Thursday, December 17, 2015

NATO's Blank Cheque

NATO's Blank Cheque 

It has been noted throughout history that major states writing blank cheques of support to their allies and vassals is usually not a good idea. The smaller yap dog suddenly feels like a wolfhound with a Rottweiler standing behind him.

This leads to major political and military adventurism and overreach. This leads to the often unwanted occurrence of war for the cheque writer.

A most famous case of this was the blank cheque that Willham II wrote to the failing Austrian empire in 1914. Austria needed something to rally its disintegrating empire around and stubborn little Serbia had always been a nuisance for it and inspiration for Serbian rebels in the Austrian south east border regions.

With the assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand, Austria saw its chance. Serbia was more than ready to make humiliating amends but allow itself to be annexed was not one of them. It also had Russian and Romanian backing. 

Austria itself would never have made the move to start what was to become WW1 if it did not have that cheque from Germany. It did and it pushed and it starts a little war and then history took over.

We are watching the same with Turkey. Erdagon is that yap dog. The Turks may be big boys in big boy pants when they are murdering Cypriot Greeks or Kurds or when they are backing Islamic Sunni jihad in Syria and Iraq or when they intruded over 2,440 times into Greek airspace, just in 2014 alone....but...  But having lost 13 of 14 wars against Russia and the win in the Crimean War was expensive an marginal and only accomplished because the French, Scilicians and British did most of the dieing, Erdagon can not be but feeling anything like a small boy in those big boy pants when facing the reborn might of the Russian army.

 To that end, while NATO gave a lukewarm hurra behind their Jihadi blood brother, they did form up rank and write that cheque. And it will be a big cheque that NATO blood will pay. 

Even as NATO Europe pays the Turk Danesgeld to keep the big mean unarmed refugees at bay (how pathetic that the military of those countries can not close their own borders effectively), they are setting themselves to pay in blood for Turkey's adventures.

Russia has responded economically to the murder of her soldiers by the traitorous Turks. This is already shaving 3-4% off of their economy. Erdagon knows this will look bad so he's placing everything on that final roulette spin: war.

Turkey has invaded under a very thin pretext, an oil rich region of northern Iraq. Turkey has massed troops on Syria's borders. Turkey has continued to grossly violate Greek airspace daily. 

Turkish ships have harassed Russian ships in neutral waters of te Aegean, Russian ships passing through the Bosporus straights and even now in Russian territorial waters.

All of this, while Saudi Arabia and Qatar play at making grand military Sunni "anti-terrorism" alliances to invade Shiete Syria, Shiete southern Iraq, Iran and Lebenon. 

That these gulf Arabs are incompetant  at war is beyond saying but they will help Turkey in its fight as NATO is forced to mobilize and atheist Europeans go off to die on our fields and forests for Sunni islamic Turkey.

This, dear reader, is what is called irony.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

How the New Ottoman Turkey Committed Suicide

The date of 24 Nov 2015 will go down as the day that Sultan Erdegon committed economic suicide by sidewinder missile.

By shooting down, by murdering through backstabbing a Russian shtormovik fighting ISIS, Erdegon has cut Turkey's collective throat. Be it through an agreement with the US (in which case he has been thrown under the bus) or through his or his son's initiative as revenge for loss of ISIS oil revenue and then attempt to pull NATO into a war against Russia (in which case he has been thrown under the bus), Turkey's economic fortunes just died.

No one single act could have planted a bullet better. As I warned in my article "Nobody Moves or the Turk Gets It", loosing Russia is the end.

Lets review:

1. Tourism: $10 billion from Russian tourists. GONE. Within one day all tour agencies cancelled their Turkish vacations and realigned them to Thailand, Malaysia and Israel. Russians are almost 40% of the tourists....or rather were.

2. Turkish businesses in Russia, holding up to 40% of the construction industry and many imports: will soon be gone. Within the next couple of days, the Duma will ban all Turkish companies.

3. Gas: gone, soon to be cut. Turkey gets almost all its gas from Russia, as well as most of its legal oil and coal. With this the Turkish South Stream will be shut down so future transit fees are also gone. No energy, no economy.

4. Fruit imports, something that almost a third of Turkish farmers are set on, GONE: and Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Egypt, and Israel are all fighting to take the market.

5. Nuclear power plant that Russia was building at its own investment expense: Gone.

Add to this the now massive demand from the Russian parliament to arm the oppressed Kurds, who make up 30% of the Turkish population. Turkey is facing a full civil war.

So now its time to pay and the Turks, who violate Greek airspace at least 10 times a day have set the precedent: the Greeks can shoot then down and even fly into Turkish airspace, as the backstabbing Turks did into Syrian, to do it.

Turkey is dying and its only choice now is to go all out war. The question is, will the Greeks, Bulgars and Romanians happily go to their extermination on the Russian plains when NATO joins the Turkish war?

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Is Europe To Dead to Revive?

First: God show mercy on the souls of the innocents killed in Paris and comfort their families. Bring speedy recovery to those whose bodies were damaged and enlightenment to their souls. And shake the bleeting sheep of Europe from their zombified waltz in life.

Now, the question as asked: Is Europe to Brain Dead, to Wankered, to gone from the annuals of History, to recover? How many such wake up calls will the European body sheepaldom hit the snooze button on?

The childless (well almost), aging and disappearing, depravity that is Europe and that other 2/3rds of the white race, called modern Europeans (for the record, we Russians may be slavs and varyagi but we are not, Thank God, Europeans, except for the fact we own half of Europe's land mass), finally wake up?

Europe is flooded, flooded by the people of the third world, to such a degree that there is absolutely zero chance of ever assimilating them. This is in part because the people who are flooding in, through the happenstance "walls and fences" are not coming for the better life through hard work and becoming part of a better system, but are coming as a wave of parasites to leech off of the system that can not in any rational mind, support them without buggering its own people to death. Further, in this mass of humanity is an army of terrorists Hell bent on the destruction of this very body, swimming like fish in a pond of humanity which will in turn defend them and hide them and many of whom approve of them, even as they themselves will suffer when their host is pulled down.

Europe for its part is mostly staring with blank, dumb looks on their blank dumb faces as the butcher comes to cut their throats. Sheep are said to be born looking for a place to die and modern Europe, since the 1970s has long ago been searching for that place.

They hate Christ...yes you "enlightened buffoons calling yourself the West", they hate children... yes you "enlightened buffoons who rarely have one and are now to old and lazy to bother", they are glamoured with their own uniqueness and self worth ... yes you "enlightened buffoons who think your humanist selves are some epitome of human development". They are damned, first and foremost by their own stupidity.

We Russians have warned you and we have saved your hides every 50-100 years for the past 500 even though you try to invade us every 20-40 years for the past 1003 years, to educate us and teach us.

What you taught us is that we are 1. NOT EUROPEANS by the Grace of God...the one you despise. 2. We are and were right and you...well not really.

What you fools and to be slaughtered sheep should have heard was Bush's message:

Except of course, modern America is with the terrorists...oh sure they are the "moderate" islamists or the secular or the what the US, and its slave races, called Europe, feed the very beasts. Fifty tons of missiles and bombs here 50 tons of MREs and Special Forces instructors there. How do you like the money you help spend on terrorists now, Europe?

