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Western "Experts" On the Attack

Western "Experts" On the Attack

Reading the garbage that passes for "experts" on Russia, such as the acclaimed Ian Bremmer and his brainless hit piece Putin’s puppet show shows why the West is in the straights that it is in. The man is described, on Reuters as:

the president of Eurasia Group, the leading global political risk research and consulting firm. Bremmer created Wall Street's first global political risk index, and has authored several books, including the national bestseller, The End of the Free Market: Who Wins the War Between States and Corporations?, which details the new global phenomenon of state capitalism and its geopolitical implications. He has a PhD in political science from Stanford University (1994), and was the youngest-ever national fellow at the Hoover Institution.

But yet, when one reads his work, one understands why if this is the advice that the US or UK or any other nation listens to, that there should be no doubt as to why these states are in foreign policy dire straights that they are in.

The piece is an absolute hit piece, low on facts, high on stereotypes and with absolutely zero credibility, meant for the internal consumption of the Anglo audience. First and foremost, it is made as an "expert" opinion to underline a basis for a new Anglo Cold War on Russia. Why? Well, why not, when the news at home is disaster 24/7?

For those of us in Russia and Russian speaking, those who actually put boots on the ground, have a grounding in the economy and listen to more then the big headed opinions of clueless academics glowing in the light of their own high self opinions, the glamour of wisdom is quickly replaced by their blight of stupidity, showing them for what they really are: little men, with big titles and no knowledge but a snake oil salesman's charm and wit.

Lets break this down:

People talk about the Russian presidential election like it really matters. But it doesn’t. The supposedly big news and debate right now is whether or not Russian President Dmitry Medvedev will run for president again in 2012.

Substitute that Russia for America and we'll see how much any of this matters. US elections are the most rigged elections in the West, where the kabooky theater presents the voter with a Democrat-Republican dialectic which is in truth a elite owned one party two branch system of theft and corruption. The great parliamentary elections of 2010, with the Tea Party, yet another actor of the theater of the absurd, hyped to change everything has once again showed to change nothing. Most of those Tea Party people fell right in line with their big brothers and big donors before they even got to Washington, but they did do a good job of taking the wind right out of the sails of those who still thought they could do something.

Just like the 2008 elections presented only two differences in basically the same platform: a young half black, well he's actually half arab but who's arguing, man and an old, white guy. Otherwise, what was the platform difference? Yes, one needs to scratch most of the hair from one's own head to figure out a single real plank of difference between the two big spending, pro-illegal alien, war war war socialists. Any real politicians, like Dr. Paul, were shut up and marginalized early on.

While Medvedev looks like he is trying to distance himself from Putin — he has taken a different stance on Libya and is pro-US and Europe and pro-private sector — Medvedev, as much as he may be interested in running again, is not going to run against Putin if Putin puts himself in the race.

Actually, dear Ian, no he is not trying to distance himself and has said exactly that, on numerous interviews, that he and Putin and those around them are on one team.

Historically, Russia has had show trials; this is a show election.

Um, again, dear bright fellow, the Soviet Union had show trials, similar to the US sponsored ones in the Hague, though I doubt you'd have noticed, the Hague being outside of your "Eurasian" studies, I am sure.

But this presidential election is feeling much too like the Khodorkovsky trial, yet another show trial that failed to prove that fair trials exist in Russia.

Ahh, the Khodorkovsky trial, the favorite of any Russophobe. Funny, the European Court of Human Rights sure did not seem to share your bias or views that this was either a political trial or a show trial. But this is the typical beaten horse of the Russophobes, who no doubt will now try to say that they do not hate Russians, just the government that Russians put in place, those stupid untermensch slavs.

Despite a handful of people and media publications who see right through Russia’s vexing charade, there is a deep rooted reason why they continue to put on such a show — Russia’s insecurity complex. It is exactly that complex, and the diverted energy to cover it up, that makes Russia continually bluster any meaningful political and economic reform.

He is still talking about poor Misha, no not Saakashvili. Gee, maybe this still goes on because there is appeals and new evidence and new crimes being uncovered as the rot of Yukos continues to be aired. This is called a judicial process, dear Ian, you would do well to look it up.

Despite Russia’ desire to compete with the West, the fact is their economy is not growing – in fact, banks are starting to pull out of the country. Yet Russia is so desperate to be considered a superpower and accepted as an advanced Western nation that they continue to flex their muscles. In the end, this only makes them look yet weaker , especially against the backdrop of their next door neighbor, China, which is growing, along with its confidence.

