Friday, September 28, 2012

Russian Liberals Are a Hoot

Russian Liberals Are a Hoot
Russian liberals love to constantly tell us that we must reform, that we must take on Western standards, that is, until those same said standards infringe on their drive to grab power, elections and will of the people be damned.
Case in point was the new sets of fines, still much smaller than in the West, against destructive and murderous demonstrations. How dare the authorities adopt Western and US specific laws against rock throwing and knife wielding demonstrators? That of the last riots, 11 of the 17 hurt were police, and mostly from stab wounds, that is, attempted murderer, is irrelevant to these "reformers" and freedom "lovers". As long as they have the freedom to do as they want and everyone else be damned, that is the freedom they push.
No different was the act of "protest" by Pussy Riot and their legion of Western sociopaths. The quotes from their Western backers are a riot all unto themselves. For example, during the NYC concerts held in their honour, and backed by such self righteous and often blind to Christian suffering groups as the Marxist leaning Amnesty International, Ellina Graypel, one of the performing singers "How could they put women in jail? They are not criminals, they are artists, just like me, who wanted to express themselves."
Well sweetheart, your country, the USA has some one million women in prison. They wanted to express themselves? Fine. Do it on public land, not in a Church, which is PRIVATE land belonging to the Orthodox Church. You have no more right to perform your act of protest there, without the owner's permission that in a store or some one's apartment.
Or this gem from Musician Frank London. "It looks like the Church is not separate from the State in Russia. The Church is using the State to impose its opinion shut up critics."
How so bright guy? Because they want trespassers who disrupted a Church service, desecrated Church property to be punished? You twits have every right to stand on the street cornor and voice your mindless babble, you do not have a right to use Soviet tactics (yes these were exactly out of the late SU's play book on destroying religion) to disrupt, oppress or push around worshippers, exercising their rights.
Your rights, you stupid twits, end at the border of my rights. We all stay within those borders and we all get along, otherwise there is a price to pay. But how can one blame them when the Moscow Times, itself had this to say on the subject, calling the act of vandalism and hooliganism "Performing an anti-Putin song in a Russian Church". As if these nice, upstanding girls were invited to perform or give their opinions.
Now we come to the NGO law. The rule, straight out of the US textbook, will require any NGO receiving foreign funding and participating in political activities to be registered for exactly what it is: a foreign agent, a term the US has used since prior to WW2. What, afraid the public will find out what your true sources of income are? As I pointed out in this article: (ARTICLE), several years back, most of the major NGOs are US funded and are leading the subversive actions, from civil society to the military. Again, this is no different from what America's elites did to us in the 1910s, leading up to the Marxist revolution and their 70 year rape of Russia.
What does this law require? Truth in advertising, that is what. The NGOs will be forced to display a label on their publications, including web based pubs, that they are a foreign agent, as well as publish a bi-annual report of their finances and activities. Oh, God forbid, transparency, that term the West so loves, until it comes to shining a light on their actions and that of their hired guns and quislings.

Friday, September 21, 2012

USAID It Was Good Knowing You

USAID It Was Good Knowing You

Off they go, USAid, nice knowing you, one of the fronts of the US Communist Democracy International (DemInt), a Trotskyte front, just as evil as its original ComInt forbearer. It is true that many non-political organizations will be hurt by this departure, that is an absolute. However that is the point that helped to keep and to cover the more insidious actions of USAid and other such US organization such as Freedom House or the National Endowment for Democracy. Half its $52 million budget, in Russia, went to such organizations as advocates for the disabled, fights against HIV or for Transparency International. All noble causes.

