Friday, July 31, 2015

Iceland: Proving That Everyone in Europe is a Whore

Iceland: Proving That Everyone in Europe is a Whore

This week a line of minor and non-existent economies joined the sanctions on Russia. Mighty powerhouses such as Lichtenstein, Ireland, and Albania. The biggest was Norway. 

The surprise, however, came from Iceland. This once more proves the point: all Europeans, especially those of the Germanic-Anglo-Scandanavian stock are honourleas whores, Iceland is first and foremost.


Simple: twice in the past 60 years Russia, first in the guise of the Soviet Union and the last time a mere 5 years ago, saved Iceland's economy.

The year was 1952 and after a row on fishing rights, with Iceland's economy 90% dependent on fishing, Britain banned all Icelandic imports.

The US as usual acted like a strumpet and abandoned its Icelandic ally.

To that end, the Soviet Union stepped in an began an oil for fish exchange. This saved the Icelandic economy.

"“…the USSR became overnight one of the largest buyer of Icelandic fish. This is well remembered in Iceland. Referring to Iceland a foreign reporter once noted that it was indeed a strange country that hosted American military bases but which cars and fishing fleet were driven by Soviet fuel.”  Icelandic Foreign Minister Halldor Asgrimsson 

Fast forward to 2008 when Iceland's banks went belly up and Britain was once again leading the charge in Europe to wring out of Iceland every last penny.

To whom did Iceland turn? You guessed it: Russia. Russia gave this nation a huge stabilization loan at well below market prices.  The loan was $4 billion twice the sum of all the Scandinavian loans combined.

So after twice saving them, how do these "great" people react? They react like typical whores. 

Iceland sells Russia $13,8 million in exports, representing  $5.2 billion.  This is 9th place for Iceland.

Counter sanctions will not be a huge blow, true, but best remember, unlike your new-old friends like the British and other honourless Europeans who turn on each other like hungry sharks, we Russians do not forget and the likelihood of ever bailing out Iceland again is near zero and the likelihood of Iceland needing it is quite great.

So once more this proves, Europe is full of whores and we are not Europeans. Thank Christ for that. 

Friday, July 24, 2015

The New War of Ideologies

The New War of Ideologies

The new century has come and a new clash of ideologies, indeed civilizations has come upon the world. This one is more intractable than those of the 20th century.

Most of the 20th century, post 1917, was consumed with various wars of ideology, indeed, most of these ideologies, be they Communism, Fascism or Capitalism were variants of Marxism, but they were vicious to an extreme. And yet, the states espousing these various branches of Marxism (total government, big industry and total government or big finance and total government) were not so different from each other.

The new war is a much deeper divide, one between extreme liberalism and its total government enforcers and conservatism. This war started in the late 20th century between the West and Islamic Jihad, which itself, in today’s version, was a revolt against modernization. The East, particularly the force embodied in Russia was lost, disoriented and had at that moment turned its back on its responsibility as the Third Rome.

Indeed, the Liberals were Liberals with some constraints, back in the 1990s and did not seem to pose such a threat to Russian culture, which at that moment was to busy idolizing everything Western, no matter how obscene. On the other hand, the Islamics were the extreme of the extreme and their culture was quite foreign to the 95% of Russian society that was based on Orthodoxy and deluded by Communism.

However, as the trends of the 1990s and 2000s progressed, things started to turn radically different.

Freed of the yoke of Communist control, the Orthodox Church, that bedrock of Russia, began to regain its moral force. First disoriented it reorganized and began the slow but steady movement forward as the hand maiden of the One True God. Each rebuilt church became a center of the old Russian civilization and those centers started to grow as mushrooms.

Many of the rich, many of whom were gangsters in the 1990s, started to wake up as well. They started to acknowledge their sins and their blood money. These people in turn started turning to the Church and some of the biggest temples to God have and are built by these people. By the late 2000s, society as a whole, started to look differently at money and greed. The generation that grew up with a sole goal of grabbing and scooping and accumulating everything they could, just like the West taught us, found itself soulless and empty.

The difference is, of course, the Russian soul is not the American or European soul. The Russian soul, built upon the Russian DNK and the Orthodox Church can not long live on a foundation of soullessness, of greed and empty morality. While this realization was not spontaneous and some will never be reached, it has occurred and in no part, thanks to the West’s own greed and superiority complex.

Russians started to notice and realize that to the West we are nothing but the country cousin who is to be laughed at and taken advantage of. But why? Why when our history is greater and longer than half of those Western nations, our culture no less full. The aborted American Colour Revolution in Moscow only underlined what the West held in store for us and saw us as.

