Saturday, May 30, 2009

Once More, Russia Says "No" To Western Perversion

It has become almost a yearly right, the fourth such year in a row, that the Western Gay-Lesbian-Bisexual-Transvestites (LGBT) social engineers and revolutionaries of perversion, attempt to drag Holy Russia to the depth of Hell and vulgarity that they have driven the West into. Once again, Russia does not just say no, but Hell NO!

This time around, the head of the Russian chapter of this perversion, Nikolai Alexeyev, allied with two paramount revolutionaries of perversion, the American Andy Thayer and the UK's Peter Tatchell, attempted to gather a flash crowd and make an unauthorized parade of perversion on the streets of Moscow. What is a common sight in the capitals and major cities of the West, men doing unspeakable things with each other (and women with women) in an attempt to shock and pervert the minds of those who watch their self centered love of themselves and hatred of God, has never and will never happen in Russia.

Russia had its experience with anything goes culture, something I am sure the West is absolutely not aware of, in the 1920s of early Soviet rule. Yes, homosexuality was the rage, the family as a unit died, birth plummeted, abortions soared and all was fair game. By 1928, the statistics were in and Russia was dieing and dieing fast. Not only would she not recover the losses of World War One and the Civil War, but she would die as a society and a nation. Being the only power in town, the Soviets acted quickly and brutally and restored what should not have been destroyed (a destruction that started with the murder of the Tsar and his family): the family unit, albeit, minus God.

So knowing this history, our history, is it any surprise that the office of the Moscow city government stated that: "Moscow has never had gay parades and never will" Mr. Sergei Tsoi, the spokesman for city hall, added: "not only destroy morals within our society, but consciously provoke disorder"

My hat is off to Mr. Luzkov, the governor of Moscow, who not only rebuilt the city, fought corruption and turned Moscow into one 0f the biggest, most commercialized, yet greenest and prosperous cities in the world (I dare say at rank or better then New York City and Moscow does not stink of urine, unlike...) but has defended Russian culture against these Western perversions.

Here, I will put a shameless plug for Moscow, a beautiful city, full of history, culture, green and capitalism. It is a pity so many of the West have forever the images of Soviets past in their mind when it comes to Moscow, or most other Russian cities, even twenty years later.

Indeed, Mr. Tsoi is very correct, for the organizers of the 70 persons flash mob parade, of which 40 including the organizers, were arrested, had called upon the audiences of the Eurovision event, a larger percentage of which is homosexual, to come and rally with them. The BBC was quoted as saying "(They) chose Eurovision event for demonstration because it traditionally has large gay following." The audience proved smarter.

But what were/are these social perverts trying to accomplish in Russia? Why nothing more then getting their "rights", Gay rights...does not sound to vulgar on the surface, does it? But let us dig deeper into these "rights". What rights do they want? Right to do what they want in the bedroom? They already have it. Right to vote? They have it. Right to live peacefully, pursue wealth, choose (or rather in their case, reject) God? They have it. So what rights?

Why the rights of the 1 to 2% to shove their perversion down the throats of a whole society and to silence the free speech of any who dare to question this chosen minority. That is exactly the "rights" they have in the West, a post-Christian, God hating society as a whole, which sides with perversion and takes away, daily more and more, the very basic free speech of those who follow God and His views. The rights they seek is to destroy the meaning of marriage to include them. It is to force the school systems (in some Western nations, including parts of the US) to start indoctrinating the children as early as kindergarten, that their perversion is very good and ok. They have gotten the right to shut down churches, or at least silence them, that criticize their perversion and self love. And of course, the absolute "right" to silence any talk about the facts that their life choice is the most destructive short of a third world drug addiction.

The American Andy Thayer was quoted as stating, in Moscow: “international folks he knew would help raise the profile of the event for the international press.” In other words, wreck the system that works for 98% of the population for the "rights" of a perverse, anti-social minority of insignificant proportion, so that that 2% can be privileged above the 98%. This may work for the West, but thank God in Heaven, we are not and will never be the West.

Mr Thayer went on, with his out of this planet ideas that:
“Many Russians are just trying to survive. They're not upset about LGBT rights. You are not going to get support from non-LGBT citizenry in Russia. Over time the bigots will be forced to acknowledge the courage of LGBT citizens, especially with the weight of international attention.”

I've got news for you, Mr. Thayer, good news for us, crappy news for you: the vast, as in well over 80%, of Russians are disgusted by these Western perverts and their Russian counterparts and chapters. Our Church, unlike the West's, is ascendant and as more and more Russians find Christ, the support for homosexuality will only decline from low to all but non-existent. Keep quiet and about your business and no one will bother you. We will pity you and your bunch of lost souls. Get in our faces to shove your perversions down our throats and the reaction will be swift and brutal and not at the least to your liking. We are not the spineless masses in the post Christian West, who may find you the perverts you are, but are to cowardly, living in their police states, to say it. The West may have no qualms about bombing and killing women and children in other lands or sacrificing its faith for "progressiveness" while reading the rest of us morality lectures, but we are not the West.

As for what the West and "international" opinion thinks of our culture, frankly, the vast majority of us could not and would not give a bigger damn. That this crowd appealed now 5 times to the European Court of Human Rights is supposed to scare us? I am sorry, but I forgot when Europe conquered Holy Russia and made us a vassal of its kangaroo courts of human "rights". Russia is a sovereign state and our culture is more ancient then the modern Western culture, which is dieing, while ours is thriving.

Simply put, we will not kneel at your "enlightenment", we will never surrender our faith or pervert it to accept your sin. We will simply be the dark age Russians, thriving in our Russia, while the "enlightened" West corrodes and collapses. And every time you come to enlighten us with your parades, you will meet the same police wagon waiting for you.

Friday, May 29, 2009

National Comparisons (From CIA World Fact Book)

This was, of course, calculated before the full weight of the Bank Panic of 2008 and the world Economic Collapse of 2009 are full weighed in. Public Debt will actually drop in most nations, not only from more people saving but then again, GDP is also dropping.

Public Debt as % of GDP
Rank Country %GDP
1 Zimbabwe 241.20 2008 est.
2 Japan 170.40 2008 est.
6 Italy 103.70 2008 est.
14 India 78.00 2008 est.
15 Israel 75.70 2008 est.
17 France 67.00 2008 est.
20 Germany 62.60 2008 est.
21 Canada 62.30 2008 est.
22 United States 60.80 2007 est.
41 United Kingdom 47.20 2008 est.
50 Brazil 40.70 2008 est.
51 Kenya 40.60 2008 est.
68 Cuba 32.80 2008 est.
85 Iceland 23.00 2008 est.
101 China 15.70 2008 est.
103 Australia 15.40 2008 est.
118 Russia 6.80 2008 est.

Investment (gross fixed)
(% of GDP)

This indicates what percentage of the income is reinvested into the economy. Of course there are
different sorts of investments. In Russia, for example, it is much more to the manufacturing while in the US/UK to service. Manufacturing is the better investment, unless you're a Free Trader.

Rank %GDP
1 Singapore 45.00 2008 est.
6 China 40.20 2008 est.
8 India 39.00 2008 est.
37 Iran 27.70 2008 est.
42 Korea, South 27.10 2008 est.
55 Russia 24.70 2007 est.
73 Mexico 22.90 2008 est.
76 Canada 22.60 2008 est.
78 Japan 22.50 2008 est.
84 World 21.90 2008 est.
93 France 21.00 2008 est.
95 European Union 21.00 2008 est.
103 Italy 20.50 2008 est.
122 Germany 18.90 2008 est.
123 Brazil 18.60 2008 est.
127 Israel 18.00 2008 est.
136 United Kingdom 16.70 2008 est.
140 United States 14.60 2008 est.
143 Cuba 11.60 2008 est.

