Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What Is In Store for Us: (Gloomy predictions for 2009)

The new year, dear readers, will not be a good year. We are living in the proverbial Chinese "interesting times" and 2009 promises to do its best to keep things "interesting" So on with the show.


There will be scattered protests and some will turn violent as the economy worsens. The government's plans to sustain industrial production, in the heavy industries, and to weaken the ruble and implement high tariffs will have the desired effects of keeping the nation from all out recession. Inflation will continue, though at a smaller pace, due to the overall global deflationary manner. Over all, the Russian economy will prove one of the strongest in the general world collapse.

The Russian military will continue to rebuild, as part of the government spending programs to keep heavy industry going. Weapon sales will also increase as wars and tensions spread due to the crisis.

The Anglo-Marxist drive to start a new Cold War will only increase and monies spent on "democratic" initiatives will increase. This will cause Other Russia to be emboldened enough to create more spectacles for Western financing and consumption. Eventually one or two will turn very violent and there will be deaths. The Russian government will label the National Bolshevik Workers' Party as a terrorist organization and arrest its leaders. The NBWP will turn to actual terror and there will be a small home grown terrorist threat throughout Russia. In general, the government will launch a major drive to clamp down on the skin heads. Gary Kasparov will flee to America where he will become rich making anti-Russian speeches and creating new anti-Russian hatred in the Anglo-Marxist sphere.

The demographic upswing will also suffer with fewer births, requiring more spending by the government to encourage people to continue having children. On the plus side, the inflow of the diasporas will increase, as conditions outside of Russia deteriorate and Russophobia spreads in the Anglo-Marxist sphere.


The new year is going to bring major suffering to the US economy and society. On the one hand, the Bank Panic of 2008, started in and by America, will continue to ravage the recessioned economy. On the other hand, large swaths of the American demographic, who voted for Obama, are expecting miracles that the US government simply can not provide.

As industry after industry lines up for government handouts and large scale money printing to meet those demands escalates, the depressionary bought will, by mid year, turn into a raging inflationary bonfire. Savings will disappear over night. Add to this continued mass layoffs that will reach another 2 to 3 million people, and an unofficial unemployment rate of 15%+ (official US statistics are so doctored as to make them worthless), a series of wars that will continue to drain lives and treasure and the dashed hopes of tens of millions and the US is in for a very hot and horrid summer.

Demonstrations, riots and looting will break out in various sections of the country, hardest hit by
the collapsing economy. The government, which in the US has a history of using draconian tactics once violence starts (or as in the case of Seattle in 1998 there was no need for violence for the police to unleash hell on peaceful demonstrators) will lead to casualties and an escalation of tensions. The US army's North America command will be called in to affect areas, forcing martial law and gun confiscations.

By late summer, early fall, the foundations of the Civilian Defense Corp will be laid down. Echos of the Waffen SS anyone?

On the international front, the US will continue its imperial hubris, though maybe with a little more of a kinder face, but do not bet on it. Europe's disappointment will come fast.


Mexico will face complete collapse as a nation. With the US economy in free fall, tourism drying up, masses of uneducated peasants returning or being returned from the US, a raging drug war throughout the north and a Marxist insurgency in the south, the Mexican government will face mass unrest, military coups and revolts and ultimately a full failed state status.

Violence will escalate to unprecedented levels and will spill over the northern borders into America. This may actually justify a US incursion, though the Americans will be hard pressed to find enough troops to do this.

South America

The major economies of south America will go through a lot of turmoil and suffering but should maintain relatively stable states. This is not their first time going down this road. Regimes will fall and change and by mid to late 2009, a low platue will be reached. The main nations to watch out for are Columbia and Venezuela. A simmering border war may flare up into a full scale conflict. However, since both now have military contracts and agreements with Russia, Russia should be able to keep the violence to a minimum.


The economic collapse in the UK will continue a foot with the US. Rights of the citizens will continue to be usurped by the state and all pretenses of civil rights will disappear after the Islamics in the city center start to agitate and push out through direct violence all remaining British nationals. England will start to look a lot like Sweden with the cities owned by the immigrant Islamics and the refugee locals forced to pay the Islamics' welfare.

Once the majority starts leaning to the hard right and violence starts to break out between the military Islamics and the ultra nationalists, the UK government will drop all pretenses of the citizens rights and clamp down with martial law. Welcome to the Police State. If the public does not rise up at this point, the UK is lost.

To keep the audience nice and fearful, look for the British powers to escalate a Cold War with Russia, at any cost.


Spain will have elections and a center right government will win.


France will have early elections and will take a hard left turn. However, the Islamic ghettos will be blocked off as violence escalates. Watch for more socialist ordnances forcing businesses to hire more workers, whether they need them or not.


Ethnic cleansing of the gypsies and Islamic Arabs will pick up pace. The vigilante outfits will be nationalized, rather than just ignored by the police. Whatever tolerance there is now, will evaporate as the economy of Italy continues to shrink and there is less money to share between unemployed Italians and welfare immigrants. Italy will take a hard right.


Germany will continue moving to the right in politics. It's conservative economic stance and banking, along with a robust manufacturing industry will set it as a stable center of the EU. Watch for Germany to take on prominence like never before in Europe.

As Germany's economic stability, or relative stability, holds the EU together, the EU's economic policy will start to reflect the German desires and the Euro will finally attain a single unified strategy, that of Germany, who will not broach a US competitor in the EU.

Two things will grow from this. One Germany's relationship with fellow manufacturer and oil/gas producer Russia will grow. From this and the German desire to lead Europe, friction between Merkel and an imperial Obama will also grow. US attempts to undermine EU (thus German) economic links to Russia, through the use of Poland and the Baltics, will be noted and despised by the Germans as a whole. Germany will work hard to side line and minimize a collapsing Poland.


As its economy collapses, Poland will become even more of a puppet for the US regime. It will work hard to undermine EU efforts to expand relations with Russia. However, Poland's moment is past and the Germans, along with help from that moronically named "old europe" France and Italy, will work hard to side line and minimize Poland as a whole in the EU. Though the Poles will not be kicked out, their economic freebies by the EU will be put under threat until they shut up and sit down.

At the same time, sky rocketing unemployment, already higher than 15% (the average standard in Poland) will undermine any government strength.


Look for total economic collapse from the Baltics, much more so than anything the IMF will be willing to fund. Estonia and Latvia will continue taking a hard turn to racism against their very large Russian minorities. This, by the middle of the year, will break out into serious violence. Russian tanks will be on their borders and the EU will move quickly to shut them down, even as the US will attempt to sacrifice the pawns to cause a heat up of it's new Cold War. In the end, Estonia and Latvia, in 2009, will more than likely collapse into absolute anarchy and possibly failed states.

Lithuania is more stable and will take a more neutral roll. It will work closer with both Germany and Russia and will thus maintain a more stable, though still struggling economy. It will be faced, though, with a major influx of economic refugees from its two failed neighbors.


For the Balkans as general, look for war in 2009. It will start with increased violence against the EU and NATO in Kosovo from the drug cartels who run the failed statelete. With NATO on the retreat in Afghanistan, split over Russia, Serbia will finally take the move to re annex Kosovo and drive the KLA and Albanian mafia out of the region. This will be sparked by KLA Islamics starting more terror in southern Serbia and the threat against the Serb minority there.

The domino effect will be fast and furious.

Once NATO steps aside and does nothing to loose yet more troops to the Serb army, the signal will be clear. The KLA will flee into Greece, Makedonia and Albania. In Albania, they will destabilize the already weak government and the state, by the end of the year will be in the process of collapsing. Makedonia will find itself once more mired in a civil war. This time, though, a weak US will not be able to stop Makedonia's neighbors from arming the Orthodox Christian state against the Islamic-Narco insurgency.

Greece will also find itself with an active Albanian insurgency, on a much higher level than the few violent incidents scattered so far. In the end, Greece will eject its Albanian workers and may even be drawn actively into the collapsing Albania, if for no other reason than to protect the 25% Orthodox Albanian minority.

In Bosnia, Srpska Republic, using the Kosovo standard, will declare independence and ask to return to Serbia's borders. This will of course reignite the Bosnian three way civil war, for which all three sides are ready. NATO will attempt to stop the deterioration but after several violent incidents, member nations will withdraw their troops or remask them as UN observers.

Croatia and Serbia will meet once more on the battle field of Europe as Bosnia is equally flooded by a new wave of Arab and Pakistani Jihadists.


Turkey's economy will continue to crash as with everyone else. It's exports will not be in demand and will lead to large scale lay offs. The ever more Islamized government will finally lead to at least one military putsch to replace them with secular powers. As conditions deteriorate, the Kurds will relaunch an active insurgency, which will also strain Turkey's resources since it will need to be further interjected into Iraq's Kurdish north.