You are the ones arming, feeding, housing your own murderers and are as a collective to stupid to understand that. You are worse then the work horse who at the end of its life gets eaten....the horse never believes it is the master of the farm, yet you do.

The usual European bleat is: well our leaders sold us out.... and yes indeed they have, yet you still live under them, an as in the case of Frau Strumpet Merkel the DC Furher, you vote her back in and in and in. Or as in the case of the English, you vote in something as stupid as Cameron to replace a line of others who were just as stupid and will do so again and again.

We Russians warned you, we warned you on Libya and you laughed. We warned you on Egypt and you spurned...thank God Egypt's Army took up arms. We warned you on Ukraine and you laugh, sanctions (which mostly again hurt you...being stupid should hurt after all) and pay and pay for Ukinazi oligarchs to get richer. We warned you on Syria and finally took the offensive, so you doubled down on your mindlessness and your threats and your feeding of the very people murdering your few natural born children.

Will Europe wake up and change? As Russia's famous politolog Satanovsky answered today: "If they want to survive, yes. If not, they will die. Personally, I don't care, I am not a European."

Amen to that.

Friday, October 30, 2015

The Gulf Arabs Threaten Suicide by Bear

How do you get oil back up and make sure that only the good guys profits and not the Gulf Arab regimes of murder, mayhem and Jihad?

Why dear reader, you have the Qataries, on behalf of the Saudies and the Baharians, threaten to ignite a full scale regional war...and throw in the Turks for shites and giggles.... And that is exactly what the foreign minister of Qatar, with its 8,500 strong army, threatened. He flat out stated that this alliance of egotists and Jihadist despots were about to invade Syria on behalf of their ISIS step children, the same ISIS (along with the American owned moderate mass murdering democrats) who have been murdering Syria for 4 years now.

So let us take a step back and game play this out. On the one hand, on the front row, you have the big nothing: Qatar, with an army the size of a brigade, half of whom will have to stay home to defend the state from internal overthrow. Add to this Saudi Arabia and Baharain and UAE....all of which are already in a disastrous war with Yemen. Plus Turkey, who will find itself in a very bad neighborhood. Behind them, well behind them, is NATO, most of which are midgets, and Hamas and  Ukraine.

On the front lines of the otherside, the side actually fighting to save humanity from Western and Saudi sponsored Jihad are: Russia, Syria, Egypt, Hezbullah, Iraq, Kurds (Iraqi and Syrian), Turkish Kurds and Iran. This force alone is enough to crush and clean out Syria and that is exactly what is happening. Fighting a two front war would be somewhat difficult, with the Turks attacking from the north, but then again the Turks would get theirs from Russia attacking from even further north.

On the second line of the forces of good, we have: China, India (maybe), Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, Cyprus (which is just waiting for the Turks to shoot themselves in the foot). So here we have the next dilemma for NATO. If the Cypriots move to oust the Turkish occupier of half their island, the Greeks who already hate the Turks, will surely not fight on the same side of NATO to support these bastards. And how will the Bulgars and Romanians feel about dieing against Russians to support their former oppressors and murderers, the Turks? Not the governments of these two puppets, who are bought full up by DC, but the common soldiers. This after all, is no longer a war of ideologies, as was WW2, this is a war of religion and nationality. So instantly, the front line of NATO becomes quite much more interesting.

To that matter, Turkey itself will instantly find itself in a full fledged civil war, as the 1/3rd Kurdish part will finally get its full chance for independence. By the end of this conflict, we may finally see a Kurdish state arise.

As for Ukraine, sure the whores who run it could be used to widen this war right up from regional to continental, but we will ignore this for now, as a more radical possibility.

Now, back to my question.

The answer is quite easy: add in 20-30 Russian cruise missiles hitting the Saudi and Qatari oil terminals and oil processing facilities and have the Iranians close down the Straights of Harmuz (and no, the US Navy will not sail in just to die in the narrow, unmaneuverable straights, under an onslot of hundreds of Iranian anti ship missiles.

Instantly the price of oil will be in the $120-150 market as almost 20% of the world's supply comes to a sudden and fiery stop.

So, yes, the Gulf Arabs may finally bring Christian Russia and truly wondrous Christmas surprise. We may only hope.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Russia Bares Naked the Truth to America's Lies

Day in and day out, night in and night out, righteous death rains down upon subhuman animals who grew secure in their ability to butcher and terrorize at will. These animals who for two years let loose any and all of the most dark and Satanic impulses are now facing a wraith they had not dreamed of. But why?

Why? Why are they now facing this death and destruction brought to them by the Russian airforce? What do I mean? Destroyed convoys, open motorparks of heavy equipment, open depots, easily identified headquarters....all targets for the picking. All targets that the all powerful and great and mighty Mordor on the Potemic and its slave states of NATO were unable to find or hit for over a year?

Makes one wander does it not? Makes one wander how the supposed magical super weapons of the West could not locate or hit a single serious ISIS target in over a year? Makes one wander how the US aid for the Kurds and Iraqis kept falling on the wrong side of the front?

The fact that within two weeks of operations by the Russian airforce, the forces of ISIS as well as many of the other "moderate we'll kill you gently" terrorists are on the run and the Syrians are advancing, has proven the lie of the Mordorians.

Is it any wander then that DC is in such a panic? Its toys are being found all over the theater by the advancing Syrians and Kurds and Iraqis. It is now obvious to everyone in the free world (in the non-Mordorian slave nations) that DC is wrong, has gone totally evil and on the wrong side of otherwords, once more spitting at God. Is this still a surprise for so many? If so, what colour is the sky in your reality?

And so, the world spins and the West continues to sink into the Satanic slime.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Nobody Move or the Turk Gets It!

It seems that in global politics, old comedy skits never die.

The all wise and powerful wanna be Ottoman Sultan, Erdigan, first of his name, has decreed a threat to Russia: abandon what you are doing (fighting Isis and other Islamics and supporting the legitimate government of Syria) or Turkey will cut its gas purchases from Russia and may cancel the nuclear power station construction and may cancel the pipeline.

This is, in economic terms, threatening to commit suicide if you do not get your way. Why? Lets, dear readers, review:

First, the impact on volumes. Turkey buys from Russia 20 billion cubic meters of gas per year, which in and of itself is not a small amount. It is not a large amount either. To put this into context, the UK buys 16.6 billion cubic meters of Russian gas (and that is with its own production). To replace this, Turkey has only one actual alternative: Iran. We shall now go through a list of all the other gas suppliers and why this is not a solution.

First Iran, Shia Iran, Shia Iran fighting Sunni extremists in Syria. Shia Iran fighting TURKISH sponsored and armed Sunni Extremists in Syria. Persia is not going to allow the Ottomans to rise up again. But even if that was not reason enough, the infrastructural and economics make zero sense. First, the cost: Russia sells Turkey gas for $418 per 1.000 cubic meters, Iran for $487, so 17% more expensive. Then there is the fact, that with its aged and limited infrastructure, Iran can not provide what Turkey needs and it will be several years of high volume investment projects, before it can.

