Thursday, November 24, 2011

President Medvedev’s Thanksgiving Message to America

President Medvedev’s Thanksgiving Message to America

In a word: enough. This response (that you can view, at least for those who are Russian speakers, below) is to the endless American/NATO drive to encircle and engage Russia in a new Cold War.

In short, Medvedev has drawn the line and stated to the bankrupt and out of control Yanks, you want it, you got it and so do your puppets. For the past decade, the US has been edging NATO bases and secondarily its own bases closer and closer to Russia. It has lied through its rotten teeth repeatedly about the missile bases and radars it has kept moving to the Russian borders.

The typical excuse is to defend against Iran, a nation that can barely reach Israel with its best technology and who would never fly a missile over Poland to get to the US. At the same time, if this was ever the real reason behind the US bases, the US has flat out refused to enter a partnership to use Russian existing bases in the Caucuses and Central Asia, all actually aimed in the Iranian direction.

Obama’s 2009 promise to suspend installation of these bases was also a lie, or rather, a typical US parsing of words, replacing one set of technology with another and trying to claim the moral high ground over it.

That the American “democratic” drive, actually murderers democracy, is also irrelevant for these hyper aggressors. Poland’s referendum for the missile bases failed by a large margin, but the Bush administration used the 2008 war, started by their Georgian puppet, as a pretense to pay out $30 billion to the Polish corrupt elites, to place those unwanted bases on their soil.

Only in the Czech Republic are the elected actually listening to the electorate and have told the Americans to go pound sand.

Well enough is enough, it would finally seem. After failing to get a legally binding document that these bases are not aimed at Russia, Mr. Medvedev laid out the Russian response. Before we go into this though, I must say, that the delusion of our own elites that the US’s Massianic masters have any sort of honor or respect for law, is itself troubling.

So America/NATO, you wanted a response, you got it:
1. The Russian military is now established early warning radar in Kaliningrad (to nullify US first strike)

2. In the development of the air-space defense, first and foremost, resources will be placed into the defense of the strategic nuclear assets (to nullify US first strike)

3. All nuclear forces, land and sea, will be armed with anti-missile interceptor and jamming systems, (to nullify US first strike)

4. The Russian military will accelerate the development of cyber systems to destroy the informational and control systems of the enemy. All of these must be adequate, affordable and effective.

5. In addition, the Russian Federation will move adequate first strike capabilities to the Russian western and southern borders to bring nuclear destruction on the American bases in Europe, to include bases in Kalinengrad.
Further, if the situation continues to devolve, Russia has opened the review of all arms treaties and is ready to exit out of any or all of them.
President Medvedev underlines a pointless point: we are trying and are counting on being able to work with the Americans and NATO on dialogue and cooperation.
Of course, this is pointless, as the powers that be, in the US do not care or even fully comprehend possible outcomes of their actions. Well at least their political puppets are to stupid to, though I believe their satanic masters surely do.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Russia's Vapid and Misguided Immigration Policy

Russia's Vapid and Misguided Immigration Policy

Russia's official unemployment rate is 6.4% and 4% for trained professionals. This, in the modern first and even second world, is a high and mighty achievement worthy of bragging rights. However, for our economy to grow, we need more people, particularly we need trained professionals.

The infrastructural reforms were correct: created highly trained specialist visas and giving them 3 years. However, the execution phase is where everything breaks down. I do not mean actually getting these visas, which, with a sponsor is rather simple.

The first crack appears in the granting of residency, which the holder can get after one year. However, the residency is only for as long as the visa lasts and six months prior they must again get the visa and extend the residency. Only after five years can they then apply for citizenship.

If the aim is to get and KEEP highly specialized persons, why then is the residency based on the visa? Why even bother with the visa once residency is achieved? Further, why wait five years to grant citizenship to those who want it and have the skill sets to contribute? This is mindless and wasteful and plain stupid.

But this is only the top of the big iceberg of thoughtless stupidity that is Russia's immigration policy.

Lets begin with whom this program attracts: mostly non-Russian, non-Russian speaking Westerners who have no attachment to the nation but will come for some corporation of other, work off one or two or three years and leave with their large pay.

Here is an idea or three: first off, we have a diaspora of Russian born persons, of various ages, of some twenty million. What are we doing to bring them or their kids, people who actually have blood, national, cultural and lingual as well as religious links to us, here? In a word: NOTHING, absolutely nothing.

