Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The American Incompetents.

The American Incompetents. 

How do you know the face of America's incompetence abroad is speaking? Why Lurch's mouth is moving. With a face that belongs on a milk carton and an intellect few baboons can best, the laughing stock of intelligent humanity, John "19th Century" Kerry has let it rip. 

From day to day, this brain damaged golum has found himself in the running with Bagdad Bob for worst lies. 

“You just don’t in the 21st century behave in 19th-century fashion by invading another country on a completely trumped-up pretext.”
You know, the way the US did in Grenada, Panama, Somalia, Iraq, Yugoslavia, Libya and almost in Syria. Ooops, I gues we were not meant to remember all that.
“And that’s what’s at stake in Ukraine today. Russia’s leadership is challenging truths that only a few weeks ago seemed self-evident — that in the 21st century, the borders of Europe cannot be redrawn with force, that international law matters, that people and nations can make their own decisions about their future.”
One word, Lurch: Kosovo. American overlords think that their shite smells of roses and that nothing they do will ever come back to haunt them. Stupid is as stupid does. Oh and when Crimeans vote to leave the American installed Nazi dream, well, those rights and decisions just don't matter...they have to be good Russians and stand and wait to be murdered by America's newest thugs.
Then there is blaming others for your own stupidities:
“Some folks in Europe made mistakes, the association agreement became too much of an East-West tug of war. It shouldn’t have been,” US Secretary of State John Kerry reportedly said at a private meeting of the Trilateral Commission in Washington last Friday.
While the European leadership are nothing but vassal rats, thieves and cowards, led by the biggest traitor of her race, Merkel the Political Stasi Officer, least we forget that was her youth job, to reprogram teenagers to love the Stasi, it was the $5 billion that the US dropped into the pockets of Western Ukrainian Nazis and their training camps, that helped make all this a reality. The Nuland speech, the one where only the "Fuck the EU" is remembered, was all about whom the AMERICANS were going to put into power and into which office. How interesting that is exactly how it happened.
And by the way, Putin offered a 3 way deal, something that neither the US or EU were interested in.

"You almost feel that he's creating his own reality, and his own sort of world, divorced from a lot of what's real on the ground for all those people, including people in his own country," Kerry said in an interview late Monday.
Hard to believe the Abominable is talking about Putin and not about himself and his pencil necked boss. What a bafoon.
In unusually blunt language, Kerry said on Thursday that unless Moscow takes immediate steps to de-escalate the situation, Washington will have no choice but to impose additional sanctions. He said it would be a grave and "expensive mistake"

Well lets see, so far it has been expensive, just not for Russia. Visa and Mastercard now will have a new global competitor and will face new regulations in Russia that will cost them billions every year. US satellites will not be flying on Russian rockets and those make up for 60-70% of all launches. Oops there goes the new season of TV, now that will piss the peasants off. American oil services companies are now bleeding billions as French and Swiss companies pickup their lost business and so on and so on and so on.
Russia was seeking to "change the security landscape of eastern Europe", John Kerry said on Tuesday, calling on Moscow "to leave Ukraine in peace."
This from an imbecile who orchestrated the first Nazi state of Europe in 70 years? This from a man who backed the violent and  murderous dismemberment of Yugoslavia and then of Serbia? Rich.
"Our European allies have spent more than 20 years with us working to integrate Russia into the Euro-Atlantic community. It is not as if we really haven't bent over backwards to try to set a new course in the post-Cold War era," he said.
By stealing, robbing, impoverishing, supporting the murder of 550 members of the Duma under Yeltsin. By backing Islamic Jihad and arming the Islamics in Russia's south, by surrounding Russia with military bases and so on and so on....yes, bent over backwards indeed.
"So we find ourselves in a defining moment for our transatlantic alliance – and nobody should mistake that – and we are prepared to do what we need to do, and to go the distance to uphold that alliance. "Our strength will come from our unity. Together we have to push back against those who want to try to change sovereign borders by force."
Translation: bankrupt Europe will now buy American gas for twice the price. Will host its Overlords' military enforcers on its lands, will submit its people to service of those who are better then them, their Yanky masters. How pathetic Europe has become, a cauldron of the ignorant, the weak willed and the broken.
So Europeans, the question becomes, are you spineless enough to be herded off to economic collapse and then to die for your American masters on the fields of Russia? Your local overlords sure think you are....are they right?

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Washington's True Target

Washington's True Target

A true general rarely attacks his foe straight on, he uses maneuver and obsification to destroy his enemy from whence his enemy does not expect it. A true sociopath will do so to those he professes to be his friends, clasping them on the shoulder in brotherly love, even as he drives the kenjal deep into their ribs and lungs.

America is just that, a smiling, murderous regime, bent on world domination and sneaky enough to blind its main allie's eyes to its ally's own destruction. What am I speaking about?

I am speaking about the present "Cold War 2" and "Sanctions" war with Russia. The problem is, Europe's leaders, bought and paid for lap dogs, small minded, power crazed kapos in the great Concentration Camp of European Serfdom, are to stupid and short sighted to see that the real goals of the US is not and never, in this iteration, was Russia.

The American talk of isolating Russia is of course ludicrous. It is impossible to do so, not only because Russia is the 5 or 6th (depending how you count it) largest economy of the world, but also because Russia has close ties with China, S.Korea, Japan, SE Asia, India, Brazil. Washington has no levers to make these giants dance to its tunes and since most everything that is "American" is manufactured anywhere but America.