Unemployment rate

rank %POP
1 Andorra 0.00 2007
2 Monaco 0.00 2005
3 Qatar 0.60 2008 est.
12 Iceland 1.60 2008 est.
14 Cuba 1.80 2008 est.
16 Denmark 2.00 2008 est.
20 Moldova 2.10 2007 est.
23 Singapore 2.30 2008 est.
41 Austria 3.70 2008 est.
46 China 4.00 2008 est.
49 Mexico 4.10 October 2008
51 Japan 4.20 2008 est.
54 Australia 4.50 2008 est.
65 United Kingdom 5.50 2008 est.
69 Canada 6.10 2008 est.
70 Israel 6.10 2008 est.
71 Ireland 6.20 2008 est.
73 Russia 6.20 2008 est.
83 India 6.80 2008 est.
84 Italy 6.80 2008 est.
88 United States 7.20 December 2008 est.
89 France 7.40 2008 est.
102 Germany 7.90 2008 est.
109 Brazil 8.00 2008 est.
138 Iran 12.50 2008 est.
160 Iraq 18.20 2008 est.
161 Sudan 18.70 2002 est.
162 Serbia 18.80 2007 est.
185 Afghanistan 40.00 2008 est.
188 Kosovo 40.00 2007 est.
198 Zimbabwe80.00 2005 est.

GDP - per capita (PPP)-Purchasing Power Parity (Neutral Dollar)

It is interesting that 1. Americans make 4 times what Russians have, but of course Americans pay much more for houses (we tend to own our own flats) and medicine. Over all, Americans do have more things and bigger houses/flats. But then public debt in Russia is 6% but in America is 47% and growing. Public debt is much much worse, even than this.

1 Liechtenstein $ 118,000 2007 est.
2 Qatar $ 103,500 2008 est.
3 Luxembourg $ 81,100 2008 est.
4 Bermuda $ 69,900 2004 est.
7 Norway $ 55,200 2008 est.
9 Singapore $ 52,000 2008 est.
10 United States $ 47,000 2008 est.
11 Ireland $ 46,200 2008 est.
20 Iceland $ 39,900 2008 est.
21 Canada $ 39,300 2008 est.
22 Austria $ 39,200 2008 est.
23 Sweden $ 38,500 2008 est.
26 Australia $ 38,100 2008 est.
31 United Kingdom $ 36,600 2008 est.
34 Germany $ 34,800 2008 est.
36 Japan $ 34,200 2008 est.
37 European Union $ 33,400 2008 est.
38 France $ 32,700 2008 est.
39 Greece $ 32,000 2008 est.
43 Italy $ 31,000 2008 est.
49 Israel $ 28,200 2008 est.
52 Korea, South $ 26,000 2008 est.
68 Puerto Rico $ 17,800 2008 est.
74 Russia $ 15,800 2008 est.
83 Mexico $ 14,200 2008 est.
88 Iran $ 12,800 2008 est.
93 Turkey $ 12,000 2008 est.
103 World $ 10,400 2008 est.
104 Brazil $ 10,100 2008 est.
108 Cuba $ 9,500 2008 est.
127 Ukraine $ 6,900 2008 est.
133 China $ 6,000 2008 est.
146 Georgia $ 4,700 2008 est.
155 Iraq $ 4,000 2008 est.
169 India $ 2,800 2008 est.
192 Korea, North $ 1,700 2008 est.
203 Haiti $ 1,300 2008 est.
230 Zimbabwe $ 200 2008 est.
Subtracting out World and EU, Russia is the sixth largest economy, just a hair breath from over taking UK, which it may still do this year. If growth rates return to previous normals, Russia will over take Germany in 5-6 years.

GDP (purchasing power parity)

1 World $ 69,490,000,000,000 2008 est.
2 European Union $ 14,820,000,000,000 2008 est.
3 United States $ 14,290,000,000,000 2008 est.
4 China $ 7,800,000,000,000 2008 est.
5 Japan $ 4,348,000,000,000 2008 est.
6 India $ 3,267,000,000,000 2008 est.
7 Germany $ 2,863,000,000,000 2008 est.
8 United Kingdom $ 2,231,000,000,000 2008 est.
9 Russia $ 2,225,000,000,000 2008 est.
10 France $ 2,097,000,000,000 2008 est.
11 Brazil $ 1,990,000,000,000 2008 est.
12 Italy $ 1,821,000,000,000 2008 est.
13 Mexico $ 1,559,000,000,000 2008 est.
14 Spain $ 1,378,000,000,000 2008 est.
15 Canada $ 1,307,000,000,000 2008 est.
16 Korea, South $ 1,278,000,000,000 2008 est.
17 Indonesia $ 915,900,000,000 2008 est.
18 Turkey $ 906,500,000,000 2008 est.
19 Iran $ 842,000,000,000 2008 est.
20 Australia $ 800,500,000,000 2008 est.
24 Saudi Arabia $ 582,800,000,000 2008 est.
54 Israel $ 200,700,000,000 2008 est.
56 Ireland $ 191,900,000,000 2008 est.
64 Iraq $ 112,800,000,000 2008 est.
66 Cuba $ 108,200,000,000 2008 est.
96 Korea, North $ 40,000,000,000 2008 est.
114 Afghanistan $ 23,030,000,000 2008 est.

Anglo Countries (US/UK) are 41.5% of the World external debt in PPP. But 24.5% of the world GDP in PPP. If you toss in Canada and Australia into the Anglo mix, the total world debt is: 44.8% but GDP is 26.8%.
America accounts for 22.4% of the world debt and 20.6% of the GDP.
UK is worst, a total lost cause, a nation that makes up 19.13% of the world debt but accounts only for 3.2% of the GDP.
Russia is 1% of the world debt but accounts for 3.2% of the GDP.

Again, this will all be worse, since the world debt, especially that of America and UK are skyrocketing, while over all GDP is falling.

Debt - external

1 World $ 54,620,000,000,000 31 December 2008 est.
2 United States $ 12,250,000,000,000 30 June 2007
3 United Kingdom $ 10,450,000,000,000 30 June 2007
4 France $ 5,370,000,000,000 30 September 2008
5 Germany $ 4,489,000,000,000 30 June 2007
6 Spain $ 2,478,000,000,000 30 September 2008 est.
7 Netherlands $ 2,277,000,000,000 30 June 2007
8 Ireland $ 1,841,000,000,000 30 June 2007
9 Japan $ 1,492,000,000,000 30 June 2007
12 Italy $ 1,060,000,000,000 31 December 2008 est.
13 Australia $ 1,032,000,000,000 31 December 2008 est.
14 Canada $ 758,600,000,000 30 June 2007
17 Russia $ 527,100,000,000 June 2008 est.
21 China $ 420,800,000,000 31 December 2008 est.
22 Korea, South $ 380,500,000,000 31 December 2008
23 Turkey $ 294,300,000,000 31 December 2008 est.
25 Brazil $ 236,600,000,000 31 December 2008 est.
27 Mexico $ 181,200,000,000 31 December 2008 est.
28 India $ 163,800,000,000 31 December 2008 est.
35 Greece $ 92,190,000,000 31 December 2008 est.
36 Israel $ 91,250,000,000 31 December 2008 est.
43 Saudi Arabia $ 63,200,000,000 31 December 2008 est.
56 Iraq $ 40,400,000,000 31 December 2008 est..
66 Singapore $ 25,540,000,000 31 December 2008 est.
68 Iran $ 21,770,000,000 31 December 2008 est.
73 Cuba $ 18,250,000,000 31 December 2008 est.
78 Korea, North $ 12,500,000,000 2001 est.
89 Afghanistan $ 8,000,000,000 2004

Life expectancy at birth

We have a lot to improve on this. While this is improving, with the death rate dropping, there is still a lot education on healthy living, a fight against smoking (Russia and China are the dumping grounds of giant american cigarette companies) and an improvement of over all medical equipment.