Sure the government does a lot to bring Old Believers, whole villages of them, from all over the world to the Chinese borders on the Amur to farm. And yes, every nation needs farmers, but no modern economy will be built on farmers and no future war will be won by farmers, those days are long centuries gone.

If we count the children of the diaspora, born beyond our borders, those who still have some link to our great land, then the numbers world wide may be as high as 100 million. Of these and their parents, there are millions of business, science, engineering professionals we need desperately to keep growing, and yet nothing is done.

We should be helping them move here. Paying of limited debts and providing free transportation and support, finding them employment or encouraging them to start their own businesses. We should follow the Israeli lead and bring their children, our kin, here for a free vacation that teaches them about their blood, their history and creates that bond that will last a life time.

Hell, we should grant them defacto citizenship on request and proof of ancestry.

We should be attracting university students from around the world, but how can we, when no one teaches Russian over seas? Why are we loosing this culture war? Loosing it without even putting up a fight? Language teachers, using the American model that they practice on our own soil, are stealing our brains, time to steal them back.

As for our low payed labour, why in the world are we importing unskilled, unwashed Islamics heathens from Central Asia? What cultural bond do these people have? We conquered them 200 years ago to stop them from slave raiding our borders, not out of some mutual love. They left the first chance they had and except for Kazakhstan, which is truly our MidWest, good riddance to them. May they exist in their Islamic dark age hellholes for all eternity, in peace and happiness and never step foot on our Holy Russia.

As for that cheap labour, there is plenty to choose from without resorting to these types, who bring drugs, crime and Islamic Jihad in their wake. There are Greeks for example, desperately looking for work. There are now Italians and Spaniards too. While they may not be Orthodox, they are Christians and they will all work their way up and integrate.

Thanks to the American made Islamic Hell in North Africa and the wider Middle East, there are millions of Orthodox Iraqis, Egyptians and Libyans who need a home. These are our co-religionists. We used to be the protectors of the faith, its time to take up that mantel again.

The twenty thousand Serbs planning on moving here from Kosovo is a good step, though a horrid one for Kosovo. But there are plenty of others, like the South African Boers.

Where is our Ministry of Immigration, where is our Ministry of Foreign Affairs, our Ministry of Industry and our Ministry of Finance? I will tell you: prancing like fools and idiots to the tunes of American and British bankers. Selling their souls and robbing the till and not doing a damn thing to help the country. Looking the other way while those who have no roots to us or interest in us or worse who want to destroy us are flooded in.

As for those of my readers beyond our borders: go to our consulates, our embassies, call them demand Russian course, demand support for the diaspora, raise the uproar at these crimes against our Mother Land.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Whoring to Islam by Killing Greek Bzyantines, What a "Great Game"

Whoring to Islam by Killing Greek Bzyantines, What a "Great Game"

A newly released title from Ubisoft, Assassin's Creed Revelations has the players playing the role of a Catholic master assassin in the employ of the Sultan of conquered Constantinople hunting down and butchering Orthodox Christian Byzantines who are trying to win back their land.

Ok, dear readers, just on how many levels is this insane, wrong and evil? The brain washing of the Western youth, to suck up to the Islamics colonizing the West, is in over drive. No wander the Totalitarian Democracies of the West are starting to look more and more like the third world, war and poverty wrecked Islamic theocracies that have condemned hundreds of millions to death, brutality and crushing poverty.

The New Russian Race For the Artic

The New Russian Race For the Artic

Lets face it, while southern Russia may be subtropical, with palm trees and banana plants and birds of paradise, (bet most of you did not know that) over a third of our land is arctic. As such, though, this has been a bounty. In that frozen land, where only nomadic herders and fishers still live, is locked away the resources to run Russia for another 200 years or more. When one considers the wealth just off shore, you could say for all of 300-500 years.

As such, this is not the first time that we are racing to the arctic. The first, concerted effort was by the communists. The communists, particularly under the murderous bastards Lenin and Stalin and their subhuman enforcers, did not care much for the quality of life of the “colonists” who were not given much of a choice. They only cared about the gold and oil and such, the mineral wealth, and if it was a wash in the blood of their enemies, worked into slow starvation, with bare hands, all the better for these Luciferians.

Post Stalin, under Khrushchev, the camps were abolished and cities were built, and the inmates moved into apartment buildings. While their lives improved considerably, they were still far from normal and lived in horribly tough conditions. At least they were not dropping dead like flies. They, however, could not immigrate out.

