God and Master and have rallied behind their mad vampire, Saakashvili, the eater of ties. They have stood behind the mass murderer and are angry at him only in that he took on more than he could and could not finish the mass murder. They are not outraged at what was done by their sons and brothers, only that more Orthodox blood could not be spilled by these heretics against God.

What do you think God holds for your nation, Georgians? Your pride has damned you. You sold your souls for the promises of Western heretics as did Great Byzantine in it’s last days and your end can not be different. You have served the will of heretics and Muslims, you have damned yourselves. Repent, repent while you still have time. End this insanity. Decapitate the vampire who has drunk the blood of the Believers and has led an entire nation into damnation. Repent while you still live and your soul can be saved.

Swallow your pride. Rid yourselves of your servants of Hell. Accept the truth and ask God and your brother Orthodox for forgiveness and renter the Orthodox fraternity. Throw off the lies of heretics and non-believers, do not join your leader in damnation.

Bush Has Reached Two Great Accomplishments

Many of Bush’s critics have voiced the opinion that Bush’s presidency has accomplished nothing and has resulted in only failures. I disagree. Quite frankly, Bush and his Neocon enablers and world wide puppets have reached two milestones previously believed unreachable. The most interesting point of both is that they were reached with little conscious thought.

In the US there is a word that was coined specifically for the 911 and Afghanistan periods: blowback. It means the unintentional consequences that beset those who do various deeds without actually contemplating what may be the results.

The first of these unbelievable Bush accomplishments resulted from his misguided and mismanaged invasion of Iraq.

The Arabs, especially the Muslim Arabs, as a race are a very fractious and suspicious people, who mistrust each other’s clans and tribes, let alone nations. Saddam Hussein, a socialist dictator with a penchant for destroying Islamics in his own domain, was of course a “prime” target for ouster by the leaders of the Axis of Hypocrisy and their Farse on Terror. The invasion of Iraq, mandated on a mutable reason that is yet to be nailed down and continues to change as needed, led to the replacement of Saddam with an set of Islamic parties and the rise of Iran as the undisputed local power. These and other blow backs were minor, of course, compared to Bush’s main accomplishment.

In one fell move, Bush was able to unite the fractious Arab street against the US, but unite them he did. At no time, not even during the Crusades, have the Muslim Arabs been so united against one enemy or series of enemies. The US/UK invasion was heavy handed failed to involve other Arab regimes, with the exception of the leadership of the absolutely corrupt Saudi and Kuwaiti monarchies.

What unfolded for America and its allies was a long and bitter and still continuing war, where the Arab street has poured in fighters from across their sphere. What was supposed to be an easy walk through, a painless victory that Neocons dreamed off, has turned out to be a massive expense and a bleeding sore that has never healed and has defined much of the Bush presidency.

Never one to take such fame and success without trying harder and proving that more could be done, Bush, his Neocons and a local puppet named Saakashvili set out to again do the impossible. Thus started the suffering of a small people in a small land named South Ossetia.

Bush’s puppet, with the sweet words of the Neocons in his ears, eating his fevered brain, launched a war of genocide against the South Ossetians, exterminating women and children, razing villages, destroying Orthodox churches, even though the Georgians themselves are Orthodox, even running tanks through grave yards.

The news of the barbarity of Georgians spread through Russia like wild fire and most affected the North Caucasus. Within a day, nationalities, that once hated each, rushed to volunteer in mass to defend the South Ossetians and revenge against the Georgians and their masters in the Axis of Hypocrisy. In one day, 1,500 Daghistanies came, to stand beside the Chechens (both Muslims and both hate each other), Chechens who were standing beside the Ingusheties who also hate each other and also fought a short civil war with each other. All to defend Ossetians with whom both the Ingusheti and Chechens have fought. Along all of these stood not only Russians and Abkhazians but in particular the long enemies of the Muslims, Russian Cossacks.

That all these peoples would put aside their mutual distrusts and hatreds and unify in such a short time, is truly amazing. What is more amazing is that this was not a desired effect nor a foreseen one.

Truly, those making these decisions in the West are clueless and those who follow them do so at their own peril.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Faux News (a bit of reality leaks through)

by burghnews

Fox News Reporter Says ‘Humiliated’ Georgian Forces Firing on Journalists

"This is an irregular, undisciplined, chaotic, angry, humiliated Georgian force. They don't listen to orders. They fire on civilians, from what we have just seen."

