Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Events Flow and Prophesy Will Not Be Denied

Events Flow and Prophesy Will Not Be Denied

I have written extensively about the coming catastrophe for Turkey in particular and Islam in general. More than a few readers have voiced their opinions that I am out of my mind…and maybe rightly so…however, world events continue to push us into the one and only direction that was ever made possible.

When this icon of Christ was once again made visible in Hagia Sophia, it was the last sign of what was and is to come.

A good translation of the prophesies can be found here: Doomsday Prophesies

I covered the main points of my argument in these two articles and will now review, how in just these past weeks, the world continues to move ever closer to what will be:
Turkey on the Edge of Life and Death
The Coming MidEast Bloodbath and the Death of Turkey
Russian forces are now in the eastern Mediterranean, even as Turkey itself sends destroyers into the area. Russia Sends Nuclear Subs to Patrol Cyprus Waters. It would seem that a new Greek-Cypriot-Israeli axis of both military and economic development, centered around the subsea gas fields near Cyprus, is not to the Turks’ liking. The Turks want that Gas, which is not there’s neither by the 1976 borders, prior to the invasion of Cyprus nor by today’s. Turkey’s Erdogan Calls Israel’s Offshore Gas Drilling “Madness” But the Turkish Islamic regime is based upon a culture and history of raiding, pillaging and theft, since they left what is now western China, 1,000 years ago. Nothing has changed.

To this Turkish interference, Russia has sent two nuclear submarines, to further enforce the Cypriot right to exploit their own energy and keep it out of the Islamic Turkish hands. To put it bluntly, at how crazy the world can be: Russian subs are defending a US drilling platform (Noble Energy) that is benefiting an Orthodox EU member state (in an anti-Christian pseudo state of the EU), that is half occupied by a belligerent NATO aggressor nation.

Meanwhile, our Holy Orthodox Russian Church, is erecting a 135 meter angel statue on Cyprus, on the southern shores of the island, near the town of Limassol, as a direct sign to the Islamics that this land is Orthodox and will forever be so. "The statue will be covered with a special layer of film hundred times lighter than glass. It may have any color, but in our case it will be golden. It is ecologically clean technology," the author of its art concept, Russia's honored artist Pyotr Stronsky said.

Meanwhile, we have had Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan declare that the attack on the Islamic Jihadist “aid” ship Mavi Maramara constituting a Casus Belli for war with Israel. At the same time, the Turkish warplanes have been reprogrammed to recognize Israeli equipment as enemies.

And the Turks have been busy little buggers too. Erdogan was recently in Egypt, forming an alliance with the military juntra and the Islamic Brotherhood, pulling the strings behind the curtain. Turkey predicts alliance with Egypt as regional anchors

The stage is ever more set, the pieces in place.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Demolishing Another American Myth

Demolishing Another American Myth

The myth making and flights of self righteous fantasy that passes for American history, can be truly amazing. Everything is boiled down into a delicious black and white, where we are the righteous, God given power of purity and butterflies and rainbows, who must go out on our unicorns and do battle with evil.

For the well trained mind, versed in history and facts, that is exactly how the rubbish that passes for American history appears. It is almost as silly as the daily statements made by pompous and bellicose politicians and busy bodies who are more than happy to shred thousands of foreign children with daisy cutters, if not burning them to a crisp with napalm, all the while readying holier than thou, morality lectures to the world.

So with no further adieu, and no teleprompter, I set out to destroy one more myth of the American do goodness.

The inspiration for this piece came from a Chinese movie I watched recently, in Russian, called The City of Life and Death. The movie is about a horrid historical incident that the West labeled as the Rape of Nanjing.

While watching it, I remember a piece of American flights of fantasy, where the Americans claimed that it was the Rape of Nanjing that caused them to cut off supplies of oil, rubber and scrap metal to the Japanese Empire, thus grinding down its expansionism and causing them to attack the Americans at Pearl Harbour, after which the Americans all but single handedly wiped up the Japanese Empire and saved the Pacific, the American marines leading the charge.

Sounds great, does it not? What material for morality lectures and Hollywood bilge.