Thus, with the fall of the Soviet Union and free movement in the country, the Arctic depopulated. Face it, without a large compensation package, most human beings do not like living in places where winter is 9 months long and the spring-summer-fall sequence is like early March in most other areas.

However, thanks to free internal markets and a mercantalistic approach, Russia has moved quickly to expand back into the Arctic, driven primarily by oil and gas.

Last year, two drilling ships were commissioned. This year, two platforms with nuclear reactors will be commissioned, a first for humanity. These will be used to power the numerous other platforms that will be used in drilling and exploitation. Early next year, 2012, the first Arctic class drilling platform, in the world, will begin work in the Prirazlomnoye Field, in the Pechora Sea, south of Novoya Zemlya. Oil from the platform will be transported by two icebreaker class oil transport ships. This will be followed by the exploitation of the Russian Shtokmann fields, in the Barrets Sea.

Of course, this is just the beginning of a new age. You see, the off shore Arctic potential, on the non-disputed Russia arctic shelf, more than doubles Russia’s oil and gas reserves, catapulting Russia into the first position for oil reserves in the world.”>
Prirazlomnaya oil platform

According to numerous Russian media reports, addressing a meeting of the sixth media forum of the United Russia Party on 25 September, Russian Natural Resources Minister Iury Trutnev said that the preliminary forecast is that resources in the Russian Arctic shelf are comparable to those in mainland Russia, adding, “Speaking of long-term planning, these reserves could last 100, may be 150 years, but longer is unlikely. Humanity will eventually have to look for new energy anyway. Recently, we completed 40-year talks with Norway, delineated the gray zone, and now obtained another 5 billion tons of fuel equivalent there.”

Putin, during the 2nd International Arctic Forum, had this to say on the subject:

"The Arctic - Territory of Dialogue" in Arkhangelsk on 22 September, “We have already installed one of the world's largest hydrocarbon platforms there. Russia is starting to develop the Arctic shelf and opening a new chapter in the history of Arctic exploration. Very soon it will contain pages on the commissioning of the Shtokman deposit in the Barents Sea and the development of resources in the Kara Sea and on the Yamal Peninsula.”
“All our plans will be carried out in compliance with the toughest environmental standards. A careful, civilized attitude to nature is a requirement of all development programs. Active economic development of the Arctic will be beneficial only if we maintain a rational balance between economic interests and environmental protection for the long term, not just for 10, 15 or 20 years. I mentioned the Prirazlomnoe deposit, where oil production is expected to last for at least 25 years and, hence, environmental support must be provided for this entire period. The Shtokman deposit is expected to last for 50 years.”

Russia has passed a milestone this year, surpassing Alaska, for the amount of oil produced in the Arctic.

Alaska’s governor Treadwell, who attended the above meeting had this to say:

"Never has a Russian leader," Treadwell notes, "been more determined or prepared to actually accomplish these goals. Putin's country is behind him. Major sources of capital, foreign and Russian, were in the room. The ministries of resources, environment, transportation, regional governments, and emergency situations, as well as Russia's Arctic Ambassador, were there to speak to specifics. So were indigenous leaders and Russian governors, including Alaska's closest regional neighbor, Roman Kopin, Governor of Chukotka."

He continues: "While the Russians are awake to the opportunities of the Arctic, we're still trying to wake up Washington. And sitting there, listening to Russian leaders, I saw we've got a tougher time than our counterparts in the Russian Arctic, where the nation — and the national government — understands the opportunities and the risks."

To further this work, $623 million have been invested for the construction of an additional fleet of 3 nuclear and 3 diesel powered icebreakers.

To back all of this up, and further exploration and exploitation, of course, requires additional modern infrastructure.

Addressing investors and experts, in the city of Murmansk, prime minister Putin stated that the aim was to make Russia’s arctic the contender to the Suez and Panama city for logistics, as well. Further, new sea ports and sea terminals, oil refineries and LNG hubs are planned.

All of this has commercial backing, as Charles Emmerson, an Arctic expert points out:

‘With large parts of the world off-limits to outsiders and the Middle East in turmoil, international oil companies increasingly see Russian assets as an indispensable part of their portfolio. Russia, meanwhile, needs international expertise, and money, to keep production high.'

For all of this to be possible, there must be facilities to attract new workers and other workers to service those workers, in other words, a northern migration. To that end, new, futuristic cities are planned.

