Sunday, November 30, 2008

America the Proud But Not to Proud to Take a Venezulan Handout

As winter once more grips the United States and heating oil still hovers in the $10 per gallon range, many families throughout the northern portions of America are set to suffer another cold and income breaking winter. However it could be much worse.

Citgo, the national oil company of Venezuela, will once again run its donation program for America's poor. Be they villages in Alaska or small towns in Vermont, Citgo has for several of the Bush Regime years donated millions of gallons of heating oil to America's poor.

Venezuela? You mean the lair of the evil Chavez? The man that DC loves to hate? Well one of a large cadre of men the powers of DC and NYC love to hate, all true. However, as much as the US may hate him, as much as the US may condemn him, as much as US pride stands like a wall around the country, it is not stupid enough to not take a hand out. Oh and never mind that for the most part the American One Party Two Branch system of politics has proven much further left of Chavez and more than happy to nationalize so much of the economy that Lenin's withered and preserved mummy is cracking its skin, smiling.

While senators and governors all love to flaunt their "patriotism" and hatred of Chavez, they know better than to pass on this handout. Cold angry and broke constituents will remember who kept them cold and hungry when elections come (at best) or may not wait that long to take matters into their hands (at worst).

So once more, while the rhetoric spills from the lips of warm, well fed American politicos, Venezuelan tankers and trucks will continue to keep their constituents warm.

Hypocrisy or business as usual?

Black Friday In America, A Day of Death and Violence

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, in the USA is a day of deep store discounts, long lines, frenzied mindless consumerism and violence. Black Friday received its name due to the heavy shopping that usually made retailers profitable, thus they operated in the black (profits) as opposed to the red (loss).

To watch an image of Americans breaking down doors at 0500 or earlier to get into stores is reminicent of a third world hunger stampede when grain is made available. But no, there is no grain at the end of this stampede, only Chinese made goods, the same goods that have driven many of these mindless consumers out of their well paid jobs. The images to those outside the USA are horrible. People, bursting like stampeding cattle, their eyes consumed with only mindless Christless, soulless greed.

black friday electronics.bmp

Often these stampedes end in the deaths and injuries of either store workers or of the herd animals they have allowed in. Some times they even start to kill each other over this Chinese junk. This year was absolutely no exception.


On the death roster, it was a relatively light year, one employee in a Long Island NYC Walmart was trampled to death and several other employees were injured. Four customers, including an eight month pregnant woman were also taken to the hospital. This after a crowd of 2,000 ripped down the doors and charged in. The other fatalities were two men who gunned each other down in a ToysRUs in Palm Desert California, when their women started fighting over toys.

The injured list is of course quite a bit longer but it is the fatalities that get the most attention. Fights and stampedes happened through out the United States.

It is something to contemplate, that in these ever more desperate times, not only are people who are suffering the worst jobs market in 20+ years, the worst credit and bank panic in 70 years, willing to part with their money in such quantities but they are willing to fight each other over what is in truth only luxury items. If this is a precursor to American consumer behavior and harder times are on the way, than what will become of the people of America when it is no longer luxury items they are fighting over but actual critical things such as food?

Will the United States once more show how greed is a deadly sin? It has shown the world once again that Wall Street greed is deadly to all humanity, this time with the Bank Panic of 2008. Of course this is not the first time, the Bank Panic of 1873, the backing of the Bolshevik Revolution, the Great Depression, the backing of Hitler and the Nazis, the Savings and Loans collapse. There are many examples obviously. But it was always said that these were the elites succumbing to Christless, mindless greed, throwing caution and any care about fellow humans to the wind. Are we now going to see that this is not just the elites, but actually the whole of the modern American culture.

It is beyond a doubt that the stoic, Christian culture that built America, that taught hard work, diligence, sacrifice, is gone. The question now is: how far has it sunk into the abyss of degradation?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

President Medvedev, Set the Ruble Free (Let the ruble fall)

I am about to propose something that in the modern world of economics seems to be an insanity of the highest order. As nations spend the combined fortunes of multiple generations to keep their fiat, artificial currencies high against each other, especially in what is now clearly the early stage of a world wide Depression II, I say: let the ruble fall.