The problem is, its all rubbish to the Nth degree. Outside of the fact that the Chinese, Soviet Union (us Russians), British, French, Belgians, Netherlanders, Australians, IndoChinese, Indians and others were fighting the Japanese long before the Americans got into the war, the whole causation of events is pure nonsense as well.

The Rape of Nanjing, a truly horrid episode in the truly horrid and violent history of Japan, was in 1937 and yet the Americans did not cut off Japanese supplies until 4 years later, starting the embargo in August 1941. Why so long? Why the morality wait that allowed the Japanese to continue expanding for almost another 4 years? Amongst other things, in 1937, the Nationalist Chinese were sponsored by Hitler's Nazi Germany as well as the Soviet Union, while the Japanese main sponsors were the Americans and British/French.

But there were some other key points that must be raised. A key even happened in 1939, two years after Nanjing, while the Japanese were the best of trading partners with the Americans. What was the event?

It was the Battle (or series of battles) of Khalkhin Gol, on the borders of Mongolia and Japanese occupied Manchuka (Manchuria). In May 1939, a border dispute between two small units of Mongolians and Japanese puppets, the Manchukans erupted into a major border war. While small by World War 2 standards, it was bigger than most wars.

Full battle erupted in July with a Japanese attack into Mongolia. The Japanese, with an army of some 80,000 men and a regiment of tanks, struck in a clever encirclement against the Soviet-Mongolian forces. Unfortunately for them, the force was commanded by General Greorgy Zhukov (later Marshal of the Soviet Union and conquerer of Berlin). Zhukov sensed the encirclement, counter maneuvered and drove the Japanese out, killing five thousand and destroying the armoured regiment.

In August, Zhukov counter struck. While the Japanese regrouped for their third bid, Zhukov struck. With three armoured and two mechanized brigades, Zhukov had additional three infantry divisions, armored reconnaissance, two motorized infantry divisions, two Mongolian cavalry divisions and an air army, a force of 50,000 men.

Against him stood two Manchukin infantry divisions, and 75,000 Japanese. Zhukov struck, separating out, double encircling the 23ID Japanese, and destroying that division. At this point, the Japanese stopped all action, began peace talks and signed a cease fire on 15 September. Soviet casualties were 23k, with one third killed, while Japanese casualties were in the neighborhood of 45k, with the majority killed, as the Japanese would not surrender.

The outcome of this battle was the removal of support from the North Strike Group, into Russia and the reinforcement of the South Strike Group into SE Asia.

The funny thing is, the break down in US and Japanese relations came shortly after that, by the end of 1940, when Japanese southern intentions were obvious and the fact that they would not venture north into Russia was a fact, the Americans no longer saw a reason to back them and by August 1941 cut their support for the Japanese economy by fully embargoing, thus absolutely assuring a Japanese attack.

So it becomes clear that the actual Anglo manipulations, just like those of the other Anglos, the British, in the Caucuses, stirring Turkey towards war with the Soviet Union, were alive and well, even as the storm gathered for WW2.

The American flights of fantasy, not only convince their own serfs into countless "good" wars, but are used to cover up their own crimes and manipulations while war profiteering at every step.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Are we Русский or Российский?

Are we Русский or Российский?

While translating these two words into English will net the same basic word result "Russian", the two words in our language have rather different and extremely important differences.

The first Русский means Russian, as in an ethnic or cultural Russian. The second word, Российский, means a citizen of the country of Russia but not necessarily Russia, rather as used by our government, this is a multicultural Russian. This is the same as saying the difference between an Englishman and an American.

An Englishman, a real Englishman, can be distinguished not only by a unifying language, traditions, mannerisms but a shared and ancient history. In other words, its a race of people. An American is a member of a society that does not share a genetic, cultural, religious, lingual or historic foundation. It is a nation of enclaves of strange (to each other) and often antagonistic nationalities bound only by economic ties.

This Americanism, this multiculturalism, a failed para-dime, that the West has swallowed, is also what our own leadership is trying to foist on us. They claim that we must live in a multicultural entity called Russia, bound by a set of present day borders,where all nationalities have equal standing and all cultures are basically the same.

This, however is not true and leads to the same failure as that experienced throughout the West. It is no secret reason why the leadership of the UK, France and Germany have come to the realization that the multicultural project is a dead and disastrous end.

