Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Control of Food, the American Holodomor

Unlike popular belief, the Soviet Union did not set out to orchestrate the extermination of a large portion of the Ukrainian, southern Russian and Armenian populations, but set out or not, that is exactly what happened and nothing else could have come of it.

How so?

Simple: with the determination of controlling the agricultural economy and thus the peasant farmer, the Soviet Union laid the means and the ends of the humanitarian disaster that crippled it. It could not have happened otherwise.

On the one had, the Marxist state MUST control the peasants, there is simply no other solution. The farm families, far from the centralized and controlled world of the cities, tend to have traditional and independent points of view. They tend to be more religious and self reliant, all things that are poison to the modern Marxist, be he Leninist Fascist, Stalinist Communist or Anglo Third Way Socialist.

Thus to control the farmer is to place the final nail into any coffin of independence and self rule, for it is in the country side that rebellion breeds and spreads to the cities, it has always been so.

However, to put the farmer under strict controls is to destroy him, his will and his abilities and thus his production: food. The cities, when starving, become much more dangerous and thus the farmer, hampered from doing his work, must be squeezed further to support the cities and revolutions.

In America, the House has already passed the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act S.510 bill and only the Senate is left to pass their version and commingle them into a unified monstrosity. The bill is designed to destroy the small farmer in America, the very caste of people who is the most likely opposition to the control of the moneyed elites. Though the American small farmer is a dieing breed, with hundreds of thousands of families throwing in the towel over the past decade, he is not dieing out fast enough.

Furthermore, with various resurgences of concern over the second rate food and tasteless sustenance that major food farms and processors are throwing into the American gullet, the small local farmer has gotten a second, albate short lease on life. This bill will make sure that lease is done for. Organic food and the drive to not die of obesity or insulin shock at the age of 24, has proved a major market force and thus also a social force, that must be reckoned with and controlled, and in America, the land of the so called free, nothing is and everything is controlled by one over paid bureaucrat or another.

Under the guise of food safety, these farmers will be destroyed once and for all and an American version of the Soviet centralized food manufacturing and processing system will be created, with continuous shortages, occasional population control through starvation, whether intentional or not and so on. One small farmer recently commented to the Wall Street Journal as:

"I know people who have been small farmers for 25 to 30 years who are looking to get out of the business because food safety is becoming so alarmist."

The paperwork restrictions on farmers, the amount of effort to put in perfectly filled out copies or to face $500,000 fines on the first infraction, will guarantee that only the large agro giants are left standing in rather short order. On top of this the FDA will have full authority to dictate each and every detail of how food should be grown and under what conditions to the American farmer.

But this bill goes much further than that. It will, through bureaucratic oversight that even Stalin would be jealous of, preclude any growth, harvesting, sharing or selling of any food stuffs, from a small garden plot to a field or a green house, without the victim bending his knee to government oversight, control and of course payments, all in the name of food safety and freedom.

In quasi Stalinist form, which is the hall mark of the American Marxist regime of President Obama, and his enablers of the One Party Two Branch system of government, any food grown or sold or given or consumed outside of the bureaucratic oversight, will be considered illegal contraband, on the scale of drugs or people smuggled. However, until the open borders of the American south, these Federal laws will be enforced.

Indeed, the American frog is already in boiling water and this is his final chance to jump. My bet, from previous effects of the elite's control and the misdirection and destruction of the conservative will and anger, that the frog will not jump. Instead it will dream lazily about its so called freedoms, while sitting in its steel pot and boiling alive in the juices of its own self relevance.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Anglo-American Extermination of the Germans

The US/UK, the Anglo world, so loves to throw around the legends of the Red Army massacring the poor German people, as we conquered our enemies, while the US/UK brought the suffering masses, free of Hitler, the glory of their humanity and love.

One German journalist was recently quoted as saying that if one counted up all the supposed victims of the Red Army, in Germany, ever German would have had to be killed three times and then raped twice. It is, as always, open season on those who suffered the most under the Nazis and mum on those who suffered under the Anglo-Americans, such as the hundreds of thousands of rape victims in Sicily and Italy, the results of the English colonial forces.