So the goal here is to crack the EU, breaking it in its economic Achilles Heel, which in turn will lead to mass revolts, collapse and civil war. Europe, stagnant and in many parts collapsing, with just the Germans dragging the rest along, is a vulnerable and sickly giant, with leaden feet and a clay head. The leadership is Hell bent on self enrichment, while the crowds ever weekend pick a new city or capital to turn into a battle ground. Half the member states are in economic collapse, face succession issues from various provinces and have peasants marching with the torches and pitchforks.

So the US has set about the task of fully collapsing this giant into a grand civil war, a murderous destructive path that will inadvertently suck in Russia as well, while the American conmen will sit back and sing their songs and cancel their debt to various regimes as the they fail and are replaced, just like they did to the King Loui of France when Robespierre had his head taken.

The Americans are doing this two fold. First they are pushing the European leaders to commit economic suicide by pushing them into strangling themselves through Russian sanctions. Not only does Russia provide 40% of Europe's oil and gas, as well as 70% of Europe's fuel oil (heating and manufacture of gasoline), but Russia equally provides Europe with electricity, processed foods and grains, cement, fertilizers, chemicals, semi and finished steel assemblies and parts, paper products and so on. For all of these items, Asia is willing and is already paying top dollar.

Thus from this stand point, Russia's economy will hardly miss a beat but Europe's inputs will sky rocket even as energy prices go up 40-50% and force most German plants into bankruptcy. The fact of course that the biggest market for German production will also close firmly, will complete the coup detate on these corporations. The hits will be swift and awesome in their scope, driving all of Europe into the hayday of the Wiemar Republic. 

Russia can of course get many of these products from China or Japan and is itself now undergoing a massive drive to localize production, an existing drive that has now gone into hyper-drive. 

The fact that Russian tourists make up 10-12% of the EU's tourist dollars and in countries like Spain and Greece up to 40%, will only insure that the pain is enough to break society into bloody chaos.

NATO, the American instrument of control over Europe, is also being strengthened again, through mass hysteria that American propaganda outlets are driving throughout Europe. NATO is mostly paid for by Americans for one reason: it allows the US to continue to hold a master like presence over its various European vassals, like the slave like Germans and belittled and morally crushed Italians. At the same time, the Americans are using their back door whores, Poland and the Baltics, to increase their presence on the Russian borders and thus pull Russia into the upcoming EU civil war.

At the same time, the US is positioning Poland to counter German control of the EU and ensure that the Germans will have absolutely no chance of regaining or reestablishing order. Thus they will make sure that the zone of chaos explodes out from Ireland to Japan, engulfing everyone, while they sit on their warm behinds in the far off lands and lick the blood off of their fingers.

Is everyone in Europe really that dumb and blind?

Monday, April 14, 2014

Thank You Fox News For Recognizing Our Claims

Here is a trick question for my dear readers: just how stupid is the "journalism" in America? And to be even more specific, just how butt ignorant is the entertainment network of Fox News?

A Fox News breaking story

Pro-Kremlin viral video portrays Ukraine invading Russia

purports to show a Russian propaganda video that

The unusually slick video, which has more than 500,000 YouTube views, appears to show exactly the opposite of what the world has witnessed in recent weeks. Instead of Russia invading Crimea and even sending troops into other regions of eastern Ukraine, the video portrays Ukraine invading Russia's western provinces.
Why thank you, Miss Genius Corbin for recognizing our claim to the Donbass, not that you have any idea in that air tunnel that passes for your head, of what I am speaking of.

The fact that 1. FOX entertainment "news" could not find a single Russian speaker to translate the video or 2. that they were to stupid and Geographically challenged to figure out that Donetsk, Kharkov, Lughansk that the video portrays as invaded by Ukrainian fascists (not that that could ever happen...never...) as the above mentioned Russian western provinces.

It makes you wander if this uranalist may be related to this other paradigm of geographically knowledge.

Since Fox News is the official brain organ of the Republican Party of America, we expect them to order their Ukrainian attack dogs off of our Russian provinces of the Donbass. And is there any wander why most Americans and so many Britians are brain washed and zombified into abject stupidity? Stupid enough to support their pencil necked geek into pushing them into a war with Russia. 

One only needs to read the comments that follow the article to figure out how hopeless lost and unsavable these people are. Of course any war with Russia, especially on Russian lands will make the losses the US suffered in WW2 seem rather small. You find Iraq's losses hard? Expect that on a daily basis, not a few dozen but a few thousand dead, every single day.

And you Europeans do not get off that easily either, since you are being first and foremost marched off as America's first wave of cannon fodder to die again by the hundreds of thousands so that American oligarchs like the Fords, the Bushes can make hundreds of billions of off your misery. Your leaders are sadistic quislings surrendering your lives and futures. And what does it say about the lot of you who sit around in your pathetic apathy and let it happen? You who are to lazy to stop the murder of your own children under Russian machineguns and tanks, by stopping your idiot leaders from once again selling your lives to their DC over lords?

Oh and if anyone wants to watch this 2 minute video, here it is:

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Why NATO is Afraid to Fight Russia

NATO may be good at blowing up wedding parties, but against Russians and Russian technology, they are in for a bloodbath they can not stomach. Sure, they feed the world BS about Russian backwardness but they know the truth and watching these videos, so will you:

And coming soon: