Saturday, May 23, 2015

Europe's Hypocrites Deadly In Their Silence

Europe's Hypocrites Deadly In Their Silence

Yesterday, the Rada of The National Socialist Oligarchy of Ukraine declared that all UN conventions on human rights are now suspended in the Donbas during its "anti-terrorist operation" otherwise known as the genocidal war the US/EU puppets are loosing.

At this point, of course, this only codifies the murderous tactics of the American hand puppets. Europe, as an old used whore with a high self opinion based on nothing but a worm worn family name, has been quite good at ignoring this unofficial genocide so far. It ignored the use of banned weapons by Kiev, of mass shelling of civilians, of countless daily  offenses against Minsk 2 by Kiev. Equally it ignored the torch marches, mass graves, the Nazi flags and even the laws passed by Kiev limiting freedoms of its citizens and creating concentration camps.

So this is no surprise, not is this a double standard. No dear readers, from the Satanic sock puppets and sociopaths who call themselves the masters of Europe and their antiChrist in the Mordor on the Potemic, this is absolutely the standard.

The whore of the Babylon of Europe speak with forked tongues an their slaves who frolic in sodomy and debt while nodding in agreement with this are no better.

Nor of course are the filth column of Russian liberals and "human rights" whores who also on Mordor's payroll are equally silent.

What the serfs and sodomites of Europe are not bright enough to realize is this is the final steps for the start of all out war in Ukraine and soon in the rest of Europe.

Well, enjoy the last days of peace, the war you bastards have started by either your active participation or your silence will engulf you all.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Will The Empire of Chaos Murder Macedonia Next

Its official, dear readers, the Mordor on the Potemic has set its evil eye on the poor country of Macedonia. Nuland, the Hand of Evil, has arrived to sow murder, death, destruction.

Last week, Albanian Islamics, from the CIA backed army of the Kosovo Liberation Army, crossed into Macedonia and attacked one of its towns. The results was 8 Macedonian soldiers killed and 14 of Uncle Sam's puppets sent to Hell and their 72 Succubus.

But why now, after almost 12 years of relative peace are the Islamics again on the march in SE Europe and in Macedonia specifically? The 20% of the population that is Muslim Albanian, in the Orthodox Christian slavic country, has broad autonomy and has been relatively peaceful as they smuggle their white Romanian future whores and heroine into Europe. And how is this tied to Nuland?

Its all quite easy. Macedonia's government, headed by president George Ivanov and Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, has decided to better itself and the lot of its people, not as slaves of Mordor but as a free people. They signed deals with Russia to be a transit nation for the Turkgas pipeline and Russia has agreed to build their pipeline from which they will receive gas and transit fees. Russia has also started various other projects to improve their infrastructure. Until Mordor which buys the souls of the leaders of nations, turning them into whores like Merkel, Russia works to actually improve the lives of the people of nations...that is an evil that the bankers of the West can not abide, peasants living well.

So in steps Nuland, the Black Hand. Washington has been sponsoring the opposition to over throw the conservative government and to implement a liberal, read fascist, regime that will be pliant to the Empire of Chaos. All is over a supposed wire tap that the opposition was provided with and claims to point at government corruption and that the government denies and states as an obvious plant by Western special services. After all, spying is what the US government does best.

Add to this, with a Western sponsored demonstration in two days, a sudden attack by Islamics that have been quiet for 12 years but were and are on the US payroll, and its obvious what is going on.

The Empire of Chaos is starting a new war, another Balkan war, just like it personally started the 1991 war and the 1998 war. Washington's mass murderers are at it again. The ME, Ukraine, North Africa, all theaters of mass murder Washington has created and whose flames it spreads.

So here we go again and this time in the heart of Europe and the EU, with Greece, Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania right there in the neighborhood. Luckily for Mordor, Europe's leaders are worthless door mats and its people are broken.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Count Down to 9 May

Count Down to 9 May

As the days grow short and the festivities to commemorate the 70th anaversory of V-E day are prepared, we may be on the cusp of the next great war.

It is no secret that Ukraine, rearmed by Europe and trained by a motly crew of Anglo nations, is pulling up all the heavy equipment it still has and massing all along the front lines of the Donbass. Besides the hundreds of various mercenaries sprouting up, there is also a full US airborne batallion carrying out training in Novorossia itself (not in far off Lvov as initially claimed). OSCE has been noting and reporting on Ukraine's constant violations of the heavy weapons bans, of massing troops and of constant artillery fire against civilians...not that anything the OSCE says matters to the Eurohypocrites, whose souls are already sold.

As such, following the US's tendency to start troubles for Russia on holidays: Georgia's War during the 2008 Olympics, Ukraine's Pusch during Sochi Olympics in 2014 and now the 70th 9 May, the US puppets may be getting ready for the final (as Americans call it) Hail Mary...a final, throw everything you have into genociding the Donbass, in order to draw in Russia.

Having a battalion of the 82nd Airborne on the edge of hostilities, and I am sure throwing them into combat and the massive insueing casualties, would give Obama the excuse to drag the US and NATO into the war. Never mind that it would not be an activiation of the defensive charter, the various NATO slaves will follow what their masters tell them and marshal up to fight and die.

So will this holiday of 70 years since the last great war become the starting day of the next great war? Well, dear readers, we have 7 days to find out. I pray I am wrong.