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The Left's Self Destructive Crusade on European Christianity: aka Charge of the Pussy Riot Idiot Brigade

The Left's Self Destructive Crusade on European Christianity: aka Charge of the Pussy Riot Idiot Brigade
The radical left, brought to a foaming madness by the Pussy Riot circus, has gone on a "support Pussy Riot by attacking Christianity" rampage. Of course, this being the modern Left, a mental illness that for swares rational discourse for juvenile acts of violence 
Inside of Russia, almost a dozen churches have been defaced and crosses cut down. Just this weekend, 3 crosses in Chelyabinsk and one in Arkhangelsk were sawed down. The Arkhangelsk cross was a memorial cross similar to the Kiev cross. This is following the FEMEN (a neo-Bolshevik Ukrainian boob squad of air headed brain dead women, whose one claim to fame above the rest of the zombified Leftists is that they let their tits hang out to get attention...really, just a bunch of attention starved juveniles) destruction of a Kiev memorial cross, dedicated to the tens of thousands of victims of the KGB murdered at that spot.
Not only have the Ukrainian officials failed to hold these FEMEN vandals and Bolsheviks to account, but they have allowed them to run free and continue the damage. As a matter of fact, Anna Shevchenko has called on a continuation of these destructions in support of Pussy Riot against Putin. Now, at this point, one might ask, if one had logic about him, how destroying Christian religious symbols in nations that are vastly majority Christian is going to create sympathy for the plight of other Christian hating "protesters"? But than again, we are dealing with Emotion driven Leftists, who are as repulsed to logic as bacterium to anti-biotics. As such, Pussy Riot is simply the call to arms to attack the Christian faith, which these bastards, these murderous, when given the chance, bastards and soulless cowards, despise.
Vsevolod Chaplin, the liaison between the Russian Church and the government, had this to say: "These actions speak clearly about the moral values of those who are encroaching on the church. By these symbolic actions, they are tyring to impose their will over the majority of the people."
Exactly. The same tactics they used in the lead up to the Revolution and in the 1920s, until they just started mass murdering those who opposed them. That a rebirth, led by the rotting Western intellectuals and entertainment whores, has taken place, should not be a surprise. The US, after all, is the biggest exporter of culture to the planet, the last true American export, and the vast majority of it is soulless, base, savages and morale-less. When was the last time an American product caused one to contemplate a deeper, harder to resolve, morality? No its all about hoes and money, baby...liven da pimpen style...so don ba haten, biatch.
Of course, the Left has not figured out that this is not 1917 or 1905 and the former Soviet states and those of Eastern Europe, unlike the brain dead terminal West, have a very good memory of what it is that these neo-Bolshaviks are offering and no one is buying. What they do not realize further, is that history is cyclical, working in long circles, not the straight and brainless march to the Left as the Marxists teach. At this point in the cycle, Russia is revitalizing as a CHRISTIAN super power, and will resume her role as Protector of the Faith. So attacking the faith is actually only going to work out for us all the better. The Orthodox Church was built on the bones of its martyrs and when ever it is attacked or repressed it flourishes all the more, as even the barely religious suddenly feel the attack in their breast and rally to the Faith.
Father Vasily, village priest of Vnukovo, where one of the attacks took place, summarized it as this: "All of our churchgoers are educated people, and while they look at the Pussy Riot action with a bit of humor, they are observing these actions against the crosses with deep sense of sadness."
Already an Orthodox party is being registered in Russia, a combination of the Autocratic Russia and the Union of Orthodox Citizens. “We are registering a party that will struggle for the revitalization of Russia and our country’s traditions that were lost after the criminal Bolshevik coup,” Autocratic Russia leader Dmitry Merkulov said.“We want the [Orthodox] Church to enhance its role in the life of our state,”
FEMEN called its attack on the memorial cross a "Trash Prayer" and that they and their chainsaws are coming for Putin and the Orthodox Church. What these fellow travelers on the idiot highway of Leftism are about to find out is that the country(ies) they live in are not the delusion of their echo chamber group think. The countries they live in are Christian religious, conservative and that their assault on crosses, churches and Christianity and thus on the Rus culture will be met with more force than they could or would ever imagine in their craziest nightmares. Those who think they can export their "revolution" outside of Russia to other European nations, against the local Orthodox and Catholic churches, such as in Finland or Germany or Brazil, will and already have found out that the cops are much more brutal and the prison terms just as or much longer. Thankfully, for the Leftists there is always the UK and America to flood, the Christians there are to cowed to do anything about it.