Algeria: well besides the fact that most of Algeria's gas goes to Europe, Algeria is ruled by a secular military clique full opposed to the Islamic Erdigan and his jihadi games. that even a country still? Turkey helped murder that nation.

Egypt, again, ruled by a secular military clique who barely survived the Turkish backed Muslim Brotherhood take over. This is a non-starter.

Israel: yes, Israel now has gas, and yes, Turkey backed the Palestinians and tore up relations with Israel....ooops.

Cyprus: no S.Cyprus never developed its fields due to threat of war from the Islamic Jihadist Erdegon.

Iraq, well the gas here is either in the Kurdish hands or in the hands of Shia Iraqis, neither of which is about to feed the Turkish beast.

Qatar...only if the gas can fly over Iraq and Syria or the Turkish backed and Qatari owned Sunni psychopaths win.

So, maybe Turkey wants to by reverse gas from Europe? Like Ukraine, which will be freezing this winter?

Then there is the threatened cancellation of the Turkish Stream. Sure, that will make great hardships for Russia, but with Nord Stream 2 in construction, the impact will not be as bad as it could be and the first and foremost to suffer will again be the luckless and often clueless southern Europeans, caught and raped on a regular basis by the maneuverings of the US, UK and Germany (who secured its gas supplies with Nord Stream 1).

To this, Turkey will loose tens of thousands of jobs and tens of billions of dollars in transit fees. Again, not a smart move for a struggling economy.

But what of the threat to close down the construction of the nuclear power plant being built by Rosatom and to switch to a European or American builder. Sure, they can do that. There is, of course, just one caveat: Rosatom is building this plant on its own rubles....its a Russian investment to pay off over a rather lengthy time. The French or the Yanks are not going to drop their own cash this is another suicidal economic threat.

All in all, all of this is Turkish stupidity. I will not call it bluster, because the Turks are crazy enough to do this and to even try and blockade the Dardenells, as also threatened. To that end, Russia can of course either force the Dardenells, but that would mean war, or start up again (as was done by the Soviets) massive funding of the Kurdish cause and even recognize an independent Turkish Kurdistan as a separate nation. This will split off almost half of Turkey and 1/3rd of its population, making the great Turkish revival into an instant death spiral down to third rate nation state.

What to do, what to do?

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Syria: Time for the US to Get Off the Pot

Americans have a saying: shit or get off the pot. That saying now applies quite well to Obama and his murderous regime and its ME games. Backed by its Sunni fundamentalist allies, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar and its vassals: the EU as a whole, the US has rained chaos upon all of the ME.

For the past year we have witnessed two soap operas: the rise of a US created ISIS that has swept over half of Iraq and two thirds of Syria (granted that 80% of the population lives in the 1/3rd of Syria they do not control) and spread of ISIS groups and revolutions throughout northern and central Africa and into the various niches of Central Asia and beyond.

Hundreds of thousands of innocent people have been murdered, millions more have been displaced.

The second soap opera has been even worse, worse in its cynicism. The US and its slave NATO allies...there, that sounds much better than the truth, have been "bombing" ISIS and supplying its opponents. The problem here is that the lie was thin and grew ever thinner. From Kurdish bound supplies that kept being parachuted into ISIS areas, to ISIS bound bombs that kept dropping on Kurdish heads, to Turkish direct help and aid to ISIS to the mysterious drone attacks that blew up the main Iraqi supply depots on the ISIS front to Baghdad.

America, as the Saurin of humanity, has decided it has the sole right to decide who is a legitimate leader (murderous Ukrainian Oligarchs, Kosvar, Turkish or Saudi Despots) and the illegitimate leaders deserving the destruction of their countries in order to remove them and their nation's wealth ( Milosovic, Saddam, Guadaffi, Yanukovich and now Bashier). In the removal, as always, mass death and destruction, the empowering of radical Islamic groups or Nazis and the "safe keeping" of gold reserves and of course the diving up of natural resources and industries.

Into this American created Hell on Earth, stepped in Russia. Russia, unlike the US and its slave states, is acting within the rules of the UN, as it is not an illegal entity bombing away inside a foreign country's borders without permission of the nation's leaders or a UN other words, a world war three be damned, renegade regime....aka the West. Instead, Russia has been invited into Syria by its legitimate authorities.

To that end, President Putin has made it quite clear that the farce of US actions is over. That Russia will support the legitimate government of Syria and will assist it not only against the US created ISIS but against the rest of the US created mini-ISIS no matter what their name is.

Thus started the information war, the most cynical yet. Unable to say much directly at the UN conference, the US regime slinked off with its tail between its legs. In less then a day, with Russian planes just taking off, the US and its pet lap dogs, the British and French, like neutered jackals, let loose with factless screeches that Russian bombs, which had yet to fall, were killing civilians....just never mind that hundreds of thousands murdered by the NATO proxies (like the hospital hit in Afghanistan just now...we'll be checking on that to get all the facts...we are NATO, you can trust really) and drones.

They used recycled pictures, since they could not possible have found any from bombs that had not even dropped. But why should facts stand in the way of another glorious NATO lie? They never did before.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Freedom of the Press for Me But Not for You

Yesterday, 17 September, after another visit by the flying Nuland, Ukraine announced yet another stammeringly stupid set of declarations, in this case "sanctions". There were two sets, a further ban on journalists (a European value) and a ban on Russian civilian aviation.

Second one first, as this is a side topic. So what this means is that not only can Russian planes no longer fly and land in Ukraine but they can no longer fly over it. First, this means a further loss of several hundred million dollars for over flight charges. It means much further flights for all Ukrainian flights heading south or east, as this will be reciprocated by Russia. Finally, it means 1. a huge increase in the price of tickets for most Ukrainians as Aeroflot alone is such a huge carrier and main user of Kiev as a hub, that competition without Aeroflot there to keep prices down, will be gone. Lastly, as mentioned above, Aeroflot pays for half the bills of Kiev's airport, so banning Aeroflot ensures the closing of Kiev's main airport.

Now on to the rest, dear readers.

The Ukies were quite stupid (I know a shock) to include many European journalists into their black list. After all, freedom of the press, a "Western" value was declared as of prime importance to Ukraine, by Porky, who then started black listing reporters. In this case, of course, half of those black listed were British, French and Germans, including from the mouth piece of Downing Street, the BBC.

Within a few hours, complaints from around the world starting pouring in, and more importantly, from the West.

Having realized that he had screwed his puppet masters, Porky's regime quickly back tracked....well just on the Western journalists...the rest be damned. That was all the "freedom" loving West wanted. "Carry on".

The point is, yet one more in a very long line of hypocritical Western "values". As long as the Journalists are Russian, they can be banned, arrested, tortured, or killed (as a half dozen already have) while on assignment with big white letter "Press" on their jackets, the Western defenders of the press, could not care less.

So once again we get to see what Western exceptionalism means = hypocrisy.