Interesting how the Anglo-Americans have always refused to utter even a word about the 6 million, out eight million, civilians killed by bombings or of the over one million German POWs who died from 1945 to 1946, in the hands of the US/UK, or the forced starvation of the civilians in western Germany.

The few times they have, such as the Dresden bombings, they have worked to down play it or throw the blame on others. Dresden, by the way, was only the last of several dozen German cities that were fire bombed to absolute destruction, to murder, through fire storm, some five million German civilians. All done only by the Anglo-Americans. Soviet bombers aimed only at the German factories, not the German apartments. In 2009, a director of the American NGO Heritage, Ted Bromynd, blatantly stated that even the Dresden fire murder of 20,000 civilians was only done because of Soviet requests. How he explains the dozens of other cities and towns? Simply, he just does not acknowledge them.

"On this field were placed, maybe 200,000 or more. No barracks, no tents were here. Where, we were told, would they find so many tents? We lived on the naked earth. Those who had strength, dug themselves trenches, with their hands. We started to die off in September, rains came, people got sick in the thousands. There was almost no food to eat -- we caught mice to eat." bore witness Detrich Zaitst, as he showed historians around the field where he spent 1945. Detrich, now 80, was only a school boy who was pulled in to service on the last desperate days of the war, and after three days of war, surrendered to American forces. His camp on the Rein river was like dozens of others.

When asked about SS or Gestapo, Detrich responded: "There were none. Mostly there were young soldiers and teenagers like myself. Almost all combat capable units were thrown into the Eastern Front. Ten thousand people? (the official US quantity of those who died in these camps). Yes, in our camp alone, but probably died more. We had no toilets, soup from old roots, disentary. Look, I do not want to speak about this anymore. Some will accuse me of excusing Nazism."

In 1989, Canadian historian James Bacque published his book "Other Losses" which documented the million or more POWs who were murdered or "allowed" to die, by the Anglo-American forces. His book was attacked out right, and character assassination was the order of the day, however, none of his critics ever produced evidence to the contrary. Commander of Allied Forces, Dwight Eisenhower, placed the German POWs into a new category, one not covered by the Geneva Conventions: Disarmed Enemy Forces, which in turn allowed him to do as he pleased. So telling, in Bacque's book, that evidence has surfaced that interment records, with the names and identifications of these POWs were already being destroyed by the end of 1945.

The accuracy of Bacque's numbers, when the issue was Germans who died in NKVD camps, was confirmed, when the KGB archieves were opened and those crimes revealed. However, while the Anglo-Americans have no problem using that part of the work, they absolutely deny their cost of this crime. The uber voice of the American elites: the New York Times, was quoted on a review of the book as stating: "Facts about Russians are absolutely the truth. They hated the Germans. But Americans were incapable of acting in this way with the Germans."

Thus, out of the 5,5 million POWs, over one million, or 20% died, and all after the end of the war, absolutely a war crime. The USA acknowledges that only .15%, less than 1% died, a mind boggling difference. This is on the level of Nazi Holocust deniers who say only a few thousand died in the concentration camps, when some 12 million died.

Another book: After the Reich: The Brutal History of Allied Occupation, written by Giles MacDonogh - Basic Books, 2007, goes even further in its review of history in Western Germany. His work covers not just the POWs but the very civilians. In his Preface, MacDonogh says his purpose is to "expose the victorious Allies in their treatment of the enemy at peace, for in most cases it was not the criminals who were raped, starved, tortured or bludgeoned to death but women, children and old men."

MacDonogh tells us about the "30,000-40,000 prisoners sitting in the courtyard [at the Pioneers' Barracks in Worms] with no protection against the rain they froze." Is this not a war crime?

Additionally historian James Bacque tells us that "the comparison of the censuses has shown us that some 5.7 million people disappeared inside Germany between October 1946 - a year and a half after the war ended, and September 1950." These were census in the US/UK/French sectors.

Bacque tells: "General Eisenhower sent out an 'urgent courier' throughout the huge area that he commanded, making it a crime punishable by death for German civilians to feed prisoners. It was even a death-penalty crime to gather food together in one place to take it to prisoners." He says "the order was sent in German to the provincial governments, ordering them to distribute it immediately to local governments. Copies of the orders were discovered recently in several villages near the Rhine."

