Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Sodomite Rulers of the West

The Sodomite Rulers of the West

As the Western obsession and drive against Russia turns into a blind frenzy, all based on Russia's anti-pedophilia laws, banning the recruitment of children by the homosexuals, it becomes quite clear who and what rules the West.

The West as a whole, with little to no exception, is in its final death spiral. It has passed the tipping point and has reserved its grave sites on the ash heap of history. Plagued with a leperous socialist economy, where more live off of the taxes, and often by a margin of 2:1, then pay the taxes, the West's economic "might" rests strictly on its ability to print and borrow money. It is a hollow facade with a rotting and pealing veneer, through which  more and more of the world is now peaking and turning white in fear of the rot it sees. The US is a prime example: an official 6.7% unemployment rate, in a nation with a labor participation rate of less than 66%, that is the same amount of people working as worked in 1978, but with 150 million more in its population, not counting 30 million illegals.

The rest is no better. The UK is so leveraged that it would take 3 UKs to pay off its debts. Germany is the spider holding together its cocooned and shriveled victims, in the gause of member states of the EU, and itself bound to them and without them a hollow economy. After all, when these economic colonies die off, most of the manufactured goods of the Germans will have no place to go, as the Germans themselves can barely afford them.

Those are just the economic points. The fact that in every Western nation, the reproduction rates have plummeted for the native population, that Islamic invaders are out producing and soon to be fully displacing the local population is beyond doubt. In several countries, over 50% of those being born are from the 10-15% of the population who are not native Europeans but Islamic conquerors. It does not take a genius to do the math: 20 years and the UK is dead. Less than that for Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden and others. We will start gathering funds to send flowers to your hospice.

Christianity is dead, and with it all morality. And in this, it is not only the elites to blame, but the fat, stupid Westerners, who turned their collective backs on Christ and showed Him the finger. Humanism is their "god" and they are sticking to it all the way to Hell...and are proud of it...all the way to Hell. Enjoy. 

Which comes to that point: with all the demographic, cultural, economic disasters unrolling constantly, like slow train wrecks, in the whole of the cancerous West, what is the main driving force? Why the Gay Agenda of course. The British and Americans, the Italians and the French are all pink. Even those who are not, for example 80% of the French, once given the taste of water cannon and tear gas, quickly shut up and sat down, like the spineless cowards. The Bible tells quite clearly that all cowards are damned. Hear that?

You have agreed to live with the Devil as long as he does not beat on you, that's ok, he will not, in this life, he will for eternity afterwards, cowards.

So again, the endless rage against us Russians, for daring to stand up to the Pink Mafia that owns the souls and the few children of the West. Well not out children. Not today and not tomorrow or any other time.

Sure, you will more than likely make noise and protests and asses of yourselves next month, when you are arrested or driven out by Cossaks. Sure, you will condemn us and hurl insults at us and then what? You will not fight us, as thanks to your endless buggery and abortions, there are to few of you able to fight. 

So what do we need to do? Simple: we ignore you for another 20 years and your societies are dead and the Islamics that own you will silence you themselves and then we get down the to business of returning Europe to Christ, one Crusade at a time. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Match Constantly Missed

A Match Constantly Missed

It is ever the wander that desperate Europeans, bankrupt and bereft, squeezed out by austerity, packing degrees in critical fields, will flood out of their severely destroyed economies and not other slightly less destroyed European economies where they than proceed to swell the ranks of the unemployed and unemployable in those nations.

All scream that all they want is a job, but is that so? 

Why do I ask? Because right next door, not in some far off land yander, is a land that is in dire need of professional workers and not just those with higher degrees. Russia's economy is at historic low unemployment. While nation wide the rate is 5.4%, the rate in the major cities, the engines of the economy, the rates are between 0,5-1,5%. 

According to a recent ManPower survey, plans to hire are remaining firm, it finding candidates is becoming ever more difficult, even with salaries growing at twice the rate of inflation and already, post taxes, standing on par with Italy. As a matter of fact, those planning on expanding grew by 16%, stronger than a year ago.

To put meat on that one, 43% of employers can not find candidates. And which are the top positions in demand? Top ten:
1. Skilled trade workers: welders, builders, carpenters, etc
2. Engineers
3. Sales reps (yes fluent Russian is a must on this one)
4. Technicians 
5. Accountants
6. Management Executives
7. IT Staff
8. Truck Drivers
9. Office Support Staff
10. Common Laborers (preferably of the non-Islamic variety)

So what to do?

Well first, the question: which category do I fall into: worker or highly qualified specialist?

We will start with the HQSs. This is a technical or management position. A university degree is required and the salary needs to be at least 2 million rubles, or about $60k. If you qualify for such a position, then you need to find a sponsor, that is an employer. Russian language helps, but since this is as often a Western company as a Russian one and it's a critical position, it's not necessary. 

