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A New Approach, An Independent Orthodox Christian Kingdom of Sinai

A New Approach, An Independent Orthodox Christian Kingdom of Sinai

The American created chaos of Egypt has created one victim group above all others, and that is the actual real ethnic Egyptians, known as Copts and holding to the Coptic Orthodox Christian faith. Over fifty churches have been burned, hundreds of homes, dozens injured and killed.

I wish, with a heavy heart, I could say that this was an exception, but alas, it is not. True, with the Muslim Brotherhood in power and then seeking revenge for their ouster, the level of violence against these modern martyrs has greatly increased. But it has always been there.

When ever times were hard, or some imam or other felt an itch, it was the Coptic Orthodox Christians who bled and died. It has been this way for 13 centuries. Even when the French and the English held Egypt, they showed, as in other areas, no special grace to the local Christians.

So after 13 centuries and a replay all before the eyes of the media, even if the Amerikan media is hiding it, maybe its time for a new approach.

The Sinai Peninsula, with a land mass of 60,000km2 already supports a population of 600,000. Coptics account for 8 million of the 82 million population of Egypt, with another 8 or so million in the Diaspra. Coptics, with the military support of outside powers, such as Russia, Greece and Israel, could easily set up a seperate and powerful state in the Sinai.

From a Russian point of view, as Defender of the Orthodox Faith and Christians in the Muslim lands, this could cure the problem of Islamic violence against these Orthodox Christians. The Sinai would also prove a fertile area for Russian strategic military bases, giving us a new leverage over key locations.

For Israel, it would create a huge buffer state defending its southern borders from Islamic aggression as well as smuggling.

With foreign aid, the western border can be well fortified to make the Kingdom a fortress in its own right.

Its economy would come from many sources: tax on the Suez Canal. Ports and tariffs for overland traffic. Tourism and resorts, which already exist. In return for military bases, Russia can build nuclear power plants, which in turn would power desalination plants, which in turn would feed an agricultural revolution. With easy electricity, a large Christian population, in an area where resources can easily pass through, a manufacturing economy can also rise up.

But the most important will always be that an independent, militarily heavily armed and defended refugee for our fellow Orthodox. A place where God's Church could freely practice its faith, without fear or restrictions.

This would equally serve as a model for future other Christian kingdoms in those parts of the world.

This would of course be resisted, by all the usual characters: starting with the shills of Islamic Jihad, the Western despotics and police states.

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Anti-Putin Mania Rots the West

Anti-Putin Mania Rots the West

If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination. Leviticus

Well, the rainbow legions, led by two bit and defamed politicians, are at it again. Unsatisfied with the murder of their own culture, the perversion of their own societies and children, with the cover up of numerous homosexual pedofile crimes and hate crimes against Christians, they are on the march.

These are the modern equivalent of the Crusaders or Jihadist legions of old, wrecking havoc as they go, but lead by a new wave of would be tyrants. On an interesting side note, some of the most vicious, murderous tyrants of old have been homosexuals.

"For this reason God gave them up to dishonorable passions. Their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural, and the men likewise gave up natural relations with women and were consumed with passion for one another, men committing shameless acts with men and receiving in their own persons the due penalty for their error. And since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God gave them up to a base mind and to improper conduct. . . . Though they know God’s decree that those who do such things deserve to die, they not only do them but approve those who practice them" (Rom. 1:26–28, 32)
From the Boy King of France, Hollande, the worst and least popular president of any of the 5 republics, to the mental light weight and political deadwood of the UK's Cameron, to the First Gay President of America, Obama, the Three Queerskaters are on the march, leading their legions of perverts on to the world.

At home they have cowed their own peasants. Some were bought out by government graft. Others by threat of reprisals. In France, when millions of Catholics took to the streets, the police beat and gassed them. Yes, the same police that cower in incompetence when the Islamic third worlders riot, is all to happy to slap the French serfs back down to their place. After all, Socialists are ever the representatives of the people's will, its just that they are the only ones who know the people's will and definitely not the unwashed ignorant people. Yes, perfumed French unwashed serfs count just as much.

