Monday, June 25, 2012

Putin: His Rise to Power

An article by one of Mat Rodina's contributors Wendy Redstone


Putin: His Rise to Power

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin has led a life that puts most modern leaders to shame. He has cultivated a particular image about himself which includes his interest in the military, the outdoors, hunting and even jet plane flying. He is an equally loved and hated figure depending on who you talk to. In Russia, as of January 2012, he holds a 52% approval rating due to the stability Russia has seen during his leadership plus the country's fantastic economic improvements which have benefited a lot of the populace. In turn, more recently Russia has seen an increase in protests against his reign coupled with allegations of electoral fraud. Russia's decision to veto UN resolutions attempting to address the issue in Syria has brought him both derision and support. So how did the man who has been at the top of Russia's power structure since 1999 get there?

Putin was born in the city of Leningrad, now known as Saint Petersburg, on October 7, 1952. He was born into a modest family with his mother working as a factory worker and his father a conscript in the Soviet Navy. The member of the family the most closely related to politics was his paternal grandfather, Spiridon Ivanovich. He was a cook at times for both Lenin and Stalin and eventually was employed at a dacha owned by the Moscow City Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union where Putin would visit him. His time as a youth was generally uneventful, but it was during this time he began studying sambo and judo. Eventually Putin poured over academic text books at the Leningrad State University. He graduated with a PhD in international law. It was also during this time that he joined the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

Putin's next step was to join the KGB after graduating in 1975. He took on an array of different positions. He worked for the First Chief Directorate where he monitored foreigners and consular officials in Leningrad, he was stationed in Dresden up until the end of the East German government and then with the International Affairs department of the Leningrad State University. Here he monitored the student body and also tried to seek out suitable recruits. He stayed with the KGB up until the failed coup by hardline Communist Party members against Mikhail Gorbachev. He said his decision was because “As soon as the coup began, I immediately decided which side I was on”.
He then stepped into politics when he was appointed as an advisor to Mayor Sobchak of Saint Petersburg. He had a number of positions here including being the head of the Committee for External Relations and as first deputy head of the city administration. On top of that he led the Saint Petersburg branch of the Our Home Is Russia political party and was the head of the Advisory Board of the JSC newspaper Sankt-Peterburgskie Vedomosti. For six years he served in Saint Petersburg in these various capacities until he eventually made the move to Moscow.

Putin now begun his steps to the top of the political ladder. After working for the Presidential Property Management Department he was made deputy chief of Presidential Staff and chief of the Main Control Directorate of the Presidential Property Management Department by the then President Boris Yeltsin. He held other various political positions until he was appointed head of the Federalnaya Sluzhba Bezopasnosti. From here, Putin made quick leaps to becoming President. In 1999 he became one of three First Deputy Prime Minister, which meant he could then be made Prime Minister due to the sacking of Sergei Stepashin. Putin then declared his intention to run for President. Despite being a near unknown at first, he gained a lot of popularity due to his handling of the War in Dagestan and his approach to the crisis in the North Caucasus. On the 31st of December, Yeltsin removed himself from the presidency and, by following the constitution, Putin replaced him. Since then he has essentially run the country, even despite his presidency being interrupted by constitutional restrictions forcing him to take up the position of Prime Minister from 2008 – 2012.

With Putin now in his third term as President, despite growing internal dissent, he doesn't look to be going anywhere any time soon. He still has a strong grip on power and will continue to push through his ideas and visions he has for Russia. It will take protests of immense size to even being to shake his confidence.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Greece Chooses Slavery

Greece Chooses Slavery

I will prewarn, some of my readers may find this offensive, not the first time I have posted something of the sort, but I have, dear reader, always said it the way I see it.

The elections of this week have demonstrated how far modern Greeks have changed from their ancestors of but a hundred years a ago. A modern Greek would have welcomed Hitler's stability, and never have risked fighting like their grandfathers, who took on German paratroopers with pitchforks.

