Saturday, January 31, 2009

The News is All Grim From England: Their Response? Hate Russia More

Be it the fact that unabsorbed Islamic radical populations are growing at 10 times the pace of the local English, or that Big Brother government is now checking the dust bins and video tracking the people's every move. Or that age old department stores such as Rossiters are shuttering after 150 years or that enraged energy workers are walking out after loosing their jobs to foreigners, the news from the UK is nothing but grim.

In fact, what is so grim is that the UK is on the verge of joining Iceland, Ireland, Greece, Latvia and Estonia on the list of collapsed economies and life styles of the Albanian peasants. That is correct, the 6th largest economy in the world is tittering on the very verge of default, collapse, mass civil unrest and a choice of civil war or police state brutality and their answer? Hate Russia more.

Even as the UK government has taken the absolutely idiotic step of guaranteeing all the bad bank debt, regardless of the fact that it is more than four times the UK's GDP or that they are now nationalizing (just another Marxist step by a Marxist leaning government) those very banks, the British bought and paid for press concentrate on Russian economic woes. Of course the fact that this is very much like the coverage and situation of the US, speaks volumes to how closely in sink the Anglo-Marxist regimes are to each other. Birds of a feather and all that.

In fact, the UK presently, has about as much chance of not collapsing as Ukraine, which means, almost none. Property values in the 2nd biggest property bubble in the world, have fallen by almost 40%; government interest rates are at the lowest level in 400 years, wiping out the incomes of all those pensioners living off of the interest on their investments and savings; consumer confidence is at the second lowest level ever recorded and jobs are disappearing faster than sweet cakes at a weight watcher's convention. All the while, the Anglo-Marxists in power in England continue pushing the idiotic Global Warming laws and controls on to a beaten economy, driving it further down, while flooding England with third worlders who have no intention of assimilating but of destroying the UK and thus making it really live up to its international nickname Britainistan.

But all the while the English are constantly bombarded by news of how evil we Russians are and how our economy is dieing, never mind we had 6% growth last year and will still stay out of a recession in 2009, even if by a hair. It is a pity that the neutered Royals can not seem to find a single family member to lead the revolt against the Anglo-Marxist and to bring back their country from the brink of the Abyss...though, dear readers, I am still holding out hope for Prince Harry.

Either way, with growing unrest, the actual English/Scots in the UK may finally be signaling that enough is enough. Lets hope so.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Russia Must Offer The World A Different Ideology

All great nations, in order to win their civilizational battles for survival, must offer the world an ideological ideal of one sort or another. This has always been true and has raised many civilizations to immortal glory or infamy, depending on the success or failure of that ideology. Simply to "be", to survive in this world, to hang on, will hamper any nation, as other more robust civilizations with a clear message pull away the youth and talent, cause havoc and unrest and eventually either absorb, decimate or force the emulation of the foreign creed.

This was always understood in Russia, from the ancient Muscovy state, through the Soviet Union, but this idea has been lost in modern Russia. It is understandable that those throwing off the yoke of the Soviet state wished to rid themselves of all things Soviet. However, national ideology was not a Soviet invention and dropping it has been very detrimental to Russian society and Russian interests abroad. For the majority of the past 17 years, Russian youth has Westernized, rejecting their own language, heritage and culture. Foreign and alien faiths, that have never been in Russia, have sprouted up like weeds. Russia's citizens have fled the country, lacking anything to believe in and society as a whole has suffered. Abroad, former allies have lost hope and lost the guiding light, flocking to what appears the stronger message, the stronger civilization: Anglo-Marxism. Only recently have things started to inch back.

With no alternative to the US/British Anglo-Marxism, a blending of Trotskyte Fascism and Liberalism Theology, Russia watched as one ally after another toppled under the Anglo-Marxist intrigues or veered towards them out of their own desires, even as Russia's own culture was corrupted. Thus the Uni-Polar New World Order.

It is time to say "ENOUGH", it is time for Russia to reach into its soul, to reach into its past, to find an adequate ideology to rally around. Simply to say, "we are not like them" or "We believe in international law" is not good enough, for a world power like Russia.

