Sunday, June 28, 2009

Why Do Nations Fight Wars

It can be said, with absolute certainty, that never in the history of humanity has a nation gone to war to bring a better standard of living to its enemies. However, that is exactly the context in which the West now sells its endless and countless wars. It sells this to three audiences: home front, the enemy and foreign neutrals/allies. The words the West, specifically, the Anglo-West uses are coached in terms of human rights, prosperity and freedom, though the results of those wars, both for the attacked victims (the West has not been directly attacked for 50 years by any military power, with the exception of Argentina) and the people on the home front, have proven far from it. Simply put, nations go to war to improve their own wealth and power, or at the very least to improve the wealth and power of the rulers.

On the home front, the public is brainwashed to see everything in absolute black and white, good guy, bad guy. Of course that their own nations will be the ones striking first, destroying the lives of millions and occupying the lands of the fallen, stripping them of resources and implementing puppet regimes, is to be ignored and seen as the acts of the self-righteous, or rather "righteous" Western "democracies" coming to save the poor and run down from themselves. In the mean time, the war costs in debt, inflation and loss of rights and freedoms and the sacrifices of blood go beyond any benefits perceived or real.

To the enemy, the West sells these ideas in order to create a fifth column, who will eagerly assist in the defeat of their own nations. Now some governments absolutely should be over thrown and destroyed, the Soviets for example, but it can only be done, if it is really to benefit the people, by those oppressed peoples. It is a far cry from supporting a local revolution and civil war and invading. One is by the oppressed peoples and the other is to oppress the people, just by a different set of smiling sociopaths declared a righteous war, a mission accomplished or a war we can not afford to loose. When Carthage and Rome fought, Carthage, there was no doubt in Carthage that Rome deserved to rule, it did not and it was a ludicrous idea. The fight was to the end, the bitter end and to the defeated when destruction at worst and slavery at best.

To the neutrals and allies it is to share the burden and the sacrifice, the cost, while the benefits are kept only to those launching the oppression.

Look at Iraq. Was Saddam a bastard? Of course he was, but to say, 6 years later, that the people, those still alive or not in exile, are better off than under him, is equally ludicrous. The nation is destroyed, infrastructure cratered, violence of the mass scale a daily, some times, hourly event. The wealth of the nation sucked out to the victors and their puppets.

In truth, the war was all about that wealth, even though it was coached in words of human rights and self defense. The fact alone, that little to no thought went into the post war period demonstrates this. Additional facts, such as the lack of the WMD and their facilities, the issue of Saddam, two months earlier, negotiating the Food For Oil Program into Euros from Dollars, equally lends credence to this.

From today's vantage point, even the Cold War is easily seen to be the farce it always was. This is not meant in any way as a defense of the Soviet Institution or the murderous dictator Stalin, however, the confrontation, that lasted from 1948 to 1991 and cost hundreds of thousands of lives, was in itself a farce by the West. The Anglo-West claimed that it was defending democracy and capitalism from the Soviet Threat, but with the exceptions of Eisenhower, Reagan and Thatcher, the Anglo-West has been on a programmed and well run decent into that very Marxism that is now accelerating towards its final lap to victory. It would seem that the Anglo elites were not so much worried about Marxism as to loosing power to others on their way there. Now they still get their Marxism, which enthrones them as the ruler elite and they get to enjoy it also.

NATO was organized in 1949 and the Soviet response to the "defense" block of military powers, did not take form until 1955. If NATO had been truly defensive, it would have come after a Soviet military organization, not predating it by 6 years. Further, upon its formation, Stalin actually asked to join it but was refuted. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, there was no lifting of human suffering but instead a decent into a new abyss for 8 years, as the West, upholding my original point, raped and plundered the assets of Russia, utilizing a alcoholic and near mindless Yeltsin and local thieves to carry out this rape. Not until Putin and now Medvedev came to power to defend and rebuild Russia was there any hope of anything but more suffering in the future. Of course they were instantly branded as anti-human rights enemies of the West and the western peoples again asked to sacrifice even more of their blood and wealth to fight this new "menace".

Now, less than 20 years after the demise of the Warsaw Pact and the Soviet Union, the leaders of NATO, the Anglo nations, daily come to resemble the enemy they spent hundreds of billions against. The same elites are in power, of course, be it directly on the thrones or in the shadows holding the coat tails.

