Sunday, April 22, 2012

Berezovsky’s Honeyed Trap

Berezovsky’s Honeyed Trap

Recently, our most famous pillager and thief, and British royal subject, Boris Berezovsky, made a new announcement, one in which he now portrays himself as not only a Russian patriot and nationalist but even a monarchist, establishing his Resurrection Movement, a “Christian”-Democratic party. He even made some derogatory comments about the Americans, to score a few more points with his proposed audience.

That’s correct, Boris’ newest project entitles the return of the monarchy, with a proposal of the English Prince Harry to be brought to the Russian throne.

On the face value of it, it would seem that maybe Boris’ has turned over a new leaf? No, hardly. Boris’ additional proposals point that out. He wants the country turned into confederacy and anyone who can pass a Russian language and history test to be given citizenship. Hmm. Lets take a closer look at what this means.

In short, our friendly Boris is proposing that we commit national suicide. To begin with, a confederation means a loose central government with most of the power in the provinces, including the power to separate. True, at this point, Russians make up 85% of the population and any provinces breaking away would mostly be very small.

However, Boris has a second clause in this to make sure things get worse, much worse for us. With the only regulation to becoming a Russian citizen being a passing knowledge of the Russian language and of Russian history, most of Central Asia would pass those “standards”, as well as many of the Chinese, Japanese and Koreans on our eastern borders, not to mention Poles and others. They could easily then flood into a small area and vote themselves independence, thus taking the nation apart piece at a time.

And Boris? Well, I am sure he will be busy pillaging everything of value out, for his London and NYC paymasters. The very fact that he choose Orthodox Christian Pascha as the day to make his announcement, via LiveJournal, only further demonstrates how false of a Christian and nationalist he is. A true Christian would never do this on Pascha nor try to usurp the glory of Christ on to himself or his projects.

As for Harry, while I do admire him, in the hands of the “Tsar Maker”, the self-given title Boris so enjoyed under Yeltsin, Harry would merely be the scapegoat fall guy to take the blame for everything that would go “wrong” in Boris’ new kleptacracy.

Boris’ boast that Russia would be governed on the Christian values of Love and Freedom (not sure where he got the Freedom part, must be reading a different version of the Bible, as God sets down very strict and narrow rules and the Devil wants “freedom” to the human animal) but this should be read: the love of money and the freedom to pillage. Heck, the con-artist even proposes liberalizing the Orthodox Church and implementing British style law and government, so that we to can turn into a Christless, decaying, society, collapsing and over run by third world savages.

Thank you Boris but no thank you. You can keep your ideas and stay in London, it’s your home now and we are all glad to be rid of you.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Russia's Renewed Space Drive

Russia's Renewed Space Drive

Prime Minister Putin recently unvielded the new Russian direction of exploration, in some ways it is both more ambitious and more modest than earlier.

The crash of the Phobos probe, has caused Russia to pull back, temperarly from Mars and reset its sights closer to home. Some say that the crash in the computer systems were caused by bad design, by a rougher than expected take off or maybe even by US EMP pulses. The Americans are notoriously sore losers.

Either way, this has made several things obvious and has led to a general clearing out of the Russian space agency's leadership, as well as a new drive for a better launch site than the worn out base in Kazakhstan. Baikonur cosmodrome is old, worn out and the Kazakhs, ever greedy for more cash but not business savvy enough to figure out when the game is up, are demanding yet more and more for the rent.

Unfortunately for that third world oil based economy, they, like the Ukrainians, Belarus and Poles, who all though they had some form or another of leverage over Russia are finding out that they have been out maneuvered yet again. Just as North Stream maneuvered Russian gas out of the hands of Belarus, the Baltics and Poland, allowing Germans to actually sell gas to the Poles and set rates on a nation that was used to setting rates on Poland, and as South Stream is soon to allow the same to replace the Ukrainian games, so the new cosmodrome in Siberia's Vostochny, will allow Russia to cut the greedy Kazakhs right out of the equation.

The new unveiled facility, upon which construction is already under way and over $1 billion has already, out of a total of $10 billion, been invested, will contain a staggering eight launch pads, huge assembly and research facilities, as well as the latest in housing and accommodations for the crews, scientists and engineers who will inhabit it. Forty modern apartment buildings are now under construction.

