Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Six Evils of Wall Street and the Suffering of Humanity

Few organizations have brought about as much evil in such a short period of time as the American institution of Wall Street. Through truly unbridled greed and the absolute abandonment of anything that would pass for Judeo-Christian morals, Wall Street and its investment houses have brought about catastrophes and sponsored the worst despots that have ever walked the earth.

Most people are aware that Wall Street played a direct role in the Great Depression, the second great evil. Prior to this, Wall Street had sponsored several small wars and invasions of various Latin American and other nations, bleeding the American people and treasure to back up the foreign concerns of wealthy tycoons, but the Great Depression was the second truly massive and far reaching evil. The first great evil of Wall Street, something most Americans would be shocked to discover, was the Wall Street funding of the Bolshevik (Communist) Revolution of Russia and the backing of the Bolsheviks through the Russian Civil War.

The Bolshevik Revolution

Prior to WW1, Wall Street was dominated by two massive conglomerates and monopolies: Rockefeller Enterprise (Standard Oil), which also held allied steels, copper, smelter and tobacco trusts and the Morgan grouping which controlled such companies as US Steel Corporation, hundreds of small industrial trusts, United States Trust Company, Hanover National Bank and the insurance giant Equitable Life and Mutual of New York. Between the two groupings, they had their fingers in all aspects of America's economy and were very apt to reach as far out as they could.

In 1912, Wall Street fomented and supported a revolution in China by Sun Yat-sen and his syndicate. Though the revolution failed and brought dubious benefits at best, to its banker backers, it did set the stage for future Wall Street world wide interventionism. Documentation of this adventure are held in the Laurence Boothe Papers at the Hoover Institution. In 1913 they formated revolution in Panama, to support their business interests, specifically to capture the control of the Panama Canal from the Columbian government who at that point owned Panama and the Canal.

The success only whetted their appetite for much bigger schemes and none was as big as the over throw of the world's largest contingent empire and her nationalist Tsar who refused to allow the Rodina's wealth to be exploited and pillaged by foreigners. Furthermore, Russia represented the biggest competitive power to growing American influence in the world.

Morgan group, through the National City Bank and represented by the US ambassador to Russia, Rolph Marsh Francis and the Swedish Banker (later to be known as the Bolshevik Banker or Bankier der Weltrevolution) Olof Aschberg, were in on the ground floor of the Bolshevik Revolution, arriving first in Petrograd (Petersburg) in 1916 and making pretensions to aid the Tsar in his war with the German led Axis powers.

The first evidence of their hand in the Bolshevik Revolution comes from in the post Abdication Kerensky government, prior to the actual start of the Russian Civil War. It comes from Colonel B.V. Nikitine, head of counter intelligence.

In the early 1920s, with the embers of the Civil War dieing out in southern Russia and eastern Siberia, the White forces destroyed and or exiled by the Reds, the first Soviet international bank, Ruskombank, was formed with Olof as its head and with heavy US and British investment.

Even before this, back in the early 1917s, Trotsky had returned from his exile in NYC with tens of millions of dollars in guaranteed Wall Street loans to the revolutionary government, far suppressing the small sum given by the Kaiser to start a revolution (but not for the Soviets to win) and get Russia out of WW1.

But why put so much money behind the Soviets? Simple, Wall Street saw a great profit margin in 1. exploitation of one of the biggest markets in the world, 2. exploitation of one of the world's largest deposits of natural resources and 3. the removal of an up and coming economic competitor. That unlike Tsarist Russia, Wall Street was not hampered by any form of Christian morality, made this just that much easier. That this may lead to a government of truly titanic repression also mattered little. Profit was the only driving factor for the Wall Street, and to a smaller degree London, uber elites.

The burgeoning gulag system is attributed, in modern America by Neoconservative (read Trotskyte) historians to Stalinist Marxism not to Leninist-Trotskyte Marxism. This is of course a lie and even as American money flooded into the Leninist Soviet Union of the 1920s and hundreds of thousands were being massacred, men like Ivy Lee, who represented the Rockefellers, were busy selling the virtues of the Soviet state to gullible Americans.