Yet their people, fed on propaganda, never stop to ask: why did they sacrifice in the Cold War, when they are now moving willing down the same road to the same end results as those they supposedly fought against?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Newspeak: Climate Change

Why do the International Greens (Watermelons) claim Climate Change, instead of the tired and worn Global Warming? Because, technically speaking, to the very direct essence of the words they speak, the Watermelons are correct: Climate Change is happening and right before our very eyes.

Of course, what is not being said, nor implied, is that Climate Change will happen regardless of what humanity does or does not do or whether or not there actually was a humanity. Climate Change has happened every single day for the past 3 billion years that the Earth has had an atmosphere and tectonic activity and will continue to happen each and every day until the Earth is nothing more than a burnt out ball of rock, circling a red giant star.

By changing the terminology to Climate Change, from Global Warming, two things happen. First, it releases the Watermelons from direct accountability for their earlier fear mongering predictions that have simply not panned out in the least. Hell, its a record snow fall in central Australia and according to the likes of Al Gore, kangaroos should be spontaneously combusting, even as you read this. Mmm, deep fried big gray tale...pure red meat. This change also allows the Watermelons to blanket statement any and all variations of the global climate as "proof" of their unscientific stance.

They have prepared themselves to absorb the growing evidence of Global Cooling, pulling it equally into their crusade, as it was previously their crown jewel, in the 1960s.

However, one must never underestimate the caustic linkage that has been established between Global Warming and Climate Change, in the Psyche of the Western masses. It is much the same as the false linkage of 911 and Saddam Hussein by Bush the Junior and his minions.

The International Greens know full well that in the general human psyche, this linkage will endure and with such strength as to drive the masses into making irrational decisions harmful to their own well being and prosperity, all in a pursuit of a mirage of a holy grail.

Do not mistake the International Greens (Watermelons) for their fibrous cousins that grow on vines. They are neither as sweet, nor healthy, but are much more devious and destructive and most of the Western masses are seeds in their hands.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Texas Independence Moving Forward

Dear readers, I first spoke on this topic about 3 months ago, during a series of American protests that erupted across America and that the American compliant and owned press ignored, and they tell us in Russia we have no free press? Hypocrites.
Is Independence the Future of Texas?

Since then I have had the good fortune to speak to several Texas x-pats in Russia and to correspond on the internet with several Texans. One notices first and foremost that there is much anger under the skin, boiling anger at their federal government. While most do not believe that their governor Perry was doing anything but trolling for votes in a hard reelection that is upcoming, it makes one wonder what it means in the Texas society if the path to reelection is through talk of succession. What the good governor may not realize is that such issues, which are already building or have built under the surface, given an outlet, will take on a life of their own. Like a breaking damn, public opinion can and will switch quickly given the proper circumstance and the force that follows will sweep all ahead.

One corespondent turned me on to a poll by a socialist blog called Daily Kos, on a side note, judging from the comments by the readers of this socialist site, they see Texas as little more than intelligent apes and would be happy without Texas. The poll demonstrates that 48% of Republicans, 40% of Independents and 15% of Democrats in Texas want a Republic of Texas, over all that is 35%. So from my earlier article, just 3 months prior, the rate of pro-independence voices has risen from 18% or so to some 35%! That is almost a doubling. The Texas Nationalist Movement, a pro-independence party, claims 250,000 members. Daniel Miller, the leader of the TNM was quoted as stating: The right of secession precedes from the constitution -- the United States was born out of secession."

Thus, with 1 in 3 citizens of Texas pro independence, a move to 2 in 3 is only a crisis away and with the americans continuing to sink and their dollar continuing to turn to trash, that crisis is already under way.

The crisis is happening in Yekaterinburg, Russia. It is in the form of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization meeting between Russia, China and six other SCO members. The US request to attend was denied. The jist of this meeting is to work out plans to de-dollarize the trade between the member states. If only core members participate, that is trade between Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan will ditch the dollar. To make things worse for the dollar, if junior members, who have not fully joined, join in this position, then India, Iran, Pakistan, and Mongolia would also ditch the dollar.