Many here will remember the pain and suffering of 1998 when the ruble fell and fell hard. But it was the results of that fall that finally saved Russia. Two things happened in 1998, first, the American economic "experts" who flooded Russia and helped force unsustainable "reforms", that is, who helped rape her of over $500 Billion in assets, were finally and fully discredited. They fled Russia shortly after.

The second thing that happened and the more important one: US and European and Japanese goods also fled as the falling ruble made the foreign goods to expensive for the already poor Russian. However, demand for these goods remained and as so often happens in economics, the demand was filled with local companies who hired local Russians who than earned money and spent money and thus a new economic boom was born, even without the great boost that oil later gave. When foreigners returned, they started producing in Russia for the local market.

However, Russia did catch some of the credit craze and a population with rising incomes, started importing more and more manufactured goods from the US, Europe and Asia.

Along comes the new Depression.

Several things have happened in the past several months, key amongst them is a severe depressionary drive on all commodities, just now starting to make its way into finished goods.
This has set Russian manufacturing off against cheaper Chinese and Indian firms, at a time when demand is falling quickly.

It is time to set things right. Russia is in a unique situation, a position shared with a bare few nations, where she is effectively resources self sufficient. There is no real resources that Russia absolutely needs to import to survive day to day. The only one she needs to grow quickly is the human resources, first in her diaspora and than in talented immigrants of other races and nations. As such, she alone can survive and prosper without a hard currency.

So, since this is not 1998 and the government of the RF has wisely, under Putin and Medvedev, removed almost all international debt, a devaluation of the Russian currency will be a positive thing.

The first thing that will happen is once again the imported goods of foreign nations will flee, but Russian companies will take their place, employing more Russians and upholding a self sufficient economy. The second thing that will happen is those companies, such as the oil/gas companies and other manufacturers, will be much more prompted to go to Russia to get their parts since their currency will buy more goods. This will again employ more Russians and continue to support the internal economy.

True, not many Russians will to be travelling to Europe to vacation, but many Europeans (at least those with any disposable monies left) will be travelling to Russia to spend a lot more tourist euros. Who knows, the more talented ones might actually stay.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sanctimonious Hypocritical Preaching by the Imperials

It has become a rather common yearly and some times even monthly occurrence that the imperial elites of America gallop up on their white horses to read the riot act to the rest of the world, some times even to the EU, on how to be a republic.

This is of course rather humerus for as far as republics go, the US is definitely a failed one. Disregarding the fact that the US constitution is routinely ignored, the power politics of the past 130 years have done everything in their power to make sure there are enough stumbling blocks and hurdles that only their chosen candidates can muster the needed support to run for any high office.

Between extremely complicated election laws, requiring armies of lawyers, double standards for the major parties to the exclusion of third parties, dirty tricks, intimidation, and a media hell bent on serving the power politic and not the people, the system makes sure that reelction rates to the US Congress stay at or above a 95% rate. Most senators die or retire, the only way to clear them from their seats. But what a job, 4 months of actual work, high perks, the ability to be bribed at will (both branches of the One Party system feed from the hands of pretty much the same special interests), tax payer paid retirement and pensions after one stint, and many many other benefits. This on top of the right to vote in your own 10% yearly raise, while most of their constituents have not seen a raise above 3% in 20 years.

This only gets ever more accentuated in presidential races, where almost always its two versions of the same Marxist theme running. Ronald Reagan was the only exception since Nixon and that was 19 years ago.

But does this corruption stop the hypocrites from lecturing the world? Of course not. It is a pity for them that, at least in Europe and East Asia, the level of literacy is much higher than the US' 65% and the people there see that the Imperial preaching is nothing but hypocritical nonsense. However, at home, this plays into the self righteous ignorance of the masses.

One additional, of many possible, examples. While DC's favorite target is the "autocratic" Russian state, let us examine the passage of a Russian bill. The bill, which stands alone, must be read twice to a quorum of the Duma, from the first word to the last word. This by its nature causes bills to be short and to the point, with clear laws and they stand or fall on their own merit. A proper system if ever one could be invented.