So to sum it up: in order to exploit money and resources, Wall Street financed one of the most evil regimes in human history and is thus also responsible for the mass murder (including of many Americans) that was perpetrated by the Soviets. It is thus also directly responsible for the Cold War that followed and the trillions spent on defense rather than on other opportunities. Thus it was Wall Streets initial greed that helped create the giant socialist state that has made serfs of Americans, even though most Americans are now to dumbed down to know this.

The Great Depression

Everyone is familiar to some degree with this event, an event sponsored and thus created by Wall Street's easy money, mass credit and uncontrolled hedging (yes there was movement against naked short sellers than too). The orgy of the good times did end and when it did collapse of the false credit and out right lies did not stop at the US borders but plunged the whole world into darkness, poverty, suffering and war. How many died as a direct result of this and prior to World War 2, will never be known but it is safe to say in the tens of millions, world wide.

Wall Street's speculative bubble was exploded by cheap money from the Federal Reserve, false reports and documentation from companies (sound familiar? America never learns and the world pays) and massive credit debt, much of it to buy more stocks, so in truth a series of bubbles that all exploded at once.

One of the main reasons, of course that people were investing so heavily was to get rich, but another that is rarely talked about is the stagnated wages for the working class throughout the 1920s. This equally fueled the credit bubble created by the original easy money loans. The situation reached such a point that stocks themselves were used as collateral for even more credit to buy more stocks. Wall Street actively fueled this by spreading the view of invincibility and being to big to fail, in other words, an end to the business cycle and perpetual prosperity. This coincidently is the balm of all US business cycles, the lack of any knowledge of the past and the belief in silly faerie tales.

The consequences were at first a massive run worldwide on US gold deposits, resulting in high interest rates, deficit spending and an economic crash that spread world wide. Following this were mass bank failures. Of the 25,500 banks in operation in 1929 more than 10,000 were gone by 1933, taking the fortunes of millions of people world wide with them.

Financing of Hitler and the Nazis

For the moraless and Christless bankers of Wall Street, financing the Soviets and the financial gains, only spurred them on to bigger and better. From Stalinist Marxism they moved over in the early 1930s to Leninist-Trotskyte Marxism in Germany, financing the rise of Hitler and his Nazis.

Wall Street's love affair with corrupt business and parties in German and the exploitation of that nation goes back much earlier than the 1933 rise of Hitler to power. Indeed, with the ouster of the Kaiser post 1917 and thus the nationalistic and protective elements of German society and the than after bankruptcy of the Weiner Republic, Germany was a plum for picking by Wall Street which quickly got in bed with the German cartels.

The very same bankers and business cartels of Wall Street, who made possible the rise of the Soviets, the credit bubble turned Great Depression, helped make Stalin Lite aka FDR into the defecto king of America, were now busy reaping their next giant windfall with the Nazis. Nazi power was to prove a massive boom for Wall Street.

First they built up the Nazi powers, loaning them money, giving them avenues to spew their bile both in Germany and in the US and UK to a smaller extent. They built up the German factories and made huge fortunes off of Hitler's rearming of the German military. They of course made an even bigger fortune financing the build up of the American and British war machines and continued to reap benefits even as the young men of both sides butchered each other and distant ideologies screamed for control.

If WW1 can be called the War of the Kings, as most powers were nationalistic patriarchal/hereditary regimes, than the post 1917 era, through the present is the Time of the Bankers and WW2 was the War of the Bankers Making...giant Christmas bonuses for all involved.

