Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ukraine Is Not a Chess Piece, It Is Our Soul

We, the Rus: Russians, Belarus and what is now termed Ukrainians, as well as the Carpatho Russians, Transnistria Moldovans and much of northern Kazakhstan are one people of one stock and primarily one faith.

After our first capital was moved from Novgorod (modern day Russia) to Kiev (modern day Ukraine) after the city was liberated from the Khazar yoke, Kiev became our spiritual, moral and religious, as well as physical capital. The land of the Rus was even named Kieven Rus. For three hundred years, until the Mongol invasions of the 1200s, it stood this way. There was no such thing as Ukraine (the Edge), how could there have been an edge in the heart o four great nation?

When the Mongols arrived and kniaz Stanislav of Kiev choose to fight, they burned the city to the ground. Many of our cities were sacked and whole areas depopulated, especially in what is now modern central and southern Ukraine. Greeks were equally wiped out from their age old colonies along the south of Ukraine and the Crimea. Thus was created the “Edge”, Ukraine as the enemy settled and created the Crimean Khahanite.

Our shattered nation, many of its kniaze (princes) and their dryzinas (friendship bands) fighting to the bitter end asked our Christian brothers in the West for aid. Aid? Considering what they gave us, we would have been better with none, for instead of aid, they gave us Crusades, as they plunged Catholic blades into our backs as we stood face to face with the Asian plague. Poles, Lithuanians, Teutonics and Swedes, swept into our lands, conquering where they could, being repulsed where we could, but draining us, none the less.

Thus did a shattered and burnt Kiev, trying to regain its footing, first become a prize of Lithuania and then as the capital of the Catholic colonies at the heart of our lands as the joint Polish-Lithuanian monarchy. Central Kieven Rus was first bereft of people by Mongols than by the Catholic Poles and Lithuanians. The Carpetho Russians were cut off from the rest of their brothers, and still remain so to this day.

Since the Mongols first presented the opportunity, it has been the drive of first the Lithuanians, then the Poles, then the Prussians, Austro-Hungarians, British, French, Germans and now Americans to rip away our soul, our heart lands, that Kieven Rus would not rise again. But we are not small Serbia with its Kosovo.

The Polish rule even reached Moscow itself, twice, though they could not hold it, but they had no problems burning it and massacring the population. Our National Day is when two Russian people’s armies, under the command of a butcher: Kuzma Minin and a minor noble: kniaz Pozharsky defeated the Poles and retook what was left of Moscow, thus ending the Great Smyta (Times of Troubles) in 1613. It took another hundred years to throw off the Polish Yoke totally. The Poles say they came to bring us “civilization”, they did it with sword and torch.

After three hundred years, we had reclaimed our lands, reunifying all of the core Kieven Rus principalities, all of core Mother Russia, be the capital Novgorod, Kiev, Moscow or at that time, newly built St. Petersburg. It stayed that way, regardless of the games played by our neighbors or wars waged upon us by the British, French, Austro-Hungarians, Prussians and Turks.

Not until WWI and the 1917 Revolution (sponsored first and foremost by Wall Street and London), did we lose Ukraine again, through Lenin’s disastrous Treaty of Brest-Litvosk to the Germans and then the anarchists. Most of this was regained now under Soviet Rule, after the Whites were further backstabbed by the West and the Japanese. Western Ukraine and Belarus, however, remained under the rule of the new Polish fascist state (after their 1926 revolution), where concentration camps were in action for Orthodox Christians who refused Rome’s embrace. In 1939, the territories that Soviet Union took from Poland were those very territories which were not there’s in the first place. The reunion was short lived when the Nazi regime and their allies invaded in 1941 and it took until 1944 to regain them again and cleanse the Nazis out.

Again, in 1991, we lost our heart lands, a catastrophe that has yet to be corrected but will be. While the fall of the West imported Marxists, was a great event, the dissolution of what was still the Russian Empire and the loss of our core provinces in Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan, into separate states, was another great disaster: one sponsored by the West and to its sole West.