A modern Greek is a small pathetic man in comparison to his illustrious forefathers who in the 1820s led the rebellion against the Ottoman Empire before securing the aid of the great powers. They risked more then their lives or the lives of their families but the genocide of their entire people. The Ottomans had called in their Egyptian vassals and promised them all of of Greece for Arab colonization in exchange for crushing and wiping out the Greeks.

But than again this is going to happen anyways, just a bit slower and 200 years later as the EU floods Greece with Islamics of every stripe, even as Greeks starve in the streets. But a people willing to surrender everything for the illusion of stability, even the lives of their children are a small and pathetic people, in truth a small animal. They are not men but animals for the simple reason that they have chosen to be as such. They have surrendered their faith in Christ, turned their backs on God, for the addiction of easy living, and even as the high ends and the reality of their addiction becomes apparent, like pathetic beings they crawl back to their masters, even at the merest hint of another fix.

The fix offered by the EU is to allow the Greeks to export their way out of their death spiral. As if the underdeveloped, uncompetitive and euro denominated Greek industrial base has any chance of doing that. If that was ever an option, that would have already been put on the table and implemented. And, the question begs to be answered, just to whom will they export, when most of the slave states of the EU are equally broke and breaking as we speak, and most of them have much more developed industrial bases.

All this in exchange for the state firing another 150,000 workers, closing more schools and hospitals and raising the 26% VAT on food even higher, starving their pathetic docile charges even further, while these animals bask in the hope of what if.

Instead of trusting in God, Church, Monarchy, mercantilism and their traditional Russian allies, who have already offered them several billions in deals, only to be turned down, the Greek untermensch have decided to be animal slaves of the German and Belgian Übermensch.

Constantinople will be freed but it will be freed by Russians, as there are no real Greeks left, not in the Church, the military or society. Now, for those who will object, go do something to prove me wrong.

Monday, June 11, 2012

A tale of Two Laptops Or Is Ukraine Ready for Euro 2012

A tale of two Laptops or Is Ukraine Ready for Euro 2012

Part 1 of 3: L’viv Incompetance
By George Green
George Green has been working in journalismfor more than 2 decades covering technology, finance, and international issues, he has worked for notable publications including MacLiving Magazine, MacCentral/MacWorld, Pravda, and have been published by the Glens Falls Chronicle, and a host of smaller publications..
This is one of those times. George has found himself broke and ill, suffering from diabetes and other ailments. Before reading his article, I would like to ask my dear readers to consider helping him out, to any sum you can. Even a few dollars will assist. Below are two methods of transferring cash safely.

card number is 5308170002729746

George Green

Working as a journalist at times means being thin on cash. May 30 2011 I found myself in just such a situation. After at 10 hour stint writing on

My MacBook Pro

Details of which:

Serial number: RM8219H2YJX
Model Number:A1260
Sales Number(s):MB133LL/A

I had to hang out on a park bench waiting for SOMETHING to open. Unlike most countries I’ve visited, McDonalds (neither of them), in L’viv, does not feature a 24/hour lobby. Too late, I found out that while I couldn’t afford a hostel I COULD have afforded a 24 hour Internet café. So I headed to a well-lit park bench, near the popular opera house on Ulita Svaboda. I was approached about 50 minutes later by cops telling me I couldn’t sit there any longer, but they’d help.

They took me to a police station and gave me mineral water and crackers and left. I figured they’d return. Trying my best to stay awake, I conked out at around 1am, and was woken up about an hour latter and told to leave. I gathered my things, including my MacBook Pro and decided to try sitting in the park again, this time in a well lit area NEAR the police and NEAR McDonalds which would open in 5 hours. About an hour latter, I was really sleepy but not asleep, when I was approached by two guys claiming to represent some embassy. (I wouldn’t be surprised to find drunk or worse offspring of ambassadors but figured them for narcos and immediate grabbed hold of my stuff. They were approached by a group of 3 people dressed as typical Ukrainian wannabe gangsters; one all In Adidas, one all in Yankees sweats that were probably Chinese knock offs. The insisted they were police and wanted to see my documents. Knowing I was dealing with narcomen now, I was already on the way to the cops. They began searching my bags, and I noticed my laptop was gone (no doubt the work of the first group that had just run off).

