Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Emmigration Reform, What Shape Should It Take?

As our government discusses and debates the various improvements or over hauls to the antiquated and inadequate Russian immigration statutes and visa regimes, I propose that we simply go back to the wisdom of one of our greatest leaders, Catherine the Great and her more than successful reign.

Her manifesto was aimed at white Christian immigrants and gave a massive boost to Russia. Considering the tyrannies growing through out the dieing and decaying West, this is just as good a time to bring these laws out of the dust of history and back into today's spot light.

Manifesto of the Empress Catherine II
July 22, 1763


The Mainfesto:

We, Catherine the second, by the Grace of God, Empress and Autocrat of all the Russians at Moscow, Kiev, Vladimir, Novgorod, Czarina of Kasan, Czarina of Astrachan, Czarina of Siberia, Lady of Pleskow and Grand Duchess of Smolensko, Duchess of Esthonia and Livland, Carelial, Twer, Yugoria, Permia, Viatka and Bulgaria and others; Lady and Grand Duchess of Novgorod in the Netherland of Chernigov, Resan, Rostov, Yaroslav, Beloosrial, Udoria, Obdoria, Condinia, and Ruler of the entire North region and Lady of the Yurish, of the Cartalinian and Grusinian czars and the Cabardinian land, of the Cherkessian and Gorsian princes and the lady of the manor and sovereign of many others. As We are sufficiently aware of the vast extent of the lands within Our Empire, We perceive, among other things, that a considerable number of regions are still uncultivated which could easily and advantageously be made available for productive use of population and settlement. Most of the lands hold hidden in their depth an inexhaustible wealth of all kinds of precious ores and metals, and because they are well provided with forests, rivers and lakes, and located close to the sea for purpose of trade, they are also most convenient for the development and growth of many kinds of manufacturing, plants, and various installations. This induced Us to issue the manifesto which was published last Dec. 4, 1762, for the benefit of all Our loyal subjects. However, inasmuch as We made only a summary announcement of Our pleasure to the foreigners who would like to settle in Our Empire, we now issue for a better understanding of Our intention the following decree which We hereby solemnly establish and order to be carried out to the full.

I. . We permit all foreigners to come into Our Empire, in order to settle in all the gouvernements, just as each one may desire.

II. . After arrival, such foreigners can report for this purpose not only to the Guardianship Chancellery established for foreigners in Our residence, but also, if more convenient, to the governor or commanding officer in one of the border-towns of the Empire.

III. . Since those foreigners who would like to settle in Russia will also include some who do not have sufficient means to pay the required travel costs, they can report to our ministers in foreign courts, who will not only transport them to Russia at Our expense, but also provide them with travel money.

IV. . As soon as these foreigners arrive in Our residence and report at the Guardianship Chancellery or in a border-town, they shall be required to state their true decision whether their real desire is to be enrolled in the guild of merchants or artisans, and become citizens, and in what city; or if they wish to settle on free, productive land in colonies and rural areas, to take up agriculture or some other useful occupation. Without delay, these people will be assigned to their destination, according to their own wishes and desires. From the following register* it can be seen in which regions of Our Empire free and suitable lands are still available. However, besides those listed, there are many more regions and all kinds of land where We will likewise permit people to settle, just as each one chooses for his best advantage.
*The register lists the areas where the immigrants can be settled.

V. . Upon arrival in Our Empire, each foreigner who intends to become a settler and has reported to the Guardianship Chancellery or in other border-towns of Our Empire and, as already prescribed in # 4, has declared his decision, must take the oath of allegiance in accordance with his religious rite.

VI. . In order that the foreigners who desire to settle in Our Empire may realize the extent of Our benevolence to their benefit and advantage, this is Our will -- :

1. We grant to all foreigners coming into Our Empire the free and unrestricted practice of their religion according to the precepts and usage of their Church. To those, however, who intend to settle not in cities but in colonies and villages on uninhabited lands we grant the freedom to build churches and belltowers, and to maintain the necessary number of priests and church servants, but not the construction of monasteries. On the other hand, everyone is hereby warned not to persuade or induce any of the Christian co-religionists living in Russia to accept or even assent to his faith or join his religious community, under pain of incurring the severest punishment of Our law. This prohibition does not apply to the various nationalities on the borders of Our Empire who are attached to the Mahometan faith. We permit and allow everyone to win them over and make them subject to the Christian religion in a decent way.
2. None of the foreigners who have come to settle in Russia shall be required to pay the slightest taxes to Our treasury, nor be forced to render regular or extraordinary services, nor to billet troops. Indeed, everybody shall be exempt from all taxes and tribute in the following manner: those who have been settled as colonists with their families in hitherto uninhabited regions will enjoy 30 years of exemption; those who have established themselves, at their own expense, in cities as merchants and tradesmen in Our Residence St. Petersburg or in the neighboring cities of Livland, Esthonia, Ingermanland, Carelia and Finland, as well as in the Residential city of Moscow, shall enjoy 5 years of tax-exemption. Moreover, each one who comes to Russia, not just for a short while but to establish permanent domicile, shall be granted free living quarters for half a year.

3. All foreigners who settle in Russia either to engage in agriculture and some trade, or to undertake to build factories and plants will be offered a helping hand and the necessary loans required for the construction of factories useful for the future, especially of such as have not yet been built in Russia.

4. For the building of dwellings, the purchase of livestock needed for the farmstead, the necessary equipment, materials, and tools for agriculture and industry, each settler will receive the necessary money from Our treasury in the form of an advance loan without any interest. The capital sum has to be repaid only after ten years, in equal annual instalments in the following three years.

5. We leave to the discretion of the established colonies and village the internal constitution and jurisdiction, in such a way that the persons placed in authority by Us will not interefere with the internal affairs and institutions. In other respects the colonists will be liable to Our civil laws. However, in the event that the people would wish to have a special guardian or even an officer with a detachment of disciplined soldiers for the sake of security and defense, this wish would also be granted.

6. To every foreigner who wants to settle in Russia We grant complete duty-free import of his property, no matter what it is, provided, however, that such property is for personal use and need, and not intended for sale. However, any family that also brings in unneeded goods for sale will be granted free import on goods valued up to 300 rubles, provided that the family remains in Russia for at least 10 years. Failing which, it be required, upon its departure, to pay the duty both on the incoming and outgoing goods.

7. The foreigners who have settled in Russia shall not be drafted against their will into the military or the civil service during their entire stay here. Only after the lapse of the years of tax-exemption can they be required to provide labor service for the country. Whoever wishes to enter military service will receive, besides his regular pay, a gratuity of 30 rubles at the time he enrolls in the regiment.

8. As soon as the foreigners have reported to the Guardianship Chancellery or to our border towns and declared their decision to travel to the interior of the Empire and establish domicile there, they will forthwith receive food rations and free transportation to their destination.

9. Those among the foreigners in Russia who establish factories, plants, or firms, and produce goods never before manufactured in Russia, will be permitted to sell and export freely for ten years, without paying export duty or excise tax.

10. Foreign capitalists who build factories, plants, and concerns in Russia at their own expense are permitted to purchase serfs and peasants needed for the operation of the factories.

11. We also permit all foreigners who have settled in colonies or villages to establish market days and annual market fairs as they see fit, without having to pay any dues or taxes to Our treasury.

VII. . All the afore-mentioned privileges shall be enjoyed not only by those who have come into our country to settle there, but also their children and descendants, even though these are born in Russia, with the provision that their years of exemption will be reckoned from the day their forebears arrived in Russia.
VIII. . After the lapse of the stipulated years of exemption, all the foreigners who have settled in Russia are required to pay the ordinary moderate contributions and, like our other subjects, provide labor- service for their country. Finally, in the event that any foreigner who has settled in Our Empire and has become subject to Our authority should desire to leave the country, We shall grant him the liberty to do so, provided, however, that he is obligated to remit to Our treasury a portion of the assets he has gained in this country; that is, those who have been here from one to five years will pay one-fifth, whole those who have been here for five or more years will pay one-tenth. Thereafter each one wil be permitted to depart unhindered anywhere he pleases to go.

IX. . If any foreigner desiring to settle in Russia wishes for certain reasons to secure other privileges or condlitions besides those already stated, he can apply in writing or in person to our Guardianship Chancellery, which will report the petition to Us. After examining the circumstances, We shall not hesitate to resolve the matter in such a way that the petitioner's confidence in Our love of justice will not be disappointed.

