Sunday, November 29, 2009

Where Is the Outrage of Yet Another Saudi Jihad

For more than half a century, primed by the damned oil they sit on and protected by American Masons, the Saudis have driven one jihad or another across the face of the world.

They have been usually the backers financially and the providers of Jihadist irregulars, but now in Yemen, they have sent in the US armed and trained ground troops to massacre the Shias, whom the Sunni Saudis despise.

For fifty years, with NATO's and Washington's backing and bombs, the Saudis has waged jihad not only against Orthodox Serbs (Bosnian via the Bosniaks and the province of Kosovo via the Albanians), Orthodox Macedonians (western Macedonia via the Albanians), Orthodox Russians (via the Chechens in the majority of the north Caucus), the Ethiopian Orthodox through the Eritreans, against Orthodox of southern Sudan via the Sudanese government and the Orthodox and Protestants of Kenya via Barack Obama's father's people the black Somali Arabs of Kenya, not only against Hindus through the Pakistani militants, against the Catholic Philippines, against the Confucius Chinese via the Weigers and not only against the foolish Americans dieing to protect the masters who despise them and stab them, but against plenty of other Muslims: Iraq's Bathists, Egypt's Muslim brotherhood, Hezbollah, the Algerian insurrection, the Turkish radicals, the Afghan Taliban, the Pakistani Taliban and the list goes on.

But now, the Saudis, (usually to cowardly to fight directly, such as their absence on the Arab battle fields verse Israel, where all the other Islamic Arab states were trounced, except for financiers of Jihad), have marched off to massacre civilians in Yemen.

Over the weekend, the Saudis bombed suburban Saqayn district of the Shia-populated Sa'ada Province, massacring dozens of civilians, and did it on the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha (the Feast of the Sacrifice). Meanwhile, the US trained and equipped Saudi army has been fighting the Shia Houthi militia, which has been fighting for their people's equal rights against the oppressive Yemeni tyranny. Again, where is the outrage?

The simple fact that the Saudis are massacring civilians to make sure their own 30% of the population that is Shia do not rise up, is plain to see. But where is the world outrage?

Oh, yeah, cowards of so call Christians, fine, we won't expect the hypocrisy that is modern Islam, the "moderates" and the fanatics, to say anything, but the Christians? The Western Christians? The ones who have no problems screaming about the poor Bosniak Muslims or the poor Albanian Muslims or the poor Palestinian Muslims or the poor Chechen Muslims, are all equally quiet now. Hypocrites of the highest order, the lot of you.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Monarchists Seize the Day

All around us, on a daily basis, we are surrounded by the wrecks and failures of the modern liberal state. Empty or half filled promises, grown on the backs and suffering of a degraded peasantry. What began with the American masonic revolution of 1776 and sputtered on and off in Europe and the world through the 1800s, taking firm hold in the 1900s, first as a pseudo republicanism, than as war fascism, communism and socially liberal corporate capitalism (aka modern democracy or rather corporate-state fascism) has brought us endless wars, cultural destruction (as Americans like to call it: destructive creativity), moral depredation, spiritual death and a society of angry, childless, degraded, shamed and spineless Caucasians of every European stripe, up to their ears in meaningless things, without the stable families, children or friends to enjoy them with. This in short, is the modern version of success: crime, death, despair, loneliness, Godlessness and no moral or spiritual purpose of being, outside that of a worker ant.

In short; the anti traditionalism, anti Church and thus Anti Monarchist society of the new liberal (wym)myn of the 1900s and early 2000s is dieing, bringing with its demise an ever quickening decline into a soulless, Godless, poverty and state barbarianism, where the value of the the life of a piss ant peasant (that would be 98% of you) is only valued in how it serves the state and the 2% Alpha population leading their own Godless, valueless and deprived lives. In other words: all you modernisms are nothing but the bowl movement waste products of the Devil to whom the West as a whole is ever more on its knees groveling, like a drug addict suffering withdrawal before the likes of his drug seller master.

Now compare this to the majority of the monarchies of the end of the pre World War One age. Not the propaganda spewed by the endless line of new Liberalism's propagandists but to actual fact. To do this, we must tear away the propaganda of the liberals, specifically the Americans and the Wall Street uber machine of Christless profit at any and all costs. Furthermore, we must pull away the veil of the daily miseries that were in no way the fault of the monarchies in specific and their societies but were suffered equally in America and other areas due to a lack of technology that would have come along regardless, to remove them from the human experience.

Monarchies and monarchistic societies of the 1800s and the early 1900s were on average stable, content and purpose driven societies. People born into them were assured of a world order in which they had a place, in which they could move up or down by their own hands, steadily if not quickly, but in which they were relatively sure that stability and sanity would reign as assuredly as the sun would rise and settle. In almost all of them, they were also assured of a steady conservative but undeniable improvement in their lives.

In Russia, for example, under Catherin the Great, the first worker rights laws were passed in Europe, forbidding child night labour and women and children from working in dangerous state enterprises, such as mines and munitions plants.

Economies were also stable, with few major bubbles and little loose monetary policy. The most famous exception of this was the Spanish monarchy after getting its hands upon the South American gold. Spending with abandon and collapsing its economy. Coincidentally, they also practiced the first real instance of Free Trade, allowing most of their goods to be produced outside of their economy and imported in. Of course it worked just as well in the 1600s as it did in the 1900s and 2000s, in other words, an abject failure. After its economic collapse, sanity and mercantilism returned quickly.

Another famous example is France during the American Masonic Revolution. The Masonists convinced the French king to leverage France dangerously to sponsor their revolution, a move that only fed the revolutionary elements in France. In return, France, besides being able to stab long time foe England, would also get exclusive trade rights with the Americans, which would more than repay their leverage.

The American colonies, which were out of ammunition, supplies, uniforms, canon, rifles and hope, were replenished with everything they needed, including fighting men and a real navy, ala France.

In exchange for their aid, the French were backstabbing by the American Masons, more concern with profit and revolution rather than honor, when they ran to the British and singed a separate piece from their allies, giving the English exclusive trading rights.

This, of course, led to the bankruptcy of the French government and the French Revolution, also on Masonic lines, which descended into immorality and tyranny, under the liberal Robespierre. Surely, this was seen as a great victory to Washington's Masons and a profit to boot, as Washington than refused to pay back any of its French loans that were made by the king. See Phony War, which was a raiding war that lasted for quite a while after this.

As a matter of fact, most monarchies were based upon mercantialistic economic models, placing the well being of their peoples and nation as well as assuring value producing employment for their people, as their primary priorities. Even Masonic Americans followed this policy initially, a lingering left over from their days under the reign of English kings. Unfortunately, the further they got away from this, the more liberal they became as newer generations no longer had a cultural memory of the monarchist days and Masonic "creative" destruction drove them to the Christless ideology of profit at all and any cost.

Look at the Weimer Republic, for a prime example Removing the conservative kaiser and his crrcle, the new liberals in a hyper rush to liberalization and blaming everything conservative and thus evil on the Kaiser, in turn devalued and debased German culture into a nihilistic, superficial society, with almost the same speed as they devalued the Deutsch mark from a leading world currency into an international joke, fit only for heating ovens, in large stacks. Of course the end result of all this neo-liberal debasement is the coming of a vegetarian, animal rightest, anti-smoking, anti drinking tyrant, surrounded by homosexuals, drug addicts and child molesters, in the name of Adolf Hitler and his campaign of "HOPE and CHANGE!".

It is with a saddened heart that I must remember that we Russians even beat the Germans with the speed of our own debasement as led first by Alexander Kerensky and his Labour Party and their Cadet Party allies and than by Lenin and his Marxists, all sponsored by the masonic American elites, through Wall Street and the American State Department, coincidentally, the same types who than brought Hitler to power and other neo-liberal fascists, throughout Europe. Interestingly, Kerensky's father was also Vladimir Lenin's school teacher and the two families were close.

Monarchies provide stability to both economic and social aspects of their societies, by their very nature. As a patriarchal society, based on a furling family, they elevate the nuclear family to the center point of all that is culturally good and holy. The evils of abortion, immorality, homosexuality, crimes of perversion and even out of wed lock births as well as the present sky rocketing social violence, only began to appear in societies as the monarch was removed and society moved away from its roots, in the direction of liberalism, retaining only the dim memory that things were once better before, but not of the reasons why.

Another key of this is tradition, a cultural norm that binds the actions of the king, the elites and the peasantry and everyone between and thus lends a societal norm in which a person can prosper without the paranoia and insecurity of the modern man and his dieing state built upon humanism.

Traditional societies also function better in business, requiring fewer lawyers, as agreements verbal or written are expected to be honoured in spirit as well as word and a man's word is worth his weight in gold. There is also less back stabbing and covering one's back as lines of command and responsibility are direct, established and clear, everyone knowing upon whom responsibility will land.

Of course, religion always played a very dominant roll, specifically the Christian faith that reminded the monarch that his actions and that of his people were and are always answerable before the Supreme Judge and His Judgment, something all together missing in the Liberal Dieing West built upon Humanism or Man Is God theology. Thus, God is a mediating effect gone from modern politics even if the politicians occasionally visit churches for photo ops. Prime Minister Putin seems to be the rare exception, a man of actual strong faith in Christ.

The Church provides a frame work of morality, controlling the excesses of human nature. God being the King of the Kingdom of Heaven provides a frame work and justification to the government, other than the whims of the masses or the power elites. The Church also provides the people a purpose in life, greater than the self or mere survival, while assuring the people of their place in the after life.

Liberal humanism, that was meant to replace God, by the Liberals, who ousted the marches, has done none of this. Instead, the more "humane" the goals, the more "liberating" its philosophy, the more barbaric, animalistic and Luciderian its results and products, leaving humanity not masters of their own destiny but as little more than sadistic, paranoid and self loathing intelligent apes, slaves to their animal desires and the whims of the moralless top 2%.

Under a monarch, societies also had a strong, historic and optimistic self view. Some of the greatest architectural and scientific achievements came fro these societies. Societies that were not ripped apart by multiculturalism, even when other cultures and races inhabited the state, there was always one dominant culture everyone aspired to.

Even in the post colonial Africa, the locals adhere as strongly to the old Imperial culture and languages, as their own organic. The educated masses (or rather the thin layer) even more so. I have had several educated Negro Africans tell me flatly, that they wished the old imperial powers would return. But those old cultures are dead or dieing in their own homelands, what can they possibly return to?

While a monarchy is not the cure all for a society's ills, it does provide the critical stability and frame work to achieve the needed cures.

So, Monarchists, carpi deum, as liberalism falls all around us, dieing and dragging humanity into the grave, with it. It is time for us to step forward and bring that old time, but sound and true idea back into the world's norm.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

America Creates Serfdom Through Cap and Trade

As I have stated before, when dealing with the American government, expect only the most illogical extremes.

The so called Land of the Free, has decided to recreate the ancient and rejected art of serfdom. As anywhere in history, serfdom was set in gradually with restrictive laws that slowly or quickly ate away at the right of the people to move freely, thus guaranteeing the government a stable tax base and its favorite enterprises, a stable work force to exploit, one that can not walk away.

In America that is about to be done by their new Cap and Trade Law, that will more than likely go into affect next year. Only one of the chambers of the parliament has passed it but the other will soon.

In the name of all things green, humans in the Anglo-sphere will be turned into serfs. How interesting. The Greens or rather Watermellons, Green on the outside, Marxist Red on the Inside have found the perfect tool with which to leverage the futures of all peoples in advanced nations. No longer is the cry of power to the people, as the cover for the power grab of the more equal amongst the "equals" but instead it is the cry of Power to the Plants and the Fishes and the little buggy things that fly around and annoy you....oh and it will cost the future of yourselves and your children, but Gia will love you when you are decomposing in her belly, serf.

But how will this be done?

In the giant, unread "democratic" bills that the American parliament loves to pass, some with literally up to ten thousand pages of unread and undebated laws. (and the Americans were only ranked 19th on the list of the most corrupt nations?) To be specific, Cap and Trade (American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009) will force all home owners to make extremely costly efficiency upgrades to their homes, for energy efficiency, before the government will give the serf, er citizen, a license to sell their home. Of course, before the process begins, the serf must get and pay for a government inspection and another after the upgrades.

