Friday, May 25, 2012

Georgia’s Murder Machine or How NATO Supports Terrorist States

Georgia’s Murder Machine or How NATO Supports Terrorist States

Is the reek of hypocrisy, that sickly sweet smell of the death of truth and morality, ever so strong as to be even noticed by the overlords of NATO? Apparently the answer, as we all have always known, is no, never. Truly, like vultures who have no sense of smell, the carrion eaters of NATO could never be bothered, as they pick through and destroy what shreds of dignity they ever had.

Let us take the nation and prime NATO candidate Georgia, into account. It is not enough that Misha Fontanchik, the bane of silk ties, the genocider of women and children, came to power on a US/EU colour revolution. Or that he regularly hospitalizes and murders those demonstrating his corrupt rule. Or that the US/EU shills for him as a great democrat while his party holds 94% of parliament and its ally 6%, making sure there are no opposing views or voices. Never mind that he shot up his remote province of Svanetia, killing dozens of civilians, Georgian citizens, and forcing its elected governor Kvitsiani to run for his life. Never mind that he started a genocidal war, as determined by the EU report, against South Ossessia, or that Americans still spread the lie that it was Russia. Never mind that this border line second-third world nation spends a larger chunk of its GDP on weapons than any other nation in the world or that its government receives paychecks from the US government and various Soros foundations.

For sure the government of Saakashvili is an oppressive regime at home, but one enjoying the PR machine of Washington, which does nothing but pour praise on the murderers and dictators who form the club of Washington Vassals.

The Georgian Spring and the American Tyrant

A Tale of Two Tyrants: Hypocrisy of the West

As Saakashvili’s paranoid regime continued to consolidate power, his former allies and best friends started to run for their lives. Saakashvili did not just inherit his birthday as that of Joseph Stalin, another famous Georgian mass murderer, they were born on the same day, but he also inherited the great genocider’s paranoia. The more prominent of those seeking asylum in other countries have been the likes of Manana Archvadze-Gamsakhurdia, widow of the first Georgian president, who was given asylum in Germany in 2009, while her son continues to sit in a Georgian political prison; Archil Benidze, a member of the Labour Party of Georgia was given asylum in Italy, in Oct of 2011 after his initial imprisonment by officers of the Department of Constitutional Security (what a soviet name) in 2008 and forced to sign statements against a colleague Shalva Natelashvili; the former Director of the Border Police of the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs AND husband of the head of the opposition party Democratic Movement of the United Georgia (his wife, Nani, was the former speaker of the parliament and former close ally of Saakashvili), one Badri Burjanadze, also sought asylum last year, in several countries. In all there have been hundreds, many running to Russia.

None were as prominent, though, as the case of Irakli Okruashvili, a former best friend of Saakashvili and former Defense Minister of Georgia. Irakli ran for his life after a falling out with the paranoid dictator and was accepted in France, along with the former Minister of Forest Resources, Bidzina Giorgobiani.

All this while many others, such as Vladimir Vakhania, an outspoken critic, rot in Georgian jails on trumped up charges or like the former Prime Minister  Zurab Zhvania  are found dead under extremely questionable circumstances.

Even foreign businessmen, such as the case of two Israeli men Doing Business Georgian Style, or How to Screw a Couple of Jews are not immune to the Washington backed criminal regime that presides in Tbilisi.

But now, like all terrorist regimes, especially those sponsored and living directly off of Washington’s pocket book, they are not satisfied with just driving their opponents out but with liquidating them, no matter where they are, so they have gone international, murdering their opponents.

 But now, as for several years previously, Georgia has been and continues to be a major state sponsor of terror. In December 2010, the Georgian government sponsored a terrorist jamboree, bringing in Islamic extremists into Georgia, to plan out its state backed terror war against Russian civilians. Terrorist activity in 2011 hit a six year high, following the Georgian aid. This is of course, nothing new, either. I first mention these issues in Georgians Are At It Again and To Georgia’s Good Fortune, Russia is Winning

In 2008, Badri Patarkatsishvili, a Georgian expat billionaire, living in London, made a bid for the presidential seat, in the general elections. Shortly after, he ran for his life, back to London. But Misha, as a good NYC trained mobster, er lawyer, would not tolerate a rival, even so far away. Shortly after, Patarkatsishvili succumbed to a heart attack, under extremely suspect circumstance. He died in his mansion, age 52. Several news outlets, including Reuters and Associated Press reported that Patrakatsishvili had obtained, earlier that year, a tape of a Georgian Interior Ministry minister hiring a Chechen mob lord to murder him, in London. This was in part linked to his control of the Georgian dissident news network Imedi, which has now been brought under government control.