The West, and the Anglo-Sphere in particular, has spared no efforts on tearing away Ukraine from Russia, at any cost, even the lives of thousands of Georgian soldiers in South Ossessia, to create a situation to try to force through Ukraine into NATO, against the wishes of over 70% of the Ukrainian peoples. They had to take such efforts because their Orange victory in Ukraine was collapsing without having reached the desired goals. The staged production of the Yushenko-Timoshenko show, wrecking the lives of tens of millions of their citizens and the nation’s economy, will be fully done in the January 2010 elections. They have tried to force Russian, the native tongue of half the population, out of the country, to replace it with “proper” western Ukrainian, little more than debased Polish. They have created their own, non-recognized “patriarch”, stealing Russian Orthodox Church lands from the Moscow Patriarchy. They banned much of Russian media, against the wishes of their people and black listed many Russian citizens from coming into what is Russia’s heartlands. They helped murderer Russian citizens by sending weapons and mercenaries to Saakashvili the Genocider and Eater of Ties.

As Zbigeniew Brzezinski has said, if Russia ever gets back Ukraine, it will be unstoppable, no longer on her knees to be abused by those who have long ago let go of Christ. To that end, they push an unwilling population into NATO and EU, seeking to forever cut the bond of our family, to steal the patrimony of all the people of ancient Rus. To grab the resources they need and to come one step closer to destroying out Holy Russia and subjugating our people, and ripping away our Orthodox faith.

Enough! The government of Russia must make it absolutely beyond doubt and clear in plain, pure and brutal language, to the West: Ukraine’s entry into NATO will be an Act of War. The West, despite their pretty words, has ever only respected two things: power and money.

The Orange regime is bound by law, passed by the Rada (parliament) to hold a nation wide referendum on moving towards NATO or the EU. Knowing the will of the people stands against this, they have ignored the order of the parliament and as such have relinquished their right to rule. If Kiev, whom ever comes to power in 2010, continues to ignore the will of the parliament and people, our Duma must pass a resolution to accept any and every Ukrainian oblast that referendums and petitions to join Russia, into the Russian Federation.

The West must fully understand, we will not surrender our souls and for this we will absolutely fight. Russia is not Serbia with Kosovo or Israel with East Jerusalem and Judea. We can and will make our will heard and respected, even if it takes drawing our sword and making our stand. Gogol’s Taras Bulba would have done no less.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Balkanization of North America

While the basis of Professor Igor Panarin’s reasons for the upcoming US collapse, and I dare say that of all of N. America, are correct, his predictions of the new political reality are simplistic at best and widely in correct at worst, not taking into account the actual demographic, historic and political situation on the sites.

More than likely, a US collapse will have direct and balkanizing effects not only on the US but also on the weak Canadian confederacy, tied economically to the hip of the US economic might or there lack of, and to the civil war torn Mexican giant.

As such, from what was originally four states: Canada, USA, Mexico and Cuba, as well as the dozen or so small island statelits of the north Caribbean, will form thirteen new entities, separated politically and economically. We will now review each and everyone of these, starting from the West and moving to the East.

Republic of Alaska
Oil rich Alaska, separated from America and never fully part of the mainland culture, will quickly split off. It will rely primarily on its oil wealth, opening up many new fields that are presently closed to it by the US federal government. More than likely, Canada’s Yukon will also join it in a new state on the edge of human civilization.

Lacking the military power to protect themselves, especially from neighbors like the People’s Democratic Republic of Western North America, the ROA will be forced to seek protection from other powers. The logical and cultra-religious choice will be Russia. Thus the ROA will be firmly in the Russian sphere.

Kingdom of Hawaii

Hawaii never joined the United States willingly, but was forcibly annexed. To that end, the local population has always desired independence. With large Chinese and Japanese populations backing them, more then likely Hawaii will declare independence and reinstate its monarchy. This will cost the US its main Pacific ports, so that for Hawaii to maintain independence, it will be forced to seek protection from either China or Japan. The question becomes, under whose shadow will they fall. There will be an intense power politics between China, Japan, Australia and the PDRWNA.

People’s Democratic Republic of Western North America (PDRWNA)
The nation will encompass a block of territories sharing economic and socialist political as well as cultural ties. This will more than likely include Central and Northern California, most of Nevada, Washington and Oregon states, as well as British Columbia and the NW Territories.
Economically, as well as politically, these areas will continue their march into a benign, progressive pseudo Marxist dictatorship of green politics and police state control.

