Monday, August 31, 2009

Serbian Party Wants Unity With Russia

Recently, a new party, My Russia, was formed in Serbia, the Western dissected rump of Yugoslavia. The goal of the Party, first and foremost, is unity with Russia, as attested by its founder Ivan Isakovich. The party, while still minor and in its infancy, has tapped a nerve in Serbia that not only takes in the US led Terror Bombing of Civilians and the creation of Islamic substates in the Balkans but taps into something much deeper and much more of a threat to the Western elites.

In truth, this movement and others like it are nothing new. Panslavicism and PanOrthodoxy were the driving force from the 18th and 19th centuries that threatened not only the Islamic Turkish and Austro-Hungarian rule over Slavs but the whole of the British/Anglo defined world, which was aimed to keep the Slavs disunited and poor.

In truth, Catherine the Great had great hopes of defeating the Turks and driving them out of the Balkans, recreating the Byzantine Empire, thus freeing the Second Rome, as prophesy stated the Third Rome would do, and placing her grandson, Constantine, on the throne. Unfortunately, this did not come to pass, as she died of a heart attack while her armies were busy crushing Fredrick the Great.

In the 1820s, the Greeks fought an insurrection that turned into a revolution against the Ottomans, a war that saw many hundreds of thousands killed. Alexander Ypsilantis, who had started the rebellion tried to unite the other Orthodox Christians of the Balkans and to pull in Russia. However, he had misplayed his politics on one hand and on the other, Russia at the time was ruled by the weak willed Alexander I who would not commit to much of anything for anyone. At the same time the Greeks in the Peloponnese launched their own insurrection in March 1821, that would run to victory. By mid August the Turks had also been defeated in central Greece.

It should be noted that there was absolutely no help, in the early stages, from the Western Christians of any stripe, as they have never had any interest in the freedom of the Eastern Christians from Islamic rule and tyranny. Why ask for competition? There was only one noted exception to this, by Commodore Gawen Hamilton, who moved his fleet into a threatening position (but did not fire) on the Egyptian expedition that had landed in the Peloponnese by Turkish behest and was busy massacring the local population. The move helped save the city of Nafplion.

Austrian foreign minister, Prince Metternich actively worked to undermine the Russian foreign minister Ioannis Capodistrias from moving Alexander I into a more vigorous support of the Greeks. To the immediate pity of the Greeks, Metternich prevailed and Capodistrias resigned.

By 1822, the British started to assist the Greeks, not out of some new found love of the Greek Orthodox Christians or some dislike of the Turks, but out of fear that the flood of Russian volunteers entering the conflict and of Alexander I vacillating towards open war with the Turks, would promote Russian prestige and thus PanOrthodoxy. To that end, George Canning, the new Foreign Minister of the British Empire, in mid 1822, limited ports from where the Turks could buy supplies and concluded two loans to the Greeks, in exchange for the creation of the pro-British party in Greek politics.

Things changed dramatically, when Nicholas I came to the Russian throne, as Russia quickly moved to the Greek side in 1826, demanding from Turkey and evacuation of all Turkish forces from Greek lands. The British quickly moved, in the form of the Duke of Wellington, to cozy up to Russia and through the Petersburg Protocol, demanded mediation of the conflict with Russia and Britain as the mediators. When the Turks rejected the mediators, who had also been joined by France, an inevitability of combat arose. To that end, on 20 October 1827, a combined Russian, British, French fleet completely destroyed a Turkish/Egyptian fleet in the Bay of Navarino. The Islamics lost 75 of their 89 ships to an allied loss of zero ships and 200 dead (the Islamic losses were over 8,000).

While this battle was viewed as a measure to enforce mediation by the British and French, Nicholas I, used it as Caseus Bela and declared war on the Turks. Seeing the declaration of war by Russia, the French hurried an expeditionary force to the Peloponnese, to assist the Greeks in clearing the area of Turkish/Egyptian forces. The Protocols of February 3, 1830 created peace and Greek independence.