Friday, September 11, 2015

The British Crimes Against Humanity

We Russians are often read the riot act on being barbarians and anti-humanists and so on, by a host of Western countries. We have been hearing these morality lectures for the better part of the past 200 years, to the point where this is the routine approach to any conversation that the Western regimes have with us "subhumans". But let us shed the light on the true histories of these mighterier and holier than thou regimes of the West and see what if any ground they have to stand on.

We will be begin with the "colourful" history of the English, who over the past 200 years have spilt more human blood then many a murderous "subhuman" or "barbarian" nation could ever dream of.

This list is not comprehensive, but lists and examines some of the louder and in their time, more sensational cases of British brutality.

So again, what have we to learn from these "humanitarians"?

Aden Torture Prisons (1960)
In order to continue controlling the Aden port that the British ruled, the UK military openned numerous torture prisons in 1960. These were used to brutally abuse and murder the Arab population seeking independence from British colonial rule. Even though the story was broken by Amnesty in 1966 and caused global outrage, the British kept right on at it. They did apologize of course. Apologized, but did not stop.

Cypriot Tortures (1955)
When Cypriot insurgents began a bombing campeign in order to free their lands from British colonial rule, the British responded with torture of the Greeks. Over 3,000 people passed through these prisons. Many were kept for up to 15 years and many were summerly executed.

Kenyan Concentration Camps (1950)
When waves of rebellion and demand for independence swept the British colonies in Kenya, the British response was typical: round up 1.5 million people into concentration camps. The British slogan was "labor and freedom" where have we heard that before? Torture, executions and working to death led to the deaths of tens of thousands. Brutallity and torture were the English way.

Terror Bombing of German Cities (1941-1945)
During these years, the allies, in this case, the British and the Americans, led a murderous campeign to exterminate the German race. Six of the eight million German civilians who died during the war were killed by terror bombings, which over a period of 3-4 days of waves of heavy bombs (about 1/4th of which had detonators set to explode up to months later), fire bombs and anti personnel bombs, would reduce any city to a burnt ruin. This however, had minimum effect on German war production, which continued to climb to the very end of the war. A total of 61 cities with a combined population of 25 million were laid to ruin.

As for crimes against humanity, those governments which ordered the destruction of German cities, thereby destroying irreplaceable cultural values and making burning torches out of women and children, should also have stood before the bar of justice.
Hon. Jaan Lattik, Estonian statesman, diplomat, historian.

Iraqi Rebellion (1920)
The newly independent (from Turkish rule) country of Iraq was given as a protectorate to the British. The population quickly tired of British colonial rule and its puppets in Iraqi power and started rebelling. The British responded with night time aerial bombings. When that wasn't enough, chemical weapons were used. Whole villages were also burnt to the ground. This lasted for over 5 years.

Burning of Cork (1920)
In response to an IRA ambush, during the Irish War of Independence, that killed one British serviceman, the British put Cork to the torch, destroying over 340 residential properties and causing over 120 million Euro (in today's monies) of damage. Firefighters were hindered from doing their work.

Amrisar Massacre (1919)
It was 1919 and the population of Amrisar India came to the British government buildings to hold a peaceful protest against British colonial rule. They gathered in the local gardens, where British troops then blocked their exits and openned fire. Within ten minutes almost 1000 men, women and children were butchered by the English. Hundreds more were killed in the stampede and another hundred drowned in the well, seeking cover form bullets. Several thousand more were injured.

Boer Concentration Camps (1899)

When the Boers discovered gold, the British stopped ignoring the two Belgian republics and decided to move in. The Second Boer war was the more serious of the matter. The Boers fought as light cavelry and rode circles around the British columns, shooting down the British. Unable to pin the Boers down and destroy them, the British went after their families. Thus were the first concentration camps born. Ten percent of the Boer population were murdered in these camps, amongst them 22,000 children. To make matters worse, the British rounded up and worked to death some 20,000 Africans who happened to be in the area.

Chinese Opium Wars (1839-1842, 1856-1860)
Who has been the world's biggest narco-kingpin....well she was actually a queenpin, Her Imperial Majesty Queen Victoria, whose government ran opium into China and dumped it there in an attempt to create a huge drug population and destroying and subjugating the Chinese. The Chinese were defeated in both wars, for trying to force the British to stop shipping in opium. In defeat they signed the Nanking protocol which gave the British free reign to bring in what ever they wanted: aka opium.

Genocide of the Koori on Tasmania (1830)
The British led a military expedition to wipe out the entire population of teh Koori population native to their Tasmanian possession. This period was known as the Black War. Over 1000 of the locals, or the majority of the population, were exterminated. A line of 2200 British regulars and civilian volunteers formed a line driving all natives on the island forward or killing them.

Some other pictures of British colonial rule.

British Colonists beheading Chinese in Hong Kong

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Ukrainian Autonomy Vote

Straight out of the best of double speak, we get the Ukrainian constitutional amendment for autonomy. Or rather that is how it is being sold in Ukraine and the West.

No less then Nuland herself had to fly in to try and convince the Ukrainian Rada to vote for the constitutional amendment for autonomy...what could be better? After all, this is what Donbass wanted is it not?

And here as with all such things, we find that the reality has no baring on the crap that is pushed by DC and its vassals. Lets explore this issue, which in this case has actually two parts: special status for Donbass and autonomy or federalization in general.

First the special status. The special status, which is not even guaranteed, is offered under the following rules: 1. Donbass surrenders, 2. All those who stood for their freedom will either leave Ukraine as a whole or go to jail for their "crimes" of wanting a say in their lives and 3. then the new Rada will vote on a limited "autonomy" status with a good through date of 3 years. What a deal. Yes, sir, all those who fought, bled and died, not to mention had their wives, children and others maimed and murdered and are still to this day being killed by NATO funded artillery, will just role over for this prize.

But this will give the US the lever to pull for war, as now they will be able to scream that autonomy was offered and Donbass turned it down so these terrorists must be ground into extinction....charge.

The second part is even more cynical and is the reason behind the riots in Kiev. This is the final silver bullet to kill any pretense of a constitutional order in Ukraine. Under the guise of federalism, the US is pushing through the Rada (ok its Porridge...but he is the face of the US in Ukraine) the power to fire, at will, any locally elected provincial politician. So the president of Ukraine would become an all but absolute tyrant with the ability to replace, at will, any and all elected representatives in Ukraine....this is federalism? Well, it is in a West that is running forward to dictatorship in all its various parts.

When the constitutional court in Ukraine looked at this and was set to turn it down, the chief justice was in an autowreck (perpetrator never found) the day before the vote. This is a common tactic in Ukraine, from the 90s, to kill off pesky political opponents. The court got the message and voted the next day that this was all perfectly constitutional. Now only the Rada is left and it has already voted on the first more bought vote to go to dictator Porky.

Now, dear readers, how is that for channeling Orwell?

Friday, July 31, 2015

Iceland: Proving That Everyone in Europe is a Whore

Iceland: Proving That Everyone in Europe is a Whore

This week a line of minor and non-existent economies joined the sanctions on Russia. Mighty powerhouses such as Lichtenstein, Ireland, and Albania. The biggest was Norway. 