As one of the most powerful of the successor states of the USA, they will attempt to dominate their weaker neighbors, specifically the New Mormon Zion Kingdom and the Lakota Tribal Confederation. They will also have continuous border issues with the Republica Del Norta, to its south and will have continued problems with the rump USA/Canadian Union.

Republica Del Norte
Forming the northern two thirds of Mexico, united with the US’ southern California, southern Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico, the hard socialist police state will be populated primarily by Mexicans. Blacks and Asians will be expelled or ethnically cleared to its northern neighbors. Whites will either also flee or be absorbed.

The nation will be relatively poor, though quiet, as the government will deal with the gangs, mafia and disturbances with extreme brutality. Oil will be the primary generator of GDP and will be mostly stolen by the ruling elites.

Soviet Zapatista Union
The hard core Indian Marxists, in the southern third of the poverty stricken south of Mexico, will win their twenty years war of independence with Mexico City. Having reclaimed the much more valuable US Southwest, Mexico will cut loose its southern headache. The hard core Marxists state will join a growing coalition of other hard core, dirt poor Latin American Marxists.

New Mormon Zion Kingdom
Taking advantage of the balkanizing North America, the Mormons will form their own theocratic kingdom, a theocracy of sorts, with the absolute rule by their church and its top prophets. All other faiths will be sent scurrying out of the kingdom. The kingdom will be forced to play all its major neighbors off on each other, in order to stay sovereign. That and its geographic remoteness will aid its sovereignty.

Lakota Tribal Confederation
Covering the ancestral lands, this traditional but libertarian loose confederation of Indian clans and whites who share their culture, has already declared its independence, making it official in 2008. True, at present the US ignores them and their claims, when the collapse comes, there will be no ignoring the reality on the ground. Whether the nation will be able to survive in the long run, is doubtful, as it lacks a strong industrial base or a potential for a strong military. If it is not skillful at playing off its neighbors, its stay in the history of nations will be short.

Republic of Texas
ROT, already with well over 36% of the population demanding independence, is already on the brink of becoming a reality. The nation of 26 million, will have one of the strongest economies and militaries in the world and its loss will be the final blow that will splinter the rest of the union of the US. ROT, on its way out, will reclaim its historic territories of Oklahoma. Texas will become the leader of technology industry in the successor states and will be the fifth largest oil producer and one of the largest producers of farm goods and meat animals.
As a nation, ROT will find itself closely allied to the Confederate States of America (CSA) and at with border skirmishes at best and war at worst with Republica Del Norte. Alliance with the CSA should help it defend itself from the rump US/Canada.

Confederate States of America
It was always said that the South shall rise again, and this will be its moment. Culturally and politically distinct from their northern overlords, the CSA has been a nation occupied for 145 years. This time around, no longer dependent on cotton and farm goods, and having a large industrial base, the Confederacy, minus Texas and the Florida Keyes but with the states of Maryland, Kansas, Kentucky and Missouri, and allied to Texas, it will easily be able to withhold the weakened and splintered rump US/Canada.

As a government, it will be a weak federal organ, closer to the original American constitution. It will reach out to the EU for further trade and assistance. Russia will also see fit to aid and trade with the splinter state.

Cuban Commonwealth

The post Castro/Raul Cuba will be an expansionist power. With a military trained by Russia and a splintering America to the north, Cuba will take the opportunity to bring the various small island nations of the northern/central Caribbean into borders. At the same time, having effectively and completely colonized the Florida Keyes, Cuba will move to annex the territory. Since this will cause problems to the CSA, Cuba will find close allies in the form of the rump US/Canada and that of Republica Del Norta.

New England Commonwealth
Consisting of Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, and much of upstate New York, as well as Novo Scotia, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward’s Island. These economies and societies are much closer tied to each other than to their present nations. They will succeed because the Rump US/Canada will be to weak to wage war on them without being threatened by their allies, the CSA and ROT. They will also seek close economic support with Quebec and the EU, as well as defense pacts.

Republic of Quebec
As the French have always chaffed under English rule, they will take the opportunity to break out and will seek a close relationship with the EU and with the neighboring New England Commonwealth, relying on both for defense from the ever aggressive Rump USA/Canadian police state. Quebec may even petition to join the EU.