In Silesia, "streams of civilians were forced from their homes at gunpoint." A priest estimated that a quarter of the German population of one Lower Silesian town killed itself, as entire families committed suicide together. Now, before one says, well that was eastern Germany, so that must be Russians, no, this was the work of "Nationalist" Poles, really basically Fascist Marxists, who were in power at that short time in history, before being driven out by Communist Marxists. But than again, these were the same Poles who created a fascist dictatorship in 1926 and ran gulags for Orthodox Christians, while allying themselves with Hitler from 1936-1938, to get a chunk of Czeck.

In 1947, due to the mass starvations in western Germany, the Germans came to refer to that year as Hungerjahr, the "year of hunger,", though these conditions persisted well into the middle of 1948. People ate dogs, cats, rats, frogs, snails, nettles, acorns, dandelion roots and wild mushrooms in a feverish effort to survive. In 1946, the calories provided in the U.S. Zone of Germany dropped to 1,313 by March 18 from the mere 1,550 provided earlier. Victor Gollancz, a British and Jewish author and publisher, objected that "we are starving the Germans." Senator Homer Capehart of Indiana in a speech to the U. S. Senate on February 5, 1946, similarly voiced his outrage: "For nine months now this administration has been carrying on a deliberate policy of mass starvation."

When the Red Cross, Quakers, Mennonites and others wanted to bring in food, their donations were denied entry and redirected to other parts of Europe. In the American zone of Berlin, "it was American policy that nothing should be given away and everything should be thrown away.

Bacque says "foreign relief agencies were prevented from sending food from abroad; Red Cross food trains were sent back to Switzerland; all foreign governments were denied permission to send food to German civilians; fertilizer production was sharply reduced The fishing fleet was kept in port while people starved."[Bacque, Crimes and Mercies, p. 91.]

The Anglo-elites got their booty too, of course, in more ways than one: from material goods to a removal of future competition:
The British royal family received Goering's yacht, and the British zone of Germany was stripped of "plants that might later offer competition with British industries." MacDonogh

Thankfully, the true Anglo-American plan for the German people was stopped well short, in 1947-8. Keeling, in Gruesome Harvest, says that by seeking "the permanent destruction of Germany's industrial heartland" it would have had as an "ineluctable consequence the death through starvation and disease of millions and tens of millions of Germans.[Keeling, Gruesome Harvest, p. VI.]

It is true, the Red Army raped hundreds of thousands of women, it is a black mark upon our people and soldiers, though, however it is also understandable, considering that most of those Red Army soldiers had seen first hand the corpses of the twenty million Soviet women and children murdered by the Nazis. That part is always left out. However, to the positive, they did not murder in kind and how ever horrid rape may be, it is a far cry from out and out genocide.

But luckily for the Americans and English, they did not need to rape though to a much lesser degree there was still many incidents. As described by Christian Century for December 5, 1945: "The American provost marshal said that rape represents no problem for the military police because 'a bit of food, a bar of chocolate, or a bar of soap seems to make rape unnecessary.'" [Keeling, Gruesome Harvest, p. 64.]

Arthur Jacobs, a US citizen, of German parents, who immigrated to the USA in 1928, and who himself had spent 22 years serving in the US Airforce, retiring in 1973, had this to say about his own German war time experience and that of his brother: The family was taken and held for some time at Ellis Island near the end of the war, and was then interned for seven months at the Crystal City Internment Camp in Texas, where they were well treated.
They were "voluntarily repatriated" to Germany, after being threatened with deportation in October 1945, several months after Germany's surrender.
When they arrived in Germany, Jacobs' mother was sent to one camp, the father and two sons to another. Yes, US citizens, deported to starve with the rest of those of their "blood" in war camps that operated strictly post war. This is very similar to what happened to Japanese Americans, though legally, they were never citizens of the US at that time, no matter how many generations. It was only in the 1950s that Japanese and Chinese were finally allowed to become American citizens.

The camp where Jacobs, his father and brother were at was at Ludwigsburg was in effect a holding centre pending release. "At breakfast we received one glass of 'grey' milk and one slice of black bread. There was no lunch meal." At supper, "each person received one bowl of soup..., mostly water flavoured by bouillon. There were no second helpings I always had hunger pangs."