Thus in this example, it is obvious that the Western Christians only came to the aid of the Orthodox Greeks in an attempt to halt the spread of Russian and thus PanOrthodox influence in the region. In the immediate term, through to the Bolshevik Revolution, they failed. Only due to the Cold War were they successful and even now their influence slips.

The Russian march against the Turks, on all fronts, from southern Ukraine and Crimea, to the Caucuses to the Balkans continued through the late 1700s and early 1800s, even as nationalism and a drive for independence spread through the Christian lands of the Balkans. Seeing their earlier attempt to capitalize on the anti-Turkish movements prove futile, in the face of PanOrthodoxy and PanSlavicism, the Western powers decided to switch tracks and instead ally themselves with the Islamic Turks. To that end, in support of the Islamic super state of the times, the British and French launched a war in Crimea, the Crimean War of 1854. This was, in the end, pointless and accomplished little, except to 1. keep the Christians of the Balkans as Islamic slaves for another generation and 2. to throw Russian support behind the US Federals and thus loose the war for the Confederacy, a mistake for which the world has paid for the past 150 years.

To that end, the inevitable still happened and must have caused many heart attacks throughout the West: the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878. During the intense fighting, the Turkish Empire in the West was humiliated and crushed. Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia joined already independent Greece.

Thus, in this greater context, a My Russia party in Serbia is the worst of nightmares for the West and one that must be destroyed and suppressed at any cost. The Serbian government is still nominally a vassal of its oppressors, the very ones who less than 11 years ago were happily bombing the Serbs "into the Stone Ages" in support of one Islamic jihad or another.

The problem for the West of Serbia joining the Russian Federation and the eventual Monarchy that will rise up again, is not simply that Russia will grow stronger and will be firmly entrenched, if surrounded, in the Balkans. Indeed it will serve to refute the Western super national organizations such as the EU and the future NAU (North American Union) which seek to destroy nationalism, religion and create a massive peasant/serf class of Europeans and N.Americans to serve their elite masters.

Indeed, such an undertaking would be like pouring kerosene on the sputtering flames of PanOrthodoxy and PanSlavicism, the two biggest fears of the West in Eastern and Southern Europe. They very well know that their vassals, their puppets in power in those nations are barely holding power and holding it with vast empty promises and a farce that is quickly running its course.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Американцы, Запуганный Народ

При встрече с президентом Д. Медведевым, Барак Обама договорился сократить количество ядерных оружий до 1.500 единиц, США и РФ. Сразу же американские “правые” напали на это, как на попытку уничтожения американской безопасности.

Забудем о факте, что 1.500 ядерных оружий, больше чем достаточно чтобы уничтожить каждоё село в России или в Америке, с населениём больше 10.000 лиц. Забудем о том, что если даже 50 единиц взорвутся в стратегических точках, обе страны станут третьим миром. Просто потрясает то, что народ, который кормит себя мифом своего миролюбия, провёл большинство своих 230 лет в одной или
другое войне агрессий и умудрился напасть на более 30 стран (и, это не считая все уничтожения индейских стран) и у кого солдаты сейчас сидят в более 100 странах. Эта же страна и это же народ живут в страхе от всего мира.

Америка тратит больше на свою военку, чем сумма всех стран мира вместе взетых, но этого не достаточно. Кроме оружий и тяжелого оборудования, США почти ничего не производит, кроме долгов, конечно. А, эти “Трежер Биллс”, государственные облигации, в первую очередь идут поддерживать войска. Этот долг покупают почти только иностранцы, часто те же самые против кого эти американские войска будут направлены. И как огромная мафия, если, какая то страна пытается избавится от американского долга или доллара, американские “Доны” высылают своих боевиков, вогнать маленькие страны обратно в режим доллара и забрать больше их ценностей.

Американские базы по всему миру, но американский народ боится атаки в США. Подумал бы, закрыли бы свою границу, но опять не так. Оно открыто, полностью. Это из-за того, что нужно закачать дешёвый труд в страну, чтобы элита стала ещё богаче, пока 98% народа страдает, зарплаты падают, нелегалы забирают позиции. “Правые”, в Америке, тоже любят много тратить, создавать долг, который они, так же как левые, сбрасывают на весь мир. Они не хотят помогать своим бедным, а также загоняют страну в банкротство военными действиями.

А народ, который кричит, что они земля свободных и храбрых, сразу же отдает свою свободу для защиты, от непонятно кого, как только им показывают фотографию какого то грязного арабского бедуина с Калашниковым.

Теперь понятно, почему большинство психологов в мире живут в Америке и американский народ употребляет большинство легальных и не легальных наркотиков в мире. Только нужно понять какая у них шизофреническая народная политика.

Мой совет Американцам: Наводите порядок в своем хламе, оставьте мир в покое, и защищайте свою границу и не нужно волноваться о том, что кто то, где то может быть хочет вас взорвать, и может быть, вы сможете отплатить свои долги.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

When Going Too Far Was Not Far Enough

Never let it be said that I agree with everything Vladimir Putin has done nor that of Dmitri Medvedev. No, not at all.

One such point upon which we so differ, is the 2008 August Georgian War. Why, oh why, did we stop at Gori? Yes, the world, the hypocritical world, screamed: to use to much force, to which they really meant: you do not stand still and die in large numbers, shame on you Russians.

Sorry world, and Anglo-Sphere in particular, we are not the Israeli Jews and we do not need your monies, thus we are not on your leash. Here that Israel? That's your future they have already sold to the Arab Islamics, fools on you to put your own heads in the noose.

As for the use of to much force, this is the same hypocrites that that to kill one terrorist in Pakistan, will level some border village and kill off a score or three of civilians. And they criticize Soviet tactics in Afghanistan? Of course ask how many of them know of the Vietnam Zippo Express: destroy the village to save it from the communists, which only led to 3 million dead Vietnamese.

The image of the warmongering, temper tantrum geezer McCaine the Song Bird of North Vietnam, the man who voted for every war, lecturing Russia that in the twentieth century nations do not solve their disputes by violence, was priceless. The same man who whored himself to the Albanian mafia which was busy not only bringing heroine and whores to Europe and Americas but also murdering Serbian women and children.

But I digress.

The simple and flat truth of the matter is, we should not have stopped until we took Tbilisi. Russia should have taken Georgia, all of it, hung Misha and his shills by their testies...after a Western style trial, of course...well actually, no, that would mean returning to Marx, just ask the poor Serbs suffering from the farce of "justice". We should have fed them, paid them their pensions, given passports to any who asked for it and after two months, given them an open referendum on which oblasts wanted to stay in Russia and which wanted independence.

I guarantee which way that would have gone and a greater embarrassment for the Anglo-Sphere in particular and the West in general, would have been hard to find.

But we did not do it, counting on the Georgians to remove their mass murderer on their own and a year later, nothing has changed and Americans are back arming the psychopaths. We counted on the West's sense of justice and while the Germans and French and Italians and Czech have shown it, the Anglos and their puppets in Poland and the Baltics have none to spare.

It is time for us to learn to do what needs to be done and give them the Fait Accompli.

Georgia, America’s New Mercenary Company

The end of August 2009 was marked with the arrival of fresh American trainers to Georgia, to begin again, where August 2008 left off. To this effect, the official announcement was that the Georgians would be training for missions back to Iraq and now also Afghanistan.

There is no reason not to believe this, of course, as Georgians spent up until August 2008, fighting and dying in Iraq for something that gained them absolutely nothing. If a senseless expenditure of Georgia’s military in Iraq was not enough, they were just as quick to march off to war with Russia, when the Anglo-Sphere demanded a destabilization in the Russian south.

Of course, do not mistake the loss of several thousand Georgians and the crushing of their military, nor the years wasted in Iraq as empty for all Georgians. Indeed, the New York City lawyer come dictator, the Bane of Silk Ties, is a very good sycophant who is more than happy to bleed his own people at Washington’s or London’s behest.