US Federal Government + Canada (Rump USA/Canada)
The remains of America will move quickly to absorb the weakened but oil rich rump Canada. Still reeling from its territorial losses, Canada will offer little resistance. As a nation, the USA/Canada will be a strict centralized police state, with military governors ruling over the elected state governors and control of population movement, under war powers acts, on the level of the former East Germany.

Its economy will still be strong but it will be a shadow, as will its military, of its former self. As such, it will be locked in territorial disputes with all of its neighbors and will be viewed as a rogue state by larger countries, such as the EU, Russia, Japan, China and so on.

Over all, the North American continent will be one of a sea of storms, with a few relative quiet spots, such as the Republic of Texas and the Republic of Alaska, though even those will be hard pressed to avoid the various territorial wars that will rage for decades until the survivors of the balkanization grow tired of fighting and comfortable in their own new borders.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Obama's Visit Found Great Support From the Russian Opposition

During last month's first time visit to Russia by the American president, Barack Obama, meetings were held not only with President Medvedev and Prime Minister Putin, but also with various opposition parties of Russia. In short, Obama made a great splash with them.

Boris Nemtsov, who as a rising star under Yeltsin and his prime minister Chubais. He was appointed to rework and restructure Russia's energy structures. He was also a big champion of opening Russia to free trade, which in turn saw a massive consumption of Russian infrastructure by Western corporations and its whole sale exportation and evacuation out of Russia, leaving whole cities without an economic foundation: Voronezh comes to mind. The re engineering of the Russian energy markets put Russian oil in the hands of oligarchs who than resold it to the West without paying taxes, in effect stealing hundreds of billions of dollars out of the country. Regardless of all that, Nemtsov held a very high popularity rating and planned on running for president of Russia in 2000, when the ponzy scheme of an economy that Yeltsin, his crew of Liberal politicians and their Western handlers had set up, finally gave up the ghost and crashed in a thunderous roar heard around the world. Nemtsov was than forced to submit his resignation.

As one of the darlings of the West, as anyone is who supports crashing the Russian economy, the Russian state, the Russian people and faith, whether they realize it that they are doing so or not, he received special face time with Obama. To that end, he had this to say:

He said that in 21st century, the only chance to be successful it to be democracy and be a country or rule of law. This is against Putinism, this is against the authoritarian style of regime we have now....He also spoke about the recognition of borders and and sovereignty of countries. Of course this is about Georgia, and it potentially about Ukraine. I think he did it very openly and made it clear for everybody, for Putina and Medvedev too.

I think that Obama as president of the biggest democracy in the world has to speak about that and he did in his speech today. I think it was absolutely clear for everybody. I don't think that Putin will be very excited after his speech...[When he discussed] rule of law, free speech and free elections, it is absolutely clear to Putin and Medvedev and everyone in Moscow what he is talking about.

Yes, it was quite cautious, I agree. But I think this is the good way. If you come to another country like a boss, like a teacher: "Guys, you did terrible here, now I explain to you how to do, how to run the country, how to move forward because I am a great American president and I know how to proceed," I think that such a strategy is not good.

But if you say very frankly and friendly: "Guys, remember, the authoritarian style is the wrong way. Not just for the state but for you," it looks more promising.

How nice, so is it any surprise you are still sore about loosing the elections, monitored by international authorities and deemed free and fair, when you have nothing new to offer the public but more economic pain and the removal of trade protections that have seen a high rise of new factories opening in Russia, manufacturing goods by Russians for Russians? We have seen 8 years of your policies and they were and will be again, if God forbid they are ever implemented again, a paramount failure. Oh, and by the way, India has 4 times the US population, making it the biggest democracy: or as Thomas Jefferson said about democracies "A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine."

Gary Kasparov, the egotistical former chess champ and wanna be politician (who has never polled more than 2% in popularity...must be all those interviews he gave to the Western press calling Russians dumb and worthless), allied to the Limonov National Bolshevik Workers' Party (aka The National Socialist Workers' Party, aka the Nazis) in his US Congress sponsored coalition of Other Russia (yes through that the US Congress funds, trains and supports the Russian nazis, how absolutely quaint and it has been doing just that for the past 12 years) had this to say about Obama, his inadvertent pay boss:

Ideally he would have named names. He made some strong statements about democracy being the solution and the failure of totalitarianism, far stronger than anything we heard from the last two administrations. But he avoided directly criticizing Putin and Medvedev, the core of our dictatorial system. Nor did Obama mention Mikhail Khodorkovsky, whose jailing by Putin and continued imprisonment by Medvedev symbolizes everything Obama was criticizing about authoritarian states.