Ukraine's economy will continue to collapse and the Western puppet Oranges will continue to bicker and feed off of the suffering of the people as they maneuver for power against each other. The crisis point will come this spring, when no obvious economic turn around will be on the horizon. Ukraine will more than likely split in two. The east/south will become a close satellite of Russia, while the west will struggle on. Whether this is peaceful or violent will depend directly on how much the West stays out of this.


Unbelievably, Saakashvili will continue to cling to power through the first half of the year. Under Washington's prodding, in early spring, he will relaunch the war and than be removed in a coup by his former allies. Moscow's response will, more than likely, be to not stop until Tbilisi. What will follow next will depend on how strong Russia feels, how weak and slow the West's response is, but annexation is not out of the question.


Israel will face a protracted series of wars on its borders, primarily in Lebanon and Egypt's Sinai and Gaza. Syria will also attempt to start one in the Golan Heights but this will pitter out. Olmert will finally be put to pastor, in a nice jail cell as he stands corruption charges. Netanyahu will more than likely be president, and being a pragmatist, he will take a much closer position to Russia, as Washington's influence falls. Russia will be pressed further to stop sales to Arabs of weapons, in exchange for Israeli loyalty and investments.


With a continued economic down turn, Iran will be rocked by riots. Whether the mullahs stay in power will be yet to be seen. The nuclear power plant will start, no one will bomb them and no nuclear weapons will be developed. The US will continue to threaten with its military but these threats will be ignored by everyone, as hollow.


Iraq will continue to grind on, from crisis to crisis, not quite in a full civil war and not nearly in any kind of peace. One or two car bombs a day will continue to be the norm. The US will start 2009 by flexing troops to Afghanistan. The drop in numbers will not last long as fighting will quickly escalate and the units will have to be returned. In other words, the American quagmire is going nowhere as is Obama's promise to remove troops in 16 months.

Turkey will be forced to intervene more actively in Kurdistan, which will bring more instability to the region.


Afghanistan will become a NATO disaster, one big enough to possibly finally split the old Cold War club. The southern supply routes will be unreliable at best, downright a disaster at worst, running through Pakistan. Many NATO nations involved will be forced to sign contracts and agreements with Russia. The US' drive to get Georgia and Ukraine into NATO will be further blocked by nations such as Germany, who has the foresight to understand it needs Russia not only for economics but also for the survival of its troops in Afghanistan.

This of course will further alienate the US puppet NATO/EU "new europe" states such as Poland and the Baltics.

As a whole, NATO control over the southern and central portions of the country will collapse. The northern warlords will also switch their loyalty to their traditional allies: Iran, Russia and India. Afghanistan's government will control little more than the main cities and even then it will be a state of constant terror and siege.

By the middle of the year, it will be obvious the war is lost and NATO member states will start a mad scramble to get their troops out. Only the US and British will remain.


Pakistan will fall into an all out civil war, loosing control of much of the country side. The question of the safety of its nuclear weapons will be a prominent headache for the world but nothing real will be done. At least one border war will be fought with India and will be declared a draw by the weak Pakistani authorities. The economy will continue its down ward spiral and the flight of talent will only accelerate.

Militants will begin to launch brazen attacks throughout the cities and the military will be mostly in a garrison, circle the wagons mentality. Some military strikes on militants will be carried out but will not solve the problems.

Khyber Pass will be ultimately cut off by insurgents on both ends, making Afghanistan an even bigger debacle.


India will continue to suffer from business flight, as demand continues to crash. It's geographical isolation from the main centers of commerce will further hamper the situation, as fewer maritime transports are plying the sea lanes. Continued tensions with Pakistan and continued Pakistani and Maoist terrorism and violence will further damage the business environment.

Over all, India will suffer like any primarily exporter nation, but she will come through relatively sound, with fewer internal divisions than many nations. Look for a broad border war to start by late spring, with Pakistan. After initial gains, India will bog down into a prolonged series of battles. Under massive external pressure and internal pressure and the cracking of Pakistan, both sides will make peace. India will claim all out victory, though most of its objectives will not be met and Pakistan will claim victory because it averted total defeat.


China is in for an era of major instability. The 100,000+ factories that closed in 2008 will be followed by as many in 2009. The Chinese domestic consumption market is just to small to suck up more than 20% of the production it presently has. China will be further weakened by the hyper inflating dollar. Friction will come between China and America in late summer, when it will become obvious to China that the US is hyper inflating its way out of the US debt that China holds, making its investments worthless. In response, China will nationalize all US factories on the main land.

This act will at once bankrupt dozens of US companies and further crash the already chronically ill American economy and it will force a trade war on the US that may force it to bring some production back in, once the equipment can be replaced.

Either way, look for US/Chinese relations to be down right hostile by the end of 2009. Internally, China will suffer much instability and rioting, as hundreds of millions of unneeded factory workers are forced back into their dirt poor farming villages. Luckily for the Chinese authorities and no so luckily for the citizens, extreme violence is always a top option for China's authorities ad will be used often and to effect.


While Japan's export base economy will suffer for the same reason the rest of the world is suffering, Japan still retains a strong, well educated and affluent society. Along with strict cultural cohesion and a high rate of savings, Japan will maintain much of its wealth. Protectionist measures have secured most of Japan's industry inside of Japan.

This, coupled with the weak US, will prompt Japan to recreate, albeit without war this time, a new Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere, drawing into it's orbit various other local nations. Through 2009 there will be polite friction, as Japan pushes US influence out of central Pacific rim and south east Asia. As the dollar falls to hyper inflation, the Yen will be seen, by the second half of 2009, as the standard barer of Asian stability and success and will come to replace the dollar as the dominant power in that portion of the world.

Japan will see Russia as, at once, both a key energy supplier and trade partner and as a competitor to Asian domination, though a minor competitor. With China ripped by strife, Japan will have a free hand in Asia.

The Most Popular Russian

The contest has ended and the West, the Anglo-Marxist West is proclaiming evidence of a new cold war by the fact that Stalin, at 11.5% of the vote, took third place. Breaking news from Reuters: "Dictator Stalin voted third most popular Russian" and the UK's Telegraph "The Sinister Resurrection of Stalin". Yes folks, this is the preeminent news from the top of the Anglo-Marxist kept media. See, there's a reason the Cold War has to start, those evil Russians are ready for a Stalin II, which is the implied message.

The rotten and dieing Anglo-Sphere has to do what ever it can to keep the peasants distracted and looking the other way as the top 1% abscond with the last of the piggy bank change. What better way than to start another Cold War?

Lets look at this story another way: the winner was SAINT Alexander Nevsky. He was a strong Orthodox Christian and a wise man who safe guarded the only Russian principality to survive both the Mongol invasions and those of the Catholics crusades, beating back the Swedes and then the Teutonics while keeping Novgorod free of the Mongols. A strong nationalist and a populist. Upon his death, at age 43 , while returning from the Mongol Khan's court, the Metropolitan Archbishop Cyril said, 'My children, you should know that the sun of the Suzdalian land has set. There will never be another prince like him in the Suzdalian land.'

Second place went to Pyotr Arkadyevich Stolypin, another strong Russian nationalist and a proponent of not only capitalism but the free market and private property rights. As prime minister of Russia, he worked hard up to his assassination at the hands of western backed Marxists, to make Russia the most powerful and free economy in the world. After becoming prime minister in 1906, he frustrated the efforts of Wall Street (
The Six Evils of Wall Street and the Suffering of Humanity
) to destroy the Holy Russian Empire by crushing the Marxist revolutionaries that plagued Russia and bringing stability to the land. It was not until the middle of the First World War, 10 years later in 1916, that the Anglo-Marxists would have another real go at it.

Yet another way of looking at this is: 88.5% of the Russian population rejected Stalin and his policies. I dare say you will not have that kind of luck in America, Canada or merry ole England, not now a days when Marxism is all the rage. If America had to choose, more than likely the top three these days would be FDR (Stalin-lite), Red Lincoln (the first socialist president of America and some would say dictator) and Bill (Bubba) Clinton.

All of the contenders on the Russian list were discussed in a publicly broad cast show where a panel of historians, politicians, church leaders and other public figures went over each candidate's biographies and records in deep detail and understanding. This was done in an intellectual and respectful manner both to the subjects and participants. This is something one would never find in the American press, as one: no one was shouting and two: deep discussion are not only out of the capabilities of most American public leaders they simply have no appeal to the low educated masses where one in three students never finishes school, let alone gets a college education.

So instead of pointing a finger at the mote in your neighbor's eye, the Anglo-Marxist's populace should take a close look at the so called leaders and elites of their own lands and where they are leading them. Worry about your own bankrupt and foreclosed house before launching off on another self-righteous and blood soaked crusade to straighten out someone else's.