Much of Wall Street's direct connections with Hitler's regime continued throughout the war, running through Swedish and Swiss intermediaries. Many people know that Henry Ford's factories continued to build panzers to blow up American Ford tanks and were not bombed until 1945 and dividends to German shareholders till 1944. In 1946 the US government paid Ford damages. Fewer know that Prescott Bush actively money laundered for Hitler through 1943 and in the 1930s was accused by the US ambassador to Germany in a coup plot against FDR.

Fewer know of the Hess bank funds and the money transferred into them by such Wall Street names as Ford, General Electric (through their German subsidiary GGE) and the Rockefeller Chase Bank. Chase's French offices did everything they could to collaborate with the Nazis and for this were rewarded with a very special position and esteem from the Nazi leadership.

Further major Wall Street players such as Standard Oil created the Nazi capability to first covert coal into oil and second gave them tetroethil and the production capabilities in order to raise the octane of their power quality gasoline for the German Luftwaffe. ITT was also in bed with the Nazis, building much of their electronic needs and even several aircraft factories to keep the Luftwaffe flying.

Even after WW2 was over, Wall Street bankers and tycoons sought to defend and cover their "former" Nazi business partners against prosecution, thus shielding a critical portion of the German society/government from effective deNazification. The Control Council was in the hands of General Draper, who also happened to be a Wall Street banker and who put representatives of US companies who were in direct connection to Hitler's rise, on the council.

Of course this was never limited to just the Germans but to all fascist governments, of which the majority in Europe were, and more specifically to America's enemies:

John P. Diggins, in Mussolini and Fascism: The View from America,

"Of all American business leaders, the one who most vigorously patronized the cause of Fascism was Thomas W. Lamont. Head of the powerful J.P. Morgan banking network, Lamont served as something of a business consultant for the government of Fascist Italy."

Lamont secured a $100 million loan for Mussolini in 1926.

The Creation of the Chinese Super State

Wall Street has almost single handedly turned around history of the past 500 years and has returned China to the status of the world's most powerful nation, all the while maintaining a Trotskyte Marxist regime (which evolved from the original Stalinist-Moast regime) in power. Never has there been such a gigantic build up of economic might in a nation that cares so little for human life. That eventually wars will follow and rivers of blood will once more be spilled is beyond any and all doubts.

Wall Street backed the Communist Chinese in formerly for a very long time, sacrificing the nationalist Chinese in the process.

The Rape of Russia

The Rape of Russia has been described as the greatest looting of all history. Wall Street took its revenge for Stalin cutting it out from the Leninist exploitation of Russia, post Lenin's death. It took Wall Street 60 years but they got their revenge...of course they helped keep the Soviets going for decades after WW2, it was good for business. For some small payments to keep the Soviets in the game, Wall Street earned hundreds of billions in supplying weapons to fight a war that would never be fought.

But once it was time to pillage, it was time to pillage and nothing would stand in the way of the big banks getting their hands on some $500 billion in Russian assets, definitely not the Russian parliament. On the orders of DC/NYC, the alcoholic embarrassments Yeltsin opened fire with tanks on the very parliament that 2 years earlier, in 1991, had helped him over throw the Soviets.

Any thing that was there was stolen, nailed down or not. Even loans financed by the US taxpayers were quickly returned to US banks for laundering, after the proper share was paid to corrupt Russian officials of the Yeltsin era.

The Present Credit Crunch or Great Depression Dva (II)

Well, almost 79 years later (not even the once in a 100 years as been postulated) we are at it again, with almost the exact same preconditions crushing the US banking industry and the world with it.

Between liar loans, derivative trading, hedge funds and various other mechanizations, often to complex even for the fast money gurus to fully understand, this little gift of Wall Streets has already brought recession to Europe and threatens the same and worse for most of the rest of the world. The only saving grace is that what comes on America may be so bad and so disastrous that it will finally break the cabal of Godless bankers, servicing Satan with their greed....or maybe not.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Embargo Russia? America Had Best Get A Clue

The new mantra of the ruling American elites, of the heads of the two branches (Republican & Democrat) of the One Party Police State is to embargo Russia as punishment for Georgia's war of aggression and extermination upon the Ossetian people.