Even as we speak, the collapse of the Neo-Trotskyte Fascism aka Anglo-Marxism, is collapsing under the weight of its own corruption, greed and evil. It is taking along with it, it's bastard children: atheism, nihilism, and post modernism. These death throws give Russia an opportunity, to either stand upon its own ideological legs, to fall along into the vortex of destruction that the Anglo-Marxists have created for themselves and those around them.

As I will remind you, dear reader, the first of the modern "ism" revolutions started with the Jacobites of the French Revolution and than sputtered on along to the Anglo-Marxist financed Bolshevik Revolution in 1917. The financiers of that revolution, Wall Street, was already infected by Marxism and those not infected by Marx were infected by Mammon. This of course split into the bureaucratic Stalinist Communism and the Corporate-State Trotskyte Fascism. Militant Fascism died on the battle fields of 1945 Europe, but a mutant version of it, a neo-Trotskyte Fascism survived and infected what is now the Anglo-Marxist sphere and to a lesser degree the rest of Europe. With it's hand maidens of Liberal Democracy and Globalization, code words for Fascist Marxism, economic slavery and exploitation, it was kept somewhat in check by the Cold War and its parent's old family rival, Stalinist Communism.

With the fall of Stalinist Communism in 1991, there was no longer any need for the Anglo-Marxists to act or pretend to control themselves. In their "End of History", they charged forth to infect and exploit the rest of the world. Alas for them and those carried off by their swan song, Anglo-Marxism is Marxism and thus carries the tumor of its own destruction in its breast. The faster Globalization grew, the quicker the tumor spread and went critical.

Russia must resist this vortex of death and destruction and must offer it's historic allies an alternative to the mass suicide that is happening even as you read this, a slow mass cultural and societal suicide, sped up by the Bank Panic of 2008 and the Economic Collapse of 2009. She can only do this by building a new ideology rooted in the old defense of the old, traditional Orthodox Christian beliefs and world view. Russia must step forward again as the Defender of the Orthodox Christian faith and as the champion of all Christianity under the yoke of Islam.

Russia must show herself as the bedrock of stability, upon which the restless, moraless Anglo-Marxist world will crash and break. She must be the guide to the rest of the Orthodox Christian world and to others willing to join her.

To do otherwise is to commit suicide.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Compassionate US Army Cuts Veteran Pay

The United States government has once more shown its love for its own citizens by cutting veterans pay to the survivors of an Alaskan World War 2 militia unit called the Alaskan Territorial Guard.

The Alaskan Territorial Guard was a 6,600 strong outfit of native Alaskans called up to serve between 1942 and 1947. In total, about 20,000 men and some women participated in service under this unit's banner. In 1942 there was a great fear in America that Japan would invade Alaska and indeed several islands were taken. These brave volunteers scouted the frozen land, built outposts and airfields and watched for any sign of the Japanese.They further provided security around the Lend-Lease bases from which equipment was shipped to the Soviet Union to fight Hitler. Best of all, they served for free. That is correct, dear reader, no pay.

So the US Congress finally passed a law allowing that time served, for free, to count towards over all Federal Service years and retirement, which in America takes 20 years and combat tours do not increase the rate count,unlike in most civilized nations. So at present there are 26 survivors getting, or rather who were getting, the whopping pay of $560 and another 37 who were applying. All are retired on modest fixed incomes. All were to expensive for the American Army, which has a budget bigger than all the militaries combined, to afford.

That is correct, dear leader, at a whopping cost of (let us assume all 63 survivors) $423,400, the US Army simply can not afford it. After all, with $8.5 trillion going to banks, insurance companies, auto factories and their suppliers, with hundreds of billions more lined up for construction companies, steel industries, newspapers and whom ever else can buy an American congressman or twenty, these derelicts of American society...and whom under oligarch level is not?...must be cut off.

So 63 men who gave years of their life to serving their country will be sent off to freeze and starve and suffer in their old age while the ultra rich are insured to have their tens of billions saved by the taxes off of these very same men and the rest of their nation? And this is the same nation that dares to read us morality plays at every opportunity? Indeed.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Time for Lenin to Go

Dear readers, for the better part of the last 80 years, the casual tourist to the Kremlin may have been confused in whether the Rus were a lost Egyptian tribe or a Slavic/Norse mix. After all, a small step pyramid, adorned with its own pharaoh mommy sits in the very center of the our great capital.

