Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Parting Words for the Year

Dear Readers, thank you for spending yet another roller coaster ride of a year with me. I will not do my annual predictions as the situation is way to fluid and the Empire of Chaos has taken its mask off and is riding across the world paving the way for the Four Horsemen.

I fear we are at the point of the first real shots being fired in this all to real war between the Masionic Grand Conspiracy and Rebellion against God and those few nations left defending conservatism and Christianity.

The sanctions of the West are of course a joke. The joke is that they could ever bend a people such as us Russians. The very fact that we have lived through the past 100 years and have not only not been destroyed or even bent but are still striving forward, should tell everyone these are pointless, except as the opening shots of an all to real conventional WW3.

Let us review the past 100 years of Russia. After 30 years of explosive growth and industrialization 1914 brought us WW1. From 1914-1917 we were fighting on 4 fronts. Then 1917 brought the Wall Street funded the deposition of the Tsar, the Temporary Authority and the Bolshevik Revolution and seizure of power. Then the civil war of 1918-1922 and the parallel Red Terror from 1919-1926. Stalin's rise to power and purges followed from 1932-1939, right in time for the start of the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945 and again follow up purges from 1946-1955. A short renewal and then set in the Soviet rot from 1970s to 1991. Collapse of the Soviet Union and collapse of Russia under Yeltsin  from 1991 to 1999 and the Islamic Jihad with its two Chechen Wars and acts of terror still going, the wars at least having calmed down from 1993-2003. Again a short renewal from the mid 2000s to 2014 and now we are at it again, with the Chaotics ever closing in to exterminate Christ from this world of men.

But we survived and we pushed forward, through all of this, so of course these silly sanctions which have already led to the first big waves of layoffs in Germany and much worse in France and the southern countries, will not stop us.

So it is that I go into this year of 2015 not with hope for humanity and more growth but with a hint of fear and a strong iron will that we will not be crushed or bent and that this year will see the real first shots of the war that can only be won outright.Why? Because if we settle for anything else, especially defeat, it will be a defeat that will destroy us, rob us of our resources, our culture and our God. So, it is a fight to the end.

I pray that I am wrong, that cooler, Christian minds will take the reigns of power from the little would-be godlings that rule America and the West.

In Christ, let us hope. But as they say, hope dies last and we prepare for war.

May this New Years be a memory of delight, one of company and family and merriment, dear readers, memories strong enough to over come the blackness that the American Regime pushes forth for all of us.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

What Russia (Doesn't) Makes

According to the all knowing, peacemaker Obama, Russia is a country that does not make anything.

Well, I will let you, dear readers, judge for yourselves. Everyone knows about our top rate military equipment, with many systems literally decades ahead of the West, but here is our non-military technology on display.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Porridge Admits to Mercenaries and Other News

Porridge Admits to Mercenaries and Other News

Its official, from the lips of Porridge and his goons, Western mercenaries are running loose in Ukraine and will be given citizenship.

What??? But...but...but we the Ukranazi regime have denied this for the past 10 months and have been backed by every half witted and worthless politician the West can muster from its gravy of mindless corruption and filth. How could this slip up occur?

It occurred as banely and absent mindedly as most of the decisions that come out of the prison of the human mind and soul that is the Ukrainian Rada (Parliament)...well at least those "original" thoughts that are not provided to them by Washington and its colonial governors sitting in Kiev.

In this case, it happened as Porridge was announcing the three new colonial masters given instant Ukrainian citizenship and ministries to run. See my previous post for more on this.

One of the field commanders come deputy (its much safer to fight the Novorossians from Kiev's Rada rather than a trench), declared to this "I have a thousand foreigners fighting in my battalion, what about them?" To that Porridge, just as mindlessly replied "Fine,we'll make them citizens too." All this in front of the journalists. Luckily the Western and Ukrainian journalists are the peak of their professional editing out any content unfit for the serfs.

And so, in one fell swoop, Ukraine has confirmed that it hired foreigners, that the NATO countries are already fighting WW3 vs Russia, using mercenary companies as their boots on the ground. Furthermore, this again underlines the illegality of the Porridge American dictatorship vs the shredded Ukrainian constitution. As this is an anti-terrorist operation, by declaration of Porridge himself, it quite specifies that no foreigners can take part in this. It further specifies that privately armed or privately raised volunteer organization can also NOT take part in an ATO.

The reason, of course, that Porridge can not call his attempted and failed genocide a civil war, is to do so would deny him additional IMF financial "aid" (read that as loans in exchange actual infrastructure and other assets, such as Ukraine's gold) that Porridge and his crew of corrupt oligarches can steal half of and spend the other half on genocide, while even his loyal subjects starve and freeze to death.

Again, the hypocrites in the West see nothing.

The Weather Says It All

Moscow has had yet another mild mild winter so far. Average daily temperatures are between +3 to -5C, with only a short cold front. Meanwhile Kiev's temperatures until this week were in the 0 to -8C day range, just now warming up to around Moscow's.

Heating is of course mostly off and so is electricity, as the coal has run out. Which does raise the question of why Russia is willing to sell these bastards coal. Poland of course refused, well refused to give its coal away, even though it has mountains of it not being used. It did offer its bastard child to pay for it with the funds that Porridge does not have (well he has them, they are just missing in his personal bank account). As for the South African coal deal, that is off.

