Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pro Monarchy Quotes

Much wisdom, by people far wiser than I, has been said over the ages, about the noble institution of monarchy. With little more adu, I hand it to my readers to contemplate such wisdoms.

"For every monarchy overthrown the sky becomes less brilliant, because it loses a star. A republic is ugliness set free." ~Anatole France

"The president of a republic is as though you pick a player from one of two teams and make him umpire." ~Czar Simeon II of Bulgaria

"A country without a monarchy is like a body without a soal" -Maria Vladimirovna, Grand Duchess of Russia

Democracy... while it lasts is more bloody than either aristocracy or monarchy. Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There is never a democracy that did not commit suicide. --
John Adams

In fact, after having abolished the monarchy, the best of all governments, [the French Revolution] had transferred all the public power to the people — the people... ever easy to deceive and to lead into every excess ~Pope Pius VI, Pourquoi Notre Voix

I am a true servant of my King and country, not only as a dutiful subject but because I am a convinced monarchist, politically and intellectually. I mean by that, quite apart from myself and my relationship to my Bavarian and German fatherland, I believe monarchy to be the most successful form of government that the history of mankind has known. ~Adolf von Harnier

In Italy they are already speaking about a republic, but keep in mind that there is nothing less suited to Italians...... The Italians are individualists and a republic will become the cause of confusion and disorder. Certainly of corruption. I have no doubt of it. When all this comes to pass who will profit from it? ~King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy

If a nation does not want a monarchy, change the nations mind. If a nation does not need a monarchy, change the nations needs. ~Jan Christian Smuts, Prime Minister of South Africa

Constitutions become the ultimate tyranny. They're organized power on such a scale as to be overwhelming. The constitution is social power mobilized and it has no conscience. It can crush the highest and the lowest, removing all dignity and individuality. It has an unstable balance point and no limitations. I, however, have limitations. In my desire to provide an ultimate protection for my people, I forbid a constitution. ~Frank Herbert's "Dune Messiah"

Pietas prevailed, and out of the blood of Caesar the monarchy was born. ~Sir Ronald Syme

I've spent a bit of time with the Prince of Wales, who I respect greatly. I'd give two cheers for the Monarchy.

The best reason why Monarchy is a strong government is, that it is an intelligible government. The mass of mankind understand it, and they hardly anywhere in the world understand any other.
Walter Bagehot

The monarchy unites us; the republic would divide us.
Francesco Crispi

"It is not well that there should be many masters."- Odysseus

Hereditary monarchy offers numerous advantages for America. It is the only form of government able to unify a heterogeneous people. Thanks to centuries of dynastic marriage, the family tree of every royal house is an ethnic grab bag with something for everybody. We need this badly; America is the only country in the world where you can suffer culture shock without leaving home. We can't go on much longer depending upon disasters like Pearl Harbor and the Iranian hostage-taking to "bring us together." Florence King

He who wearies of a king can weary of a father.
Pierre Corneille

There is nothing about which I am more anxious than my country, and for its sake I am willing to die ten deaths, if that be possible
Elizabeth 1

"It's all to do with the training: you can do a lot if you're properly trained." - Queen Elizabeth II

"Honour all [men]. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honour the king." 1 Peter 2:17

"The tendency of an advanced civilization is in truth monarchy." - Benjamin Disraeli

"Anyone who has walked through the deserted palaces of Versailles or Vienna realise how much of a part of the life of a nation is lost when a monarchy is abolished. If buckingham palace and windsor castle were transformed into museums, if one politician competed against another for president of the republic, Britain would be a sadder and less interesting place. Our politicians are not men such as could challenge more than a thousand years of history." - William Rees-Mogg

"Monarchy is the barrier against the power of idiots in large numbers

"I would rather obey a fine lion, much stronger than myself, than two hundred rats of my own species." -Voltaire

Monarchy can easily be debunked, but watch the faces, mark well the debunkers. These are the men whose taproot in Eden has been cut: whom no rumour of the polyphony, the dance, can reach - men to whom pebbles laid in a row are more beautiful than an arch. Yet even if they desire mere equality they cannot reach it. Where men are forbidden to honour a king they honour millionaires, athletes or film stars instead: even famous prostitutes or gangsters. For spiritual nature, like bodily nature, will be served; deny it food and it will gobble poison. -C S Lewis.