The surprise, however, came from Iceland. This once more proves the point: all Europeans, especially those of the Germanic-Anglo-Scandanavian stock are honourleas whores, Iceland is first and foremost.


Simple: twice in the past 60 years Russia, first in the guise of the Soviet Union and the last time a mere 5 years ago, saved Iceland's economy.

The year was 1952 and after a row on fishing rights, with Iceland's economy 90% dependent on fishing, Britain banned all Icelandic imports.

The US as usual acted like a strumpet and abandoned its Icelandic ally.

To that end, the Soviet Union stepped in an began an oil for fish exchange. This saved the Icelandic economy.

"“…the USSR became overnight one of the largest buyer of Icelandic fish. This is well remembered in Iceland. Referring to Iceland a foreign reporter once noted that it was indeed a strange country that hosted American military bases but which cars and fishing fleet were driven by Soviet fuel.”  Icelandic Foreign Minister Halldor Asgrimsson 

Fast forward to 2008 when Iceland's banks went belly up and Britain was once again leading the charge in Europe to wring out of Iceland every last penny.

To whom did Iceland turn? You guessed it: Russia. Russia gave this nation a huge stabilization loan at well below market prices.  The loan was $4 billion twice the sum of all the Scandinavian loans combined.

So after twice saving them, how do these "great" people react? They react like typical whores. 

Iceland sells Russia $13,8 million in exports, representing  $5.2 billion.  This is 9th place for Iceland.

Counter sanctions will not be a huge blow, true, but best remember, unlike your new-old friends like the British and other honourless Europeans who turn on each other like hungry sharks, we Russians do not forget and the likelihood of ever bailing out Iceland again is near zero and the likelihood of Iceland needing it is quite great.

So once more this proves, Europe is full of whores and we are not Europeans. Thank Christ for that. 

Friday, July 24, 2015

The New War of Ideologies

The New War of Ideologies

The new century has come and a new clash of ideologies, indeed civilizations has come upon the world. This one is more intractable than those of the 20th century.

Most of the 20th century, post 1917, was consumed with various wars of ideology, indeed, most of these ideologies, be they Communism, Fascism or Capitalism were variants of Marxism, but they were vicious to an extreme. And yet, the states espousing these various branches of Marxism (total government, big industry and total government or big finance and total government) were not so different from each other.

The new war is a much deeper divide, one between extreme liberalism and its total government enforcers and conservatism. This war started in the late 20th century between the West and Islamic Jihad, which itself, in today’s version, was a revolt against modernization. The East, particularly the force embodied in Russia was lost, disoriented and had at that moment turned its back on its responsibility as the Third Rome.

Indeed, the Liberals were Liberals with some constraints, back in the 1990s and did not seem to pose such a threat to Russian culture, which at that moment was to busy idolizing everything Western, no matter how obscene. On the other hand, the Islamics were the extreme of the extreme and their culture was quite foreign to the 95% of Russian society that was based on Orthodoxy and deluded by Communism.

However, as the trends of the 1990s and 2000s progressed, things started to turn radically different.

Freed of the yoke of Communist control, the Orthodox Church, that bedrock of Russia, began to regain its moral force. First disoriented it reorganized and began the slow but steady movement forward as the hand maiden of the One True God. Each rebuilt church became a center of the old Russian civilization and those centers started to grow as mushrooms.

Many of the rich, many of whom were gangsters in the 1990s, started to wake up as well. They started to acknowledge their sins and their blood money. These people in turn started turning to the Church and some of the biggest temples to God have and are built by these people. By the late 2000s, society as a whole, started to look differently at money and greed. The generation that grew up with a sole goal of grabbing and scooping and accumulating everything they could, just like the West taught us, found itself soulless and empty.

The difference is, of course, the Russian soul is not the American or European soul. The Russian soul, built upon the Russian DNK and the Orthodox Church can not long live on a foundation of soullessness, of greed and empty morality. While this realization was not spontaneous and some will never be reached, it has occurred and in no part, thanks to the West’s own greed and superiority complex.

Russians started to notice and realize that to the West we are nothing but the country cousin who is to be laughed at and taken advantage of. But why? Why when our history is greater and longer than half of those Western nations, our culture no less full. The aborted American Colour Revolution in Moscow only underlined what the West held in store for us and saw us as.

The Sochi games sealed that understanding. After all the constant negative, hatred filled press from the West, the games were the greatest ever held in the history of the Olympics. An extravaganza the likes the world has never seen. And with that came the total domination of Russian athletes over those of the rest of the world, which was again upheld in Baku during the European games, where Russia took more gold then any other nation’s total medal count and by twice.

Russians full came into the realization that we are not some inadequate country cousin, but a civilization of its own, a great civilization, the Third Rome. Not only can we stand on par with anything the West produces but we can surpass it.

The second event was soon the follow. The West accelerated its schedule, fearful of the rising Third Rome, and began the coup and civil war in Ukraine. The Russian soul came fully awake upon that note. Russian volunteers flooded into Novorossia to defend fellow Russians. Unlike Western mercenaries, these men and many women, did not come to earn monies, but to fight and die for common culture, for common faith. Amongst these were other nationalities who while not sharing our faith do share our culture under our flag. Many Chechens and Daghistanies also came to lay their lives down on the defense of the Russian World, an understanding that was reborn.

The final weapon the West used was sanctions. These were by and far the worst feared and turned out so far to be the least threatening. For 23 years, the fifth column of Liberals and paid and owned shills had done everything to stop Russian economic growth and to clamp Russia to the West, while convincing everyone that without the West we would face sure Armageddon.

The Sanctions came and Armageddon did not. After an initial panic, Russians calmed down, as a society and took rational stock of what had happened. Yes, it hurt, but pain is something we are used to on the level of DNK and the pain was not even that bad. Then we started substituting the West in all spheres, first with our own production and then with new friends and allies.

What we learned was that the world, that other 70% of the world, not represented by the West or its Islamic Jihadist Frankensteins, were behind us. It was tepid at first but grew quickly. As these other nations realized that we are the rock upon which the Western waves break and upon which an opposition could be built, they flooded in.

Just this summer, “isolated Russia” held the BRICS conference (to which Indonesia wants to add its own “I”) and the next day after it ended, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, to which Belarus, India, Pakistan and others are clamoring to enter.

But what is the basis of this split?

The Basis is much much deeper than the economic basis between the Communists and Liberal Democracies of the mid to late 20th century. This basis is built upon totally different and incompatible world views: between soulless expansionist Liberalism and God Fearing Conservativism, specifically in the Eastern Christian understanding of it.

As we move to fully ban Satanic practices such as abortion (except in rape or real medical needs) and the West howls, we ask ourselves “How can we have meaningful conversations with those who view abortion on a grand scale, harvesting the organs and body parts of murdered babies as good economic practice?” How can we speak with those who spit upon God and His commandments? How can we have understanding with those who see marriage as an anything goes? Who celebrate sexual perversion as some great achievement? How can we communicate with those who commit genocide around the world and rob nations blind in the name of “democracy” and “human rights”?