The latest case happened this week, with the daylight, street murder, in Moscow, of the former Georgian general, Roman Dumbadze, who was gunned down by two men on a motorbike. Dombadze had been convicted and imprisoned by Saakashvili for refusing to follow orders, that would have had him assault a civilian area in the former breakaway area of Adjaria. Dumbadze was exchanged in a prisoner exchange, following the 2008 war and given Russian citizenship.

Another former Georgian general, living in exile, Tengiz Kitovani, has also had death threats against him and has testified to the network of assassins and spies that Saakashvili has laid out across Russia and Europe.

Least you forget, dear reader, all this comes on the heels of the huge terrorist weapons busts by Russian intelligence. These were weapons meant to be used during the Olympics, that Chechen Jihadists, with the aid of Georgian intelligence, had been sneaking into Russia.

There is no doubt that a new center of murder, oppression and terror is growing and that Washington’s monies are fueling it, should equally be no surprise.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Boy Brat That Would Be King of France

The Boy Brat That Would Be King of France

What can I say, dear reader? Republicanism/Democracy has shown once again its ugly and faulty face, this time in the coming to power of one Francois Hollande, an inexperienced politician, a sore winner, a blind ideologue and worse yet, a spineless fool who is already taking his place groveling at the feet of Islam, even as he epitomizes everything that is wrong with the European ruling class, as I outlined in The Age of the Man-Gods.

Hollande campaigned on a platform of job creation, through strangulation of business with insane taxes, and massive government spending. After all, we have seen all over the world, for the past hundred years, how well government run economies, with massive tax burdens have brought great equality to the people. The unfortunate part of this is that equality has been in shared misery not prosperity.

Here we see again, the problem with a republican/democratic system, where charlatans or worse ideologues with little understanding of the laws of reality, promise what ever they believe will get them elected, to equally illiterate masses, who believe all they need to do is "hire" the right hozien to give them whatever they want, irregardless of where it comes from or how it must be gotten.

Already, the Boy Brat has plans to tax those with earnings of more than  €1m at 75% tax rates, on top of the 45% rate for those earning over €150,000. This is a Marxist confiscatory rate that has already started to drive top earners, and in this case, business owners, out of Paris and France as a whole.

Hollande is a man who was quoted as stating "I don't like the rich." Of course this is typical of a socialist, who himself owns three holiday homes on the Riviera, including a palatial villa in Mougins, and would be considered by most people a very rich man. This is not some Christian saint who would lead by example and sell his holdings and give to the poor. No this is a self righteous Marxist, who will keep and enjoy his own wealth while stealing from those not of his political circle. A typical “gauche caviar".

But what is to be expected from a man who broke French protocol and showed himself a sore winner by refusing, as per French tradition, to escort the outgoing president to his auto, parked in the courtyard. In stead Hollande, turned, shook Sarkozy's hand and turned his back on him, walking into the palace. Than during his speech, where he listed off all of France's previous presidents and their accomplishments (there have been only 7 of the 5th Republic) he refused to say a word about or even mention the name of Sarkozy. The only thing he did not do is stick his tongue out and put his fingers in his ears. A spoiled brat in every sense.

In the inauguration party, afterward, he showed his disdain for family values by not even bothering to invite his children to their father's inauguration, and what can be said about the rest of his family's absence? Of course he spared no time putting his political lackeys into power as soon as humanly possible.

This is a man who spurs everything that France was built upon: tradition, family, hard work. This is a man who like a good charlatan promises that which the masses want but what will, without doubt, in a very short end, kill them. A sweet, intoxicating poison, but a poison non-the-less.

God seems to have showed his disdain for this petty man by literally raining on his parade. This was followed up by a lightening strike on his plane, the same day, as he flew to Germany.

Doubtlessly, this little demigod took no notice, because he equally wasted no time in groveling like a spineless slave of the uneducated, third world perpetually offended riff raff that represents Jihad in its finest. This man-godling has already, in power less than a week, forbade any pork dishes, a food that the French have historically eaten, from all government offices, so as not to offend the perpetually offended illiterate third worlders who overwhelmingly voted for him. The meat that will be allowed will, of course, be halla, served by good dhimmis to their illiterate masters.