And now for faked Western News. These "Russian" Georgians' accents would have as much chance of passing as a Texan passing for a Scotsman.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Ok, We're Leaving Now and Sorry About the Mess

Saakashvili, the Georgian Dracul has shown himself to live in as much a miss-reality as that of Hitler's waning days. Georgia has pulled out of South Ossessia, the province it raped and murdered, killing 5% of the population in under 3 days, wiping out the capital city with multiple launch rocket systems during a surprise night assault, while supposedly honoring a cease fire and exterminating 10 surrounding villages.

And now that the little puppet of the West and all around blood sucker Saakashvili has had his army of destruction crushed by the Ossessian resistance and the 58th Russian Army, as well as a full advance of the Abkhazian forces, he has decided that he will now quit S.Ossessia, and all will be forgiven!?!

What does he think this is? A school yard brawl? Sorry buddy, but there is only one way out for you and that's death and only death. Be that death from a Russian bullet, a Russian bomb, a hangman's noose after war crimes trials or best for Georgia, at the hands of the people, does not matter in the end, but it will be death.

The blood of almost two thousand or more Ossessians, a hundred or so Georgian civilians and hundreds of your own troops, as well as the death of Georgia as a nation, are on your megalomanical hands.

Did you really think that America, broke and its military stretched beyond endurance, was going to come and die by the thousands for you? Did you really believe that Britian, who without US transportation equipment, cannot even deploy its troops to Iraq and Afghanistan, was going to come and be crushed for you? The only thing for you that will be crushed is Georgia, the nation who foolishly followed you. Have you or those who have stayed and become your mindless robots, ever wondered why 1 in 5 Georgians willingly ran away from Georgia to live in Russia? Do you ever wonder why they are quite happy never to return but for the occasional vacation and even that is rarer with your power mad dominion.

Georgian people, hear me, your only hope left is to kill the Vampire who not only murdered women and children in Ossessia, but will also drink your blood too before his end. Do not take Hitler's route to total destruction of your nation, take your fate into your hands and rip the head off the Vampire who sits in your presidential palace....if not for yourselves than for you children.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

"Evil" "Rampaging" Russia saves a small people from Western Funded Genocide

Evil Russia. Rampaging Russia. That's how the Western oligarch or government controlled media describes Russia, condoning a genocide being waged by a Western puppet dictator.

The Georgians have massacred 2.5% of the South Ossessian people in less than 2 days and left almost 30% homeless. Russia has taken in over 14,000 of the 80,000 Ossessians into North Ossessia and set up hospitals and camps for them. Thousands more stream out daily. Just this Sunday, 2,000 arrived on Russian buses and trucks.

Russia has also freed the destroyed necropolis of Tkhinvalli, where bodies of women and children will be getting dug up for the next half year. Russia has also created a corridor for evacuation of wounded civilians, something the Georgians physically denied through artillery and sniper fire (even as they promised to honor the Red Cross' request).

Russia's airforce has brought in giant hospital planes, set up a large hospital in Tskhinvalli and two more are on the way. There is also a call for up to a dozen surgeons specializing in child injuries. Humanitarian aid is also flowing in.

And what has the "humanitarian" American response been? It has been an official call by the Bush criminal regime, for the Saviors of Ossessia to leave and allow the Bush vassal Saakashvilli to finish his American funded Genocide. This of course is no different than the US backing of Croatian vassals genociding Serbs in Kraina or Albanian vassals genociding Serbs in Kosovo.

Shame on you America and shame on your people for tolerating such criminals in power. This will never be forgotten.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Central News Network (CNN) or Central Propaganda Network?

There is no more blatant example of hypocrisy in the Axis of Hypocrisy (US, UK, EU and their various puppets) than in reporting of their puppet media. What, you say! The media is not free?

Yes, dear reader, I am afraid that is the truth and the reality of the matter, the Western media is not free. America is the prime example: the US has freedom of the press and in truth many small media outlets are reporting the truth, however 80% of the mass media is the hands of a few American Oligarchs: Murdoch and Turner being the two biggest. These are the same people that own the American One Party-Two Branch government farce.