These US citizens were released from camps in late 1946 but were not allowed to return to the US, having to move to relatives in the British zone of occupation. Jacobs and his brother were brought to an Arizona ranch in October 1947, adopted by another American family, leaving their American citizen parents in Germany. It was 11 years before they saw their parents again.

Thus is it any wonder, that while the Yanks and Limes, in their revisionist arrogance, throw rocks, boulders and missiles around in their glass palaces, the Russian and German people are busy forgiving and building bridges to each other.

Fall Out of the Fires: End of a Political Dynasty

Now that things have settled down and the fires are being extinguished, the fog is lifting, it is time to assign the blame to the local politicians, that they have so well earned. These officials either failed to prepare properly or failed to act intelligently for the public good.

As the federal officials rush to rebuild villages, in record time, replacing old wooden construction with new modern European houses, it came to air that some of the local authorities are at it again: stealing funds. Prime Minister Putin was caught on video by journalists, loosing his legendary cool, as he berated several officials who claimed their people, in their districts, had no complaints or wants.

Still, of all the officials on the oblast (province) level, non are so famous as the Moscow Mayor, Uri Luzkov. Luzkov and his family are a political and economic force to be reckoned with and in many ways feared. However, his performance, or rather the lack of, during this crisis, may have finally broken the political portion of his power.

Luzkov, in the middle of the worst heat wave in 200 years, with people collapsing left and right, took off to the provinces, to save his bees, on his estate. When it was discovered, by local journalists, that the mayor of Moscow was missing and on vacation, an embarrassed Luzkhov returned.

Now, a month after the disasters, various points are coming to light, displaying the corruption that has brewed in recent years under his rule. For example, NTV channel brought up the fact that Luzkov's administration spent 105 million rubles on invalids, helping with air conditioning centers and 256 million to save the honey bees.

This revelation, in turn, has unleashed a pent up wave of allegations of corruption and cronyism against him. Channel One aired a story about the insane costs of road construction, in Moscow, where the vast majority of the funds go directly into the pockets of Luzkov's friends and families. In one 500m project, the average price was 10 million rubles per meter. Like wise, Channel Rassia discussed the thousand buildings in Moscow that were demolished, many with historic significance, to make way for pet construction projects and special deals for insiders.

Luzkov has to be given credit for his work to rebuild Moscow, he has done a lot to push Moscow into the list of global metropolises. However, his recent years have been of stagnation and corruption. Its time to leave, bow out with grace and be remembered for something else.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Plan Kavkaz -- План Кавказ

Plan Kavkaz, a documentary that aired a while back on Russia 1, that details how the CIA, the US government, with backing from the UK, France and Saudi Arabia, launched a Jihad against Russia, in an effort to break apart Russia. An effort handled by the cabal of wicked leaders, starting with Bush Sr, through Clinton and Bush Jr and for that matter, may still be quite active under Obama.

It is in Russian and is based on interviews with former idealists who helped run this and are now disgusted with themselves.

Welcome to Survival: America, a 2nd World Nation

Recently, I was reading an article, at Economic Collapse Can A Family Of Four Survive On A Middle Class Income In America Today? on how the median American income of $50k (big money in Russia, but its all a matter of local costs) can no longer sustain a family of four, without crossing over into debt acquisition on a monthly basis. Very informative on the numbers. Of course, I have already known these statistics, but most Russians would find them shocking, those still harbouring some fantasy ideas about life in the US/UK, amidst flowing milk, honey and unicorns running on rainbows. Reality, as most in the know, know, is anything but.

What really caught my eye, were the comments, not of those who affirmed that the numbers were correct and they and their quality of life were sinking, but in those who denied this and showed how "well" they survived:

Andrew writes
My family of four has been surviving on ONE income of $45,000 (or less) for more than 10 years, and in the (overall) most expensive state in the union, New York. It can be done. First, lose the new cars, you don’t need them. Second, the food bills are too high, cut there. Cut the cable/dish and the internet. These are only the first places to cut. I’ve experienced two pay cuts totally 15% in the last 15 months, so, things are tight. If I have to I start cutting, or, get a second job (which I do have, now).