Now in the American system, a time limit is set for congressmen to read the bills on their own. There is of course, no requirement for them to do so and who has the time while partying with special interests and flying around the world on tax payer monies? Corruption smells like roses in the empire. Furthermore, bills do not stand alone but can either have riders, that is unpopular bills attached to a popular bill so that killing an unpopular bill will also kill the popular bill. This is holding hostage the will of the people to the interests of corruption, a very common tool in the American congress. The other option is what is called an omni-bill, a document that can be thousands of pages long and contain hundreds of new laws. The time limit for reading the complex legal language s usually 2 or 3 weeks. This way incredible amounts of laws are passed on to the shoulders of the serfs without any discussion or debate.

An example of this is Patriot Act, which in essence created the American KGB. This was a bill of 10,000+ pages, something that would break even Dostoevsky. What percentage of the congressmen read the whole bill before signing? Zero...that is right, zero read any significant portion...none, but vote on it they did. Who even knows all the little surprises hidden in those 10,000+ pages?

And this is the model of a democratic republic?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Why Do The British Hate Us So?

The hysteria coming from the British elites on the subject of Russia, has been hitting a pitch reminiscent of a kinder care age child who did not get the piece of cake that the other children got. Simply put, the bilge coming from the majority of the English press and backed up by the words of their political and social elites make the rhetoric of the Cold War seem absolutely mild. There is no anti-Russian conspiracy theory that the English do not plunge into whole hearted and believe with no necessity of proof.

But why is this happening?

When taken in the light of the fact that outside of the unpleasantness of the Crimean War in the mid 1800s and the Cold War post 1945, for the majority of their relationship, Russia and England were close friends and allies. Some say this relationship goes back to English trading expeditions through Archangel in the reign of Ivan Grozny (the Feared) during the late 1500s, others point to the fact that King Harold's daughter, the last Saxon AND Orthodox princess of England, fled from the Catholic Frankish and Britain invaders and came to Kieven Rus, in 1066, along with her mother and extended family, where she married a Rus prince.

Either way, the hysteria that now categorizes the English is unprecedented and it is in my belief, originates from two facts, one external and one internal.

Externally, the British have leveled out from the loss of their empire and their military and industrial strength into a position of a second rate European power, some where on the order of Spain or Poland. To resist this position and it's appropriate level of relevance, they have relied upon their "special relationship" with the US to become the number one vassal (lapdog) of DC. There is no war or "police" action that the British will not go along with, no matter how detrimental to their own nation. Global positioning requires as much, regardless if the people being asked to do the sacrificing by their elites, understand or care about it.

To this end, the British, both Labour and Tories, but more so Labour, have become the paramount Trotskyte Neocons, out doing all but the most rabid US Neocons. Such now is the constant barking of the English lapdog against Russia. As with all lapdogs, they tend to bark long after their purpose is served and their masters must force them to calm down and behave.

The second part, the internal reason, is much more complex and has much to do with an internal psyche of decay and anger. Like a two-bit bully, who is abused at home and strikes out at others, the favorite target of the British has become Russia.

Quite simply, as the UK sinks into the deepest reaches of an Orwellian Police State, where the government tracks every car on the autobahns, every phone call, all Internet usage and even has council members rummaging through people's dust bins before the rubbish is picked up, and all the while their own industry is pushed off to third world nations and the British themselves are pushed off by a tsunami of third world immigrants bent on making the English like them not themselves like the English, the beleaguered and enslaved subjects of Her Majesty are looking for someone to strike out of sheer anger. Instead of looking inwardly and to God and solving the myriad of their own problems, they have instead chosen the easier route of striking at far off Russians. Of course it is the now long habit of taking the easier route that has brought the English to the point of possible extinction on the English Isles. A sorry state indeed.

My closing advice to the British is simple. First, replace the worn out spine with a new one and stand up for yourselves and your culture. Break your bonds with the Trotskytes and return to a more conservative, Christian society, for which you were once famous for. Rally around the one royal of this generation who seems to have any understanding of honor and duty and who repeatedly placed his life in danger for his nation: Prince Harry, and make a proper King of him. Give him the political power and support to pull the UK from the brink of extinction.

Maybe, just maybe, than you will return to being a nation that can be respected and not one used as a testing grounds by every would-be Western autocrat on how to absolutely control and cower the sheeple.

