Saturday, November 30, 2013

America's Total Anti-Christian Decent

America's Total Anti-Christian Decent

America has long been on the road of godless material marxism, but this year a new offensive and killing blow was struck. 

Everyone knows now about the insanity of the American Black Friday consumption orgy, where tens of millions of Americans turn into something equivalent to hunger maddened Somali refugees as they bash out doors, bash out windows and on occasion bash out each other, to get their hands on "super" deals for material goods, goods most of them can not afford and can not pay back credit on.
But like all such orgies, the baby comes a bit later, in the form of a payment bill.

However, at least up to that point, most Americans still had a rational, family oriented holiday in the form of Thanksgiving. But no more.

From this year and I am sure going forward forever, the doors of the stores open on the actual holiday. Some as early as 1800, which means, right in the middle of the big dinner. Americans must now decide what is more important to them: God (when they rarely remember Him), family or a super new pair of Nike shoes named after some prima dona basket ball player.

Well we all know how that choice will go. Million of Americans instantly made the decision to chuck God and Family right out the dumpster with the cold turkey and to fight their fellow gluttons for some new clink to show off to their equally, soulless, Christless zombie neighbors.

A zombie is a most accurate description: a mindless, soulless consumption machine and this day of Thanksgiving, has shown us what the Protestant Economy leads everyone to: a zombie state, a damned on earth mentality of Marxist Materialism.

And as if starving and fighting for survival, brawls and stabbings have broken out all over the US in various stores and megastores. The body count was already starting role in, even during the middle of the night. If this is what debtor broke, but still fed, America is like, while the lights are still on and the food, even if bought on government food allocation cards, is like, what will happen when/if the lights go out and the shipments stop?

And what of those few store managers who refused to force their employees to work on the actual holiday? Several load firings have ensued....not that the masses care, they got their about you?

Thursday, November 28, 2013

When Dealing With EU Hypocrites in Ukraine

When Dealing With EU Hypocrites in Ukraine

The Fourth Reich is at it again. The hypocrites of the Fourth Reich are once more demasked. There is a very long line of incidents that show the EU for what it really is, a wicked, expansionist dream of Hitler, growing with cash so far, instead of guns, but more than willing to use brute force as needed. A long line of incidents that points to how we should treat with these tyrants with big PR budgets.
We will go to the Eurozone, where no national referendums were held to determine if people populating these nations ever wanted to walk into the meat grinder of the Euro.

Then there was the farce vote for the Euro Constitution. All countries where the initial vote involved a voter referendum, such as Ireland, UK, France and Denmark, failed it, while the others, with a hand picked oligarchial "parliament" easily passed this 300+ page legalese monstrosity. Since it required all member states to agree, a revote was held, this one strictly in parliaments, well except in Ireland, where the Constitution specified referendum. So they voted and voted and between each vote, the EU fascists bought out one or two additional key groups until they got the results they wanted. 

Then there was the issue of the US missiles in Poland. Polish referendums showed a clear 68% majority against deployments. Luckily for the Polish "democrats", during the US urged Georgian instigated August 2008 war, the Americans threw the local elites $30 billion and off we went to the missile race. Obviously that money got shared around the EU elites in general, as none had an issue with this travesty of so called democracy. But then again, all the EU spy agencies were on the US payroll, betraying their people on a daily basis, so why should anyone be surprised?

Fast forward through a few dozen scandals, where the EU turned Greece, Cyprus and Italy into vassal states, controlling the first two's finances directly and installing puppet rulers in Italy, in breach of all democratic principles...surprised, right?

Then the EU, hiding behind the guise of NATO, destroyed the nation of Libya, led again by the French, turning the first nation of N.Africa into a murderous hellhole of chaos and clashing clans. They, along with the Americans, have backed one Islamic jihadist group after another, across the region, and were barely stopped from committing genocide in Syria.

Then the French population got Gay Marriage, even though 80% of the French were against it, what their president gave them in addition was tear gas, batons and water cannons. For some reason the same elite that is "powerless" to stop marauding Islamic gangs from terrorizing and murdering French citizens in frenzies of destruction, have no problem in crushing their own native citizens. Go figure. EU "democracy".

Along comes Snowden. The EU fascists claimed that they respected human rights, that is, until the UK's Guardian published Snowden's files and the UK MI5 burst into their offices and used power drills to destroy hard drives and servers that they believed contained the information and used KGB tactics to detain relatives and lovers of the journalists.

So no surprise that the Greek puppets of these Fascists went after the Golden Dawn party that holds some 20% of the parliament of Greece, with the aim to physically and judicially destroy these political upstarts. It has gotten so bad that Greek communist assassins are shooting down members of Golden Dawn in cold blood, while its leadership sits in jail on trumped up charges. Should it be of any surprise that the puppets of Brussels are doing nothing to find the assassins?

The actions against the Golden Dawn are ierly parallel to those of the UK against the British National Party and that of the Dutch against Geert Wilder. 

And now we come to Ukraine. The EU, after playing every card it had, including holding the money of the Ukrainian elites hostage, has lost this major round of the fight for Ukraine. It is of course "outraged" that Russia is playing its own game and better than the EU. 

The hypocrites of the EU are screaming mad, demanding that Russia stop its evil ways, even as it itself launches itself on a course to create a new colour revolution in Kiev. Instantly the tents, slogans and salaried student protesters show up, while Lithuania starts to threaten to close the border with Russia to Russian transport to our Kalinengrad.