I ran to the police station and rang the doorbell. After 15 minutes they let me in. I told them to hurry and nab the crooks; which they didn’t do. They did manage to let me sleep on the floor of an interrogation room, and gave me directions to a Catholic monastery (after I specifically asked for an Orthodox one) in the morning.

A friend of mine works with telekanel ZIK and so, days latter, we staged a call of a stolen cell phone near the same station. The police arrived, we walked in and the ZIK journalist recorded their ambivalent reaction while her camera man filmed from nearby. After she revealed her journalistic credentials, they called the police chief, as there wasn’t even a report about my stolen MacBook Pro. The chief insisted one be filed, and I was filmed signing it. Despite numerous attempts to call for information, and giving them the Serial and Model Number and Proof of Ownership it was not found. We stopped calling after a few weeks; clearly L’viv wasn’t ready to handle foreign tourist at the time. One year before Euro2012.

Part 2 of 3: Kiev Deception

Fast Forward one year latter TO THE DAY

I had to travel to Kiev to attain a document from the American Embassy stating they don’t have a ‘Certificate of Non-Impediment to Marriage’ and they feel I’m free to marry. This cost 50$ plus travel fees so I was on a shoe string budget. My girlfriend, who is very religious, suggested Pokrovsky Monastary, where I could stay for free.

I arrived around 9:40 PM, but it was hard to navigate the territory. An arch nearby LOOKS like it leads there but does not. A service path leads from one of their churches to the monastery and the main Church. I walked up to the main Church pushing 10:10 PM and past a series of the usual cars priest use here (black Mercedes with silver trim which actually aren’t the status symbol here they are in America.). I asked the driver getting out of one about staying for free and he said this was impossible but he would show me somewhere else. Assuming he was affiliated with the Church as he was with a parade of identical cars, I believed him and sat down, in his car. Weird part one; he stopped to ask a friend something about 15 minutes later, Weird part two; I nodded off (around 11:15-11:30) and he said he had an emergency 4 people to drive and would return in 30 minutes. He dumped me with my noticeably lighter computer case promising to return soon.


Details of which:
Model: P50IJ
Bearing Symbol
Sticker on Laptop

He was gone before I had time to think to record his plate numbers. After hours at the police filing reports, I was told I’d get a call if they found it. I haven’t gotten a call since. I returned to the monastery (he managed to get 400 hryvna in my computer case but not 30 in my jeans) to see if they could help or had security cameras that might have had the car number. They gave me 20 hryvna (7 bucks) and noted they do not have cameras and said there was nothing they could do.

Basically they didn’t have a huge problem with thieves masked as church workers stealing from people. Worse than that, the police translators with diplomas, to whom I spoke, on both occasions, spoke so little English I had to communicate in Russian.

You can read elsewhere about the US Embassy Department of American Citizen Services telling me that the only help they could  really offer was to deport me and no they didn’t have 20 cents for the Metro.

Part 3 of 3: Is Ukraine Ready for Euro 2012?

As we’ve seen foreigners are pretty well on their own in Ukraine. Police interpreters are as incompetent as the cops are lazy. The road work, even while it’s being completed rapidly is not done. Ukraine simply lacks the infrastructure to support crowds of rowdy football fans parading their streets. Signage is only half complete and much of it wrong at L’viv’s main rail station. If police can do nothing for mundane crime, what will they do with a massive influx of rowdy hooligans?

I won’t say they haven’t tried, the stadium looks nice, even small towns have some new roads and side walks but that won’t help support the infrastructure needed for Euro2012. On top of that there is zero use for the L’viv stadium after the game! The local team, Karpat, enjoys a small following no where NEAR large enough to support its use.

By comparison things seem on track both politically and infrastructure wise for the Sochi 2014 Olympics. Why did Ukraine drop the ball? Two teams have already lost Euro 2012: Ukrainians, and foreigners. The promised infrastructure improvements cannot possibly be done on time, foreigners will suffer misleading signs, and a huge lack of foreign language support options.