The first such city planned, Umka, will house five thousand residents, residing under a vast dome, to protect them from the extreme environment. This will be a one of a kind project and will also help pave the way for even more extreme environmental colonization, such as that of the moon or Mars.

'This city will be of strategic importance as Russia's northern outpost,' said architect Valery Rzhevskiy who has shown its modernistic designs to an approving Vladimir Putin. 'We aim to have scientific laboratories, houses, but also parks with attractions, an Aqua complex, hotels and a cathedral. Naturally there will be schools, kindergartens, recreation zones, a hospital, and sport facilities are planned, too,' said Rzhevskiy.

'This project is designed to work on any surface, even on the Moon if needed,' said Rzhevskiy, one of Russia's top architects.

The city is planned for the remote island of Kotelniy and will have a $4 billion price tag. Electricity will be nuclear, food will be self grown, with fish and poultry farms and greenhouses. All rubbish will be incinerated.

Even tourism is getting a major boost. The newly established Arctic park “Arctic Russia” are promoting trips to this edge of nowhere destination. The destinations of these tours will be Novaya Zemlya and Franz-Josef Land. In 2011, 800 tourists visited the area, which is being prepared, that is infrastructure setup and expanded, to accept many more.

To protect all of this, from other nations who border the region, Russia has started the development of four fast reaction brigades and a special section of the Coast Guard to defend our infrastructure and resources. However, with the amount of investment that is already pouring in and the eagerness of other international companies to jump in, the governments that are homes to these corporations, are finding themselves hamstrung in their disputes with our developments, not that they should have any say in what we do on our own lands, anyways.

The future of the Arctic looks bright and we will defend it as need be.

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Almost, Kinda, Would Be "Democracy" of Greece

The Almost, Kinda, Would Be "Democracy" of Greece

Democracy, the "goddess" that failed on the national level. No, not just some tarnished goddess who went down the wrong path or was in error at her philosophy, no dear readers, something much much worse. Democracy has shown itself for what it is, a clap infected harlot, open to the highest bidder, as is her want to be. A demonic harpy, with its claws in the body society, draining the very life blood, as it drags it down to the Hell below, a Hell whose seeds only Satan could plant and only the egotistical men, who reject God, and an Ordained Monarchy to make of themselves their own version of godlings.

Greece, the first to create the modern version of democracy, four thousand years ago, will once again, in this round of the democracy cycle, be the first to die by it. What the world should have learned from the first round of democracies and republics is that they are all a given to corruption, a corruption worse then any of the worst monarchies. A monarch inherits his position and wealth as does his prodigy, but a president is a bought and paid for whore, one who must first then enrich those who placed him in power and then himself and his personal clique, while also throwing around enough money to the special interests, to keep himself in power. All of course at the expense of those elements of society who create the wealth, either through direct taxation or through the creation of money.

There is no such thing and never will be as a truly honest president, it goes against the very nature of politics. If a contender is honest he will loose the the better funded and connected opponent, especially so in the age of mass and endless media, owned by those who are the backers of one candidate or another. The honest candidate will be faced with the Devil's choice: loose or become as corrupt and crooked as the opponent.

Thus, through a short period of time, all power becomes consolidated in the hands of small groups or blocks in the body elite. If the nation is lucky, there will be at least some competition between them, if not they will merge. Either way, their first and foremost plan is always to grab anything and every thing for themselves. With no one to put a brake on this, with no one to worry about the long term health of the nation or state, such as the role of the Monarch, all republics and democracies die, a bloody, vicious and oppressive death, either going directly into anarchy or first into an even more brutal dictatorship and then eventually into anarchy, as the last life supports of society are withdrawn.

Greece is on the leading cusp of this.

Greek society is already in free fall. After wiping out half its economy, tourism, by joining the Euro and watching prices double and tourists, particullarly Russian tourists, the vast majority, flee to Turkey, Greece had no choice but to grown the public sector to make up for the private sector's death. All of course, was to benefit first the Greek elite 1% and then the very same British, French and Germans who suddenly had a new market to export their BMWs, Landcruisers and Renaults. Even now, these same hypocrits demand that Greece, in order to get bailout packages that only benefit the same 1% and damn the public, must continue to by German submarines, French frigates and British helicopters, all of which it can not afford.