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March of The Russian Tyranny

March of The Russian Tyranny

In a move sure to anger the Western priests of the almighty goddess Democracy, the ever cunning Russian tyrants have struck again. In all, they have subverted the Americans and English, proving yet once more, in a long stream of such proof, the lies that those "freedom" loving oligarchies and their pet medias spew.

By now you, dear reader, you must be asking in great anticipation, what, what, have those wicked and deceitful Russians, the Gog of American Protestant repressed fantasies, done this time.

 Why we took the English Hyde park, where anyone without a government license can go and have a political demonstration, with up to 2,000 participants, and doubled that idea. Hyde Park is already freedom that "free" Americans can not even dream about. In America all demonstration of one or a thousand, must have at least government sanction....and increasingly even all lemonade stands and yard sales are in that programme too.

But now, we Russians are doubling that concept. Starting January 2013, following renovations, Gorky Park and Park Sokolnikov will both be open to any all demonstrations without need for government permits, for up to 2,000 persons per park.

The US/EU financed opposition is less than happy about having their monopoly on demonstrations busted and have already voiced their disapproval of these evil moves. After all, Western backed demonstrations and revolutions are and were never about freedom but monopolistic control of society by the West and their Judical vassals.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Pussy Riot Roundup

A Pussy Riot Roundup

Well, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, our poor performance artists, who accidentally chose Christ the Savior Cathedral, for their latest stunt, and are sorry for it, got two years. What they are sorry for, is of course the 6 months pretrial and 24 month post trial detention. Neither they, nor their big brother group Voina and the rest of the neo-Bolshaviks they call family, care one whit about the private property they trespassed on. About the peace of the worshipers they desturbed. About the sanctity of anything that does not have something to do with their Satan and empty souls and getting their smug faces all over the world press.

By the way, you can go here to see what these tramps and anarchists are: having sex with a frozen chicken, burning police cars, assaulting people, throwing stray cats into restaurant kitchens, having orgies in biology museums (even when you are 4 days out from birthing your child)...all in the name of a "political" goal that is a typical leftist excuse for doing unto others as they please. The "freedom" of Satan. Voina's idiot gallery

But these little strumpets were not alone, oh no. The whole Western world came out to celebrate their depravity, well that is, those of the Western world who make decisions for the silent, spineless "conservative" masses who are always to busy to actually make a stand, outside of whining on a chat room forum.

In Ukraine, we had the vapid, clueless, spaghetti brained Femens cutting down a cross of Christ, with her tits swinging. You can never tell with the so called journalists, who give light to these mental light weights, if they are there just to see some blond bimbo with her tits hanging out or are actually "interested" in the "story/protest".

Again, like a good Western trained, mindless Leftist, she and her two butch dyke buddies, cared little about the fact that this was someone else's cross or that they would offend. That was and is their goal, the employment of Soviet tactics against religion, now with the full backing of the West. Neither of course did anyone in the media care to point that fact out, they were either to busy priding themselves on their open mindedness or staring at the blonde's tits.

But good men came forth and put a temporary cross up in the place of what these twits destroyed.

