Friday, February 26, 2010

Yes My Dear, Actions Do Have Consequences

As previously in the Bush Regime, so too now in the Obama regime, the masters of the universe are learning that their actions do have consequences.

This week news came that the Germans, led by Merkel, are demanding the instant removal of American nuclear weapons from their soil and I am sure, soon enough, the remainder of American forces. Germany, after numerous betrayals and back stabs, has had enough.

Be it Bush trying to ruin various German-Russian business and diplomatic deals or pulling Germany into American imperial wars or Obama, first with a massive escalation of the war in Afghanistan and then with and out and out personal betrayal of Merkel, the stabbing of the German economy and the theft of German money. What am I speaking off? Why the backing out at the 11th hour and 59th minute of American Government Motors (GM) from the sale of Opel, which was a betrayal of Russia, Canada and Germany. Worse for Germany, this came after a pledge to Merkel, who put her reputation on the line and whose government had already put a several billion Euro loan to GM to bridge the sale. Money gone, the DC mafia happy and Germans, in much larger numbers than what the Russian-Canadian conglomerate was planning, will be losing their jobs. Any wonder the Germans are angry?

Then came news that the Americans, who had promised, under Obama, to stop the Bush idiotic plan of placing missile interceptors in Poland, had been lying all along. True, instead of placing siloed missiles, they will be posting mobile missile batteries in Poland, and not only Poland but in Bulgaria and maybe Georgia, as well as even trying to get them into Ukraine. I am sure if the Western puppet Timoshenko the Barbie had won the Ukrainian vote, they would be shipping them already. Is it any wonder that Russia is going ahead with the S-300 sales to Iran? Now, the Americans, who created Afghanistan and in the process the modern Islam International and released it upon the world, and who find themselves quagmire on their own in Afghanistan, and who took our initial help in Central Asia and turned it against us, are demanding we help them in that same Afghanistan? Are you kidding me?

Obama has equally told his Chinese creditors to go jump off a bridge, as he sells weapons to Taiwan and meets with the Dali Lama. While the Chinese occupation of Tibet is nothing to sneeze about, a pauper state, absolutely dependent on the good graces of China and its cash, is not in a situation to dictate conditions. China has started to move to rid itself of American debt, at least enough to give the Americans a clear message. It will be even more interesting when the US tries to sell another trillion in debt, as planned for this year, to finance its alcoholic spending.

Then there is Japan, another massive owner of American debt and a major investor in the American economy and thus American jobs. Toyota, being a major competitor to the American Government Motors, the whole weight of the American regime has gone after it, trying to crush a successful competitor to its own defunct, indebted failure. The American minister of transportation, himself, proclaimed that the cars were not worth driving, while the American FBI is now raiding Toyota suppliers. Toyota’s leaders are being forced to come to Washington and beg and grovel before the would be masters of the universe. It may soon be time for Japan to regain its honour and explain to the Americans, whose debt they also sponsour, who is the real boss. And if the Americans are real lucky, Toyota will not pull out and lay off 170,000 Americans, and even more when its suppliers go.

Lastly, for now, of the big players, is the further betrayal of the British. First came the return of Churchill’s bust, followed by the treatment of Brown as no more than a semi competent lackey not worthy of state gifts worth more than can be bought at a local corner store. Then the breaking of all protocol with the English queen, all the while demanding and getting more troops for Afghanistan. Now, when Britain needs the Americans, while Argentina is again angling for the Falklands, the Obama Regime, never shy of asking more and more British blood, has flat out refused to take the side of the English.

So, how long will it take the self describing masters of the universe to realize they are anything but?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Не Капли Русской Крови, Для НАТО

Двадцать лет тому назад, закончилась Холодная Война, если не считать что для НАТО, а в особенности для США, она никогда не заканчивалась. Причина этого очень проста, был Холодная Война никогда не билась против Союза, а против самой России. Задачей всегда было контролировать российские ресурсы и народ, и уничтожение самой России. Всегда нужно было провести аборт над независимой и богатой Россией.

