Sunday, July 24, 2011

English Planet of the Apes

English Planet of the Apes

The souless and Christless British have done it again. The nation that brought us reality TV, Live Autopsy and the Opium Wars (where the English foreign policy was that of a narco-state export opium for profits) has gone where no one, at least so far as they would admit, has gone before: creating human-animal hybrid embryos.

Yes, that is correct, scientists at King’s College London, Newcastle University and Warwick University have created 155 such embryos, with mixed genes or human genes in animal eggs and so on, for "research" and "stem cells". Basically, in modern Western affront to God and human decency, as long as one labels it "stem cells", one can conduct any atrocity known to man. If only Dr. Mendel had known about stem cells, he would have been a hero not a madman.

At present the research has paused, as funding in that bankrupted police state has ran out. But fear not, some Anglo UK/US oligarch or another will surely come running to assist. Where is the Gates or Ford foundations when you need them? Rockerfellers anyone? After all, this includes abortions, just an extra plus plus (this is what a Christless "republic/democracy" always leads to, evil and immorality, always).

There are a few voices still of sanity and Christ in the UK, but only a few.

Last night he said: ‘I argued in Parliament against the creation of human- animal hybrids as a matter of principle. None of the scientists who appeared before us could give us any justification in terms of treatment.

‘Ethically it can never be justifiable – it discredits us as a country. It is dabbling in the grotesque.

‘At every stage the justification from scientists has been: if only you allow us to do this, we will find cures for every illness known to mankind. This is emotional blackmail.

‘Of the 80 treatments and cures which have come about from stem cells, all have come from adult stem cells – not embryonic ones.
‘On moral and ethical grounds this fails; and on scientific and medical ones too.’

And this voice:

Josephine Quintavalle, of pro-life group Comment on Reproductive Ethics, said: ‘I am aghast that this is going on and we didn’t know anything about it.

‘Why have they kept this a secret? If they are proud of what they are doing, why do we need to ask Parliamentary questions for this to come to light?

‘The problem with many scientists is that they want to do things because they want to experiment. That is not a good enough rationale.’

The unfortunate part is, that these are the vast minority and the majority simply do not care, barely surviving and to illiterate to even understand what is happening.

Even Stalin dropped his plans as mad, when he was interested in the creation of ape soldiers. And that man was one evil and cruel, paranoid bastard.

Yes, the Anglo West is this corrupt and vapid and the Enemy is its lord and master.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

How To Live Beyond Your Means

How To Live Beyond Your Means

One of the things that most impresses most foreigners, when they arrive to America, is the high level of infrastructure. This can be seen in most Hollywood movies, pictures of America and so on. On the surface of things, this is, well, quite impressive, especially when compared to our own nation.

Most people, being what they are, are not interested in what's behind the veneer of success and wealth: debt and rot, only in the outer appearance of things. After all, this is no different then what happens when people idolize the glamorous without realizing how often enough, they are horrid human beings unfitting to share a sty with a pig.

So, this is similar to this ritz and glitz of the American infrastructure. On the outside one sees roads, bridges and all the makings of the richest nation on earth. On a closer look one starts to see the cracks and rot of that infrastructure starting to collapse.

Now one needs to look at how the US built so much more infrastructure, especially in the past 30 years, while actively outsourcing its factories and jobs, downgrading its population to little more then debt serfs.

American oblasts (states), as well as regions (counties) and city/village governments, live off of a hodge podge of taxes: primary in this is
1. property tax
2. sales tax
3. income tax (which is a small portion compared to the giant income tax taken by the federal government).

Add to this various taxes such as gasoline tax, fees and so on. The problem is two fold:
1. on their own, the taxes are not big enough to accommodate the purchase of so much infrastructure, so quickly, and
2. Americans lack the patients to save up and purchase with actual funds

Thus, the various entities involved found another Anglo invention: municipal bonds. These are in essence debt instructments that are sold on the bond markets to gain monies now against future taxes and of course, they must pay a profit, after inflation is factored, in order for people to give up real money now.

Now, on a one of issue, such may not be a bad idea. However, politicians being politicians, and democracy being what it is, once an scheme for easy money is hit upon, there is no self control in sight and never has been. All caution is thrown to the wind, and those in charge convince themselves that the inevitable disaster can be forestalled indefinitely. Such is the reality of today's America.