Of course, outside the West and the cultural vessels, in places like Brazil, even under a communist president, this sort of thing is hardly tolerated. Note the pain and shock on the face of the stupid Femen on the ground, finding out what Brazilian police enforcement is.

outside the Russian consulate in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Wednesday, Aug. 15, 2012

And of course all the top names of the West came out to support their fellow Leftist Pussy Riot goons. Madonna, the self righteous trollap of America, the one woman crusade to make talentless sluts and whores acceptable, read out a political speech, while pushing Homosexuality on minors, during concerts in St.Petersburg and Moscow, while stumping on an Orthodox cross. She also handed out pink armbands and then, against the law of propagandizing homosexuality to minors, screamed out: "If you are with me, I wanna see your pink armband. If you are with me, raise your arm and show your love and appreciation for the gay community. Are you with me?"

Luckily, we, in Russia, finally figured out how to properly hit back. Morality lectures to these corrupted fools are pointless. Pointing out their hypocrisies is pointless. Protesting them is pointless. What isn't pointless?  Sueing them and their sponsors for $10 million by a coalition of three parties: Union of Russian Citizens, the People's Assembly and the New Great Russia party.

Alexander Pochuyev, the lawyer representing the plaintiffs, answered Madonna the Cross Stumper's comment that he and the rest of us Russians who take offense to her Marxist Homosexuality and all around fascism are living in the dark ages, with the perfect retort:
"We are using civilized, modern methods to defend our rights. No one is burning anyone at the stake or carrying out an Inquisition," Pochuyev was quoted by RIA Novosti as saying. "Modern civilization requires tolerance and respect for different values."

One plaintiff, Darya Dedova, says, "She (Madonna) had been warned with words that she should behave in line with the law and she ignored it. So we will speak in the language of money. Of course, it is difficult to measure moral damages and suffering but maybe people who earn money regardless of moral rules will better understand this."http://www.starpulse.com/news/index.php/2012/08/18/madonna_sued_by_insulted_antigay_activ

Hear that you Fascist Homosexual slut? Tolerance is not just for you but everyone, something you can not and will never understand.

In Finland, a professor and head of the Political Science Department at the University of Helsinki,, one  Teivo Teivanen and his students, decided to do a copy cat crime, planning on smearing piss on the alter of  the Orthodox Cathedral of Assumption in Helsinki.

“A criminal case was launched under two articles of Finland’s Criminal Code: infringement on religion’s inviolability and hindering religious rites,” said human right activist Johan Baeckman, who was among a group of public figures who initiated the case. Finnish laws ban any attempt to hinder religious rites, as well as to wear masks in public places or organize unauthorized public events. http://en.rian.ru/world/20120815/175235190.html
 They face up to two years under Finish law. Of course not a critical word from the EU/US hypocrites, after all, these are Fins not barbaric Russians.

And in other news, the EU, ever hungry for our resources and our money to support their failed socialist economies and free spending, low working manners, were more than happy to pile on. Even the so called, Right of Center, Merkel, who heads a supposed conservative coalition, was more than happy to complain about the horrid prison sentence. Never mind that the same action in Germany would have fallen under hate speech laws (Section 130 of the Strafgesetzbuch, ection 130 makes it a crime to publicly incite hatred against parts of the population or to call for violent or arbitrary measures against them or to insult, maliciously slur or defame them in a manner violating their (constitutionally protected) human dignity. Thus for instance it is illegal to publicly call certain ethnic groups "maggots" or "freeloaders". Volksverhetzung is punishable in Germany even if committed abroad and even if committed by non-German citizens, if only the incitement of hatred takes effect within German territory,).

Well, is it illegal under German law for me to call Merkel a two faced hypocrite?

Poland even specifically single out as Hate Speech, those who offend the feelings of the religious by e.g. disturbing a religious ceremony or creating public calumny.