While over all this would not kill the dollar, in its weakened state, with a half of humanity ditching it for internal trade, it will hurt it quite a bit. It is my prediction that the value of the dollar could fall up to 30-50% over night, or just about so. In a country that imports most of its daily needs in everything, that would easily raise prices 15-25%, a massive burden on a population already suffering from jobs disappearing in the three to five hundred thousands per month, shrinking incomes and increasing tax burdens. Unlike Zimbabwe, I believe the locals, at least in Texas, will enter rebellion.

It is rather ironic, that the city of Yekaterinburg, formerly known as Sverdlovsk, after Yakov Sverdlov, who carried out the murder of the Tsar, the city where the Wall Street funded Marxists murdered Russia's Empire, will also be the place where the US Empire will come to a screeching halt.

As to the final trigger, more than likely the pro-independence groups will launch protests, such as on the US day of independence. If the federal government uses hard tactics to disperse or control the crowds, it will more than likely be the catalyst for a state wide rebellion, especially if there are casualties. Judging from the hubris in DC, this is almost a given to happen.

The questions than become: 1. how hard and blood thirsty will the US fight to keep Texas and 2. how will the rest of the South accept this and will they follow Texas into rebellion?

In both issues, only time can tell and frankly, it is this writers opinion that there is not much time left.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

America Walks the Road of Collectivism

Dear reader, let us first and foremost establish a known fact as our guiding principle: the Principle of American Extremes.

Simply put, in the American culture and government, any law passed and program enacted will be taken to the absolute extreme. Note, I do not say logical extremes but absolute extreme, beyond any measure of logic or hint of common sense or wisdom.

Last week, an interesting story broke in the major UK paper called the Independent. The article described the new American initiative, started on a small scale but now championed by president Obama and taken to the whole of America: shrinkage of cities. How will cities shrink? Why through force of government and the demolition work, how else?

Our story begins in Flint, province of Michigan and formerly home to 200,000 people back in the 1960s. This suburb of Detroit, a satellite industrial small city, located only 90km from Detroit, has been shrinking along with its parent. The city's population is now approximately 115,000 people, or just about 60%. Obviously there are a lot of empty places in Flint, as well as Detroit and other cities, as American ideologues pushed the Marxist plank of Free Trade and destroyed the middle class that used to live there. This serves as the prime example of why Russia took the way of protectionism in the late 1990s and 2000s and grew its middle class, tripling the average income, but I digress. Back to Flint.

In Flint, over 1,100 homes have been destroyed and the government, through Imminent Domain, has "purchased" 3,000 more, slated for the same end. Why I state "purchased" is because in America, the government has a right to snatch property from its owners and pay them a "fair market" price, that is, one that the bureaucrats set themselves as fair. What plans the owner had of these "blighted" areas is not taken into account. The Soviet Union had laws like that, well actually, since the Soviets owned the land they did as they pleased with the buildings and private property on it, for the betterment of the State of course. Russia now has laws, though far from always enforced, to protect private property, which also can not be taxed, only the buildings built upon that private land can be taxed, never the land. Again, I digress. Back to Flint and as such, Dan Kildee, treasurer of Genesee County (where Flint is located) has decided that for Flint to survive, it must shed, that is destroy, 40% of its buildings...controlled shrinkage.

This plan has now caught the attention of the federal government, and specifically president Obama. After further study by what are termed "think tanks" which supposably think through problems but actually seem to be little more than sophisticated and slick propaganda machines, whose views are purchased, fifty American cities, primarily in the old industrialized northern regions, are now slated for shrinkage.

The most radical will be Detroit which will be turned into five small towns and all the area between destroyed and returned to forest. Detroit, known as Motor City, was the American capital of the now government owned auto industry. At its height, the city boosted over 2 million residents but is now a run down ghetto of less than 700,000 people, with a huge Islamic population. The community centers around which the new mini-Detroits will be built, will be even more ghettonized than the present day city. These will not be quient German villages or towns, but Soviet style barracks cities, built to service a specific plant or factory. Rows upon rows of sterile apartment buildings for the working serfs, is what I predict. Visit places like Konotop, for an example. Maybe this is how the new Government Motors will survive competition with competent foreigners? I am sure an atheist Culture Center or Palace of Culture will stand in the middle of each.

Other targeted cities, according to Brookings Institution, are Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Memphis.