Yes, dear reader, this makes about as much sense as cutting off one's nose to spite one's face. Not only is America, yet again and again, taking the side of mass murderers (I could write a very long article listing all the sociopaths that the US has backed in the past 50 years), but it is willing to damage its own critically ill economy to make symbolic gestures at Russia. Why?

An intelligent person would consider that maybe there is some deeper plan, some darker conspiracy going on, but no, there is none of either. What Russia is facing is pure American stupidity and vindictiveness, driven to such a degree, that it no longer recognizes when the real damage will be to its own people and its own interest, or for that matter really cares.

The modern America has no substance, only show. Glitz and mindless action is much more important than contemplation and planned movement or even the weighing of resources. Simply put, if Russia wants to understand America, think like a Caucasian (note: not a white person as most American readers will think I'm referring to, but a person from the Caucasus). In other words: all emotion, no brains.

As such, what will the results of this be?

For Russia, there will be a loss of business, sure, but it is a minor loss, as the US still employs the Jackson-Venik Act to block most Russian imports into the US. However those that do come through, tend to be the most critical varieties.

By 2007 statistics, America is only 4.8% of the Russian export market of $365 billion dollars, of which most is petro products and Americans love paying more for their gas. This comes out to a bit more than $17 Billion. Now, Russia will of course retaliate with its own embargo in this new US trade war, which will cost $9.4 billion or so to America. The key difference here is: most of what Russia exports to the US is oil/petro products, Russian finished goods are minimal to America, again under the Jackson-Vanik Act. These petro products have a huge world wide market and are assured to sell instantly.

The US, however, exports finished goods and the only sector of the US economy, besides government of course, that has not suffered from the US recession, has been export manufacturing.

Lets be more specific. The US imports from Russia:
Oil & other petroleum products …US$10 billion
Aluminum … $1.8 billion
Semi-finished iron & steel products … $1.5 billion
Nuclear fuels … $866.3 million
Finished metal products other than steel … $852.9 million
Precious metals … $697.6 million
Nickel … $645.3 million
Steelmaking materials … $635.6 million
Fertilizers, pesticides & insecticides … $395 million
Fish & shellfish … $375.3 million
Military aircraft & parts … US$10.4 million
Railway transportation equipment … $50.3 million
Civilian aircraft parts … $42.4 million
Generators, transformers & accessories … $8 million

So, from a US import ban on Russian products, who will be directly affected? First and foremost, US drivers and consumers of petro products, such as the heating oil this year in the NE...but they enjoy being cold and broke and deserve it for living in the cold...or so many of the pundits defending this stupidity will say. The airline companies should really love this, especially when they have to pay more for parts to.

Next will suffer US manufacturing, export manufacturing to be exact, with a loss of $5.4 BILLION in high quality, cheap priced imports of metal and metal products. That should hit them right in the nads. But don't worry, Europe will more than happily suck up that additional capacity and further out compete the US.

Next will be the American drive for nuclear power and additional electrical capacity, or where did all those American earth lovers think their power for their future electric cars was going to come from? That'll be a loss of a combined: $874 million.

Than there's the US farmers, who are loosing their farms at the fastest rate in the past 70 years. They will be happy to hear that their cost of fertilizer will go up quite a bit, as the Chinese or Europeans will happily buy up the extra capacity created by the US embargo of $400 million.