Really Ian? Well best tell that to Simons, which just signed contracts to build one of their biggest plants in the world here, to manufacture locomotives. Best tell that to Boeing, NASA (they buy ion engines and data cables and connectors), Emerson, Halliburton, Baker Hughs, Ford, Chevy, GM, Renault, Toyota, Nissan, IBM, Intel, Erkison, McDonalds, Burger King, Subway, TGI Fridays, Wendies, Catepiller, Hyndai and dozens of other companies who have invested heavily or are investing heavily in Russia and most with new factories.

As a matter of fact, if our dear "expert" actually came to Russia and visited the manufacturing plants, he would notice that most are working 24/7 with 3 shifts and orders out for 18 or more months. This "expert" might realize that it is a 3-6 month wait period for a new car from any of the two dozen auto plants, all in the midst of rapid expansion, and not from lack of sales and work but from the massive orders coming in. This "expert" might also notice that banks like Citibank and Raeffaisen are booming all over, along side some hundred other Russian banks. He might notice the cranes everywhere constructing new factories, new apartment buildings, new roads and new shopping centers. He might drive around to the thousands of new European style housing complexes sprouting up like mushrooms or notice that the unemployment rate is at a point most Westerners only drool about. But no, our "expert" who sits in his comfortable office and writes ridiculous rubbish, believed by others who have no real knowledge or reality and published by a mouth piece of the Anglo-Elites, is not aware of any of this.

or now, the outcome of who’s going to run for president is probably already predetermined, but it looks nice for Russia to have foreign speculation of plurality in their country. Contrary to common wisdom, it would be a mistake to count Medvedev out. While Putin is still quite popular and could easily get reelected, going back as president shows weakness on his part and it’s great to have Medvedev be his plausible deniability

The closing is the biggest gibberish yet. Mr. Bremmer, did you actually take the time to return and reread this before posting it? Come now, is your hubris to great that you are that blinded to the utter stupidity of the statement?

Top 9 Signs that Totalitarian Democracy is Here To Stay

Ever get the feeling, living in the West, that the end of your civilization, as you know it, is here? Well, you are not alone. The cycle of Monarchy-Revolution-Republic-Democracy-Anarchy-Totalitarianism is almost done and most of the societies are now in the Democracy-Anarchy-Totalitarianism stage of transition, closing in on the final end game.

1 -- The elites of the West wage global wars, against the very laws of their own lands, ignoring the will of their people and their own constitutional boundaries for nefarious reasons. These wars cost billions of dollars and euros which the bankrupt nations do not have, leading to further cuts in services to advance the lining of the pockets of the military industrial complexes backing NATO.

2 -- Even as this goes on, a race to the bottom with massive printing of cash, is the status que of the West. In 2008, CBSNews had this interesting article. Central banks open different cash spigots

The world's central bankers are strapping on some pretty exotic monetary gear these days as they try to prevent a global financial brush fire from becoming a full-blown economic recession. Before September, monetary authorities — whether at the Bank of Canada, the U.S. Federal Reserve or the Bank of England — basically used interest rates to control inflation and economic activity.
As panic took hold of Wall Street and almost every other equity market, central bankers started pumping new money into the financial systems of various countries as fast as possible. The amounts involved grew so quickly that what were shocking figures at the beginning of the crisis became mundane as more companies ran into financial trouble.

The process has not stopped. Inflation of the money supply has led to sky rocketing prices. In America, for example, the cost of a Memorial Day picnic, compared to just a year ago, has gone up by 29%! Less banger for your buck: The Memorial Day BBQ will cost you 29% more this year thanks to inflation

3-- This in turn has made retirement extinct and has thrown the savings of tens of millions of seniors, and the seniors themselves, under the proverbial train. As interest rates are kept at zero, retirement funds, set aside, are now earning nothing and in some cases actually loosing money, while pensions are not adjusted upwards, through accounting gimics that show inflationary pressure at zero while prices surge. In this, the UK is already leading the charge.

Millions of people are expected to struggle as they cope with a smaller retirement fund than they expected to. Reports suggest that retirees will likely see a significant decrease in income as they face the prospect of hardship in the coming years
UK retirees to suffer financial hardship

4-- Then there is the general financial oppression of the people of the West. The elites, never ending the gravy government train ride that has shifted the vast majority of the wealth of all the Western nations into their hands, are out to squeeze what's left of society.

Just in the UK, this spring alone, the VAT has gone up, mandatory contributions are up, and another 1 million people have been re-bracketed into a higher tax bracket. Clapped-out UK finally squeezed to the last drop even as in the US municipal taxes are sky rocketing, there are increases in sales taxes and the working rich, those actually earning an income, as opposed to the elites earning percentages off of existing money, are facing increases in personal taxes, from politicians owned by those elites.