The short of it is, we can not. It would be easier to speak with fish and find common understanding, then for us to find it with the West.

It does not have to mean war, we can find detente, but I am afraid that even that is impossible with the maniacs and Satanists who now sit the Western thrones and are devil driven to start another giant conflagration to consume hundreds of millions of human lives.

We will not abandon our God Christ for any price, for to do so is to pay a price much worse than pain or discomfort on earth, it is to damn one’s soul for all eternity and for that price, no comforts on earth are worth it. The West, godless, hatred towards Christ overflowing, sees no eternal life and believes in the short of it. Anything goes and anything should be done to others to keep it all going.

It is a war against God on an epic scale as nothing yet seen. And we are the shield wall that will not let this pass. God is with us, and we will not move, our line is drawn. God is with us.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Russia’s Assault Against Abortion

Russia’s Assault Against Abortion

Just another reason for the liberal, and anti-Christ, West to hate Russia. And this reason, more so then protecting the minds of our youth from sexual perversion or our countrymen in Crimea from political perversion, is the real doozy. This is an attack on the very eugenics invented and pushed by the West, of which abortion is the center piece of the Devil’s work.

Abortion is the key part of the program to cheapen the value of human life to triviality and create a sense that the majority of humanity is nothing but working chattel for the elites. It is also the main hatchet used to cut down the tree of Christianity and with it all the morals dos and don’t that create a functional and humane society.

Sure, the God hating liberals hide behind the usual catch phrases of Demonocracy that they sell: choice, rights of a woman, individuality, etc. What of course all this comes down to is the Satanic absolute freedom that the Devil pushes. This is summed up in: you are an animal, that’s it, do as you please. Of course if you neighbor does as he pleases to you, well, that’s freedom baby. God’s message has always been quite the opposite: you are not an animal, you are not free to do as you please, here are the rules and laws you shall live by, so that your soul may grow and prosper and not burn with that absolute freedom that the Devil wills you.

Since the US was founded on and the rest of the West has succumbed to the Masionic rebellion against God, King and Tradition, it should be no surprise that starting with abortion, the tree of evil grows to consume marriage, heterosexuality, the essence of whom we are and in the end our very lives, all on the bonfire of illusionary “freedom”.

To that end, Russia, which has always been historically the defender of Christianity, with the exception of the 70 years of Soviet (again fostered by the Western elites) domination, is again moving to fill its historic role.

At present, abortions are limited to the first 12 weeks of pregnancy and requires a 3-5 day waiting period, unless by special order of a court (usually in the case of medical reasons or due to heavy drug use by the mother). This was greeted by outrage from the human “rights” warlords, but then forgotten under a pile of new “outrages”.  The new laws making their way through our Duma will have no less of an impact and should fit nicely to all the other screaming from the West.

The first is to remove abortions from the paid clinics and only to the government clinics. This will remove the profit incentives behind this heinous act. The second is to make it mandatory that ultrasounds be performed first and that the mother sees the ultrasounds. The third is that a meeting with a councilor be made mandatory.

Equally, a fourth law project, that will surely make the Christ haters in the West scream, is to allow the Church to have councilors and paperwork for the pregnant women whose babies have been diagnosed with birth defects. There is a much higher level of abortions for these kinds of children, steaming from the anti-Christian and anit-Life utilitarian approach of the old Soviet Union.

Those in the West who have already heard about these works are already screaming. Not only do they worship the lord of lies and death, but to have the Russians multiplying even faster than we already are, is not good news. Anything with a Christian culture on their borders, anything giving their peons hope is not good news and must be put down…their Satanic master would have it no other way.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Shattering the European Delusion

Shattering the European Delusion

Europeans as a race, a culture, and yes, are under a deep delusion that Russians are like themselves in key areas…just a more barbaric version.

To that end, Europeans have bought into the idea that they can kiss the feet of the Yankies, shite in our general direction and that when all this blows over or their mad sexual fantasy of doing to Putin what they did to Gaddafi, happens, that they will just waltze back in and all will be “alright”…that is, the Russians will be kissing our collective European arses again to be let into the civilized club and we the European inbred super race along with our Yanki masters will again be making lots of cash off of milking the Russian cow.

That, of course, is where you fools have gone well off of the tracks. A few of you understand this fact or are just starting to, but you have truly screwed your fortunes for generations to come.

Allow me to once again enlighten the lot of you. We are not Germans, French, Spaniards or Britains…unlike the lot of you vipers, we actually understand the concept of honour and better yet, the concept of spravedlivost, for which none of your myrid of languages even has a word….and it fits, as you grew up as civilizations murdering, fucking and kissing each others arses as the winds changed. Honourless, moralless and spineless, always with a sharp knife to murder your neighbor when the opportunity rose up and steal his lands and riches. When your neighbors were to strong, you sailed the oceans looking for weaker people to murder and rape…often in that order.

Unlike you, we have always been a defensive empire, since we took Christ as our Saviors, and followed the real teachings, unlike you who are mostly followers of one heresy or another, starting with the Catholic heresy. When not attacked we do not invade, for war to us is still murder. And it is a good thing for the lot of you that we believe that, for killing is a very core nature in a warrior race such as the Great Slavs. You have learned that a half hundred times over the past 800 years as you continued to try and invade us and we have laid whole generations of you into the ground, just like we will soon be doing that.

But even if somehow you manage to avoid real war with us, we are for the most part through. Three more generations of Russians have seen what you Europeans are in truth, and we are sickened to our souls by you and your two-faced natures. The disdane that flows for Europe and Europeans as a whole is a sight to see. In parallel, we have also rediscovered what was surpassed for almost 30 years: our own greatness. Our self confidence has returned and we quite realize, we do not need you, we can do quite well without you.

Your sanctions were like the beast in the dark, it scared us because it was the unknown. We know we can slaughter you in war, we always have, but economics…..this was something else. And then, you laid your sanctions on us….and….and…that’s it? Ha…well, now that was not so bad. So you laid more….and more and more…and we laid just a few back on you and your screamed like broken whiny kids…oh that hurts, our apples are rotting, our fish is rotting our…jobs are rotting…. And thus we realized, you are not ten meters tall or even two meters tall and your only real threat is a laughing stock.

What we have also learned is that we are in a zero sum game with you and your Yanki masters. We will fight you tooth and nail to reclaim the Orthodox lands for Christ and for our shared culture and future. The rest of you no longer matter.

On our side stands the vastness of humanity and most of the world GDP…on yours? A dying culture backed by a dying race that spits in the face of God, like the fools you are.

We are done, with you in general, but we will rip the Orthodox and the Slavs and Hungarians from your hands…but you can keep the Poles, they are not worth the time or sweat to save, they’re to much like you for our stomachs.


Sunday, June 14, 2015

FIFA Another Color Revolution

FIFA Another Color Revolution

The drama that unfolded over the past month with FIFA is another example of the hamfisted and bovine drive by Morder to bring every human endeavor under its Masionic control.