Вдобавок, США с Вахабистами создали беспорядок в Афганистане и помогли продвинуть Международный Ислам, структуру для глобального терроризма. Этих животных, США и НАТО, выпустили на Россию, Кавказ с терактами, и по всем другим краям нашей страны. То что США кормили Талибов, под Клинтоном и Бушем, и что США и НАТО, выли бомбардировке, в начале 2001ого, не кто не хочет вспоминать.

Так же, никто не хочет вспоминать, как американские СМИ смеялись на Россией и обещали показать тупым русским как воевать в Афгани. А теперь они лезут к нам за помощью, за нашей кровью и нашим золотом.

Конечно, главной причиной не вступать в Афган, то что НАТО как и раньше осталось врагом России, военная организация, военный союз создан для ликвидации нашей страны и нашего народа. Как пытались разрубить Россию, так и пытаются. Как травило союзников России против Россию, так же натравляют. Ни чего не поменялось, кроме рожи и улыбки американской марионетки. Так что, зачем России кровить?

Ту помощь, которую мы давали американцам, они сразу же использовали против нас, вспомните, что они творили в Центральной Азии, с их цветными революциями.

Так что, не каплю русской крови и не копейки нашего клада. Они натворили этот беспорядок. Дайте им кровить за свою глупость.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Luzhkov, Drop the Stalin Fetish

For the upcoming 9 May, 65th anniversary of the end of the Great Ochestvenaya Voina (the Great Patriotic War or World War 2) there will be the customary hundreds, actually 2,000 to be exact, placards and billboards celebrating the great defeat of the Nazis, all over Moscow. However, unlike previous days, this year will have 10 billboards with Stalin’s image.

While there are only 10 images, that is 10 to many. If anyone had done more to make sure that millions of Soviet citizens would die needlessly and the country would come to the brink of death, it was Joseph Stalin.

Let us not forget, that it was Stalin who destroyed the Kulaks, or rather the most productive farmers of all Russia, causing wide spread famine, in his and the Soviet leadership’s misguided drive to control everything and industrialize that which should not be. This lead to the 1931 to 1933 famines, which killed millions from Ukraine through Russia and into Kazakhstan and Armenia.

He had Sergey Kirov murdered, on 1 Dec 1934, and used the murder of the 2nd face of the Soviet Union as an excuse to start massive purges of his contemporaries throughout the whole of the Soviet government, followed up by the mass murder of tens of thousands and the imprisonment of millions. Kirov, who was supposed to be Stalin’s best friend, was calm, kind and popular with the people, so much so that the 1934 Soviet voted 300 to 3 to replace Stalin with Kirov. The vote was secret and Stalin found out before the results were tallied, had them destroyed and new results giving himself a landslide. Thus was Kirov’s fate sealed and the excuse to purge the Soviet and many others, set. Well over half a million people were murdered by Stalin, in these purges. Several million more were sent to labour camps.

This period is called the Great Terror.

The NKVD Secret Operational Order n° 00447 ", of 30 July 1937, on the repression operations against ex-kulaks, criminals and other counter-revolutionary elements." This order specified the eradication once and for all, according to Nikolai Yezhov’s own words in the Preamble to Order n° 00447, of a broad range of "traditional" enemies of the regime: in particular, ex-kulaks returned after completing their sentences or after escaping deportation, recidivists, former members of non-Bolshevik parties, former czarist officials or gendarmes, anti-Soviet elements among White, Cossack or clerical groups, as well as sectarians or clergymen engaging in anti-Soviet activities (which means those not accepting state atheism). The order created quotas of individuals to be shot or sent to labor camp for ten years, amounting to a total of 76,000 "1st category elements" (death penalty) and 193,000 "2nd category elements" (ten years internment)

The Great Purge

The purges of the officer corps was the greatest crime, insuring that the Red Army would be in no shape to wage a prolonged and bitter conflict without paying for it in hundreds of thousands of dead. The Nazis, under Hitler, played an active role, creating false dossiers describing crimes and treasons that the named generals were never guilty of. Stalin’s paranoia fed on this and he destroyed all of these men, the brightest minds in the Red Army. The murderer and criminal Stalin did the most to destroy our ability to fight the Fascists.