In Greece the public is facing incredibly higher taxes, cut benefits and a massive sell off of government assets to the banking elites, while the country takes out billions more in loans that will not go help the people but to pay the creditors: aka, the elites of Europe. The same disaster faces Spain, Italy, Ireland and Portugal in the first wave and everyone else afterwards. Greece and Spain react to the Euro-pact of painful economic reforms

Of course all of this is killing businesses and employment, leading to yet more on the government dole in an engineered endless vortex, which itself leads to mass demonstrations and protests, thus hurtling the West straight into the Anarchy phase it has entered, even as all the machinery of the Tyranny phase are in place.

5-- And the state is watching you and worse yet, the Totalitarian Democracies are exchanging data on their citizens, so there is no escape from your "freedom". From groping transportation security agents or naked screen shots, first at airports and now at railways and bus stations, to hundreds of millions of cameras tracking a citizens every move, to smart phones logging in your location every couple of minutes, you are never alone, not even on the crapper. Researcher: iPhone, iPad track users' whereabouts

In the UK there are dust bin patrols, looking into every citizens rubbish to see what they have consumed or not. Busy bodies that can not get enough of the voyeuristic life style. In the US, the government spends billions not on crumbling bridges or decayed schools but on monitoring social networking. US government plans mass monitoring of social networks while the American enforcers, er police, are actively stealing innocent people's data off of their smart phones. ACLU wants to know how Michigan cops use 'data extraction devices'

But as if all this was not enough to break the back of the average citizen:

6-- Out of control crime and minority "rage" is everywhere. In America, mobs of youths are now rampaging through business districts, robbing stores. A mob of over fifty such youths, building on the social media of "flash mobs" went on just such a rampage near Chicago. “Young people are risk takers; they do things in groups far more than adults do. A medium like Twitter plays into the characteristics of young person’s behavior,” Scott Decker, a professor of criminology at Arizona State University, told

Meanwhile Norway is experiencing an insane wave of rapes, as third world migrants run rampant destroying the lives of non-believers, that is, the indigenous locals. This is ok, since this destroys any coherent control of a culture by the locals and ushers in the Totalitarian Democracy. Both the perps and the victims are useful idiots to the plans of the power elite. Police Report: All Assault Rapists in Oslo Follow Muhammad .

But Norway has a long way to go to catch up to Sweden, as Stockholm is now and has been for a long time, the capital of rape in Europe. Sweden tops European rape league. Sweden has 46 rapes per 100,000 people, which is double the next highest, UK and up to 20 times higher than most Eastern European countries. Of course, just like this article, Swedish elites, controlling the media, do not want to admit that the third world scum they bring in is behind this. An example of this:

Swedish girls Malin and Amanda were on their way to a party on New Year’s Eve when they were assaulted, raped and beaten half to death by four Somali immigrants. Sweden’s largest newspaper has presented the perpetrators as “two men from Sweden, one from Finland and one from Somalia”, a testimony as to how bad the informal censorship is in stories related to immigration in Sweden. Similar incidents are reported with shocking frequency, to the point where some observers fear that law and order is completely breaking down in the country. The number of rape charges in Sweden has tripled in just above twenty years. Rape cases involving children under the age of 15 are six - 6 - times as common today as they were a generation ago. Most other kinds of violent crime have rapidly increased, too. Instability is spreading to most urban and suburban areas.
Muslim Rape Wave In Sweden

7-- Which brings us to the next point. The power elites, in order to hasten the final cycle, have flooded the West with the third worlders who actively disrupt and destroy the cohesion of society and are used as excellent storm troopers to and voting blocks to bring the Republic-Democracy cycle to its full swing and quickly launch the Democracy-Anarchy cycle. Then what is left of the indigenous population will be begging for the Totalitarian cycle to save themselves from the very barbarians they so actively allowed in. After all, the fools of the West were bribed with sympathy for those poor suffering masses or by promises of cheap goods and services from the imported slave labour.

In 2009, the brilliant and oft silenced mind of Patrick Buchanan brought Americans the warning of the invasion in "State of Emergency". The book of course was little noticed and mostly ignored. In Europe, leaders of movements that are stirring notice are either murdered, such as Jorg Hader, who died in a mysterious car wreck right after winning power, or the assassination of the Belgian rising political star Pim Fortuyn or are prosecuted such as Geert Wilder in the Netherlands or the British Nationalist Party.

8-- But of course, the excuse of bringing in the Third World for labour would not have worked if the West had kept aborting its own children in the millions. In Britain, 40+ women have the second highest abortion rates after teenagers. This is linked to care free, Devil may be life styles that bare no responsibility for their actions and care about life not one bit. 40-Something Women and Troubling Abortion Trends But this study found that American and Canadian women were the same.