In truth, dear readers, let us not mix or bash our words for fear of disturbing the sensibilities of the old or the delusion of the Communists: it is time for the preserved corpse of the greatest traitor of Holy Russia to be sent packing on its way.

Yes, Lenin was a traitor, the worst traitor there can be. Not only did he and his stooges run on the pay roll of foreign camps (The Six Evils of Wall Street and the Suffering of Humanity) but he did so while the nation was locked in a war for its survival. He and other leaders of traitors took down the government and launched the nation into civil war.

But this was not just a civil war, but a war to destroy in Russia all that is and would be Russian while granting unprecedented and formerly illegal rights to his Anglo-Marxist backers to exploit Russia and her people and resources.

As for the defenders of the Holy Third Rome, Lenin and his thugs knew no bounds. They attempted to drive our culture into extinction. After all it was Lenin who said: "“We need the real, nation-wide terror which reinvigorates the country and through which the Great French Revolution achieved glory”". It was Lenin who tried to damn our souls by stripping us of our God. "“Our program necessarily includes the propaganda of atheism”"

So, it is time that this stain of Russia's disgrace is removed from the center of Russia's political life. The place should be reserved for a museum to the White army defenders of Holy Russia and to the victims of the Red Terror.

Let us do, in the grand tradition of Russia, a royal send off for Lenin, as we did for the other traitor of high villainy: Grigory Otrepyev, the False Dmitry. Let us take and burn the body and take the burnt crushed bones to the Chukotski Peninsula and shoot them out of a cannon back to their Anglo-Marxist masters.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ukraine's Future: Many Possibilities

First, dear reader, let us face the reality that Ukraine is a failed nation in all but name. At its very heart, Ukraine is two absolutely opposing sides welded together in an unholy union. The east is of the same basic culture as Russia and a Ukrainian language which is basically Russian, both entities share a united history going back 1,200 years and the same religion, Eastern Orthodoxy, and Patriarch. Both are heavily industrialized with the majority of the people urban dwellers.

This is the exact opposite in western Ukraine, where the culture has been shaped by Poland, Lithuania and Austro-Hungary for 600 of the past 1,200 years. The religion is Roman Catholicism not Eastern Orthodoxy and the Ukrainian is more a dialect of Polish, though do not mention that to a Ukrainian nationalist (who are vastly from the west). Equally the area is little developed, poor in resources and industry and mostly dispersed in rural settings.

So at its very core, the two are absolutely different nations, the East looking towards Moscow and the West towards the Anglo-Marxists.

But a failed state was not always in the cards of Ukraine. Kuchma had managed to hold both sides together and through basic political neutrality between Russia and the Anglo-Marxists and EU and with economic closeness to Russia, bestowed on Ukraine the highest growth rate in all of Europe, at 13% in 2004. Of course that all changed when the Anglo-Marxists were able to put their puppets: Yushenko and Timoshenko on the thrones. The purpose of these appointments was to pull Ukraine from Russia and permanently cripple Russia, not to make Ukrainian life better.

The two Oranges, along with their Uno-Unsa allies, have done everything possible to tear the nation apart. From forcing Ukrainian down everyone's throats, to sucking out resources from the East to feed the West, to destroying a bustling economy with onerous socialist taxes, regulations and market caps. They have even tried to destroy the Orthodox Church by creating a heretical branch directly under Yushenko's control with a "patriarch" recognized by none, whose mission is to forcefully confiscate Church property he has no rights to. Of course, the gas wars on the Anglo-Marxist command and the EU lawsuits that followed, such as the present one, do not help anyone but their masters.

So Ukraine, whose currency is down 80%, who has the highest bond spreads, second only to now defaulted Ecuador, who lost 28.9% of its exports just in Nov 08 and whose economy is set to shrink at least 10% in 2009 is a failed state on many levels. Economy, Ukraine will more than likely default on its debts, even with the $16.5 billion in IMF funding. Socially, it is two absolutely opposite societies that despise each other and politically, it is a bunch of squabbling hens trying to peck each other to death and utilizing the pain of their own people as nothing more but additional propaganda.

So what are the possible outcomes?