The French electorate had a choice, they could have voted for Mari Le Pen, that is the 82% that did not, instead they decided to whore themselves for freebies and damn their children to poverty, slavery and cultural extermination.

Congratulations, now go lay in the grave you dug yourselves.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Russian Liberals Gone Nuts

Russian Liberals Gone Nuts

Fat off of American monies, poured in by the hackling witch of American foreign affairs and the front for international election fraud, Freedom House, the Russian liberals, are striking out anywhere and everywhere they can to disrupt Russian society and lives.

Case in point, from the previous Victory Day, the torch lit march of the medical students from the Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry. The march, held yearly since 2005. One thousand students have marched yearly to the Eternal Flame, holding sixty torches.

The liberals, who know no bounds, know no decency, are of the utmost contemptuous humans of the bare minimum of humanity, have attacked, along with their foreign, Russophobic sponsors, this march.

Suddenly, after 6 years, the march has come under the Western sponsored attack. They have been compared to the Nazi torch lit parades. On Twitter, a favorite of neocon sponsored mindless revolutionaries and their puppetering masters, the marchers were called "putinjugend" in direct reference to the Hitler Jungend (Youth). @WakeUpR, the owners of that Twitter feed created a new rally for their 24,000 readers: Stop the Torchlit Procession.

The on cue, soulless Western leftists, ever ready to gnaw the life from whom ever they are directed at, led by people like Alla Gerber of the Holocaust Foundation, told interviewers it reminded her of the Nazis.

And what do these torches represent? They represent the sixty students, from the Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry, who gave their lives, in military medical service fighting the Nazis.

The Jewish leaders of the Holocaust Foundation, like one Alla Gerber, should be writhing in painful shame, at spitting on the memories of men and women who died to save Jews from Hitler's clutches, even though these types of Western soulless hellhounds attack those very people who saved them and their people, while giving their own lives. Pathetic.

In a Europe, where the countries of the Baltics hold annual Nazi parades, sponsored by government. Where US/EU backed Oranges in Ukraine, idolized Nazi collaboraters like Bandera or where another puppet of the US, Saakashvili has made the Georgian Legion of the SS into national heroes, they attack a march of medical students memorializing those fellow students who died fighting Nazis by calling them the name of those whom they fought.

That the West is sick and twisted, evil to its core, feasting in Christless slaughter worldwide, murdering its own unborn, destroying what little Christian faith is left, prizing any and all perversions as on high and holy, is no mistake or secret. That fellow Russians are so ignorant, evil and twisted themselves, to wish to bring this slavery onto their own people is the really pathetic thing.

That these subhumans would attack the memory of heroes, of better men then any of them could ever be, shows that they need to leave us. And why will you not. You hate us, your fellow countrymen, you deem us ignorant, back wards and pathetic for not holding your love for evil and perversion, so why do you stay? We do not want to be you, so please, please, leave us. Immigrate to your fellow where surely you will be happier.

And leave us our memories of our heroes, without your venomous and rotten touch.

Monday, May 7, 2012

An Open Letter to Our Russian Brothers and Sisters Protesting

An Open Letter to Our Russian Brothers and Sisters Protesting

Dear Brothers and Sisters, whom I will only call "Russian" in quotes so as not to insult you. I understand that most of you feel an embitterment to God for cursing you by giving you life in the body of a Russian. Yes, most of you hate the culture, the people and the nation you were born in. Everything that has gone wrong in your lives is and must be traced back to that evil move by God to have tricked you into coming into the light of day, as a Russian. That I understand quite well and on behalf of God and all other Russians, the other 95%, I apologize for your misfortune of birth.

I thought of writing this in Russian, but decided, why? You would only take that as an insult to, to have to be subjected to Russian.

You idolize the West, heck, if the West were a rock band, you would be called a groupie, spreading your drunken legs and hefting your skirts for a STD laced night of fun and adventure.

You see the West through polarized lenses that block out all the evil, rot and unChristian behavior. Heck, most of you hate God and Christ anyways so you see these things as a positive to be enjoyed not just by yourselves but to be hoisted upon the rest of humanity, like it or not. The short comings, the out and out hypocrisy, you ignore.

You scream at the Russian police for arresting 450 (we will also ignore the 29 police officers you wounded), while staging a demonstration to try and block the inauguration of a president you did not want and lost a vote against. But you praise the US/UK when they beat, taser, pepper spray their actual peaceful protesters, arresting them in by the thousands and not releasing most in 2-3 hours.