Monday, December 29, 2008

The Two State One State Solution

Let us first establish four main facts about the Israeli-Palestinian situation:

1. America, since 1948, has been in the pocket of the Saudi royals, who spend over $100 million yearly on DC to buy politicians and own the US state department people sent to the embassy in Riyadh even taking care of them in their retirement.

2. Israel receives billions in US aid (the Arab neighbors/enemies of Israel actually receive more aid and military equipment from America, but that's a different story).

3. He who gives money owns the one who takes it. Thus DC owns Jerusalem just like Riyadh owns DC.

4. American constant involvement in the region has insured that there can be no peace between the Jews and the Arabs, just how the Saudis want it.

The US has looked the other way while the Palestinian clans, under command of the PLO and it's Romanian KGB created leader Yassar Arafat tried to over throw the Heshimite clans of Jordan and seize power. The US looked the other way when those Palestinians, fleeing Jordan launched a civil war in Syria, which Assad crushed. The US equally looked the other way while the PLO, like a horde of locusts, then hit Lebanon, launching what had once been the banking capital of the Middle East and a peaceful land of Christians and Shiites into a bloody three way civil war.

The US did stop looking the other way, when Israel invaded Lebanon, after a series of PLO atrocities, and encircled Arafat and his jackals from the south, while an equally vengeful Lebanese Christian Army closed in from the north. It was then that Ronald Reagan sent in the US marines to save this scum, at US taxpayer expense, and transport them to Tunisia, at US taxpayer expense.

The US then went into a full PR attack mode to make the Israelis take the first steps to national suicide on the Palestinian issue. This continued under Papa Bush and then onto Bill "Bubba" Clinton. This of course created and fueled the First Intifada, with over raised expectations of the Palestinians to some kind of kingdom status.

Things only got worse with Clinton bringing Yassar the Blood Thirsty, with the death of 100,000 Orthodox and Catholic Christians on his hands (not that the Anglo-Marxists ever cared about Christian blood) to the Palestinian territories and turning a murderous thug and terrorist into a "legitimate" world leader and then ordering the Israelis to hand over half their tiny country as well as lots of weapons to the renamed PLA. This farce even went so far as to give this evil little murderous troll a Nobel Peace Prize, forever making the Nobel idea a running joke.

Bush the Lesser's arrival, with his Road Map to Peace (National Suicide) did nothing to ease the pain, putting fresh life into the grandiose plans of the Palestinian Islamics (who had conveniently murdered and driven off most of their Orthodox Christian cousins...again the Anglo-Marxists care little for Christian blood). If it was not for the HIV virus, we would still be forced to listen to the lies from that small evil troll.

So far, the US has continued to push the idiotic two state solution, making sure that their compliant puppet Olmert the Mindless, removed, by military force, Israelis from the Gaza Strip. It should be interesting to note that just like with Sharon's gutless withdrawal or rather route from Lebanon, the number of attacks on Israel only increased. Running in the face of Jihad only encourages the fanatics to try harder. When dealing with Jihad, you fight to the last fanatic or your civilization and religion will die. Better the warrior's death than the coward's dhimmi life.

So what is the solution? Mat Rodina calls upon Obama to take a new approach, instead of the Two State idiocy that he has already started pushing just like his four predecessors.

Mr. Obama, you promised change? Make it real and take this radical change: import all of the Islamic Palestinians, or at least the ones in Gaza to America and let the Christians ones return to what will than become internal Israeli territory.

The US has created the wars there by backing the PLO/PLA, it is time to take responsibility and give these "refugees" a better life, somewhere in the wide expanses of America. You will be hailed as finally bringing peace to that war torn land and you will even please the other local Arabs who after all want a two state solution so they can get rid of their own unwanted Palestinians. Give them North Dakota or some other nearly uninhabited area and let them be neighbors to the Lokotas. That should be fun to watch. Further more, on the bright side, these Palestinians, raised on war and jihad will make fine soldierly recruits to fill the ranks that Americans will not.

See, Mr. Obama, two birds with one stone. Of course the Saudi paymasters will be less than happy but you can't satisfy everyone, now can you?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Alliance to the West Has Brought Nothing But Suffering To Ukraine's Economy

Once more, the new year brings the prospect of freezing cold and equally freezing apartments to the heart lands of Ukraine, just like it has almost yearly since the Oranges have taken power. Of course, unlike their Western owned and funded elites, the common Ukrainian will actually have to suffer through that cold and the increased price of gas that will finally follow.

Ukraine's economy has always been linked directly to Russia, always, since the collapse of the Soviet Union. This included not only trade but joint major manufacturing and technology projects. Ukraine's steel heavy economy is a major gas hog, sucking up the resource in great quantities, as all steel works require, but before the Oranges, it could always count on Russian gas to power it ahead. As well, the people of Ukraine, going back to when all lived under the same flag, from the Tsar through the Soviets, grew used to having a winter that was at least warm in their homes, just like their Russian brothers. This continued through the first decade of post Soviet rule.

Problems with gas are nothing new, but they have gotten markably worse since the Orange extremists took over. Back in 1992 and 1994, Russia cut the gas line to Ukraine, for non-payments. In both cases the West had backed the Ukrainian regimes, who however were wise enough to retract their anti-Russian positions. Things settled out.

Of course all this ended when Kuchma was removed and the DC/Brussels owned Oranges came to power. They spared little time making it clear that they were Russia's enemies, plain and simple, as they cuddled up to their Western owners. The funny thing of all this, of course, is that their Western owners some how figured that Russia would continue to cuddle the antagonist Oranges and their economy. That is right, dear reader, the DC Marxists and their drive for World Revolution was to be done on the cheap, with Russia, the target of their destruction, written in as paying for the comfort of enemy regimes. This is as stupid as having the Israelis pay and arm the Palestinians, which is of course what the West has made them do. Russia, though, is no small middle eastern state under the Saudi financed DC thumb. Thus Russia simply said no.

The faulty strategy of Ukraine's new Orange Socialists spared no time in tanking the Ukrainian economy. Under the pro-Russian Kuchma and Yanukovich, Ukraine's GDP grew 12.5% in 2004. The Oranges came to power in 2005 and instantly implemented 1. an IMF payback policy (Yushenko) and 2. a socialist populist economic policy of increased taxes (Yushenko & Timoshenko) and a doubled minimal wage and privatization review and nationalization/redistribution policy (Timoshenko). The anarchy this caused, in the market, dropped the GDP's growth rate to 2.5%. This was also the year of the first Ukrainian Orange oil shock, as the former Gas Queen, who made her billions on rather questionable transactions she oversaw in the 1990s, and her boss Yushenko decided not to pay Russia for its gas and refused to recognize the price increase Moscow pushed forward.

And why should Moscow not have pushed the price increase which drove Ukrainian gas from $90 to $160? This is still less than half the price that Europe paid. Ukraine accepted this with some protest about unfair leverage, even though they were allowed to raise their transit fees. Though Washington and Brussels brought about their revolution, they preferred not to pay for it. By mid spring of 2005, it quickly became evident what kind of regime was really in power, when Gazprom discovered that 7.5 billion cubic meters of Russian gas, stored in Ukraine, had "disappeared".

Talks broke down in November and December of 2005 as the new prices for the following year, $230, came up. It should be noted that it was at this point, that natural gas prices were sky rocketing, just like the Oranges' anti-Russian tirades. Even then, the price demanded was still much lower than that paid by Europe in general and Ukraine was still receiving a transit fee that rather off set the over all price. Prices were so off set that Ukrainian consumers paid less for Russian gas than Russian consumers, even as their government worked over time to bring NATO on to Russia's doorstep and destroy Russia's power in the Caucus and indeed to destroy Russia herself.

When Gazprom cut supplies to Ukraine in January 2006, President Yushenko's advice to his suffering people (he, I am sure, never suffered) was to stuff straw in their windows. That winter was a record cold and Ukraine's population of 47 million suffered more than three times the number of cold deaths then Russia's 145 million. It should of course be noted that none were Orange top dogs or their mid level sociopaths. Of course his government instantly started steeling Russian gas bound for Europe and blaming it on Russia.

Thus while Italy, Germany, Hungary, Austria and France suffered, Washington, London and Brussels did their best to spread their puppets' lies and shift the blame from their own shoulders to that of Russia. What, dear reader, did you, for a second think that they cared about the Germans, Italians or French? Hardly, realpolitik means sacrificing pawns and "old" Europe is nothing more than an Anglo-Marxist pawn to be used and bled as needed.

Luckily the governments of the victim nations did care about their people and pointed their fingers directly at Kiev. This in turn pushed the Oranges back to the table and finally settled out the price and ended the blatant thefts.

Ukraine's economy improved in 2006 and 2007, reaching a GDP growth of 5%, still a far cry from the 12.5% under the pro-Russian government. Furthermore, the increase was fueled by record steel prices which in 2008 saw a 100% price increase before plummeting and taking Ukraine as a whole with it. But we will get to that in a bit.

