Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Beware the Power of the Russian Soldier, Part 2

Welcome back dear readers. Today I will tell you the story of two more epics of Russian arms, that the world has seen few of and as a warning to those peoples of West, least your deranged leaders decide to throw you and your children into the cold jaws of war with Russia.

This first tale takes place during the Russo-Japanese war of 1904-1905. Another war that the powers of the British from behind Russia and the Americans, from behind Japan, created.

During the dark days of 1904, where one defeat after another fell upon the Russian forces in Korea and Manchuria, the Japanese seem triumphant. Of course the Japanese were suffering such horrid losses for every victory that by 1905 they threw themselves at the feet of the Americans to force Russia to negotiate peace. What finally brought that peace was the French threatening to end investment loans to the booming Russian economy, if the Russian army did not end its counter attacks in 1905 and sue for peace.

But I digress.

So, here we are, Port Arthur has capitulated and the Japanese are throwing their forces to the north to push the Russian Manchurian army out. The Russian high command chooses General-Major Pavel Mischenko and his Cossack divisions to penetrate the Japanese left flank, circle around into deep Japanese territory and destroy the train nexus and lines at Inkoi.

General-Major Pavel Mischenko

For this, Mischenko took only volunteers. He forewarned  the volunteers that due to the type of mission, all wounded or sick soldiers would be left behind, on the retreat, to keep from slowing down the column. He was flooded with volunteers. Further, to his credit, though, Mischenko left no one behind for the Japanese, even though he was flooded by wounded men after the battles of the raid.

On the onset of the new year of 1905, he left with 7500 men and 22 cavalry artillery pieces and 4 machineguns.

On 27 December 1905, in 3 columns, Mischenko moved his forces deep into enemy territory. Chinese spying for the Japanese passed information on about the Russian movements. Several small battles erupted along the way, but did nothing to slow the Russian forces down.

Inkoi itself was a heavily fortified position on the Liaohe River, 135km behind Russian lines. Against the Cossack cavalry stood Japanese line infantry in entrenched positions.

The battle started with an artillery barrage by Mischenko, that then proceeded to catch much of the town of Inkoi on fire. These were the fires of New Years 1905. Colonel Haranov and 1500 Cossacks led the attack, the rest held in reserve.

Inkoi fortifications.

The Japanese, for their part, sat behind their entrenchments, their barbed wire and their trenches and cut the attacking Cossacks down. Three waves were cut down by artillery, machineguns and rifle fire, as they fought through obstacles and wire, to reach the enemy. The wounded were left on the field, the Japanese refusing to allow their evacuation.

Russian forces pushed the Japanese back and were able to destroy the rail line and the enemy stockpiles. The Cossacks did not take Inkoi, however, as a final assault had to be called off when news arrived of a very large Japanese column (5 infantry battalions) approaching the burning town.

During the retreat, in 3 columns, one of the columns, commanded by Colonel Teleshov, was surrounded by Japanese infantry in the town of Sinulechenzo. The 25th and 26th Donski brigades, distinguished themselves in battle, forcing the Japanese infantry to back out and open an escape route for the Cossacks. In all, 408 were killed, of which, very few bodies were left behind and none of the wounded were left to Japanese mercies, all having been evacuated. All this in the grips of heavy winter weather.

During the raid, several Japanese command positions were overran and destroyed. Small stockpiles between the start point and Inkoi were also destroyed. Additionally 600 wagons of provisions were destroyed, 600 Japanese soldiers were killed and 17 brought back as prisoners. Also, the Cossacks were able to cut the Japanese held rail line in several locations.

This raid scared the Japanese high command, forcing scarce forces back from the front lines, that the Japanese were unable to carry out their planned offensive on time.

Another source comes to us from a letter written by a French grenadier during the Crimean war, as the French, British and Turks besieged the city of Sevestople, the city of Heroes. This is the very city the lunatics at the US government thought to rip away from Russia and make it a NATO base. They even placed tenders on government sites (American) for renovation work on their upcoming new bases. Tsk tsk.

The letter is to Paris to a friend named Morris, found in the historical archival work of 1970: Young Guard, by U. Davidov.