1. Ukraine Muddles Through, Anglo-Marxists put in New Puppets.

In this scenario, Ukraine's economy deteriorates but does not collapse completely. The Anglo-Marxists will once again pour in vast sums of money behind one leader or another whom they will make popular, at least for a time. The "old" new regime will be replaced by a "new" new regime and more grandiose promises will be made. The people, desperate for hope, will go along with this and thus things will stay the same. Likelihood: low.

2. Ukraine Muddles Through, Political Quagmire

In this scenario, Ukraine's economy deteriorates but does not collapse completely. The Anglo-Marxist vassals loose most of their power, but no one side holds any kind of monopoly. The economy continues to slide down, political infighting continues and the masses just try to survive. Likelihood: high

3. Ukraine Collapses, Total Failed State

In this scenario, the government defaults completely, remaining investment flees, unemployment skyrockets and a full economic depression sets in. The federal politicians in Kiev are ignored and power devolves to local politicians, strongmen, the mafia and the military. Violence sky rockets and millions of refugees head to Russia and Belarus. More than likely, Russia, Belarus, Romania and Poland would set up zones of control just across the border to protect their own nations. Some level of actual combat will erupt in many different zones as local powers play out power grabs. This could last for years. Likelihood: some what high.

4. Ukraine Splits, Peacefully

In this scenario, the government and economy collapses, but the two distinct halves maintain control of their respective parts. Best of all, they decide to split peacefully. The East will become a satellite of Russia with open borders and trade. The economy will begin to flourish again. Whether it becomes absorbed into Russia or not, will be determined at a much later date but for all effects and purposes, Kieven Rus will be almost fully restored. The West will become a steward of the EU and will probably get absorbed by NATO, though it will bring little to either organization but will pull cash from the cash strapped for decades to come. Likelihood: very high

5. Ukraine Splits, Civil War

In this scenario, the government and economy collapses, but the two distinct halves maintain control of their respective parts. However, there is no peace. Both sides start shooting to get control of Kiev and power. The war will drag out and escalate very quickly up and down the Dnepr region and will more than likely draw in Moldova and Transdniestr. Again, regional neighbors will probably set up zones of control and will support financially and militarily one side or the other. Volunteers will flood in by the tens of thousands. Likelihood: high

Though it is not absolutely clear, at this point, where Ukraine will be, what is clear is who is to blame. It is not the Anglo-Marxist lead banking collapse, that just exasperated the already untenable situation. It is the very staged elections that brought the Anglo-Marxist vassals to power in 2004.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

US Attempts To Control Europe Cause Untold Misery

The latest Ukrainian-Russian gas wars should come as no surprise to anyone. Simply put, this is the latest and so far most desperate attempt by a dieing Anglo-Sphere to control Europe and Euro-Asia and prolong it's morbid existence. The pain and suffering of hundreds of millions of Europeans or for that matter the citizens of the Anglo-Sphere, has never been a consideration worth dwelling on.

Why else would a nation, whose currency devalued by 80% in less than 3 months, whose production fell by 29% just in November 08, a nation that will default on its $41.5 billion debt obligations due in 2009, walk away from a finished deal that would have left it's gas price at half of the market's rate and start a gas war now by blatantly stealing Russian gas? Add to this the overwhelming shrieks of hatred that have come pouring out of the Anglo-Marxist oligarch owned media, against Russia (shrieks that join the endless predictions of Russia's demise, even though it is the Angl0-Marxist world that is collapsing) and it is hard to see this as anything but the latest ploy by DC/London.

Luckily, the rest of Europe is seeing it for what it is and is pressuring and suing Ukraine into compliance. Unfortunately for Ukraine, is puppet leadership has long ago stopped, if it ever did, giving a damn about the well being of its people.

Times were, half of Europe lined up nicely behind the US and its lap dog Britain without much thought, as the fear of the Soviet Union dragged all thoughts of self interest away. Times were good. The US had a free reign in world affairs and economics: be it starting African wars, South American coups or dragging the world off of the Gold Standard, for its own selfish benefits. Yes times were good, so good, that the Soviets lost the Cold War and then times were not so good.

Like it's predecessor Great Britain, winning the French Indian Wars and taking control of most of colonized N.America, the US found that victory brought about a defeat of its own. Just like Great Britain, removing the ever menacing threat of France found its colonies rebelling, so did the US, removing the Soviet threat, found its European vassals rebelling.