As for Ukraine's need for gas, it only grew. The Oranges were to busy being socialists and thieves to bother taking care of their people, not much different from Washington's other puppets in Georgia. Efficiency not only did not improve it actually grew worse.

When the end of 2007 rolled by, Ukraine's $1.3 billion debt to Gazprom came up. The Oranges bulked at actually having to pay their balance. Why pay your debts when the West will back you blindly? Things settled down and appeared to be worked out, but by 5 January 2008 the debt had grown to $1.5 billion and the Oranges were once again bulking at paying. This simmered until 3 March 2008 when supplies were again cut off as Ukraine refused to pay its 2008 gas debts. Two days later supplies were returned, as the disruption had major effects on the only real exports Ukraine has: steel. Steel mills can not afford to shut down their furnaces as smelter restart costs are very high.

It is now December 2008 and once again, the Oranges have brought Ukraine to a brink. This time, however, Ukraine is in the cross hairs of the 2008 Bank Panic and is facing a major depression. Its economy is in free fall with the currency devaluating over 80% and no reserves that were not already pilfered by the Oranges. As it stands, Ukraine owes Gazprom $2.4 billion and has offered to pay only $840 million, thus leaving over $1.5 billion in debt.

So what has alliance to the West brought our Ukrainian brothers and sisters? Well besides economic difficulties, cold winters, more socialism, endless elections, cultural and religious turmoil and Georgian embarrassments? Not much and that is the best Ukraine's people can hope for in 2009, at best. They should have learned from history what happened to their ancestors whenever the West came into Ukraine and the slavs of Rus were divided. It would seem that some lessons need relearning every generation or three.

Our Santa Claus is Better Than Yours

Saint Nicholas, a most holy of men, The Wonderworker, who has been venerated by the Orthodox Church since the 4th centaury A.D. is the core, the basis of the Santa Claus myth. As the Christian faith spread into the Germanic and Norse lands, the local traditions were supplemented to Christianize the population. However, in the supplementation, many aspects and characteristics were absorbed. One such example is the Christmas tree, which actually dates back to Germanic nature worship.

Santa Claus began to take on various pagan trappings also. His place of residence was originally set in Lapland and only later, in the American version moved to the North Pole. I mean, really folks, its bad enough he lives in the frozen tundra, but do you really want to place him on an ice cube that the American greens are melting with their hot air?

The worst part of all this, of course, is that Saint Nicholas, the patron saint of children, sailors, fishermen and falsely accused has been deformed into the status of mindless, Christless consumerism. But things are what they are and in the end, the Russian Santa Claus (also called Ded Maroz--Uncle Frost) is much cooler than the American one. Let me explain.

All myths and symbols evolve with their cultures over the years. The modern, fat and jolly American Santa Claus was created by Sears to sell things. He's hawked a lot of stuff over the years and considering a large part of it has been junk food, it is no wonder that he's way over weight and probably suffering from a host of medical ills. He may seem jolly, but how many fat people are actually “happy”? Not many, most carry deep seeded problems.

Of course, it does not help that he is surrounded by diminutive little people who are fashion impaired or that his wife is equally over weight and out of touch with the modern world.

Enter the eastern Slavic Santa Claus, who under the Soviet State was transformed into Ded Maroz and who’s name as Santa Claus is slowly coming back. The first thing one notices is that he’s slimmer and fit. Yes, this is an elder of the modern world, one who does not let himself go to pot but keeps himself trim.

Next you will notice his lovely assistant Snezorichka (Snowflake). Sure some say it is his granddaughter and sure she is young enough to be. Personally, though, I think she’s what puts the twinkle in our Santa’s eye, the sprint in his step and the fit in his belly and why not?

Lastly one notices that our Santa Claus brings his presents on New Years, which is the correct day to give presents and celebrate new stuff. Christmas is a holy day for us Orthodox Christians and we prefer not to have the meaning of the birth of our Lord to be blared out by some fat, questionably jolly, Western salesman and his fashion challenged little people.

Friday, December 19, 2008

World to Face Super Oil Price Shock That Will Scuttle Any Economic Recovery

Several things have now moved to set the world up for one of the worst run ups in the price of oil and all coming by the second half of 2009.

As everyone knows, oil is plunging, in part due to over production during the high times of the recent past. This is also partially due to the strengthened dollar's action, since that is what oil is valued in. The world economic depression has also done its part to further drive down the already staggering price.

As oil prices drop, many oil producing areas, on the fringe, such as the Canadian oil shales, no longer become cost effective. Coal gasification, arctic drilling and deep reserve harnessing all face similar fates: closure of these projects. The problem here, of course is not that they cannot be opened but that production cannot be resumed quickly and will again take time to rev back up.

The economic world collapse has also driven down demand for oil and many new, affordable projects are being put aside as existing production is quickly scaled down and alternative energy sinks faster than a holed submarine. These too take time to rev back up. Oil companies simply do not react quickly.

Enter the US Federal Reserve and the American elites, hell bent on escaping depression by mass liquidity: read printing money as fast as they can cut down whole forests for paper.

There is some chance this may rev production back up, before the hyper inflation hits. Further, as cash is king becomes again cash is trash, there will be another mass movement into commodities, such as oil.

What the world will suddenly face in mid 2009 is a massive demand for oil, coupled with a spike in its price due to the mass liquidity of the dollar. Supplies are already low, production is being cut back and development is idling faster and faster.

When demand is high, pricing pressures already pushing up and supply falling behind quickly, you are now looking at a serious oil shock. No, this will not be good for anyone, except maybe Russia and a few other states who produce oil and either do not sell it in dollars or are themselves not pegged to the dollar.

While any US/European recovery will collapse back down by a massive spike in energy costs that will be just one more crushing blow to the people and industry, countries like Saud Arabia, pegged to the dollar, will face inflation which will make the US hyper inflation seem modest. This will force them to either fall to revolution and civil war or to decouple from the dollar.

This will, in turn, of course cause even more market chaos as reserve currencies get sorted out. For the dollar it will be the end, as the hyper inflation and the decoupling will combine into a perfect Zimbabwe experience.

Hold on for the ride folks, we've passed the warm up hills...its about to get real interesting.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Time for Russia to Buy the Foundations of a Future Tech Boom, Cheap

One man's loss is another man's gain, so the saying goes and the faltering and chronically ill Silicon Valley is no exception. This is a potential gold mine for Russia.

Since the spring of 2008, silicon Valley and much of the rest of the American high tech industry has been in a tailspin along with the rest of the US economy. Amongst the computers, cars, manufacturing equipment and office furniture heading for the auction block are a giant volume of patent rights. Investors and buyers are few and far between and selection is plenty and relatively cheap.

What is a nation to do?

Why go on a buying binge, what else? This is a prime opportunity for the Russian Federation to ensure the leadership of future Russian technology for only a few billion dollars. This will allow Russia to realize a long term return on a relatively small investment, not only in an improved tax base for its blooming tech companies and tier wealthier employees, but also through the rent off of these very patents.

By setting up a fund now and whole sale buying of patents, the government can then turn around and 1. charge existing companies who are using these patents and 2. rent the patent rights exclusively to Russian companies or those who have localized in Russia. This will assure a steady return on investment as well as guarantee the nation's edge against rivals.

But like everything in life, fortune favors the bold and opportunity is fleeting.

Friday, December 12, 2008

From the Russian Nazis to the US Tax Payer: Thank You

Few of the citizens of politically correct America would be able to believe that their monies go to support the Russian Nazi party, the National Bolshevik Workers Party aka National Socialist Workers’ Party aka Nazi. However, this is exactly what both branches (Democrat and Republican) of the American One Party system do.

True, they do not write checks directly to “Russian Nazis” but it is what happens in the end. Instead they give direct financial support to the Other Russia Party. Yes, foreign financing of a Russian political party is just as illegal as say Chinese support of an American Party and while the US would, rightfully, be aghast and outraged at such behavior, the American political elites, living on hypocrisy, have no problems with double standards and breaking other nation’s laws.

As such, the United States Congress, through such front organizations as Freedom House, gives direct financial assistance and training and other intelligence and PR support for the Other Russia Party, led by the former chess champ and political second rate hack Gary Kasparov. This vile man despises Russians, is a legal resident of New Jersey, can barely get 2% of the Russian popular vote and makes a lot of money on interviews to the US/UK press where he damns Russians.

So where do the Nazis come in to this?

Well, when Kasparov failed to get any real vote, he created the Other Russia party, against then President Putin’s government. Other Russia is an umbrella organization that has several of the worst of Russia’s edge politicos, like Misha 2%, Michael Kasyanov and Edward Limonov. Now Limonov is head of the National Bolshevik Workers’ Party and his people make up the majority of the Other Russia ranks.