Now, with NATO seeking a way out of Afghanistan, with Iraq a Mission of One, the Georgian rent a troopers will be filling the ranks that other nations have wizened up on. They will die for the greater glory of the Anglo-Sphere, which in truth, could not care less for them or their people. After all, it is the War Party in the US (as if there was any other) which demanded that Orthodox Christian Georgians go forth into than occupied Gori and like Hezbollah (whom they suddenly adored) blow themselves up and otherwise wage jihad style war against Russia. If nothing else, this showed how absolutely ignorant those great minds are, in DC. Orthodox Christians will not blow themselves up, and Georgians do not take to well to the mass civilian casualties that style of war leads to.

It must have given them ulcers to watch the German video of Georgians instead coming to Russian check points and bringing Russian soldiers food and wine or the videos of Russian special civilian services feeding and giving medical aid to Georgian elderly abandoned by their own young in scattered villages.

In my recent travels to that tortured and puppeted land, I had the pleasure of speaking to a former special forces officer, of the Georgian army. He had served out 20 years, starting in the Soviet Union and had quit last November, following the immoral war that Misha had sent him on. He said that fighting Russians had made him sick to his stomach and he refused to face that again. Nor was he willing to go off to Afghanistan so that Misha could please his betters and owners. For that reason he had quit and was now gathering money to go to get his papers fixed and instead move to Russia.

Indeed, maybe Georgians will wizen up to what their role has been set and stop dying for the causes of those who care nothing for them. Let us hope this happens before Misha’s next adventure against Russia.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It Is Official, Misha Spends American Money Better Than Americans

It Is Official, Misha Spends American Money Better Than Americans

While there are many, many things that can be said negatively about Misha the Tie Eater: demagogue, liar, thief, mass murderer and coward, a positive can be given: he spends other people’s money well.

Evidence of this can be seen all over Tbilisi, the Georgian capital. The streets are clean and paved, the traffic lights are working. All the police have new uniforms and new, modern police cars. There is actual regular garbage collection and garbage cans on the streets. The parks are clean and well lit. There are new fountains all over the place. New construction. Yes, the hundreds of millions of non government aid that America has so generously given up from her own non-existent treasures: the debt that America’s great grand children will be paying percentages on, are well spent.

This does not even take into account such expenditures as Saakashvili’s grand new palace in one of the oldest neighborhoods of Tbilisi, not that a lot of that neighborhood got left. It is bigger than any that has ever stood in Georgia’s 5,000 year history, thank you America. Nor does it count the large sea shell shaped train terminal built at the renovated and expanded national airport, also in American debt, or the giant green glass super structure that is the fantasy landscape of the Ministry of the Interior.

Of course, lucky Americans are not only spending on Georgia’s new trees, bushes and new found cleanliness, they are also paying for the most militarized nation in the world. A nation of 4 million has 260,000 men under arms either on active service or in reserves, that is 6.5% of the population under arms officially and does not count the tens of thousands of police, special police, interior ministry troops and special forces. Never mind that most of that military ability was destroyed in only six days and is now again being replaced by the US taxpayer’s endless gratitude of debt.

Thus Georgians, in the majority, still support Saakashvili for all the things he has done for them: with American money, though they are rather upset that he would start a war that he than lost.

Of course, what the majority of Georgians fail to bother to realize is what exactly Georgia has lost, in the process. To begin with, Georgia has lost its main market, Russia. To Russia, Georgia sold its wines, its mineral water, its fruits and vegetables. Those markets are forever lost or diminished. For even if Georgia was to return now, its place has been taken by a flood of French, Italian, German and Moldovan wines, which are as good and cheaper in price. Russian mineral waters took the place of Georgian and Russian outputs in vegetables and fruits, as well as imports from Turkey, Romania and Bulgaria have swallowed up the missing market share.

Worse yet, 70% of the Georgian economy was held afloat by the renditions sent by the million, 20%, of Georgians living in Russia. This money has been fully cut off by the embargo, as well as the tourist rubles that were spent not only by Georgians in Russia, visiting Georgia, but by Russians, who flooded down. None of that money has been replaced and the hopes for the big tourist push, from abroad, are a fool’s gold. Walking the summer streets of Tbilisi, the main streets, there are foreigners, in small groups or families, but they are way to few to even insanely hope to base an economy on.