Mitch writes

We have two old cars–paid for, but of course it costs money to keep them running safely. We bought a house a few years ago for 100k–15yr mortgage, and have around 1k monthly payment when you include property taxes and the like. Gasoline prices and food prices have hit fairly hard in the past few years–and even with summer gardens and the like we can’t keep our food bill as low as we could years ago.

We have no credit card debt–as we worked extra part-time jobs for years to pay off our credit card debt and save up cash for cars and down-payment on our ‘nothing-special’ 100k house.

We feel like the working poor and have for this entire decade, we eat out once a month (that being a take out pizza/or chinese) and never go to movies anymore–but rather play board games as a family or other things that don’t cost money. We have no cable and no fancy cell-phones. It seems to us that we were taken for a ride, working for the last 15 years–to be doing only slightly better than many welfare people.

I am a single parent with two teen daughters. We are scratching by on my income of $28k. No cell phones, no cable/satellite tv. We still have the internet. Costs are cut by hanging clothes up outside (reduce electricity), a large garden and a few laying hens. Squeaking by is the name of the game. School loans are on deferment atm and medical bills are not getting paid.

Lisa Z wrote:
Your numbers are almost exactly our life! We live in small city Minnesota, and were successfully living on one income of (now) about 50k per year. We are okay with living simply, purchased a home 6 years ago and used car below our income guidelines, and we make purchases very frugally. Our mortgage and escrow are about 1k/month. Groceries, etc. for our family of 2 adults, a DS13 and DD11, are $400-500/month because that’s all we’ve got (very difficult to do esp. as the kids get older, but we manage by cooking nearly all from scratch, gardening, freezing and canning, etc.)

The biggest problem is our health insurance has risen exponentially to where it’s keeping us from doing anything but getting by. It’s now $600/month to cover our family of four with a small deductible plan. My husband is a teacher so that’s a group plan. This can’t go on. Saving up for the deductible is nearly impossible.

Taxes and mandatory pension plan mean net income is only $2800/month. We can’t contribute much to the economy, that’s for sure. We have taken extra jobs–a first for me, a second for hubby–just to pay for choir for DD, horseback riding therapy for our autistic DS, small vacations to visit grandma/grandpa, etc. Those things absolutely can’t come out of our main income. Everything is a struggle these days. We’re still well fed. We’re still covered by a decent roof, and we’re dressed (in 2ndhand clothes mostly). But we’re treading water upstream and it’s more and more difficult every day, with pay freezes in the school district that won’t end anytime soon

Agoraphobic Plumber:
Those of you who are claiming $50K isn’t enough…have you ever been to a garage sale to buy clothes and household items? It’s dirt cheap. I picked up a leather jacket nearly brand new for $5. You can get canning supplies and equipment the same way for nearly nothing. Grow a really nice (huge if you have the room) garden for nearly nothing if you compost and use heritage seeds. Save a ton by buying in bulk. Cook most things from scratch.

NEVER buy a new car, and always pay cash. Drive a junker if need be…I do. I live in outstate MN and $1000/month will buy you an UNBELIEVABLE home. You can get by on half that for a 3BR, 2BA home, possibly with acreage if you can get a deal.

There are people here who have built ponds and stocked them with fish, keep bees, have small orchards and can the product, heat their houses mostly with wood they cut themselves and so on.

Bob Bois writes:
It’s not so much that you can’t make it on 50K on a monthly basis. That can be done with a little foresight and frugality. But forget about putting anything away for retirement at that rate. In fact, the middle class should just forget about retirement completely. As a concept, retirement is a relatively new development affecting a tiny percentage of the global population.

t’s a nightmare out there isn’t it?
my husband and I get by on his one income. We manage by growing much of our own food and i can and dehydrate as well. we keep our util. bill quite low by being diligent and turning things off all the time.
it can be done, but who wants to spend their lives scraping and scratching just to get by to continue living like that day after day.
there just has to be more to life than figuring out which mega rich corporation we are going to send money to this week

It is absolutely possible to live on $50,000 a year for a family of four!! We are a family of 4 living on about HALF that amount! I stay home with the kids too! We bought a reasonably priced home, have 2 decent vehicles with no payments, no credit card debt, no student loans, no cable tv (who has time for that with kids to care for?.) We grow alot of food in our garden and can/freeze it to help cut grocery costs. I breastfeed and use cloth diapers. I buy 95% of the kids clothing second-hand (good stuff too!)We even have to pay for our own health insurance that goes up every year. I do everything I possibly can to make things myself from scratch. It takes alot of work, but we are doing it and we don’t feel like we are living without. We are even able to save money and pay cash for large items (furniture, appliances, vehicles, etc.) We ARE lucky to not live in the city and have the extra expenses they have. Although city folks can do alot of the things we do!