As for the rest, be the Merkels of the world, on these issues, while not out leading Satan's own pervert legions, they are keeping their heads down and sacrificing their people all the same. May the crabs of a thousand sodomites infest their underpants.

And now comes Putin. Seeming leading the one stateman's crusade, with the Russian government and the Orthodox Church behind him, against these inane tools of the Devil, these three moral midgets, who having failed at every other promise that they made, have all latched on to their one hope to show that they have done something and are worthy to keep power, even if it damns them to eternal Hell. Play now, pay later is alive and well in the West.

So here we are, the Western intelligentsia is frothing at the mouth, with lies galore, as they bevy up to spill one gut full of gibberish and rubbish after another. Their headlines all but write themselves and each works to out do the other. They are attacking the anti-homosexual propaganda law, that the Duma pass unanimously and that is upheld by the very vast majority of the Russian population, as anti-democratic. The law of course does not out law homosexuality and does not call for arresting homosexuals just for being homosexuals. That is a flat out Western lie. It does, however, ban people from advertising or acting on their sexual inclinations and from propagandizing to children. It equally bans child molestation and pedophilia, as this is also non-traditional.

So what in effect these Western perverts are screaming about is the defense of children. It is the limitation on their ability to pervert, warp, maim and destroy the souls and futures of children and their ability to recruit them into their genetic dead end fold. They are the Satanic damned, clutching out to grab more souls to keep their coming Hell full and warm.

NY gay rights activists target Russian vodka over Putin laws. BBC

Petition Pits Opera World Against Putin Over Gay Rights. The Street

Amsterdam's Gay Pride takes aim at Russia's Putin. GMA News

 Is Putin Holding Russia Back With His New Law? Huffington Post

Russia's Anti-Gay Crackdown New York Times

Gay Americans should be focused on Russia Daily Caller

Sen. Merkley decries Russia's anti-gay law

Russian anti-gay laws inspire talk of Sochi boycotts

Make Olympics in Russia the gayest ever CNN International

Here is the clinch, if you do not like this, do not come here. No one is putting a gun to your heads. But that you call this a tyranny, when you yourselves are goose stepping all over the vast majorities in your own nations, who oppose you, now that is tyranny. Fortunately, at least in nations like Ukraine and Georgia, where their quesling governments bent over and dropped their britches for the Rainbow Queer Brigades, the people rose up in anger and rage, as they also did in France, but how they will never do amongst the toothless Anglos and Anglo Americans, who whimper like beaten dogs every time the Homosexuals come for their children.

You Yanks love to laugh at the French and scoul at us Russians, but the French Catholics have shown much more courage in the face of evil than any of you and as for us, when we are not under a US Elite's sponsored tyranny of Marxism, we are normally on the right side of history, this being absolutely no exception.

The most fortunate for the Anglo Elites has been the additional stupidity of the political dead enders of the Conservative brand, where they are still running in the fantasy land of the Cold War 1 and dreaming of what heroes they are and what villains we Russians are. This has all been to great use by the Left who has been able to all but shut up their Conservatives from this arguement. 

But even here, a few things may be changing and things cracking.

"Russia could be a great ally for conservatives, on issues like defending the family, abortions, even strengthening marriage and promoting more children." Larry Jacobs, managing director of the World Congress of Families. They are now planning their 8th annual International Congress to be held in Moscow.

Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute's Austin Ruse, equally commented "We fully support the widespread notion in Russia that homosexuality has no place in the teaching of children. We also welcome the leading role of Russia is taking on this issue at the United Nations." 
He went on to state: "Openly gay ambassadors are now placed in largely religious countries. Gay celebrations are now held in U.S. embassies, even in countries like Pakistan where such parties are calculated to deeply offend legitimate religious sensibilities and beliefs.”

Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans For Truth About Homosexualtiy had this to say: "Russians do not want to follow America's reckless and decadent promotion of gender confusion, sexual perversion and anti-bibilical ideologies to youth."