Furthermore, Georgia has never rebuilt its Soviet (read Russian funded) industrial base. Partially, this is based on the fact that Georgia is shy of almost all needed raw resources and partially that most of the real businessmen fled Georgia for Russia, a long time ago, and have not and will not return.

Besides this, Georgia has paid in blood and land. By being a puppet for the US, Georgia sacrificed its men in Iraq, a country it needed nothing from and had no business in. Than it, at Washington’s direct or indirect behest, that is still under debate, launched its 7th August 2008 S.Ossessian genocide and watched its military routed, its best divisions destroyed and its war fleet sent to the bottom of the Black Sea, to a ship. Over two thousand Georgian men lost their lives, while tens of thousands of others, abandoning their equipment, ran for their lives. Poti, the main port, watched its facilities reduced to cinders, while Europe finally woke up the reality of risk of letting Georgia into NATO, no matter what Washington flooded them with. Equally, Georgia has lost all moral pretext to the territories it had lost physically to war, so long ago, in the early 1990s.

The losses will/are being replaced by the American tax serfs, but the long term future has been set and set for failure. By hitching their wagon or rather gilded cage, to the American tax serf and a financial system in absolute melt down, they have made sure that not only will the funds eventually run out when the American serfs end this largeness but that there will be no others to take their place and no market to go to. Not only have the bridges been burnt with Russia, but Georgia launched a few artillery rounds to the opposite shore to make sure the message was clearly made.

It may take another year or two for this reality to unfold and another year for it to settle in, but the collapse back to a failed state will be quick and painful. The Georgian’s great hope of Russia collapsing will not materialize and what it could ever bring them, but more grief, is beyond any to see. The Chechen and Arab Islamics they have funded, against fellow Orthodox Christians, will return in force, upon Georgia, once it collapses, and will carve large chunks out of it. More than likely, their former oppressors, the Turks, will be quick to visit them as well.

Either way, the decisions of the past three years will long haunt them, maybe even longer than the debt payments of the US serfs paying for the Georgian Indian Summer of today.

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Infestation is Back

Walking around the streets of Moscow, the past 6 or 10 months, I have had an uneasy and growing feeling that something was wrong, something was off, there was a disturbance in the force, if you will.

The people were the same, serious, going about their business, as in all large cities, but something subtle had changed or rather was changed, gathering momentum, growing, like an subtly seen infestation that would one day over whelm all of us.

It was not until two months ago, when I took a business trip to the Ural Mountains region, to visit some heavy manufacturers that supply us, that I was able to finally put my finger on it. You see, in the provincial cities, especially those on the edge of the main population belt, the malignent thing, this God aweful creation, was spreading and at a rate that it was fully pronounced.

What was it? What so unsettled me? Was it Jihovas Witnesses or some other Western cult import? Was it corruption? Well that's already there, even if somewhat reduced from the Yeltsin era. Was it the Crisis, of which we used to hear so much in the papers?

No. It was much worse. Away from the main western cities, such as Moscow or Novgorod, away from the fashion capitals and trend setters, it had moved with the speed of the plague....


The business in the front, party in the back hair "style", the cursed creation that rose out of some back wood hell hole in N.America, in the 1960s, and spread through the less educated and less astute, through out the world, was back. It was brought to popularity, however by a Welsh pop singer, Tom Jones. Ah, yes, the Welsh, that bastion of trend setting. In truth, it had never fully left, but like a simmering plague has laid low, just below public notice, throughout the civilized world. Occassionally, it would make a come back, an explosive of tastelessness. The last time I saw so many mullets was in Bavaria back in the late 1990s, where it is called the "Vokuhila". It looked just as bad on Germans as it does on my fellow Russians.

Seeing this infestation first hand, amongst the "hip" school and university kids, forced me to do some research, where was it big and where was it spreading to? Besides still being a big deal amongst American and Canadian country people, the bastions of the modern Mullet seems to be central Spain in the West, Romania in the East. But most likely, it came to us in force from Germans, who travel throughout Russia and from Russians travelling throughout Germany and with whom we have many business dealings. It would seem that the Vokuhila is coming back in force. Why? God only knows.