So in short, millions of American dollars and British pounds go to finance the worst radicals in Russia, rather than building bridges in America or fighting crime in the UK. When ever the Russian Nazis make illegal marches and start fights with the police, cause public damage or threaten individuals, the Anglo press rushes to their defense, declaring them peaceful legal protestors suppressed by the evil Russian state.

But this should not be a surprise for anyone who knows a thing or two about US history and the funding that Wall Street gave both the Bolsheviks under Lenin and Trotsky and the funds it also gave both Hitler and Mussolini.

More recently, the same funds and front organizations were used to bank roll the socialist Orange revolution in Ukraine. It should be interesting to note that one of the key organizations in that umbrella movement, and the organization that provided now president Yushenko’s body guards, was Uno-Unsa, the Ukrainian Nazi party.

Equally, America protects and sponsors the governments of Estonia and Latvia, both of whom who have rehabilitated their Nazi veterans and hold yearly honor parades for them, attended by all the top government officials. Both nations have continued to make heroes of men who were used by Hitler for mass genocide first of the local Jews of the Baltics, than of Berlin’s Jews than of the Poles, Belarusians and others, as they retreated with Hitler’s beaten legions.

Is there a pattern? Of course there is and the US tax payer is paying for it. Even now, with America doubling her national debt, in under five months, a nation that is the world’s debtor, the elites of America continue sponsoring Nazi movements in eastern Europe and the CIS.

Why does the public not care?


Alex, this is just for you:

The march involved over 200 Latvian Legion veterans and their supporters.
A Latvian Legion march in 2005 through Riga resulted in dozens of arrests after clashes with Russian activists. The march involved WWII SS veterans and young nationalists.
Relations between Russia, Latvia and Estonia have been marred in the past few years by what Moscow calls the unequal treatment of ethnic Russians, the alleged persecution of Soviet WWII veterans, and the apparent revival of nationalism and fascism in the Baltic States.

Latvia has been criticized by Amnesty International for its treatment of its 400,000 Russian-speaking population who continue to live in the country without citizenship.

Arajs Kommando
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Konrads Kalējs, wartime photo

The Arajs Kommando (also: Sonderkommando Arajs), led by SS-Sturmbannführer Viktors Arājs, was a unit of Latvian Auxiliary Police (German: Lettische Hilfspolizei) subordinated to the Nazi SD. It is one of the more well-known and notorious killing units during the Holocaust.
It was established in Latvia in early July 1941, immediately following the German capture of Riga, by Walter Stahlecker, the commander of Einsatzgruppe A and Commander (German: Befehlshaber) of the Sicherheitspolizei and SD (BdS) for Reichskommissariat Ostland.
The unit actively participated in a variety of Nazi atrocities: the killing of Jews, Roma, and mental patients, as well as punitive actions and massacres of civilians along the Latvia's eastern border in Russia and Belarus. The Kommando killed around 26,000 Jews in total.[1] Most notably, the unit took part in the mass execution of Jews from the Riga Ghetto, and several thousand Jews deported from Germany, at Rumbula on November 30 and December 8, 1941.
Some of Arājs's men also served as guards at the Nazi concentration camp at Salaspils.[2]
As can be seen in contemporary Nazi newsreels, the Arajs Kommando figured prominently in the burning of Riga's Great (Choral) Synagogue on 4 July 1941. Commemoration of this event has been chosen for marking Holocaust Memorial Day in present-day Latvia.
The unit numbered about 300 men during the phase it participated in killing of Jewish population in Latvia, reaching between 500–1,200 members at the height of its involvement in anti-partisan operations in 1942.

In the final phases of the war, the unit was disbanded and its personnel transferred to the Latvian Legion.

At the instigation of the Einsatzgruppe, the Latvian auxiliary police carried out a pogrom against the Jews in Riga. All synagogues were destroyed and 400 Jews were killed. According to Stahlecker's report, the number of Jews killed in mass executions by Einsatzgruppe A by the end of October 1941 in Riga, Jelgava (Mitau), Liepāja (Libau), Valmiera (Wolmar), and Daugavpils (Dvinsk) totaled 30,025, and by the end of December 1941, 35,238 Latvian Jews had been killed; 2,500 Jews remained in the Riga Ghetto and 950 in the Daugavpils ghetto. At the end of 1941 and the beginning of 1942, Jews deported from Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia, and other German occupied countries began arriving in Latvia. Some 15,000 "Reich Jews" were settled in several streets of the liquidated "greater Riga ghetto". Many transports were taken straight from the Riga railroad station to execution sites in the Rumbula and Biķernieki forests near Riga, and elsewhere. In 1942 about 800 Jews from Kaunas Ghetto were brought to Riga and some of them participated in the underground organization in the Riga ghetto.
The German occupying power in Latvia also kept Jews in "barracks camps", i.e., near their places of forced labor. A considerable number of such camps were located in the Riga area and other localities. Larger concentrations camps included those at Salaspils and Kaiserwald (Mežaparks). The Salaspils concentration camp, set up at the end of 1941, contained thousands of people, including many Latvian and foreign Jews.
Conditions in this camp, one of the worst in Latvia, led to heavy loss of life among the inmates. The Kaiserwald concentration camp, established in the summer of 1943, contained the Jewish survivors from the ghettos of Riga, Daugavpils, Liepāja, and other places, as well as non-Jews. At the end of September 1943 Jews from the liquidated Vilna Ghetto were also taken to Kaiserwald. When the Soviet victories in the summer of 1944 forced a German retreat from the Baltic states, the surviving inmates of the Kaiserwald camp were deported by the Germans to Stutthof concentration camp near Danzig, and from there were sent to various other camps.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

When the Smoke Clears, Who Will Still Be Standing?

The Bank Panic of 2008 will once again prove what should be common knowledge: a nation that makes nothing is worth nothing. It will also prove what the British Empire learned after parliament in 1861 allowed British business to go to the colonies to seek cheap labor: impoverishing your own people for the sake of a small elite and de-industrializing all lead to disaster. A nation of shop owners is just that, a nation of shop owners. It is not a nation of power. Long ago, if the British had not become obedient lap dogs of the Americans, Britain would have become a quaint little second/third rate European power.

As it stands, the zenith of British power was fully demonstrated for the world in the Falkland Wars where the British strained every resource they had just to reach the islands and then fight a second rate and half way demoralized Argentine army. Yes they won, but that was as much of a victory worth celebrating as the American victory over the Iraqis.

So again, the question stands, who will be left standing when the last crag of the dieing financial empires falls from the weight of its own paper and the dust finally settles upon it? It will be the nations that have retained or built up their industrial base and who first and foremost service their own citizenry. Thus it will be Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Russia, Germany and France and maybe just maybe India but not China nor America.

First and foremost, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, France and Germany have an updated industrial base that first services their own population and then that of the export markets. In other words, they can meet their own needs. The Germans in particular were also very careful about their banking behavior. The central German bank will spend a whopping $12 billion over two years to fix up the economy and that's $12 billion it actually has and does not have to borrow.

Russia too, with an old soviet industrial base, that was ravaged by the West, has been rebuilding its foundations for the past 9 years, with an annual rate of industrial growth of 7-8%. It too is now in a position where it first and foremost services its own internal demand. To most Anglo-Saxons, this may come as a shock, as the propaganda they have been fed is of a collapsed Russian economy dependent only on oil. However, the Russian boom started in 1999, long before oil broke $20/barrel.

India will be harder pressed as much more of its industry is based on export. However, unlike China, it has not developed as much consumer goods industry solely for exports and is still more focused internally. This may give it a fighting chance to come out of this disaster poorer but with a foundation to build on.

China is a disaster in progress. Over 100,000 factories have closed, civil unrest is sky rocketing and a possible civil war is never out of the question. This is because, outside of the 200 million that make up the Chinese middle class, the billion plus can not buy nor afford the trinkets that the industry produces not to mention the more expensive items. With American and, to a smaller extent, European demand drying up, at an incredible rate, the Chinese production capacity, which fed them, is a pointless weight. The local population can not afford to absorb the capacity, since wages were kept as low as possible, many less than $.25 per hour. The working poor now being laid off will only grow angrier and more rebellious.

As for the Americans and the British, this is a disaster from which it will take generations to recover. Both nations have de-industrialized and can barely provide the base necessities of industrialized goods for their people. By bare necessities, we do not mean TVs, electronics and other such things, but processed foods, clothing and shelter. Even their defense industries are dependent on foreign subcomponents. Luxury items, such as consumer electronics, furniture, etc are all imported. The Anglo-Sphere has long ago built its future on the false promise of paper wealth, a wish that while at first bringing a sweet high like heroine, in the end will cost dearly in withdrawal.

The Americans in particular will now face the same challenge as the Soviet Union, a nation which while it still had some capacity to produce large heavy machinery and military equipment, was totally unable to satisfy its people's cravings for consumer goods and who with little real wealth available, was no longer be able to purchase it abroad. It is moments like these that even the tame peasants of the Anglo-Sphere may actually rise up in rebellion.