1 Macau 84.36 2009 est.
2 Andorra 82.51 2009 est.
3 Japan 82.12 2009 est.
4 Singapore 81.98 2009 est.
7 Australia 81.63 2009 est.
8 Canada 81.23 2009 est.
9 France 80.98 2009 est.
10 Sweden 80.86 2009 est.
13 Israel 80.73 2009 est.
14 Iceland 80.67 2009 est.
19 Italy 80.20 2009 est.
26 Greece 79.66 2009 est.
27 Austria 79.50 2009 est.
32 Germany 79.26 2009 est.
36 United Kingdom 79.01 2009 est.
40 Korea, South 78.72 2009 est.
41 European Union 78.67 2009 est.
42 Puerto Rico 78.53 2009 est.
47 Ireland 78.24 2009 est.
50 United States 78.11 2009 est.
56 Cuba 77.45 2009 est.
63 Georgia 76.72 2009 est.
72 Mexico 76.06 2009 est.
97 Serbia 73.90 2009 est.
106 China 73.47 2009 est.
133 Iran 71.14 2009 est.
145 Iraq 69.94 2009 est.
146 India 69.89 2009 est.
163 Russia 66.03 2009 est.
171 Korea, North 63.81 2009 est.
210 South Africa 48.98 2009 est.
212 Chad 47.70 2009 est.
213 Nigeria 46.94 2009 est.
214 Zimbabwe 45.77 2009 est.
215 Afghanistan 44.64 2009 est.
225 Swaziland 31.88 2009 est.

Birth rate
(births/1,000 population)

Russia's birthrates have been growing, combined between a strong Church drive, limited abortions and government incentives and has been mostly amongst Russians. In the France and UK, it is mostly amongst the Arabs and Pakistanis, while in the US it is predominently amongst the Mexicans illegally there.

1 Niger 51.60 2009 est.
2 Mali 49.15 2009 est.
3 Uganda 47.84 2009 est.
4 Afghanistan 45.46 2009 est.
9 Ethiopia 43.66 2009 est.
46 Zimbabwe 31.49 2009 est.
49 Iraq 30.10 2009 est.
87 India 21.76 2009 est.
88 Egypt 21.70 2009 est.
98 World 19.95 2009 est.
101 Israel 19.77 2009 est.
102 Mexico 19.71 2009 est.
110 Turkey 18.66 2009 est.
111 Brazil 18.43 2009 est.
120 Iran 17.17 2009 est.
139 Albania 15.29 2009 est.
149 Ireland 14.23 2009 est.
151 China 14.00 2009 est.
154 United States 13.82 2009 est.
155 Iceland 13.43 2009 est.
163 France 12.57 2009 est.
169 Macedonia 11.97 2009 est.
177 Moldova 11.12 2009 est.
178 Russia 11.10 2009 est.
183 United Kingdom 10.65 2009 est.
193 Canada 10.28 2009 est.
197 European Union 9.90 2009 est.
218 Singapore 8.82 2009 est.
222 Germany 8.18 2009 est.
223 Italy 8.18 2009 est.
224 Japan 7.64 2009 est.
225 Hong Kong 7.42 2009 est.


Before Americans begin to rejoice at how far down they are on this list, lets look at this another way: you are 45th from the best, last year you were 42nd and the year before 37th. Notice a trend. Russia has been improving but a lot is left to do to cut the rate to closer Western European standards, but most of the Western Europeans, whom Americans love to disparage as a broken medical system (it is not, yours is) have rates at half that of America.

Infant mortality rate
(deaths/1,000 live births)

1 Angola 180.21 2009 est.
2 Sierra Leone 154.43 2009 est.
3 Afghanistan 151.95 2009 est.
20 Ethiopia 80.80 2009 est..
44 Kenya 54.70 2009 est.
46 Azerbaijan 54.60 2009 est.
60 Iraq 43.82 2009 est.
65 World 40.85 2009 est.
70 Iran 35.78 2009 est.
85 Turkey 25.78 2009 est.
97 Brazil 22.58 2009 est.
105 China 20.25 2009 est.
113 Mexico 18.42 2009 est.
121 Georgia 16.22 2009 est..
148 Saudi Arabia 11.57 2009 est.
152 Russia 10.56 2009 est.
158 Ukraine 8.98 2009 est.
173 Serbia 6.75 2009 est.
180 United States 6.26 2009 est.
182 Cuba 5.82 2009 est.
183 European Union 5.72 2009 est.
184 Italy 5.51 2009 est.
188 Greece 5.16 2009 est.
189 Ireland 5.05 2009 est.
190 Canada 5.04 2009 est.
194 United Kingdom 4.85 2009 est.
197 Australia 4.75 2009 est.
204 Denmark 4.34 2009 est.
205 Korea, South 4.26 2009 est.
208 Israel 4.22 2009 est.
209 Spain 4.21 2009 est.
211 Germany 3.99 2009 est.
212 Czech Republic 3.79 2009 est.
218 France 3.33 2009 est.
219 Iceland 3.23 2009 est.
222 Japan 2.79 2009 est.
223 Sweden 2.75 2009 est.
224 Bermuda 2.46 2009 est.
225 Singapore 2.31 2009 est.

Monday, May 25, 2009

WTO is Poison For Russia

The EU's trade commissioner, recently stated, that the EU would not finalize a strategic trade pact until Russia joined the WTO. As the 6th largest economy and the only industrialized nation not a part of that uber national, socialist organization, Russia is a constant reminder to all the disaffected groups around the world, such as the US and British conservatives, that no only do they not need the WTO but it is a poison that robs them of their economic and, in the end, political freedoms.

Russia's economy has not only survived, but prospered under a mercantilistic protectionist system. Even this present Crisis has been relatively mild compared to most WTO members, as Russia has raised its walls and fallen back on its own companies and an internal demand to keep itself going. The lessons for this were learned after the disastrous 1990s, where Yeltsin opened Russia up to the flood of foreign goods that destroyed most Russian companies and helped plunge Russia into its own Great Depression.

Protectionism was instrumented by then President Putin and a reversal of fortune began, well before oil passed $25 per barrel. The Leftists like to "blame" oil for Russia's boom and avoid the fact that it was not until 2003 that oil prices shot off, some four years after a drastic turn around in Russia. Nor has Russia collapsed, a year after prices fell like an international banker from a high office window. The West's hatred and anger were and still are palatable, as they were first locked out of cheaply exploited Russian raw resources and then were forced to build and operate local factories in Russia, employing Russians, to continue playing in Russian markets. Even giant Western aggro business has been loosing ground as Russian farms and food companies, with protection from the state, have made great modernization strides.

This also undermines the West's control over the life of Russia and thus Russia herself., as they have had to face the starling reality that they need Russia much more than Russia needs them. This imbalance of power grows starker every year.

The EU representative Catherine Ashton, was quoted as stating: "Russia needs to demonstrate it really is keen to move to WTO accession and part of that is not imposing any new duties, which in any event damage business."

What she really meant was: damages the Western businesses, the mega international corporations, who own the governments in the West and care not a zilch either for their home countries nor for the concept of competition. They hate most of all, having to set up shop in Russia, rather then just flooding goods from their SE Asian factories.

Russia is the only major European and world economy that has stood up for its citizens, not bought into the Marxists Free Trade and has prospered. In this, she gives hope to groups of oppressed conservatives throughout the West and thus posses a direct threat to the body politic of the internationalists, who run those nations.

As we all know so well: hope must always be crushed.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Is Greece Set for a Nationalist Coup?

In less then one year, all the cracks of Greek society and economy, all the family secrets that the Leftist, Panhellenic Socialist Movement and their centralist New Democracy allies have tried to suppress, have come sharply into the light of day.

Since the fall of the Regime of the Colonels, Greek politics have been dominated by the Left and their centralist allies. The present president, Karolos Papoulias, of the Panhellenic Socialist Movement, was reelected to his second five year term on 12 March 05. His prime minister, Kostas Karamanlis, of the New Democracy (a center right, modern, "progressive" party, aka Left Lite) took power on 10 March 2004 from the now deceased Konstantinos Simitis, also of the Panhellenic Socialist Movement, who presided over Greece from 1996 to 2004.

In just those past 13 years, through pandering to the local and EU socialists, they have ruined the Greek economy and brought the country to the brink of ruin. However, underneath all of this, is a seething core of Orthodox Christian, nationalist conservatism that is now garnering ever growing support and may finally be in position to take power, be it through elections or more then likely, other more direct means.

The ruin started early. Pushed by the EU, Greece opened its borders and allowed hundreds of thousands of, first Albanian Muslims and than Pakistani and Arabic Muslims to flood the country as a cheap labour source for the same class of traitors that can be found in most modern states. Traitors who would happily impoverish their own people in favor of allowing cheap, foreign and often socially hostile labour into their midst.

