Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wars since the 1800s, Comparison USA and Russia

Over and over in the US press, the peasants are reminded of the evil, evil, EEEVVIIIIIL and war like Russians who storm, apparently, throughout the world, murdering raping and killing.

Of course, just like with almost everything of the US "free" press, the reality is quite the opposite. In truth, it is the Americans who have been doing this, under the banner of "We are God's choosen people and will, at the end of a gun, show the world how to "properly" live", no matter how many locals we have mass murder.

The countries on these maps, in green, are the nations in which US or Russian (including Soviet) forces, actual active military has fought, or against coalitions of troops, such as Nazi Germany and its allies. This does not include the various rebellions and civil wars the two nations have sponsored, such as the over throw of the Iranian Republic by the US or the over throw of Mubarek's Egypt of last year.

Nor does this include internal rebellions or wars.

First, the evil Russians: (Please keep in mind that central asian wars would not even show up on this if the old Russian territory was counted as one nation, just like the various US massacres and wars of Indians, and uprisings).

Now the saintly USA:

So, who are the war mongers? Who have, in 200 years, brought more war, destruction and tragedy.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sue America's Loud Mouths

Sue America's Loud Mouths

John McCain, the Islamic whore of Arizona is at it again. After orgasming to his own lack of whit while singing
"bomb bomb Iran", this presidential election loser, a born again Marxist Leninist Fascist, has been having on air orgasms over the US backed jihadist revivals all over the Mid East.

Now, twice in less than a month, this Satanic imp has threatened Russia with revolution. That the majority of the population supports Putin, that most of those who do not still would not follow the Arabs into chaos, that, as I wrote about in The American Zhirinovsky: John McCain , the Americans are the biggest sponsors of the Russian Nazis (the amount of Islamics is to small and falling, for that old workhorse of a whore to lay on his back and raise his legs for) is lost on no one.

Furthermore, it shows how insane and out of touch with reality, the powers that be are in America. Russia has a bustling economy with the lowest unemployment rate in the West, a health and growing middle class, new factories all over the place with a nice low tax, protectionist merchantalistic economic policy and nationalists at the helm. There is free speech, you can read enough of it in newspapers and on the internet, from are fools the liberals who idolize idiots like McCain and are more then happy to sell the nation out to the US and EU.

However, since the muzzle of Arizona, who just can't help himself, is trying to cause harm to our nation, we must make him pay. No, Hell is not something he fears, he knows his master is waiting for him and that he will be sharing it with most of the Anglo elites, most satanic cult that there ever was. No we need to hit h and his billionaire wife where it counts, where they fear it the most: in the wallet.

It well past time to sue these idiots for the damage they cause. Following us will be the families of all the victims the world over that they have violated.

The list of idiots and whores like McCain and Light In The Loafers Grahmy boy from South Carolina, is very long and well, American lawyers need work to. Now there's a jobs plan even Americans can afford.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Obama End Game: Revolution Yes, Civil War Maybe

The Obama End Game: Revolution Yes, Civil War Maybe

As I warned, two years ago, in American Capitalism Gone With a Whimper, Obama, the The American Lenin , the first Sunni Marxist in the American White House, has, after two years, entered his political end game.

After two years of systematically destroying what is left of the American economy, as I covered in such articles as: The American Self Immolation, Truly a Sight to See, and The Lands of Sponge Bob Square Pants and His Wonderful Bubbles and While America Drowns, Obama and the Elites Party and The American Recovery, Lots of Puff But No Substance and finally in Welcome to Survival: America, a 2nd World Nation.

In the end, accelerating his predecessor's race to the bottom, the dictator Obama has left 46 million, 13% of the American population, feeding directly on food tickets, a direct cash hand out from the government. This includes 25% of American children. Further, another 40-50 million live just above this, so called, poverty line, even though, they themselves are in poverty. In all, almost 45% of the American population survives on government handouts, handouts that are gotten first by strangling the business class with insane taxes and regulations and second by borrowing and printing massive amounts of cash. To add to the insanity, there is also the socialist, welfare class of the ultra-rich, who equally live off of those taxes and borrowing, reaping the rewards of their insane gambling, which has brought misery to billions, while baring none of the risk, which is paid by the government in hand outs.

So, now we come to the Wall Street's candidate's end game. As is well known from The Six Evils of Wall Street and the Suffering of Humanity, Wall Street, a den of Satanistic madmen, have learned much from their cash backed Marxist take over of our nation and then the Marxist take over of Germany, twenty years later.

They have moved slower in America. With no world war to help bankrupt the nation, they have started their own endless wars, raging war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Yemen and threating additionally Syria and Iran with war. These have helped bankrupt the nation, allowing key and needed for business infrastructure to suffer, while transferring ever greater sums to the power elite. Further, by creating endless evil, as they backed one Islamic Sunni Jihad after another, in Bosnia, in Yugoslavia (Kosovo), in Makedonia (western Makedonia), in Russia (Chechnya), in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya, they have made sure to bring the wraith of God down upon America and Americans, as I mentioned in: Is God Punishing America? and Is God Punishing America, Urgent Update 1.