Canada is even worse, with punishment of up to 14 years in prison. (In Canada, advocating genocide[15] or inciting hatred[16] against any 'identifiable group' is an indictable offence under the Criminal Code of Canada with maximum prison terms of two to fourteen years. An 'identifiable group' is defined as 'any section of the public distinguished by colour, race, religion, ethnic origin or sexual orientation.' It makes exceptions for cases of statements of truth, and subjects of public debate and religious doctrine. The landmark judicial decision on the constitutionality of this law was R. v. Keegstra (1990).)

And so on. You get the point, dear reader, hypocricy of the West is alive and well.

Meanwhile, the Great Leader, the Big O of America, through his mouth piece, the electrician's reset Hillary, expressed their disappointment in the Russian court decision and the state of Freedom in Russia.  This, even as a Michigan street cop firing squad of six cops guns down a slightly deranged man, with a knife, who is 6 meters away from them, and has turned his back on them and is walking away. Over forty rounds were fired and of course not one of the executioners were or will be punished. Of course that his mother was an anti-police abuse activist, investigating a rash of previous police shootings, surely did not help the man's cause.

So as usual, from the morally decrepit,  Christless West and its silent "Christians" to busy to actually stand up for what they supposedly believe in, we get what we get and only what we can expect to get.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Of Monarchy and Democracy: Or the Goddess That Wasn't

Of Monarchy and Democracy: Or the Goddess That Wasn't

Recently while not far from the Chinese border, I received a fortune cookie that had a very interesting and very far reaching bit of wisdom:

That which is the philosophy of one generation is the common sense of the next.

Think about that, ponder it and then think of your own gut reactions when I tell you about monarchy and why it is not just the best form of government but also the inevitable evolution or rather revolution of human political thought.

My bet is, your first reaction is "Stanislav is insane". And the reason for such a strong reaction? Because you have been so well conditioned to take as an absolute fact, with no real proof or need of proof, that democracy is the end all of human political endeavor and the only form of government that can bring happiness and empowerment to humanity. She is the goddess and none can question her. Sure you can have different shades of this Barbie doll but it will be a Barbie, no matter what outfit you fit her out in. But and this is a huge but, just like Barbie presents impossible dimensions and facades of women so does this universal democracy present impossible goals and promises to humanity.

What this goddess, who demands so much sacrifices brings is indeed quite shy of what is claimed and advertised. You have better chances of finding truth in advertisement in late night purchase channel informationals and adverts than in a the modern day apolitical thought of Western modern day philosophy.

Democracy demands the surrender of your culture, your traditions and your economic stability to the forces of creative destruction ran by elected but ultimately unanswerable demagogues who promise to give you things, great things if you would just vest them with power, power to speak, act and rule on your behave and ultimately over your behave. You know little to nothing about these men, who promise you the world and first and foremost deliver that promise unto themselves and do so at the expense of everyone.

They live in far off provinces or cities and belong to parties of like minded other fellows. They are all hand shakes and smiles when they need your vote and form letter of meaningless responses, when they have had you and your votes, while they busy themselves with the work of reaping wealth and consolidating power.

Most importantly, for these man-gods to remain in power, they must destroy all competing philosophies and faiths. That includes that ultimate prize and one that is all but conquered in the degenerate West: the destruction of Christianity. Especially when one considers that their ultimate enemy, God, is the king of the heavenly kingdom and it's hosts.

Democracy brings us division clashes devaluation of human life into a vote or a resource or a block of votes but never into a person with inherit worth unless that worth at that moment can some how or other be harvested to the needs of one charlatan or another.

But you will now scream, it worked in ancient times for the Greeks for the ancient Romans, for the ancient Carthaginians. why not for us? It worked and can work in only those instances for which it was created, for local management. It fails miserably the moment it is taken above it's one true purpose.

If we observe how democracy functioned in the ancient hello Jarod world and that of neighboring societies, one will see that it was implemented on the local city level, where through strict laws, the average voting population was rarely above 10-20,000 males. These in turn, for the most part either directly or through a friend, knew the candidates. These candidates equally lived amongst their electorate and were easily open to their angst and vengeance should they cheat them.