But he was strong and gave a consistent message. He repeatedly emphasized that the important relationship between America and Russia is about the people, not their regimes. That got a very positive reception here. Obama opened direct lines of communication instead of dealing only with official Kremlin channels.

How nice, a man allied to the Nazis, calling for democracy...oh wait, there's that nasty quote by Jefferson again: "A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine."

Yes, I guess it is about the people.

It looks like Putin and his gang have finally met someone who won’t play their little game of give and take. Obama’s tough and he didn’t back away from the most difficult issues. Sovereignty of Russia’s neighbors, mentioning Georgia and Ukraine in particular. He refused to link missile defense to Iran or anything else.

Yes, your pay masters like having staged elections in Ukraine, where their puppet Yushenko (now polling lowest in world leaders at 2-3% popularity) can ruin the economy and drive the nation to NATO against the wishes of 80% of the population and Saakashvili, who can have 2,000+ of his minorities murdered in the night as they slept supported by one of their darlings, YOU Kasparov.

Obama seems like a man who doesn’t try to solve problems that don’t have solutions. He saves his energy and political capital on realistic goals. If there’s a big obstacle he simply takes it off the table and deals with what can be done. Perhaps more importantly he is honest about saying that is what he’s doing.

Boy, either Kasaprov is absolutely delusional at this point or well paid. Tell that to the 2 million people who marched on Washington in anger, while Obama fled half way away in the country.

In my statement I quoted the American civil rights leader John Lewis about not being patient when waiting for freedom. Obama told a story about his time in the state senate of Illinois, how the Republicans were in charge for six years. He felt irrelevant in the opposition, like he couldn’t change anything meaningful. Things change, he said. Then [Communist Party leader Gennady] Zyuganov said that was exactly the way things are now in the Russian Duma! Zyuganov also told Obama he’d done a good job nationalizing the banks and auto companies. It was all he could do not to say, “You’re on the right track, comrade Obama!”

Interesting company your president keeps America. Was this in your news? More on Zyuganov's quotes. Gennady Zyuganov, head of the dieing Russian Communist Party, had only praise for Obama. After all, they were brought up under the same masters:

"I said that I had thoroughly studied the U.S. president's anti-crisis program, that I liked it, as well as that it is socially oriented and primarily aimed at supporting poor people and enhancing the state's role. I said all this to President Obama," he said.

Well well, America, guess there are plenty of Russian politicians that do back Obama, so there was "progress" made: the birds of a feather and flocking together, comes to mind.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The New Georgian Reasoning

After speaking with lots of Georgians, in Georgia, recently, several things become obvious: while they blame Saakashvili for the war, or rather loosing the war, they are still in absolute denial about who started the fight or what their own army did. At worst, on the subject of atrocities, they claim the Russian army did the same. Obviously, when faced with endemic denial, bombing hospitals and sleeping civilians in Tskinvali is the same as the Russian air force bombing military bases and a munitions plant (which was disserted first).

Were Georgian civilians killed, yes. Of course the fact that their military posts are surrounded by high story apartment buildings, which were not evacuated and turned citizens into human shields for their murderous regime. Of course the West never seemed to be bothered by that point, indeed delighted by the casualties, as they made good reporting.

This mentality of equality of action is reminiscent of the Islamic Arabs screaming about Israeli action, after their own countless rockets on civilians. Simply put, it stinks and is indicative of a victim mentality by a failed bully. The big kid came to protect the little kid I was beating up, I am the victim here. Of course in this case it was not just kids fighting but a US/NATO trained client exterminating women and children.