Given at the Court of Peter, July 22, 1763
in the Second Year of Our Reign.

The original was signed by Her Imperial Supreme Majesty's own hand.
Printed by the Senate, July 25, 1763

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Would Orwell Be Proud?

It would seem, just like with Benjamin Franklin’s satire on the idea of day light savings time (now a standard all over the world and led by the Anglos), Orwell’s 1984 was not taken as a warning but instead as a guide book on how to “properly” structure Anglo society and the West in general, as well as the structures of foreign policy.

Particularly, one must pay attention to the social aspects of that bee hive, loyalty to the state structures.

All Marxist regimes have attempted to force the loyalty of the people to the State, definitely not to God or Family. All made examples of the “heroes” of the State, people who betrayed their own families to the authorities. These “heroes” and those who emulated their examples, however, were always a minority, as society’s basic structures have always endured any such shocks and pressures and preserved themselves.

In the West, specifically the Anglo West, a more insidious program has been ongoing, for over two generations. The Marxist elites have learned from failed past lessons that radical change to an organism will invoke a defense response in the organism and is bound to failure or to destroy the organism. The Marxists do not want a destroyed organism, they want it healthy and strong, just working in the directions that they desire.

To that end, they have taken a multi-generational approach. First came the “Free Love” of the 1960s, a disease that spread throughout the West, undermining relationships and creating a view that transient sexual relations were ok. This of course had the desired effect to undermine the family structure, with children being born and growing up with either one parent or multiple sets of parents, as their own biological parents divorced and remarried and so on multiple times.

Then came the trend named Cocooning, through various technologies and mass media, to isolate neighbor from neighbor. People no longer felt that they were part, and thus loyal to a community. They no longer felt and were less drawn to the group moral structure, being able to exploit any kinks in their own psyches to any degree they wanted. After all, as long as you like it, in your own little world, what does anyone else’s opinion matter? Ever notice how the number of crazy people in the West is growing? I see it here in Russia, though it is still in a minor stage as compared to the West. Every time I visit a Western country, I am shocked at how much more insane the public at large appears.

Now come the final programs to separate the individual from all strong and formal bonds to society, at large. A new series of programs, in the US and UK aimed at “preventing” bullying and thus “saving” the child is working to destroy cliques and make children more “inclusive”. While on the surface this seems to appear like a noble idea, like most of the most deadly and evil of the Progressive ideas, it is in truth, one of vile evil.

What the program does, is destroy any meaningful relationships that a child has. As is, most children in the West, especially in America, lead extremely structured and paranoid lives, where even their play time is controlled by adults so that they get “value” out of it. As if children are some worker drones and play for fun is not full of value of its own. Ever watch American cartoons like Builder Bob or SpongeBob Square Pants, we have all of these through the magic of satellite television. All show perfect little worker drones whose only major enjoyment of live is not art or friendship but work, work and obeying their owners, first and foremost.

“I think it is kids’ preference to pair up and have that one best friend. As adults — teachers and counselors — we try to encourage them not to do that,” said Christine Laycob, director of counseling at Mary Institute and St. Louis Country Day School in St. Louis. “We try to talk to kids and work with them to get them to have big groups of friends and not be so possessive about friends.”

“Parents sometimes say Johnny needs that one special friend,” she continued. “We say he doesn’t need a best friend.
A Best Friend? You Must Be Kidding (http://www.nytimes.com/2010/06/17/fashion/17BFF.html?pagewanted=1)

Of course your elites do not think so, friendship builds loyalty and a morality of its own, in a Progressive Marxist state, loyalty can and must only be manifest towards one entity: the State. There can be no other competitor for the attention or the needs of the individual, because there can be no individuals. Friends do not surrender each other, they tend to do the opposite, cover and support, thus give hope. Only the State can have that role.

Many parents have already been co-opted in to breeding and raising the worker drones and storm troopers of the future, who may very well turn on them. Most are to ignorant to realize what they are doing. From the same article:

For many child-rearing experts, the ideal situation might well be that of Matthew and Margaret Guest, 12-year-old twins in suburban Atlanta, who almost always socialize in a pack. One typical Friday afternoon, about 10 boys and girls filled the Guest family backyard. Kids were jumping on the trampoline, shooting baskets and playing manhunt, a variation on hide-and-seek.

