Monday, February 24, 2014

What Sochi Taught The World

Let us review, dear reader, what Sochi taught the world.

1. No matter the nay sayers, when Russians put their minds to it, there is nothing we can not do. The West, in its cynical envy was out to put us down as much as possible. Their elites, as servants of darkness, went at it with everything they had. Never an hour passed without a new story from one Western rag or another bemoaning the in ability of us Russians to do anything but steal our own monies.

Well, the West looks like a bunch of fools now. IOC President Thomas Bach, commenting on the giant Olympics complex, on the new international airport, subway, train station, city sewage system, port and dozens of hotels, all built in 7 years, but saying such a feat would take the Europeans 150 years, in a modern European city. That is correct, we Russians are not metro-sexual Europeans, we do in 7 what it takes them 150, in their German socialist European Union hell.

2. The West, in its hatred and loathing of all things Russian, laughed at our prospects. With 13 golds, and 33 total medals, 2 more golds then Norway and 5 more medals than the US, which ended in 4th place and Britain which was an unnoticed, 2nd world quality of 19th.. I mean, seriously, S.Korea, Slovenia and even Belarus blew the lame British team out of the water.

Secondly, regardless of the negativity poured on Russian athletes by the Western press, our athletes acted as true professionals and true patriots always with good taste and honour. Not something that can be said for many Anglo athletes, primo-danas, who had more self opinion then skill and were sour losers.

Russia blew out the games in an absolute record.

It should be noted how quiet the Western media is now, that they have been handed their lunch. Not that they feel a bit of shame, just there is no bragging rights left to them. Especially when Norway and Canada also beat them down.

3. We are not ashamed of our history or our culture and we are not afraid to show it. The opening ceremony and the closing ceremony showed the world, if not the West that we are not the Barbarians that the Western satanic PR machine has been trying to make us out to be for the past 250 years.

We have created science, architecture, the highest of arts. We did not have to hide or be ashamed of our culture like the modern spineless British whose "greatest" achievement, according to their ceremony in London's Olympics, was the socialist NHS, now all but bankrupt, like the whole of the country.

4. Half the human population watched the Olympics. This was one of the greatest PR victories for Russia in the past 200 years. Not only did the non-West see what many already knew, but many of the citizens of the West woke up and saw through the Matrix that is life in the West. Thanks to the internet, all the editing of such government outfits as MSNBC "news" were not able to block the true grander of the ceremony.

Of course to those who hate us, such as many so called "conservatives" of the West, who in their hatred have more in common with the extreme Leftists who also hate us, this only gave more grounds to hate us. Why? Their own gnawing feelings of inferiority and the fight to swallow and deny this knowledge. Of course this hatred, without the ability to release it, will eat these little mean men up.

5. The US media so hates anything that has to do with Russia, they are ready to grab on to anything that will make us look bad. To that end, one comedian, Jimmy Kimmel with his fake video of the  "Wolf of Sochi" made the whole lot of them look like absolute fools.

6. We Russians can laugh at ourselves, a talent the narcissistic West has lost. When the fifth flower did not open into a Red Ring, it was yet something else for the Western media to latch on to so as to draw attention away from the 2.5 hour spectacular opening ceremony. When the closing ceremony started, the dancers representing the Red Ring "failed" to open, poking fun at ourselves.

But food for thought....that ring stood for the Americas, so maybe there was a reason it did not open?

7. And possibly just as importantly, the Olympics showed that Russia is a land of great opportunity for the talented and driven. Two of our top atheletes, the South Korean Victor An, who was not given the appreciation or the right chance in his former home land, came to Russia where he won 3 gold and 1 bronze. Beside him was Vic Wild, also passed up and ignored in America, came to Russia, found his love and married her, as well as married his new motherland for whom he won two golds.

These men are now treated as national heroes, as sons of the Motherland, not as foreigners. And that has been the truth of how Russia always was, with the exception of that 70 year Soviet interval.

So what should we take from all this? The Third Rome stands firmly and with faith in Christ and not the Western Man-Gods, we are undefeatable and unconquerable and once we put our will to it, there is nothing we can not accomplish.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bloody Merkel's Ukrainian Meat

Bloody Merkel's Ukrainian Meat

A joke is floating around Ukraine and Russia these days, it goes something like this:

A couple of American senators, the US ambassador, Members of Parliament of the UK, France, Germany and Poland all got together on a stage in Madian, Kiev, and signed an official proclamation of non intervention in Ukraine's official internal affairs.....for Russia.