The level of "efficiency" will be set by the law and will rise yearly, but an appointed commissar, a national Environmental Protection Administrator, will have a further power to raise the standards as high as "needed". In other words, if the indebted, cash strapped peasants of America suddenly find ways to make those improvements and regain mobility, well, we will just raise the bar even further, steal their mobility and bleed them for more cash. This will of course result in a trained and educated work force wedded for life to their present residence, as is intended by Section 202 Building Retrofit Program. Major local employers, in the pocket of the Anglo states (or are the states in the pocket of the local paymasters?) will have a captive work force to squeeze. This will be especially true in mill towns where other choices of employment will be non existent. As for the uneducated masses, and almost half Americans never finish basic school, dropping out, they are not going anywhere anyways.

Of course, an unintended consequence will be that many more people will simply abandon their houses, as they migrate to seek work.

Might the Land of the Not Quite Free reinstates another quaint age old custom: debtor prisons? Surely, this might make sure that the serfs do not run away.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Is America's Ft. Knox Full of Fake Gold?

Considering that Ft. Knox stocks gold for not only the USA but also for many countries, international relations could very well be in jeopardy, not to mention many economies. The question of whether officials at Ft. Knox are storing tungsten filled gold bars, so called "salted" gold, which hold a small fraction of the normal cost of the bullion, were recently brought up by an American media company, CNBC, during an interview of Howard Ruff by Joe Herman.

Howard Ruff is a financier investor and advisor who advocates for hard currency, that is, currency backed by valuable commodities, such as gold or silver. He is also an economics writer with many published works, who is an expert on hyperinflationary economics.

Also on another American media company, Fox, the issue was also brought up, in this case, whether there still is gold at Ft. Knox, an institution that has not had an independent audit for 50 years. As the interview states, much of the gold may not be there, or may not even have been there in many years.

While these have been conspiracy theories for many decades, the questions have now gone mainstream. At $16 per kg, and with the exact same density and weight, as gold, tungsten makes for a perfect filler. Simply weighing a gold bar, with cutting it, will not allow for distinction from true bullion.

Such a breach of public and international trust may doom more than just key relationships, but also the international credit rating of the US, which would suddenly find itself in hundreds of billions of dollars of additional debt, while allied governments and economies who relied on that gold would quickly start to fold.

One of the models upon which America hails itself: Athens, had done the exact same thing. After the first Pelopinesian Wars, Athens guarded the island treasury of its alliance of city states. Instead of acting in good faith as guardian, it quietly stole from the vaults and built many great works, such as the Parthenon, with that stolen gold. Of course this drove many of its allies to side with Sparta in the next war.

Again, as stated, the facility of Ft. Knox, has not had an independent audit in over 50 years and as such no one really knows what is or is not there. The US Congress has demanded audits, but just like the Federal Reserve, the Treasury Department has refused to tell the people of America and especially in this case, the World, the truth. Requests by members of the American parliament to physically inspect the facility, have equally been turned down for almost 20 years.

If the members of Congress are not allowed to find out the truth and there is no accountability in the American government, than it is truly time for an international organization, backed by all interested and affected parties, such as the UN or World Bank or IMF to demand a full inquiry and pressure the rogues in the Obama Regime to come true.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Russian Space Tech Surges Forward

With the next to the last flight of the American space shuttle in the air, the US will soon be retiring their space shuttles to replace them with a new vehicle, scheduled for 2013. Of course, seeing how things always delay in America, it is more likely 2023 is a better year. Until then, the Americans will be riding on Russian Soyuz capsules. But the Soyuz itself, a 40 year old technology with many modernizations, is on its way out, to be replaced with bigger better platforms.

The replacement of the Soyuz will be the Kliper, a ship carrying 6 crew and a half ton of cargo. It is scheduled to fly its maiden voyage some time in 2010. The ship is about twice the size of the Soyuz and will require much larger rockets, most likely the Zenit class of booster rockets, in order to make orbit. It will return to earth by extending wings and gliding down, for a soft landing.

