Wednesday, September 24, 2014

On a Side Note

On a short side note, I am happy to see that my blog has really hit the trolls where it hurts. The out pouring of hatred and loathing and stupidity by the trolls is incredible. I must be tieing up a whole company of trolls, feeding off of the Western serf tits. You do not see most of the comments, because I filter them and their daily filth does not make it through. I allow the occasional, non-filthy fool through to demonstrate the retards in action.

And now some videos for food for thought. These images will never make it to the main stream television of the West, why should they? They do not support the Big Lie of the West.

This clip is dedicated to the Defenders of Novorossia, be they Russians of Donbass, Russians of Russia, Belarussians, Serbs, Bulgarians, Ossessians, Chechens, Armenians, Israeli Jews, or the many other volunteers of Europe who have come: Poles, Spaniards, Frenchmen, Romanians, Italians, etc.

Вставай, Новороссия!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Marches of War and Peace: Or a Tale of Russia's Degenerate Fifth Column

Marches of War and Peace

Last Sunday, Russia experienced a dozen political marches by the Liberal fifth column and counter marches. Most were only a few hundred to a thousand or so demonstrators, but the Moscow march got as many as 26-30 thousand protesters. Not much in a city of 15 million.

The marches were dubbed the March For Peace, though in all truth that was not exactly the point. The counter marches, the Western prestitutes dubbed the March for War, also a lie.

As a side note: what does the Junta do to such marches? As a sign of good European values, it beats and murders them. Just like Kiev shut off Brussels' Euronews for daring to also show the suffering in Donbass. Good European values....from Kiev am their European puppets.

First, why Sunday morning and specifically this Sunday. Easy: Russian patriots tend to be religious people and not only was this Sunday a church service day, but it was also the birthday of the Mary, Mother of God (Christ). This in turn cut down on the contra demonstrations.It is also the day of the Victory at Kulikovskoy, where in   1380 г.р. (год рождения or years from birth of Christ) Dmitry Donskoy on the Don River defeat an army of Mongols. This was the first great defeat for the Mongols and this March of Surrender is just more insult on to injury.

As for the demonstrators, their message: stop the war with Ukraine, oh and remove Putin. This is interesting on several levels:
1. Russia is not in a war with Ukraine, even if Russian volunteers, along with volunteers from all over the world, are fighting the nazis.
2. Putin's initiated and pushed for peace, however shaky is holding for a third week now.

They of course also failed to mention that Kiev started shooting first on pro-federalization protesters, Kiev's nazi battalions of mercenaries continue to fire and the US and EU are sponsoring them and their mass murder of civilians.

But of course, we all know that the US Fund for "Democracy" would support mentioning those points and our fifth column may be whores but as whores when bought they at least stay bought.

The below attached direct video of the demonstration is also interesting, particularly after the 1:40:00 mark. At 1:42:00-1:43:00 mark we see several EU flags waving. A Georgian flag here and there. The crowd chants "Ukraine we are with you". Does that mean they approve of bombing civilians, especially other Russians? Some undoubtedly do, others will say anything for money or power, but the majority are so mentally ill that they believe any word the West will speak against Russia because in their souls they despise Russia...but for some unknown reason will not immigrate out.

At the 1:45:30 mark the first NATO flag starts to make its appearance. At the 1:46:15 mark we see Right Sector flags. At the 1:46:20 mark these degenerates start chanting "Glory to Ukraine, Glory to Heros", which has been and still is the main chant of the Ukrainian Nazis. The only thing these degenerates do not is start screaming "Moscovites on the Knife" which is what normally follows the first chant. The NATO flag reappears again.

At the 1:46:48 briefly and again  at the 1:58:20 and onward mark we get the well organized NAZI elements of these Western sponsored "parades of the absurd". The echelon of Nazis marching and calling for revolution. By the 2:00:00 mark the Nazis and Anarchists and Pagans (those with the black flag with the sun symbols) are all chanting for "revolution". Here is the actual operation element of a US traitor's march.

At the 1:50 mark we hear the chants of what they are really there for: Russia without Putin. These are the paid for and the earnest idiots, fools, and traitors that wish to lick the boots of the West at any opportunity. These are the oh so intelligent people who are to intelligent and all knowing to learn the lessons of Serbia, Ukraine (first and second), Armenia, Georgia, Greece, Cyprus, Egypt, Libya, Syria and so on. This is no "peace" march, this is a capitulation to the West and a weak attempt at the destruction of Russia march.

At the 1:55:00 and forward mark we get the anarchist/neo-communist groupings with a big placard of "No war but class war" and their black anarchy flags, marching in a phalanx. At the 1:56 we get a whole echelon of Right Sector flags, which lays to death the claim by the lying Liberals that it was one such flag and they "missed it".