On top of this, what is not mentioned is:
1. the loss of Russian transport planes to fly US/NATO troops, equipment and supplies to Afghanistan.
2. the loss of Russian sea transports that carry more than half of the US military equipment world wide...that's right, the US would have had a hell of a time even getting to Iraq without Russian companies...no one ever thought that through, right?
3. the US nuclear industry has already lost the ability to partner with Russia and will instead have to compete against Russia on the world market for nuclear power generators. Allow me to make this more clear: the last generator Russia built was last year, the last one America built was 25 YEAR AGO. Whom will consumers trust?
4. US commercial satellites will now cost almost double as much to send to orbit, riding on the EU rockets, instead of Russian rockets.
5. US cosmonauts will continue flying the space shuttle with it's now 1 in 12 chance of exploding, rather than on Russian rockets. What dear reader do you think will happen to the US space program if/when another one or two shuttles explode? Furthermore, the more and more expensive shuttles (maintenance on old equipment is a upward curve)
6. the US satellites will no longer get Russian ion engines and thus NASA's bills for engines will more than double in price.

These are just the economic costs, there will be plenty of political costs, such as everything to do with the war on terror.

Now lets us see what US suppliers to Russia will loose. Note, the lack of goods from the US will not hurt Russia, as there are hundreds of European and Japanese suppliers biting at the bit to suck up US market share, what little there is.

Meat incl. poultry … US$636.7 million (poultry has already fallen victim)
Passenger cars … $399.3 million
Civilian aircraft … $384.3 million
Oil field drilling equipment … $319.6 million
Excavating machinery … $170.7 million
Computer accessories … $155.1 million
Agricultural machinery … $148.1 million
Service industry machinery … $125.2 million
Trucks, buses & special purpose vehicles … $117 million
Materials handling equipment … $98.6 million
Iron & steel products … US$2.9 million
Railway transportation equipment … $18.7 million
Engines & parts … $70.1 million
Coal … $3.8 million
Synthetic rubber … $3 million

So, first off, the struggling US auto industry is set to loose a further $490 million in exports. But since they will be getting bailed out for $50 billion in US taxpayer monies, they can just add this right on top of it.

Airbus will also be kind to thank America for giving them an extra $340 million in business. As a matter of fact all US provided goods are absolutely substitutable for European goods, with the loan exception of possibly coal, but Abkhazia has large coal deposits and will be more than happy to export to Russia.

Furthermore, Europe has flatly showed the blind fools in DC that they will not follow America into idiocy, with the as always exception of the Anglo Lapdogs in London. There's a nice doggy, there's a nice doggy...now bark at the bad Russians on command...good neutered English pup.

But beyond all this is even a greater issue for America. It would seem that Russia is the 8th largest financier of America. That's right, America is now threatening its own financiers, a begger with pride is a hungry begger.

As such, the Russian government, never mind the billions extra held by Russian companies, holds $65 Billion in US government debt. The most obvious thing that the Russian government should than do is liquidate this debt. If nothing else, a fire sale of this proportion will have a major down ward pressure on all other US debt, costing the US far more than those $65 billion and throwing into doubt their ability to finance further without seriously raising interest rates and thus squeezing their serfs even more. Do you understand that US taxpayers? Your government is about to make your difficult lives much worse, and by the time you grow up to be adults and realize this, it will be to late.

The final card in the Russian economic arsenal, is of course the most devastating. This card can fully damage the entire US financial sector right from critically injured to mortally. Russia, as the world's 2nd largest oil exporter and the world's largest gas exporter, can refuse the US dollar, outright.

This will have the effect of removing the only reason why the US dollar is a reserve currency: to buy and sell petro products. All those European, Japanese, Chinese and other customers will no longer need the dollar, thus will sell it. This will have a sharp impact on dollar demand and with all those dollars flooding back into America, will drive inflation well past the US government's ability to lie about it. With Iran already refusing, the 3rd largest, the renewed US inflation caused by the explosion in inflation will have the same effect upon any nation whose currency is linked to the USD.

Of all such currency Saudi Arabia's is the key. Already SA is facing almost a 30% inflation and the serfs are angry as the cost of imported rice, a main dietary staple, has more than doubled. What will happen if inflation really accelerates? Either Riyadh will leave the dollar or face revolution. Either way, the dollar will loose its final anchor and its status as reserve currency. With this blow will go what is left of America's economy and empire.