Interestingly enough, if things go according to plant, the new, larger Kliper, will actually save money. The present Soyuz missions run between $20 to $30 million each (compared to the American space shuttles at around $300 million each). Kliper flights are supposed to move more equipment and people for less money, but even it the costs stay the same, with more room on the ship, there will be room for more space tourists and at $20 million per pop, the ships will earn a profit, with just one added passenger.

Development of the Kliper is also priced at the low cost of $1 billion, compare that to the $10 billion for the American Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV), which is still on the drawing board.

But the Kliper is only the first modern step in a new plan by the Russian space agency to conquer the inner sphere of our solar system. Next on the development board is a manned spacecraft powered by a nuclear electric engine. Russia and the Soviet Union before, had developed, for decades, nuclear powered satellites, which did not have to rely upon easily damaged solar arrays, for power. Of course those put out only kilowatts of power, while this ships engines will have to run on the megawatt range. Of course, after40 years of working on this technology, this is a very realistic capability.

The ship's design is scheduled to be complete by 2012 and a finished by 2021, at an estimated cost of 17 billion rubles, or 580 million USD. More realistic estimates put the price tag at 1 to 1,5 billion USD, over the next decade.

The ship is aimed at flights to the Moon and to Mars, with a trip estimated to take about 39 days, one way. Nuclear electric rockets are twice as efficient as chemical rockets and most importantly, carry only a fraction of the weight in fuel. The Head of the Russian Space Agency, Anatoly Perminov was quoted as saying: "The project is aimed at implementing large scale space exploration programs, including manned missions to Mars, interplanetary travel, the creation and operation of planetary outposts."

True, the space budget is below these requirements, but there have been moves from President Medvedev down to the Duma to find funding and to find partners. If the Germans or Japanese can be brought into these projects, there is no end to the possibilities. NASA astronauts may be riding in Russian ships into the very far future, especially when counting how bankrupt the Americans are.

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Lands of Sponge Bob Square Pants and His Wonderful Bubbles

Like the American cartoon that has flooded our televisions, for those who have cable and get the US channel Nickelodeon, and the minds of our children (yes I saw a Sponge Bob walking around taking photos with tourists on Red Square, right beside the Stalin and Lenin look alikes...very disturbing), watching the American financial leadership is like watching the Sponge Bob show. I am still assigning roles, mind you, but Bernanke, the chief of the private pirate bank called the American Federal Reserve is definitely Squidward the Squid and Gerthner head of the misnamed Treasury Department (a ministry that has no treasure outside of little pieces of debt paper it sells for other paper) is Sponge Bob, the ever eager, ever ready, ever energetic numb skull who loves most of all to blow his wonderful bubbles.

Not to be out done by the previous generation of American and English bubble blowers, who for the past 20 years have solved one train wreck after another, by constantly switching from one rail road to a yet bigger gage rail road, pulling a yet a bigger train to wreck. Now, with the US/UK and really the world economies in free fall from the insane housing/hedge fund/debt bubbles, these slap stick comedy characters have decided to solve it all with one more, one great, one magnificent, stupendous and stupefying bubble of all bubbles. But unlike Sponge Bob's $.25 bubbles, this mother of all bubbles (mother as Lilith was/is the Mother of all Monsters) is a King Bubble built upon tens of trillions of dollars of created debt and cash, all manufactured in a short 10 months and still being churned out at an incredible rate.

The mother of all this is the creation, for the first time, of the USD Carry Trade. What is a Carry Trade? It is where one can borrow money from a country at a zero or near zero rate and invest it with abandon into other higher paying investment and than repay the original debt for little loss. Add to this buying on leverage and you have a bigger disaster than ever.

What? Leverage buying is alive and well?

Well yes, absolutely. The Yanks and Limeys, you see, have done absolutely nothing, zip zero nothing, to fix the issues that got them and then pulled all of us, into this fine mess. Instead of fixing the giant corruption, the capitalism, which is nothing more than corporate fascism and instead of reimplementing real free markets, real free enterprise and a mercantalistic system, they have instead told their biggest thieves and destroyers of the common man's life that hay: You are to big to fail: so here, have plenty of more cash and debt and we will continue selling it to the suckers and fools of the world. In this category, I place our central bank, which for the life of me, I will not understand why, continue to invest in American debt.