Of the five Marshals of the Soviet Union, three were shot: Mikhail Tukhachevsky, Vasily Blyukher, and Aleksandr Yegorov. While Semyon Budyonny and Kliment Voroshilov survived, this was only a partial saving grace, since Voroshilov was a talentless hack who was promoted only by being a mindless tool for Stalin. Stalin did not stop there, murdered or suppressed by his orders were 13 of 15 Army Commanders, 8 of the top 9 admirals, 50 of the 57 Army Corps Commanders , 154 of the 186 divisional commanders, all 16 Army Commissars, and 25 of the 28 Army Corp Commissars.

No leader in any nation has ever been so fore warned that Stalin was aware of the very hour of the German attack. Stalin refused to believe it. Stalin, refused the requests of his generals to bring our military to readiness. Stalin’s refusal to see the day light beaming into his eyes led to the direct destruction of three soviet armies. Furthermore, Stalin, in the initial, critical first days, refused to allow the military to mount any major counter attacks, so as not to provoke Hitler, never mind the Germans were attacking on a broad front.

Stalin followed this with two weeks of depression, refusing to make decisions or form strategy. His mood only darkened and depression grew worse when he received news that the Germans had reached Minsk in 6 days. In the Soviet Union of 1941, after years of purges and mass murder, no one dared to make a decision and all awaited our so called “Man of Steel”, a depressed fool and mass murderer, who on this most wanting of hour, proved to be much less than our people needed or deserved.

It is only through great suffering, the death of 8 million soldiers and 20 million civilians, was our army able to destroy the Fascists, a sacrifice that was many tens of times exaggerated by the criminal actions of Stalin himself.

Finally, when those Red Army soldiers and officers, fresh with victory over the Nazis, returned home, they were faced with new purges and suppression by Stalin and his goons.

I am not bleeding heart Western liberal or NGO shill. I am an Orthodox Christians first, Russian Nationalist second and have absolutely no use or time for this new recreation of the Stalinist era, a man who ranks at the height of our list of national traitors and tyrants. The victory over the Nazis always belonged to the Soviet peoples not to the madman above them.

Stalin’s legend, as well as that of the other Soviet criminals and spillers of Russian blood, is well past the time for their destruction. It is time for these criminals and their crimes to be tried in the Russian courts, for all the evidence to be put forth. We can start with the murder of the Saint Martyr Tsar and move forward.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The EU Price of Greek Sovereignty, Will Revolution Follow?

Really folks, is anyone surprised? Greece is bankrupt, Greece is also an occupied vassal state, stripped, by unelected foreign bureaucrats of controls over her finances and thus over her. Do not be mistaken that this Greek financial disaster is causing real heart ache amongst the supre EUcrats, nah, this is exactly what they have been waiting for. Why? Because the Lisbon Treaty, passed without any input of any of the enslaved peoples, except for the Irish, provides just for this: for a bunch of uppity Brussels aristocratic bureaucrats and their EU elites ruling the member states as their personal estates.

Like a God send, the Greek crisis has given them an excuse to absolutely steal a member state's sovereignty absolutely and permanently. Or so it seems.

Never mind that the whole move is illegal by the very foundation of the EU: Article 125 states that the "Union shall not be liable for or assume the commitments of central governments . . . or public undertakings of any member state." Further, "a member state shall not be liable for or assume the commitments of central governments . . . of another member state". But, as we have seen, dear readers, so so many times, the Western elites are nothing if not absolute hypocrites and opportunists for their one real love: control over every human life in their sphere of power and thus more power.

So what has membership in the EU brought the Greeks? Well, many will say investment and that is true. What is also even more true was that this investment was meant to keep the people from revolting when the Euro zone's standard inflation destroyed the Greek tourist industry. As the Drachmar became history and the over valued Euro the new king, prices shot up and drove away the main Greek tourists: Russians, over to arch rival and still cheap vacation spot, Turkey.

The EU investements never made up for the destroyed tourist economy and Europeans never took the place of Russians. Unemployment soured.

Than came the usual, anti-Christian measures of the Eurocrats: homosexual parades and special rights, open immigration to tens of thousands of militant Islamics, not to mention being forced to take part in an illegal war of terror against their historic allies, the Serbs. In other words, the destruction of the Orthodox, Greek culture and the creation of the Novi Evropeits, the New European, a man without culture or identity, an unquestioning worker ant.

Greece has been rocked for over a year by Marxist riots, terrorist bombings, Albanian terror and Arab/Pakistani Islamic protest and harassment. The question now, will the Nationalists, the Church and the Military tolerate becoming a colony of the latest incarnation of the Ottomans, this time with the capital in Brussels and a soul split between atheism and Islam.

Will the NCM block continue to sit by as Greece, two hundred years after winning its independence from tyranny is led, by the Socialists and Elites, back into bondage? Or will they take the powerful move and over throw the inept local government and the tyrannical Eurocrats out on their ear and lead Greece away from bondage of the EU?

2010 is proving to be an interesting year, already.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Russia Uses the Olympics to Bind Ties with Greece

What better than to use the Olympics than to pull back ancient allies into the Russian/Orthodox sphere?

President Medvedev invited Greece to participate in the construction of the Olympic grounds in Sochi, Russia. This is in addition to efforts to organize joint cruise ship lines across the Black Sea, to bring fans to the games, from SE Europe.

This will not only provide work for the hard pressed Greek population and thus badly needed income, but will bring our two peoples closer together. This is a very smart move, utilizing such occasions to pull our traditional allies away from the EU/NATO fog cloud and back into the sphere of Russia. Furthermore, the Goldman Sachs World Depression has shown our former Balkan allies that they are still viewed as second rate peoples by the West and has worked to bring them closer to Russia.

Russia's greatest strength in the area is not military or even economic, but our joint Orthodox faith, culture and shared history. This is something that the West is hard pressed to over come, however many of the local elites they buy out.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Of Ukrainian Elections and Western Hypocrisy

The elections are in and the Western fascist barbie, Yulia Tymoshenko will simply not accept it. She lost by over a million votes, but hay, those had to be fraud, after all, its not like Yulia's goons controlled the publishing company and had to be ordered out by the Supreme Court, oh wait, it was.

That this friend and ally of the US sponsored Una-Unso (Ukrainian Nazi party) and her former partner in crime, Victor Yushenko, who on his way out gave status of Hero of Ukraine, to a mass murderer and Hitler ally Bendaro, would not accept the people's will, is not surprise. It was the much maligned, by the Western press, Victor Yanukovich who had to remind Yulia that: "I want to remind Ms Tymoshenko that the basis of democracy is the will of the people. Democratic leaders always accept the results of the elections. The country does not need a new crisis," he said.

But, this should be expected from Tymoshenko, even when the election committee and the foreign observers all declared the elections free and fair. "Yesterday's vote was an impressive display of democratic elections. For everyone in Ukraine, this election was a victory," said Joao Soares, the team co-coordinator from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. What the real hypocrisy is is the absolute silence of the so called democracies of the West.

Where are these champions of democracies now, that their sock puppet has lost? Where? Silent, silently, hypocritically praying to whatever demon they worship, that some how Tymoshenko pulls it off. Their double standards are on full display for the world to see, yet again. Be it the Americans who with their controlled media and One Party Two Branch system have crushed any real voices of change or the British who, following in the American tracks have become the world's leaders in police statism or the Irish and the EU in general with their EU Constitution/Lisbon Treaty fiasco in so called managed democracy: vote till you get it "right".

That Tymoshenko would rather rip Ukraine asunder and bleed her own people dry to remain in power, is beyond doubt. That the West will happily assist her, should also be taken at face value.

Ukraine prepare.

Now This Is Private Property Laws

This just in, Russia property rights, alive and well, even if the thieves are not.

One Mr. Skopintsev, a 73 year old retiree in the Primorye region of Russia, was plagued by thieves, stealing his potatoes and other vegatables. So, what is a lonely and victimized farmer to do? Why build 3 homemade, trip wire activated land mines, in his garage. Needless to say, the thief got a surprise of his life, the next time he came to rob this poor man of produce.

Of course the police cam and the farmer was arrested. After a full jury trial, the man was found guilty: guilty manufacturing land mines, not of defending his home and garden with deadly force. Furthermore, the 2.5 year prison sentence was suspended.

Now that is property rights.

Compare that to marry ole England, land of Freedom...or so their Ministry of Lies and Propaganda, the BBC, will let you know: an old couple on a farm, tired of being robbed, put up razor wire on a fence around their property. The local council and sheriff decreed that they had to take it down: a thief may be injured.