The choice is simple: will my grandchildren be reading about England in a history book or will I be buying them tickets from Moscow to London? At the moment, with your concentration on your Russophobia rather on your own survival, I am wagering on the history books.

As the World Tilts Towards Depression, Russia Must Take Radical Measures

The world is heading towards one of those history making, life shattering economic events. When this is over, much will change, many nations will be in turmoil, others will be gone, new ones will appear, for with all major economic turmoils, wars always follow.

Only for a small handful of nations, this does not have to be so. It is those nations who are not only blessed by large size and population (at least over 100 million) and those with all the major resources that they need to survive but also those who have the industrial capacity to support their people's needs, for those nations this does not have to be a catastrophe.

Russia is the preeminent such nation.

It has a large enough population with a birth rate that is now quickly rebounding, plenty of room to grow, all the mineral and energy resources and a large industrial base for consumer as well as military goods. So, as the world heads into disaster, as the trade bonds unravel, as mass importers find that they can no longer import the goods that keep their people from revolting and the mass exporters find that they can no longer export the goods that keep their people working and not revolting, Russia must take radical measures.

What are these measures?

Russia must first and foremost divorce herself from the outside world. The Americans now call this "decoupling". Fine, let us now decouple.

This must be done as follows:

1. Withdraw from all monetary unions, trades and associations.
2. Reissue gold coins for internal use.
3. Insist that all payments by foreigners for any Russian goods be made in valued substances, first and foremost, gold and silver.
4. Enact very high trade barriers to all foreign goods, except those that can not be manufactured by Russian suppliers. For those industries, the government must subsidize the industries until they develop strong enough to push out the foreigners.
5. Open the borders for immigration by the Christian nations, especially of their now or soon to be unemployed engineers, doctors and scientists.
6. Prepare the military

As the world sinks into depression, as old regimes and economies collapse, wither, and die convulsing, Russia will enjoy a stable currency, cheap energy and a booming internal market. It is from this market, boosted by several million economic refugees from the former first world, that Russia will build her future success.

When opportunity presents itself, she should than directly draw the near abroad back within the borders, while selectively supporting Pan-Slavic and Pan-Orthodox nations into her block, forcing them to also integrate into the Russian gold standard and economy.

By blocking off the chaos of the coming collapse, Russia will better place herself to be the assertive super power of the Eurasian land mass. She shall not only be the beacon of stability and hope but also of the Church, guiding those fleeing Christless hyper capitalism to more traditional and quiet shores.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Россия Не Признаёт, Что Она В Войне Цивилизаций (часть 1)

Россия Не Признаёт, Что Она В Войне Цивилизаций (часть 1)

Русское общество просто не хочет признать, то что западной элите и народу всегда было понятно: Россия - не часть Запада и никогда не была ею. Западу , это забава наблюдать, как Россия каверкается перед ними, пытаясь войти в их клуб. Так же, как смеялись над китайцами сто лет тому назад, так теперь смеются над Россией. Но если только смеялись, было бы пол беды, но они используют русское чувство неполноценности не только что-бы издеваться над Россией, но и для разрушения и уничтожения всей Православной цивилизации.

Что делать?

Первое необходимое действие, это признать, что Россия никогда не была и не должна быть частью Запада. Вторая вещъ, это принять, то что все цивилизации в бесконечном конфликте друг с другом и если Россия это не признает, не только её, но и весь

Православный мир будет уничтожен, так как Россия главная страна Православного мира. Те тысячу лет пока Россия эти факты знала и принимала, она была одной из самых сильных и мощных стран в мире. Только когда она пыталась подражать Западу, в 1917 году, все радикально изменилось. До сих пор, Россия только слабая тень того, чем была раньше.

Победа в сотях сражений, это не высота достижения. Победа без сражения, это высота. Сан Тсу

Теперь, уважаемые читатели, если мы приняли эти факты, мы должны понять, как цивилизации сражаются и как Россия должна действовать.

Сначала, необходимо понять, что цивилизации сражаются на всех уровнях. Из всех сражений цивилизаций, военное, это самое редкое, но самое важное. Так же нужно понять, что приготовления для победы зависят от других зон сражения: идеологической, финансово-экономической, научной, культурной и имиджа. В каждой части мы будем обсуждать одну из этих зон сражения.
Сегодня мы начнём с имиджа.