The Sochi games sealed that understanding. After all the constant negative, hatred filled press from the West, the games were the greatest ever held in the history of the Olympics. An extravaganza the likes the world has never seen. And with that came the total domination of Russian athletes over those of the rest of the world, which was again upheld in Baku during the European games, where Russia took more gold then any other nation’s total medal count and by twice.

Russians full came into the realization that we are not some inadequate country cousin, but a civilization of its own, a great civilization, the Third Rome. Not only can we stand on par with anything the West produces but we can surpass it.

The second event was soon the follow. The West accelerated its schedule, fearful of the rising Third Rome, and began the coup and civil war in Ukraine. The Russian soul came fully awake upon that note. Russian volunteers flooded into Novorossia to defend fellow Russians. Unlike Western mercenaries, these men and many women, did not come to earn monies, but to fight and die for common culture, for common faith. Amongst these were other nationalities who while not sharing our faith do share our culture under our flag. Many Chechens and Daghistanies also came to lay their lives down on the defense of the Russian World, an understanding that was reborn.

The final weapon the West used was sanctions. These were by and far the worst feared and turned out so far to be the least threatening. For 23 years, the fifth column of Liberals and paid and owned shills had done everything to stop Russian economic growth and to clamp Russia to the West, while convincing everyone that without the West we would face sure Armageddon.

The Sanctions came and Armageddon did not. After an initial panic, Russians calmed down, as a society and took rational stock of what had happened. Yes, it hurt, but pain is something we are used to on the level of DNK and the pain was not even that bad. Then we started substituting the West in all spheres, first with our own production and then with new friends and allies.

What we learned was that the world, that other 70% of the world, not represented by the West or its Islamic Jihadist Frankensteins, were behind us. It was tepid at first but grew quickly. As these other nations realized that we are the rock upon which the Western waves break and upon which an opposition could be built, they flooded in.

Just this summer, “isolated Russia” held the BRICS conference (to which Indonesia wants to add its own “I”) and the next day after it ended, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, to which Belarus, India, Pakistan and others are clamoring to enter.

But what is the basis of this split?

The Basis is much much deeper than the economic basis between the Communists and Liberal Democracies of the mid to late 20th century. This basis is built upon totally different and incompatible world views: between soulless expansionist Liberalism and God Fearing Conservativism, specifically in the Eastern Christian understanding of it.

As we move to fully ban Satanic practices such as abortion (except in rape or real medical needs) and the West howls, we ask ourselves “How can we have meaningful conversations with those who view abortion on a grand scale, harvesting the organs and body parts of murdered babies as good economic practice?” How can we speak with those who spit upon God and His commandments? How can we have understanding with those who see marriage as an anything goes? Who celebrate sexual perversion as some great achievement? How can we communicate with those who commit genocide around the world and rob nations blind in the name of “democracy” and “human rights”?

The short of it is, we can not. It would be easier to speak with fish and find common understanding, then for us to find it with the West.

It does not have to mean war, we can find detente, but I am afraid that even that is impossible with the maniacs and Satanists who now sit the Western thrones and are devil driven to start another giant conflagration to consume hundreds of millions of human lives.

We will not abandon our God Christ for any price, for to do so is to pay a price much worse than pain or discomfort on earth, it is to damn one’s soul for all eternity and for that price, no comforts on earth are worth it. The West, godless, hatred towards Christ overflowing, sees no eternal life and believes in the short of it. Anything goes and anything should be done to others to keep it all going.

It is a war against God on an epic scale as nothing yet seen. And we are the shield wall that will not let this pass. God is with us, and we will not move, our line is drawn. God is with us.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Russia’s Assault Against Abortion

Russia’s Assault Against Abortion

Just another reason for the liberal, and anti-Christ, West to hate Russia. And this reason, more so then protecting the minds of our youth from sexual perversion or our countrymen in Crimea from political perversion, is the real doozy. This is an attack on the very eugenics invented and pushed by the West, of which abortion is the center piece of the Devil’s work.

Abortion is the key part of the program to cheapen the value of human life to triviality and create a sense that the majority of humanity is nothing but working chattel for the elites. It is also the main hatchet used to cut down the tree of Christianity and with it all the morals dos and don’t that create a functional and humane society.

Sure, the God hating liberals hide behind the usual catch phrases of Demonocracy that they sell: choice, rights of a woman, individuality, etc. What of course all this comes down to is the Satanic absolute freedom that the Devil pushes. This is summed up in: you are an animal, that’s it, do as you please. Of course if you neighbor does as he pleases to you, well, that’s freedom baby. God’s message has always been quite the opposite: you are not an animal, you are not free to do as you please, here are the rules and laws you shall live by, so that your soul may grow and prosper and not burn with that absolute freedom that the Devil wills you.