One Financial Times article had the gaul to demand that the EU "help" Ukraine escape from us Russians. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, lets face reality, we are in an undeclared Cold War with the tyrants of Brussels, thus Berlin. We need to realize and start acting as such. This is a zero sum game. As such, it is time that Russia started assisting EU vassals to escape from the EU. Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania and Iceland are all prime candidates. It is time we gave them their own colour revolutions by supporting oppressed political and Christian religious movements.

Equally, it is time that not the EU but that we, through Gazprom, weened ourselves off of Europe. That gas should be providing next to free energy for our own use and for our industry, not feeding the pockets of Gazprom elites and their EU partners. Did you know Gazprom is the owner of a large amusement park in Germany, that it built...yet in its own native Russia, our Russia, we do not have a single modern or large amusement park. If Gazprom's Miller feels more German than Russian, by all means, get the bloody hell out.

Time Russia turned inward for its needs and let the Euros freeze this winter or suckle up to their new Arab Islamic masters and when the peasants have had enough and take up pitchforks, we must be there to give them aid.

That is how one deals with the Brussels post-Christian barbarians.

Friday, November 22, 2013

The Revolution in Europe Will Be Fabulous

The Revolution in Europe Will Be Fabulous

Ah, another month and another laugh track filled news stream from those wacky European Union fascists.
The latest will set the rotting Fourth Reich to a new level of gaydom.

In a land bereft of children, well White children, bereft of Christ and any shred of morality, the powers that be, have decided that not being able to be Fabulous and to flaunt it, as well as not being able to educate (read corrupt and recruit) children openly is a human rights violation.

As such, and without any input from the unimportant peasants of the Reich, but than again who cares what they want, the Reich masters have decided to open to the gates to all sodomites everywhere with a status of refugee. Best of all, those refugees are in for some real goodies: fully furnished apartments, tax payer paid for medical aid and stipends and all night access to bathhouses and rave bars....Fabulous.

How do the EU's huddled and austured masses feel about this? Well who really cares? Not that anyone asked them about it. Besides, if the peasants ever get uppity, well they'll just receive the Paris Socialist treatment: water cannons, batons, rubber bullets for those pesky Catholics and the portion of the 80% of the population against Gay Marriage.

But all is not lost. Many of these Fabulous sodomites will find jobs quite interesting jobs in EU interrogation teams and as re-educators of the little kiddies that fascists will be separating from their parents.

And as for us Russians? Well, having our openly and rebelliously famous Sodomites getting an all expense paid, first class ticket permanent relocation to the EU (and maybe the US) does not seem so bad. Sure, our lives won't be "Fabulous", just dreary and ordinary....but at least we do not have to worry about our kids getting brainwashed and recruited.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

The One Historic Soul-Essance of the Russian Race

Many Westerners are puzzled when they first come into contact with the Russian and then more closely the Russian Soul. As Winston Churchill put it famously: Russia is an enigma wrapped in a riddle.

In truth, it is because the souls of the Great Rus and those of other men are unlike each other, that the others can not understand us, understand our passions, our stubbornness, our incredible self sacrifice, our incredible faith in God and Motherland. Our fanaticism.

This is from the fact that the men of other lands, especially the West, are lost to their ancestors as their ancestors are lost to them. What the West is now is the Protestant (the Protesters) revolt against everything and structure. They revolt by practicing what they call "creative destruction" which, like the Communism, Fascism and Capitalism and other branches of Marxism that arose from these misguided fools, first and foremost destroys their roots. It first and foremost severs the soul line of the people to their ancestors and to future generations.

Thus Protestantism, is a short step to godlessness as Democracy is a short step to Marxism. It creates a soulless, godless, lost and bitter people, with no knowledge of whom they are and what they are, of God's plan. It corrupts the soul of the Church of Christ, even as it falsely calls itself the "true" and "only" believer in Christ.

And thus, with no soul-line to their ancestors, the West can not and will never understand the Great Rus. Unfortunately, most of the other Slavic tribes have fallen to this corruption, but not us. We have resisted, even if we were close to breaking under the Soviets and under the Western Capitalism. We are recovering and quickly and that scares the Devil's handmaidens in the West and the East.

We are the Great Rus, we have one unbroken line, our Soul-Line to our ancestors and to our future generations. We are one body, one soul. When we talk about our history, we do not talk simply of dates or names, we talk in the present, as it is we who won those battles and will win the future battles.

Our ancestors are alive to us, as we never die, we are always alive in the Body of Christ, our souls eternally His. Our union with our ancestors, through Christ, is unbroken, unbreakable. Their Glory is our Glory and our Glory is their Glory.

The same is with our Motherland, our Rodina. It is a great boon from God and the Third Rome is the final defense of the True Faith. For Two have Fallen and a Fourth there never will be. The Third Rome will NOT FALL and the First and Second Romes will be Liberated For Christ and His Church.

So know that the Great Rus, though we may still temporarily be divided in this day's political reality, are still one body, one soul in the Glory of Christ and the future is in our grasps.

Long Live the Glory of Christ, the Glory of the Third Rome, the Glory of the Great Rus united. May soon our 100 years of punishment end and the Tsar return to the Throne annotated to him by Christ, the KING of KINGS, the GLORY and Eternal HOPE of mankind.

Слава Господу, Слава России, Слава Царю.