In the UK, with government owned mouth piece BBC, it's even worse. Of course, Russia was accused of not having a free press, because like the UK, it has one government owned network: Rassia.

So, lets review a few examples of these pure lies:

We'll start with the BBC, as easy a target as it usually gets:

From their website: What the Scottish Papers are Saying

Russian tanks and missiles blitzed the rebel state - leaving 1,500 dead in what could turn into a deadly
clash of the superpowers while the world's eyes were fixed on the Olympic opening, says the
Daily Mail

What? You mean to tell me it is Russia who came to the rescue of S.Ossessians, from mass murder, that is the cause of the 1,500 dead? A Russian blitzkrieg? Joseph Goebbels would be proud of the "free" West. To turn everything absolutely around and accuse the savior of a people from extermination from a Western tinpot dictator and puppet, of the murder of those people, goes beyond all reason.

The West normally operates in more subtle ways: leaving out pertinent information, providing staged photos. Any one remember the DeutchaWelt staged photo of the Serbian "concentration camp"? The cropped photo showed a gaunt man behind turned out he had TB and that was a chicken coop they were standing behind. DeutchaWelt lost the law suit but that was half a decade later and the damage was done.

Now, CNN had this to say in their latest piece:

Separatist-backed South Ossetian sources reported that about 1,600 people have died and 90 have been wounded in provincial capital Tskhinvali since Russian forces entered the territory Thursday.

Georgia said the overall death toll would be closer to 100.

Now note what facts are being kept out? There is no mention that Georgia, a Western puppet, invaded S.Ossessia on Thursday early morning (around 1 am) or that they, through heavy land based tube and multiple launch rocket system artillery and air units, wiped Tskhinkvali off the face of the earth, killing 1,400 people in their sleep. Nor is there mention of all the dozens of villages they exterminated in turn.

As for the ridiculous claim of 100, the International Red Cross has backed the 1,400 numbers and those are growing by the hour. Of course the West still does not recognize the Serbs of Croatia as refugees, 10 years after the West armed Croatia for the genocide and than allowed it to pass through their peace "Keeper" lines to murder with abandon. The Axis of Hypocrisy marches forth.

The average Western, especially propagandized and dumbed down (by a 3rd world education system) American will take it to mean what his masters want it to mean: Russia is the enemy, Russia is the fault. Of course pushing this line to far will do much more damage to America, it's failing economy of debt and it's far flung military adventures, but we will have to wait and see if the Marxist ideologues in DC can restrain themselves. My bet is they will go to far, as usual.

The US/EU Marxists Know No Limits to Their Hypocrisy

Washington and Brussels, the capitals of "human rights" have once more shown their utter Christless soulless hypocrisies and contempt for innocent life. Georgia is their final performance in the maccarbe theater that is the sick and twisted dieing West's swan songs. One can only yell out: "O tempora, O mores!" when these would be judges of mankind do the things they do.

But what is Georgia's history with the arch axis of hypocrisy? Between 1991 and 1994, the Georgians, busy butchering each other in a prolonged multi factional (a smaller version of Somalia) civil war, found the time to try and exterminate their minorities, which happened to make up some 40% of the population and have mostly lived in the area between 2000 and 5000 years. Being historically horrible soldiers, they failed and thus was born the break away regions of Abkhazia, Ajaria and S.Ossessia.

Narry was there a word of criticism from the West, especially when their boy Shevardnadze's, a former KGB general and foreign minister of the defunct Soviet Union, butchered his way to the top.

From 1994 to 2001, the West had nothing but praise for this murderer as he helped the Hypocrites and Marxists enable their Islamic Jihadist allies to start and launch the Islamic Chechen Jihad. Blood spilled throughout Russia for 7 years, with American money and EU mercenaries, along with direct Georgian support, greasing the Devil's grist stone in Hell.

However, above all, the Old Fox was a survivor and when the Islamics took it to far and grabbed the Nord Ost theater show, he saw the writing on the wall. When his spies told him that 2 Russian airborne divisions were already on the aerodrome ready to launch off, he knew his gig might be up and cracked down on the NATO sponsored Islamics. Of course DC/Brussels never forgave him and 2 years later, the CIA Rose Revolution was born.