The U.K. article cites another statistic indicating that higher abortion rates are not accidental, the result of contraceptive failures and surprise pregnancies, but are a lifestyle pattern in many older women. It states, "It is not clear from the statistics how many women had had an abortion before. But 44 percent of women aged 30-plus having terminations were on at least their second, 9 percent were on their third and 2 percent their fourth."

Women, who are supposed to be setting the role model for the next generation, showing wisdom are instead acting like careless teens, running around after a childhood that was supposed to have been shelved decades prior and murdering their own unborns with mindless and guiltless ease.

But even as abortion rates continue to hold high, what is even more impressive is the overall dropping birth rates, no not of the nations, but of the indigenous populations of the West. Indeed, if one looks at the overall US, French, British birthrates, they continue to be impressive, until one notices that they are composed of Mexican illegals in the US and Islamics in Europe. Then one understands that the end is near.

9-- But the biggest and most basic concept of why all this is happening is quite simple: the post Christian West. The elites, who knowingly or not, serve the Enemy, have also made the majority of the population into slaves of the Enemy. Many actually think of themselves as God fearing "Christians" even as they don't mind abortion, look the other way on degenerative popular culture or dance in the streets at the assassination of a man, even if that man was the evil Osama.

This reign of relativism which is so striking today is due, in part, to the necessities of our time. Societies are so mixed, with such plurality of peoples. You have to keep a balance between various creeds. You must not take sides. Every belief is supposed to be accorded equal value. Inevitably, even if you are not a relativist, you must sound like one if not act like one.

As a result, we have more and more relativism. And we have more and more people who hate any kind of faith. This is especially the case in the university. And it hurts intellectual life. Because all truths are treated as equal, since there is said to be no objective Truth, you are forced to be banal and superficial. You cannot be truly committed to anything, to be "for" something—even if only for the time being.
The Dictatorship Of Relativism And The Post Christian West

Christians in the West are frowned upon by the intellectual class, that is the elites and their useful idiots. Having a strong faith can cost you a promising career, especially in the sciences. Just like the previous Tyrannical system of the Soviet Union. Christians are even arrested for simply being "in the way" of gay pride parades or Islamic "culture" gatherings, while the elite owned media mocks them at every step.

The EU constitution, itself passed through absolute non-democratic means, rejected even mentioning Europe's Christianity.

Of course this most modernism, this post Christianity, that recognizes no absolute truths has led to this train of disaster and how could it not have? Once the Christians rejected the very form of government that is God's, the divine monarchy, they embarked on a path of relativism that could and can only lead to their enslavement and is almost complete.

Unfortunately, of course, the rising satanic Totalitarian West is all to happy to help any force on earth that promises to eat Christians and the Christian faith: be it the revolutionaries in Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, the powers that be in "liberated" Iraq, in Turkey, Bosnia, Albania or the dear allies in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Pakistan and so on.

Evil is what Evil does and those of you unfortunate enough to live in the West are slaves to more than just mortal evil, you are now the play things or the Enemy.

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Of Monarchy, Democracy and the Lie of Linear History

Of Monarchy, Democracy and the Lie of Linear History

"Remember democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide."
— John Adams, letter to John Taylor, April 15, 1814

“The one pervading evil of democracy is the tyranny of the majority, or rather of that party, not always the majority, that succeeds, by force or fraud, in carrying elections”
- John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton

Never a day passes that we, the modern "enlightened" man are not constantly reminded by are benevolent but "equal" betters and owners that we are now all Democracies and thus free. That the old ways of kings were days of tyranny and that we now live in the most prosperous and best of times, just ignore the mass starvations, shanty towns, legions of the poor, the insanely rich micro elite, the decaying culture, the faithless and selfish youth and all the ills of the decrepit and diabolical that is a modern "liberal" Totalitarian Democracy.

Indeed, we are taught, almost on a daily basis, to remember that it is only the natural progression of things, that Monarchy MUST become Republic and thus then an enlightened Democracy. But who is it that teaches this false prophesy of linear history? Why none others then the Christless Marxists that are the elites of the Godless and Damned West.

But why? Simple, because to them, democracy is the stepping stone to the Marxist state, of which they will be the masters. Since anything can be done, in the atheist mind that knows no greater truth then itself, that justifies the end, Democracy and its inherent corruption of the souls and minds of the masses will give rise to Marxism. The Marxist philosopher Rosa Luxembourg stated this best:

Social democracy... is only the advance guard of the proletariat, a small piece of the total working masses; blood from their blood, and flesh from their flesh.
Rosa Luxemburg

The greatest fear of the Marxist is that the masses may truly become enlightened to two facts: 1. history is cyclical and there is no law of nature that says that man can not change his direction and go back to a better and tried path and 2. that the masses will find spiritual strength to first praise the KING OF HEAVEN and then take in His appointed governor or representative on earth, over each nation. For what is the earth but a foot stool of the King of Heaven?