You ignore the out and out theft of funds and corruption in those governments, the dictatorial stands, the police state tactics. Or heck, you even praise it, as long as its done in the name of your pagan goddess of democracy.

So I ask you nicely: leave. No not from the streets, but from our country. You do not want to be here, we get that, we hear that, we understand that. LEAVE. Go, pack your bags, hoist your colours and leave. Head out to the US, to the UK, to Germany, where upon your arrival, you will be hoisted on triumphant shoulders, given the praise and acclaim you always lacked and taken with most haste to some shining mansion on the hill that you will call home.

But understand this, while you are more Western than the Westerners, we are not nor do we want to be them. Leave and live with them and not try to turn us in to them. We will all live much happier lives that way.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Slavery or God and Freedom. Are the Serbs Doomed and Damned

Slavery or God and Freedom. Are the Serbs Doomed and Damned

It has come time to choose, oh brother Serbs, a choice that will not only determine your fates and that of your eternal souls but the savior or damnation of your children and grand children.

This is not just a vote it is a casting of your destiny, a free people, standing with the One Eternal God in freedom, salvation and honour or a damned, broken, cowardly rabble, huddling under the heal of their Anglo owners and their master Satan.

Can it be more stark? Will you return the scalawags to power, affirming the righteousness of their actions in cowering before their EU overlords, who murdered your wives, children and parents? Will you slaver after those who surrendered your war heroes and defenders? Toss who sold your resources for pennies, gave up your heartland and refused to come to the aid of your long suffering countrymen there? Those who conspired with the EU and Islamic Albanian thieves who stole your heartlands? And alla for what? Money? Money that the bankrupt EU does not even have and bittersweet promises of a better future that it will never deliver to sits second class Slavic members?

Or, or will for but a second, will you remember your souls, your past, your God and your bloodbrothers who have died in the millions for you? Will you relive your honour? Will you give back pride to  your ancestors, who along side of God must be hanging their heads in shame?

You are not alone, neither spiritually, Christ is with you just take His hand, nor physically, your Russian brothers stand with you.

Best of all, standing with us will bring that bright future and billions in investment that the West can only promise. And unlike them, we will not ask you to betray yourselves or sell your souls.

My Serbian brothers, is the choice truly so difficult?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Of the March of Jack Booted Anglos

Of the March of Jack Booted Anglos

My dear readers, you may be expecting a rant or a detailed review of the various wars of mass murder, extermination or resource deprivation that the Anglosphere has been engaging in, along with their French, Italian, Spanish and German lap dogs, but no, I fear I will disappoint you, tis day.

Instead we will speak of matters much closer to home for my Anglo readers, that is, of their enslavement, whether they realize this or not.

Several interesting events have occurred over the past half year. Some of you may remember my previous articles on this, from a year or so ago:
America Creates Serfdom Through Cap and Trade
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The Failed State of England
Now This Is Private Property Laws
Would Orwell Be Proud?
Axis of Evil, a Matter of Perspective 

We will start with the Americans. The famous/infamous pseudo rapists and pseudo child molesters of the TSA (Transportation Security Administration), the behemoth  of American control of society has expanded its tentacles once more, with nerry a pip from the cowed and beaten down, disconnected, proud, blind and ignorant masses.

What am I speaking about?

Why the announcement by Democratic Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee that TSA agents, as well as armed police will now be riding on the buses of the Houston city bus system. No they are not taking in the sights of the third largest city in America, but will be performing random bag and purse searches, as well as pat downs. "Bus Safe" is a collaboration between the TSA, METRO, and Harris County Constable's Office Precinct. How nice and such a good Orwellian name too.

This was announced at the Wheeler Transit Center, on the 13th April. "If you think you're going to be a bad actor on buses, get ready," she warned. "You are going to have a short-lived time frame."

Ahh, there is a good fascist on the march if ever there was one. Congratulations. The out cry from the public? Drowned out by the buzz of mosquitoes. 

But this is nothing new. The police state operations are already in full swing throughout America, so that is probably why no one bothered to protest. They are already accustomed to being treated like cattle, so what is a little more?  It is already being done on the train systems in Florida:

A Florida firefighter says he couldn't believe it when Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents gave "intrusive" pat-downs to passengers including kids getting off an Amtrak train in Savannah, Georgia earlier this month.