This will also help repopulate parts of Siberia.

The first launch is expected in 2015, just 3 years from now.

The target of that first launch as well as the development of the next ten years, will be the Moon. The first probes will be to the Lunar poles, followed up by manned landings to study both the moon and crashed comets. Other landers will begin initial construction for future moon bases with a manned presence planned for the 2020s.

Finally, in related news, a company called Orbital Technologies is working out plans to put a private Russian space hotel into orbit. They plan to put the first module into space by 2016 and continue at a brisk pace from there on. There will be room for seven space tourists at a time, plus crew, as well as space for pharmacological laboratory and experiments.

CEO Sergei Kostenko, who is also head of the Russian office of the U.S.-based Space Adventures, stated that the cost of space tourism should drop from the present $60 million per trip, about 1 week, to a "mere" $15 million. Sure, its still out of reach of the vast majority of humanity, but its a start a one that will already cut costs by 75%.

Who knows, just maybe, in thirty years, a regular ride up on a space plane, to a Russian space hotel and than a slightly longer, day or two trip out to the moon, for some nice walks, scenic views and a pleasant round of golf? Why not?

Friday, April 6, 2012

Only Blood Will Save Greece

Only Blood Will Save Greece

The EU installed and backed Judases just don’t care that Greece is dieing, they do not. Any delusions should have been shattered long ago. The people of Greece have protested, they have run rampant in the streets but they have never really rebelled.

Now a desperate man, a pensionaire has given them something to rally about. Mr Chritoulas, 77, went in front of the house of evil and thieves, the Greek parliament building, stood under a Cyprus tree and shot himself in the head. His note blames these blood sucking vampires and EU puppets for the slow, tortured murder of a great nation and urges the youth to actually rebel, to over throw the Judases and retake Greece.

"I cannot find any other form of struggle except a dignified end," he wrote. "I believe that young people with no future will one day take up and hang this country's traitors in arms in Syntagma Square just as the Italians hanged Mussolini in 1945."

The ruling politicians, sitting in their wealthy abodes, rich off of EU cash, sneered at this man. They laughed at his protests, just as they have brushed off any other hope for their people.

"We cannot however connect his suicide with the country's current financial plight. Besides we do not even know if he amassed debts or whether his children had a hand in it," said Panos Beglitis, a former Socialist defence minister.

A long time, 30 year, friend of Mr. Chirtoulas, Adonis Rizos , had this to say: "He did not give any sign he was going to do this. We were shocked and surprised. He chose to commit suicide as a political act. We give him credit for that. The politicians who created this terrible situation should shut up about him, they are not worthy to say his name,"

Recently, Russia has offered Greece much help, including loans, in the same way that Russia saved Greek Cyprus, with timely, no strings attached loans. Russia offered to pay for a naval base in Piraeus, Athens’s main port, as well as Gazprom being interested in the purchase of privatized DEPA, the state gas group. Both of these would bring billions in desperately needed Euros, and both have been shot down by the doppalgangers pretending to be Greeks.

Even so, Russians have started to return as tourists and real estate investors, as well as the tens of thousands of Orthodox pilgrims, amongst whom is president-elect Vladimir Putin. All of this is helping ease some of the strain of the austerity strangulation, as well as reviving that which the EU is desperate to prevent (as mention in my article: The Other Reason Greece Must Not Collapse ) , a political and cultural alliance between Russia, Greece and then other Orthodox nations.

However, if the youth of Greece do not actually overthrow these vampires, then their and their country’s future is sealed. Equally, the military and the Church should both be ashamed of themselves for not having saved Greece already.

I will end with the words of father Stavros Papachristos.

"The EU must take off the pressure. We cannot handle it anymore. Europe must understand that millions of Greeks are dying slowly," Father Stavros Papachristos, theologian and a Greek Orthodox Church priest, recently said.

The problem, Father, is that this is exactly the plan, even as the EU floods your lands with Islamic Arabs and Pakistanies. Destruction of Greece is the agenda.

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