Will others pickup on this? For surely it is obvious that Putin, Russia and Orthodoxy are the alternative and thus the enemy of the Satanic elite that now rules supreme in the West and crushes Christianity at every opportunity. 
And yet conservative voices, like Mormon Glen Beck are fanning the anit-Russian hysteria and thus aiding Satanic anti-Christianism in the US.
It’s the United States versus Russia. This is what all of us who are my age grew up worried about. This is it. It’s been a cold war. It’s been a proxy war. It’s been one where nobody really understands it yet. But I think you’re about to. I think this whole thing in the Middle East is the beginning of the end of the proxy war and the covert war. You’re now going to see an openly hot war, I fear, and the beginning of World War III.

But no matter what the insane and inane say, Russia is now that far off asylum for the dissidents of the West, fleeing from the Stasi state of the US and to a lesser degree of the EU. It will equally be the haven for Christians as swell, fleeing the same oppression of the Godless and God hating. 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Shape Of The New Cold War

The Shape Of The New Cold War

As some experts have predicted for years, a new Cold War of sorts is shaping up. It is going to be a war of ideology, as before, however with quite different aspects though similar sides.

The previous war was a war of the autocratic Marxists and the liberal democracies. However, those liberal democracies as a whole had a terminal tumor embedded deep in their body politic that had yet to full flower but since than has.

The kernel residing in each was the Devil's bargain that the liberal democracies made to win the first Cold War. To cope with their own internal Marxist demons and to find added strength against the Stalinst Bolsheviks, they ingested the Trotskyte Fascists, later known as neo-cons, into their body politic. As such, their slow purification had begun.

The progress, especially with the defeat of the militant Fascists by an unlikely coalition of Liberal Democracies, Monarchies and Bolsheviks, was slow, insidious but slow.

While fighting the Cold War that followed, the Trotskytes could not afford to be outed in the West. They took the slow but steady perversion of the popular culture under hand, in parallel with the creation and radicalization of the modern Islamic jihadists. These jihadists would be used as foot soldiers first against the Bolsheviks than against the host bodies in which the Trotskyte tutors were metastasizing.

With the defeat of the Bolsheviks, the last restraints on the Trotskytes were lifted and they were freed to take over their hosts from the inside out, like e insidious alien in the Thing. 

To distract the host and weaken his defenses, they turned their Islamic foot soldiers on the hosts in an external series of attacks, all the while importing millions more for the final take over from the inside.

Fast forward 20 years and we are where we are, at another sorry state of affairs. The ideological wars have not ended though they may be entering their last major volume. 

The Liberal Democracies and Monarchies of the West have morphed into Trotskyte fascist police states. Sure they still wear the skins of their previous hosts but what's inside is quite different.

Under the present spot light, magnified by the homosexual tsunami that is sweeping the Western Trotskyte Police States (WTPS), is traditional values vs the extreme liberal values of the WTPS. It is the post/anti Christian stance vs traditional Christian morality and honour. 

Deeper down there is the further economic aspect, on the one hand is the overtly oppressive regulatory state that crushes with high taxes and total control vs a still evolving system in the opposite direction with low taxes and 

And so the line up. At present the US, Commonwealth and EU nations stand against Russia and to a smaller degree the Eurasian Trade Union and  the Shanghai Defense League. 

Russia is basically alone as a government, backed by her Church. Her natural allies are all run by foul little trolls implanted by the Western elites and suckled on the tit of Western money and privilage. However, this will not last.

As we speak demonstrations and street battles rage in Greece and Bulgaria. Serbs are preparing for another series as their Radical Party president turned out to be a totally Western owned troll. Romania is rubbling, Cyprus is heaving, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Ukraine are in a silent and not so silent rage.
The people of France are marching and being beaten down by their police, ruled by the very essence of the Demonic Western Elite.
The Americans? Mostly passively suffering along, while Wildings are an every day occurrence and their governments hold a grasp over their very breath that neither Stalin nor Hitler nor Moa could have ever dreamed of.

Our evolutions are not complete, the final steps will be the restoration of the full monarchy, the concept of honour and the expulsion of the Western hypocrites and befoulers. Then it will more than likely turn Hot.

But will the people of the West become such good serfs to follow their leaders and Satan into War with Christianity....well that is the answer that awaits the most intriguing answers.