Who has won? Common criminals. Regardless of which team takes the field and wins; foreign face common criminals with zero protection from police who could care less if they could understand them to begin with. All this leaves a sad situation for Ukraine but a huge chance for Putin to prove himself with Sochi 2014. The Olympics aren’t a football match but maybe the really winner will be Russia.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Suicidal Inclination of the Jews

As a race, the race of Hebrews, also known as Jews, while gifting the world some of the brightest minds in science, medicine and literature, have as a whole been some of the singularly stupidest people, with a true streak of self destruction, in the game of politics, that have ever walked the Earth. That they still exist after four thousand years of such foolishness is only by the patience of God Himself.

Outside of walking themselves into slavery in Egypt, that is, not knowing when to leave, a key component of survival, or revolting against the then most powerful empire on earth, the Assyrians, only to watch 10 of their 12 tribes scattered to the winds, the Jews have continued on a path of stupidity in politics, unmatched by any people and one that continues to this day.

Equally, it goes without saying that once conquered by another most powerful empire in the history of man, the Romans, it is not a bright idea to rebel, while said conquerer is at his zenith. The ability to feel out politics, to feel out the weakness of one's foes and friends, is an art form, one lost on such a people. Their rebellion against Rome, led to destruction of Jerusalem and their scattering for two thousand years.

During that scattering, Jews recreated the steps of their folly from one nation to another. In an attempt to maintain their identity as a separate people, in more than just religion from predominantly Christian Europe, Jews also made sure to keep their culture as separate as possible from that of the locals. Instead of blending in, at least pseudo assimilating and thus becoming more palatable to the cultures in which they aboded, they have made sure to be as culturally different and thus alien as possible. After persecution after persecution, after expulsion after expulsion, this concept would not and could not dawn on the Jewish people. In many places, local rulers made attempts at assimilating Jews culturally, not religiously and this met with limited results.

Thus, while they Jews may have lived in relative peace during good times, the moment trouble hit a society, it was always quite easy to blame those others, who acted, dressed and lived separately from you, in your own society.

Fast forward to today's world.

Jews living outside of Israel, forever feeling themselves a minority, by their own actions, have as a block voted and acted to "liberalize" every society they have been in. What this has in turn meant, has been the destruction of the Christian cultures by undermining the Christian moors and by opening the doors to massive immigration from the third, primarily Muslim, world.

What of course this has meant is a duel development of socialist-atheism that despises those same Jews as much or more so than any outright worst bigot that can still be found in Christianity. It must be noted that in modern Christianity, regardless of the flavour, such bigots are few, fewer than ever and by a wide margin. Add to this the Islamic presence, which despises Jews more than any other group, and you instantly have raging anti-semitism. The Jews, as a whole, unable to understand or see past their own political stupidity and self destructive tendencies are then the first to scream, as they should be, since they are the first victims of their own gollum.

In Israel, they have, for the most part, acted just as stupidly. Though, at first, the Israeli leaders, having learned something from their foolishness in Europe in the 1900s-1940s, first supporting the Bolshevik Revolution, and running in, and then supporting the rise of Hitler, where much of the monies came from Jewish interests, they acted in rational and logical manners for their own self preservation.

However, that moment and that lone generation or two of sane individuals have passed. Israel is on a course of absolute self destruction, one that has raged and rages for quite some time now.

First is the issue of the Ultra Orthodox Jews. Image a society where a portion of it lives totally off of the monies of the rest, never working, never even getting a proper education, but breeding like crazy and despising the rest. Oh, wait, that is most of the modern West with their welfare state. But at least while the free monies are coming, those wastes of humanity sit quietly, not so with the Ultra-Orthodox Jews, no, they do not sit quietly, they actively attack the elements of society that pay for their breeding and living and for their defense.

Equally they attack the only friends and semi-friends Israel has: the Christians. That those Christians are backed by large Christian nations, without whose help Israel and those same insane and fascist Ultra-Orthodox Jews would be exterminated, never enters the minds of these fanatical morons. Nor are they capable of understanding the very basics of economics, since all they learn in their Yeshiva schools is the Torah and no other more practical knowledge, that a society where the majority, and they are almost a majority, of feeders can not survive off of a minority of providers.