From the 2:00:30 mark, the camera man turns away from the Nazis, those are never good to show the world, and focuses on the crowd ahead. Right off the bat: the Georgian flag. Among the plethora of Ukrainian and some Russian flags is a, Lordy Lordy: a Polish flag and a NATO flag. Well if anyone was still in doubt. These are the people who, if NATO bombed Moscow and killed half their family, they would still greet them with bread and salt as liberators and friends.

I apologize but I could not stomach much more past all this, you dear readers, are free to continue.

This is the typical American attempt at revolution. The US runs two sets of camps: one for the useful idiot liberal whores who are good at getting people in the streets and are then quickly sacrificed when no longer needed. The second is for the hard core nazis, who the take over the revolution and carry it out I its American sponsored murderous extreme. This is no different in structure.

The difference is of course that this is Russia and not some mentally retarded European statelet.

Of a nation of 150 million, all that US monies brought out less then 40.000 nation wide. In many cities the contra demonstrations were bigger then the March of Whores.

In Moscow the counter demonstrators were not screaming for war, they were denouncing the March of Whores and Traitors for what they were. And while the MOWAT was screaming for capitulation and giving back Crimea to genocidal Ukraine, the patriots were screaming for the defense of the country from the same the grasp of Wall Street and London City.

Here is one such: Performance of Patriots. At the 1:20 mark it begins. The sign reads: March of Peace is March of Enablers of Murderers. They are chanting: For Russia for Donbass. People are calling out: Christ Has Risen. We will defeat (win). At the 06:20 mark, a man identifying himself as from Kiev says: I have come here to give warning. Moscovites, do not repeat our mistakes. Don't accept lies for truth.

Also the difference is that the patriot movement will not sit by idolly. If the government fails to disperse these fifth columnists then the patriots and in their ranks, the Cossacks, will.

There will be no repeat of Maidan. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

But Scotland, You Do Have A Choice

September 18th will be a day that will more than likely go down in the history of the United Kingdom as more traumatic then the loss of India and the American colonies put together. This date will seal the point that the UK is a bankrupt third rate European state unable to even control its own small island.

This is the date that the majority of Scots, and amongst them many Englishmen, will vote for independence from Downing Street 10 and the Queen. I place the Queen second because if the government was an actual Christian monarchy instead of a sleaze ridden oligarchy, this may not be happening.

The Great Joke of the past 3 years is turning for village idiot of Europe, David Cameron (yes he's even managed to beat out Hollande for that slot) into the blackest point of his less than stellar career. But why should a nation so ridden with incompetence not fall apart. It is ever at its weakest that governments and nations collapse, not during their strong days. So if there ever was any doubt that England is defunct, that it is broken, this is the bell weather of all bell weathers. And the markets are finally responding, with but a week to go: billions of pounds are gone instantly. After the start of all this, near its very end, David Cameron, one of the least popular humans alive for Scots, is going to visit those Scots and lecture them on why they can not and should not leave the union.

But while the British elite are in a panic, going from screaming mad to hubby dubby nice with flowers, the EU, that is the Germans, are sitting back and rubbing their clawed hands. Why?

Because if one follows the logic of the age of anti-Christian Europe, the Scots have one of only two choices: stay with the English and fall with the English when the pound turns to junk (well its already there for all intents and purposes) or leave and join the EU, the Eurozone and the pump and dump German/Wall Street scheme that destroyed, impoverished and handed over all assets in Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Spain, Portugal and next door neighbor Ireland.

The Germans really do not care so much for the Scots as for all that wealth in oil that will instantly become EU shared property. Furthermore, if the British and the Scots start shooting each other and blowing each other up, well that is a good addition, as it will weaken if not destroy the British, the last major hold out to the German Continental System, first espoused by Napoleon.

But Scots due have a third choice, one that makes the most sense and guarantees their security from either out right British invasion (and by backing the mass murderer Poroshenko in Kiev have set a precedent on what to do in Scotland) or German plundering: Join the Eurasian Union.

Yes, radical, but only if one is mired in the Western model. The Eurasian Union offers quite a bit for the Scots. One, it offers security. By allowing Russian troops to rent former British bases, the British will be clamped down and forced to stand down. They would not dare invade. Same goes for the EU. Thus a forced measure of guaranteeing Security for Scotland. It would also mean tens of billions of dollars in revenue.

Second, it guarantees that the Scots are free to do internally as they please. The Union is very conservative on states rights, that is the right of member countries to do as they please in their own borders: no social engineering or American dictates on what is acceptable and not in government.