It was at the very moment it was taken out of this context, by the Romans, that it failed. The Romans had conquered the Italian peninsula and than fought the Social Wars with their vassals, in which they were forced to give them citizenship and voting rights. Of course for the vast majority of people, this meant a total disconnect from those they voted for and their actions in a far away Rome that most of the electorate would never see. Tyranny of the elected over the electorate followed soon. Does this all sound familiar to the West? It should unless you have been living under a rock for the better part of the past century.

Monarchy, a stable, paternal government built upon Christian faith, culture and morals, has always been and can only be the unified and pacifier of the mobs and charlatans. It is also the counter weight to the excesses of the elected parliament. It is the stable hand on the ship's rudder. While democracy is the balm for local ills it is the demon of the state and tyrant of the masses. Only monarchy, moored in Christian faith and tradition and stability can resolve the issues of the great state.

This is the philosophy of today that must become the common sense of tomorrow if anything of Christiandom is to survive.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Sheer Stupidity of the American Electorate

Winston Churchill once said, famously, the best argument against democracy is to spend five minutes with the average voter.In the case of most Americans, one must assume, he was gravely over stating the time frame.

What other people are so arrogant to think of themselves as the most "democractic" and "transparent" in their elections, while corruption and cheating runs rampant? What other people believes themselves to be the richest in the world, while turning their nose up at everyone else, and at the same time being the biggest debtors that humanity has ever known? What other people beats themselves in the chest about their Christianity, while creating and exporting more and more vile filth then the world has ever seen since the last days of Rome's full moral collapse?

None, in short, none.

The Americans call western Europeans Eurotrash, because the Americans have more gadgets and other things than the Europeans. That they really own non of them, but all is owned by the banks and that once these cheap Chinese goods break, the absolutely broke and credit bared American electorate will not be able to replace them, has yet to actually burrow through the thick skulls. But when it does....

And so we come to the case of the actual elections, or rather the mock elections. Once more, as has been the road show every 4 years for the past 24 years, Americans are given the choice between two muppet clones, presented to them by the two wings (Democrats and Republicans) of the One American Party of Oligarchs.

This year, more so than any other year, the two candidates have never been so much alike. In truth, what is the difference between the Muslim half Arab and the Mormon? Nothing. Both are war mongering socialists, running a bankrupt gangster war state. Both hold real Christianity in contempt at best and outright hostility at worst. Both are happy to promote filth and homosexuality to destroy what little Christianity is left in America and export this evil. Both are quite happy to empower one Islamic regime after another to murder Christians.

What is the difference that would make Americans ready to fight each other in the elections? Ready to beat each other's faces in? What? Why simply one has a D and the other an R and we all know that for bread and circuses to work, the circus has to be filled with blood.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