"Our major tells us that by all theories of the science of war, it is well past time for them to capitulate. For each of their guns -- we have five, for each of their soldiers -- we have ten. And you should see their rifles! More than likely, our grandfathers who stormed the Bastille, had better rifles. They are out of shells. Each morning their women and children go out into the field between fortifications and gather bags of gravel. We have started to shoot at them. Yes! We shoot at women and children. Do not be surprised. Is not that gravel (as grapeshot round) that they gather not meant for us! But they do not leave. The women spit in our direction and the boys show their tongues.

They have nothing to eat. We see how they take a small piece of bread and divide it up amongst five. But from where do they take the strength to fight? For each of our attacks they answer with a counter attack and force us to retreat behind our fortifications. Do not laugh, Morris, at our soldiers. We are not cowards, but when a Russian has a bayonet in his hands...even to a tree I would advice to move out of his way. I, dear Morris, some times stop believing my major. It begins to seem to me, that this war will never end. Yesterday, before nightfall, we attacked for the fourth time that day and for the fourth time retreated.

Russian sailors (I did write to you, that they left their boats and now man the barricades) went chasing after us. In the lead ran a short stout fellow with a thin black mustache and an earring. He took down two of ours -- one with a bayonet, the other with the stock -- and he was aiming for a third one when a goodly portion of shrapnel blew straight into his face. The arm of the sailor flew off, blood flew in a fountain. He ran a few more steps and collapsed on our battlements. We pulled him in and bandaged him up as much as we could and put him in the bunker. He was still breathing. "If he does not die before morning, send him to the infirmary." said our corporal. "As for now, it is late, why bother with him?"

That night I suddenly awakened, as if someone kicked me in the back. It was pitch dark in the bunker, as if my eyes were ripped out. I lay there for a long time, without moving, and could not fall asleep. Suddenly, in the corner, I heard a shuffling. I light a match. And what do you think I found? The wounded Russian sailor had crawled up to a barrel of powder. In his one remaining arm he held flint and steel. Pale as a sheet, with clenched teeth, he was fully concentrated with one arm on lighting the powder. A little more and all of us, along with him, along with the whole bunker would have flown into the air. I jumped down, ripped out of his hand the flint and yelled out. Why did I yell? The danger was past. Believe me, Morris, for the first time in the span of this war, I felt fear. If a wounded, bleeding out sailor, who lost his arm, does not give up, but tries to blow up into the air himself and his enemies -- then we need to end this war. Fighting against such people is hopeless."

So I ask you Europeans, who ever two generations seem to have to learn the hard lesson: are you mad enough to sacrifice yet another one or two generations against us? Are you ready to dear European reader, so that American oligarchs and your bought and paid for politicians, who will surely run to America when our armies and your revolutions come, can get richer yet?

And you foolish and ignorant of reality Americans, are you ready for your first real war of attrition, like nothing short of your civil war? We are no Arabs or American Indians, we are truly the worst nightmare you can ever face and when your active army is destroyed, it is you and your children who will be drafted to die next.

Are you ready? We are.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Full Press to the End Game

The Obama end game has always been to blow up Europe into a regional war, just like he all but accomplished in the Middle East, where Islamic and sectarian Sunnie blitzkriegs are running Iraq into collapse.

However, in one way or the other Russia would not move into Ukraine, no matter the dire predictions and NATO's posturing. Russia would not move in. That of course does not mean that Russia is not helping the embattled people of Donbass, even as the rest of Novoirussia is occupied land with an occupation force disengaged from what shred of humanity it must have once had. US sponsored NAZI camps will do that to you.

As Russian volunteers have bolstered the defenders and stopped the Ukrainian army of blood thirsty misfits in their tracks, even though they are out gunned 10 to 1, Washington has gone fuming. Simply put, the Europeans are getting cold feet for more sanctions as they are already feeling the pain. German's machine and auto assembly sector is down over 10% just this first 1.5 quarters and London's investments are down some 20%. Imagine that, its all off of Russian money.

With Europe wavering, facing a serge in pro-Russian, anti-EU parties sweeping up votes and failing economies, Washington, whose own government flooded economy (40% of US GDP is government spending) has fallen into a recession. With 93 million adults out of work and 50 million people on food welfare cards, the US is in a bad bad way.