And then this incident in North Carolina

Reporting from Charlotte, N.C. — Rick Vetter was rushing to board the Amtrak train in Charlotte, N.C., on a recent Sunday afternoon when a canine officer suddenly blocked the way.

No, the highways are not safe either, they are also already there, to fully clamp down on the American peasants.

PORTLAND, Tenn. – You're probably used to seeing TSA's signature blue uniforms at the airport, but now agents are hitting the interstates to fight terrorism with Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response (VIPR).

"Where is a terrorist more apt to be found? Not these days on an airplane more likely on the interstate," said Tennessee Department of Safety & Homeland Security Commissioner Bill Gibbons.

Tuesday Tennessee was first to deploy VIPR simultaneously at five weigh stations and two bus stations across the state.

Agents are recruiting truck drivers, like Rudy Gonzales, into the First Observer Highway Security Program to say something if they see something.

As a matter of fact, 25 Viper teams were responsible for 9,000 checkpoints along the American road system, last year alone and that number, both of teams and checkpoints, will be increasing.

The best part is, it is led by black Americans who have for generations been the ones screaming loudest of over bearing police, so that the moment they get into power, they prove even worse.

Meanwhile, massive anti-Internet and data sharing laws, such as SOPA, paid for by the oligarchs of the media to their bought and paid for government, are on the verge of shutting any and all communication down. Barrack Obama has even been fighting for an Internet kill switch to be placed in his hands, to shut everything down in cases of emergency, a term that never seems to get many adjectives or other descriptive words, that is, no boundaries  defining it.

Legal experts are warning that the proposed PROTECT IP and the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) legislation, currently working their way through Congress, will damage the world's DNS system, cripple attempts to get better online security and violate free speech rights in the US constitution

Under the terms of the proposed PROTECT IP legislation a US federal prosecutor who finds a foreign website that is “dedicated to infringing activities” can force all US internet service providers, domain name registries, domain name registrars and operators of domain name servers to block either the offending page or the whole web domain from the DNS system* - effectively wiping the site off the internet map..

Seems its well past time to decouple the various Internet systems away from the freedom of speech despising American elites.

Already the spineless and gutless British are exporting their citizens to face American "justice", years behind bard in second world, extremely violent US penal systems. For what? For committing no crime in the UK, but a crime in America on the Internet. Can the British get anymore pathetic? Why surely they can. Read and be amazed.

Now to ever not so merry England.

Just to prove that having a choice is not necessarily a choice at all (Republicans-Democrats, Labour-Tories, etc, etc), the British Tories, the proverbial  embarrassment to the Conservative and Monarchical (yes I know, they're true and true republicans, thus liars and thieves as all republics are), have concluded that 100 million cameras for 64 million Britons, that snoopers from the local council in your rubbish bin, that monitoring of the movement of your phones or reading and logging your numbers on your car as you go about, is not enough, have proposed to instill this little gem:

Under legislation expected in next month’s Queen’s Speech, Internet companies would be required to install hardware which would allow the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), a British intelligence agency also referred to as Britain's electronic ‘listening’ agency, to gain access to British people’s communications data.

The details of any phone call, email exchange, and website visit would be available to the British police and security services so that the government would be able to “protect the public,” reported the Sunday Times.

“It is vital that police and security services are able to obtain communications data,” said a Home Office spokesperson.

“Communications data includes time, duration and dialing numbers of a phone call, or an email address,” he added.

The Home Office also said that the law would be passed “as soon as parliamentary time allows.”

Yes, its never enough, until a camera is over your john, a spy bot under your beg and a bug up your bum, that is, you are never free or same until the government can first monitor and than control even your bloody bowel movements. Eh chap?

Are the British protesting? Are they marching in the streets? Do you really expect them to? Just about as loudly as their Anglo-American cousins, that is, none at all.

But just in case you thought it was just these two titans of freedom, reading us savages the riot act, all the while oppressing their serfs, its West wide. Heck, one, if he did not know it, would think that Beijing had taken over every capital of the West, considering how much that rotting dead whale of a civilization has come to exemplify everything it protests about.

Anti-internet piracy law adopted by Spanish government

German parliament passes Internet censorship bill

Italy’s Alarming New Proposed Internet Laws

(French)Parliament adopts Internet anti-piracy law

In comparison to these countries, our barbaric laws are almost totally free. While they protest us banning NGO (read West) funded Homosexual propaganda against children, they in turn, quietly but effectively lock down their peasants, once and for all.

Good luck to the prison population of the West, as your Internet and freedoms go dark.