In the end, the Anglo-Sphere's and Sino-Sphere's economic theories of paper wealth and mass export industrialization will be both proven to be evolutionary dead ends. Once more merchantalism will be proven as one and sure economic end game that has and still does work.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Our Patriarch, Alexy II is Dead, The Day Has Set On a Bright Sun

With the passing of His Revered Majesty, Patriarch Alexi II, an era of the Holy Russian Orthodox Church and the Orthodox Church as a whole, has passed.

Alexi II, the 16th Patriarch of Russia, the Holy Third Rome, was born in 1929, 23rd Feb. under the name of Aleksey Ridiger, in Talinin, Estonia, Soviet Union to Russian Germans. He became a monk at an early age, under the Soviet system. This in and of itself took great courage and was viewed poorly by the authorities. He graduated the Leningrad Theological Academy in 1953 after first having graduated the Leningrad Theological Seminary in 1947. On April 17, 1950 he became a priest, all this in the era of Stalin's second round of paranoia.

He reached the rank of Archpriest on August 17, 1958 and in March 30, 1959 returned to Talinin as the dean of the Tartu-Viljandi deanery. He became the Bishop of Talinin and all Estonia in August 14, 1961. By age 39, on February 25, 1968, Alexi II became Metropolitan. In 1986 he became the Metropolitan of Novgorod (the original first city of Kieven Rus and all the Rus) and St. Petersburg. In 1990 he became the Patriarch of all of Russia. The vote, for the first time in Soviet history (which had less than 2 years left), was totally without government interference.

Since then he had been the driving force that has brought back the Orthodox Church into the center of Russian culture and life, while moderating the more radical elements within it. He made Christianity and Christian morality the prime focus of tens of millions of Orthodox Christians in Russia and around the world, bringing a Christian revival that is second to none. The Grand Mufti of Tartarstan was even once quoted as complaining to then President Putin that to many Tartars were converting to Orthodoxy from Islam.

Even before the Soviet Union collapsed, Alexi II was a loud advocate for freedom of religion and education without ideological or governmental interference. During the aborted coup and final struggles of the Soviet hardliners, Alexi II was a strong voice for the end of the Soviet regimes. Alexi II stood before the coup's troops and with a loud speaker called upon them to refuse to fire upon the citizens, which in the end they did.

One of the great accomplishments of this Holy man was his guidance and work in successfully unifying the Orthodox Church of Russia and the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, bringing both great organizations in union with each other as they are with God and was accomplished in 2007, despite the efforts of the American CIA to derail this.

Alexi II led a long effort to recognize the victims of the Soviet genocides and to raise the memories of these Christian martyrs, to include the Saint Tsar and his family, to the conscious mind of the public.

He was also an outspoken critic of the Homosexual "life style" and as such had earned the hatred of many of the West's elites. His efforts in blocking the Pride Parades in Moscow have only further driven their hatred of this holy man. It should be noted though, that at no time did the Patriarch call for violence against this abnormality, but pastoral counselling and love.

Equally, the Patriarch worked hard to ease the anger amongst Russian Orthodox against Russian Muslim citizens, following the various terrorist acts, through Russia's past 17 years of history.

May the Lord in His eternal mercy, take and hold dear this blessed of men and give him the eternal rest that he has earned for a life time of work and effort and trials. For your blessings, our Holy Father, do we pray.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Россия, Не Забудь Своих Заблудших Детей

Россия, Не Забудь Своих Заблудших Детей.

У России, одна из самых крупных диаспор в мире, и время пришло их вернуть обратно. Эта диаспора, в основном, высоко образованна, талантлива, с данными, которые критически нужны России, если она желает продолжать пробиваться вперёд. Среди этого народа много менеджеров, учёных, инжинеров и докторов, все профессии, которые критически нужны России.

Самоё главное, многие из них, до трёх миллионов, вернулись бы обратно, если государство РФ им в этом помогло. Жизнь на Западе очень дорогая, из-за этого многие в долгах, а самим вернутся очень дорого и сложно. Российская бюрократия, конечно, не помогает этим проблемам.

Выгода для России будет намного больше, чем цена этой помощи. Опыт этих людей поможет поднять российские компании на уровень их западных конкурентов, сделать российские заводы более экономически развитыми, чем западные и толкнёт науку на первое место.

Но, чтобы это случилось, должны произойти две вещи: первая, государство должно проявить настоящий интерес и через СМИ сообщить диаспоре. Вторая вещь, это финансовая помощь народу, для того чтоб они могли вернуться и заново обосноваться. Государство должно дать кредит на переезд , используя российские компании. Конечно, всё перевозить нельзя, например, машины. Те вещи, которые не перевезут, народ должен будет купить в России, а это дополнительно поможет экономике. Государство должно дать доступные по цене квартиры на два года, пока семьи становятся на ноги, и помочь найти работу. Эти растраты, копейки, по сравнению с тем, что этот народ добавит России.

Как раз, сейчас, с упадком мировой экономики, у многих, якоря в чужих землях изчезли. Им только нужно помочь, чтоб вернутся на Родину.

Россия, не пропусти свой исторический момент!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

America the Proud But Not to Proud to Take a Venezulan Handout

As winter once more grips the United States and heating oil still hovers in the $10 per gallon range, many families throughout the northern portions of America are set to suffer another cold and income breaking winter. However it could be much worse.

Citgo, the national oil company of Venezuela, will once again run its donation program for America's poor. Be they villages in Alaska or small towns in Vermont, Citgo has for several of the Bush Regime years donated millions of gallons of heating oil to America's poor.

Venezuela? You mean the lair of the evil Chavez? The man that DC loves to hate? Well one of a large cadre of men the powers of DC and NYC love to hate, all true. However, as much as the US may hate him, as much as the US may condemn him, as much as US pride stands like a wall around the country, it is not stupid enough to not take a hand out. Oh and never mind that for the most part the American One Party Two Branch system of politics has proven much further left of Chavez and more than happy to nationalize so much of the economy that Lenin's withered and preserved mummy is cracking its skin, smiling.

While senators and governors all love to flaunt their "patriotism" and hatred of Chavez, they know better than to pass on this handout. Cold angry and broke constituents will remember who kept them cold and hungry when elections come (at best) or may not wait that long to take matters into their hands (at worst).

So once more, while the rhetoric spills from the lips of warm, well fed American politicos, Venezuelan tankers and trucks will continue to keep their constituents warm.

Hypocrisy or business as usual?

Black Friday In America, A Day of Death and Violence

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, in the USA is a day of deep store discounts, long lines, frenzied mindless consumerism and violence. Black Friday received its name due to the heavy shopping that usually made retailers profitable, thus they operated in the black (profits) as opposed to the red (loss).

To watch an image of Americans breaking down doors at 0500 or earlier to get into stores is reminicent of a third world hunger stampede when grain is made available. But no, there is no grain at the end of this stampede, only Chinese made goods, the same goods that have driven many of these mindless consumers out of their well paid jobs. The images to those outside the USA are horrible. People, bursting like stampeding cattle, their eyes consumed with only mindless Christless, soulless greed.

black friday electronics.bmp

Often these stampedes end in the deaths and injuries of either store workers or of the herd animals they have allowed in. Some times they even start to kill each other over this Chinese junk. This year was absolutely no exception.


On the death roster, it was a relatively light year, one employee in a Long Island NYC Walmart was trampled to death and several other employees were injured. Four customers, including an eight month pregnant woman were also taken to the hospital. This after a crowd of 2,000 ripped down the doors and charged in. The other fatalities were two men who gunned each other down in a ToysRUs in Palm Desert California, when their women started fighting over toys.

The injured list is of course quite a bit longer but it is the fatalities that get the most attention. Fights and stampedes happened through out the United States.

It is something to contemplate, that in these ever more desperate times, not only are people who are suffering the worst jobs market in 20+ years, the worst credit and bank panic in 70 years, willing to part with their money in such quantities but they are willing to fight each other over what is in truth only luxury items. If this is a precursor to American consumer behavior and harder times are on the way, than what will become of the people of America when it is no longer luxury items they are fighting over but actual critical things such as food?

Will the United States once more show how greed is a deadly sin? It has shown the world once again that Wall Street greed is deadly to all humanity, this time with the Bank Panic of 2008. Of course this is not the first time, the Bank Panic of 1873, the backing of the Bolshevik Revolution, the Great Depression, the backing of Hitler and the Nazis, the Savings and Loans collapse. There are many examples obviously. But it was always said that these were the elites succumbing to Christless, mindless greed, throwing caution and any care about fellow humans to the wind. Are we now going to see that this is not just the elites, but actually the whole of the modern American culture.