From this came the US trained pasha Michael Saakashvilli. While the perfect American puppet, he ruthlessly murdered all opposition to his absolute rule, both internal to his party and to opposition parties, even arresting the heads of 8 parties 2 weeks before elections. Again, the West was silent. Typical of the oligarchical Leninist-Trotskyte Marxist state's ownership of the media.

When he closed down all the independent media. Nothing from the West. When, during last year's peaceful demonstrations he sent in the paramilitaries and sent some thousand protesters to the hospital, the West was forced to say something: they were "disappointed" and it died at that.

Thus, with a tug of the string by Condi Rice, the Israel of north west Asia, has launched it's war to help the beleaguered Bush presidency. Saakashvilli was counting on a quick attack and win and than to be pulled into NATO to save him from Russia. However, he bet badly. The atrocities that Georgian forces committed: from using heavy Grad (multiple launch rocket systems) to whole sale slaughter the citizens of Tskhinvali in a surprise attack, to Georgian soldiers killing wounded enemy combatants and civilians, was just to much.

Still the West is staying mum as much as it can...allowing its puppet to blame Russia for starting a war in which Georgia, flush with billions in NATO weapons (as well as new roads better than on what American sucker taxpayers drive) fired the first salvos and committed whole sale war crimes.

What people or nation outside of the twisted and rotting West, should or could ever trust any utterances of the Axis of Hypocrites?

But what Saakashvilli will soon find out is, he's still but a sacrificial pawn and pawns are discarded when they are no longer needed.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Biggest Unreported Threat to Oil

Of all the threats to oil and gas stability in the world, one threat has gone latently unreported but holds the potential one of the most disastrous episodes in the history of oil: the upcoming Caucasus Wars.

The Situation

The US has three allies in the Caucasus: Turkey an Islamizing regional powerhouse; the Islamic pseudo monarchy/dictatorship of Azerbaijan where opposition leaders tend to die young; and Orthodox Georgia, where a US/EU backed tinpot dictator rules with an iron fist.

Opposing this are Russia and its full time ally Armenia, both Orthodox countries and the king of the Shiite Islamics, Iran, a some time partner of Russia. There are also two break away zones of Georgia, both desiring union with Russia.

At stake are a half dozen oil and gas pipelines and the Azerbaijan's oil/gas fields as well as northern Iranian fields.

As everyone who is familiar with the area, the Armenians and Azerbaijanies fought a bloody war over a large chunk of land known as Nagroni Koraban. This area, owned by Azerbaijan but populated by Armenians has been an unfinished conflict for the better part of the past 14 years, with shelling and sniper fire a weekly event. Clashes between armed forces, company or smaller in scale, are also rather common.

Armenia has rebuilt its economy, though it is still primarily an agrarian nation and one surrounded by enemies, both Islamic and fellow Orthodox. It has no land connection to its closest ally Russia and thus has become very militarized.

Opposing Armenia, Azerbaijan is a none sponsor of terrorists, both against Orthodox Armenians and Orthodox Russians. It is also an "elected" monarchy where the son of the president for life was elected in the loosest terms by one of the most blatantly rigged elections in human history. Dick Cheney, hypocritically, was quick to praise them. Azerbaijan is the poorest of the the former soviet republics, regardless of its oil/gas wealth. The money is either stolen, spent on the military or funneled to Islamic Jihadists.

Than there is the Republic of Georgia, a nation hobbled together from several former semi independent Georgian kingdoms, all of which have been dominated by either the Persians, Turks or the Russians for the past seven hundred years. Added onto this conglomeration, by Stalin, were the Ossessians, Abkhaz, Armenians, Chechens and Ajarians, totally separate ethnic groups. When, in post Soviet 1992 Georgia, these areas asked for autonomy, Georgia responded with a full fledged set of wars, even as it was fighting its own civil war, to exterminate these minorities. The Georgians, not having been good soldiers for some one thousand years, dully lost these wars.

Add to this the three main regional powers: Russia with an islamic jihad in Chechnya; Persia with Kurdish and Azari uprisings and terror; Turkey with Kurdish insurgents and you get an area with an extremely volitile mix of religions, ethnicities and alliances and national goals.

Enter Saakashvillie the Mad

It all started with the Rose Revolution and never mind how a half million roses "spontaneously" sprouted in Georgia, particularly around it's capital Tbilisi, in the midst of winter...Washington and the American taxpaying suckers er citizens have a way of making these things happen.