It was bad enough that the French or Germans had opinions of their own, but how dare they express them and even try to pursue them? Control is what was needed. The US at first attempted this through its stealth vassal, the British, in controlling the EU that was forming throughout the 1980s, but the British were basically side lined by the French and Germans and in all have a relatively low level of influence in the EU.

When that failed to materialize as a good form of control, the Anglo-sphere went with NATO expansion. As Europe was still trying to find its bearings following the sudden collapse of the Warsaw Pact and the Soviet Union, the US and Britain went on a mad push to expand NATO. "Old" Europe, the inane US code for powerful Western European states, was dragging along with this, not understanding fully that the new states that were being absorbed would serve as US vassals, first in NATO and than in the EU, fully pushing the Anglo-Marxist political and foreign policy line against the interests of Europe. But these were the early to mid 1990s and this was not yet fully understood.

The Anglo-Sphere, by that point, had formulated a grand policy: not only to control all of Europe and the Americas but the whole world, and in particular Russia, which had to be broken up into splinters and sucked dry.

With Yeltsin in power, the Anglo-Sphere was well on its way. Early on, the Anglo-Sphere showed that it would forgive a willing vassal anything in the name of democracy, and name was all that there was to it. One week after Yeltsin massacred the Russian parliament, in 1993, Sec of State of the US, Albright, showed up in Moscow to publicly embrace Yeltsin as a great and brave democrat and fighter for freedom. This as the drunk was taking direct orders to dismember Russia's economy to hand picked and Western backed/owned oligarchs.

On other fronts, when Milosevic and the Serbs refused to be puppets, the Nazi Tudjman and the Islamic Jihadest Isobegovich were quickly found to rip Yugoslavia apart into more manageable pieces. No matter the outrage committed by these men, or their later Albanian ally Hashim Thaqi, the label of Defender of Democracy was placed squarely on their shoulders by a PR machine driven to subvert the truth in the worst Orwellian tradition. Like wise, US diplomats were cozying up to Montenegro's mafia elements and turning them into legitimate politicians, on the dole of course.
In Romania and Bulgaria, the governments were secured in the 1990s, not through revolution but through flat out bribery, just as in Ukraine, Slovakia and Czech.

And Europe was not the only one. Yassar Arafat and his PLO, having lived on the US taxpayer doll in Tunisia, was brought back to the W. Bank and made legitimate, as a form of control over the local population, even as Israel's Prime Minister, Barrack was being bought by the same Anglo-Sphere. Likewise in Georgia and other areas.

Even now, many of these states are still in the pockets of the Anglo-Marxists Sphere, though the price goes up inversely the collapse of the power of the Sphere.

All seemed to be going rather well, with a few hiccups, like when Russian generals acted on their own to save the Serbs by sending troops to Prestina. The greater deployment was blocked, however, by a pliant Bulgarian and Romanian vassal. So over all, things were humming along.

The "old Europe" was dragged along, screaming though not yet kicking, from one Anglo-Marxist adventure to another. Even the French were forced to bomb their former Serbian allies, with barely a whimper. Ahh, the 1990s were perfect...until 1999, that is.

That was the year Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin took power and the wheels started coming off of the tracks.

The first thing he dared to do was say "No" to the Anglo-Marxists and he said it a lot. He dared to win the war in Chechnya and stop the break up of Russia. He prosecuted the oligarchs, chasing or jailing the worst of the Anglo-Marxists agents, such as Berezovsky, Gusinsky and Khodorkovsky and taming the rest. He turned the Russian economy around and exerted power locally, pulling Ukraine and Georgia and Central Asia back towards Russia. He even dared to support the Serbs while driving economic deals with Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

In partially Putin was aided by 911. The event pushed Anglo-Marxist attention away from Russia and towards the Arabs and Afghans. This of course was supposed to be a temporary move that would in the end help to further surround Russia. The hubris that planned the missions planned on one or two years at best, not on a decade plus.

This failure of hubris took the shine off of the Anglo-Marxists and started to expose the rot underneath. The financing of the wars stripped both credibility and money from bigger projects and set the Full Spectrum Domination agenda back. Still, the Anglo-Marxists were down but far from out and Putin had raised their ire.