Well, I congratulate those who are making it, or rather surviving, by living more and more like their great grandparents, in the early days of the Industrial Revolution. When the so-called Richest Nation in the World has its average family living on par with someone 40 years prior, that is not Rich it is 2nd World at best. Sure, not being in debt is very important, but it says something when the average wage of the average person can not adequately feed a person and his spouse and two children and their cloths are bought from other poor people, who are a bit more poor and selling off what they own to stay above destitute.

America has now arrived or just about arrived at where we were in the 1990s.

Get real worried when you see grandmothers, on street corners, selling petro out of old soda bottles.

Friday, September 10, 2010

The Kaffir of America

Just like some Jews, Poles, Russians and Gypsies, themselves in concentration camps, worked for the Nazis to keep the other inmates in line, so do the Kaffir governments of the West for the ever more radicalized and emboldened Islamic fronts of the world.

With tens of billions of petro dollars flowing in, buying out one self loathing Western elitist after another, is it any wonder the West is lost and the Orthodox will be force to one day reChristianize those future 3rd World hellholes?

Case in point, the US, the second most Islamicized nation in the West, after the UK and its capital Londonistan, of course.

Many Americans, themselves Godless or with a weak protestant faith (40,000 to choose from, pick your flavour), are easy pickings for a stronger culture and more unified front. Themselves, nothing but empty vessels for propaganda, be it government or Islamic, are being converted in droves, while hundreds of thousands of Muslims from some of the most radical areas of the world, flood into the US.

In NYC, Islam is about to put the second great monument to 911. I will remind you, that the Russian government and people 911 and the Enemy Who Mourned for America were the first and only party to put a memorial to 911 in the area of NYC, actually located across the river and never reported by the Russophobic American press....who wants to be embarrassed by those "subhuman" Russians, when the US itself does not give enough of a damn about its own people to even put up a small memorial, 10 years after the fact?

The second great monument will be a bit different from the first and to a different set of "victims". The second monument, right at Ground Zero, the location of the former World Trade Center, will be a 13 story Islamic culture center and Mosque, honouring those who gave their lives to make this "conquest", that is the Jihadists. Furthermore, it will be named the Cordoba House. Most Americans are a clueless bunch and that is not going to change, so they will totally gloss over the name. The Islamics, however, are not and know exactly what this means. Cordoba was the first Spanish city, during the Islamic Jihad of Spain, to have the first big mosque built in it, after its conquest. Get the point now?

While the majority of the public is angry, though there are plenty of appeasers, especially amongst the ideologue Left, who will be the first to be decapitated if they do not convert, when Shari comes....don't worry, being moraless, spineless, Godless swine, they will convert in droves, the majority of American politicians, from the first American Sunni President, to his golf buddy and mayor of NYC Bloomberg, are voicing their love and support of the idea.

Again, they demonstrate in their "democracy" that the will of the serfs is not a will and not something to be paid anymore attention to then a passing thunderstorm and not even much of one at that. Further, they demonstrate again, that Islamic petro dollars are worth much more than throw away peasants, who are already being replaced and out bread by new arrivals from the third world, arrivals much easier to control.

Is this striking home yet?

Then comes news, now spread around the world, by the government owned media of America, that some small time, village church and preacher, are planning on burning Korans, not that Islamics do not burn Bibles on a daily basis, somewhere in the world. True, they usually do it while burning the churches themselves and as often packed with Christians, but we'll ignore those facts.

The entire elite and money of the top 1% of America has landed on this small time preacher and pounced up and down on him. From the Sunni President, to various agents of corruption in the US Congress, to even generals, all claiming he will be the reason for whole new waves of Jihad....yup, this small village nobody is going to be the reason for the next hundred years of Jihad...heck, he may even become the reason for the past 1400 years of Jihad. Why not? The silly empty vessels of the American public will buy it all up....the TV told them so, after all.