"The Lord said, "You have heard that it was said to the men of old, 'You shall not swear falsely, but shall perform to the Lord what you have sworn.' But I say to you, Do not swear at all, either by heaven, for it is the throne of God, or by the earth, for it is His footstool, or by Jerusalem, for it is the city of the great King."
Mathew 5:33-36

Indeed, these usual fools of the Enemy, Satan, these would be man-gods, know that deprived of God and His representative on earth, men by their nature will worship the soulless and mundane, thus creating in themselves the seeds for the tyranny of Democracy and then the slavery of Marxism.

“Monarchy can easily be debunked, but watch the faces, mark well the debunkers. These are the men whose taproot in Eden has been cut: whom no rumour of the polyphony, the dance, can reach - men to whom pebbles laid in a row are more beautiful than an arch. Yet even if they desire mere equality they cannot reach it. Where men are forbidden to honour a king they honour millionaires, athletes or film stars instead: even famous prostitutes or gangsters. For spiritual nature, like bodily nature, will be served; deny it food and it will gobble poison.” - C.S. Lewis (1898-1963)

And what are the heroes of the Left if not the very gangsters and prostitutes, both moral and physical, of which Mr. Lewis spoke of? Indeed it is of little hidden truth that Democracy, first passing through the phase of Revolution and Republic, leads to its own savage down fall and into the clutches of Marx.

The people have always some champion whom they set over them and nurse into greatness. ...This and no other is the root from which a tyrant springs; when he first appears he is a protector.

Plato knew this well and he knew it well because history is not linear but cyclical and all of this had passed several times, in one sense or another. From ancient Greece and Rome and the Philistinian states, all democracies or republics, with small exception to the states of Europe in the middle ages and on ward, states such as Novgorod, Republic Poland, Cromwellian England, Calvinist Switzerland, Venice and so on, all such states failed, failed miserably and bloodily and either returned to Monarchy or died.

However, for almost all of these states, there was the phase of the tyrant and the tyrant was the savior and protector that the people raised above themselves, evoking their "godlike" wisdom, or rather their lack there of. However, for the tyrant to stay in power, he had to have fear and while keeping his people oppressed surely works for a while, one can only whip a slave so long before the fear of pain and death sputters and dies, at which point the tyrant is in danger. To avoid this point, the tyrant does something else: he goes to war and a people that have placed the tyrant above them are more than happy to follow him to war. Just look at the Americans and British, who though they do not have one real visible tyrant are ruled by a tiny class of shadow tyrants and their puppets. Their police disarm them and beat them, their bureaucrats shackle them while their owners launch endless and numerous wars and the people rejoice and march in lockstep to die for no benefit to themselves or their nations.

When the tyrant has disposed of foreign enemies by conquest or treaty, and there is nothing to fear from them, then he is always stirring up some war or other, in order that the people may require a leader.

Winston Churchill, who was Prime Minister of a Constitutional Monarchy, where the Kings of England still, at that time, held real power, unlike the tourist attractions that they have become in their home Totalitarian Democracy, famously said:

“The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter.”
Winston Churchill

This view is better expanded on by Gustave le Bon.

"No doubt the weak side of universal suffrage is too obvious to be overlooked. It cannot be gainsaid that civilisation has been the work of a small minority of superior intelligences constituting the culminating point of a pyramid, whose stages, widening in proportion to the decrease of mental power, represent the masses of a nation. The greatness of a civilisation cannot assuredly depend upon the votes given by inferior elements boasting solely numerical strength. Doubtless, too, the votes recorded by crowds are often very dangerous. They have already cost us several invasions, and in view of the triumph of socialism, for which they are preparing the way, it is probable that the vagaries of popular sovereignty will cost us still more dearly." -Gustave le Bon, On Crowds

After all, those who seek to gain power at any price, unfettered by God, His rules, His representatives know quite well the power and worship of the majority. If, through open elections, they can gain power, but for just a second, it is something that may last a life time or several. If they can bring the majority to their side, they know that any righteous minority is doomed and that they will be the executioner of the minorities existence.

“In a democracy, the majority of the citizens is capable of exercising the most cruel oppressions upon the minority”
Edmund Burke

But in the end, the nature of the universe, as set forth by the real and only God, will prevail and through however many cycles of pain and suffering and grief, the people will return to God and by returning to God will return to the only form of government that God Himself has appointed to Himself. For what is a Christian who at once prays to and hopes for acceptance by the King of Heaven into His eternal Kingdom, but then at the same, schizophrenic moment, overwhelmingly rejects living under the same form of government as that set by the God the so called Christian supposedly loves and adores?