In the Case of Pussy Riot, Everyone Is Wrong

In the Case of Pussy Riot, Everyone Is Wrong
All over the world, the heavy hand of the Russian justice system is being criticized for the martyrdom of three innocent angels, only practicing the freedom of speech that is guaranteed them by the Russian constitution. At least that is the line pushed by foreign governments and their lapdog medias. While there is a kernel of truth, there is much more to consider.
On the side of the Russian state, what should have been a minor incident, has been blown up into a daily circus. At the center of this, in all truth, is a simple case of criminal trespass and disturbing the peace. This should have been punished with a stiff fine and a few hundred hours of community service, picking up trash or feeding orphans. Instead, by pursuing very harsh criminal charges and treating these hooligans and glory hounds as desperate criminals, they have created martyrs out of petty criminals and glory hounds. In all truth, this is exactly what these girls wanted. A nothing band, known only to a few hundred or thousand, is now a world wide name, all thanks to their prosecution. Petty criminals are turned into glorified martyrs all over the world. In turn, this feeds into the anti-Russian line that the West loves to play upon. This time, however, they do not have to dig deep or spin reality in to the anti-Russian fantasies, this time their dinner comes on a silver platter, brought to them by the Justice Ministry.
The Church too is very much in the wrong. While they are right in their assessment of Pussy Riot, who pulled the stunt first and foremost for their own glorification and attention and with little care for those whose lives they disturbed or the rights of those they trampled on, the Church has acted absolutely unChristian. I say this as a true believer who wants the Church to lead society morally. However, one of the tenants of Christianity is forgiveness, something preached by Christ and by the Fathers of the Orthodox Church. Christ stated plainly that those without sin cast the first stone, but in a time when the Church is full of corrupt men driving expensive cars and wearing expensive jewelery, it is hardly sinless. The Church has burned through the sympathy it first garnered by trying to emulate the American Salem witch trials. It should have taken the higher moral ground, the high road. It should have publicly condemned the actions of these foolish girls, read them a lecture about their hate filled souls and forgiven them, even asking the State for leniency for these foolish sinners. Did not Christ say, in His last breath, upon the Cross "Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do?" in reference to the Jews and Romans who had just murdered the Messiah?
On the side of the girls, Pussy Riot's trend of conducting impromptu "protest" concerts demonstrates not a defense of rights or freedom of speech, that is, not anyone's but Pussy Riot's. What it does demonstrate in this is a total contempt for the concept of other people's rights, to include the right to private property and freedom of worship. Least we forget, and it seems everyone in the Russian opposition either has or is to ignorant of our history to know, the tactics used by Pussy Riot are the exact same tactics employed by the Communists in the 1920s to intimidate and drive away believers from churches and other places of worship. Their tactic is loathsome at best and is criminal, in this case of disturbing the peace and gross criminal trespass.
While Pussy Riot has the right to love or hate President Putin all they want, and the right to protest him, they do not have that right, without express written permission, on private property. The Cathedral of Christ the Savior, is private property, owned by a private entity called the Russian Orthodox Church. While one may argue that it is open to the public, it is no more open than any store or other private venue. That is, they are open as long as you obey their rules and they have the riot to bar you and your impromptu to, unasked for, and unwanted "performance" at any time, as they are private property. The private organization has the right to evict you at any time. Try this in an American or German shopping center or church and watch how quickly you will be placed in handcuffs by the police.
Any group that does not understand or care for the rights of private property are not an opposition movement for freedom but one that would bring about their own tyranny, if given the chance. To idolize the likes of them, only demonstrates the low understanding of what freedom is and the responsibility it brings, both here in our Russia and abroad in the morally collapsing West.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Romney May Get What He Wishes and Live To Regret It

Romney May Get What He Wishes and Live To Regret It

While I see little difference between the two pseudo clones/clowns running for the head puppet office of the crumbling American Empire, the Romney puppet does grab head lines better on his new Cold War strategy. It is interesting how crumbling, broke and breaking empires try to start wars of both the hot and cold variety in an effort to show the world that they are not broke and crumbling empires. This is similar to the old and blind man getting behind a car's wheel to show he is still young and sprce and can do all those things he once did, instead of conserving his health. As usual, this ends badly in a car wreck.

Romney, ever trying to show he is more hawkish than his missile shield, military expanding at the expense of a failing economy Obama, has decided to get a good start on a new Cold War the Americans can not financially afford and should not be risking. He wasted no time in making it clear to us Russians that he is going to be a foe at best and an out and out enemy rogue dictator at worst. Romney has already declared Russia is “without question our number one geopolitical foe.” That was his first statement out of the box. Four months later, the brain trust of Romney and Co has decided to try and talk its way out of the stupid corner, by stating this on CNN: “I’m talking about most of the United Nations and actions of a geopolitical nature, Russia is the number one adversary in that regard,” he said. “That doesn’t make them an enemy. It doesn’t make them a combatant. They don’t represent the number one national security threat.”