But than, these same feeders are voting and in force and the government of Israel, to inept to understand real politics, is allowing them a free reign, especially in their daily assault upon the Christians of Israel, loosing any and all good will with the Christian nations, without which, they will soon face the Islamic Sunnie world that surrounds them.

Than there is the stupidity of the Israeli Jews in external politics. Never has a society so singularly worked so hard to rip from the jaws of success, the mantel of continuous failure. What do I mean? Lets us review the past twenty years of Jewish "exploits" in and around Israel.

Starting with their backing of Hamas as an alternative to a more secular PLO, which in turn has brought radicals to power inside their own borders to the singular abandonment of their closest regional allies, in the early 1990s, the Lebonese Christian Army, after Israel withdrew and left them to the clutches of the Islamics, to their backing of the Islamic Bosnians and Albanians and the NATO pro-Islamic regimes, against the Christian Serbs, to present day. Than there was the case of Israel arming and aiding the psychotic terror regime of Saakashvilli in Georgia, against their number two trading partner, number one tourist, Russia. A stupider geopolitical move is hard to imagine, but here it is, dear readers, for all to see and wander at.

Israel did not back Mubarak and may have actually assisted in his removal. Same can be said for Quadafi. In both cases violently anti-Israeli regimes have come to power. Further, instead of finding mutual ground with Basir and for that matter the Iranians, they have singularly antagonized both, constantly threatening war, when what they are themselves surrounded by are not Shiates, Allawites and Christians, but Sunnie fanaticism.

Now, beyond all norms of self destructive stupidity, Israel has proven itself capable of even greater idiocy by backing Saudi and Qatari Wahhabists, and their American shills, in working for the destruction of the Basir government in Syria. In doing so, they are actively backing the Sunnie Islamic front, which is actively murdering its way through the Allawite, Christian and Shiete minorities and promises to exterminate the Jews next.

Can a people really be this stupid and survive for long? Well, unless someone with brains and wisdom comes to power in Israel, and reverses course, a prospect about as likely, as myself becoming a Vegas millionaire without even visiting Vegas, it is not bloody likely.

As such, the question now is, just how many years before boat loads of Israel Jews and Christians will be fleeing genocide that the Jews have brought down upon themselves with their singular stupidity in politics? In this humble writers opinion, not many.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Serbia To Once Again Be the Bulward of Freedom?

Serbia To Once Again Be the Bulwark of Freedom

Congratulations my Serbian brothers and sisters, once I again, I have hope for you and in you and in our righteous Orthodox cause.

The Serbs have proven themselves the wiser of the various peoples of Europe, who faced with the cabal of world financiers and their vassals and puppets, have decided to oust the smiling dolt that called himself president, Tadic. Under Tadic, Serbia's economy lay in ruins and its honour was sullied. The Judus did anything and everything his Brussels owners demanded and like a good kept rat, surrendered Serbia's heroes as well as her future, on a promise of being allowed into the EU club.

Finally, the people of Serbia woke up to the reality that either they were to sell themselves as cheap trollops or stand up and take their future, their honour and their souls back. Indeed, they have done the first steps to that, by electing Tomislav Nikolic, head of the nationalist Radical Party.

While Tomislav made some conciliatory noises towards the EU, to ward off some of their angst, his actions speak louder. His first action, was to fly to Russia, to meet and sit with Vladimir Putin. He heralded this as the beginning of the new epoch of Russian-Serbian relations. Already talks are underway about the laying of Gazprom gas lines, through Serbia, as part of the South Flow system.

In an interview  with Izvestia, Tomislav stated that Serbia not only is looking forward to a close partnership with Russia but wants to be Russia's bulwark in Europe. The Serbian nation is looking for close trade relations and partnership with Russia and as such are open to large Russian investments in their economy and resources.

The question now becomes, will Tomislav be able to keep his seat, keep from becoming another Serbian puppet of Brussels, and develop Serbia? The vampires in Brussels will surely not allow anyone pro-Moscow to have a free ride and will do everything possible to sabotage the Serbs, especially as they are afraid of the domino effect in the Balkans.

We can only pray.