Add to this a full deleveraging of the dollar, with China-Russia, China-Japan, Iran-Japan/China/India, Russia-Iran trade now without dollars and even the French speaking out against using the dollar, America is looking at the spectrum of hyper inflation, civil war and general collapse.

So the Americans are past desperate to get a real good old European world war going. No one has been doing world wars since Napoleon (and that was the first real world war) like Europe. But how do you do it when neither Europe nor Russia wants to play by the Yankee tune. Well that is where the sock-puppet Parashenko comes in.

Luckily with idiots like Ukraine's rulers as your vassals, anything is possible. So here we go....

Two weeks ago, two Ukrainian fighter-bombers flew into Russian airspace, turned and used it to do a bombing run on Donbass forces engaging Uki boarder guards. Then several Ukrainian shells fell into Russia's Rostov oblast. That was still not enough. What to do? What to do?

Yesterday they upped the ante.

A Uki BPM blatantly drove over the border and into Russian territory. It ran into swampy land and got stock. Five Uki somethings (army? National Guard? Pravo Sektor? Mercs?) got out and attempted to run back. They were intercepted by Russian border guards who attempted to arrest them. So a second BPM drives over, lowers its main armaments and allowed the five fugitives to board. At that point it drove back to Ukraine. The boarder guards armed only with assault rifles could do no more.

The response was only to boost boarder guards and launch a full political complaint. Still not enough.

So this evening, a Ukrainian attack helicopter fully loaded for battle, raged into the Russian lands. It flew 1 km into Russia, over the village of Novaya Nadezhda (New Hope). There it had a date with a Russian surface to air and crashed into the village, setting several buildings on fire.

So its all stops out to get Russia shooting. Obama's minions must be sure that they will have jets waiting for them to get out of Kiev or that the Alliance will send in troops to protect them. Either way, this has gone to the very extreme and unless Europeans get off of their collective arses, it will be YOU dieing for the Yanks, not the Yanks, on the fields of Russia.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Lughansk, Another American Paid For Massacre

Lughansk, Another American Paid For Massacre

The Satanists in Washington and Brussels must be reveling in their orgasms at the videos and news that their monies are well spent.

The US pays, directly and through the IMF for Ukraine's Kieven Junta to continue exterminating people in the east of the country. Today was no exception.

A Uki Nazi stormovik launched a cluster munitions missile into the central city administrative building in Lughansk. This building is in the very center of the city and is always full of people walking by, enjoying the fountains. This author from personal experience can attest to just how peaceful the area was. The end results of this massacre was 7 dead and twice that number wounded. The missile exploded against the building, so that several offices were also destroyed, including the office of the Minister of Ecology.

Aiding the wounded was further hampered by the fact that about a third of the cluster munitions normally do not explode and are designed to implant themselves as a mine field.

The Junta of Washington owned genociders and war criminals declared in their state and oligarch owned media that this was all the doings of the Lughansk army. According to this warped logic, they launched a missile at the fighter-bomber and instead it went after the airconditioners' heat signature. This is of course absurd as the exhaust of a jet engine can not be compared to anything as mundane as an air conditioner coil or even a dozen. Further, anti-air shoulder fired missiles are small, it does not take much to knock out a jet if it impacts.

But Washington, a city of diabolic evil is backing this story or for the US slaves, just not reporting it. And of course we know that this strategy works as now 68% of the US population wants war with Russia. One only needs to troll through one of their forums, such as Free Republic or Democratic Underground to see the level of inbred stupidity and evil that is on display.

So below are very graphic videos that you will never see on the "free" press of the West, showing just the results of America's money "well" spent. Hope this keeps at least a few Americans up all night, contemplating the evil they vote for and support, through direct action or silence. Knowing what is happening and doing nothing about it, by the way, will damn you to the Hell you deserve for letting evil flourish while you keep your collective heads down.

Even in the afterlife, the likes of Obama and Kerry and McCaine will lord over you when they meet you in Hell. Think on that.

It is time for Russia to set up a no fly zone, shoot down the US paid for pilots. If NATO's pilots want to meet God in a hurry, they are welcome to come challenge it.

And on a side note: the first Israeli volunteers have arrived in Slovyansk to fight the American paid for thugs. Twenty former special forces soldiers. They say several hundred will soon follow. This is getting interesting.