Thus they created a giant American carry trade, which in turn has spurred a giant run on commodities, yet again, a continued selling of toxic assets and a new housing boom in the US. Yes, all those old bubbles are back, but linked together by the American Carry Trade monetary bubble, creating a yet even bigger disaster for the world. But how bad could a carry trade bubble collapse really be? Ask the Japanese, their decade old carry trade bubble collapsed a year ago and in the process, they lost 38% of their manufacturing output in 4 months and for the first time since the end of WW2, have shanty towns.

Of course the US can not loose the equivalent amount of industrial production that Japan lost, it no longer has it, it will have to start an industry borrowing, just to have enough to shut down and foreclose upon.

This will of course, again pummel our economies, as our central banks and investment funds, for some God forsaken reason and blind faith in American debt, continue investing in what has become the world's biggest money pit. But for all our suffering, the darkness settling on the Anglo world will be much, much worse.

Is it any wonder than, that my friends and contacts in America tell me everyone is buying up ammunition and weapons in insane numbers?

Friday, November 13, 2009

To Georgia's Good Fortune, Russia is Winning

Since the mid 1990s and maybe even earlier, the leadership of Orthodox Christians Georgia has been in bed with the Saudi backed, Western facilitated, Turkish trained Sunni Islamic Jihad in Chechnya and other parts of Russia's Caucus.

It is not that the Georgians themselves or their various leaders are sympathetic to the Islamic jihadists, who pass through their lands with Georgian visas or whom the Georgians give comfort to in camps on their side of the Russian border. Hardly would this be the case, however, since this harms Russia, the Georgians consider this a good thing, payback for transgressions both real and imagined (most falling into the imagined category). Besides, the masters of Georgia, those who own the Georgian soul on a parchment signed in Georgian blood, sit in DC, London and Brussels and they fully approve of this jihad.

Luckily for the Georgians, a people and leadership who have been guided by their pride and ego, failed to consider what would happen if the jihad ever was successful. What if a caliphate was to sweep across the northern Caucuses?

In short, the Georgians would be like rats cornered in a box, surrounded by hungry cats. From the North and East, they would have the new radical Caucus Caliphate. To the South East, a hard line Sunni dictatorial Azerbaijan and to the South West, imperialistic, fascist and genocidal Sunni Turkey. Only the Armenians, directly South are Christian and considering the racism of the Georgians towards the Armenians, there would be no friendship there. We are assuming that the Orthodox Ossessians and Abkhazians would be already suffering under the Caucus Caliphate.

In short, the Georgians would be cornered, with only the Black Sea to the West "waiting" for them to be driven into it. Georgians, being lousy soldiers for the better part of the past thousand years, would quickly discover the value of alliance with the West. They would discover, to their chagrin, two basic facts: 1. The Muslims can guard the oil pipeline whiteout having any Georgians around, to the satisfaction of the West and 2. The West has a very long history of sacrificing small Orthodox Christian peoples to keep the Islamic beast sedated. At 4 million, the Georgians are a pretty small people, indeed.

Thus, while acting out like an angry teenager, blind to the folly of his own actions, the Georgians are lucky that Mother Russia is strong enough to clean up their mess.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Betrayal, Obama Style

German Chancellor Merkel had a surprise waiting for her, when she returned from what was a positive visit to the Americans and specifically the regime of one Barrack Obama. Upon arriving home, she was back stabbed by her ally over the GM Opel deal, upon which Merkel had placed so much of her and her party's reputation.

GM had agreed to sell Opel to a combination of Canadian parts manufacturer Magna and Russian bank Sberbank. In turn, the new owners planned to cut fewer jobs in Germany and other European countries and keep all four German plants open, than a GM restructuring plan that will see one or more and perhaps all four of the plants close and up to twice or more of the 4,500 layoffs planned by Magna.

To facilitate the deal, Germany ponied up 1,5 billion Euros (approximately 2,2 billion USD) as a bridge and another 4,5 billion Euro to facilitate the actual purchase. The 1,5 billion have already been delivered.

So in effect, GM, which is owned by the US government and thus by the Obama regime, grabbed the money and ran, back stabbing Chancellor Merkel's government and ripping off the German tax payer as well as raking Russian and Canadian investors over the coals and wasting their time and money. Needless to say, the Russian and Canadian governments, who helped sponsor these deals, have also had mud slung in their eye.