A Georgian US (NYC) trained lawyer (at this point most sensible people would be either running or grabbing rope and pitchforks) through massive US/EU funding and corruption was able to remove the former US/EU favorite Shevardnadze (who had become to close to Russia-the US/EU center of all evil and badness and scary people) and take supreme "democratic" power.

Murdering his own party members, like his prime minister Zurab Zhvania and arresting opposition party heads while sending hundreds of their followers to the hospital, simply isn't enough. No our would be Napoleon, king of a mouse, has nothing short on his mind then the reconquest of Abkhazia and S.Ossessia and the Final Solution to their people. With the backing of Bush the Bubbling and Cheney the Bloodthirsty and the various hordes of cannibalistic Neocons and their Marxist ideology, Saakashvillie feels he can take on those areas and even stave off the Red Army.

Problem here is, does he 1. believe that Russia will not protect its citizens (95% of the people living in those two areas, to include the Georgians, are Russian citizens) 2. believe that Russia, if it were to move in to protect its people would be countered by the US both diplomatically and militarily or 3. that the great Georgian army of 37,000 (only about 5,000 are fully battle trained, most of the rest barely know what end the bullets come out) can not only stop the Red Army but reconquer Sochi, too.

More than likely, he believes number 3. Megalomaniacs tend to be like that. Already, Georgian troops are massing in Kodorski Ushel (valley) after having destroyed an opposition Georgian politician there and his followers-- Kvistiani. I knew him personally and he made a toast to my new, young bride, shortly after our wedding, at a big diplomatic dinner I had arranged. While Kvistiani was accused of being Moscow's man, he was anything but and worst, he was not Washington's man and that, folks, simply can not be tolerated.

But I digress. Kodorski Ushel is strategically placed to allow the Georgians to by pass the best protected routes and defenses of the Abkhaz. Never mind the Red Army has a division in the area and another, armored division on short deploy notice not far inside of Russia.

Furthermore, S.Ossessia is in the middle of a sniper siege and women and children are being evacuated into Russia's N.Ossessia province to it's capital Vladikovkaz (home of the Beslan massacre). So where is Washington and Brussels when their puppet orders his men to gun down through sniper fire, women and children? Oh, that's right, it's only terror if a Serb is accused of doing this, not a puppet of the West. As this is happening, N.Ossessian militia, Russian Federal Special Forces and Russian Cossacks are streaming in to the area to once again defend it.

All this is of course making for a fun late summer/early fall. A tinder box full of dynamite and everyone is throwing lit matches.

Washington has once more stuck its nose in and glued it to something out its control.

As the War Starts

Sooner or later and I'm betting on sooner, the war between Georgia and Russia will fully explode, the Georgian dictator and murderer counting on Americans in country (some 1,500 US service men) and those out of country to come to his side and die for his genocidal ideals. Many more than likely will. Georgia's ally, Azerbajan will more than likely enter, drawing in Armenia on the opposing side. The Armenians living in southern Georgia (a people who have been abused non-stop by the Georgians for the past 15 years) will more than likely blow the Baku-Ceyhan pipeline, cutting off 1 million barrels per day off the world market.

The conflict will quickly spread, with Chechens and other Islamics streaming into Russia and possibly attacking the Dryzina pipeline, threatening another 1-2 million barrels. Russia will be forced to further invade Azerbaijan and more than likely Iran will strike north into it also. DC or Israel might take this opportunity to attack Iran, which will cascade into a whole other conflict and cut off another 25% of world oil.

Even if the US has a sudden and rare attack of common sense and does not move into the conflict, Turkey will more than likely also get sucked into the fight. This will of course draw northern Iraq in. A Turkey busy fighting Russia will be much easier to deal with by the Kurds and by the Greek Cypriots out to get the invaded half of their island back.

At this point, the question becomes: does Greece and Bulgaria and possibly other Balkan countries sit this out or do they take the opportunity to revenge upon Turkey again and this time free Constantinople.

In gist, this is the most under reported but yet volatile situation to affect the oil world. At a minimal 1 million barrels will be brought off of the market. The volume could easily go up to 5 million.

How will the blind world react to that?