Sorry, not much of an effort. Anyone with half a starving brain cell can tell what will bring in the next four years. If Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama was not bad enough, now we have the fifth and most out and out instalment of "Break Russia up at all costs".

Than came the Poland visit. The theme was predicted early on, both by French and US papers.

The American goof-prone vice president Bidden, for once sounded sound, when he stated: “He acts like he thinks the Cold War is still on, Russia is still our major adversary. I don’t know where he has been.”

Even in Poland, while meeting with Walesa, Walesa's own organization, Solidarity, was working hard to distance itself from Romney: "Solidarity was in no way involved in the organisation of this meeting and did not take the initiative to invite Mitt Romney to Poland. Regrettably we learned from our American friends at AFL-CIO headquarters who represent over 12 million workers about Mitt Romney's backing of attacks on trade unions and worker's rights,"

Non of this topped the Romney drive. Romney worked to paint Poland as a Russian victim, ignoring not only 500 years of Polish occupation and aggression towards Russian lands, history I am sure he is clueless about, but the resent video recordings of hundreds of Polish skin heads attacking Russia families and tourists, both walking and sitting in cafes, after the Polish-Russian match. Yes, victims indeed.

But now on to Mitt's stupidest remarks on Russia, from his Polish stage.

Romney condemned Russia as a place where "country where the desire to be free is met with brutal oppression". Really? You mean a near riot where out of 18 injured, 11 were police, stabbed by the pro-"freedom" communists and Nazis who made up the bulk of the protest? Oh and how are those Occupy Riots working out? You men, they're good exercise for club and pepper spray wielding American police, with thousands arrested and hundreds sent to very long prison terms. The way the US system normally works is a policeman beats the life out of a Occupy protester and than arrest him for assaulting the police officer (or rather his baton).

The wanna be leader of one of the biggest police states in the modern world, where anti-homosexual opinions can lead to financial and personal ruin (see the Chikfela restaurant scandal), or ousting from universities or to an end to a military career, a nation where the 16 security spy agencies, yes 16, read your emails, texts and listen in to your phone calls, as well as sit on buses and search your bags at will, as well as thousands upon thousands of road blocks and checkpoints, has this to say about Russia: "In Russia, once-promising advances toward a free and open society have faltered,"

This from a man who ruined his state's economy with Romneycare, driving hundreds of thousands into poverty and who is beholden to a theocratic Mormon leadership that runs the lives of several million US citizen as well as the government of two states. This is also a prime backer of the continuing Arab Spring which in each infected nation has turned into an Arab Islamic Winter, with tyrannical and murderous Islamic regimes, led by the Muslim Brotherhood and that den of evil, the House of Saud (may the devil take the lot of them) in charge of Tunisia, Libya and Egypt, as well as sympathetic regimes in Sudan, Turkey and Jordan.

Mr. Romney is again absolutely ignorant of facts, not that that seems to stop him. From 1995-2010, Poland's debt to GDP ratio was averaging at 45%. In 2011, it was 56.3%, hardly a declining or shrinking government.

As for Polish "democracy" and "will of the people", the whole of the US missile "defense" shield proves this to be an absolute lie. In 2009, the year Poland officially accepted the US missile base and the $30 billion that Bush gave to grease those skids, Andrew Roberts of Northwestern University showed that opinion poles in Poland had 56% of the population against and 27% for the US bases and missiles, the rest being undecided. A two to 1 majority is against and their wishes? Ignored of course in the modern parlance of "democracy" or rather, a bunch of police state oligarchs with good PR. Bullucks on all of it.