The statistics are appalling at best, every state, county and city with most of the villages included, are bankrupt. First, the system being based on future taxes, for the value plus a profit percent, must be built on the premise of increasing taxation. Secondly, like most things about Anglo finance, the value of the debt taken out, far exceeds the value of even the most optimistic projections of growth. However, when the inevitable decline hit in 2007/2008 and the American second depression began, property values, incomes and consumption all collapsed. In short order, the municipalities found themselves in a position that they could not longer service present debt and never mind future debt.

And in this we hit upon the greatest snag. Debt became to so large, that all taxes went to servicing it. To pay for the maintainence of existing infrastructure, never mind for the salaries and pensions of the workers, there was no funds short of yet more debt, which now has become unaccessible.

Each year, for the past several years, several thousand kilometers of local roads are turned into gravel, as asphalt is simply to expensive to repair. Firework displays have gotten smaller and smaller on America's liberation day, while police officers, even in the most violent hellhole in the US, are being laid off in record numbers, while in places like Fresno California, the police no longer respond to "minor" crimes below the level of murder, rape and beatings. Crime is of course skyrocketing.

At the same time, government infrastructure, from power plants to roads to buildings, is on clearance sales, in a desperate bid to raise cash for just one more year, maybe two. That once these assets are sold there will be no more, is a concern for another year. The post service is now reducing service from 6 days to 3 days per week, while schools are cutting the school year and the already abysmal levels of education. Hawaii is down to 4 day school weeks.

There is no hope in the future, without raising taxes even further, but this in itself then strangles the people. A dead end situation.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bulgaria, a Case for the Death Penalty

Bulgaria, a Case for the Death Penalty

Though many may not be aware of it, Russia does not have a death penalty. In truth, this is not because of some rejection of the Soviet Union or any other such nonsense, nor is this because the public is against it. In all actuality, quite the opposite is true, the majority favour it. No, this, simply put, is a caving in by our government to the European Court of Human Rights.

The death penalty, most would assume goes great for mass murderers, terrorists and other such maniacs, like the occasional cannibal. However, there is another group that well deserves it: insanely greedy businessmen, who through their Anglo-Sino absolute lust for cash at any price(yes the Chinese are just as, if not a lot more so demoniacally greedy then the Anglos) that they throw all caution for human life away.

To such a tragedy, we have one more entry to make: the Bulgaria. A river liner, built in the fifties, and operating on the central Volga, near the city of Kazan, the ship, with two hundred or more passengers, well in excess of her maximum capacity, went down, taking at least a hundred and twenty of those passengers with her. There was a very large percentage of children on that ship.

The owning company, Argorechtur, is run by its general director Svetlana Inyakina. Criminal proceedings have been opened against her and Yakov Ivashov of the Kama branch of the Russian Register of River Vessels. Under Yakov's watch, the ship recently passed, with flying colours, a river safety inspection. The problem is, according to surviving crew, the ship was in no condition to be sailed.

There was inadequate safety equipment, with 2 of its 4 boats missing and life preservers for only 170 passengers, even though the ship regularly took on many more than what was allowed. Crew have also stated that they had suffered an engine fire, two cruises previously, and as the ship started to sink, the engines went out and the batteries were apparently dead, since no electricity was left on the ship to even send an SOS. Further, the onboard nurse has stated that they had no medicines in the ship's infermery and could not even provide basic first aid. The ship's galley had broken refrigerators and food was spoiling. Yet this ship passed? At least the captain had the honour to go down with his ship.

All in all, this ship was a disaster waiting to happen and one that is not alone. While the laws are strict on what is expected, they are not well enforced. The penalty for this gross negligence, this basic murder by greed, is a maximum of 10 years in hard labour. Hardly fitting for the crime.