The Digital Journal was even quoted as toting one of the benefits of destruction: "In a curious benefit to the environment, dozens of American cities are slated for shrinkage planning in the face of the deep recession and urban flight. Entire neighborhoods could face bulldozers."

Two things can be deemed from this:

One, this is an out and out admittance that the US is done and those industrial zones will never return and the empty factories will never be filled, thus the city infrastructure that supported them and was built around them is no longer needed.

Two, this is the first massive steps to full Marxist collectivism and the production of an almost free labour pool for huge government building projects.

As tens of thousands of Americans, daily, loose their houses and join the ranks of the homeless and Bernankivilles spring up all over (and these tent cities are now a fixture of Japan too) housing stock is being destroyed. Thank Christ, Russian never suffered from this particular blight during the Depression of the 90s. Soon, following our initial established fact of American extremism, this homeless labour will be used to construct the barracks/mass housing ghettos of the new Obama cities, as well as provide almost free labor for other great projects of the people.

Why hold a gun to the peoples' heads and force them to work and to often die on ill conceived massive government projects? This was a model of Soviet inefficiency and bred rebellion to be suppressed by expensive and resource consuming terror.The American model is much more progressive and has learned from the mistakes of their Soviet proxies. It is much more efficient to absolutely impoverish a population until tent cities look and feel like a norm and than give them a "God" send of these national projects with extremely low pay and dangerous working conditions. They will flock to it, sacrificing life and their limbs with not a protest, considering themselves lucky to have any pay at all. Thus are willing slaves made.

Mistake this not, this shrinkage plan and its actions are absolutely nothing short of the initial steps of Marxists collectivism, which has only one conclusion: absolute control of the masses and liquidation of private property rights. All this is done with a smiling face and encouragements that this is critical for your survival and your childrens' futures. Well, it will be a smiling face at first, followed by a sharp bayonet, later.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Пора Послать Ленина Домой

Во время Великой Смуты, русский народ направил пушку в сторону Польши и послал кости Русского предателя, польского агента и претендера на российский трон: первого Лже Дмитрия обратно к его мастером. Этим действием, русский народ показал Западу, что западная власть не будет принята в России.

Прошло четыреста лет, и в сердце Святой России, на Красной Площади, стоит маленькая пирамида со своей мумией. Владимир Ильич Ленин: мастер советской революции, «отец» Советского Союза, насильник Святой России, враг Бога, друг черта, агент Запада, убийца Царя, предатель Родины. Все знают, что Ленин вернулся в Россию, посреди войны, с пятидесятью миллионами немецких марок, подарком от Кайзера. Но настоящая, долгосрочная финансовая поддержка пошла от Волстрит и Лондона, от западных мега банков. Да, англо-капитализм принес нашему народу «прелесть» марксизма и миллионы жертв, для народной утопии, которая наоборот превратилась в рабство и Ад.

Некоторыё из англо-олигархов были социалистами, но большинство поддержало Советчиков по двум причинам: эксплуатация русских ресурсов, чего Царь не допускал иностранцам; и уничтожение русского конкурента, и так создание американского столетия. То что это стоило нашему народу до 30 миллионов жертв, лучше было англо-олигархам. Им не было важно, что солдаты их стран умирали против Красной Армии, так же, как им не было важно, то что, тридцать лет спустя умирали против фашистов, которые так же были созданы на англо деньгах.

Так что, время вытащить, за ноги, эту проклятую мумию, сжечь её, отвезти в далекую Камчатку и пушкой, послать этого предателя обратно к его мастерам.

Friday, June 12, 2009

World Wide Threats to Oil

While the world seems awash in oil, with a daily production of some 78.9 million barrels, and oil in every imaginable container waiting for consumption and the great oil rally stalled out in the upper $60s, there are several very vicious hot spots that could and will drive up oil prices by threatening supply. Lets review.

Mexico is both a major producer of oil and sits on a major route for oil importation into the US. Mexico is also in the middle of an escalating and multi-layered civil war. The two top cartels (mafias) have more than enough foot soldiers to openly challenge Mexico's military and the weapons to do it with. There are dozens of smaller cartels, hundreds of gangs and the Zepotista uprising to boot, as well as the millions of returning Mexican poor, no longer employed in the USA.