For the prince that is set above a people is sent, soul and body, by the King of Heaven. And while the critic may say, why then are there bad princes, one must only contemplate, why are there bad and corrupt people? May not, but yes indeed it is, that the prince the people deserve is what is sent their way to rule them. Look only to the fate of the Israelites for examples.

But on the over all virtues of monarchy, one must remember several key points: 1. God does not hate the rich or the poor nor does He admire or adore the middle. He loves all and equally. 2. A society is not and can not be created and be considered Godly or just or even tenable in the long term, which represents only the needs of one group or another and not the whole as a whole, the kingdom with all its bright rooms and dingy corners. But that is what a Republic first and a Democracy later does. Both grow on the fact that the "best" candidate is the one who can gather the most votes while alienating his opponents and then punishing them, even if jsut by ignoring their needs, while lavishing gifts upon those who put him in power.

The monarchy unites us; the republic would divide us.
Francesco Crispi

Thus by this very fact, every man who holds high elected office in a Republic or Democracy, is a corrupt scoundrel and few if any good things can be expected of him or her.

“Monarchy is the one system of government where power is exercised for the good of all.” - Aristotle, 322-384 BC

Indeed, the father of his nation, like the Father of His People, is above corruption as understood and embraced by every single president, primer and prime minister in the kingdoms of men bereft of the Kingdom of God, which is every nation not under God or His Monarchy. As such, the king is the father, there to make sure that before God, his people are taken care of and his nation stands in the light of God not away from it. Not all monarchs reach this point, but then again, almost no elected leader ever has.

This relationship has been codified in the wisdom of the Christian Church from the early ages.

The universal government is the one through which God, by his providence governs everything in the universe. The particular rule found in man is like God's rule, and is therefore called a microcosm (minor mundus) because the form through which the universe is ruled is also found within him... Therefore a King should recognize that he has his duty to act in his kingdom the soul in the body and God in the world.[Aquinas, Politics Ch. 12]

In truth, a monarch, a king, is a person who has been born to and trained for a role, in other words a professional. As a professional, he is better qualified for that role then any gifted amateur and, let us be quite frank, few elected professionals are gifted.

The monarch is in for the long haul, out to provide for his people, over a long period, one that goes far beyond that of his own rule or life and is passed upon to his heirs and the heirs of his heirs into perpetuity. A president is under an incredible time constraint to make his mark and out due, for all such men are driven by immense egos, his predecessors or those who will take up his mantel. As such, he is bound to take short cuts on important issues and to embrace, most vehemently, the act of war, for which he hopes to garner fame and power.

As such, the oldest most successful republic/democracy, one that is now in its terminal phase, the United States of America, has also been the most vicious, warlike and genocidal of regimes, launching endless wars and invading over three dozen nations, many of which, those of the Indian blood especially, it exterminated from the face of the earth. And as all high elected officials tend to do, it lies through its teeth projecting an image of itself that stands in stark contrast to it reality.

Luckily for us, more and more people are waking to the realization of the lie of linear history and understanding that, yes, it is indeed possible to go back, back to a better form of government and a better society. That tyranny, apocalyptia and destitution are not the only possibility, that the victory of the Evil One, of the Enemy, upon this earth is not a certainty and that the Light of God is possible.

"the fact that some countries do not have a monarch now does not mean anything -- it is just one of the cyclic periods in history."
- King Simeon II of Bulgaria

So dear reader, as you struggle to survive under the yoke of the Totalitarian Democracies, as you watch your economic position and that of your children wither for the sake of a few dozen men, as you watch your church starve and the police break down your doors in the middle of the night, take hope for there is Hope.

I will leave you with the words of wise King Simeon II, as no better way did I find to close this entry:

"There is no ideal political system, but in certain historic periods one system appears to be better than others. Though forms of government rotate in a cyclic manner, Monarchy is the one that has always lasted longest. In our age of agitation and extremism, the image of the Ruler as a moderator is unique. The King belongs to all his people, not to 51 percent, 78 percent, or 99 percent. He does not owe his soul or allegiance to a party, or to a faction, but to his country. He is objective and independent, and has no need to make political maneuvers merely for the sake of the opinion polls! Even today, when Monarchy has so many loud and bushy-haired detractors, it still has great appeal. A glimpse at any magazine proves this...there is something mystic and dazzling which cannot be equaled! times of professionalism and specialization, a sovereign who has had a lifetime's training and schooling for his job, is more qualified for it than any amateur or political conjurer, and this is irrefutable...Monarchy, even in chaotic times, guarantees objectivity, progress, social justice, and international respect!"

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NATO, An Alliance of Economic Brigands

NATO, An Alliance of Economic Brigands

NATO and the West, led by America, always claim that they are doing everything for humanity, for the children and the little doggies and kitties. Yes, the West goes out and bombs and murderers civilians almost on a daily basis, but its always for a higher cause, or so the billion dollar PR machine always tells everyone.