This went on for about 3 years before the Anglo-Sphere's next reaction: color revolutions. The first strike was in Yugoslavia, whose new puppets delivered Milosevic on a platter. Next came Georgia, followed by Ukraine and Armenia. The Moldovan communists bent their knees to the Anglo-Marxists in time and their revolution was called off, even as they were allowed to blatantly cheat and win the election against the pro-Russian Republican party of Moldova.

However, by this point a series of failures began. While Kyrgyzstan’s color revolution worked, it first unleashed chaos and mass violence and then the resulting replacements were even closer to Russia than the original. Needless to say, that was not what was planned. Uzbekistan’s color revolution was stopped dead in its tracks by the army and Islom Karimov a lukewarm friend of Russia, suddenly became Russia's closest regional ally. He also escorted the US base on his territory to the door. In Belarus, the color revolution did not even get that far.

Equally, the almost annual gas disputes with the Anglo-Marxist owned socialist Oranges and Russia, were used to discredit Russia and to push for the favored energy lines of the Anglo-Marxist, such as the Georgian pipeline. Great pressure, both by the Anglo-Marxists, and by their eastern European puppets, was placed on Germany and other nations working with Russia to lay pipelines going around the Anglo-Marxist vassals.

Further steps were taken to expand NATO bases right up to Russia's door step and to pull in Ukraine and Georgia, so that the bases could get that much closer. Even "interceptors" whose silos are the exact right size for short range ballistic nuclear missiles, were planned for Russia's neighbors, regardless that the people of Poland and Czech were and still are against it. In the Anglo-Marxist "democracies" the opinions of the serfs are meaningless.

At this point, we find ourselves in 2008. The world markets were already straining and slowly sinking under the weight of Anglo-Marxists lies and deceit in the form of mass housing funds, the Alt A mortgages and other swindles.

The Anglo-Marxists, feeling their time in history slipping away and in desperation, started to act brashly. First came the ripping away of Kosovo from Serbia and the creation of a new Muslim Narco-Jihadist state. Many nations were strong armed, with resent flying high, into recognizing that monstrosity. Then came the lame attempt at starting a new Cold War: Georgian attack on S.Ossessia.

Regardless of all signals by Russia that no attack would be tolerated, the Anglo-Marxists were able to convince their less then stable sock puppet, Sakaashvili, to invade. Consequences were predictable and the exact results that DC/London wanted. The Georgian army was crushed and tossed aside, thus started the endless Anglo-Marxist screech of big bad Russia beating up on poor little Georgia. The EU fell for it at first, but quickly came to its sense, they were not going to participate in a new Cold War to benefit the collapsing Anglo-Marxists, especially considering the economic collapse picking up steam and ripping through their own economies was Anglo-Marxist created.

By hook and by crook, the Anglo-Marxists have fought to start a new Cold War and regain their control over Europe. They fought desperately to pull Georgia and Ukraine into NATO, protocol be damned, but were repeatedly smacked down by "old" Europe. They did succeed in signing agreements with Czech and Poland for the radar and missile bases, though at incredibly high prices. However, the public in both nations are demonstrating and elections are approaching.

The gas war, started by the Anglo-Marxist owned Oranges is just the latest attempt and a rather desperate one to get back in control of Europe. Most to suffer will of course be Ukraine and the future for the US vassal looks bleak at best. Of course that the rest of Europe suffered and all know where the orders came from, will not help the Anglo-Marxist cause. Europe has at last grown wise to these machinations and will have none of it.

But we can count on the dieing Anglo-Marxists to continue trying harder, their desperation palatable and their victims be damned.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Whom Does the US Congress Serve: Or How to Destroy Competition

Once more the United States sets itself out as an example to the world in how not to do things wisely. This role of poor example was once a Russian curse, through the last half of Soviet rule and into the 1990s. However, the US, ever competitive, gained much experience in this and has now taken the lead. Be it failing public education, inadequate energy infrastructure, perpetual road construction and falling bridges or failed "Cake Walk" wars.

The new example is how to safe guard children's health by bankrupting small and medium businesses...or as a cynic like myself would say: how to serve your ultra rich oligarch masters. The new law, The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (HR 4040) is aimed at removing all lead and plithalates (used in making plastic more pliable) from items aimed at children 12 years and younger.