Society is dieing. Trash lines the streets, the desperately poor, whose numbers swell daily with the formerly middle class, pick through it with the same care that goes into picking through trash in the slums of India or the hellhole of Africa. Druggies lay around on the streets, not caring a wit, former teachers and public servants pull wagons looking for scrap metal to sell to the European vultures, in order to get a few Euros a day to feed families on. The new boom industry? Gold exportation, that is, buying up the jewelry of the formerly rich to smelt and sell as bullion to the Europeans.

The Greeks are now seeing a rape that we Russians are all to familiar with.

The secularists, that is anti-Christian atheists and marxists are now going after the Church and her soup kitchens, breaking every piggy bank to give away to the Anglos and Franks.

Papandreou played briefly at democracy, promising a referendum, on the latest "lifeline" to the Greek economy. This "bailout" would have forced the government to continue its yard sale of property, infrastructure and jobs while giving investors, first amongst them being the Greek pension funds, a nice 50% "haircut", that is, a reduction in the value of what they hold by half and thus a destruction of the Greek pensions, one of the few things in Greece to still maintain some value and thus some hope to the people.

The referendum, of course, was nothing but a ploy, to get better terms out of his owners and handlers: the British, French and Germans. That France's Blair clone, Nicolas Sarkozy was planning to use this "success" as his main platform against Mari Le Pen, who is cleaning his clock, must have lent quite a bit of weight to what ever demands the Greek Judas placed on his masters. It seems to have worked, since the scallywag instantly declared an end to the sham of democracy. Papandreou's spokesman had this to say: "There is no reason to have a referendum if there is consensus between the two large parties,"

Still the best part of all were the quotes by the so called guardians of democracy, showing what the Totalitarian West really believes, be that the party plays "right" or "left".

“I deplore this decision, which seems completely irresponsible on the part of the Greek prime minister,” said Christian Estrosi, the mayor of Nice and a parliamentary deputy

"It's difficult to see what the referendum is going to be about. Do we want to be saved or not? Is that the question?" asked Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt.

"The Greek prime minister has taken this decision without talking it through with his European colleagues," Jean-Claude Juncker, who chairs meetings of eurozone finance ministers said in Luxembourg.

"The summit last week was to deal with the uncertainty in the eurozone...and this grenade is thrown in just a few short days later," European affairs minister Lucinda Creighton said.

"The referendum is a bad idea with a bad timing. The post-summit rally is over," said Lionel Jardin, head of institutional sales at Assya Capital, in Paris

Yes, what is a little participation by the grimy Greek peasants worth, in these so called whorocracies? After all, why should the people have any say in the rape and mugging that is being handed to them? And the threat? If you do not let us rape you and mug you and turn you into a permanent vassal of the Germans and Belgians and French, why...why...we will kick you out.

"Really? Kick us out?" most Greeks must be fluttering with joy. Default, start from scratch, with the Drakmar and half the prices, drawing in Russian tourists by the tens of millions, oh how horrid! Default and get kicked out of the EU and be able to run your own affairs again, starting with the expulsion of half a million (5% of the population) Islamic parasite class of Arabs and Pakistanis, that have been forced upon the Greek people by their EU overlords? Be free to negotiate with Russia on gas and oil and form economic and military alliances as to what benefits Greece and not the EU masters?

Of course not, there is no way that the EU would willingly allow the Greeks to leave, and the reasons are written out in my piece: The Other Reason Greece Must Not Collapse .
Basically, the EU is willing to block us to the last Greek and if that is not enough, there are still plenty of Bulgars, Serbs, Croats and Romanians to sacrifice on the alter of EU/NATO power.

But Papandreou the Judas must understand, somewhere deep down inside, that a time may be coming when he will be running to a helicopter to escape justice. He must know Greek history and know quite well that the military, backed by the Church and by now, most Greeks, must be preparing to save Greece from these democracy parasites, these acolytes of the demon goddess and her blood thirsty urges.

To that end, the con-artist, two days ago, dismissed all of the top command of the Greek armed forces! They will of course be replaced with properly corrupt and bought off new senior officers. These officers had been appointed in 2009 by the previous conservative government, before Papandreou and his socialists took power.

The question becomes now: how long will these military officers forsake their duty to their people, their country and most importantly, their God? The only chance for the Greeks to survive as a free people and as a culture in their own lands, is to reinstall the Orthodox Monarchy and reignite their dehydrated faith in Christ and His Church. Anything else and in short time, they will become unwanted strangers and slaves in their own lands.