However, and this is a huge, huge HOWEVER, $22 million went to Golas (the US paid for "anti-corruption" organization, the likes of which are used around the world to help topple non-US vassal regimes and replace them with puppets, whores and imbeciles who than proceed to bankrupt their societies, give up their resources and rule with the iron fist that they supposedly were against), Moscow Helsinki Group, Memorial, Siberian Civic Initiatives Support Center and others.
Again, though, looking at other nations where this organization and other insidious US backed NGOs have operated and brought about the DemInt agenda, what help they did provide to legitimate causes was wiped aside by the regimes of hatred, war and national rape that were brought into power. The list is long and the body count high. From the early roots of toppling de Guile in France, in 1974, to the more recent actions, such as Bosnia, Kosovo (Serbia), Russian Chechnya, Makedonia, Armenia, Lebanon, Israel (PA regions with Hamas), Ukraine, Georgia, Egypt, Libya, Kenya, Tunisia, Yemen, and now Syria, with a half dozen other nations in the US cross-hairs.

As for whom US NGOs are sponsoring, please review my previous article on the subject: NGOs: Agents of US Empire

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Blowback of America's Blind Ideology of Democracy

The Blowback of America's Blind Ideology of Democracy

As you my dear readers know, I view republicanism and democracy in low esteem, being a constitutional monarchist. Most of all, as I stated in previous articles, Democracy as an ideology is as much a failure for the ills of this world as Communism. America's blind, ideological adherence to it, has wrought havoc on the world, brought us to the brink of disaster in recent years, and has harmed her in blow back after blow back.

Unfortunately, her politicians fail to ever learn and the people equally fail to wake up. The recent wave of embassy attacks and the murders of Ambassador  J. Christopher Stevens only further demonstrates and underscores this.

America's politicos, many of themselves children of Marx, either through the Stalinist vein (democrats) or the rulers of the Republicans, the Neocons, through their Trotskyte vein, fully believe in the Marxist fallacy of the linear march of history, where humanity and culture can only move in one direction, towards the bright, Godless utopia on Earth. This I covered in my article Of Monarchy, Democracy and the Lie of Linear History and in Of Monarchy and Democracy: Or the Goddess that Wasn't.

The past several years, under the Obama regime, has seen the full flowering of this lunacy, in what has been called, in a genius of marketing: The Arab Spring. It was sold, to the ever gullible, ignorant and brain washed unwashed masses of the West, as the final collapse of evil tyrannical regimes and the coming of the Golden Age of Democracy and Human harmony in all the world and that from these Arabian lands, the waves would march over all the world and bring forth the great world wide Communist Democratic revolution.

Instead, we now have, what many cynics are calling, the Arab Winter, where one US/EU armed and US/EU funded Al Quida or Muslim Brotherhood regime has taken power after another. Of course, all such regimes have taken power democratically, no differently than the Musallines, Hitlers, Stalins (yes he too was elected Secretary of the Soviet Union), and other such despotic regimes. This is no different than the fact that the sooner or later despotic regime that will rule America and the UK will equally be or already has been, freely elected.

But than again, if one is an astute student of history, one knows that all republics and democracies always end this way, with their final tyrants and murderers freely assuming power on the shoulders of the masses, the very masses that they will soon beat down and slaughter into serfdom.

The effects of the over throw of the secular rulers of Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, the removal, democratically, of the secular rulers of Turkey and now the war on the secular rulers of Syria, has already unleashed secondary wars and jihads throughout the region, fueled by renewed Sunnie Islamic fervor like never before. From the continuing civil wars in Libya, to wars in northern Mali, where Jihadists from Libya have flown in, to the Islamic Jihad against the Christian majority in Kenya or the renewed Sunnie mob murders in northern Nigeria, the spill over has just begun. Than there is the greater chance if not the absolute certainly of the upcoming great regional war with Turkey, as I have written about in: Events Flow and Prophesy Will Not Be Denied.

I have written about this for years, and have as many other such Cassandras, been ignored by the blissfully ignorant masses, believing in the fairy tales their masters mouth pieces spin for them. However, now that the Communist Democracy International has struck in all its glory and the instant effect has bee the catastrophe that had to be, it is becoming ever more difficult to ignore reality.