The issue here is not corruption, though I am sure there was plenty of it. Remember this is the nation that bought for itself the winter Olympics in Salt Lake City with galling corruption, a nation that brought two depressions to the world with the same corruption and in which the bankers responsible were punished by being given trillions of additional dollars. No this is not about corruption as Mordor is as corrupt as the worst of the worst moments of the Roman empire and just as decadent.

What this is about is power and control. Mr. Blatter's crime was refusing to allow US political control of his organization. In specific, the drive to replace Russia's hosting of the 2018 games, with, gasp, the US'. For that matter his chief vice presidents were arrested right before the vote by US warrant in Switzerland. It of course shows that Switzerland is now a compromised Mordor puppet, with no sovereignty of its own.

However, the US Jordanian puppet was shot down by the non Mordor vassalized world. The European slave races of course followed Mordor to a T. The rest rebelled and reelected Blatter.

The fact that Blatter a week later resigned must demonstrate only the amount of threats by Mordor and pressured leveled against him. What threats were used? Was his family threatened? What was the offer from Mordor?

That more such evil will follow is beyond a doubt.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Europe's Hypocrites Deadly In Their Silence

Europe's Hypocrites Deadly In Their Silence

Yesterday, the Rada of The National Socialist Oligarchy of Ukraine declared that all UN conventions on human rights are now suspended in the Donbas during its "anti-terrorist operation" otherwise known as the genocidal war the US/EU puppets are loosing.

At this point, of course, this only codifies the murderous tactics of the American hand puppets. Europe, as an old used whore with a high self opinion based on nothing but a worm worn family name, has been quite good at ignoring this unofficial genocide so far. It ignored the use of banned weapons by Kiev, of mass shelling of civilians, of countless daily  offenses against Minsk 2 by Kiev. Equally it ignored the torch marches, mass graves, the Nazi flags and even the laws passed by Kiev limiting freedoms of its citizens and creating concentration camps.

So this is no surprise, not is this a double standard. No dear readers, from the Satanic sock puppets and sociopaths who call themselves the masters of Europe and their antiChrist in the Mordor on the Potemic, this is absolutely the standard.

The whore of the Babylon of Europe speak with forked tongues an their slaves who frolic in sodomy and debt while nodding in agreement with this are no better.

Nor of course are the filth column of Russian liberals and "human rights" whores who also on Mordor's payroll are equally silent.

What the serfs and sodomites of Europe are not bright enough to realize is this is the final steps for the start of all out war in Ukraine and soon in the rest of Europe.

Well, enjoy the last days of peace, the war you bastards have started by either your active participation or your silence will engulf you all.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Will The Empire of Chaos Murder Macedonia Next

Its official, dear readers, the Mordor on the Potemic has set its evil eye on the poor country of Macedonia. Nuland, the Hand of Evil, has arrived to sow murder, death, destruction.

Last week, Albanian Islamics, from the CIA backed army of the Kosovo Liberation Army, crossed into Macedonia and attacked one of its towns. The results was 8 Macedonian soldiers killed and 14 of Uncle Sam's puppets sent to Hell and their 72 Succubus.

But why now, after almost 12 years of relative peace are the Islamics again on the march in SE Europe and in Macedonia specifically? The 20% of the population that is Muslim Albanian, in the Orthodox Christian slavic country, has broad autonomy and has been relatively peaceful as they smuggle their white Romanian future whores and heroine into Europe. And how is this tied to Nuland?

Its all quite easy. Macedonia's government, headed by president George Ivanov and Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, has decided to better itself and the lot of its people, not as slaves of Mordor but as a free people. They signed deals with Russia to be a transit nation for the Turkgas pipeline and Russia has agreed to build their pipeline from which they will receive gas and transit fees. Russia has also started various other projects to improve their infrastructure. Until Mordor which buys the souls of the leaders of nations, turning them into whores like Merkel, Russia works to actually improve the lives of the people of nations...that is an evil that the bankers of the West can not abide, peasants living well.

So in steps Nuland, the Black Hand. Washington has been sponsoring the opposition to over throw the conservative government and to implement a liberal, read fascist, regime that will be pliant to the Empire of Chaos. All is over a supposed wire tap that the opposition was provided with and claims to point at government corruption and that the government denies and states as an obvious plant by Western special services. After all, spying is what the US government does best.

Add to this, with a Western sponsored demonstration in two days, a sudden attack by Islamics that have been quiet for 12 years but were and are on the US payroll, and its obvious what is going on.

The Empire of Chaos is starting a new war, another Balkan war, just like it personally started the 1991 war and the 1998 war. Washington's mass murderers are at it again. The ME, Ukraine, North Africa, all theaters of mass murder Washington has created and whose flames it spreads.

So here we go again and this time in the heart of Europe and the EU, with Greece, Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania right there in the neighborhood. Luckily for Mordor, Europe's leaders are worthless door mats and its people are broken.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Count Down to 9 May

Count Down to 9 May

As the days grow short and the festivities to commemorate the 70th anaversory of V-E day are prepared, we may be on the cusp of the next great war.

It is no secret that Ukraine, rearmed by Europe and trained by a motly crew of Anglo nations, is pulling up all the heavy equipment it still has and massing all along the front lines of the Donbass. Besides the hundreds of various mercenaries sprouting up, there is also a full US airborne batallion carrying out training in Novorossia itself (not in far off Lvov as initially claimed). OSCE has been noting and reporting on Ukraine's constant violations of the heavy weapons bans, of massing troops and of constant artillery fire against civilians...not that anything the OSCE says matters to the Eurohypocrites, whose souls are already sold.

As such, following the US's tendency to start troubles for Russia on holidays: Georgia's War during the 2008 Olympics, Ukraine's Pusch during Sochi Olympics in 2014 and now the 70th 9 May, the US puppets may be getting ready for the final (as Americans call it) Hail Mary...a final, throw everything you have into genociding the Donbass, in order to draw in Russia.

Having a battalion of the 82nd Airborne on the edge of hostilities, and I am sure throwing them into combat and the massive insueing casualties, would give Obama the excuse to drag the US and NATO into the war. Never mind that it would not be an activiation of the defensive charter, the various NATO slaves will follow what their masters tell them and marshal up to fight and die.

So will this holiday of 70 years since the last great war become the starting day of the next great war? Well, dear readers, we have 7 days to find out. I pray I am wrong.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Was 1945 a Mistake? Poland Should Have Been Left To Hitler.

Was 1945 a Mistake? Poland Should Have Been Left To Hitler.

After the competition of Operation Bagraton, Army Group Center was destroyed and the Red Army reached the Vistula. Through the end of 1944 and up to May 1945, the Red Army charged across Poland, liberating what has proven an evil, poisonous people who hate their liberators more then their oppressors.

The point at this point in history was: was this all a waste of human life, rather our human life? The past two decades were pointing towards yes and 201-2015 has definitely sealed the deal.

With the Germans pushed off of our lands and Romania defeated and switching sides, we should have offered peace: massive Danegeld from Germany for a new border along the Vestula, evacuation of all German units in the Baltics and a free hand with Finland for reabsorbtion.

Germany would then have had the free hand to crush and stop the US/UK war machine and the two would have continued to bleed each other. Europe would have a three way power share after that.