In such cases as this, where the blame lies squarely on the owners and on the chenovniks (bureaucrats) who enable their crimes of greed, the only reasonable penalty is death. Since neither has any honour, they can not be expected to fall on their swords, literally, thus, it is the duty of the state to assist these vulgar entities in meeting their final judgment.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Islamic Training Basis in the Caucuses (Georgia and Azerbaijan)

Religious persecution alive and well in West Ukraine

Religious persecution alive and well in West Ukraine,

by guest author Roy Greene, and American Living in Lvov, Ukraine

Having passed through Poland and West Ukraine before I have encountered the random dislike of Americans who's only second language is Russian, and am pretty used to it. Having now settled here though I am realizing that there's a lot more to it. Very real, very current religious discrimination exists in Lvov today, and even Ukrainians from a bit east of Lvov, such as Ukraine's capital Kiev, experience it. The, very explicitly foreign funded, organizations fanning this ethnic-religious nationalism should be as ashamed as those paying tax dollars that donate heavily to these organizations.

Firstly, not long after arrival, I asked a police officer where I might find an Orthodox Church. (I didn't even say a 'Russian' Orthodox Church, or insist on a canonical one... ) He relayed that he used to be Orthodox but had become Catholic. Naively I figured that didn't mean we couldn't leave differences of opinion aside, and an officer of the law might be able to give me directions to an Orthodox Church. I got directed instead to a Catholic Monastary. Sighing, I walked to a cafe across the street where one student was able to point me to a Ukrainian Orthodox Kiev Patriarchate Church. Lucky for me the priest there was actually more than happy to tell me where the Russian church was and listen to my experiences about how I ended up in Lvov. I seriously think he was the least religiously antagonistic person I'd met thus far. I also think both he and I would feel more at home if I went off to find a parish where Russian was widely spoken, and probably not frowned upon. Thus I ended up visiting St. George's Cathedral, the center of the Moscow Patriarchate in Lvov.

Very soon after I met a Ukrainian tour guide who pointed out that such tactics are not uncommon. He also related the story of a person he'd recently met, an elderly woman attending a canonical parish in a small city near Lvov. Local nationalists, probably the same sort who keep spraying Pride with the Ukrainian crest replacing the 'i' (and no down more than implicitly referencing white pride movements) physically dragged her to a non-canonical parish to attend liturgy. Nothing says peace on earth like dragging old lady's to your phylitist parish.

I kind of figured by this point I'd heard the worst of things but not so. A few days latter I was lauding the concept of religious private schools. A few folks noted that in Ukraine a few minor religions have them but they'd never heard of any for the Orthodox Church. What they related next however made it clear why; most public schools essentially assume all children are 'good young Catholics' in West Ukraine. This meaning they end up being defacto forced to attend Catholic services and prayers on public property during school time, and forced as part of class grades to participate in religious celebrations derscribing, and corresponding to, Catholic holidays. In an added amount of sick religious persectuion it is common to encourage children to avoid Orthodox fasting in favor of the liberalized Catholic fasting, according to the Catholic calendar which does not correspond to the one of the Orthodox church. Imagine the horror if an American school only served up pig for the week of July fourth.

Bottom line is that public and private dollars are going to fuel and already festering divide in what is otherwise not a really bad place. Granted I find the 'casino-style' church repleate with neon crosses, and a massive concert setup for Ukraine's independance day disgusting, but I would be less disgusted if it weren't for the preferential treatment it's given. Apparently though Pope John Paul, II gives his approval to it, and the 'pay a few Ukrainian Kopeiks to light a fake candle for a minut' atmosphere inside. At least I can only assume so since on the bell tower there is a giant 70 foot tall banner with him giving the Catholic symbol of a blessing. Don't think May 9 was an issolated incident; it is only a symptom of the massive amounts of dollars the west is pooring into Ukraine in hopes of creating a religious war.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Other Reason Greece Must Not Collapse

The Other Reason Greece Must Not Collapse

A lot of smoke and babble has been raised and spread about the absolute need to make sure Greece does not default on its debt and thus does not leave the Euro and possibly the EU. Everything from the Euro to Western Civilization as we know it is at stake, from the economic point of view.

Of course this is ludicrous and bogus. Greece is a pittance economy in comparison to the whole of the EU and its smaller subset Eurozone and even to just the French and German segments. If Greece was to default on its debt, the Euro would still survive and the debt would be written off. The 300-400 billion Euro is a small pittance to the amount of Euros that the EU banks have been pumping out in the past three years. They can most certainly pump out more.