And God forbid you use excessive force in protecting your family who is being held at knife point during a home invasion robbery, why the self righteous and body guard protected hypocrites of the ruling Marxist regime of the UK will slap you down and send you to prison, not the thieves, the victims who fought back.

So who is free and reasonable and who is the police state tyranny, again?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Saint Olga, the First Russian Saint

Saint Olga, the first Russian saint represents many aspects of Russian culture in general and of our women in particular.

As a young maiden, one of astonishing beauty, she married the grandson of Grand Prince Rurik, Igor I. Igor became ruler of Kieven Rus after his father's (Oleg's) death. Brave in battle, Igor conquered the neighboring tribal kingdom of the Derevlians, extracting a heavy tribute. Igor's greed got the best of him and he apparently returned alone to seek out the Derevlian's hidden treasure. He was caught and murdered, being tide to two bent trees and ripped apart. His remains were buried near the Derevlian city.

On hearing the news, Olga was in great mourning for her husband. She was also regent of Rus, as her son, Svetaslav, was to young to rule. Her heart burned for revenge.

As was customary at the time, the Derevlians sent a party of men, in a boat, demanding that Olga marry their prince Mal. At this point, the Russian craftiness comes into play, as well as the rage of a widowed Russian wife. Growing up in a tough neighborhood of warring tribes, invading nomads and raiding Norseman, Olga made her many phased revenge so blunt and potent that few dared again trifle with this iron princess.

The Derevlian emissaries insisted that they should be carried in their boat to be presented to Princess Olga. Olga received these arrogant men, who were paraded past her and without stopping, and to the men's own shock, were dumped into a deep trench, boat and all. At this point Olga had them buried alive.

Part two: Olga sent emissaries to the Derevlian city asking that the nobles and elders should come for her, if they wanted her to leave Kiev. Such were sent and presented themselves. Olga stated that the men were to uncouth and dirty to be presented to a princess and ordered them bathed. They entered the bath house, only to find themselves locked in and the building burnt around their ears.

Part three: Olga sent more emissaries stating that she was coming with ther retinue and all others would follow shortly. She asked that a great feast be set up, but first she wished to mourn her husband.

At her husband's grave, her retinue built a great mourn. After this laboured task, they submissively began to serve the huge Dervlian crowd at the feast. After the Derevlians were good and drunk, Olga's men fell upon them with swords and slayed some five thousand. The rest, the majority, fled into their city and watched as Olga's army arrived to surround their walls.

The Derevlians pleaded for peace, offering any tribute. Olga asked for only three pigeons from each house. That night, her soldiers tied strips of burning cloth to the birds' legs and let them loose. The pigeons returned to their roosts, burned the city down. survivors were rounded up as slave.

Olga's vengeance were excessive, though very creative and sparred the lives of her own men. Two things must be remembered: Rus was always in a rough neighborhood and this insured that no one would mess with Olga for the rest of her regency and two, as a pagan, she did not yet know the moderation of Christ.

In the summer of 955 AD, Olga came to Tsargrad (Constantinople), the city where she found Christ. She spent a long time in the Imperial court, conquering it with her charm, beauty, wit and intelligence. She so charmed the Emperor that he decided to make her his wife. First Olga had to be baptized and she did this willingly, as she had found Christ and loved Him.

She was baptized by the Patriarch Polyeutus adn the Emperor Constantine the Bagryanorodni became her God father, saying unto her "Blessed art thou amongst Russian women because you have left darkness and loved the Light. You will be revered by all future Russian generations." After this, in answer to the Emperor's request of marriage, Saint Olga answered "art not you now my father? Thus this is prohibited in the Christian Faith".

The Emperor's only recorded response was "You have out witted me". He heaped gold and treasures upon Olga, who shortly returned to Rus to raise churches and spread the Faith.

The first of her works was the construction of Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kiev. In Pskov, she built a church that became the first building of that city's kremlin. She built it on the site of where she saw a beam of heavenly light hit the ground and s;oit into three, thus marking the Church of the Holy Trinity.