Third, it guarantees to the Scots a very large and growing market for their goods, particularly their agricultural goods. Mutton is in high demand in Russia and with Australia under sanctions, the Scots are in a position to solidify their claim on the market, as well with their beef. Equally so for the now quite popular Scottish whiskies and beers.

Electronics and Textiles produced in Scotland would also be welcome in the giant market of the Eurasian Union. As the Union is set to expand with Armenia in October and a host of other nations lining up to either join outright or associate themselves with it: Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan. Meanwhile, India, Vietnam, Turkey, New Zealand, Israel, Egypt, Syria and others all want either association or free trade pacts.

And who can forget the quite generously spending Russian tourists. With membership in the Eurasian Union, Scotland would no longer have visa restrictions with Russia and the tourist dollars would simply pour in. As well, Scotland will find itself immune from the upcoming ban on European over flights of Russia, thus it will be able to keep lucrative routes to Asia.

So yes, Mr. and Mrs Scot, you do have a choice, a proper two step choice: 1. vote Yes on the 18th and 2. demand your MPs join the Eurasian Union.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

In Memory Eternal: Beslan 10 Years On

In Memory Eternal: Beslan

Every 1st September is a special holiday for us Russians, its the day children go to school and is celebrated with a "leneyka". This is a ceremony, mostly put on by the students themselves, with poetry reading, dance, singing, folk acts and so on, culminating in an 11th grader (our schools are 11 years long) carrying a 1st grader on his shoulders while the 1st grader rings the ceremonial first bell.

But ever since 2004, this day also brings with it another memory, the memory of Beslan. The small town in our province of North Ossessia, in which a school full of teachers, students and parents was taken hostage and then massacred. The loan police officer was quickly shot down as over 30 militants, half Arabs, half Chechens, all Sunni Jihadist Fanatics, charged in. They took over 1.000 hostages. 

These were the men of the Riyadus-Salikhin Battalion, sent by the now dead and damned Shamil Basayev, former minister of the military in the short lived Chechen "republic". He was a darling of the West and the Saudi/Qatar Jihad machine.

They quickly separated the men, took them upstairs and started shooting them. Then the rapes and torture started of the children and women. Equally during those 3 days of Hell, were the hostages denied water and food. All this in heat of over 32C. 

The gym was lined with explosives. When I saw on the coverage that several of the Jihadists were showing their faces, I told my wife, this is a suicide mission. She was in denial. Three days later an explosion rang out, one of the bombs in a basketball hoop had fallen down and detonated. A chaotic rush of spetnaz, regular military and every father with a rifle surged into the school to save as many lives as possible. The Islamic Sunni Jihadists started to massacre the civilians, mostly children. They gave no quarter. Three hundred thirty four hostages, half of them children, lost their lives (156). At least ten special forces also died, as well as 31 Jihadists.

Many men died that day, protecting the children with their bodies. One of this writer's best friend's spetnaz buddies sacrificed himself by covering children with his body. Even in the depth of this tragedy, the true Russian Christian warrior soul was on display.

It should be noted that the Western media used every term possible, but never the term terrorist, when describing these animals. The BBC was particular in 1. Calling them Separatists and 2. Never mentioning that the majority of these animals were Arabs not Chechens.

Chechen separatists had stormed the school on the Wednesday morning and were holding more than 1,000 children and adults hostage.

Or this entry from Wikipedia:

The Beslan school hostage crisis (also referred to as the Beslan school siege or Beslan massacre)[2][3][4] started the first of September 2004, lasted three days and involved the capture of over 1,100 people as hostages (including 777 children),[5] ending with the death of 334 people. The crisis began when a group of armed Islamic separatist militants

After so many years, the questions remain: who ordered Beslan? It was a paid for job. The terrorists had satellite phones and computers and were uploading snuff and rape films. The Arabs were in communications with other Arab speakers. The Saudis and Qataris are the usual suspects, as they are the financiers of Jihad world wide, and the US/UK/NATO are their guardians. Ex-President of Georgia and now American professor Saakashvili has also come under suspicion, as he regularly assisted Islamic Jihadists operating to the north of him and Georgia was and still is a den of CIA and Islamic operatives. 

In a world where spravidlivost ruled, those responsible, those who financed and those who provided military or political cover for the sponsors, would all be brought here and buried next to the graves of these children.

Many monuments have been built to the victims and survivors of Beslan, but the gymnasium remains and will always remain the main shrine to innocence lost. To the barbaric murder of hope, happiness and life, for even those that survived are scared and for those whose children died in that hot Hell on earth, a portion of their lives will always be soaked into the concrete of that building, like the blood that was spilt there.

The tree of Grief:

The crying boy:

The gymnasium

The new exterior of the crumbling gymnasium to protect this monument of loss.