It is telling that the death of the ambassador was self made, after all, if he had not played a leading role in the unleashing of Islamic Jihadist forces in stable and prosperous Libya, he would still be enjoying the sun light on his face. It is equally telling that the West, on all its channels of propaganda: CNN, MSNBC, FOX, BBC, SKY NEWS, Euronews and so on, are quickly spinning the fairy tale that this was all because of a badly made clip on youtube criticizing Islam. The insanity of this deserves the laugh of a cynic, though the masses continue to eat it up.

Will the post Christian, mindless and soulless masses of the West ever wake up to the reality of their masters? I fear not.

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Friday, September 7, 2012

Mercantilism and the Case of the Russian Automotive Industry

Mercantilism and the Case of the Russian Automotive Industry
The year was 1999 and the Russian automotive industry was in its final death throws, or so it seemed. No new plants had been built in 10 years and the existing ones were rotting before our eyes. Used imports, many with right side wheels and of questionable quality and safety, were flooding in. It was at this point that President Putin, on his first term, convinced the Duma to pass a 25% import tariff.
The gurus of capitalism, the IMF (International Monetary Fund but better known as the International Mafia Front, tasked with destroying one economy of another, with its "advice" and "strategy") declared that this would be it, the final, final stake, driven into the vampire of Russia. Well, not so fast. Not only was this not a stake, but the "vampire" that is us, has come back to life and is enjoying the sun and garlic.
From 1999 to the present, a dozen automakers have set up shop in Russia, many with multiple plants and the trend has not stopped. Russia has become the fourth largest and most important auto market in the world and Russian assembled cars, both of Russian and Foreign makes, are exported to surrounding countries. These plants range from just assembling the body and motor, such as in Mitsubishi, to assembly and purchase of all Russian made parts, such as VolksWagen. BMW's production plant has even been rated as higher quality than its plants in homeland Germany.
The Great Shock of 2007-8, which saw the bankruptcy of GM, Chrysler and Saab, saw Russia raise its tariff to 35% on imports. The motor industry again adjusted and again upwards. Credit is given to pro-industry business policies, low taxes and very high barriers to entry for competitors with finished products. The first half of 2012 saw sales increase of 15% over same period 2011, with a total of 1.1 million cars being sold. This is at the same time that Europe, the US and China are screeching to a halt. A gradual increase of minimal domestic parts usage, has also spurred growth of secondary industries.
And the expansion is not stopping. Ford, who opened their first plant in 2002 and started their second as a co-venture in 2011 is waiting for approval from the government to open their 3rd plant, with a planned investment of $150 million. Renault has increased production at its AutoFramo plant by 17% to 180,000 vehicles. Mitsubishi will start full production of its new Outlander, in its new Kaluga (Russia's motor city) plant in November 2012 and plants on producing the Pajero Sport in 2013.  VW will bring production of Audis, also in Kaluga, in 2013.
Even ancillary industries are growing, such as France's Michelin, who has invested heavily, to a tune of $44M in Davydov to increase the volume and range of its tyre production, as well as construction of a new distribution plant.
By this point, my more astute readers will be itching to point out the fact that Russia is entering the WTO and is facing a sharp decrease in tariffs. To that I say, correct. However, the Duma passed a surcharge for imports to cover "decommissioning" of the vehicles, a scrap tariff. When a car is brought in for personal usage, depending on motor size (1-3.5 liters), the charge is between 2,000 rubles 3,000 rubles. However, when a car is brought in for business use, to include sale in a dealership, the charges go from 17,200 rubles for a 1 ltr engine to 110,000 for a 3.5 ltr engine. Used cars range from 106,000 to 700,000.
Sure the open borders, free traders are screaming mad, but honestly who cares? Mercantilism is roaring its "ugly" head in Russia and Russians are now working, earning good salaries and paying taxes. How "ugly" is that?