On the surface, this sounds like a noble idea and thus law. The problem is, the American Congress has once more shown its total ineptitude to look deeper then the surface and to explore the realm of likely possibilities and out comes. The law goes into effect on 10 Feb 09, but is retrograded to effect all items already on shelves today. Thus all merchandise must be independently tested. True, not every item needs to be tested, only one out of every batch, and here is the problem.

Who benefits?

Well, children might benefit in safety but their parents will pay with their meager savings and salaries, even as pressure is mounting on those meager salaries to get more meager. Most lead comes into the US from Chinese and other Asia production, as American production, just like European production, has been lead free for decades. However, US border controls only checks a mere 2% of the imports. The weight of this ordainence is not on the shoulders of manufacturers but on those of the sellers and thus the obvious catch.

Since only one sample out of a batch needs to be checked, companies that order in giant batches will have to pay but a nominal fee. Thus the Kmarts, Walmarts, Toys"R"Us of America, the oligarch owned firms, will skate by on only a small fee and for a giant benefit and what a benefit it is.

The benefit? Why the forced bankruptcy of all of their small and medium sized competitors. Small companies who have only a few or a few hundred items in their ordered batches can not afford such a high price on a per item basis. As for existing inventory, this of course means the destruction of their present stocks and a higher priced replacement, all at a time of massive salary and spending collapse. This equals only one thing: the destruction of all small competitors to the major oligarchs in the realm of children's commercial items. Small and micro manufacturers in the US will also be driven out of business, especially with a $100,000 fine hanging over their heads. The big oligarchs would never even notice such a fine but a small businessman, well that would more than likely wipe him or her out.

So whom is the American Congress serving? The "people" or their rich sponsors and owners? Why the Oligarchs of course. Consider that the only member of the American House of Representatives to vote against this, was the Honorable Ron Paul, who, I will remind my readers, ran for president and was called, by the oligarch owned media, a radical. What they really meant was: "not bought", which for the corruption that passes as government in the USA, is radical.

Thus, at a time when the West in general and the Anglo-Marxists in particular, are collapsing, a time when monthly employment roll cuts come to 500,000 less jobs over all, February promises to bring the loud sound of the closing of hundreds if not thousands of small business doors, all so the ultra rich can get a little ultra richer.

Yet one more example of how not to run a country.

Europe Has Only Itself To Blame For The Cold

As everyone in eastern, central and soon western Europe knows, Russia shut off the gas. Now, if one wanted to delude himself on the reason and the blame, one could listen to the deluded Angl0-Marxist press or just skip that extra step and start cursing Russia's name.

However, if one wanted to look more realistically at the reason for this, and the person was a citizen of the EU, than he or she would just have to look in the mirror. That is correct, it is your fault. It is your fault for being puppets of the Anglo-Marxist sphere and helping put into place the Oranges who are now robbing your gas and laughing at you. Sure, the main backers of the Orange Thieves were the Anglo-Sphere Americans and British, but without active participation and collaboration of the EU as a whole, this would never have happened.

Now, it is easy to understand how Poland, Romania and the Baltics went along, they are so deep in the US pocket, they are chocking on lint. But Germany? France? Italy? Hungary? Austria? Greece? You should have known better but you allowed yourselves to be used any ways.

Do you think anyone in the US or Britain is loosing sleep over your frozen noses and shut down manufacturing plants? Hah, they are already hoping you fall further then they do in the collapsing economy, so they can show their citizens that while its is bad at home it is not that bad. They are equally hoping that the actions of their puppets in Ukraine will still help spark a new Cold War and that you will line up under their like good obedient serfs.

Really, why do you think that Julia Timoshenko is called the Gas Princess? It is not from a habit of eating large volumes of beans. It is because as head of the Ukrainian national gas company she stole an estimated $12 billion in Russian gas (well the gas she stole was worth less since Russia sold it to Ukraine below market, she than resold it to Europe at a large profit). Did you really think that as prime minister she could contain her thieving ways? Or Yushenko? The IMF front man? He answers to the very same bankers that helped sink your economies. How many billions of Euros are now being shaved off of the struggling economies while factories stand idle from a lack of gas? The 21 million cubic meters of gas meant for your homes and factories is now filling Ukraine storage facilities, while you freeze.