The man has even been visited and threatened by the FBI. Freedom of speech? Freedom of assembly? Yes, keep telling us all how free you are, the best kind of prisoners, the ones who do not even realize their lot in life.

And, of course, this is the US we are dealing with, right behind these jewels of shillism and subservience to Mecca, comes this gem: Military burns unsolicited Bibles sent to Afghanistan That's correct, dear readers, while burning Islam's holy book is evil and bad, bad....the US government takes it upon itself to get rid of a few extra Christian Holy Books...after all, the Christian serfs and slaves back home do not matter and the soldiers doing this evil deed? Well, they were just following orders.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Why Should Russia Bare Responsibility for Soviet Crimes

Many in Washington and Brussels and their re-Nazified satellites in the Baltics will be a gasp at these words. So much the better, in this era of Western revisionism of the historic truth.

Never mind that we, Russians, were the first and last victims of a foreignly sponsored, traitorous revolution, whose roots are firmly in the cities of NYC and London. Never mind that they stole our gold, while acting like allies and only gave our White Guard half the bullets while feeding the Marxist beast the rest, to make sure the Marxist Beast, which had in turn offered them the rape of Russian resources, would win.

Never mind that these same Luciferians elevated Hitler and started World War Two, while companies and men like Henry Ford and the Ford Corporation or GM through Opel, continued manufacturing Nazi war equipment through 1945, utilizing our women and children as slave labour. And these are the Heroes of the West?

So why should Russia bare responsibility for this? Never mind that the core shock troops of Lenin were the Latvian Rifles. That Trotsky brought American cash and a US citizenship, that Stalin and Beria were Georgians, Khrushchev a Ukrainian, that 14 other republics were part of the Soviet Union. Or that the Vatican covered up Soviet atrocities throughout the 1920s in its blind hope to "make" Russians Catholic.

It is of course convenient for the Western elites to try to lay the blame on the head of Russians, the one force they still fear that is near enough to them, all the while they court the other former parts through bribes and revolutions.

The West likes to ignore that its first bastard Marxist child, the Soviet Union, was first and foremost directed at the destruction of Russian faith and culture and in truth in the destruction of our very identity.

Now these carpet baggers and their puppets in the Baltics and Georgia demand compensation? Why is it, that Russians, being only 60% of the Soviet population and underrepresented in the government, took on the responsibility of the entire Soviet debt, from which the outlaying republics benefited the most? Why is it that Russia was responsible for all treaty obligations and not Ukraine? Or Georgia? Or nah say, Latvia? Or at least their portion of it?

The West loves collective victimhood, especially when they as usual are the ones throwing stones while ignoring their own history. Just as they continue to propagandize the Serbs, the biggest victims of ethnic cleansing in Europe of the past 50 years, as the criminals, so too do they attempt to blame the Gulags on Russians. Where is the blame for Red Felix and his Poles? Where is the blame on the Jews (the Marxists whose names are struck from Jewish text books least they learn that like all other races they have both good and evil) or the Georgians or the Latvians and Ukrainians?

Similarly, Polish fascism (Poland was the 2nd fascist state of Europe, 1926), their concentration camps for the Orthodox Christians prior to WW2 and for Germans in 1946, are ignored, as is their alliance to Hitler from 1937-1938. Ignore, buried and denied, by the very same groups who than turn around and accuse us.

At last our leadership has stood up to this evil from the Western Elites. To long we have been like the stupid Anglo-American serfs beaten on the heads for slavery that ended 150 years ago. No more.

Our leaders have finally woke up from the stupor of self hatred the West has continuously thrown at us. They are adopting a universal declaration disclaiming all responsability for moral, legal and financial actions of the Soviet Union, domestic and foreign. Duma Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Konstantin Kosachev, a leading United Russia voice on foreign affairs has spearheaded this move. Bravo.

It is 10 years later than it should have come. Ten years, since that drunk and Western puppet Yeltsin would have never amounted to this.

But this must be taken further, with the full de-Marxinization of Russia. All traces of the Soviets must be purged. Their party heads and the party itself must be brought up on trial for treasonous crimes against the Russian people.