Next came the Europe, on 1 Jan 2001. The top 2% of Greece watched their fortunes skyrocket, while the remainder of Greece, a nation heavily dependent on tourism, and specifically, Russian tourism, watched their fortunes and livelihood plummet. Russian tourists, unable to afford the instant doubling of prices under the Euro, left for the neighboring Turkey, to find vacation deals and see ancient ruins. Meanwhile, most Europeans continued going to Spain and Italy. For a time this economic disaster was papered over by a large inflow of EU funds for large, government owned, socialist projects. Of course, as everyone knows, such state run economies can not, for long survive, not when the under pinning middle classes suffer.

One of the key events that helped take everyone's minds off of the economic mess, was the coming of the Olympics. However, as with most places, once the event is over and the "hollowed" grounds stand empty, inquires become loud, on was all that worth it? The ever promised new uses for the insane investments and short term gains, rarely materialize and a sobering hangover ensues when expenditures are realistically viewed. Even the prostitutes' business fell off sharply.

Next came the 2007 fires, which destroyed hundreds of thousands of acres of land, dozens of villages and took hundreds of lives. The whole of this tragedy, which found the leftist government absolutely unprepared, would have been much worse, if not for the massive aid brought to Greece by Russia. This event will not be forgotten, for while the EU/US/NATO aid was miniscule and late coming, Russian water bombers and Russian social aid poured in reinvigorating our ancient and holy bound.

Even all of this, the entrenched Leftists, could have survived, but not the Bank Panic of 2008. While Greece did not suffer heavily from the toxic waste paper of Anglo finance, it did suffer from further cuts in tourism and a collapse of international trade and thus transportation, something the Greeks are dominant in. The final blow came with the cut off of the cheap Euros flowing in from the Western Europeans.

University educated students, who face a 20%+ unemployment rate, took to the streets, in the closing months of 2008, a revolt that has continued to this very day, more than half a year later. While their cause bares much merit, their tactics of mass demonstration, unrest and open destruction of property and businesses, has driven the Greek economy from its knees to its back, fully stopping all tourism and costing billions of Euros in damage.

The socialist government has shown insane restraint, forcing the police to stand outside of universities and dodge Molotov cocktails that the students are throwing on them from the roofs, unable to enter these "hollowed" grounds. Bombings, throughout Greece, have become an almost daily occurrence.

If this has not brought the Right to open revolt, it was thought, nothing would, nothing short of the Islamic mini-Jihad now exploding in Athens. Mind you, the Right is not a hapless, toothless beast. Orthodox nationalists have bared their teeth on many occasions, but never have they had so much reason to rise up as they do now.

During the West's war on Orthodox Christian Serbs in defense of Islamic Jihadists and also on the Orthodox Macedonians, though this one through proxy, Greek volunteers flooded to fight along side their co-religionists and historic allies. Greek civilians changed signs so that Anglo/NATO caravans, coming up from Greek ports into NATO occupied Kosovo, would get lost in the mountains. Hundreds of others pelted those trucks with stones and mud.

In 2006, under further EU pressure, the ruling Greek Socialists, gave permission to build the first Islamic mosque in Athens, since Greece threw off the Islamic yoke. Furthermore, this was and is a Saudi sponsored project. Mass demonstrations forced the government to back off. On the spot of the proposed Saudi mosque, now stands a newly built Orthodox chapel. The locals flatly stated they did not want another Kosovo on their lands. They learned well to what ends the West will go to in service to their Saudi masters.

The Right again came forth, when the Pope John was invited for reconciliation by the Leftist government, which under pressure of a full revolt, led first and foremost by the monastics of the Church, had to back off of its big planned production of cultural and historic betrayal and create a low key anti-climatically event.

Now we have riots by imported, both legally and illegally, Islamic. The Greeks, less then 200 years ago, had the joy of experiencing for 400 years the Islamic Yoke and they have not forgotten nor will they ever forgive this murderous crime. The West, ever forgetful and ever ignorant, has pushed them to the brink again. Of course soon the UK, parts of America, the Netherlands and other enablers of murderous Islamic jihad, will get to experience first hand life under Islamic reign, few cultures have deserved it more, then those actively pushing it forward and bombing other Christians into subservience to that tyranny. Least we forget, even the Catholic Pope was mum to the outrage of US NATO led bombing of Christian Serbs both on the Catholic and Orthodox Easters.

Already, public anger has spilled out in the open. An impromptu Muslim prayer center, in a shop, has been torched. Neonazies attacked immigrants and anarchists, while the anarchists have set fire to everything in their paths and have been exploding bombs daily at Greek businesses, stabbing an economy already on its back.

The Western backed socialists have lost all control of the nation and it is again up to the military and the Church to regain control, establish policies that are best for Greece. Unlike previous times, this time there is no Soviet threat across the border, US support is not only not needed but unwelcome and a friendly and helpful, co-religious Russia, the historical ally of the Greeks, is waiting to help.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bosnia: 15 Years Later, Still a Pipe Dream

Bill Clinton, the former American president, told his nation, NATO and a reluctant world, that the Bosnia mission would last only a year. The joke on the people, of course, was to WHICH year?

Well, it has already been fifteen years and the mission to make reality of a pipe dream is and will continue to be just that: a pipe dream. Bosnia and Herzegovina has never been and will never be a multi ethnic, multi-religious state. Sure, there are Serbs, Croats and "Bosniak" (Bosnian Muslims, an ethnic group created by the Communist dictator Tito, out of Serb and Croat Muslims) and sure there are Muslims as well as Orthodox and Catholic Christians. Heck, I am sure, if you search deep enough, you will even find Witnesses of Jehova running around, somewhere there.

However, Bosnia is and has been and ever will be a Muslim, Islamic state with an unwilling Christian majority wielded by threat of Western mass murder and violence, into a dysfunctional monstrosity. The Christian Serbs and Croats are forced to live under a primary Islamic regime that rules from the multi-ethnic Sarajevo, where 90% of the population is Muslim and little girls have to wear head scarfs just to go to school. A city where foreign mujaheddin, married to local women (and most of those local women did not get a choice) fill the streets and train in the hills. This, then, is the West's definition of a multi-ethnic, tolerant state: Christian subservience to Islamic overlords.

One thing that is ever noticeable, driving through the Bosnian deep countryside: the fighting positions, the entrenchments of the old front lines are still there and ready, as the question of this monstrosity's future is still in question.

Of course, this monstrosity serves the West's purposes, the same West that engineered the collapse of Yugoslavia, created Islamic Jihadist Kosovo and terror bombed Serbian civilians. By forcing the Serbs and Croats to stay out of their respective nations, the West assures itself that all former states of Yugoslavia remain weak, divided and easily manipulated, while their resources are syphoned off and a ready market for goods dumping is maintained. A similar process has happened to us Rus, with our division by the West, into Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

The only sensible thing for this injustice would be to create a loose federation to allow the people to live in freedom and not under the Islamic yoke. Of course this would quickly lead to a larger Serbia and Croatia and a rump Islamic substate, which without the West's money and pro-Jihadist support, is all it is. Let the Arabs sponsor them, with more then just Jihadist fighters.

Of course, the West is tired, bankrupt and ill kept, and sooner or later it will leave, then accounts will be settled the way they should have been, had the West not created the Bosnian Frankenstein. Maybe then, real Christianity, not the warmed over post-faith West's, will begin the long journey to retake our lands from the Jihadists.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mercantilism, a Truly Nationalist Economy

"But, in general, the protective system of our day is conservative, while the free trade system is destructive. It breaks up old nationalities and pushes the antagonism of the proletariat and the bourgeoisie to the extreme point. In a word, the free trade system hastens the social revolution. It is in this revolutionary sense alone, gentlemen, that I vote in favor of free trade."
Carl Marx, "On the Question of Free Trade" (1848)

With these words, the Marxists and socialists joined the cause behind the greedy internationalists, who put Free Trade into the forefront. There it has stood as some unholy grail for the better part of 200 years. True, the Left drove this for revolutionary reasons, even sacrificing what was in the best interest of their workers, whom they claimed to represent.