True, Greece leaving the Eurozone would almost certainly translate into Greece leaving the EU. Why? Because any full default in Greece would collapse the government, the two branch one party duplicity that is common in most of the Totalitarian West. This in turn would lead to a new set of power players, waiting in the wings: the military and the Church, which in turn would almost certainly lead to the restoration of the Monarchy. The students rioting in the streets, themselves socialists and anarchists, happy to live off of the government tit, maybe good to bring a government down, but they most certainly are in no position to take power and run a country, nor do they have the temperament for such serious endeavors.

The traditional monarchy returning to power would be a disaster to the neo-Marxists that run all of the Totalitarian Democracies Of Monarchy, Democracy and the Lie of Linear History. It would show the masses that there are alternatives to the modern Western Civilization, something no one in power surely wants. Thus this in turn would spur all the rightest and monarchist parties, oppressed through civil lawsuits, criminal lawsuits or just plain assassinations, in the West.

But worse then that, at least for the West, is the simple fact that a nationalist and or monarchist Greek government would in turn, turn to its only major, historical ally: Russia. This in turn, this reapproachment of two very ancient historical allies, would spell incredible trouble for the US/EU politics in the Balkans. For a reapproachment would mean not just Russia's political and economic presence in the Balkans but also Russia's military presence. Furthermore, pro-Slavic forces in Macedonia, Serbia and Bulgaria would get an incredible assist and could quite literally overthrow their governments, moving back into the Slavosphere, whose construction and expansion has been in hibernation since 1914.

In this manner, the NATO encirclement of Russia, would be dealt a major and maybe fatal blow. Something the West is willing to destroy the Greek people to avoid.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Georgia's Dead End Obsession

Georgia's Dead End Obsession

Having failed to exterminate their minorities, first in the 1920s, then in the early 1990s and finally in 2008, you would think the Georgians would have faced international scrutiny and sanctions, but instead they are couched by the West to keep at it.

They had lost, for all intents and purposes, control over Abhazia and S.Ossessia in the early 1990s, when their murderous genocidal rampages through these small territories, combined with a defunct ineffective "fighting" force, better able to rape and murder women and children then to actually fight a war, was routed and demolished. Thus for all intents and purposes, since 1993, the Georgians have had no real, physical control of either of these independent Republics for the better part of 18 years.

This has not stopped them from trying and trying and trying. Even today, the Georgians passed a series of new laws, granting everyone in those territories naturalization papers and passports for Georgia. To add to this insanity, the documents are not free, but must be purchased for 35 lari, the equivalent of $22USD. For that, the person has to travel across the militarized border and pursue the issue with the Georgian. As if, any of those peoples, having lived through 2 Georgian loving caresses in a span of less then 20 years, would wish to delude themselves to be family with Georgia.

However, this split with reality, is coached by the Americans and English, the fires stocked by the NATO and EU bureaucrats. Georgian lust for the land and perceived wrongs, in being thwarted in their homicidal national endeavors, are constantly being reinforced, as are their desires to return to these lands, which are not their own. The parallelism here with the Palestinians is striking, as is the mental abuse upon successive generations taught this lunacy and encourage by interested third parties.

Of course these interested third parties are not doing this for the betterment of the Georgians, indeed the effect is quite the opposite. By pushing these national fantasies, they have assured that the Georgians have perpetually, or at least as long as they keep up these delusions, have ruined relationships with Russia, which was their first and foremost market place for the produce, wines, mineral waters that Georgia produced, as well as the origin of the vast majority of the remittance monies and a fountain head of tourism.

The economic hell that this has caused the Georgian people, this severing of ties with Russia, is exactly what the Anglos want and need. It keeps the Georgians poor and angry and their leaders, themselves American puppets, are able to easy march them off to endless provocations and wars against Russia. While they have no chance of winning any of these, the purpose is not to win, but to antagonize and cause problems for Russia with spilt Georgian blood.

When will the Georgians wake up and realize that they have been used by their "friends"? Sacrificed on the alter of geopolitics of which they can have no hope of being a player and are only the sacrificial pawn? When will they finally give up on the pipe dream of returning these two republics back to their borders and instead will work on constructive economics with Russia?

In other words, how many more tens of thousands of Georgia's sons will have to die before they swallow their pride and lunacy and wake up?