Имилж, или как мир видит Россию, не вещь, которая может быть создана за ночь. Это то, во что надо вложить труд, правильно распланировать и профессионально создать фундамент. Когда началась война с Грузией, на канале «Россия» сказали: «Сегодня из нас будут делать сербов.»

Принимать этот факт и менять, это две разные веши. которые берут глубоки труд. США и Англия, без остановки создают ложный имидж России, как злого хищника, а любого врага России,как святую жертву. Так что, России не только нужно трудиться в создании положительного имиджа для себя, но она так же должна бороться против отрицательного влияния США и Англии.

Для этого нужно вкладывать деньги в создание базы средств массовой информации, через которые можно пробивать круглыми сутками желанный имидж миру. Нужно привлечь международных журналистов на свою сторону, давать им эксклюзивное время с главными лицами. К тому же нужно создание нацинальных мифов, которые будут экспортированы по миру. Например, как миф о том, что Америка любит мирную жизнь, а в реальности провела 210 из своих 230 лет в войнах . Любые победы в других зонах сражения должны быть добавлены к этим народным мифам. Так же должна быть использована нац. диаспора, которая уже распространена по всему миру.

Следующая часть (II): идеология.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Seizing Pensions, the Final Step to Bankruptcy

Seizing Pensions, the Final Step to Bankruptcy

As these late autumn days of financial disaster wind down into a winter of discontent across the world, the United States Congress is discussing a step that will surely signal the final collapse of America as anything more than a bankrupt and possibly failed state.

What is this subject? The subject is none other than pensions, the last refuge of money and the last source of fast cash for spend thirsty politicos. In committees the US Congress is hearing testimony from various leftist professors on how to redistribute, read spend, the vast amount of money accumulated by the 60 million Americans at or near retirement age.

What most of you, my dear readers, do not understand, is that in America there is no longer such a thing as a pension fund. These are dinosaurs, the last of which are paying out their monies, on the way to total extinction. To replace these the government of America created tax exempt (to a certain dollar per year value) accounts called 401Ks which are than invested into the stock markets, thus a great boom for the number one owners of the United States government, banks. But the banks are now themselves bankrupt and hold much less sway in DC, even as appetites to spend have grown amongst the One Party, Two Branch politicos. Sure there is Social Security, but even by under rating inflation by 2/3rds, and thus upward payment adjustments, for over 20 years the United States government is simply broke and does not have the actual money to pay Social Security for the vast Baby Boomer generation, now retiring.

This is because all the money, from day one in 1936, was spent and not invested. Each working generation pays for the retiring generation. What changed? The Baby Boomers aborted 40 million babies and thus are now larger than the combined next two generations. In their Christless greed to spend on themselves, they have not only damned their souls through the murder of children but their old age as well, to poverty.

But even when Social Security pays, for most people, the $2,000 to $3,000 it does pay per month is hardly the money to live off of, let alone pay for ever more expensive medicines. The medical costs in America routinely grow between 15-20% per year, while salaries at best on average at 3-4%. This is all the product of short sightedness and greed. The bill has come due and a large percentage has been added for gratuity. The Devil will have his kilogram of flesh from a people who have forsaken Christ for pride, vanity and greed.

So what is being contemplated by the American Congress?

Standing before Congress and leading the Marxist charge is Teresa Ghilarducci, professor of economic policy analysis at the New School for Social Research in New York. Her proposals range from a “mild” call to remove the 10% tax break from the 401K investments, to a harsher call to confiscate 10% of the monies in the accounts (one time of course, which is what all Marxists say, even when they repeat their acts) to a “harsh” call to simply close out all the accounts and bring all the monies under the Social Security system’s (mis)management. The same Social Security system that has mismanaged America’s retirement for 70 years into a $30 TRILLION hole, counting debts & promises through the year 2050. Of course no doubt that once all that money is brought down under the control of politicians, the urge to spend will be like that of an alcoholic locked in a liquor store…impossible to resist.

But what does this mean for the broader world?