So, when US politicians are mouthing off and taking trade war steps, maybe they had best stop, for once in their lives, and actually do the math as to whom will be the real loser.

Note: sums by category were quoted from: Top Russian Exports & Imports

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Afghanistan the Lost

To say that the regimes running the Axis of Hypocrisy (US/UK) are fools is to insult and undermine the credibility of fools. To say they are blind, ignorant and high on their own self worth, is closer to reality.

In one more brilliant move, the Axis has doomed some 60,000 NATO troops to go the way of the first British Expeditionary Force to Afghanistan....in short, to extermination. Afghanistan is a land locked country and there are only two routes to reach it, the direct southern route, through Pakistan and the air route through Russia and Central Asia. One is now closed and the second is in jeopardy.

Pakistan, when it agreed upon US supply, was under Masherof, a dictator but a US ally. Through ideological stupidity of the Trotskyte Neocons (remarkably similar to Soviet stupidity while under the Leninist-Trotskytes itself) the US has pushed for "democracy" in Pakistan. The results have been the eviction of the Masherof and the replacement with a pseudo coalition that has one thing in common between all parties: a hatred of the US. This new government has been waiting for any excuse to cut the route through the Khyber Pass.

The US, in the grand fashion of the past 17 years, provided one in short order. US forces, chasing Taliban fighters, crossed the border and attacked a village in Pakistan. Civilian casualties, though the number are disputed between 20 and 0 (zero being the US number), were inflicted. But even if there were no civilians killed, Pakistan has been invaded. True, this is not the first time, but in previous times Masherof, the US ally, ignored these raids. In truth these continued raids helped lead to his ouster. Not caring about the niceties of diplomacy, the Axis Regimes, marched on and attacked.

As of yesterday, Pakistan has cut off the border. That's right, no more supplies and heavy equipment through the south. If the US/UK are lucky, Pakistan will not (with China's aid) start to actively arm the Taliban past their light weapons.

Now comes the other route: Russia and Central Asia. When Russia opened up the area to US use for Afghanistan, the US immediately started to try and push regime change and permanently rip away Central Asia from Russia. These for the most part failed and the US lost a key airbase (Uzbekistan) and had to more than double the payments on a smaller one (Kyrgyzstan and that was a revolution that succeeded). After that the Regimes of Fools, backed off.

Recently they even concluded a deal for heavy Russian transports to move US/NATO equipment to and from Afghanistan. That dead along with that entire route, is now in danger of closure, all thanks to the mindlessness of Bush, Cheney and Brown (sounds like a bad law firm) and their support of the mass murderer Saakashvili, Eater of Ties, Killer of Babies.

Cheney's little trip around the region, last week, all but declared war on Russia and was greeted as just that. Not only will America now not have a ride for US astronauts to space but also for US equipment to Afghanistan.

If I were any of the non US/UK NATO members with troops in Afghanistan, I would be seriously contemplating a fast negotiations with Russia to extradite my forces out of their before the Axis of Hypocrisy (US/UK) screws things up any worse and thus condemns those soldiers to follow the path of the British Imperial Army in Afghanistan...a path to legend and extermination.

Friday, September 5, 2008

The American Zhirinovsky: John McCain

Like all nations, with multiple parties and opinions, characters in politics emerge who both entertain us and make us scared. The sincerely entertaining American ones are the likes of Al Sharpton and Jimmy Carter. Both men are made funnier by their true faith in their own righteous ways, when to all around they look like nothing but clowns. Russia's version is the former chess champ and receiver of much US monies, Kasparov. He rather takes himself very seriously but like his American counter parts, no one else does.

Than there are those who should scare us. The antics of Vladimir Zhirinovsky come to mind. The man is power mad, brutish in temper, crude in manner and ever ready to scream, threat, curse or even fist fight with fellow parliamentarians. Of course the Americans have a similar man to Vladimir, one named John, that is, John McCain.