There is no known cure for the Mullet, at least none that our government or society has found, so dear readers, if you happen to have one, do us Russians a kindess and tell us how to cure this plague.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Modern West, A Culture of Death

From the early 1800s, the West, in an affront to God, has moved ever more rapidly into a culture of death and destruction, away from the teachings of Christ. At its present state, the most significant thing that the West is bringing to humanity is a culture of totalitarianism and death, one on such an nuanced level as would only be celebrated by the most brutal of Pagans and Lucifirians and would even be an affront to the most blood thirsty of the Mohammadens.

The foundation of this was laid by the Augustinian theories of Just War. This created an atmosphere that condoned murder, even if under strict circumstances. Do I say that the Eastern Church has not gone to war? Of course not, or rather the Church has never gone to war but the people have. However, these were never Jihads or their lesser versions: Crusades. Indeed the wars that the Orthodox peoples have fought have always been viewed as a sin, as the shedding of human blood is a grave sin, regardless, but in a fallen world is often necessary to prevent an even greater evil. To that end, an Orthodox soldier who has shed blood is unclean and thus must cleanse himself through prayer and fasting, seeking the forgiveness of God for what was done. Conversely, this may also explain why our wars are so vicious. As the Orthodox soldiers know they are committing a sin, they are repulsed by what they do and seek to end it as fast and as permanently as possible, which in itself becomes a much more bloody affair. Do not confuse this with the actions of the Red Army, in WW2, which was under the control of the Western Marxist import and its subsequent ideology of death.

Contrast this to the West, and Augustine's misplaced concepts of Just War. Often, in the Crusades, the crusaders, as with their Mohammedan enemies, were taught that to die in the process or to even take place would be the forgiveness of sins. This built a foundation that was later used in crusades against fellow Christians, such as the Basque and the Hungarians and later in France. It also set the stage for the Inquisition and Church sanctioned mass murdered, even if those numbers have been inflated over the years. Similarly, when Protestant movements broke out, they, under the influence of the Renaissance, took these extremes even further, as was witnessed by the atrocities of the Ana-Baptists in northern France and western German, Cromwell's Round Heads in England and the Calvinists under the despotic and murderous reign of John Calvin in Switzerland.

Again compare this the Orthodox Church, which not only has never waged a holy war, but has never had an inquisition. For the most part, heretics are never burned or otherwise murdered but are exiled and prayed for. This is a far cry from the Albigensian Crusades where the catch phrase was: "Kill them all, God will know His own", and this in reference to the murder of fellow Christian women and children.

So, it is only natural that when Humanism appeared, with its bent on atheist science, as opposed to science as the handmaiden of religion, explaining the Maker's great creation, the foundation of death was greatly built upon.

The range of who should die was widened. Starting in the 1800s and reaching full strength in the first half of the 1900s was the eugenics movements, out to breed the perfect human being...perfect being under the eye of the particular beholder, of course. Abortion, the sin of sins, the murder of God's most precious gift, became a standard into getting the unwanted races residing in the West, to self terminate their future. America's Planned Parenthood led the way and spread quickly through out Western Europe. A greater evil is hard to imagine, this being even something the most psychotic Jihadist does not stoop to against his own children. Honour killings are a some what different issue, though just as evil.

Many of these Luciferian groups have gone so far as to even create abortion ships which travel to just beyond the waters of conservative, Christ fearing nations that ban abortions, such as Poland or Ireland, and ferry women in to have the Gift of Life butchered from them. All to prove the power of man over life and thus spit in the eye of God.

Remember, that during the various colonizations by the Western Europeans, whole peoples were exterminated, after being branded as savages. Often even when they adopted their cultures to the Wests, such as the Creek or the Iraqua, they still, in the end, faced extermination as little more than savages, sitting on valuable land. Again, compare that to the Russian crown's conquest of Siberia, which was taken in 3 battles, one over a misunderstanding and a second with the Chinese. All of the original peoples who inhabited Siberia and Alaska were still and are still present, at least in Siberia.