It is beyond a doubt that the stoic, Christian culture that built America, that taught hard work, diligence, sacrifice, is gone. The question now is: how far has it sunk into the abyss of degradation?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

President Medvedev, Set the Ruble Free (Let the ruble fall)

I am about to propose something that in the modern world of economics seems to be an insanity of the highest order. As nations spend the combined fortunes of multiple generations to keep their fiat, artificial currencies high against each other, especially in what is now clearly the early stage of a world wide Depression II, I say: let the ruble fall.

Many here will remember the pain and suffering of 1998 when the ruble fell and fell hard. But it was the results of that fall that finally saved Russia. Two things happened in 1998, first, the American economic "experts" who flooded Russia and helped force unsustainable "reforms", that is, who helped rape her of over $500 Billion in assets, were finally and fully discredited. They fled Russia shortly after.

The second thing that happened and the more important one: US and European and Japanese goods also fled as the falling ruble made the foreign goods to expensive for the already poor Russian. However, demand for these goods remained and as so often happens in economics, the demand was filled with local companies who hired local Russians who than earned money and spent money and thus a new economic boom was born, even without the great boost that oil later gave. When foreigners returned, they started producing in Russia for the local market.

However, Russia did catch some of the credit craze and a population with rising incomes, started importing more and more manufactured goods from the US, Europe and Asia.

Along comes the new Depression.

Several things have happened in the past several months, key amongst them is a severe depressionary drive on all commodities, just now starting to make its way into finished goods.
This has set Russian manufacturing off against cheaper Chinese and Indian firms, at a time when demand is falling quickly.

It is time to set things right. Russia is in a unique situation, a position shared with a bare few nations, where she is effectively resources self sufficient. There is no real resources that Russia absolutely needs to import to survive day to day. The only one she needs to grow quickly is the human resources, first in her diaspora and than in talented immigrants of other races and nations. As such, she alone can survive and prosper without a hard currency.

So, since this is not 1998 and the government of the RF has wisely, under Putin and Medvedev, removed almost all international debt, a devaluation of the Russian currency will be a positive thing.

The first thing that will happen is once again the imported goods of foreign nations will flee, but Russian companies will take their place, employing more Russians and upholding a self sufficient economy. The second thing that will happen is those companies, such as the oil/gas companies and other manufacturers, will be much more prompted to go to Russia to get their parts since their currency will buy more goods. This will again employ more Russians and continue to support the internal economy.

True, not many Russians will to be travelling to Europe to vacation, but many Europeans (at least those with any disposable monies left) will be travelling to Russia to spend a lot more tourist euros. Who knows, the more talented ones might actually stay.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sanctimonious Hypocritical Preaching by the Imperials

It has become a rather common yearly and some times even monthly occurrence that the imperial elites of America gallop up on their white horses to read the riot act to the rest of the world, some times even to the EU, on how to be a republic.

This is of course rather humerus for as far as republics go, the US is definitely a failed one. Disregarding the fact that the US constitution is routinely ignored, the power politics of the past 130 years have done everything in their power to make sure there are enough stumbling blocks and hurdles that only their chosen candidates can muster the needed support to run for any high office.

Between extremely complicated election laws, requiring armies of lawyers, double standards for the major parties to the exclusion of third parties, dirty tricks, intimidation, and a media hell bent on serving the power politic and not the people, the system makes sure that reelction rates to the US Congress stay at or above a 95% rate. Most senators die or retire, the only way to clear them from their seats. But what a job, 4 months of actual work, high perks, the ability to be bribed at will (both branches of the One Party system feed from the hands of pretty much the same special interests), tax payer paid retirement and pensions after one stint, and many many other benefits. This on top of the right to vote in your own 10% yearly raise, while most of their constituents have not seen a raise above 3% in 20 years.

This only gets ever more accentuated in presidential races, where almost always its two versions of the same Marxist theme running. Ronald Reagan was the only exception since Nixon and that was 19 years ago.

But does this corruption stop the hypocrites from lecturing the world? Of course not. It is a pity for them that, at least in Europe and East Asia, the level of literacy is much higher than the US' 65% and the people there see that the Imperial preaching is nothing but hypocritical nonsense. However, at home, this plays into the self righteous ignorance of the masses.

One additional, of many possible, examples. While DC's favorite target is the "autocratic" Russian state, let us examine the passage of a Russian bill. The bill, which stands alone, must be read twice to a quorum of the Duma, from the first word to the last word. This by its nature causes bills to be short and to the point, with clear laws and they stand or fall on their own merit. A proper system if ever one could be invented.

Now in the American system, a time limit is set for congressmen to read the bills on their own. There is of course, no requirement for them to do so and who has the time while partying with special interests and flying around the world on tax payer monies? Corruption smells like roses in the empire. Furthermore, bills do not stand alone but can either have riders, that is unpopular bills attached to a popular bill so that killing an unpopular bill will also kill the popular bill. This is holding hostage the will of the people to the interests of corruption, a very common tool in the American congress. The other option is what is called an omni-bill, a document that can be thousands of pages long and contain hundreds of new laws. The time limit for reading the complex legal language s usually 2 or 3 weeks. This way incredible amounts of laws are passed on to the shoulders of the serfs without any discussion or debate.

An example of this is Patriot Act, which in essence created the American KGB. This was a bill of 10,000+ pages, something that would break even Dostoevsky. What percentage of the congressmen read the whole bill before signing? Zero...that is right, zero read any significant portion...none, but vote on it they did. Who even knows all the little surprises hidden in those 10,000+ pages?

And this is the model of a democratic republic?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Why Do The British Hate Us So?

The hysteria coming from the British elites on the subject of Russia, has been hitting a pitch reminiscent of a kinder care age child who did not get the piece of cake that the other children got. Simply put, the bilge coming from the majority of the English press and backed up by the words of their political and social elites make the rhetoric of the Cold War seem absolutely mild. There is no anti-Russian conspiracy theory that the English do not plunge into whole hearted and believe with no necessity of proof.

But why is this happening?

When taken in the light of the fact that outside of the unpleasantness of the Crimean War in the mid 1800s and the Cold War post 1945, for the majority of their relationship, Russia and England were close friends and allies. Some say this relationship goes back to English trading expeditions through Archangel in the reign of Ivan Grozny (the Feared) during the late 1500s, others point to the fact that King Harold's daughter, the last Saxon AND Orthodox princess of England, fled from the Catholic Frankish and Britain invaders and came to Kieven Rus, in 1066, along with her mother and extended family, where she married a Rus prince.

Either way, the hysteria that now categorizes the English is unprecedented and it is in my belief, originates from two facts, one external and one internal.

Externally, the British have leveled out from the loss of their empire and their military and industrial strength into a position of a second rate European power, some where on the order of Spain or Poland. To resist this position and it's appropriate level of relevance, they have relied upon their "special relationship" with the US to become the number one vassal (lapdog) of DC. There is no war or "police" action that the British will not go along with, no matter how detrimental to their own nation. Global positioning requires as much, regardless if the people being asked to do the sacrificing by their elites, understand or care about it.

To this end, the British, both Labour and Tories, but more so Labour, have become the paramount Trotskyte Neocons, out doing all but the most rabid US Neocons. Such now is the constant barking of the English lapdog against Russia. As with all lapdogs, they tend to bark long after their purpose is served and their masters must force them to calm down and behave.

The second part, the internal reason, is much more complex and has much to do with an internal psyche of decay and anger. Like a two-bit bully, who is abused at home and strikes out at others, the favorite target of the British has become Russia.

Quite simply, as the UK sinks into the deepest reaches of an Orwellian Police State, where the government tracks every car on the autobahns, every phone call, all Internet usage and even has council members rummaging through people's dust bins before the rubbish is picked up, and all the while their own industry is pushed off to third world nations and the British themselves are pushed off by a tsunami of third world immigrants bent on making the English like them not themselves like the English, the beleaguered and enslaved subjects of Her Majesty are looking for someone to strike out of sheer anger. Instead of looking inwardly and to God and solving the myriad of their own problems, they have instead chosen the easier route of striking at far off Russians. Of course it is the now long habit of taking the easier route that has brought the English to the point of possible extinction on the English Isles. A sorry state indeed.

My closing advice to the British is simple. First, replace the worn out spine with a new one and stand up for yourselves and your culture. Break your bonds with the Trotskytes and return to a more conservative, Christian society, for which you were once famous for. Rally around the one royal of this generation who seems to have any understanding of honor and duty and who repeatedly placed his life in danger for his nation: Prince Harry, and make a proper King of him. Give him the political power and support to pull the UK from the brink of extinction.

Maybe, just maybe, than you will return to being a nation that can be respected and not one used as a testing grounds by every would-be Western autocrat on how to absolutely control and cower the sheeple.

The choice is simple: will my grandchildren be reading about England in a history book or will I be buying them tickets from Moscow to London? At the moment, with your concentration on your Russophobia rather on your own survival, I am wagering on the history books.