There has always been a brand of men, a breed even, who have put their pocket books ahead of the well being of their nations and brothers. These "internationalists", who saw themselves as a regional, then continental, then global elite, were never satisfied with the fair profits to be made in their own countries. Nor were they ever bothered by any conscious thought of the moral debt to their nations or to their fellow citizens, not when cheaper foreign labor and greater profits were in the way. Is it any wonder that the Lord Christ commented that a camel had a better chance of pitting through a head of needle then a rich man getting into Heaven?

"Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to squeeze through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to get into the kingdom of God." Matthew 19:24

However, there has always been a system that has put one's own nation in the forefront and has served to strengthen that nation economically and its people financially. The system, Mercantilism, was fully expressed in economic thought in the 1600s and served as the driving force of Europe until the mid 1800s. It is still in practice to some degree in many nations, though most suffer from the illness of Free Trade and the effects about which Marx spoke.

Let us, dear reader, be very straight about whom Free Trade benefits: fist and foremost it benefits the top .5% of the population, for whom it is a boom of untold proportions and maybe to some degree the next 3-5% of the top. It benefits the Marxists, as the victims of Free Trade are driven into their waiting grasp. It benefits the poor under developed nations, but mostly their elites as usually those nations' top advantage is their cheap labour and there is no reason to be rid of that, through fair pay, now is there?

The policies and actions of the WTO, World Bank and other Free Trade organizations have had a world wide effect of pushing up prices on controllable end user necessities, such as water and finished foods, while driving down prices on commodities such as steel, wheat and rubber. This double blow has staggered the working masses, driving up the rates of poverty even in the strong, advanced economies, while concentrating the wealth in the hands of the top 1-2%.

These organizations and their agendas further strip away key industrial protections from key national industries, thus crippling those nations and forcing them to be dependent and thus to live a the shim of foreign mega corporations. This is a direct threat to national sovereignty.

Unlike the modern proponents of Free Trade, Ivy league economists at the employ of billionaire Internationalists, the fathers of Mercantilism, such as Thomas Mun and Edward Misselden, were active merchants and patriots of their nations. They, unlike their modern contemporaries, favored their governments supporting protectionism that encourage exports while discouraging imports, thus safe guarding their nation's power and wealth. They understood full well that the prosperity of a nation depended on it supply of capital, which drove its industry and power. A loss of that capital, through large trade imbalances would always lead to the eventual collapse of the nation.

Mercantilism benefits the strong state, and the larger more powerful the nation, the greater the benefits to it and all of its citizens, for self sufficiency breeds stability and growth. Philipp Wilhelm von Hornick, in 1684, in his work "Austria Over All, If She Only Will" sets out the basic 9 tenants of Mercantilism:

1. All of a country be utilized by agriculture, mining or industry.
In other words, a nation must maximize the resources it has, putting all of these to the maximum benefits of its own economy, before seeking those resources outside its own borders.

2. Raw materials should not be sold off but should be processed internally, since finished goods have more value. Just like companies climb the value chain, so should whole nations. Furthermore, for the citizen of that nation, processing and manufacturing jobs hold more value and pay then simple extraction.

3. Large working population is encouraged. So, two thing stream from this: a demphasis on things such as abortion and welfare mentalities, and an ethos of hard work and production. All absolutely necessary for national survival and prosperity.

4. All exports of gold and silver prohibited and domestic money kept in circulation. One must take a step back here and remember that in this more sensible era, national currencies were actually backed on a substance of value rather then in fiat, valueless currencies built only on trust. An example of this effect was the large purchase of Asian goods in the 1600s for gold bullion. This had the effect of forcing down the amount of money in circulation and thus wages that could be paid. A deflation of sorts took place and was a clear sign that the society could no longer be maintained. The answer to how to conduct such trade lays in point 6.

5. Foreign goods imports discouraged. Foreign goods had the tendency of causing a nation to rely on a foreign power and to destroy or damage the nation's own industries, especially when it came from nations with absolutely cheap labour. A race to the bottom on wages could then easily ensue, forcing suffering on one's own citizens.

6. Indispensable imports, should be obtained in exchange for manufactured goods and not gold or silver. In this way, the nation sells off its excess production of high value finished goods, without devaluing its own currency and economic stability.

7. Imports should be confined to raw materials. Again, it is better to buy the raw and produce the finished goods and since few nations have absolute self sustainability, this is a key way to improve one's own economy. The Japanese economic modernization and continued supremacy as the 3rd largest economy while maintaining a resource poor land, is a prime example.

8. Surplus manufacturing should be sold to foreigners for gold and silver. No one ever said that trade should be an absolute win win, well no one until the Marxists. It is unrealistic and like all human endeavors, there are the primary winners and everyone else.

9. No importation of foods that can be manufactured at home. The worst thing any nation can do is put its very dietary existence into the hands of a foreign power(s). This is the epitome of stupidity or betrayal.

Examples of successes in Mercantalism range historically and abound in successful nations and nations on their way up. First an example of Free Trade's failure: in the 1860s, England removed the legislative barriers that kept its industries within the home countries and allowed them to seek cheap labour in the colonies, leading to an additional export of technologies world wide. By 1914, the nation that in the 1860s had more factories then the sum of the rest of the world combined, could no longer outfit her armies and navy in a war against a nation, Germany, which did not even exist in the early 1860s. Further, when those colonies broke away, they of course took the industry and technology and continued to defeat the mother country in the world market.

Now contrast this with the success stories of Mercantilism. In the 17th century, for example, French Finance minister Jean-Baptiste Colbert implemented mercantilism throughout the twenty two years he was in his position. The results were extremely successful, with French industry and economic output in general growing by leaps and making France one of the world's top four major trading and military powers. For once more, how can a nation, producing nothing or little value, thus lacking a proper economic base, hope to hold a large military? The United States, an aberration of this general economic rule, is being brought back to reality. Though it still hold a giant military based on fiat paper and incredible debt, it is already being forced to cut back new technologies and purchases, as its credit has gone bad and simply ran out.

Modern South Korea, starting in the 1950s, under the rule of General Park Chung-Hee, through strict protectionist measures and government support of key industries, raised itself from a basket case third world economy to become one of East Asia's premier economies. Mercantalism also lends itself to state-capitalism, which leads to a more stable economy and needed national direction to that economy, one that benefits both the corporate and governmental stake holders and the society in which they function. This is of course in absolute contradiction to the Anglo Sphere Lezzie Faire economic theory of the past. I say the past because the Anglo-Sphere is quickly transforming itself into the Anglo-Marxists Sphere, but one with a smiling, welcoming face.

A common argument of the Free Trade, Lezzie Faire crowd is that Mercantilism is a form of capitalism that is not directed by the consumer demand but by authoritarian decisions. This is a silly argument, of course, the furthest thing from the truth.

Firstly, the internal national market is still a free market and consumer demand, likes and dislikes will directly play upon and weed out the unfavored vs the favored products, services and enterprises.

Secondly, absolute Free Trade, Laize Faire economics eventually leads to the Wallmart effect, where by a few mega retailers, forcing their supplier base out of the home nation, first bankrupt their own people while secondly holding the main reins of overseas production, creating a monopoly of sorts, and thus narrowing the offered product range through these inevitable monopolistic processes and the lack of buying power in the original homeland's population.

Domestically, a Mercantilistic government works with its industries, providing key capital, exempting fledgling industries from taxation, prohibiting export of high technology and capital equipment which in turn limits foreign competition and when possible developing incentives to limit immigration of highly skilled talent. It further encourages direct foreign infrastructural investment in the country.

A final, excellent example of this is Russia. From 1991 through 1999 there was not a single new automobile assembly plant built in Russia but used cars and cheaply built foreign productions were flooding the country. In 1999, then President Putin, got a 33% tariff passed on all imports. The pundents of Anglo economics were all screaming like one unholy chorus that this spelled the end of the Russian auto market. Instead, what this spelled was the opening of 7 new large automobile plants through out Russia. Russia, through low internal taxes and a pro-business environment, became one of the few profitable markets for the American Chevrolet and GM, even though they were now competing in Russia not only with Russian cars but with BMW, Ford, Mercedes, Hynda, Renault and Toyota. Ford even tripled the size of its main plant, while opening two other smaller plants. Thus Russian workers built the cars Russian workers drove, money stayed in Russia and was spent in Russia, driving the economy forward.