True, many people in Europe are wise enough to what their owners are doing, but in Totalitarian Democracies, they are disenfranchised serfs, given the choice to vote for one branch or another of the Elite club, thus changing nothing. In the US, the situation is even worse, as the serfs are mostly brainwashed to "support the troops", which in essence means, go along with genocide and economic theft on a daily basis, while considering themselves the freest and most God fearing people on earth. Wow, now that's a schizophrenic approach if there ever was one.

Lets review NATO and its endless wars over the past 20 years.

Bosnian War
Starting in April 1994 -- Occupation on Going
NATO began illegal air strikes on Serb forces and Serbian civilians in Bosnia, stepping into the civil war. This has become the defacto tactic of NATO aggression and expansion. NATO countries help foment a civil war and then either get "invited" by the unrecognized puppets or just come in to "save" lives or some such gibberish. NATO air strikes, continuing into 1995, allowed the Jihadist Muslims and their Nazi Croat allies to ethnically cleanse more then a third of Serbian territory.

On December 15, 1995, the Dayton Peace Accords were signed, ushering in the first NATO occupied territories in the world. To this day, NATO occupiers sit in Bosnia, keeping this Frankenstein alive and forcing Orthodox Serbs and Catholic Croats to live under continuous Islamic oppression. Of course, there is something in it for NATO: the Americans, ever the empowerers of Sunni Islamic Jihad, keep Saudi Arabia happy and the Europeans get to steal all the raw resources they can from the resource rich region. But then again, for some reason the Totalitarian Democracies' "free" media never wants to talk about it.

Yugoslav War (Kosovo)
Bombing 24 March - 11 June 1999, Occupation Ongoing
As the US/NATO backed Albanian Jihad ran into severe set backs by Serbian forces, NATO offered an impossible peace deal to Yugoslavia, or what was left of that state. Surrender all soverignty and be fully occupied, or go to war. Of course, the Serbs had no choice, they went to war. It is unfortunate that the alcoholic joke of a leader, Yeltsin, sat in the Kremlin. Bought out for less then NATO spends in a day.
Thousands of Serbian civilians were butchered by NATO cluster bombs and smart bombs, smart bombs that always seemed to miss their intended military targets by several kilometers and instead home in on markets, hospitals, apartment buildings, churches and trains. See, the Western standard for massacring civilians is to just claim your smart bombs malfunctioned, then its all ok.

Since then, NATO has first occupied, then stole Serbian land, creating another Islamic Narco puppet state and has continued to hold military bases on this land.

Macedonian Civil War
After a US led UN mission that occupied the Macedonian borders for five years was ended by a Chinese veto, NATO decided on a more robust way to impose its will. By enabling the narco Albanians in Albanian and Serbia's lost Kosovo, they ensured that adequate arms would flow into Macedonia and a new Jihadist civil war would break out. The inadequately armed Macedonian army, ruled by a government that was an absolute lap dog of a regime to NATO, was caught totally unprepared. When the Macedonians were able to quickly conclude arms deals with Ukraine and Bulgaria, it was a US led NATO that forced both to back down from sending weapons to Macedonia and insuring that a government victory, without NATO, was impossible.

"If NATO hadn't been arming and equipping the UCK in Kosovo there would be no need for them to 'disarm' these guerillas now in Macedonia," said Goran Stevanovic, a sergeant with an elite Macedonian police unit.

"Snake" Arifaj, a 22-year-old platoon commander with the UCK, proudly displayed his unit's impressive arsenal and said, "Thanks to Uncle Sam, the Macedonians are no match for us."

US helicopters even delivered aid directly to Albanian villages, in the middle of the fighting, prompting diplomatic protests. Of course, this was "humanitarian" aid, the same type of aid that helped the Georgian genocider to launch his massacres of civilians. As well, NATO was providing intelligence to the Albanians.

Finally, when the Macedonians had no choice, NATO orchestrated the Ohrid Agreement, ending the fighting by giving the Albanians everything short their own nation. Almost four thousand NATO troops invaded Macedonia to "help" disarm the very Islamic Jihadists they armed, while hanging the threat of war crimes over the heads of the Macedonian leaders, if they got out of line. That Macedonian civilians were murdered, and ancient Christian sites, such as the 13th-century Orthodox monastery Sveti Atanasij in the village of Lesok or the 14th century monastery at Matejce, near Kumanovo was destroyed, is irrelevant to the NATO tyrannies.

NATO has maintained a presence since and is actively trying to pull Macedonia and its lacky leadership into its clutches.