As the World Tilts Towards Depression, Russia Must Take Radical Measures

The world is heading towards one of those history making, life shattering economic events. When this is over, much will change, many nations will be in turmoil, others will be gone, new ones will appear, for with all major economic turmoils, wars always follow.

Only for a small handful of nations, this does not have to be so. It is those nations who are not only blessed by large size and population (at least over 100 million) and those with all the major resources that they need to survive but also those who have the industrial capacity to support their people's needs, for those nations this does not have to be a catastrophe.

Russia is the preeminent such nation.

It has a large enough population with a birth rate that is now quickly rebounding, plenty of room to grow, all the mineral and energy resources and a large industrial base for consumer as well as military goods. So, as the world heads into disaster, as the trade bonds unravel, as mass importers find that they can no longer import the goods that keep their people from revolting and the mass exporters find that they can no longer export the goods that keep their people working and not revolting, Russia must take radical measures.

What are these measures?

Russia must first and foremost divorce herself from the outside world. The Americans now call this "decoupling". Fine, let us now decouple.

This must be done as follows:

1. Withdraw from all monetary unions, trades and associations.
2. Reissue gold coins for internal use.
3. Insist that all payments by foreigners for any Russian goods be made in valued substances, first and foremost, gold and silver.
4. Enact very high trade barriers to all foreign goods, except those that can not be manufactured by Russian suppliers. For those industries, the government must subsidize the industries until they develop strong enough to push out the foreigners.
5. Open the borders for immigration by the Christian nations, especially of their now or soon to be unemployed engineers, doctors and scientists.
6. Prepare the military

As the world sinks into depression, as old regimes and economies collapse, wither, and die convulsing, Russia will enjoy a stable currency, cheap energy and a booming internal market. It is from this market, boosted by several million economic refugees from the former first world, that Russia will build her future success.

When opportunity presents itself, she should than directly draw the near abroad back within the borders, while selectively supporting Pan-Slavic and Pan-Orthodox nations into her block, forcing them to also integrate into the Russian gold standard and economy.

By blocking off the chaos of the coming collapse, Russia will better place herself to be the assertive super power of the Eurasian land mass. She shall not only be the beacon of stability and hope but also of the Church, guiding those fleeing Christless hyper capitalism to more traditional and quiet shores.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Россия Не Признаёт, Что Она В Войне Цивилизаций (часть 1)

Россия Не Признаёт, Что Она В Войне Цивилизаций (часть 1)

Русское общество просто не хочет признать, то что западной элите и народу всегда было понятно: Россия - не часть Запада и никогда не была ею. Западу , это забава наблюдать, как Россия каверкается перед ними, пытаясь войти в их клуб. Так же, как смеялись над китайцами сто лет тому назад, так теперь смеются над Россией. Но если только смеялись, было бы пол беды, но они используют русское чувство неполноценности не только что-бы издеваться над Россией, но и для разрушения и уничтожения всей Православной цивилизации.

Что делать?

Первое необходимое действие, это признать, что Россия никогда не была и не должна быть частью Запада. Вторая вещъ, это принять, то что все цивилизации в бесконечном конфликте друг с другом и если Россия это не признает, не только её, но и весь

Православный мир будет уничтожен, так как Россия главная страна Православного мира. Те тысячу лет пока Россия эти факты знала и принимала, она была одной из самых сильных и мощных стран в мире. Только когда она пыталась подражать Западу, в 1917 году, все радикально изменилось. До сих пор, Россия только слабая тень того, чем была раньше.

Победа в сотях сражений, это не высота достижения. Победа без сражения, это высота. Сан Тсу

Теперь, уважаемые читатели, если мы приняли эти факты, мы должны понять, как цивилизации сражаются и как Россия должна действовать.

Сначала, необходимо понять, что цивилизации сражаются на всех уровнях. Из всех сражений цивилизаций, военное, это самое редкое, но самое важное. Так же нужно понять, что приготовления для победы зависят от других зон сражения: идеологической, финансово-экономической, научной, культурной и имиджа. В каждой части мы будем обсуждать одну из этих зон сражения.
Сегодня мы начнём с имиджа.

Имилж, или как мир видит Россию, не вещь, которая может быть создана за ночь. Это то, во что надо вложить труд, правильно распланировать и профессионально создать фундамент. Когда началась война с Грузией, на канале «Россия» сказали: «Сегодня из нас будут делать сербов.»

Принимать этот факт и менять, это две разные веши. которые берут глубоки труд. США и Англия, без остановки создают ложный имидж России, как злого хищника, а любого врага России,как святую жертву. Так что, России не только нужно трудиться в создании положительного имиджа для себя, но она так же должна бороться против отрицательного влияния США и Англии.

Для этого нужно вкладывать деньги в создание базы средств массовой информации, через которые можно пробивать круглыми сутками желанный имидж миру. Нужно привлечь международных журналистов на свою сторону, давать им эксклюзивное время с главными лицами. К тому же нужно создание нацинальных мифов, которые будут экспортированы по миру. Например, как миф о том, что Америка любит мирную жизнь, а в реальности провела 210 из своих 230 лет в войнах . Любые победы в других зонах сражения должны быть добавлены к этим народным мифам. Так же должна быть использована нац. диаспора, которая уже распространена по всему миру.

Следующая часть (II): идеология.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Seizing Pensions, the Final Step to Bankruptcy

Seizing Pensions, the Final Step to Bankruptcy

As these late autumn days of financial disaster wind down into a winter of discontent across the world, the United States Congress is discussing a step that will surely signal the final collapse of America as anything more than a bankrupt and possibly failed state.

What is this subject? The subject is none other than pensions, the last refuge of money and the last source of fast cash for spend thirsty politicos. In committees the US Congress is hearing testimony from various leftist professors on how to redistribute, read spend, the vast amount of money accumulated by the 60 million Americans at or near retirement age.

What most of you, my dear readers, do not understand, is that in America there is no longer such a thing as a pension fund. These are dinosaurs, the last of which are paying out their monies, on the way to total extinction. To replace these the government of America created tax exempt (to a certain dollar per year value) accounts called 401Ks which are than invested into the stock markets, thus a great boom for the number one owners of the United States government, banks. But the banks are now themselves bankrupt and hold much less sway in DC, even as appetites to spend have grown amongst the One Party, Two Branch politicos. Sure there is Social Security, but even by under rating inflation by 2/3rds, and thus upward payment adjustments, for over 20 years the United States government is simply broke and does not have the actual money to pay Social Security for the vast Baby Boomer generation, now retiring.

This is because all the money, from day one in 1936, was spent and not invested. Each working generation pays for the retiring generation. What changed? The Baby Boomers aborted 40 million babies and thus are now larger than the combined next two generations. In their Christless greed to spend on themselves, they have not only damned their souls through the murder of children but their old age as well, to poverty.

But even when Social Security pays, for most people, the $2,000 to $3,000 it does pay per month is hardly the money to live off of, let alone pay for ever more expensive medicines. The medical costs in America routinely grow between 15-20% per year, while salaries at best on average at 3-4%. This is all the product of short sightedness and greed. The bill has come due and a large percentage has been added for gratuity. The Devil will have his kilogram of flesh from a people who have forsaken Christ for pride, vanity and greed.

So what is being contemplated by the American Congress?

Standing before Congress and leading the Marxist charge is Teresa Ghilarducci, professor of economic policy analysis at the New School for Social Research in New York. Her proposals range from a “mild” call to remove the 10% tax break from the 401K investments, to a harsher call to confiscate 10% of the monies in the accounts (one time of course, which is what all Marxists say, even when they repeat their acts) to a “harsh” call to simply close out all the accounts and bring all the monies under the Social Security system’s (mis)management. The same Social Security system that has mismanaged America’s retirement for 70 years into a $30 TRILLION hole, counting debts & promises through the year 2050. Of course no doubt that once all that money is brought down under the control of politicians, the urge to spend will be like that of an alcoholic locked in a liquor store…impossible to resist.

But what does this mean for the broader world?

Well, at the mildest of proposals, this will put major breaks on the US stock market as investment slows and some gets pulled out in fear. As we move up the scale to total confiscation, expect a full run on the market. Of course the government of America will set some even more draconian standards on exporting wealth from the US. The stock market will more than likely lose a further 25-30% of its valuation and many more American companies will collapse. The United States government will likewise send the final signals of a failed economy and the likelihood of default on its impossibly gigantic and accelerating debt that will grow exponentially.

Watch this one carefully as the Marxist run, US government, moves through the process of hearings to legislature to action and be prepared to quickly remove all monies out of US debts, before you are left ruined worse than even the US mortgage debt failure ruined you. Either that or do not get mad as Americans laugh at you as a fool, even as they themselves are begging on the streets and selling pencils.