Since the US was founded on and the rest of the West has succumbed to the Masionic rebellion against God, King and Tradition, it should be no surprise that starting with abortion, the tree of evil grows to consume marriage, heterosexuality, the essence of whom we are and in the end our very lives, all on the bonfire of illusionary “freedom”.

To that end, Russia, which has always been historically the defender of Christianity, with the exception of the 70 years of Soviet (again fostered by the Western elites) domination, is again moving to fill its historic role.

At present, abortions are limited to the first 12 weeks of pregnancy and requires a 3-5 day waiting period, unless by special order of a court (usually in the case of medical reasons or due to heavy drug use by the mother). This was greeted by outrage from the human “rights” warlords, but then forgotten under a pile of new “outrages”.  The new laws making their way through our Duma will have no less of an impact and should fit nicely to all the other screaming from the West.

The first is to remove abortions from the paid clinics and only to the government clinics. This will remove the profit incentives behind this heinous act. The second is to make it mandatory that ultrasounds be performed first and that the mother sees the ultrasounds. The third is that a meeting with a councilor be made mandatory.

Equally, a fourth law project, that will surely make the Christ haters in the West scream, is to allow the Church to have councilors and paperwork for the pregnant women whose babies have been diagnosed with birth defects. There is a much higher level of abortions for these kinds of children, steaming from the anti-Christian and anit-Life utilitarian approach of the old Soviet Union.

Those in the West who have already heard about these works are already screaming. Not only do they worship the lord of lies and death, but to have the Russians multiplying even faster than we already are, is not good news. Anything with a Christian culture on their borders, anything giving their peons hope is not good news and must be put down…their Satanic master would have it no other way.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Shattering the European Delusion

Shattering the European Delusion

Europeans as a race, a culture, and yes, are under a deep delusion that Russians are like themselves in key areas…just a more barbaric version.

To that end, Europeans have bought into the idea that they can kiss the feet of the Yankies, shite in our general direction and that when all this blows over or their mad sexual fantasy of doing to Putin what they did to Gaddafi, happens, that they will just waltze back in and all will be “alright”…that is, the Russians will be kissing our collective European arses again to be let into the civilized club and we the European inbred super race along with our Yanki masters will again be making lots of cash off of milking the Russian cow.

That, of course, is where you fools have gone well off of the tracks. A few of you understand this fact or are just starting to, but you have truly screwed your fortunes for generations to come.

Allow me to once again enlighten the lot of you. We are not Germans, French, Spaniards or Britains…unlike the lot of you vipers, we actually understand the concept of honour and better yet, the concept of spravedlivost, for which none of your myrid of languages even has a word….and it fits, as you grew up as civilizations murdering, fucking and kissing each others arses as the winds changed. Honourless, moralless and spineless, always with a sharp knife to murder your neighbor when the opportunity rose up and steal his lands and riches. When your neighbors were to strong, you sailed the oceans looking for weaker people to murder and rape…often in that order.

Unlike you, we have always been a defensive empire, since we took Christ as our Saviors, and followed the real teachings, unlike you who are mostly followers of one heresy or another, starting with the Catholic heresy. When not attacked we do not invade, for war to us is still murder. And it is a good thing for the lot of you that we believe that, for killing is a very core nature in a warrior race such as the Great Slavs. You have learned that a half hundred times over the past 800 years as you continued to try and invade us and we have laid whole generations of you into the ground, just like we will soon be doing that.

But even if somehow you manage to avoid real war with us, we are for the most part through. Three more generations of Russians have seen what you Europeans are in truth, and we are sickened to our souls by you and your two-faced natures. The disdane that flows for Europe and Europeans as a whole is a sight to see. In parallel, we have also rediscovered what was surpassed for almost 30 years: our own greatness. Our self confidence has returned and we quite realize, we do not need you, we can do quite well without you.

Your sanctions were like the beast in the dark, it scared us because it was the unknown. We know we can slaughter you in war, we always have, but economics…..this was something else. And then, you laid your sanctions on us….and….and…that’s it? Ha…well, now that was not so bad. So you laid more….and more and more…and we laid just a few back on you and your screamed like broken whiny kids…oh that hurts, our apples are rotting, our fish is rotting our…jobs are rotting…. And thus we realized, you are not ten meters tall or even two meters tall and your only real threat is a laughing stock.

What we have also learned is that we are in a zero sum game with you and your Yanki masters. We will fight you tooth and nail to reclaim the Orthodox lands for Christ and for our shared culture and future. The rest of you no longer matter.

On our side stands the vastness of humanity and most of the world GDP…on yours? A dying culture backed by a dying race that spits in the face of God, like the fools you are.

We are done, with you in general, but we will rip the Orthodox and the Slavs and Hungarians from your hands…but you can keep the Poles, they are not worth the time or sweat to save, they’re to much like you for our stomachs.