Than again, gentlemen, what did you really expect? If the American Marxist regime ignored American contract law and raped the owners and investors of the GM and Chrysler, its own citizens, to gain control of those companies, why would they not do the same to us, a bunch of foreigners?

Obama's betrayal also cuts into Spain's Opel operations, another US ally, whose workers made major pay concessions to facilitate the deal and are equally screwed, facing total or massive layoffs. Spain's Industrial Minister Miguel Sebastian was quoted as saying "Spain is not willing to go back to square one. We are not willing to budge even an inch."

The only ones in Europe who will benefit, surprise surprise, are the practitioners of the same brand of absolute corrupt corporate-state capitalism, the American fellow Anglo-Marxists, the British. Any real surprises there?

Look, after the hundreds of billions the US/UK government/finance cartels have cost us, why is anyone still shocked that they would try to screw the lot of us out of a few billion more?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Рублю Нужен Официальный Знак Валюты

Как знают все серьезные экономисты, никто не принимает валютную систему серьёзно на мировом рынке, если, она не имеет своего индивидуального знака. Почему нужнен символ? Просто. Не только каждый раз не нужно выписывать название валюты, но и человек, который не знает названия валюты, все равно, будет знать, какая страна производит эту валюту. Кроме этого, глобально принятый символ придает чувство значимости валютной системе, а без этого чувства, где же был бы доллар США?

Так что, я предлагаю знак русского рубля!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

HIV Epidemic, What Epidemic?

World wide, the Anglo press is at it again, slamming Russia and attempting to discourage investment and tourism to undermine the recovery that has been built upon by smart economic moves of President Medvedev and Prime Minister Putin.

The latest weapon of choice is the supposed AIDS epedemic that is sweeping Russia. In no time at all, the Anglo media has spared no print space expense to cast Russia in a seedy, diseased light. The proclamation are that the disease HIV has doubled in the totla infected, in the past eight years. News such as this is at the top of any long "analytical" piece published. Actual rates of infection are at the bottom, if anywhere at all.

The conservative absence message of the government is criticized by "world experts" as pointless and inefficient. Robin Gorma, executive director of International AIDS Society, was quoted as saying that [in Russia] "it does appear ideology is getting in the way of public health care policy."

Chris Beyer of John Hopkins said of Russian officials that they "have never really embraced needle exchange, free condoms and other harm reduction techniques." Beyer went on to say that this is the reason why Russia continues to have one of the most sever epidemics in the region.

The chorus of Western and Westernphile voices is, of course huge, and damning of a conservative Christian Russian government. Even the so called conservatives on such media outlets as Fox and the UK Telegraph, join in in a mindless Russia blasting, regardless that they hypocritically support the exact same policies at home...their hatred of Russia rots their brains and displays their absolute double standards and duplicity. More on these so called Western Christians and Conservatives in a separate piece to follow.

But what do the statistics say?

Russia's numbers, surely to low, recorded 501,000 cases in total, while the UN, surely to high, recorded 1,1 million. So lets take it at the midpoint of 800k. Russia's legal population is 145 million, so this infection rate is 0,6% That is correct, six tenth of a single percent and that is if you consider that all recorded infections belong to the 145 million legal citizens and residents and none to the five to eight million illegals, which is far from reality. But surely, in the world of HIV, this must be a stellar high infection rate, correct?

Sure on the igh end of the scale, according to the CIA World Factbook are Lesotho at 28,1% infection rate, followed by Swaziland at 26% and Zimbabwe at 24%. In Europe, the highest rates are Ukraine at 1,06% and Spain at ,7%. Russia's ,6% places it in the same category as the United States and Latvia.

As far as being the "leader" in the region, in the CIS that is easily shown a lie, as Ukraine with 1,06% holds that title and Russia is a distant second. Much of the increase is due to the inflow of heroine into Russia, through the "democratic" Afghanistani US puppet regime and various other US puppets in the region.

So, once again, simple statistics lay waste to Anglo-Marxist lies: Tell the Truth, Shame the Devil.