These disasters are a great boon to the Marxists, as they have driven tens of millions more into poverty and despair and will greatly increase the price of food for the whole of the 310 million people in America, driving many many millions more into poverty.

Knowing this, the Obama regime has, through its backers and commissars, launched the useful idiot brigades into the streets of America. These demonstrations, led by the sons and daughters of the idol rich, are now demanding not law and punishment for the thieves of Wall Street, but revolution, a revolution that will leave the elites permanently in power, under the Socialist Dictatorship that they want. That Americans are shocked that the sons and daughters of the upper middle class and the upper class are leading the radicalized poverty stricken masses, should be no shock. In our own country, these very same useful idiots, the intelligentsia, who had plenty of time to sit around and philosophize about one socialist utopia or another, since their parents had taken care of their well being, led the revolution against our Tsar and our Holy Church. Of course, once the Wall Street backed Marxists were firmly in power, these very same useful idiots were some of the first to get the bullet behind the ear.

And as for the leadership, many of the leaders of the Bolshavik movement, were from rich families themselves. Lenin, for example, was from the minor aristocracy, his father having gained a minor nobility rank for service in the bureaucracy. In effect, Lenin was from the upper middle class. Felix "Red Terror" Dzerzhinsky, was the son of a polish aristocrat, from an ancient polish nobility. This Marxist was from the lower upper class. Leon Trotsky was also from a middle class family, and while attending school, living with his upper middle class intelligentsia uncle.

Other leaders, such as Lev Kamenev, were also from the rich. His father was a railway worker who grew rich off of the construction of Baku-Batumi railway. This gave Lev a very good education and allowed him to be absorbed into the Socialist/Marxist intelligentsia. These sons of plenty were not alone and are no different in the viciousness then those now marching in 25 US cities.

To add to this, they are now backed by the powerful unions.

Most people, now dependent on the government, will not react negatively. They may not agree with what is being done or the tactics taken, they do, however, on an instinctive level know that their very existence depends on the government.

So the Wall Street backed crowds, thinking they are fighting against Wall Street, call for a Socialist Dictatorship, while a governor of one oblast, North Carolina, calls for the suspension of elections to "help save" the Republic and the Economy. the Wall Street backed Obama, will then step in, backed by the masses and the Power Elites and will taken on the "burden" and mantel of the dictator of the people, for the people and over the people.

But why should this be a surprise. From the beginning, Obama has stated that he idolized Lincoln, who was one of the worst dictators, and most white washed, of history. This also, I covered in If Obama is the New Lincoln, What Should Be Expected . Already, the powers of Obama are well past that of any president. The man wages war without even bothering to inform a powerless, corrupt and self-obsessed congress. He equally has the power, through black death lists composed by an unknown council, to order the murder of any American citizen beyond the border of America.

This is the end game and the majority of the population will either not raise a word or will holler in joy at its coming. For those that oppose it, there is only one of three choices: close your eyes and serve regardless, run or fight.

In my opinion, there will be no civil war, there will be no fight. Most will go into the dark midnight, either clinging to the myths of their own freedom and "choice" by God or with their eyes down, in defeat.

No one will say they were not warned, but the harshest critics of all, will be the generations to come, who will curse the names of their forefathers, to weak and to foolish to resist.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

America's Totalitarian Democracy and Its Brutal Enforcers

America's Totalitarian Democracy and Its Brutal Enforcers

So, its a daily back ground noise, what? Why the American self righteous preachers, telling the world: "listen to your people", "do as they demand", "give them human rights" and so on with the endless screeching and back patting. How their arms have not broken from all that self gratification is a wonder of God.

These are the reasons the Americans use to murder and destroy with bombs and missiles, around the world, while their financial Titans, like the Titans of Greek legend, eat whole nations, sucking the last marrow from the bones of their victims.

But, the question is raised: how do these great humanitarian powers that be treat their own people? Well, as with previous demonstrations as is now with the present and growing demonstrations, one needs to only watch the video of what happens when the American serfs, be they of the left or the right or just trodden down people with no homes, jobs, or hope, rise up and question the Masonic authorities over them.

But this should not be a surprise, dear readers, as here is shocking video of the world's "greatest" (at least in their own minds and endless propaganda) totalitarian democracy's oppression of their own peoples, in previous episodes.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Nationalists of a Stripe: Or How Russian Nationalists Support Israel

Nationalists of a Stripe: Or How Russian Nationalists Support Israel

This last one is going to blow the mind of some of my readers, but in all truth, it should not.

Many people still cling to the Cold War dialectic of the Soviet Union, now Russia, supporting the Arab Muslim states against the West's Israel. Without giving much thought to the matter, they have always, for what ever silly reasons, attributed that Russia, first in the form of the Soviet Union, later in the form of the Russian Federation, was a friend of Islam and Muslim Arabs. This even while we have fought a 20 year jihad, armed and sponsored by those very Muslim Arabs.

Of course, they ignored that the SU was the first to recognize Israel, arm it and send 200,000 combat veterans (the US allowed 3,000 volunteers to leave and not return, and no weapons or ammunition) to fight the British and French armed and led Muslim Arabs.