However, the most disturbing new mentality for reasoning away their leadership’s atrocities, reminds one of the Japanese claim to be saving the Asians they were invading and enslaving. The Georgian new rational for the Abkhazians runs like this: first, there are no real Abkhazians or rather just a few, see, most of the Abkhazians are really Georgians who changed their names many years ago and besides, if they enter Russia, they will be Russified and disappear as a separate culture (which one would guess they are not since after all there are no real Abkhazians just Georgians with funny family names). This would sound almost plausible until one considers that in 1922, 1991 and if 2008 had succeeded in South Ossessia the Abkhaz would have faced a third extermination attempt by the Georgians in less than 100 years.

They are all also equally in historic denial that Abkhazia entered the Soviet Union as an independent Soviet republic that was than annexed by Stalin to Georgia and flooded with Georgian colonists who displaced the native Abkhaz from all positions of value. Of the several dozen tourist resorts (the main cash industry), one was run by an Abkhaz director, one by a Russian, the rest by Georgians.

One thing is certain, the Georgians will be in a state of shock by the upcoming European Union report of the war that places the blame squarely on the shoulders on Georgia. That this report will be blocked by the government’s absolute control of main media is one thing, that the Georgians, in absolute denial, would never read it or believe it, is another.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mass March on Washington, But to What End?

The day after Americans commemorated the suicide bombings of their cities by the 911 terrorists, conservatives and various right forces staged a giant protest march on DC, some estimating turn out at well over a million people.

While, for a nation, where conservatives have only recently figured out that they are allowed to protest, this is a great accomplishment, what in truth does this mean or change? As it stands, in an uncomfortable word: NOTHING...not just NOTHING but ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

The socialist president of America, Barack Obama, showed his absolute contempt for these people, by leaving town to make speeches, in the American Midwest, pushing his super control bill: promising to "Call out" his critics and living up to his moniker of "Obeyme". Equally missing were any of the rest of the Marxists from Washington...that is the Marxists from the Democratic wing of the American One Party system. The Marxists from the Republican wing were present, trying to subvert the movement and thus defuse it and doing a very good job of it.

Much of the so called conservative leadership was missing and not to be seen. Who planned this?

The problem, of course, is, as I stated, dear reader, nothing has changed. Sure, a lot of right wing citizens may feel better, lots of anger was pushed out and released and there will be a large cleaning bill, but really, nothing has changed. Americans will get their Cap and Trade and they will get their medical rationing whether they want it or not and it will all be law, absolute law, by the time the next elections come and so entrenched that that will be that.

The problem is, these conservatives still do not understand what it really takes to make change or force change, shy of violence. What it takes is a constant, daily presence of hundreds of thousands sitting in front of the government and screaming every day: "NO!". Look how it is done in other capitals, where tent cities pop up and demonstrations go on for months.

A one day mega march is simply a thunder storm, whose boom is already fading from DC, where the masters of Americans lives, will on Monday, move on to business as usual, laughing at the foolish peoples, over bribe paid champagne.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Time To End the US Trade Embargo and Enter Into Fair Trade

For nineteen years since the fall of the Soviet Union, the Americans have continued utilize their Jackson-Vanik Act to block the free flow of Russian goods to the Americas while screaming bloody murder when ever one or another American meat plants is blocked on account of their hormone and antibiotic packed products not meeting basic European food quality standards. Ah, but Russians are not Europeans thus should have no qualms about being poisoned or fattened. Yes, our standards are EU, since we sell to the EU and thus maintain the same at home.

The solution is rather simple: all American products not fully manufactured in Russia, to include subcomponents to any manufactured goods, will be tariffed. First, the US congress will be given a two month notice to act or be acted upon. Once the period is complete, a 1% tariff will be added per work day and until such time that the Americans see reason or totally lose market share. Furthermore, tariffs will come down only at 1% every two weeks.

Sure, the American congress and the hypocrites who inhabit it will scream bloody murder. They will scream that Russia is blackmailing them into an unfavorable decision. Well sure, yes that is so, but then again, international blackmail and strong arming are the favorite “trade” tactics of the US, so what is good for them will be good for us.

It is time to put away the attempts at reason or logic, since like the US police with their shockers, the US congress understands nothing of the sort either, only the “shock” of their own instruments used upon them.