Add to all of this, a rapid collapse in the Mexican surface based oil exploitations due to deposit depletion and the equivalent fall in revenues and you start to get the picture. In 2008, Mexico's dry earth oil production volumes collapsed 20%, after a 10% collapse in 2007. So even without a civil war, oil production is plummeting.

True, Gulf production is increasing, but a full blown civil war and anarchy will lead to major production problems, for all of the Gulf of Mexico. As has been seen in the Red Sea, a few hundred illiterates with modern weapons, on speed boats, can seriously endanger a critical world trade route. Unlike freighters, the oil platforms can not run from raisers and it will further hazard oil deliveries to the US port of Houston, as well as coastal refineries and villages, which are very vulnerable to such attacks.

All in all, just Mexican oil hazards run at 3.1 million barrels per day and an additional 1.6 million barrels per day of US production could be endangered.

With a production of 2.4 million barrels per day, Venezuela is also facing major economic and border issues that could easily disrupt at least part of the flow.

Since taking power, Chavez has watched oil production fall off by more than 25% from 3.2 million barrels per day, as he spent the monies marked for repairs, upgrades and exploration. His various social programs, arms build ups and the falling cost of crude, have driven profits to the breaking point. Venezuela is further in arrears of $5 billion to oil services companies, parts manufacturers and contractors, the lack of which will further degrade production.

Though the threat of US invasion is near zero, with a fellow Marxist in US power, the bristling border war with Columbia is something else. Both nations, as well as neighboring giant Brazil, are on a weapons buying spread from Russia. With both sides their clients, there is at least some chance that Russia will be able to contain the conflict, but it will continue to be a drain on Chavez's funds. As funds dry up and programs are cut, civil unrest may erupt up and out and also further disrupt production.

UK (North Sea)
To put simply, the North Sea fields are failing. Since their peak in 1999, production has fallen by 50% to around 1.6 million barrels a day and the UK, in 2006 and with little fan fare, transformed from a net exporter to a net importer of oil. If we take a straight line regression, than in another 7 or 8 years, the North Sea will be producing next to nothing. Further, that would be a drop of around 220,000 barrels per day per year.

The maintenance of the North Sea fields is now strictly running on an upward curve of diminishing returns for increased investment. Any future British recovery will be strictly as an importer nation.

With a rate of production of 3.6 million barrels per day and growing, Nigeria faces serious internal issue that may tear the nation apart. First and foremost amongst these is the split between a radicalized Islamic north and a Christian south. However, this is not directly threatening oil production. More dangerous is the uprising in the South's river deltas, where the locals, whose land is used for production and transport, see precious little if any of the profit. Kidnappings of foreigners and bombings of pipelines have escalated it no full battles between security forces and rebels, in May 2009, causing a 50% drop of production, down to 1.6 million barrels. The rest is also threatened.

While this barely registered on the world stage, at this point, combined with other issues, this could have a major contributing effect to shortages.

Sudan, while not a major producer, does pump almost half a million barrels per day. This in turn is one of the major sources of income for the impoverished country. Of course, most of that land used to belong to the soutehrn Christians, who were forced off by the Muslim Arabs, after a 20 year bloody civil war. The peace that followed is now quickly unravelling.

Azerbaijan-Georgia-Turkey Pipeline (BTC pipeline)
The one million barrel per day oil pipeline, passing through Georgia, is under threat once more. No, Russia is not preparing to invade America's puppet dictator, though that is never off of the table, all things considered.

Instead, the threat comes form the south, from Armenia. The Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict over Nagorni Karabach is reviving back up, threatening to explode into a fresh war. As such, the first thing that Armenia would do is cut the lifeline of the Azerbaijani regime, by striking the Georgian pipeline running through southern provinces of Georgia, dominated by Armenians. Georgia's defeated and humiliated military would be hard pressed to restore control in those regions.

Further, there is an upswing of Kurdish resistance in Turkey, especially along the pipeline's course. In 2008, the PKK blew up the pipeline and the threat of a repeat performance ha snot diminished.

North Korea
While producing no oil, NK sits near and on the key routes of oil and gas delivery from Russia to Japan, Taiwan, S.Korea, Philippines and China itself. Any war and the refugees that follow will have a determined effect on oil/gas deliveries. At least 500,000 barrels a day would be affected.