Entering a Russian store, it is always pleasing to see not only labels for an items price but a listing of the items nation of origin, directly in front of me. More often then not, with the nation of origin directly in front of them, Russian consumers are choosing Russian production. The government, in a Mercantilistic move, is encouraging consumers to realize from whence cometh their products and to choose patriotically., thus ensuring their own prosperity. Nations must be self sufficient where and when ever it is possible.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Just Add Hyperinflation: Its Armageddon

As I stand upon the mountain top, over looking the huddling masses of the peasants of humanity. My long beard and shanks rippling in the wind, my grizzled staff raised high, pointing at the dark mass of rolling darkness, darkness broken only rarely by the crackle of lightening. It is a darkness like no other, a mass of despair, a malice that is palatable and pungent in its hostility. My voice booms like the thunder of that storm, pummeling the gathered, clutching masses of frightened humanity: rich and poor, high and low, man and woman.

"Behold! Your Lord High Economist, the godling Keynes, through his priests the Interventionist Central Bankers have declared!" I pause for dramatic effect, fear and mysticism in the eyes of the masses. Mysticism at the mention of the shadowy man, nah godling John Maynard Keynes, fear at the coming of his Central Bankers. "Thou, sinners, thou thrifters, thou who have questioned his eternal fear the fires of Inflation! Thou wilest be purged of your doubt and your consumer debt through the fires of Inflation! And since you voiced your doubt! Since you questioned the Will! It will be no simple inflation BUT...(more dramatic pause)...DEPRESSIONARY-HYPERINFLATION! You will eat grass and choke on weeds as you fondly remember steak dinners and red wine!"

Gasps come from the huddle masses. Women cry out in shock and dismay. Babies wale, their cries mixing with the howling of the wind that brings the storm of Depressionary-Hyperinflation. The gnashing of teeth is heard over all. The End is neigh, thy punishment severe. I laugh the laughter of the mad, my eyes sparkling in the coming darkness.

"But how will this be worse then just Hyperinflation or a Great Depression?" comes a brave voice from the masses and suddenly the people's fear is abetted. Hope once more arises in their eyes that maybe, just maybe, this all is not as bad as they had but moments before feared. Even the storm seems to pause, rolling and pulsing but some how less menacing and stationary.

"Hmmm, this will not do, not do at all!" I think. "I will have to explain myself so that these fools will once more tremble." I pull up my robes around my knees and settle down upon the rock, perching over the masses, a wicked wisdom covering my face.

"To find this answer, let us examine, oh huddled masses, the difference between Hyperinflation and Depression and how both would normally effect your lives." They listen attentively.

"In a hyperinflationary situation, one usually created by a hyper expansionary government, a debt loaded economy or some catastrophe such as a major war, the money supply is rapidly expanded. The economy continues to roll along, jobs continue to exist as demand also continues to exist. At first, the workers are freed from their debts, as the amounts owned literally melt away in the face of larger and larger pay checks. Of course, as is usual, salaries rarely stay up to date with prices, which are much more agile and elastic. Soon the worker finds that while debt free, he can afford less and less to buy with his ever more worthless money, but at least, ground under the heel of hyperinflation, he is still employed and remains fed, even if on bread and processed meat rather then on croissants and steak."

They bob their heads in understanding. Many of these peoples of the world have lived all their lives with inflations of one level or another and quite a few with hyperinflation. It is, after all, the order of the century, as the godling Keynes dictated to the interventionist fiat monetary systems. I go on.

"Then there is depression, something that most of you know little about. First spending falls, then output falls to match the new lower demand levels. Of course excess employees are laid off. These in turn spend little if anything and their employed brethren also spend much less, in fear of losing their jobs. Less spent means less produced and the cycle repeats. Debt become overwhelming and crushing, as the value of the dollar becomes greater, again, adding to the cycle. Of course, for those tens of millions unemployed, at least what few savings they have and what little money they get from their governments, will now buy them more then it did before.The pricing levels of the system are reset and will be kinder to future generations, but like most such things, it is painful and a nasty, if not necessary a long, process."

"But how does this link back to Depressionary-Hyperinflation?" again that doubting Thomas. Enough of this, time to learn fear.

"Well," I begin, in an quite, almost gentle voice, "you see, the people fear this painful process of depression and they call upon their betters, their masters to do something, anything about it. Of course the Monetary Interventionists know only one thing to do: lower interest rates and print money. At first, this makes the pain less so and easier to bare. The problem is, especially for you millions and millions of unemployed, it is rather hard to propagate. Each easing requires more and more cash, sorta like a drug addiction. But once the cash hits the system it propagates inflation. This of course takes time to appear, so it is rather hard to guess when to much is to much and out of fear of not being enough, that gut feeling is ignored. Then comes the Hyperinflation!" I feel satisfied in my explanation, but still there is hope in their eyes!

"So..." again that voice, though this time a bit more hesitantly.

"So!" I begin, "for those 15 to 30% of you without jobs, on meager fixed government monies, on pensions and's over, in days and weeks, your money buys nothing as the fires of Depressionary-Hyperinflation burn it all away! You will beg, you will steal, you will burn in rage and hunger and as the living dead, you will fall upon those who still have jobs but are to poor themselves to help you and you will consume them to! Fire and flame, hunger and despair! Then you will, in your orgy of despair and destruction, turn to the saviors who will come to you, the demagogues who will enslave you! Then and only then, will you truly know suffering!" My voice rings in stark laughter. I am on my feet again, waving my staff...the dark clouds booming and rolling forth.

Now they understand, now they know, there is no hope, no salvation, not from this one. Some throw themselves at my feet, begging for salvation, others throw themselves from the nearby cliffs...but there is no salvation, no...only the Fires of Depressionary-Hyperinflation.

My laughter is swallowed by the rolls of thunder.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Order of the Day: Only Good News

...even if you have to fabricate it.

Yes, the very West, the Anglo-Sphere in particular, that brought us this "wonderful" Crisis, built upon lies, deceptions and fabrications, is at it again!

The theme now is: recovery is here, or at least just around the corner.

To that end, the elite controlled Anglo media has its marching orders: no more bad news. Why the unproclaimed leader of the so called "free" world: Barrack Obama, has even gone on a charm campaign, backed up by the smiling mugs of the rest of the bankrupt G7. No more dire news about failing banks, no more words on inflation, on failed and pointless bailouts. No more on collapsing provinces and states, bankrupt like some third world failed nation states. No more about abandoned neighborhoods as house after house is retaken by banks and the paper that backed their loans continues to go bad and destroy the retirement of tens of millions or maybe even hundreds of millions around the world. No, not a word about factory after factory, store after store disappearing.

No, this is a confidence game, dear readers, and like any such schemes, good news and trust in a bright future, not in economic principles, even when hurricane winds are blowing, is essential. So the Western corporate media, the hand maidens of the new Marxist police states, have scrubbed the world clean, or at least the news of the world, and not just at home, but abroad too.

Sure, there are still lots of exaggerated horror tales about our Holy Russia, by the two bit "think" tanks struggling for legitimacy. But even now, as the burning ceiling is falling down around the ears of the majority of the G7's leaders, they have to point at someone and say: "See, we're not like them (Russia). They're a disaster", even as the reality is quite reverse.

Gone is news of mass unemployment and mass unrest in China and India. Even China's bogus financial statistics are now touted as God's own truth. Gone is news of continuing rioting and unrest in Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Hungary and others. Gone is anything that smacks of reality of the world wide crisis and only smiling, happy, lieing faces can be shown. But if the Western public does get suspicious that things are not that great, there is always Pakistan and the Swine Flu o drive attention away from the storm that keeps on blowing in. Even the continued staggering growth of unemployment, in the West, is given a rosy shine.

All of this, of course, is done to keep the public silent. To keep them paying their taxes, eating their spam and paying the pointless mortgages they can never hope to afford, as their earnings actually decrease in the face of continued inflation. Most importantly, it is done to keep the guilty in power, the people who helped or orchestrated this disaster have no intent of leaving or answering for this: ineptitude does not go away.