Olga's greatest failure was her inability to bring her son Svyatoslav to Christ, he was the last pagan ruler of Rus. Her greatest success was her ability to influence in life and after death, the faith of her grandson, Saint Prince Vladimir, the Christianizer, who baptized Russia to Christ and the Orthodox Church.

Saint Olga spent her remaining days feeding and clothing the poor, providing for the destitute, orphans and widows and fulfilling the Will of God.

She fell asleep in the Lord in 969. Her body did not decay and was kept in the Desgatinnaia Cathedral, until the Mongols destroyed Kiev and her remains disappeared from history.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Paulson and the US Collapse, Lets Blame It On Russia, We Do Everything Else

It's good to see that US officials and former officials continue acting to par, God forbid they actually shock us and change their stripes. The latest tripe out of the mouths of the mega corrupted and their hand picked puppets is Henry Paulson's tripe about Russia trying to collapse the US economic bubble and that being the reason that the US is now down on its luck.

And why not? After all, Russia only had some $450 BILLION invested in the US and that is not counting the various steel plants and other assets owned by Russian companies. Why not just throw away all that money, surely it could never be the fact that the US, government and people and corporations, are debt drunk and indentured fools who can not live within their means and spend and continue to spend like maniacs. It is almost like an alcoholic in his final stages of death, knowing its all over, why the hell not just drink like crazy, the liver is done anyways? Or a man dieing from lung cancer who just keeps chain smoking, not going to make any difference at this point anyways.

But Henry Paulson is an egotist and a former top official who obviously 1. does not want to be seen as the fool and boob that he is and 2. go to jail or worse get lynched by angry mobs. So, he does what any failed US government or business hack does, who can try and get away with it: he blames it on Russia. Russia, the evil tyrant, the ones who have a spy under every bed, an assassin with a uranium filled syringe, in every closet and a banker with a nuclear money bomb at every stock market.

This is no different from the usual: blame Russia for Georgia's aggression, committed by a maniac US puppet. Blame Russia for a hyper armed Middle East, while the US hands out $12 billion in weapons to the Middle East, most of it to Islamics, each and every year. Blame Russia for Syria, while the US pays Syria to run black ops prisons and torture captives the US delivers. Blame Russia for Hamas and the PLO while the US saves the PLO from Israeli-Lebanese Christian extermination and then legitimizes them and arms them. Blame Russia for Serbia, while the US arms Islamic fanatics and wages a terror war of genocide on Orthodox Christian Serbs. Why not?

So now, while US banks and their lap dog English fellow sociopaths, were conning and robbing the world blind, till it all collapsed, lets now blame Russia for this to.

Of course, the US media is more than happy to join in and head lines are a buzz. Just to do a google search for the English versions. "Russia's risky roulette" declares the New York Post.

"Russia tried to talk China into waging financial war on the US in 2008, as the country was mired in a mortgage crisis. According to a forthcoming book by former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, Russian leaders wanted the Chinese government to dump billions of dollars worth of bonds tied to ailing mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac." They state this as a fact. Why not, its not like they will ever be called out on the lies.

"Paulson Says Russia Urged China to Dump Fannie, Freddie Bonds" declares Bloomberg via BusinessWeek. "The Russians made a “top-level approach” to the Chinese “that together they might sell big chunks of their GSE holdings to force the U.S. to use its emergency authorities to prop up these companies,” Paulson said, referring to the acronym for government sponsored entities. The Chinese declined, he said."

Of course, what Paulson and everyone else avoids answering is the simple question of: Why? What would Russia gain from loosing its invested funds? Secondly, at this point, the US would have done just what it did anyways, which is nationalize the two companies, which it was propping up anyways. Conspiracy is much easier to deal with than to answer for three decades of failed American social engineering financed with the savings and futures of much of the world.

The only proof they have is that Russia sold off its $65 billion in Fannie and Freddie in 2008. Oh my, you mean that our government had the brains not to ride the crashing plane to the bottom but decided to jump out with a parachute. Why not blame every other investor, who sold, for this also. My bet is, if Mr. Paulson owned any of that stock, he was out of it long before mid 2008. Furthermore, $65 billion is a drop in the trillions of debt that those two organizations hold.