If we do not end it, our end will be the same. Even now, the minorities, particularly those tribals from the central asians and north caucuses, that feel the weakness of the Russian culture and imposition of control, are running rampant, carving out their own enclaves, causing racial riots and problems galore.

In all of Russia, there is only one group, the group that is 86% of the population, that can take control and bring order to the state, it is the Russian people (and in this I include the Ukrainians and Belarus, as we are all Rus). Only one people who are as inclined to work and organization. Only one people are as literary and culturally advanced to create and maintain a nation state, rather then a series of tribal or pseudo ethnic enclaves. One sees this in areas.

This can be seen in such nations as Kazakhstan, where the engineers, technicians, those who actually make and move a society and industry are all Rus, while those counting the money and dilling out croniesms that would kill their nation, without the Rus, are the Kazakh.

But the greater question facing us and our British, German, Italian, Swedish and other European brethren is: are we freemen or the serfs of our state. Nationalism, as a national project (not the Marxism Fascist mutation) sets us free. It is then our race, our language, our combined history, our God givenness that defines us as what and who we are and not the arbitrary or political state, where some faceless bureaucrats try to create a multicultural "race" or "people" out of ingredients that can not mix.

If we are Russians and not "Russian" then we are heirs to our historical truths and our historical lands and can not be bound by the artificial borders set by sniveling mini tyrants, twenty years ago, cutting up the dieing greater tyrant of the СССР.

This is not to say that an Indian or a Japanese can not come to Russia and become Russian. I have known examples of both that did just that and made fine Russians. However, they choose to assimilate. To take our language and an our culture, as not only their own but as the superior culture, at least here in Russia. So it must be that Russia is recognized as Russia, that is of the race of Rus, of the Orthodox Religion, of a combined and shared history that dates back 1500 years and longer if counting our western Slav origins.

It is not to say that other cultures or religions can not or will not exist, that is nonsense. However, they will know that they exist in an ordered state, where the Russian culture, the Russian is the standard and the core and the main in effect and they know their place. They can exist but will never supplement. They can assimilate but will never replace.

The surety of this knowledge will, in itself, order things, because all human beings need to understand the order of things and where they are in them. Otherwise, they, like children, will lash out trying to find their borders.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Turkey On the Edge of Life and Death

Turkey On the Edge of Life and Death

It has been said that the Muslim Palestinians have never failed to pass up a chance to screw themselves and their allies. As it was for the past 60 years, so it is about to repeat itself and the biggest loser of all, will be Turkey.

As has been predicted and as I discussed in The Coming Mideast Bloodbath and the Death of Turkey , Turkey’s death is at hand.

On the 20th of September, the Palestinians will declare for independence. Turkey will be the first to recognize them, and will move its ships into what the Israelis will still consider their territorial waters. This will spark a crisis of Turkey and Israel. The Palestinians, as usual, have not thought this through. A declaration of independence will annul all agreements, such as Oslo, between them and the Israelis. Israel will first move to cut off all power and water to their territories. Then, when the PA’s home bred terrorists open with their daily missile barrages, the Israelis will, correctly, view this as an act of war by the PA against Israel. Their response will quickly draw Turkey and Egypt into the fight.

The Turkish fleet, near Israel, will become reefs. The Israelis will be forced to deal first with the Egyptians and will call upon their alliance with Greece against Turkey, while driving the Egyptians out of the Sinai. Turkey Out, Greece In: Security Deal Signed with Athens

The eventual war will evolve as follows:
Axis of Evil
Saudi Arabia

Orthodox Alliance
Greece (Byzantine)

Those with the Astrix, 5 of the great 6 powers, will drop out shortly after the start of the war, when the scope and reality of the fight becomes clear.

With the death of Turkey, several key thing will happen, affecting further trends. One, the dream of a Muslim Caliphate, one great Caliphate, will be eroded away, as Turkey, for the past 500 years, was the center of such dreaming. Orthodox Christianity will again be on the march, moving to again reclaim its lands and souls that were stolen by the Islamics for the past 1400 years.