And that is the truth of this, as the hyper hypocrites of Western power, backed by their brain washed, non-cognoscente masses of zombies, proclaim their "love" of democracy and elections, while screaming for revolution to over throw a freely elected government in Kiev by backing a collective of Nazi organizations from Western Ukraine. Yup, the whole of the ugliness of the West's leadership's evil is on display. Its a good thing the majority of their people are to uneducated, detached or blind to actually see the demons wearing masks and pretending to lead them.

In an apparent response to Secretary Nulan's discussion on how to over throw the Ukrainian government and whom to place as puppet masters and oh, yes, "fuck the EU", Bloody Merkel has super charged her sock puppet Quisling Klichko. One day after he and other members of the Ukrainian Opposition returned from long meeting with Merkel, they started screaming for the storming of Parliament. 

On a side note, it is rather sad how easily the Western gerbles are distracted by the "fuck the EU" statement and totally miss the 5 minutes of conversation where the US is discussing overthrowing a freely elected government....not that that is anything new for them, aka Iran, aka Armenia, aka Yugoslavia, and so on and so on. 

Maiden had to have its blood sacrifices, and these quislings were more than happy to lead their hamsters to it. Three days of fighting, buildings burned, 70 dead, of whom 13 were police officers shot with high powered rifles that the "peaceful" aka Syria style opposition deployed. Not enough to burn them with petro and styrofoam filled bottles (it burns better that way), or pelt them with stones, the opposition has gone into all out murder mode, again, just like in Syria's early days.

The West is playing its part, of course. Media outlets like the Daily Mail, blatantly label these rebels as police shooting at protesters, when the photos are dark and avoid the photos of day light firing with a 10 meter stick.

The whores who call Brussels home and their local muppets in the capitals of Europe's provinces, are now screaming that the fault and duty to lay down arms is that of the government, not the militias of Fascists that they, these very whores sponsor and defend. 

That the Germans are leading yet another nation to first a bloody civil war and second to German slavery, should surprise no one. Have we all forgotten Yugoslavia already? After all, it was the Germans who pushed that whole affair to flare up, the Americans coming in a bit later to support the Islamic Tudjamen. And so, 20 years later, almost to the day, the murderous Prussians are at it again.

That the blood of these almost hundred slavs and that of many hundreds more to come is on the hands of yet another Hun should come as no surprise. The slave races of Europe, under the Huns chains, at the helm of which the new Fuhrer in a bra rides, are being dragged kicking into a new war world war.

Why? Because the German Hun has never given up on Drag Nach Ost and his Anglo Cousins are more than happy to back him into it.

So Europeans, you as serfs, slaves and peasants will do the dieing on our steppe and forests, like your grandfathers, so that yet another psychotic German can get her domination fantasies going, to the tunes of Anglo bankers. You have little time left to change anything.

Truly, nothing has changed.

Friday, February 7, 2014

See How You Have Been Lied To, Yet Again

Sochi will Set Us Free

Sochi will Set Us Free

Not since the Nazi propaganda machine was in full swing against the Jews has a single people faced such a concerted onslaught of evil, malicious and petty media voices as has the Russian nation over the last year.

Though they criticize everything and anything, making up legions of foul lies about us and petty accusations, the core of their angst is our conservative Christian faith and our refusal to give our children as sacrifices to these degenerate pedophile man-gods.

Each publication tries to out hype the other. They scream about democracy and defying Putin by forcing Gaydom on us Russians, while ignoring that over 80% of Russians support the law as it stands. But what to expect from the "cream" of the putrid crop of Western intellectualism. They scare monger with threats of bombs in walls and toothpaste tubes, they who themselves countlessly have failed to stop terror.

They scream that our female athletes appear in a photo shoot in swim suits, yet their Sports Illustrated and Play Boy has no problems showing their female athletes in much less. They scream about stray dogs being put down but themselves kill tens of thousands every year for a hundred years now.

They scream that they as the civilized world is laughing at us and stands against us, poor miserable Russian Christian savages.

To all that, I say thank you. By your vicious, evil, slanderous attacks, you are finally breaking the last ties in the minds of most Russians to have anything to do with the twisted, mental and moral midgets that is the West and the majority of their populace. Yes, the majority, who rush to eat up this tripe and believe everything, while following the latest Grammy satanic dance around broom handles with devils or Cyrus on stage masturbation.