Neither Margaret nor Matthew has ever had a best friend. “I just really don’t have one person I like more than others,” Margaret said. “Most people have lots of friends.” Matthew said he considers 12 boys to be his good friends and says he sees most of them “pretty much every weekend.”

The process is of course well organized and institutionalized. Again, from the same article:

As the calendar moves into summer, efforts to manage friendships don’t stop with the closing of school. In recent years Timber Lake Camp, a co-ed sleep-away camp in Phoenicia, N.Y., has started employing “friendship coaches” to work with campers to help every child become friends with everyone else. If two children seem to be too focused on each other, the camp will make sure to put them on different sports teams, seat them at different ends of the dining table or, perhaps, have a counselor invite one of them to participate in an activity with another child whom they haven’t yet gotten to know.

“I don’t think it’s particularly healthy for a child to rely on one friend,” said Jay Jacobs, the camp’s director. “If something goes awry, it can be devastating. It also limits a child’s ability to explore other options in the world.”

So Anglos, the generations that is starting to come into adulthood will finally have all those core Anglo values, or rather new core Anglo values, that your sage Orwell warned you about. You must be so proud.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

South Africa: Celebrating the Genocide of Whites

That the fact that a murderous despotic, Marxist-fascist regime, hell bent on the whole scale extermination of the twenty percent of its population, and the most productive members at that, should be awarded with the world championship in football (World Cup) says more about the West that brought about these Marxists to power then about the ruling thugs themselves.

As I stated in Age of the Man-Gods, the self-loathing masters of the Western serfs and peasants are the root blame in the murder of not only the tens of thousands of whites in Rhodesia and now South Africa, but equally of millions of starving blacks in both nations. The vipers, who are the elites of the West, foisted upon the world the Mughabies and Mandelas that have caused endless horror and suffering. South Africa, a case in point.

Once the most developed nation in all of Africa, with a vibrant industrial economy, it is now a dieing cesspool of failed socialism and raging anti-white hatred and genocide. Yes, there, the word genocide against a minority, that happens to be white. It is a nation where 100 murders are committed daily and HIV is rampant in over a third of the black population. This is a Western installed Marxist regime that can count as its achievement the annual rape of over 40,000 children.

And before you say anything about this being their land, it is not. Just like with the Islamic Arabs in Israel or the Mexicans in Texas or Arizona, or the Chinese coming into our own Far East, there were few if any living in these areas, until more productive peoples came in and created the economic and societal conditions upon which these others then flooded in to feed off of.

As for the World Cup, the last place, from a political, humane, morale or safety situation that this should have been held is South Africa. To make the already joke of a security even less attainable is the convergence of tens of thousands of the worst radicals from sub-Saharan Africa, to Johannesburg.

It is time that there was active opposition to this murderous Marxist regime, not active rewarding.

That the rulers of the West are self loathers, satanic spawn bent on the destruction of the whole of the Christian world, be it by the curse of Marxism, Islam or African paganism, is of itself a known element. Thus the people of the West had best wake up or face their own destruction.

As for our own government in Moscow, I call upon President Medvedev to actively condemn these illegal and murderous regimes and to offer direct aid to the Boer and European populations of Africa, through military aid and refugee havens.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

America's Chernobyl

The similarities between the Fall of the Soviet Union and the upcoming Fall of the United States are shocking.

Allow us to examine Chernobyl and the American equivalent, the Gulf of Mexico. In essence, both were the very extremely unlikely occurances in the energy sector, without which key ingredient, nothing in a modern society functions. Both cost lives, first in the short term, though the American count was much lower, and will in the long term, though the American version, will be much much higher. Both contaminated a huge area of land and cost the local economies and national economies dearly.

And at this point, my critics will say that my roof has slid off. That I have gone bonkers. How can these two of the greatest or worst man-made disasters be similar?

Well, it is not just the physical aspect of this that we shall consider, dear readers, but the psychological-moral aspect that everyone in the American press is ignoring but that will become very visible over the coming months and short years and which is already in effect in the hearts of those oppressed by this disaster and the government behind it.

Both of these disaster were first and foremost man-made. While natural disaster can not be blamed on government and only the botched responses, they rarely, those botched responses, topple societies and governments. People tend to be more forgiving, since after all, who could have foreseen that the storm would go there...or do that...to that level...or the earth quake... But not so for man-made disasters, where even if by total accident, the view is, it should have been absolutely preventable.