7 October 2001-present
The king boondoggle of NATO and the war where NATO declared that its sphere is anywhere in the world. NATO took over this tar baby from the US/UK in 2003, as these two were now to busy massacred Iraqi civilians for "oil" er "freedom". Hundreds of thousands of civilian casualties later, a narco-puppet government sits in power, raising production of poppies to a fine and productive art form, while hundreds of thousands of NATO troops raid houses, blow up villages and some how miss the drugs.

While officially NATO is not in Iraq, outside of various training missions, the very founders of NATO are in a "coalition of the willing" or some such nonsense. So for all intent and purposes, this is a NATO war, a war that has destroyed a nation and resulted in the deaths of several million people, leaving Islamic extremists in power.

March 2011 -- present
So what can we say? Another NATO war, another Islamic Narco bunch to empower. The standard is set, just change the name of the country and replay the series. Events are almost identical, the scrip does not change.

In practice, this "defensive" organization, this demonic beast, released from any control by the collapse of the Warsaw Pack, has led almost endless wars in its 20 years of free action. In twenty years it has been in war and occupation for 17 of them and now has 6 wars under its belt and with plenty of others possibles waiting in the wings.

If ever there was an axis of murder, mayhem and misery, a rogues list of rogues, it is the present day NATO, a beast that bares no resemblance to what it was founded for or its mission. An entity where the Devil roams its halls and plays out his mischief at every opportunity, through his willing puppets.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Serbia: What is a Society That Betrays Its Heroes?

A nation of whores and slaves, of mindless worker ants, and spineless cowards. It is with the heaviest of hearts that I must now look upon our Serbian brothers as just that. As Judas Iscariot betrayed Christ for silver coins, so do the Serbs, do they betray Christ for EU credits? Yes, yes they do. They, like the crooked and corrupt Pharisees bring blood sacrifices as well.

The capture of Ratko Mladic and his upcoming extradition to the kangaroo court, in the best of the Stalinist tradition of justice, is a crime against just that: justice.

This is how the British Marxist rag, the Spectator and its local propaganda mistress, Charlotte Eager, described the situation.

‘Why wasn’t Mladic arrested before? After all, British, French and US special forces wandered Bosnia freely for many years after the end of the war and he used to be spotted in restaurants, boils and all. The problem, according to some ex-SAS chums, was that our governments wanted Mladic to be taken alive. ‘That would not have been possible then,’ said one: back then, his thugs were still pumped up enough to die for him. Sixteen years after the war, the adrenalin has ebbed. Mladic’s praetorians are bodyguarding Serb oligarchs or back tending their pigs, and the azure-eyed warlord is a shifty pensioner with a withered hand. And Serbia has traded its bloodstained mythmaker for hope of the EU.’

General Mladic, a real hero, who led his troops from the front, risking his own life, for his people, over and over, only to be betrayed and surrendered to the very tyrants who first financed the Islamic Jihad against the Serbian people and then actively participated in it. Are the Serbian authorities insane? No, just evil to the rotting marrow of their rotting bones, but the people are. Yes, the Serbs of ancient history are no more, replaced by fools, cowards and the soullessly corrupt.

Yup, your heroes, the defenders of your people are mythmakers and butcherers, and those who cleansed you from your ancestral lands are noble warriors. The men who raped your mothers, your sisters, your daughters, the men who butchered your priests, fathers, uncles, husbands and sons, are heroes of America, of the UK of all of the West, the noble Croatian Nazi and the Super Noble Islamic Jihadist. The owners of these men are now your owners and you give them their blood sacrifices. Fools and cowards!

Sure, the Radical Party voices its decent, and takes to the streets, proving that there is at least of core of people who still remember what being SERB means. But the majority are spineless, withered, soulless creatures, no different then the Greeks, Bulgars, Romanians and the rest of the drones of the EU and America.

I say this unto you, oh brother Serbs, though I do not expect you to listen, but hear me, oh foolish and sinful people: as the wind blows through a forgotten and deserted graveyard, past broken markers, so does it blow through you future. You have surrendered your faith in Christ, in your own history and majesty. You have surrendered your honour. You have given up all, for Euro blood money, and will thus also be given up upon and given up as sacrifice on the alter of Lucifer.

Repent, while you still have time. Throughout the puppets, thieves, and haters of Christ that now own your souls and play the tunes to which you dance. Struggle for your freedom and we will help you. Surrender your faith and freedom, and we Russians will turn away from you. You need only look to our Greek Brothers for what will befall all those who follow the West.

Did God not punish the Greeks with the destruction of Byzantine by the Islamic Turk, for going into thrall to the Catholic Heretics? Is God not again punishing the Greeks for again, foolishly, following into another Western Heresy, the EU and NATO? This is your future, the only future.