Many will now write that they are not like that, but you are, since you are silent, scared or lazy to voice your protest, you give silent approval and are just as guilty.

And to this I can proudly say, we Russians are not Westerners, we are most definitely not Europeans. There is nothing in these over lapping entities worth copying anymore. Nothing worth emphasizing with. Nothing worth admiring. This was already obvious in the EU-Russian talks. Where the EU, thinking of us as the savages of Europe, but still European, continued to lecture and Putin and our side, just turned away. We have nothing left to speak with you about. Nothing left to debate. You are damned and twisted and we wish nothing to do with you.

You are our enemies on a level unimaginable in the Cold War, since you wish not only to humble us and strip us of wealth but to destroy our very souls.This we will resist with our every breath.

So I predict, once the Olympics are gone and the grime of the Western sodomites is waste deep and continues to pour, most Russians will finally fully wake up to the Mordor that sits to our West, the evil cloud that seeks to cover our lands. In other words: to the Truth.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Rubles Devaluation Spells Nightmare for Europe

If there is one thing that can help set off that final European push towards economic spiraled collapse, it is something that is happening but getting little real talk about. Why?

Why is there little talk about it? Because it is the ruble and the West, in its arrogance, pride and blind pure stupidity, of all things Russian, still for the most part, thinks of long lines for toilet paper when they think of Russia. That Russia has joined the devaluation game, by letting the ruble float free, has yet to fully sink into the European public mind. But it will soon enough and when it does, a new tightening of the throat and then the belt and then possibly the panic.

Why? Why will the ruble, which has been in a steep devaluation, loosing over 12% in the past 4 weeks, going to cause so much trouble? First a side note: when the Russian central bank decided to float the ruble, a decision that they reached back in 2011/2012 and aimed at 2014, they counted on a slow 10% devaluation over the entire year. The fundamentals of the Russian economy are sound enough, but between the strengthening dollar and euro and the fact that the Ruble was artificially high, the slide has been on. What they have now gotten is a full on slide of over 12% in under 3 weeks and there is no bottom in sight.

Now the upcoming Olympics will slow that slide, as half a million tourists coming in in such a short period will increase demand for Ruble. But this will only last about 1 month and is already starting to appear. Once the Olympics factor is done, the slide will return.

Europeans will start to feel it in a delayed action. First, tourism. In 2013 Russians made up 31.6 million tourists visiting Europe. Russia alone represents 6% of all European tourism and Russians tend to spend big, even when they do not have large means, they do have large savings and Russians tend not to count their pence when on vacation. With the Ruble at all time historic lows against the Euro, that tourism will travel else where, either to European nations who have not adopted the Euro or to SE Asia, Russia's new favorite destination.

Worst hit will be Europe's worst Euro economies: Greece, Spain and Italy. In Greece alone, Russians represent 10% of the Greek tourism. If that cuts in half, Greece's fragile, withered economy will suffer much more. Russians spent over $34 billion on tourism last year with 2/3rd going to Europe. Now Europe may get its wish, to be rid of the Russian tourists. Of course that wish will cost Europe dearly, but the snobbish Humanists will not realize their folly until much later. They never do.

Now the other hit, European exports to Russia, will become much more expensive to the average Russian, while Russian exports to Europe will flourish as Russian products, such as food products to Germany, already popular for higher standards than German domestic production and lower prices will become that much lower priced.

German meat exports to Russia had already fallen by 70% in 2013, due to much stricter sanitation standards, which caught most German producers hold their substandard products. A sharp drop in the Ruble, coupled with a fast growing mass swine production industry at home, will mean a very tight and tough market for German pork, as already happened to US chicken. US pork will equally be hit.

German machinery, chemicals and automobiles will equally slump, only accelerating the trend of German companies setting up shop and major production inside of Russia. In turn, this will cost Germany jobs and Germany is now, by plan, the main and only engine of Europe. Except by converting the rest of Europe into impoverished vassal states, in the longer term, where we are now at, the Germans deprived themselves of markets capable of buying their production and with Russian on the decline sharply, the German economy will feel pain and with it the rest of Europe. Smaller European exporters will be hit even faster as they are already living on the margin.

Will this cause a final run on the banks and collapse of the Euro economic folly? Maybe, but which ever the effects, they will be delayed, as that is how economics reacts, in delay. So if it does, it should make for some interesting TV watching in Summer....make sure you get plenty of popcorn.