A land with out a king is a land with out a father, a land with out a leader in times of crisis, and a land with out guide. Democracy means that the children get to kill each other as long as most of them want to.

The character of Kings is sacred; their persons are inviolable; they are the anointed of the Lord, if not with sacred oil, at least by virtue of their office. Their power is broad---based upon the Will of God, and not on the shifting sands of the people's will...They will be spoken of with becoming reverence, instead of being in public estimation fitting butts for all foul tongues. It becomes a sacrilege to violate their persons, and every indignity offered to them in word or act, becomes an indignity offered to God Himself. It is this view of Kingly rule that alone can keep alive in a scoffing and licentious age the spirit of ancient loyalty, that spirit begotten of faith, combining in itself obedience, reverence, and love for the majesty of kings which was at once a bond of social union, an incentive to noble daring, and a salt to purify the heart from its grosser tendencies, preserving it from all that is mean, selfish, and contemptible " -- Archbishop John Healy of Tuam, Ireland

Friday, March 16, 2012

America's New Official Exports

America's New Official Exports

You think you've seen all the yanks have to offer the world? Gangsta rap, almost naked skanks with lack luster singing voices, chemical soup that is passes of as food? How about unsustainable debt or "corruption free" finance built on mortgage backed derivatives backed by liar loans? Endless war in the name of democracy and in the cause of Islamic Jihad?

Not enough? Well i have two more for you, dear reader, and both of these will take your breath away. Not satisfied with mass murder of the living with bombs and rockets or the musically bent corruption of foreign youth with Christless mass media, America has found two new causes in the midst of it over due collapse to poison the world with: state backed infanticide and official homosexuality.

Yes dear reader, the Christless Masionic hyperventilating power has found another way to make sure everyone burns in Hell and Americans can be despised and hated just a little bit more, throughout the world. All of this on the bankrupt US government dole, no less.

Neighbor, buy an abortionist sodomite's bonds so we can make sure that you and your children have a fiery ever after, just like us.

What am I talking about?

Well, the US government sponsored pseudo business, otherwise known as abortion mills: planned parenthood, has gone international. The org started by Margaret Sanger (she called it her Negro Project at the time) as a way for minorities in America to self exterminate, has now, with the US taxpaying serfs as partners, gone world wide. Last year was a record year for the infanticide on order delivery business. Yes it good to be sponsored by Satan's own reserve currency.

If there is any doubt, of the organization's purpose, here are two quotes from the founder:

It [charity] encourages the healthier and more normal sections of the world to shoulder the burden of unthinking and indiscriminate fecundity of others; which brings with it, as I think the reader must agree, a dead weight of human waste. Instead of decreasing and aiming to eliminate the stocks that are most detrimental to the future of the race and the world, it tends to render them to a menacing degree dominant. Ibid., 116-117.

It now remains for the U.S. government to set a sensible example to the world by offering a bonus or yearly pension to all obviously unfit parents who allow themselves to be sterilized by harmless and scientific means. In this way the moron and the diseased would have no posterity to inherit their unhappy condition. The number of the feeble-minded would decrease and a heavy burden would be lifted from the shoulders of the fit.Margaret Sanger, “The Function of Sterilization,” The Birth Control Review, October 1926, 299

Then there is the new and improved mission of the US State Department, the protection and promotion of Homosexuality and Homosexuals exclusive to all else. In reference to this, Hillary Clinton, the Secretary of State, was quoted as saying:
"Now, there is still, as you all know, much more to be done to secure that commitment, that reality, and progress for all people. Today, I want to talk about the work we have left to do to protect one group of people whose human rights are still denied in too many parts of the world today. In many ways, they are an invisible minority. They are arrested, beaten, terrorized, even executed. Many are treated with contempt and violence by their fellow citizens while authorities empowered to protect the look the other way or, too often, even join in the abuse…I am talking about gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people, human beings born free and given bestowed equality and dignity, who have a right to claim that, which is now one of the remaining human rights challenges of our time. Now, raising this issue, I know, is sensitive for many people and that the obstacles standing in the way of protecting the human rights of LGBT people rest on deeply held personal, political, cultural, and religious beliefs. Some suggest that gay rights and human rights are separate and distinct, but in fact they are one and the same.”
She backed this up by adding that the US would spend $3 million on propaganda for the LGBT cause and the full weight of American diplomacy (and thus military) to defend this sin of sins.