The absolutely half arsed and botched response of the Soviets and the Americans has shown both governments to be 1. absolutely incompetent and unable to defend the needs and livelihoods of their citizens; 2. to be absolutely unfeeling to the plight of the millions directly affected by this; 3. to be extremely heavy handed in the inadequate response, further degrading or destroying the lives of the victims; and 4. to attempt to lie and cover up their own incompetence from their people.

Unfortunately, with disasters of this wide range, that is rather difficult to accomplish, especially as in the Chernobyl cloud and the Gulf oil slick they both go international, invading and affecting the areas of other nations and destroying their economies too.

All this, of course, has the most acidic effect on the moral of the people. Both incidents came as both nations were/are slouching and suffering economically, politically, and morally. Both were already in question of survival. In America, talk of succession is now almost common day, especially in the occupied Confederacy, Kingdom of Hawaii and the annexed Republic of Texas. This will only reinforce the already prevalent feeling that the powers that be do not care about the people or their suffering.

Local politicians will be quick to feed upon this malcontent and will grow their power on the concept of, at best, more decentralized and autonomous power from the central authority or at worst, direct succession.

In the crumbling Soviet Union, five years passed between Chernobyl and the final collapse of the State. In America, the process will be much faster. Why?

Because, unlike the Americans, the Soviets at that point understood their economy was collapsing and were doing what ever possible to preserve it. Though misguided they were under few illusion of what was happening. The Americans are ideologues pure and simple, something the Soviets, at that point, were not. Furthermore, unlike the Soviets, the absolutely and insanely heavy handed action of the American regime is beyond logical comprehension, as all ideologues usually are.

To be equivalent, the Soviet Union would have had to ban all nuclear power plants nation wide, which is equivalently, what Obama and his lords have done. The response was to ban all drilling off shore in America. Never mind that 38% of American oil comes from there, but it will also cost 150 to 200 thousand jobs, from the rig workers to the manufacturing industry producing parts for the service companies that work for the oil companies.

Worst, most of this will hit right in the very states where the oil is destroying fishing and tourism, thus one more blow to already desperate and rather angry people. That this so happens to be the territories of the Republic of Texas and the Confederacy, will only inflame the drive for moral, economic and political freedom from the oppressive and occupational government in Washington.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Turkey Will Not Fight

The Turkish government, the Islamic Turkish government, has threatened to send warships to escort the next wave of humanitarian aka Islamic troop transport ships to Gaza. There are several problems here:

First, be these Turkish or French or Martian ships, once they cross over, without invitation, into Israeli waters, which includes Gaza, the Israelis have the full right, under international law, to sink them. That they have not directly sunk the Turkish flotilla, already shows restraint. As seen on Russian news, the video from the night scopes of Israeli helicopters, most plainly showed the "aid workers" were armed, violent and organized. In other words, the typical Islamic protestor aka Jihadist. It also shows that the Israeli military were fools to come down with paint ball rifles and only pistols for any real protection.

If these were in the Black Sea, bringing "relief" to the Caucuses or to Crimea (even if it is presently a part of the artificial state of Ukraine), Russian special forces would have come much more heavily armed and would not have put up with half the crap that the Israelis did before sending these "activists" to their 72 virgin rewards. Furthermore, the Russian navy, would have, correctly, blockaded these ships and if need be sunk them.

That the Turks now threaten to send military escorts with the next batch of Islamic Jihadist troop transports show how deep in bed with the radicals Erdogen's government truly is. Further that the Turkish military, the guardians of Turkish secular republicanism, has not protested, points to something else, that they are preparing an over throw. Why?

The more than likely scenario is simple: the Turkish military needs an incident, something that will discredit the Erdogen government. This will give them the needed excuse to over throw the Islamic regime and repurge the government and society of the radicals. Erdogen has been successful in checking several such attempts, but being a good fanatic or even queasy fanatic, he has worked himself into a corner. To back off now will show him weak and open him up for a coup. To force an invasion of Israeli waters and thus an act of war, will show him a fool and open him up for a coup.

Be it a back off or a confrontation, Erdogen's days in office and more than likely on this world, are very numbered.