Well, at the mildest of proposals, this will put major breaks on the US stock market as investment slows and some gets pulled out in fear. As we move up the scale to total confiscation, expect a full run on the market. Of course the government of America will set some even more draconian standards on exporting wealth from the US. The stock market will more than likely lose a further 25-30% of its valuation and many more American companies will collapse. The United States government will likewise send the final signals of a failed economy and the likelihood of default on its impossibly gigantic and accelerating debt that will grow exponentially.

Watch this one carefully as the Marxist run, US government, moves through the process of hearings to legislature to action and be prepared to quickly remove all monies out of US debts, before you are left ruined worse than even the US mortgage debt failure ruined you. Either that or do not get mad as Americans laugh at you as a fool, even as they themselves are begging on the streets and selling pencils.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The American Elections Are On, But It Does Not Matter Who Is the Winner

Regardless of who wins these elections, Americans, their few freedoms and the world at large will continue to suffer.

It is always interesting to note how much the world and its peoples like to believe in fairy tales and lies. Anything rather than face the truth. After living through eight years of the Bush incompetency and imperial hubris, Americans, the world and Europeans especially have once again deluded themselves in believing that the "new" wind in Washington, this time Obama, will some how change the way things have gone.

Once more they are in for a post narcotic painful wakeup and it will not take long. When both candidates come from the One Party Two Branch Marxist system of America's so called democracy, where third parties and independents need not apply, nothing changes. If anything, American suffering under either of the two "candidates" (really this was just a bit more nerve racking than Soviet Politburo elections) will only escalate. For example, the US Congress has an approval rating of 18%, actually lower than Bush Jr, but the re-election rate will be 95%+, higher than even the Soviets or Saddam achieved. The only candidates who can thus break through, are the party loyalists and thus when their solutions for America's ills are:

1. Continued deficit spending and money printing to solve a problem created by deficit spending and money printing.
2. Continued nationalization of the free market for problems created by to much government manipulation of the not so free market. In truth, America is the most regulated nation in the world. There is a law for everything, believe me. The mere tax code is well over 100,000 pages in depth and everyone is a criminal and only the bureaucrats know enough of the laws to hold power.
3. Amnesty for 20 million illegals, while leaving the exact same situation and conditions that brought them to the US in the first place, untouched, thus insuring yet another 20-30 million in the next few years, thus impoverishing their own peoples while propping up corrupt regimes through taxes off of expatriated funds.
4. Continued wars of aggression. That's right boys and girls of the deluded Europe. If you think Obama is going to start fewer wars than McCain would have, you are sorely mistaken. In its short 230 year history, the United States has known fewer than 20 years without war, less than 10% of its existence. Besides the dozens of Indian tribes it has warred with and destroyed, America has fought:
a. Canada
b. Mexico
c. Columbia
d. Haiti
e. Cuba
f. Dominican Republic
g. Panama
h. Grenada
i. Hawaii (which it annexed)
j. Japan
k. China
l. Vietnam
m. Cambodia
n. Afghanistan
o. Iraq
p. Turkey (Ottoman Empire)
q. Russia (Soviet Union..Cold War and unofficial engagements in proxy wars)
r. Germany
s. Romania (WW2)
t. Bulgaria (WW1 & WW2)
u. Croatia (WW2)
w. Austro-Hungary (WW1)
x. Hungary (WW2)
y. Italy (WW2)
z. France (by proxy in Mexico)
aa. England (Revolution & 1812)
ab. Spain
ac. Barbary Pirates
ad. Somalia
ae. Philippines
af. Serbska Republik, Bosnia
ag. Serbia
ah. And the bloodiest of all American wars: the US Civil War.

To this long list we may add bombing and or short attacks on Iran, Syria, Pakistan, Sudan, Lybia, Lebanon and I am sure there are at least a few that I have missed and my readers will correct me on.

In short, all presidents love a good war, it creates their legacy. Be it George Washington who while busy fighting to break with England still found time to send an army to exterminate 40 Iriqua villages (never mind half of them were US allies, but their land was so valuable) or putting down the Whiskey Rebellion with overwhelming force, to Bill Clinton who bombed Iraq for 8 years, bombed the Serbs in Bosnia and Serbia, forced the Makedonians to cede 1/3rd of their country to Islamic Jihadists, fought in Somalia and bombed Sudan. There is nothing to get the attention of the sheep off of the bad economics, the failed policies, the stolen freedoms, like a good war.