In conclusion, it's business as usual in DC, London, NYC....rob, steal and bomb with impunity and if the floor falls out...just blame the Russians.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Tymoshenko, Ready To Plunge Ukraine Into Civil War

The American media is already declaring Ukrainian "democracy" dead. Why? Because the people have decided they have had enough of that "democracy": of the infighting of the Western puppets and thieves, installed with massive US/EU funds, destruction of the economy, and slaving to the NATO/US/EU complex. Those people dared to voice their opinion putting Victor Yanukovich in first place in the initial elections and giving him a projected 15% lead over the fascist puppet of the West: Yulia Timoshenko.

The Neocon voice of the Wall Street Journal declared that "Ukraine Needs the West's Support"! I believe after 6 years of that support, Ukraine is more than ready to show the West the finger and already has. Not that their opinion matters. After all, the Wall Street Journal has declared that by making this vote, Ukrainians have turned away from Freedom...after all, the West is the author of freedom, as long as you choose one of the offered parties and do what you are told.

"This is a minor miracle. Twenty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, a new divide sunders Europe. On one side are free nations safely behind the walls of the West's elite clubs, the European Union and NATO, or about to hop over. To the east, from Belarus to the Caucasus and Central Asia, stretches an authoritarian wilderness." Declares the WSJ. Ahh, yes, if we are not a war mongering, absolutely corrupt "democracy" which cares more about Third Worlders than its own citizens, while stealing trillions of its people's present and future monies to give to the top .1%, than we are barbarians living in the wilderness.

"It remains strategically critical. A stable, prosperous and free Ukraine ensures Russia can't rebuild its regional empire; it'd also be a teachable counterexample to the deadening hand of Putinism for their Slavic cousins up north. The press is free and diverse and political parties vibrant. At all times of the year, protestors hurl abuse at their ministers or parliamentarians along Kiev's central Hrushevsky Street. Try to find such scenes on Red Square. Russian oligarchic elites who handpick their leaders hate the Ukrainian, and across the Black Sea the Georgian, experiments with free elections for good reason."

Besides stating so well that the US drive is purely anti-Russian, thank you WSJ for admitting the truth that you and those you support are our absolute enemies. As for the rest, lets see, in the US there is One Party with Two Branches that crushes any other party and a mass media owned by the owners of that One Party that does everything to destroy any politician who is not bought and paid for. In England, there is little difference either between Labour, New Labour and the so called Menshevik Tories. In Russia we have a lot more viable parties and a vote turn out of over 70%, well over 3 times of the average US election.

As for demonstrations, the scenes of US police beating protesters and tear gassing them in Seattle, Washington and other places says everything that needs to be said about the so called "Free" West. And the "free" elections in Georgia is even better, where the dictator holds over 90% of the parliment and regularly beats and tear gasses his opposition, while arresting and murdering their leadership...but he is a New York lawyer, so what is one to expect?

This while the US/EU out going puppet declares Bondera, a Nazi puppet and mass murderer of Jews, Russians, Poles and others, as a national hero.

Now the upcoming loser and still Western glamour girl, who is about to be trolloped royally, has declared that Yanukovich, who is clearly leading to win, is preparing to seize power by force. Now, madame allied to the Nazis, such as American funded Una-Unso, why would he need that? Besides, with her billions of stolen gas money, she does not need to work, but power still calls.

To that end, this "hero" of the people, who feels their pain, while counting the billions she stole in gas that was supposed to warm them, is prepared to do anything she can and so well stated in an AFP hit piece ("Ukraine's Tymoshenko accuses rival") "As in 2004, we are going to put (Yanukovich) in his place in a severe manner and he will never get power in Ukraine, whatever the circumstances," said Tymoshenko, who was one of the leaders of the Orange Revolution." God forbid, anyone actually checks up on these accusations. After all, Tymoshenko sent her goons to remove the director of a printing company which is printing the ballots for the 2nd round. Only swift action by the Supreme Court and the Rada (parliament) forced her to back down before they could print "pre-marked" ballots.

So, we can look forward to the West trying an out and out revolution, except this one will be brown, as are the true colours of this Nazi and her fascist Marxist backers in the West and will be high lighted in red, the blood of thousands of dead civilians who will suffer once more for the West's insatiable greed for our Russian (and yes Ukraine is the heart of Rus) lands and souls.