That a return to Cold War status would be ideal for Romney and Neo-Cons is beyond doubt, that the US can ill afford this, is also beyond doubt. US 2012 budget spending is shaping up to be in the range of $3.6 trillion, of which, taxes and inputs only cover $2.47, thus over a trillion in debt added to the world's biggest debtor's account. Of this, defense related spending already makes up some 28.6% of the debt ridden budget, Soviet style spending that can have only Soviet style economic results. Of course, at least the Soviet Union died out without starting wars abroad in every corner (though there were plenty internal wars), something that can not be said for the Soviet Americans. Here is how it breaks down:

DOD Spending:                              $707.5 billion  Base budget + "Overseas Contingency Operations"
FBI Counter Terror:                         $2.7 billion      1/3rd FBI budget
International Affairs:                        $5.6 billion      Subsidized credits for arms sales abroad
Energy Department (mil projects)     $21.8 billion
Veterans Affairs                              $70 billion
Homeland Security                         $46.9 billion
NASA, mil satellites                       $3.5 billion      20% of NASA budget
Veterans Pensions                         $54.6 billion
Other Defense Mandatory spending  $8.02 billion
Interest on military debt                  $109.1 billion

With figures like this, with almost 30% of US gov spending going to defense, it is hard to see how a Cold War style outlay is possible without a final collapse of the opponent. Effectively, if Russia reeves up by doubling its outlays, it will be hurt and its backup funds will be sucked dry. If the US even matches by only a quarter increase, it will be crippled with over 36% of its budget going over. However, we know how US corruption politics works so we can easily expect a 50% reeve up, so a 43% of government budgets going to war production. In other words, a collapse.

Of course, Romney comes from a generation of inflexible clones who have, over 20 years, failed to adapt to a changing world. The results of a poll by The Voice of America showed that 47 percent of Americans over age 50 still view Moscow largely in  Cold War terms, while 70 percent of those under 50 consider it “friendly.” While this may be the last ride of the outdated and static, it will more than likely be the last ride that takes the youth over the final cliff. The American baby boomers will not go out in silence, they will go out yelling for blood and clawing their own nation and children to death. One more blood ride for the fizzling had beens. And Romney as their would-be leader has become a bad Hollywood characterature of a bad C grade movie.

Worse yet, Romney, a professing Mormon, hates Russia because we refuse to be colonized by his heretical faith and as much has been said often enough. It also does not help that many of the "Saints" of the Latter Day Saints, aka Mormons, believe whole heartedly that Russia is the font of all evil and will bring Armageddon. To that end, their religious job is to destroy us.

A few years ago, I read a book, whose title I can not remember (if any of my loyal readers can help, I would great appreciate it), that was written in 1919 and was available for free online. The novel was an act of fiction written about a future European war. The world was such that the US was ruled by a Mormon minority. Europe was a union of atheist socialists and Russia, the empire was ruled by an Orthodox Tsar. The Europeans attempted to enlighten Russia by invading it, to destroy the Christian God, backed by a militant Mormon America. At first they beat back the Russian armies to Moscow and Sevastopol, fighting street by street in insane combat. But those damned, God fearing and zealous Russians just would not give up. Instead, with blind faith in God, they counter attacked and pushed the Europeans back, back from Russia and back through the whole of Europe.

The Europeans who were couched to fear the barbaric and primitive Russian barbarian, over their atheist enlightenment, were instead startled to find that not only were they treated very civilly but were reintroduced to the Christian faith, to which they flocked in a maddening stampede. The book ends with Britain, the last stronghold of Atheist Enlightenment, awaiting the Russian/European Christian armada's lasting and the salvation of the American Mormon Armada raising to the Atheist rescue. Throughout the war, the Mormons in the US were supporting the Atheists in the destruction of the Christian Church. The book ends, when a Christian revolution in America overthrows the Mormon tyranny and the US Armada is ordered to turn around. The Russian Armada lands in England and the Tsar of Russia parades through the streets of London to cheering English crowds who have once again been freed to practice Christianity and to enjoy their own English culture as opposed to the Atheist uni-culture that was forced on them.

While this book was written almost 100 years ago, it seems to have been a great inspiration and prophesy of the way this world is now shaping up: with the Atheist European Union and the Mormon influence and possible control of America vs the reChristianed and soon to be monarchial Russia.

God save us all.