After giving themselves a nice $10 kick back off of a $93/ton cost (market costs are $83/ton) the Porridge American puppets than stiffed SA on payment for the first shipments, which means: NO MORE COAL FOR YOU!

Ukrainian Heroes Strike in Sydney

To commemorate the coming of the Chocolate Messiah, Ukrainian-Australian "heroes" struck the Russian and Serbian sections of Sydney's cemetery, destroying 76 grave stones, many of White officers and cossacks. The local Cossack association is offering a large sum of money for the identity of these bastards. Retribution will be harsh, I am sure.

Christmas Trees for Novorossia

A new social movement and fund are taking packages, gifts and monetary donations to help the people and children of Novorossia. Several trucks of toys, gifts and Christmas trees are already prepared for delivery this week and the aim is for a half dozen more 20 toners to head to the Donbass before 31 Dec 2014. "Елка в Новороссию" and the fund of Pavel Astahov are collecting monies for LNR and DNR. It should be noted that Chechnya and Koluga are the two oblasts that have given the most.

Foreigners are also sending in, so all you supporters of the fight against the Globalist Hobgoblins, give and help these children. Send your gifts the Russian Children's Omnabondsman, Miysskoy Ploshad, d7 str1, Moscow, Russia.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Ukraine: From Vassal to Colony In One Easy Step

Ukraine: From Vassal to Colony In One Easy Step

Throughout the history of humanity, most nations or peoples became colonial possessions of another nation through open warfare and defeat. Ukraine is one of the very few exceptions: its warfare and defeat has been a civil war against its own but its real defeat is the sell out, yet again, by the same group of oligarchs, yet again. Due to the majority of the people of Ukraine beating their chests and bleating about their freedom, independence and so on while holding their heads down and being herded by the same masters for the past 23 years, Ukraine, the dead failed state of Europe (though there is a long line of candidates for 2nd place) has fully sold itself.

Never before has a nation sold itself so surely into bondage as Ukraine and its latest Oligarchial CIA puppet, Petroshenko...aka Porridge or Porky. The Candy King has shown himself to be the Washington Strumpet and the NATO Quisling. Even in Norway, for Hitler's pet Quisling to come to power, Germany had to actually conquer the country, that is, to actually fight. In Ukraine, Biden, the not so gray cardinal of Ukrainian real power, has gotten it without so much as a fart.

Yesterday, the first of three foreigners were granted instant citizenship and became heads of three ministries. That is correct, Soros owned people, were given instant citizenship, without giving up their US, Latvian and Georgian citizenships and pronounced top ministers in the government. Each with his or her own rich portfolio of corruption, of course.

The first is Natalie Jaresko, a US citizen, head of the Kiev based Horizon Capital Investments, will now run the Ministry of Finance. What is not mentioned is that she is also a former State Department official who will have control over the funds that the IMF, itself a puppet organization, will give Ukraine. She will also control the terms of those deals. In other words, she is the agent direct of the whole sale of Ukrainian property that is about to take place. I am sure her rewards will be staggering.

The second is Aivaras Abromavicius, a Lithuanian citizen, a former top executive at East Capital. He addressed the Rada stating: "I'm from Europe. We will work together European style." A so, staggering socialism, corruption with a good Public Relations machine to hide a "gentler" tyranny. He will head the Economics Ministry. Again, the money and assets are further confirmed into the hands of Western foreigners.

Lastly is the US educated Alexander Kvitashvili, who under Saakashvilli, with US monies "reformed" the Georgian medical system. He opened dozens of clinics and hospitals and only later did it come out that in many cases he was moving the same equipment from one opening to another, while funds for the rest of the equipment was disappearing. The present Georgian government has an open criminal case against him and others in his ministry. He is now head of the Public Health Ministry in Ukraine, ready to repeat his "successes". Oh, did I mention he studied under a Soros grant?

“The tender commission, based on illegal support from Pruidze affected the state by offering the preparation for a three-fold inflated price. This step damaged the State Budget by GEL 700 000 as a whole. Moreover, the commission neglected the GPC Company’s participation in the tender which was offering the medicine at a cheaper price,” General Prosecutor’s Office had stated. Pruidze, who denies the charges, served as Deputy Healthcare Minister from 2004 and was dismissed a few weeks before Alexander Kvitashvili’s resignation from the post of Healthcare Minister on August 31 this year. 

The question to the dupes and dummies of the National Guard SS divisions and Svaboda and Right Sector parties is: is this what you fought for and are being herded off to die for in the Donbass? We are all quite aware that the IQ of the average Nazi is about 80 and that of the average Ukrainian Nazi even lower...but even through your slopped forebrows and ossified minds, a light of reality, that you have been sold out absolutely, must surely be making its mark.That you are now expected to die and be gone from the US territory of Ukraine, does not bother you? That as a territory on the level of Peurto Rico, Guam, Virgin Islands and other third world possessions, you do not even have the basic rights of the American sheeple, does not bother you? No wander the Poles, Austrians and Turks owned you for 500 years and only the Russians actually freed you.

On a side note, Porridge also granted instant citizenship to all those volunteers fighting in Ukraine against the Novorossians. Read that as legitimizing the Western mercenaries he has so denied employing. But why should the world even notice this.

My only remaining question is this: when will Merkel start anointing America's chosen to run the vassals "soon to be meat for the slaughter" colony of Germany? After all, in the up coming EU war on Russia, it is you Germans who will be the cannon fodder once again, a third attempt to exterminate the Germans.