The Muslim Arabs will once again be shown for non-competent generals and soldiers that they are, having lost much of their military equipment and hundreds of thousands of lives. The Egyptians will once again be pushed out of the Sinia by the Israelies, this time not to return. Even the Jews are not fool enough to give up that land a second time. The Palestinians will be pushed out of Gaza and the West Bank, into Egypt and Jordan, causing major problems to the local rulers, who themselves will face civil war.

Egypt will be a basket case for decades to come. Syria will lose of its Kurdish territories but Basir will be able to hold on to power. Like it or not, he will be faced with a very different landscape and will ally closely with the Orthodox Alliance, using draconian tactics to exterminate his own radical elements.

The Armenian, Byzantine, Bulgarian sections of Turkey will be converted to Orthodoxy. While the West and Saudies will whine, they will be powerless to intervene. This will cause unrest and revolts but over time, the policy will be final and the area will calm down.

The power of the West will be shown in its full weakness, with no one left to doubt. Squabbling in NATO and the organization’s collapse will follow shortly. A bankrupted and embarrassed US will finally retreat to its own shores, where its elites will have to contend with an angry, impoverished but well armed citizenry.
While the EU, more and more in the form of the Fourth Reich, will survive and will gain strength, it will do so at the expense of abandoning some of its SE territories, the prime ones being Romania and Bulgaria as well as aspirations on Serbia. Greece (now Byzantium), will leave of its own according. Damned by the Christless, soulless Eurocrats for taking backs what is its and restoring the Byzantine Empire, Greece will see no reason to stay and surrender its future to the Germanics.

Russia will not only gain back most of Georgia and Azerbajan, but will be the main influential player in the Balkans and Near East, namely Asia Minor. Syria and Israel will be pulled into the Russian sphere.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Just Flushed Granny Down the Toilet

Just Flushed Granny Down the Toilet

A lot can be said of a society and how it treats and values its living from how it treats and values its dead.

I have often written that the post Christian West is a Satanic playground for the minions of the Enemy. An immoral, Luciferian elite and their dumbed down and callas serfs, worshiping false idols and having long turned their backs on Christ.

Today, I had this ever further enforced, when I read about two new machines that the wardens of the Nazi's concentration camps and Stalin's gulags would have been thrilled at. I am sure the new wardens of concentration camps and gulags all over the Western Totalitarian Democracies are just as excited.

Two new methods have been developed to remove human bodies. One, developed in Ireland, is a body liquification tank, that utilizes high temperature alkaline water (basically ph11 acid) to fully dissolve the body into a sludge of organic waste that can easily now be flushed down a drain. Of course, the machine has filters to catch the metal particles: read this as gold teeth and such.

Yes, the poor Nazis had to get gold out the old fashioned way, from their freshly gassed corpses, with pliers. Now, for a low low price, you no longer need a plot of land, a head stone (or how the yanks do it, a cheap bronze plate), you just flush those pesky relatives down the drain and their gold teeth and implants are yours as a bonus. How absolutely "nice".

Whilst my fog hazed American readers will shake their heads in righteous disdain at those pesky Euros (or Eurotrash as many of them like to call Europeans), they will be shocked to learn that the company that produces this monstrosity, Resomation, has just installed their first American unit in, of all places, the deep south: Florida. It shows once more the poor state of Protestantism and its corruption by modernism. This would never fly in Orthodox Christian countries, where the body is viewed as the temple of the soul and should be treated with respect after death, not flushed down the toilet, with yesterday's processed dinner.

The second monstrosity is not quite out yet, awaiting the approval of the Swedish government. Susanne Wiigh-Masak, a Swedish biologist, has developed a machine that uses liquid nitrogen that freeze dries the body and then uses high intensity sound waves to pulverize it into tiny particles, basically making compost out of granddad. These are then described as ready for "shallow" burial....that is, addition to the tomato plant soil or some such. She's even given it a catchy name: she calls it Promession.

Of course, both have been given the "GREEN" seal of approval.

As an Orthodox Christian, in a faith that does not allow for the preservation of the body or even autopsy (except in criminal matters), I am aghast at this, disturbed and disgusted.

Yes, the West as I've said and will say, is truly the play ground of the Devil.

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