Homosexuality, too, was brought in as an affront to God, destroying the traditional family, mutating the moral standings of children and breeding a hedonistic, self destructive life style. Both the Catholic Church and its Protestant offshoots, as well as the societies they serve, have become not only tainted but fully perverted by this and by the weakened Western Christians' desire for inclusiveness.

Even the evils of the Marxists, in Russia, were a Western import. Compared to what those Marxists, such as Lenin and Stalin suffered from the Orthodox Christian Tsar, when they were sent to Siberia, it is an almost comical comparison. Both were exiled to live in a Siberian village, unable to leave but able take guests and write letters.

Following all of this was the next logical step: termination of the physically deformed, the invalids, the mentally ill. The first victims of Hitler, after all, were fellow Germans and not even the anti-Nazi aristocrats; they came second. The practice died off after WW2, only to return in force in the 1990s and fully in the new Devil's Western century. The so called Western democracies, the champions of so called human rights, though never of God's laws, are now screaming at the top of their lungs the "right" to a quality life, whose allegory is: if you are deformed, handicapped or old and infirm, your quality of life is low and thus you are better off dead. This vile, paganistic, Luciferian approach, again, even worse than anything that the Mohamedans thought up for their own people, is an affront to God of incredible degrees.

Further more, the drive to have the elderly person commit suicide, or as the agents of Lucifer prefer to call it: to self terminate with dignity, is to have the subject damn their soul for all eternity. Suicide is self murder and that is one murder that can not be sought forgiveness for. In Russian, our word for suicide is: Самоубийство or quite literally: self-murder. We do not have the right to terminate the gift of life that God gave us. Just because we live in pain does not mean that we do not live to fulfill some aspect of God's plan. The pain is a test of our faith in God, something to work through and to continue to seek to serve God. As such, suicide, self-murder, is an escape of our responsibilities before God. What ever good could still be done, is now terminated.

Many of these concepts are alien to our cultures, many others were imported with the Marxist revolution and we are still suffering their ill effects. On abortion, Russia, which still allows it, has curtailed it to the first 12 weeks and there is much pressure to end this murder fully. Euthanasia is illegal in Russia. Eugenics is also something that never took root and with the Orthodox Church the leading moral authority of the land, once more, it never will.

Now let us pray that the Orthodox Church will be powerful enough to restore Christianity to Europe and N. America, in the wake of the catastrophic failures of both Catholicism and Protestantism.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Swine Flu and Islam, Random Thoughts

According to the Koran, pigs, swine, are the most dirty animal in the world. They are so dirty, that the presence of any amount of this animal, in the body of a Muslim, is tantamount to eternal damnation. No matter how pure, to the teachings of Mohammed, the believer was, or how glorious his death in jihad or how many thousands of innocent non-believers he killed, swine ill lead to damnation.

"Prohibited for you are 'al-maytah' (animals that are found dead), 'Al-Damm' (blood), 'lahm Al-Khinzeer' (the meat of pigs),and animals dedicated to other than God." Koran 5:3

Now, let us consider Swine Flu, with its two strands of swine flu, one avian flu and one human flu, all shaken not stirred. So, what does this mean: a virus becomes pathogenic to a species when it picks up the right kinds of DNA/RNA snippets from the host. Thus, the Swine Flu actually contains pig DNA, pig. Furthermore, often when it spreads in cells, it leaves some of that DNA, much of that DNA snippets may just become lodged permanently into the DNA of the host, thus the swine will permanently become part of the person and it may be passed down to the future children, as a retro-viral infection..

Thus, does that mean that any Muslim who has become and or will become infected with Swine Flu? Damnation? Ostracization from their society? After all, anyone infected can easily infect others and thus spread the damnation of the soul, either willingly or not. What about the terrorist suicide bomber? If he explodes and any of his victims are infected and parts of his body fall/mix with theirs and their blood, will he then face getting dragged down to his eternal Hell?

This danger could easily destroy Islamic society. It can be counted on that most any Muslims living in and or around non-Muslim majorities would have been exposed and are thus damned and there is nothing they can do to ever clean their own damnation away.