Obama followed up Clinton by ordering overseas US offices to fight anti-gay violence AND any anti-Gay or rather limiting of gay "expression" propaganda. This includes fighting the anti-child perversion and pornography laws passed in St.Petersburg, Russia, that forbid homosexual propaganda in public places that can effect children.

To the American elites, than, the well being of children comes second to that of the perverted adults and their "rights" and what comes even further down the line, is national sovereignty, something the Americans are incapable of recognizing or giving a damn about.

But at least, along with fighting anti-homosexual laws, Obama gave an order to simplify the immigration process for Homosexuals, giving them the status of refugees, to America. Fine, let them leave us and leave our children in peace than. I am sure the average American must simply be "thrilled" at this news...but than again, the average American is clueless as to what is going on in his own yard, let alone what his "transparent" and "attentive" government says and does.

Indeed, the American elites are the embodiment of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse. The rider of war, brings us destruction all over the globe and every year. Now they give us the Riders of Plague and Death, by spreading a diseased lifestyle that carries with it infections, disease and a life span that in the US averages only 45 years (the homosexual lifestyle), as well as the death of the innocents through abortion and eugenics. Only famine is left, and even that is underway through such agents of the US elite as Monsento.

Evil has truly been loosened from its cage, upon humanity.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Russian/Slavic Patriotic Unionist RAP

Leave to Russians and other Slavs to take that US export, gangsta rap, a music form about ass and cash, drugs and guns and nothing much more than that and turn it into something patriotic, pro Rus and PanSlavic purposes.

Here, for your listening pleasures:

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Is Russia Taking Her Rightful Place: Defender of the Faith?

Is Russia Taking Her Rightful Place: Defender of the Faith?

As I first mentioned in The Third Rome, A Heavy Responsibility", Russia, the Third Rome, has always had the responsibility of protecting the Christians, particularly the Orthodox Christians in Islamic lands.

To that end we went to war with Turkey on numerous occasions, to first stop their slave raids and then to free our Bulgarian, Romanian, Serbia, Greek, Armenian and Assyrian Orthodox brothers. Even before that, the Turks feared to act to rashly least they brought the wraith of the Tsars. The only times they felts encouraged was when they had a Western power on their side.

Even while Russia was weak, it sent its troops to fight. Half the Polish army that relieved Vienna from the Sultan's siege, was Russian.

In the Caucuses, Russia practiced counter raids with the Chechens and then conquest and occupation, when they would not stop slaving the Georgian and Armenian Orthodox, both protectorates of the Russian throne. There were also two wars with Persia and the conquest of Khiva for those same reasons.

Indeed, it was not until Russia was removed, in the form of civil war and Bolshevism, by US banking elites and US socialist "do-gooder" politicians, that true prosecution of Christians began. It was then that the Turks, armed by the US and their new ally Lenin, murdered the second half million Armenians, half million Assyrians and two million Iotolan Greeks.

Since those black days in the first quarter of the 20th century, the lot of Christianity has fallen drastically across the world. The so called Christian powers: US, UK, France, Germany, support one Islamic jihad after another, conveniently pulling out their "free" press to avoid scenes of mass Christian murders. No need the rubes having to much on their brains.

And os, it is with great pleasure that I read in RIA that Vladimir Putin, when presented with the bare facts of Christian persecution, with the facts that a Christian dies every five minutes, presented by Metropolitan Hilarion, foreign relation chief of the Russian Orthodox Church, agreed to defend them.

In specific, Metropolitan Hilarion asked for President-Elect Putin to defend and protect Christians. This includes in the "free" towns of Syria, where US/UK backed Islamic Jihadist fanatics are already on their usual murderous deranged Islamic jihads. Why wait till you win a civil war to kill those Orthodox and Catholic Christians?

Taking up the mantel that was held by the Tsars will help give back to Russia that national idea she once had. Instead of having to swallow half regurgitated ideas from other cultures that never fit and rot their parent countries out, here is Russia's chance: the National Idea of Christian Orthodox stability, temperance, vitality and strength, as well as conservatism in culture and morality.

We will see what Putin brings us in the next six years, but he must be kept to his word and the Islamic barbarians, feasting on the blood of Christian martyrs, while sitting in their mud brick huts and houses, must know why to fear the North Wind.