But lets look at reality: the US economy has continued its collapse, at a fast clip. Housing prices continue their drive down: Phoenix Arizona has reached 50%, much higher then during the Great Depression. England, with an historic interest rate of 0% is right behind, while its pensioners, counting on their earnings from savings are in desperate straights. Job losses, even by messaged numbers of the US government, are staggering at some half a million in one month, just in April. That is half a MILLION more people unable to pay loans, taxes or buy things or for that matter produce any kinds of wealth but instead will be consuming resources in unemployment benefits. Factories and stores continue to evaporate, even as 46 American states are effectively bankrupt. All, it should be noted, continue to sell their debt to the rest of the world. The same can be said for the UK, Spain, Ireland and others.

Both of the Anglo powers have nationalized heir banking systems and continue to nationalize one industry after another, even if they are to cowardly to call it that. Hugo Chavez is a mild leftist in comparison to these Marxists.

Most all are printing money, in massive amounts. The storm of inflation prepares to come ashore and crush the already weakened economies. However, that debt they have sold and continue to try to sell to us, will become worthless. Yet another extended theft from the West. But why tell the truth?

Japan is in full depression, loosing more industrial output between Oct and Dec 2008 then most nations lost in all of the Great Depression. Shanty towns, something not seen since post World War II, are a common day sight, now. Germany is also suffering, its economy is in decline. Germans, at least, are not printing money and they are under no illusions on where to lay the blame for their misery. Their voices, on the Anglo-Sphere dominated international media, are silenced.

Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania are dead economies and governments, soon to be joined by Hungary, Greece, Ukraine, Turkey, Spain, Portugal and Pakistan. Surely there will be at least one civil war, if not a multi-state war, from all this collapse and misery. Yet nothing is said, nothing that would alarm the peasants.

So is the future bright? Hardly, the worst is yet to come. However, the lies of today will come back to haunt the G7 much worse, as any remaining hope is crushed by a reality that will not retreat and can only be covered up and the public is finally forced to come to terms with that reality: a situation they still hope to avoid.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

World War 2, the Debate Goes On

It has been 64 years since the end of the Great Patriot War, better known in the West and the rest of the world as World War 2, but the debate over the victory and its debasement has never been stronger or more ruthlessly waged. It is time to set things straight.

First we will work through the favorite Myths that the West loves to use against Russia.

Myth 1: Poland was the first victim of the Nazi and Soviet regimes.

First of all, let us set the stage on Poland. Between 1918 and 1924, Poland invaded all of its neighbors with the exception of Germany. It was an aggressor before it even became a fascist state, in the military coup of 1926, which made it, after Italy, Europe's 2nd fascist state. Poland invaded Ukraine twice, first against the nationalists and then against the Soviets. It also invaded Belarus and took from it and Ukraine the western provinces that were then reoccupied by the Soviet Union post Poland's fall to Germany in 1939. Poland also invaded Lithuania capturing and holding Tallinn. It invaded Czechoslovakia but was beaten back. Finally it invaded and captured several key villages around Danzig, which were in neutral League of Nations enclaves.

During the wars in Ukraine, the Poles massacred somewhere between 500,000 and 1.5 million Russian POWs that they had taken.

Poland further ran concentration camps for Orthodox Christians, while it burned them out of its Ukrainian and Belarus provinces, since they refused to convert to Catholicism. Thus it is no surprise that Poland had no qualms about backing and allying with Hitler in 1937 and 1938 when the Nazis moved to dissect Czechoslovakia. Hitler, in the Munich Conference of 1938, represented not only Germany's claims on the Sudetenland but also land claims of Hungary and Poland. The falling out came when Hitler demanded that Poland should now join him in his crusade against the Soviets. Being sated, the Poles saw no reason to wage war on their borders and refused. Thus Hitler's drive for revenge.

It should further be noted that it was Polish nationalists who ran the concentration camps in which tens of thousands of German civilians died in 1946.

Myth 2. The War Turned On the Normandy Invasion

Easiest to disprove. By the time the Western Allies landed in Normandy, the Red Army sat on the Vistula in Poland and were 100km inside of Romania, having just destroyed the German 6th Army for a second time (first being Stalingrad).

Myth 3. The Main Fighting was on the Western Front

While not to disparage the veterans and the dead who fought at Normandy, Americans point to the 10,000 or so dead they took as a giant sacrifice. Of course this is ridiculous by the standards of the Patriot War. On Mamayev Kurgan, the hill overlooking Stalingrad (Volgograd), over which both sides fought for 2 months, had 60,000 bodies littering it, about half from each side. That is, those were the bodies that were not buried to deep by artillery, to find.

It is a simple fact that 8 out of 10 German casualties, most of the Hungarian casualties, half of the Italian casualties, all of the Spanish (yes they sent the Blue Division), Finnish, Romanian, Bulgarian and many of the Croatian casualties were on the Eastern (Russian) Front. Simply put, the West never had the stomach for the casualties that were taken by all sides of the Eastern Front, but it has no whims, especially through Hollywood, to try to steal the credit that was earned in rivers of blood.

Myth 4. The Red Army committed mass suffering upon the German population, while the West treated them well.

Of the eight million German civilians who died during World War 2 (8 million compared to 20 million Soviet civilians), 6 million died from US/UK bombs, as the two systematically incinerated each and every single German city in a drive to exterminate the population. How many additional civilians died from direct fighting and artillery bombardments, on the Western Front, is unknown. It should be noted that in 1943 there was a lively debate in America about the whole scale extermination of the German race, which was seen as to barbaric to live along side with.

Bombings would come in 3 waves, first with iron bombs, in which one in four had a variable timer detonator that could explode upto a week or month or longer later to kill returning civilians. Once lots of ruble was created, phosphate fire bombing started. A fire storm was created that would reach up to 6km into the air, sucking oxygen out of bunkers or incinerating the civilians hiding, from the heat of the fire storm. Finally a wave of anti-personal bombs to catch fleeing civilians, fire crews and medical staffs. These would continue for upto three or four days over an individual city.

Then there are the million or so German troops who died in open fields, under the elements, after surrendering to US and French forces. Instead of POW camps, they were taken to open fields, surrounded by wire and left to freeze. Others were worked to death. This continued well into 1946.

Besides this, there are the issues of mass rapes of Italian civilians by British colonial troops, who decided to sow their seed anywhere they landed in Europe.

Myth 5: America won the war against the Japanese almost single handedly.

Outside of the fact that British, Australian, French, Danish and Indian forces tied down over a third of the Japanese army both on the islands and throughout SE Asia, through out the duration of the war, an accomplishment, without which the US victories on the islands would have been impossible.

The Chinese also tied down a huge amount of Japanese forces, as well as various local tribal contingents, who did their part.

However, Japan's biggest defeats were from the Russian army. That's right, these were no Iwo Jimas where some 30 or 40 thousands Japanese were holed up on an island and surrounded from all sides. The battles in 1939 and again in 1945 defeated two full Japanese armies in Manchuka (Manchuria) and paved first for the Japanese southern drive in 1939, thus allowing for the halting of Hitler's drive on Moscow in 1941 and then collapsed the Japanese mainland war effort with the defeat of some 500,000 Japanese forces in Manchuria.

Though these myths are insulting and invasive upon the real history of that great tragedy, it is the total revisionism of the war by several EU nations that is most disturbing. In the Baltics, there is absolute revisionism, creating heroes out of the murderers of the Nazi regime. This is not some fringe movement, but one financed and backed by the local governments.

Then there is the US/EU puppet in Ukraine, Yushinko, who openly praises the western Ukrainian SS auxiliaries as national heroes. There must be some Jews and Orthodox Christians left in Lvov some where, getting Yushinko's blood into a rage.

Similar issues have come up in Croatia, Hungary and recently in Moldova, with Romanian support.

It is time to take the many excellent Russian movies about the Patriotic War and translate them into English, German and French and launch them into the West. Maybe the knowledge will help the West avoid the same mistakes as of 64 years ago.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

NATO's Future is In Russia's Hands

NATO a hodgepodge organization of states in Europe, Asia (Turkey) and North America who have no overall mission, the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact long dead, are a fragile institution with many short comings for the members and gains only for the Anglo Sphere.