It is well past time that these criminals pay and that proper responsibility be laid at the feet of their mothers, the Western elites.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Who Owns the US Dollar

At first glance, this would seem like a rather silly, stupid and pointless question. Why, the average person would answer, the American people own it. Or rather, if one had to get more technical, the American government, which is in turn, being a Republic, owned by the people, one in the same.

But, as most such simple seeming things in life, the truth is neither simple or straight forward and the answer is neither silly, stupid or pointless, but indeed is critical to the well being of nations and hundreds of millions if not billions of people.

For the truth of it, neither the people of America nor the government of America owns the US dollar. How’s that, you say? Well, if one was to really dive just a bit deeper, before hitting the rocks just under the US greenback pond, one would quickly discover that the actual US dollar has not existed since 1913, where it was effectively killed. What is now called the US dollar is actually a Federal Reserve Note, says it right at the top of each bill. Why does that matter? Read on.

First of all, a US dollar, as something before 1913, was an instrument of wealth. That piece of paper, or just as common a gold or silver coin, had actual worth, anywhere in the world. It was worth its weight in gold, be it actual gold or paper. A Reserve Note, on the other hand, is a debt instrument, which not only is not wealth but is the opposite of wealth. Its very existence is a sucking sound on wealth, wealth being transferred, in this case not to the poor masses (as defined by defunct and unworking Marxism) but to the top 1% (equally defunct and unworking, but its only now starting to go that way).

How is that you say? Why quite simple, but for that answer, again, we must follow the rabbit down the rabbit hole.

The Federal Reserve, unbeknownst to many outside the US and almost everyone in the US, is NOT a Federal, that is, government entity. It is about as governmental as Federal Express. In truth, it is a wholly private, untraded, and thus unsupervised, banking corporation, with a secret cabal of owners. One can assess some of those probable owners by those corporations/banks who were bailed out, while others were allowed to die.

Effectively, this private banking concern, the only one of its kind in the world, has the exclusive right to make the US dollar, or rather the Federal Reserve Notes (debt) called the US dollar, the one and only legal tender of America. Now, when the US government wants or needs money, it can not simply “have” money. Put aside the notions about not starting the printing presses and so on, the simple fact is, not only can the US government NOT coin currency, it can not just have it either. Remember, these are Reserve (debt) Notes.

So, when the US government wants money, the Treasury Department prints bonds (promissory notes aka debt obligations) and “sells” these to the Federal Reserve (private banking concern), which than “gives” the US government Federal Reserve Notes (tender). Thus the money the US government and thus in turn, the US people and all peoples and nations in the world who hold dollars (and why do you think they push these on the world so much?) are debt instruments owed to the Federal Reserve, by the holders. Thus, sooner or later you must return them, plus a percentage. Of course, to the Federal Reserve, the percentage is better.

But, let us take this one step further, and here is the really scary part. To note, no one’s logic ever seems to go this far, so for many, this may be your final Eureka moment, when you figure out just how screwed and owned you really are.

If the only legal tender is the Federal Reserve Note and it must be paid back at its face value plus percent, again, in Federal Reserve Notes, well how do you do it? Let me explain. If the Fed offers you (like a crack dealer) $100 million Federal Reserve Notes and you must pay it back, sooner or later with a 2% add on, thus, let us say, in 1 year, you will owe and must pay $102 million Federal Reserve Notes, well, how do you do it? Simply put, you only have $100 million, where do you get the other $2 million Federal Reserve Notes? You can not print them, you can not mint them, well, you have no choice but to ask the Federal Reserve to print them. Thus you get your $2 million more to pay back the debt, but that itself has a 2% attachment, that again, you must ask the Fed to print and at a percentage and so on into perpetuity….well not really, because in a rather short order, the Fed and its owners will own everything.

Rarely has so brilliant and patient a ponzy scheme been dreamed up than this.

And by exporting it overseas, they are sucking in the rest of the world’s finance, into their ever greedy, chubby and purely evil little hands.

So, leaders of the world, why the bloody Hell, are you giving away the future of your peoples and nations to this tiny group of American parasites, who have already bleed the US dead dry, where the top 1% holds over 60% of that nation’s raw wealth?

Cut them off and starve the beast.