Thus, at present, under various threats are 12.9 million barrels per day or 16.3% of the world supply. Further, this does not even supposition a War with Iran by Israel and the US, terrorist attacks against Saudi oil facilities, a revolt in the UAE by Sunnies, a re escalation of the Iraqi civil war or the increased tariffs on US domestic drilling, all of which will have a further massive disruption of the world's daily output.

Even at 16%, oil would quickly scale upward as all those reserves around the world would start to run dry within 3-4 weeks and prices would sky rocket, crashing any chances of recovery.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Green, The New Name of Totalitarianism

As record cold strikes the world, from freezing temperatures and snow, in late May, covering central North America, to snow storms in May in Yekaterinburg and other areas of western Siberia (and no, unlike what most people think, that is not normal) to record cold temperatures in Australia and New Zealand, the Global Warming ruckus is being proven by nature to be nothing but lies. When it is said, record cold temperatures in Australia, that means, since colonization, thus some 200 years. This when by the standards of the Green screech, all life should have self combusted in the Australian wilderness, yet snow covers the ground.

The list of records goes on and on, from once in a hundred year snow falls in Saudi Arabia and Jordon, falling twice in a row now, to snow in Morocco and on the Gulf Coast East Texas (even if it only lasted a single day, it was still an event of rarity for the area). From an "empty" North Pole recovering all the ice it lost over the past fifty years, in one single winter and building up more. To glaciers, in Alaska and New Zealand, growing so fast, that their movement down hill is measurable in meters per day: sit back, drink a couple of liters of beer and watch the glacier actual move towards you.

The only part of the world that has experienced warmer temperatures has been Russia and Eastern Europe, and then only European Russia. Why? Simple, the Siberian winds have been mostly blowing east over into North America and not West into Russia and the rest of Eastern Europe.

Interestingly enough, the sun has been silent for almost a year: no sunspots. Why does that matter? easy: sunspots cause increases in solar radiation (heat), thus no sunspots, less heat and another major hole in the man made global warming lies.

But, dear reader, I digress. What is Man Made Global Warming (MMGW)? Why nothing more than the latest manufactured crisis by the Watermelons (Green on the outside, Marxist Red on the inside) to control humanity and not just in a few Western nations but world wide. With little or no real science but with a world class fear mongering PR machine, the Watermelons have scared the average sheeple (citizen) of most major nations, into willingly sticking his and or her neck into the noose of totalitarian control, all in the name of saving the world from a crisis that does not exist. Outside the fact that carbon dioxide (read: plant food) is a green house gas on a Lafler Curve...thus diminishing returns, and considering that water vapor holds ten times as much heat and that plant food and water means more (gasp) plants, thus a greener, richer planet, the obvious trend in the climate is not warming, but quite the opposite.

Yet the scared public, foolish in their self love, that they are capable of controlling God's creation as only God can (but humanism killed God, as if hubris could) is more than willing to let an elite answerable to none, dictate and control how they live, love and procreate (because population control is always part of these "solutions").

As I demonstrated in, Sustainable, Green Development Means the Death of Russian Progress , this route, for Russia will be nothing more than an absolute disaster.

Combined with the world wide economic collapse, the Green Threat of MMGW, will prove the final nail in the coffin of human freedom, dignity and hope. Now there is some serious change!

Friday, June 5, 2009

The Death Knell of the Oranges

The US/EU sponsored socialist revolution in Ukraine has come full circle. With elections coming, the president of Ukraine and the stooge of the IMF, Yushenko, is facing political extermination. With less than 5% of the popular vote, his party may be disqualified....from king to pauper, having destroyed only one economy.

The fight is between the still Washington backed Timoshenko, a populist socialist and self made (as in she self made off with the Russian transit gas) gas princess billionaire, to the tune of 12 billion in 5 years of public service, vs Yanukovich, the pro-Russian capitalist with a tarnished reputation. Timoshenko may just win, even though her disastrous price ceilings and privatization reviews helped destroy local production and international investment....but Washington and Brussels love her dreamy eyes.

But now, with all the infighting, corruption and anarchy of the Ukrainian Oranges highlighted against the back drop of total economic collapse, a new element, a new challenge has appeared on the scene, rising like a phoenix from the ashes: Leonid Kuchma, the former president whom the Oranges replaced.