In such a case, the employer will take care of getting you a 3 yr visa, which takes about 5 weeks turn around time before you are flying into Russia. After a 1 yr stay in Russia on this visa, you can apply for long term residency. This is in turn linked to your visa. After 5 yrs on such a visa you can apply for citizenship. You will have to pass a Russian language exam.

If you are not a HQS, I still suggest getting a job before coming in. Or coming in on a tourist visa and quickly finding a job. Because of the nature of this, knowing Russian at least on a rudimentary level is much more critical. Then you need to go to the immigration office and ask for permission for extended stay in Russia. This is a 6 month stay and along with it comes a right to work.

After 6 months you need to apply and secure a temporary visa which gives you 3 yrs but you can not move out of the oblast you live in (province) and must have a job. After 1 yr you can apply for permanent residency and after 5 yrs for citizenship.

So now you know and can hunt jobs on headhunter.rumonster.com or LinkedIn.com

The question now is: do you really want to work or are you a poser?

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Humanism, the True Satanism

Humanism is a movement of philosophy and ethics that emphasizes the value and agency of human beings, individually and collectively, and generally prefers individual thought and evidence (rationalism, empiricism) over established doctrine or faith (fideism). The term humanism can be ambiguously diverse, and there has been a persistent confusion between several related uses of the term because different intellectual movements have identified with it over time.[1] In philosophy and social science, humanism refers to a perspective that affirms some notion of a "human nature" (contrasted with anti-humanism). In modern times, many humanist movements have become strongly aligned with secularism, with the term Humanism often used as a byword for non-theistic beliefs about ideas such as meaning and purpose; however, many early humanists, such as Ulrich von Hutten, a strong supporter of Martin Luther and the Reformation, were religious.

It is said that  the Devil's greatest trick was to make humanity believe that he did not exist. In truth, it is much more sinister, as his greatest trick was to make humanity believe that nothing supernatural existed and that Humanity in its God-like "wisdom" was the only thing that mattered. The engine of this movement was Humanism.

While Christians battled against the various enemies of Christ, the Islamics, the Satanists, the pagans, the Mormons, and the various other heresies, starting with the Arians, the Devil was created a much greater threat to humanity. He did this by moving through humanity itself. 

By separating man from the supernatural and giving man the great judgement of light and darkness, the Devil assured that humanity would choose first and foremost the darkness. Humanity chooses darkness, not because humanity by its nature is evil, but because evil is easier, and humanity by its nature is lazy.

As such, from its first foundation in the Italian Renaissance and its growth in the Enlightenment, to the great grip and rapid spread in the 1900s and 2000s,  Humanism was behind the Robespierrian French Revolution and the Great Terror that was to follow.  Humanism lead directly to many tenets of  Marxism, all three of its great branches: Communism, Fascism and Capitalism, and the mass murder of over 100 million in wars of genocide and over 300 million in the form of the murder of the unborn.

Homo homini deus est ("Man is a god to man" or "god is nothing other than man to himself"), Ludwig Feuerbach. ibid, p 28

In 1933 the first Humanist Manifesto, was formalized at the University of Chicago. It identified humanism as an ideology espousing reason, ethics, and justice. However, it specifically rejecting the divine and traditional religious ideas as a basis of morality and decision-making and in so doing, made sure that it was the perfect tool of Satan.

We believe that traditional dogmatic or authoritarian religions that place revelation, God,
ritual or creed above human needs and experience do a disservice to the human
species.  As non-theists, we begin with humans not God, nature not deity.  While there is
much we do not know, humans are responsible for what we are or will become.  No deity
will save us; we must save ourselves. Humanist Manifesto
 Promises of immortal salvation or fear of eternal damnation are both illusory and harmful. Humanist Manifesto

For if there are God given rights and responsibilities upon which great nations are based, once that foundation is taken away, it then becomes only a basis on the whims of men, or rather some men, who give and take away at will these rights of their fellow men. 

Ethics is autonomous and situational, needing no ideological sanction. Humanist Manifesto

That Humanism has taken such a deep deep root in America should be no surprise, as the Masionic Empire and its Creative Destruction cycles are an easy breeding ground for these radical theories and anti-traditional and anti-religious approaches. That then these same groups seek to create revolutions and establish radical regimes in the more religious states, such as Russia, Germany and Italy, should again, not surprise anyone.

So, to those who still have faith in God in America and Europe, understand: the humanists have control over your society and your culture and its morality. They are the fertile ground from which more radical and authoritarian regimes of evil will arise. And all are doing the work of the Devil.

God save you all.