And if they fail to see reason and take steps to enforce their pigheadedness? Well, the Europeans and Asians will more than happily take their place on better trade terms in Russia.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Of British Conspiracies and Channel Pirates

Recently, a Russian transport, the Artic Sea, carrying about $3 million in timber, having left Kalingrad and heading for Algeria, was hijacked near England in the English Channel, an act of piracy on the not so high seas of English territorial waters. The Russian navy pulled out all the stops and sent out a full squadron to locate the ship, which was finally caught, along with the pirates off of the coast of Africa.

These are the proven facts, as we now know.

Thus, the English conspiracies, which are what passes for the mass media of modern not so jolly England: lies, conjectures and miss directions. The theory now goes, as described by the once reputable Times of London, that the ship was actually carrying S-300 anti missile systems to Iran and was hijacked by Israeli special forces and in an effort to allow Russia to save face, now that the weapons have been presumably destroyed by tossing them into the sea, they allowed themselves to be captured and the ship returned.

Of course, outside the fact that both Russia and Israel are absolutely denying this...oh but what else would you expect them to do? Or so goes that same mental case of the conspiracy theory.

Now, this could possibly be one heck of a novel except for one not so small plot hole: geography and it is a bitch. Why, pray tell, would Russia send weapons systems on a small transport all the way around northern, western and southern Europe to get to Iran...of course the ship was stopping in Algeria so it would either have had to land transport through a dozen other nations or go on through to the Persian Gulf, when it can either fly them in 2 hours or ship them in 1 day across the Caspian Sea to northern Iran? No one would be the wiser either.

Why, especially after the blunder in Georgia, would Israel sabotage its relations with Russia, its second biggest trade partner, primary source of gas and oil and tourist dollars as well as the Russian Orthodox Church being the biggest single land owner, when it has fewer to no allies left in Europe and the pro-Islamic Obama the First, of America is leaving them in the dark? Do not say to me because Iran would otherwise attack, they never will. If they were so hell bent on self destruction, they could have easily covered the Jewish state in chemical and biological weapons 15 years ago.

So why this "theory"?

The theory is simple trick of the hand, a not so subtle illusion for the less educated, to draw away from two very important facts: 1. England is full of Islamic radicals, one's whose ancestors for thousands of years practiced piracy and 2. the ship was hijacked off of the British coast in the Channel.

What this shows us is that the failing state of England, the UK can no longer control its own territorial waters, much less its radical citizens (note a 200 person dust up between English Nazis and Islamic Nazis last week in Birmingham, the second such dust up in one month)no matter how much of a police state it is willing to become. This radical over reaction by the British press says more about the state of collapse in England than about the ME power relations.

Oh and as for the overwhelming Russian force sent after the ship? What better way to tell rats that they will pay than to drop a hydrogen bomb to kill one batch? Russia has to act with absolute resolve and force to keep the Islamics afraid of it and remind them who still not only has force but is quite willing to use it.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

War with Moscow Saved Tbilisi

One of the twists and turns of fate and politics was the probable savior of Tbilisi from Tehran’s destruction, by the war with Moscow. Allow me, dear reader, to explain.

During the six days it took the Russian forces to respond to the Georgian genocide, crush the US trained force and capture Gori, it was discovered that the Israelis were directly arming and funding the Georgians. Never mind what this meant for Israeli-Russian relations, since Russia is Israel’s second largest trade partner, primary supplier of oil, gas and tourists. Through captured documents, confessions and an indirect admission from Jerusalem, it was discovered that the reason for this was the Georgian allowance for Israel to use southern Georgian airbases in the upcoming strike on Iran.

Now, this reveals something else about the absolute lack of intelligence at the Georgian top. There is no doubt that Tehran would retaliate with whatever it had. Of course, this would mean missiles and gas. Israel and its cities are prepared, with distribution centers able to provide hazmat masks and suits for every single citizen and plenty of tourists. Bomb shelters as well as advanced anti-missile systems add to the defense.

Georgia and specifically Tbilisi, has none of these and is absolutely unprepared. Furthermore, geographically, Tbilisi is extremely vulnerable to such hits. The city lies along the Kura River, girded by two ridge line on either side of the city. Any hits along this area and the heavier than air gases often used in chemical weapons, would simply slide down the hills, causing mass casualties.

Thus, if not for the war with Moscow, Israel would have sacrificed Georgia in its war with Iran, with hardly a second thought.