As for the Poles, in all truth by now the only Poles left would be in Chicago or NYC, they would have gotten all of Hitler's tenderness for their betrayal of their alliance with Germany in 1938. But Poles are very good at betrayal, under handedness and utter hypocrisy. We in return would have spared the lives of one million Soviet soldiers.

As for the French, Belgians and other European slave races? What matters to a slave whose boot he lives under, the American, EU or Nazi German. They were and are happy slaves and Hitler would have still given them the anti-Christian liberalism. The pedophilia and such that they so cherish.

It was our mistake to think we were freeing these people, slaves born to slavery are forever slaves.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Suing Ukraine Out of Existence

Suing Ukraine Out of Existence

To say that the regime in Kiev is ignorant and nonsensical is like saying a hurricane is just a light wind off of the sea. The first and obvious move of lunacy by these American puppets was and is the destruction of the Lenin statues.

Now, as any of my steady readers knows, I am no fan of the Reds and especially that traitor and another Wall Street client, Lenin. But for the Ukinazis to pull down the statues of the very man who created that Frankenstein of Ukraine, is rather ridiculous. This of course shows the depth of stupidity and ignorance that runs the course through the veins of the majority of the Banderites, if not their leaders.

Now this week, Kiev has passed the all mother of stupidities: they have passed a law (please sit down, dear reader and remove any cups from your hands and swallow that morning accidents please) ... a law outlawing all Soviet laws.

Now stop and let that sink in......

So, where to begin: lets begin with Lenin's 1921 annexation of Novorossia from Russia and its addition to Malorossia, thus forming the proto-Ukrainian state. This was the codification of the agreement between Lenin and the Germans in 1917, to exit the Great War, an agreement Lenin had no right to make or empowerment neither from the Karensky government (itself in cahoots with Lenin) or his own Bolsheviks.

Just on this bases, the Donbass in particular and all of Novorossia in general must be returned to Russia post facto, not to mention that there can be no questions in regards to the 1954 transfer of Crimea, another Soviet Crime. True, Novorossia's Odessa Oblast must return its southern half to Romania, an area known as Bessarabia, taken by Stalin.

Then there is the 1920s Kornezatsia program from the Soviets, that promoted "ethnic" Ukrainians into power positions in Russian Kiev and Russian Novorossia. It also forced the hybrid creation of the Austrians "Ukrainian" as a language of equal terms to the Russian population of these areas. This in truth created the mess in central Ukraine, which too was ethnically Russian, that we have today.

Just like Marxism (and Serfdom before it and Democracy after it), enforced Multi-culutralism had dramatic negative effects on Russia. All such imports do not sit well on our soil and after doing their damage are repulsed. However, the Konezatsia (Multi-Culturalism) seems to have created the longest and worst of effects.

Now, if you are Polish, at this point, you may ask: well what about our four Oblasts to the West? Why yes, you too have the right to now grab that land and return it to greater Poland. But do not dare to think to oust those poor Banderites that you yourselves nurtured, on us Russians. No those famous geneciders of Poles will be your problem to deal with.

And yes, we have not forgotten Hungry either, Galatia should be yours too.

So there, its time to sue Ukraine out of the hybrid existence that monster state has enjoyed way to long. A creation of the Marxists should die equally by repulsion of all Marxist laws.

Oh and as a side note, for those of you in the informationally blocked out West: Free Ukraine: up until yesterday, in a span of 3 months, 5 oppositions politicians "committed" suicide, with such acts as being helped out of a window. But those days are gone, there is no point in hiding behind suicide. In 2 days, 1 opposition politician and 2 opposition journalists were gunned down in broad daylight on Kiev's streets. And it turns out, that Avokov, Minister of the Interior, is hosting a website with over 400 opposition candidate names and home addresses, all who "deserve" death. The three victims had their profiles updated to "liquidated". Welcome to modern American/EU values.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Yugoslavia All Over Again

Its the season for Deja Vu, or it should be the feeling of anyone who has any idea of how Minsk 2 is dieing.

Back in 1992, when the Bosnian Civil War was just starting off, the Germans made a herculean effort to stop the fighting before it escalated out of control. To that point, they were able to get all three sides: the Serbs, Bosniacs and Croats to agree on a federated republic of Bosnia. All three sides signed the ceasefire and peace was in the air, or at least that was what it seemed like.

Unfortunately for humanity, the Empire of Chaos, which had not yet been unmasked as Mordor on the Potemic, was hard at work to make sure blood flowed and it and its closest were guaranteed big profits. To that end, the Voice of Mordor of those times, Holbrook, went to Izabegovich and guaranteed him that if he broke the ceasefire and federation agreement that he just signed, that Izabegovich, with American backing, would rule over the first real Islamic state in Europe.

Of course we all know about the four years of blood and murder that followed, just like the Satanic forces in DC wanted. All the German efforts at peace were to naught.

Let us now fast forward some 22 years and we find ourselves in the same spot: Minsk 2. We will ignore the whoring ways of Merkel and bunch in punishing Russia twice for supporting their efforts and pushing through Minsk 1 and Minsk 2 to the Novorossians, by laying additional sanctions on Russia before the ink was dry. Regardless, the effort was made and as Duchess Nuland, the Whore of Mordor, put it: "Merkel is doing her stupid Russian thing". Merkel, not having the spine to really go against her dark masters, reacting half hearted to those direct insults.

And so, Mordor has made sure everything was done to ruin Minsk 2 and make sure war would go on and escalate. The Ukranazis did not pull back equipment like promised, though the Novorossians have. They did not stop shelling, though they did cut it down quite a bit for a while, but that has been escalated. They refused to recognize the two republics or even the leaders with whom they signed the agreement, insuring that war would follow. And they took the time to mass what reserves and what green meat they could round up from their fleeing male population.

The Yanks have already stated that they will send heavy weapons to the Ukranazis, even as their own orks are running up and down the provinces of the vassal EU slave races. How much is this to "ensure" those about to be thrown into the Russian fire that the Yanks are behind them and how much to cow local resistance to would be suicide, is yet to be seen. That the Orks of Mordor would shoot at the slave races of the EU is beyond a doubt, should any of those slaves, say the Greeks, Czeks, Slovaks or Hungarians, decide to rule their own lands in their own interests and not those of Mordor.

So the Russian response has been, from the Duma, to threaten a retaliation by giving the Novorossians modern Russian arms, recognition of Novorossia and giving Putin authority to use the Russian army in Ukraine against the puppet Ukranazis.

Where will this take us? Only time and the Germans will tell. Why the Germans? Because without the Germans participating in the Suicide of Europe, the French and Italians and Spanish will not go it alone. The Romanians and Bulgarians are sure to revolt and only the lapdog Brits, the cancerous Poles and the three yap dogs of the Baltics will be left to support Mordor's war effort....and if those five states suffer massive casualties and fall into complete ruin, Europe would hardly notice.

So, Germans, once more, you are the key to your own survival....or will your children, fatherless, like to pay another 30 years for another American sponsored rebuilding of Berlin and your other cities?