To this end, Obama will not leave Iraq, will escalate destabilizing Pakistan, will strike into Syria again and will continue to push Russia till something pops. All the while he will sit high on his horse, as both "parties" like to do, and preach to the "ignorant" peasants of Europe how to live and die for the "cause", while his English lap dogs continue to lick his toes.

That is the way of an imperial system where political descent has been blocked by layers of laws only the two main "parties" can afford the lawyers for. Where politicians are bred on imperial hubris and drunk with self righteousness, and the people are the best kind of serf, the one that thinks himself a freeman.

Bread and circuses will distract the already distracted Americans, who care more about where Anna Nichole Smith and her giant breasts are buried than about where their future prosperity is cremated. In Europe, through NATO, the system will continue to push chaos on the Europeans through division of "old" and "new" Europe and conflict with Russia. All of this is of course against the European best interests, but the Euros can not see that either, well not the majority anyways.

So in short, what to expect for the next 4 years? Short of a total economic collapse, more of the same of the past 4 years, just with a different smirking face.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Russia is Back And Latin America Is Its New Play Ground

For almost two decades, even long after its turn around in 1999, the Russian elites continued to believe in the West, much longer than they ever should have. To that end, Russia refrained from encroaching on the American play ground, Latin America. With the Monroe Doctrine, the US has seen to Latin America, especially to Central America, as it's personal play ground, where national governments are over thrown as would be and policies are shoved down everyone's throats as desired. The area was kept hands off by Russia, even while the West continued, driven primarily by the Anglo-Americans, to surround and encapsulate Russia from all sides. Outside of some weapons sales to Venezuela or some nice words to Cuba, Russia was gone from Latin America and with no plans on returning.

That all changed, of course, as so many other things did, when the Anglo-American Trotskytes, the Neocons, attempted to restart the Cold War and to renew their sagging fortunes. They poked the bear, not directly, but by using their proxy Saakashvili. What they found was not a hibernating bear but the renewed Russian Imperial eagle of the Holy Third Rome. That point was driven home all the more by the endless stream of relentless lies that flowed forth. With the lies came the malice that had previously been ever so lightly disguised, except that it was disguised no longer. Now even the Russian liberals were shocked and dismayed by what they found that the West, particularly the Anglo-Americans really were, once the fairy dust settled from their eyes.

Now no sphere is off limits and Russia has roared back into Latin America. The response? The response both from the Anglo-Americans and the Latin Americans has driven one thing home clearly not only to Moscow but the world: the Anglo-American Empire is teetering. It is not over, it is not dead but it will cede territory as it starts its long retreat. In other words, except for some words and confusion there has been no response from the Trotskyte Neocons.

From the Latin Americans, the response is loud and clear.

1. Cuba is in talks about setting up air defense, new Russian bases and a space center.
2. Mexico is Foreign Minister Patricia Espinosa for trade talks and political cooperation.
3. Nicoragua has come out in support of Russia's recognition of Abkhazia and S.Ossetia by also recognizing them, as it too seeks to get closer to Moscow.
4. Columbia has sent Defense Minister Juan Manuel Santos to discuss combined military efforts against terrorism, drugs and possible equipment deals. Columbia is looking at fighters and helicopters and radar systems, just like the ones Venezuela bought.
5. Venezuela, not only purchasing equipment, but it has now hosted Russian bombers and navel assets on maneuvers and is in talks about permanent facilities.
6. Bolivia is following Venezuela's lead and in return Gazprom will invest in Bolivia's infrastructure, along with Total.
7. Brazil has invited Gazprom to invest in their pipelines.

More is on the way, of course as more nations in Latin America sense weakness and defect.

The point to Washington has always been the same and has always been ignored: do not provoke fights you are not prepared for. Be it the War of 1812, be it Iraq, be it a new Cold War it is hell bent on igniting. Washington as always knows the thrill of adventure, never once contemplating how much the ticket for the ride will cost.