Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

America Does Not Deserve Men Like Snowden

America Does Not Deserve Men Like Snowden

Nor does it deserve Manning or any of the dozens of others who are now imprisoned or dead for trying to expose the hypocrisy of the police state that is now their jailer or murderer and is your owner.

For you, Americans are an owned slave race, as few have ever been. As I closed in my well published, oft repeated article on American Capitalism, Gone With a Whimper

The proud American will go down into his slavery with out a fight, beating his chest and proclaiming to the world, how free he really is. The world will only snicker.

you truly are a slave mass, deeply sunk into your own illusions of freedom and self-righteousness to preach to the world how they should live.? Off of your examples? I hardly think so. It's a pathetic example.

What Snowden, Manning and others have been foolish about is actually believing those myths that you teach your children and in believing that if only they exposed the lies and hypocrisy of your rulers and owners,ou would in shook rise up and retake your mythical freedoms.

How absolutely wrong they were and are. We went into the slavery of Marxism, that your elites, coincidently funded and shilled for, with a brutal 4 year civil war that left five million dead. You go happily and quite willingly, as long as the state gives you goodies and missile footage to watch, your bread and circuses. 


One has only to scroll through the hundreds and thousands of postings on the various "conservative" forums to see what is meant by American conservatism: blind statist and obedience in the name of security from "them" and them is about any boogeyman the state media organs can create. The American "con"servative cares only really about 1- his paycheck, 2- being on the winning team of the One Party Two Branch System and 3- his self opinion as an AMERICAN...the kings of the world, which their media is more than happy to fill their heads with, so they don't notice that they have no jobs, everything is rotting and their kids can't read but are experienced at poking each other in the privy or bumm.

Men like Snowden should be given Russian citizenship, they are much more valuable than aging bloated French movie stars and deserve a better people to call their own.

Friday, July 5, 2013

American Abortionists Gone Mad

American Abortionists Gone Mad

No one said that those in the service of the Devil, while dancing over the Abyss, could or would retain their sanity. There is, further, nothing more evil in this world than the sacrifice of your children's lives for the material benefit of the parent(s). This I addressed in my post Modern Abortion, the Demonic Worship of Baal-Moloch

Now, in the land of the child genocide, where abortion or more properly, the murder of an unborn or about to be born child is legal to the very day of his birth, long after he is able to survive independently out side of the womb, this insanity is on full display.

All of this comes on the heels of the trial of the mass murdering abortion mill operator who butchered an untold number of babies born alive and at least one of his patients.

To be more precise, we are talking about the semi-autonomous American state of Texas, which prides itself on being conservative and God fearing. Yet it is this very state that has spawned some of the most outrageous Satanists in the West, and Satanists they truly are, read on.

The genisis of the insanity currently rocking Texas is a law making its way through the parliament of the state. This "shocking" law is aimed at banned late term abortions, that is abortions of the 7th month or later, when the child can survive on his own. Unlike the myth that has been generated by these murderous satanists, these abortions are never for medical reasons to save the mother's life, as the child birth can be induced and the child can survive, thus  ending the pregnancy early without murdering the child.

This righteous law, still to little, is being blocked by a few Satanists in the Texas parliament, using a silly Americanism called a fills buster that means that they just keep talking about what ever they want and thus do not allow a vote. Idiotic stupidity.

In support of the champions of Satan, a gathering of the insane has formed. Amongst the usual tactics, these Satanists have used tactics that have truly gone over the edge. 

First they began by drawing out the anti-abortionists who were praying by screaming "Hail Satan". Well at least they established their positions early on. Than they read lectures and instructions to women who want to murder their unborn but who have husbands or boyfriends who want to raise the child: embargo them of sex until they agree to the abortion (murder).

Then they took an even more radical move, by bringing in their children to hold signs. Children! Children that were lucky enough not to be murdered by the very parents that are now using them to continue the "right" of child sacrifice.

And the signs have been a doozy. From a little girl holding a sign that reads “If I wanted the government in my womb, I’d f— a senator." to a little boy with a sign "Stay Out of My Mommy’s Vagina.” and many many others in between.

Is there any other sign needed that the culture and example setter, as well as master of the German, British, French, Italian, Polish, Irish, Spanish slaves and vassals, is a demented, enraged and degenerate society hell bent on its own destruction, be it through cultural suicide, Gay everything, wars of no end, mass murder of Christians, arming of Islamic extremists or this mass murder of its own children?