Since the Soviet collapse, NATO (US/UK and their European military bureaucratic puppets in Brussels) have been bereft of reasons for existence. They started by expanding, like a dieing red giant star, growing and growing, sucking the life out of others, while rotting internally non-the-less. The Anglos pushed NATO into the Yugoslav civil wars, wars that can be argued were started with soft power interventions by the members of NATO, in the first place.

However this was short lived, thus the God send of the War on Terror. It was a God send on three accounts:

1. It allowed NATO to continue to justify its existence to the majority of its members, even as the Anglo-Sphere's drive towards destruction of Russia, never stopped. Many of the other members of NATO were less then happy with this hidden agenda, but the terror of 11 September and other incidents, allowed them to look the other way and continue to support the Frankenstein in their midst.

2. It allowed continued expansion of NATO and NATO partnership programs, most of whom seem to have happened to be the countries on Russia's periphery.

3. It allowed America and to a lesser extent, the UK lap dogs, to continue building on the one industry that America still has a monopoly on: weapons systems. NATO runs on, first and foremost, American weapons and like the Soviet Union of old, the only real industries America still has is weapons and heavy equipment. It is a power that can not fully cloth its people, can not provide them with furniture to sit on or even a television to watch. It can not sustain itself with oil and gas and it can not even finance itself without every third world hell hole being a creditor to the world's best armed pauper state.

So, seeing all this, it was no surprise that the Anglo-Sphere, with the rest of NATO in toe, rushed into Afghanistan, the biggest Western folly since the 1940s.

Of course, with the usual Anglo-Sphere ideology driving every endeavor, two things have developed that have firmly put NATO's future in Russia's hands and will in the end destroy the last best chance for Anglo-Sphere domination of Europe and Asia:

1. Pakistan. Not satisfied with only a half controlled vassal, in the form of Masheriff, the Anglos brought about the end of his reign and placed on the throne a gaggle of true puppets. Inexplicably, in the year that has followed, Pakistan has hurtled towards an absolute collapse and with it the main supply route to NATO's legions in Afghanistan. Inadvertently, NATO is now absolutely dependent on Russia for the supply of its forces.

While, the ability to move forces, particularly personnel, by air, will preclude the NATO legions facing the fate of the First British Expedition to Afghanistan, the images of NATO forces abandoning equipment and scrambling to get out of a cut off, land locked and over run Afghanistan, will absolutely spell the doom of NATO. It will be a moral blow no less deadly to the present system then the fall of Berlin was to National Socialism.

2. Georgia. The NATO backed genocidal dictatorial regime that launched yet another bought of genocide against its minorities and was slapped down by Russia, has continued to hold power. Beyond all reason, NATO has continued to back the dictator, declaring his opposition as radicals. True some are, but the majority are from Monarchistic, Republican, Conservative and Christian Democratic parties. These are now radicals? People who call on the government to allow media freedom, an economy free of government terror and black mail and an end to effective one party rule, are now, to the Anglo-Sphere and their European NATO lackeys, a radical movement. But then again, the constitutionalist Ron Paul was called a radical in America. Why should anyone be surprised.

As such, NATO has continued to quickly rearm the Georgians and to prop them up in Georgia's blind hope to regain its former territories and, as goes unmentioned in the absolutely controlled Anglo press, exterminate those peoples who live there. Of course Georgia will launch its war and of course the weight of Russia will crush it, again, and will not stop, this time, until Tbilisi.

NATO's reaction will lead to one of two ends, neither good for it or its Anglo masters: it will either do nothing, the more likely effect, and finish off the coffin on any confidence in would-be vassal states surrounding Russia. Or, if has truly gone insane, always a distinct possibility, it will react militarily. Not only will large scale casualties result in this, but Russia will instantly close off all routes to Afghanistan and will be in an equally powerful position to make an air rescue extremely difficult at best and impossible at worst.

Either way, NATO has its head firmly in the Russian noose and is busy spitting in the Russian eye, non-the-less. Yet, ignoring this most obvious truth, NATO continues to treat with Russia on a basis of: What is ours is ours and what is yours is negotiable but eventually will be ours.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Swine Flu, The Terror of the Unknown

When it comes to the mention of the Swine Flu, worry, confusion and even terror comes to the faces of those questioned. Why should it not, when what we know is far out weighed by the unknown and potentially deadly.

To begin with, why was WHO involved in a seemingly mild outbreak from the very first? Was it because they knew something far worse and deadly was already moving? There are reports in Mexico that the first infections actually started as far back as March. If that is the fact and WHO was already involved, why were there no quarentens on the areas affected, back then? Why the wait, until the disease broke forth into the general Mexican population?

Equally, there is the disease itself. Four different viruses from three different animals all in one. True, when a virus infects a cell, it picks up bits of DNA that are floating around, that is how this non living entity mutates as it goes from host to host. Of course, to mix four viruses, one human, two swine and one avian, in one subject, is an astronomically tiny chance, especially when one of those swine viruses is from Asia. To this effect, the Dallas Co. Medical Director, Dr. John Carlo stated “This strain of swine influenza that’s been cultured in a laboratory is something that’s not been seen anywhere actually in the United States and the world, so this is actually a new strain of influenza that’s been identified".

The complexity of this flu, one that combines the worst of all four, the, human element of which allows it to pass much more easily from person to person and the avian nature of which allows it to kill off those with the healthiest immune systems by over loading those immune systems and flooding the lungs with fluids, while the swine portion finishes off the old and young, has given the flu a 5-10% kill rate. To make a comparison, the usual yearly human flu has a kill rate of .1%, while the Spanish Flu had a kill rate of 1% and an infection rate of 50%. If one does the straight math of 5% death and 50% infection rate, the US can expect 7.5 million dead in a matter of 3-5 months, following the Spanish Flu model of 16 major weeks of infection before it started to burn out. If Mexico, with a much worse medical system, takes up 10%, as a max rate and a 50% infection rate, it will suffer some 5.5 million casualties.

Other issues are of course raised from the known facts:

First: while there have been many infections in the US, both proven and suspected are more then likely well over a thousand, the only fatality so far was a Mexican child. The question of course is: why are Mexicans dieing while other races, even other Hispanics, seem to get only a much milder form? Is this due to the lack of Mexican medical facilities and the state of the slums around Mexico City and other major Mexican cities? Is the virus some how "preprogrammed" to specific genotypes? If the virus is laboratory created, this last point can not be out right excluded, as modern technology quite easily lends itself to such possibilities.

Next is the question that any ration person, especially one living right next door to Mexico, in the USA, must be asking: why, unlike the whole of the world, is the US government doing absolutely nothing to safe guard the people, outside of a few empty words. Is the worry over profits from a cut back in trade, so strong that protection of the people is ignored? Are the authorities so ignorant that they will not contemplate the costs in lives of this epidemic? Or is there something worse, some plan that requires the American public to be an epicenter of infection? What social impacts will this have upon the growing discontent with an already oppressive and all encompassing governmental regime?

Then there is the question of what social and economic effects this will have, especially in the long run. With an already chronically ill US and European economy, what effect will this have? Trade with the US is already being cut, with swine products being banned in Russia, Japan and other nations. This will drive farmers out of business in massive quantities, in the US, a market where consumers are cutting back on meat, due to lack of income. Further, even if this is a mild viral infection for most Americans, Hispanics included, the major illness rate, with millions staying home, will have a major impact on the economy, driving even more firms into bankruptcy, as employees do not show up and shoppers avoid stores and thus purchases. Upcoming travel bans will also have major effects upon tourist destinations just as tourism season starts.

Of course the major pharma companies, especially the American ones, must be rejoicing, as this is a golden opportunity for them that they could only have dreamed about.

In Mexico, a land already wracked by a major civil war with drug cartels, where the two main cartels, out of some dozen different cartels, have enough military force to openly challenge the Mexican military, this added burden and the shut down of the economy, will more then likely put the collapse of the nation into over drive. The world can expect a Mexican collapse by summer's end. If, once anarchy spreads, Mexican gunmen take the model of the Somalis, they could all but shut down, at least temporarily, oil production and trade through the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Islands. The cost of reopening both will be quite a high cost addition.

So, while the tiny bits of information are repeated and repeated in an endless stream of non-information and key issues are ignored, by passed or withheld from the population, the effects of the virus are already taking place, whether the world realizes it or not.