What ever the past faults of Kuchma, and there were quite a few, the short term golden boy of the West and long term ally of Moscow, they pale in comparison, under a modern light, to the recent history of Ukraine's present masters.

Was there corruption under Kuchma? Certainly. Did the oligarchs hold too much power? Absolutely, but nothing has changed but the batch of oligarchs. However, let us remember that the last year of Kuchma's rule Ukraine's GDP growth rate topped at 13% and had been rising steadily. Inflation was model low compared to all of eastern Europe. The economy was stable and trade with Russia was exploding. Gas disputes were mostly minor and deliveries never broken for DC's political gain or games. Russia and Ukraine were close to an economic union that promised to raise the standards of living of all peoples, especially Ukrainians who lacked behind Russians by as much as 50%.

Kuchma came to power by ousting, in elections, Leonid Kravchuk, the Western idol who helped split the Soviet Union, not simply get rid of the Communist party. He also allowed full exploitation of Ukraine by the Wall Street/London crowd.

Kuchma came just in time to save Ukraine from civil war between the Orthodox and pro-Russian east and south (60% population and 80% of the industry) and the agrerian and poor Catholic west. He settled the issue of Crimean independence and brought stability. All those issues are now at the forefront again in Ukraine and can only lead to war.

if Kuchma does run, there is littel that anyone in the Orange puppets can do to stop him or defeat him. There is still hope for Ukraine.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Америка Построена на Предательстве Союзников

Исторически известно, что характер каждого народа формируется под влиянием его истории. Поэтому очень важно понять, в делах с американцами, из каких корней поднялась эта страна.

Америка, как страна, была построена на предательстве союзников, которые больше не нужны. Все началось в разгар их революции. В 1776-ом году, пока американцы воевали с королевскими войсками, американские соседи, индейская страна Ирокез тоже принимала участие в этой войне. Конфедерация Ирокез контролировала северную часть штата Нью-Йорк. Из шести главных кланов, два вошли в союз с Америкой, а четыре с Британией. Из-за этого, у Ирокез началась гражданская война.

Американские войска, которые, в то время, проигрывали один бой за другим, в августе 1779го года напали на Конфедерацию Ираква, и не только на те кланы, которые вышли против Америки, а на всех, даже на своих союзников. Джордж Вашингтон, «отец» Америки, послал Джона Силливана с армией, под командой: «Полное уничтожение Ирокез страны, так, чтобы они никогда опять не встали». Команда уничтожения была дана на всех Ирокез, без различий веры, пола, или возраста.

Армия уничтожила сорок деревень и городов Ирокез. Никто не знает, сколько тысяч женщин и детей погибло в боях, намного больше тысяч умерло от голода, так как американцы сожгли все поля и перестреляли всю скотину, которую не могли забрать с собой. Остатки Ираква сбежали в Канаду, где англичане дали им землю. По сей день, Ирокез называют президентов Америки: «уничтожители городов».

В то же самое время, Бенджамин Франклин уговаривал французского короля поддержать их финансово, снабжением и войсками, против англичан. На этом этапе американской революции, была нехватка пороха для армии, и американский конгресс рассматривал переход на луки. Чтобы уговорить французов и испанцев, американцы обещали исключительный договор и право на обмен товаров. Французы взяли огромные долги, чтобы содержать американцев. Так же, из-за вступления в войну с Англией, Франция потеряла бизнес и корабли.

Конечно, как только англичане сдались, после боя в Йорктауне, американцы секретно заключили отдельный мир и дали Англии исключительные права обмена. Об этом в Америке редко пишут, но когда пишут, описывают как мудрый бизнес, а не как постыдное предательство, что и было на самом деле…

Из-за этого предательства, Франция обанкротилась, и это повлекло за собой революцию. Из-за американцев, французы прошли Теракт, а Европа прошла наполеоновские войны. Сколько сотен тысяч погибло, одному Богу известно. Но, зачем грустить, это был только «бизнес». Чтобы испанцев «отблагодарить», американцы захватили Флориду.

Так что, нужно знать с кем дело имеешь и на что можно рассчитывать после красивых слов и обещаний.