It is time for Europe to start acting with sense and not as an Anglo-Marxist sock puppet. Time to grow up "old" Europe.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Most Interesting Articles of 2008

Here is a list of the best articles from 2008, for your review and enjoyment.

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5. Why Russian Business Can Not Get Western Clients

6. The Bank Panic of 2008 and the Death of Nato

7. When Doing Nothing Is the Only Smart Thing To Do

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11. The Sixteen Reasons Why Russia Should NEVER Trust the West

12. Russia Must Defend Herself Assymetrically In Europe

13.The Hypocrisy of American "Democracy"

14. The Final Shoe on American Consumerism is About to Fall (China will be raising prices)

Israel, You Are Serbia Now.

So, do you regret siding with the West over Serbia's Kosovo yet? If the answer is "no", give it another week or two and you will. With screams of "Back to the Ovens" ringing out of American demonstrations and things equally vile from those in Western Europe, you should have figured out a long time ago where your friends lay. The Cold War is over, even if the US is trying to start a second. Time to grow up.

You are the only Jewish state in the world so you are not going to find new Jewish allies. Your choices lay pretty much as follows: Shiete Islamic allies, Sunnie Islamic allies, Secular allies, Catholic allies, Protestant allies, Orthodox allies, Hindu allies.

The Shiete and Sunnie Islamics are obviously out of the question, since they would rather strangle their own daughters than tolerate your existence. Secular allies, be they Egypt, Turkey, France or America are also becoming harder to find. Egypt is touchy, with a large Islamic Brotherhood insurgency and its own corruption fueling a possible revolution. Turkey's secularism has been undermined and taken over by the Sunnie Islamics and its foreign policy has followed suit.

The Western European seculars hate you for several reasons: one, they hold the liberal idiocy that all people should live in perfect harmony and if that does not work out, than just squeeze out the one or two peoples that are causing problems and things will be fine again. Further, they have forcibly imported tens of millions of Islamics into their countries, against the will of their people, and are now in turn afraid of their modern day Danes. To that extent, they will do whatever is needed to avoid conflict in their lands and maintain peace, and sacrificing you is nothing to worry about. As for the Anglo-Marxist sphere, considering how much cash the Saudis spend on their politicians every year, do you really thing they care? If you are so delusional to think so, look at the fact that while the US arms you to $4 billion per year, it arms your surrounding enemies and possible enemies to $6 billion and with the latest and best equipment. Against whom do you think that will get used? They arm them even as they tell you to stand still while your neighbors toss missiles at you.

The Catholics are not much better. They are subject to the whims of the Popes and as these old men die off and new ones come in, their whims are open only to speculation and over all history has not been kind. The Protestants? They only love you because they believe they need you to force the Armagedon and thus bring Christ…as if mere mortals can force the will of God to anything. But you will be sacrificed in their drive to be the masters of God's will and it will not be their children destroyed when their egotism is shown for the heresy it is.

The Hindus? Too far away. The Sino-Japanese nations of eastern Asia, equally disinterested, outside of getting some of your technology in trade.

So whom do you have left?

There is only one block of nations with whom you stand any chance: the Orthodox Nations. No other peoples have suffered as much from Islamic Jihad and have fought it so strongly. The leader of this informal block, the biggest is of course Russia. Throughout her long history, Russia has stood by her allies, unlike the others. She has even gone to a world war for them. Just ask the Serbs. The Orthodox block is coalescing, driven together by faith, history and now the economic crisis. Presently it is Russia, Belarus, Armenia (not Orthodox but close enough) and Serbia with Greece and Macedonia in the wings and eastern Ukraine pushing in.

You already have the double advantage of Russia being your second biggest trade partner and primary source of oil and of having 1 in 3 of your citizens of Russian background. Further, with the Russian Orthodox Church being your biggest land owner, that only solidifies your position. Even the arms sales, by Russia, to the Arabs is primarily to stick a finger in the West's eye and will slow down and end if you are an ally.

What is lacking is a psychological trigger. You are like the beaten house wife to the West, always coming back for more abuse, if only they bring you some flowers. Time to grow up and face reality.