The difference of course is that no serious person in their right mind, in Russia, would ever place Zhirinovsky in charge of the country, but half the American electorate is getting ready to do just that in America.

In one famous incident reported in a biographical work of McCain, The Real McCain, brings to light what kind of man may soon run the United States:

Three reporters from Arizona, on the condition of anonymity, also let me in on another incident involving McCain’s intemperateness. In his 1992 Senate bid, McCain was joined on the campaign trail by his wife, Cindy, as well as campaign aide Doug Cole and consultant Wes Gullett. At one point, Cindy playfully twirled McCain’s hair and said, “You’re getting a little thin up there.” McCain’s face reddened, and he responded, “At least I don’t plaster on the makeup like a trollop, you cunt.” McCain’s excuse was that it had been a long day. If elected president of the United States, McCain would have many long days.

One Republican insider told Sky News: "Everyone in Washington's political circles has a McCain story - a moment when they have suddenly witnessed him losing it for a few seconds. He flies off the handle without warning."

A former Senator Bob Smith, from the Republican Party of the state of New Hampshire, opined that McCain's rage quotient "would place this country at risk in international affairs, and the world perhaps in danger."

Another American Senator from the Republicans, who has known McCain for almost thirty years, Thad Cochran, was quoted in January 2008 as saying: "The thought of his [McCain] being President sends a cold chill down my spine. He is erratic. He is hotheaded. He loses his temper and that worries me."

So this what Russian negotiators and politicians should be prepared to deal with: a man who can explode and make rash decisions in anger. One of two things will happen in this case: either he will be obeyed and Christ help all of us or those around him will "handle" him and he will be nothing more than a figure head. In this case, Russia will more than likely be dealing with the likes of Lieberman as the brains in the outfit.

Just like Russia's Zhirinovsky and his visions of 18th century alliances intermixed with flights of fantasy, which is to pass for foreign policy, the American would be leader, who can not distinguish between Shiites and Sunnies and acknowledge the fact that Czechoslovakia split up, dreams of a vast Axis of Democracies, where Democracies (read Western Socialist pseudo Police States of the Orwellian flavor) will lead wars of banishment against the rest. Of course, considering that John McCain s a Trotskyte Marxist of the Neoconservative Anglo-American flavor, these delusions of world revolutions and world wars of "liberation" should not be shocking to anyone.

What of course is shocking is that Americans have gone so far as to not only lose their minds but to spit on the bones of their own founding fathers, by possibly bringing someone like this to power. Do not take this as an endorsement of McCain's opponent, another leftist and Marxist of McCain's caliber and a closet Islamic. (If he is no longer a Muslim than why is there no Fatwa on his head?)

The truly shocking fact is that the West, and America in particular, have degenerated to such as state that the choice between these Marxists is now considered a deep, moving and powerful election.

One should feel pity for America and its people but a pity guarded by a strong military as soon the bubbler in the White House will be replaced by either a Marxist Crusader (Obama) or a Marxist Berserker (McCain). While neither is an appetizing prospect, the berserker, on a day to day basis is the much more dangerous character.

But maybe in the end it's not simply rage of senility? After all, a candidate who voted for every war for the past 20 years, one of the only Republicans who was willing to give Clinton the nod to invade Yugoslavia with ground troops, who even recently sang "Bomb Bomb Iran" during a campaign town meeting, was able to turn around and with his blank stare tell Russia that in the 21st century, nations do not invade other nations.

A final quote, from a retired American military man, should leave everyone disturbed by what the future may shortly bring for humanity. A retired US Army colonel and former top aide for former Secretary of State Colin Powell described McCain as: No dissent, no opinion to the contrary, however reasonable, will be entertained [with McCain]. Hardheaded is another way to say it. Arrogant is another way to say it. Hubristic is another way to say it. Too proud for his own good is another way to say it. It's a quality about him that disturbs me."

This is either senility or a pure psychosis. Either way it does not bode well for world peace or America's future.