Thursday, May 30, 2013

War ON Terror Is Over, The War FOR Islamic Terrorism Has Only Just Begun

War ON Terror Is Over, The War FOR Islamic Terrorism Has Only Just Begun

The American regime's strongman, Sheik Obama has declared that the war on terror has ended. Yup, all over, the ill begotten war on a tactic is done.

However, the American jihad for the enlargement of the Calliph, through Islamic Sunni terrorism, genocide and enslavement of humanity has only just begun.

Obama and his lackeys, Cameron the Clown and Bonopart Hollande, have declared it their mission to arm the Syrian Free Army, that is fighting (and losing) to make Syria Free of all minorities, non psycho Sunni view points and all logic, wisdom and any future. Be they into murdering their war prisoners, having 8 year olds beheading surrendered enemies, frying the heads of the enemy dead, sending suicide bombers to butcher women and children or as is now being reported (and to the glee of such Obama enablers as Manchurian McCaine or Gay Rights Graham)  the murder of a whole Christian village.

That last one will definitely earn them a few million more from the pockets of the dumbed down and unemployed American dhimmies. What's the going rate on Christian scalps for Uncle Jihad and his American terror enablers?

The West, while enslaving their own people at an unprecedented rate in a post Hitlerian era (and the tyrants came to power with about as much resistance as Hitler: none) are falling all over themselves to arm every radical they can find, be they Egypt, Bosnia, Albania, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iraq or now Syria's would be new owners.

The future will be interesting times and Obama and his international gaggle of criminals are out to make sure it's a Christianless Green future....the Green of Islamic Caliphate.

Congratulations American, you really did it this time.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Truly Sad State of Affairs but There is Hope in the World

A Truly Sad State of Affairs but There is Hope in the World

Friday, May 24, 2013

The Double Standard of Western Tolerance

The Double Standard of Western Tolerance

The West loves to point out our endless "primitiveness" and "intolerances". They make an art form of nit picking of our backwardness, all the while painting themselves as the angles of all things humane and tolerant. Unfortunately for the West, the truth plays out always and it is rarely as the West would like it to appear.

Two recent cases in point: Pussy Riot and Femin.

We are all to familiar with Pussy Riot as a case, though the West may have miscalculated on that one, as usual. The assault upon the Church by militant and desperate to stay real net atheism has shown how deep the roots of the Faith and Church now run. The population as a whole came to defense of the agency of God, the preserver of our culture and tradition.

But what of the Europeans? When a similar group hit a Catholic cathedral in Germany: instant arrest and up to two years in prison. Must have come as quite an embarrassment to the Iron Chancellor, who had just criticized President Putin on the same thing, almost as much of an embarrassment as the opening of her Communist agitprop past.

Than there was the Finnish case, where the defendants, aiming to spill urine on the alter of an Orthodox cathedral, never even made it to the church before arrest and facing up to 3 years.

And now as if on queue we have Femin rearing it's pretty breasts and empty heads.

Ever since committing sacrilege against the memory of thousands murdered by Cheka and the NKVD in Kiev, the head of Femin and and the center of their operations has moved to Europe. So now it's our moral "betters" who must deal with them. And the response?

From being pepper sprayed and beaten by angry Parisian conservative crowds and arrested by the police to being beaten and arrested by the German polizie, the poor dimwitted breastikles are facing up to 4 years in prison in France to up to 10 years in Germany for insulting the Iron Chancellor and an international guest (in this case Putin).

So where is that famed Western tolerance? Thought so.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Death of Creativity

Death of Creativity
There are many signs of a dieing society. Note, I say society, not economy, as economic collapses come and go but a culture or society can endure and even grow stronger. However, one of the signs of digressions is visible in the creative arts that that society produces.
For example, from stick figures to Greco-Roman anatomically correct statues and then again to stick figures on tapestries, that was the rise and fall of man's society in central and western Europe, running into the long and dark ages.
It took quite a bit of time to recover from that and once again bring up the masters of the Renaissance and on. Their art work is of such quality that it seems to leap right out or rather allow the viewer to walk right into the living painting.
However, over the past 100 years and accelerated now, art has been in collapse. As the core of the Western society has turned to a puss filled pulp, its creative juices have dried out. What passes for art now, appropriately named "Modern Art" is an eye sore at best and an example of talentless, self degrading society, lost of any wisdom and self governance.
What are/were some of the more "celebrated" works of the past two decades? The Piss Christ? The Dung Madonna? Or the traveling German ghoul fest of partially dissected preserved corpses in various poses. Blank mono-colour canvases, Picasso "portraits"? This is what passes for high art?
So equally is the West dead in Music. True, Music, for the most part, continued to flourish and grow, while the visual arts putrefied, but one will always catch up to the other, eventually and so it has.
In the 20th century, the West gave us Jazz, Blues, Disco, Rock, Heavy Metal, Grunge, Rap (not sure if that should be on this list). There were aborted developments too, like Electric, but over all, things grew, new areas were explored. But what has come out in the past 15 years? Nothing. No new movements, nothing new.
Yes, corporate music, created in a cubical, playing the same tunes with hired on singers, has continued to march on, and not just march on, but dominate the field, along with its side kick of debasing gangsta rap. And the message of all these songs of the past decade and a half? Is it songs about love of motherland? Duty? Love? No, of course not, its all about "f**king like a bunch of animals"...."We're nothing but mammals so lets do it like they do it on the Discovery Channel". That's right, absolute debasement of the human soul.
Much is the same for the art of the big screen and little screen. Soulless debasement of humanity.
Anything that shines any kind of "newness" is always pulled in from other, more vibrant cultures, but in the long run it falls on deaf ears and dead hearts, in a West whose soul has died a long time ago.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Христос Воскресе!

Со светлым Празником Пасхи!

May the wander of this most important day of our Orthodox Christian faith stay with all of you for the whole of the year, to be rekindled again and again form many decades to come, each and every year.

May God touch your hearts and your lives and bring you strength and wisdom.

It was a great pleasure to return after our midnight service, at our local church, which survived the Soviets, even if it was used as a warehouse, and to turn on the telik to see half the channels live broadcasting the extended prayer service in Christ the Savior (or other major cathedrals), while several of the others were playing various Passion movies. Interestingly, most of these Passion movies were American made, from the 1950s and 60s, back when America's Hollywood produced fairs that the family could actually watch.

I will write more later.

Christ Has Risen!
Хрїстóсъ воскрéсе!
Хрыстос уваскрос!
Христос възкресе!
Krist uskrsnu! 
Kristus je vzkříšen!
Chrystus zmartwychwstał!
Христос васкрсе!
Քրիստոս յարեաւ ի մեռելոց՜ Օրհնեալ է Յարութիւնն Քրիստոսի՜
Kristus er opstanden!
Kristus is opstien!
Christ ist erstanden!
Christus is opgestaan!
Kristus är uppstånden!
Christ est ressuscité!
Cristo è risorto
Hristos a înviat!
¡Cristo ha resucitado!
Atgyfododd Crist!
İsa dirildi! Hakikaten dirildi!
Məsih dirildi!
그리스도께서 부활하셨네!
Christos tensiou!
המשיח קם!