That things changed, that alliances reworked themselves, was not because the SU suddenly saw the "righteousness" of the Islamics. Hardly. It was that Goldi Mir sucked up to the Americans and moved Israel into their orbit, while the French and British, after the defeats of the Muslim Arabs, abandoned their former colonies, leaving a power vacuum. This the SU filled, in its endless manuevering with the Americans.

True, with the rise of Russia, after the death of the SU, a lot of these alliances still stayed. Most of the old hands were still in power and alliances do not change over night, well, not most of them.

Still, relations expanded and as 2 million Russian Jews and Russians immigrated to Israel, those relations grew. Sure they had road bumps, but they have grown steadily. No visa regimes, with Russians being the majority of Israel's tourists. Large scale investment in both ways, civilian and military.

But the most telling of all, our Russian Orthodox Church is the biggest private land owner in Israel.

So without surprise, except that it took so long, the Russia’s National Democratic Alliance visited Israel last July 2011. Its head, Ilya Lazarenko, accompanied by Dr. Michael Pavlov of the “Union of Professors for strong Israel”, met first with met with the representative of the bloc “National Unity” MK Aryeh Eldad, head of the parliamentary lobby against Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism. It was the National Unity block that had invited them in.

They then visited the Knesset, and the memorial complex “Yad Vashem”. They toured the West Bank, walking on Hebron and Jerusalem. They than had a round table with “The Jewish Memorial “and the” Altalena – New Zionist revisionists.”

Lazarenko had this to say, after the meetings:

“We are very much in common, and first of all – rejection of violent Islamism, which is a threat to civilization" He said to the portal IzRus. – We also have some ideological overlap associated with the objectives of nation-building and its operation.”

“The national problem in Russia – this is primarily a[n ethnic] Russian problem, all the rest follow. The problem is that [ethnic] Russians don’t have their own national state, their homeland. Just as Jews didn’t have it for a long time,” – said Lazarenko.

This plays on the point I made in my commentary in: Are we Русский or Российский?

Dr. Pavlov commented on how friendly the atmosphere was, as the leaders figured out each other's positions and views and concluded that they were of a stripe.

He further confides that:

“About a month ago I was contacted by my friend, asking for help in organizing the visit to Israel of the movement of Russian National-Democrats. I was a little confused, because, in my understanding a Russian nationalist is a drunken member of Pamyat society, brandishing an ax, shouting “Beat the Jews – save Russia.” However, looking at information about the movement of the national democrats, I was pleasantly surprised. It turns out that for a long time the movement takes the Israel-friendly stand, and was one of the few Russian organizations that fully supported Israel during “Operation Cast Lead.”

They also appeared on the right wing Israeli channel "7th Channel" with the channel's editor Arutz Sheva. They also met with Israeli Deputy Minister of Development, Ayoob Kara, who himself had just returned from Europe, where he had been busy meeting with various right wing nationalist groups. Mr. Kara had this to say about his visits and out reaches.

“Some accuse me of having links with the ultra-Right movements and leaders. But I say – Israel must find allies to fight the scourge of Islamic fundamentalism. Left-wing leaders can not understand what I explain to them for many years: we have no partner for negotiations among the Arab countries – they do not want the existence of a Jewish state at all. This is proved by our retreat from Lebanon and the Gaza Strip, despite the fact that Israel returned to the boundaries defined by the UN, “Hezbollah” and Hamas failed to cease hostilities against Israel. Every day I read the Arabic-speaking press and see all the duplicity: while in English the Islamists broadcast their love of peace, then in Arabic – they call for Islamic expansion and the destruction of Israel.”

“In Russia, most of the media lie about the Jewish occupation and discrimination against the Arab population. We visited Hebron, and have not seen any signs of occupation. On the contrary – most people in the Russian provinces would envy those conditions which are at the Arab residents of Hebron. We have seen in Israel the only effective model of national state in the world, preserving the democratic structures, and we believe that Russia has a lot to learn from Israel in this field “- the movement’s leader Alexey Shiropayev said.

Shlomo Lensky (deputy adviser to Michael Ben-Ari on ‘Russian’ Affairs) stated, on the topic of breaking stereotypes:

“It is believed that if you’re a Russian nationalist – automatically you’re an anti-Semite and a fascist, etc., etc., and if you’re an Israeli right-wing you are always an extremist, a fanatic, a schismatic, and both – marginal. Meeting with Deputy Minister Ayoob Kara was an indication that it is the people who value and care about their country’s national interest who will find common language, who have a space for dialogue and may cooperate in the fight against common enemies, without being burdened with an inferiority complex and a variety of prejudices, “- said Shlomo Lensky.

And this should not be any surprise. All nationalists of any real stripe face a two pronged attack: the Satanic One World, Globalists and Financists and their Islamic Jihadist storm troopers.

So it should equally not be surprising that the NDA would come out in Moscow to a pro-Israeli, anti-Palestinian demonstration. Moscow protest against Palestinian statehood draws nationalists

Арье Эльдад принял в Кнессете делегацию НДА России