Friday, March 28, 2014

Ukrainian Fail: Revolution Eats Its Own

Faster and faster, the "Springs" of the Western neocons are turning into "Winters" and like all revolutions, this one will also eat its own.

As if pissing off half your population into open revolt was not enough, the inept and hypocritical players sitting on the Ukrainian hot seats have decided to up the anti. The Right Sector strong man, Alexander Muzychko was murdered by the Interior Ministry. Muzychko was officially arrested during a brawl in a bar. Where he was held for questioning. He then climbed out a window, grabbed a gun, opened fire on the police who then returned fire aiming for his legs. Of course that his body was found with two bullet holes in the heart and his arms handcuffed behind him and the corpse itself obviously dumped out of a car several hundred meters from the bar should not be noticed by anyone. Nothing to see, move along. Alexander was no angel by any means, he was a thug, a murderer and a Nazi, exactly the type that the present powers in Kiev needed to over throw the legitimately elected government. Unfortunately for Muzychko and Right Sector in general, they are no longer needed, now that the ugly work was done.

Unfortunately for Svaboda, Punch and the Batkivshchyna parties, the Right Sector is not going to slink away and they are not going to disarm, what they are doing is exactly what should be expected of such a group: going on the offensive.

For the past two days, several thousand members of the Right Sector have besieged the Rada, demanding that the Interior Minister be relieved of his duties, arrested and brought out to them and that the Interior Ministry pays for its crimes. The leader of Right Sector Dymetro Yarosh has stated that unless the demands are satisfied, he would lead a campaign of blood against the Interior Ministry.

Olexander Turchynov, the speaker of Parliament AND the acting President of Ukraine (talk about no separation of powers, a Western dream state) has declared that the demonstration was an illegal act against the Constitution and that if the demonstrators want to change power they should wait for elections. What? This from the very man leading the last illegal revolution, only a month earlier? Yes, they are this hypocritical. 

Of course why should this be a surprise, when the very same people who stormed government buildings to capture power declared a law that it was now a terrorist act to capture government buildings, when Crimeans did the same.

The best part is that both sides are now calling each other the puppets of Moscow. Turchynov said of Right Sector: ""an attempt to destabilise the situation in Ukraine, in the very heart of Ukraine - Kiev. That is precisely the task that the Russian Federation's political leadership is giving to its special services". Meanwhile, Right Sector is saying the same thing about the professional politicians who came to power off of their efforts.

An uncle of mine, living in Ukraine, is a liberal of the same sort. And speaking with flaming liberals is always fun. Pointing out the obvious to liberals only shows you how much of a mental disease, a self inflicted delusion, liberalism is.

He, like so many of these liberals does not want to unify or be near Russia, because, as he stated "as soon as we are with the British it will be so good for us, our lives will be so good." Again pointing out the facts is pointless, they just close down. So when he states that Right Sector is a Russian Fifth Column and I point out that they over threw the previous government, something he was all liberals faced with reality, he shuts down.

So it is at that point that the revolution has started to eat its own. Of course Turchynov is not about to relinquish power, not in an election and not to his former allies. Right Sector happens to be the smallest of the four parties involved, but they are also the most radical and violent. So of course the answer that Turchynov will give them is the bayonet. The question is, can the illegal powers in Kiev rally enough supporters willing to fight and die for them against their own former storm troopers.

And, if or when they massacre the Right Sector protesters in Kiev, will this crush Right Sector or be the opening shots of the new Ukrainian civil war and which of the remaining 3 parties will be the next to get its collective throat cut.

Stay tuned, kiddies, and get lots of beer...the real show is just starting. It can only be hoped that all this will cause a flood of 5-10 million refuges into Poland to help crush their economy, since the Lakies once again played a major role in causing evil in this world.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Sanctions Backfire: Visa and MasterCard

Sanctions Backfire: Visa and MasterCard

Right now, the American politicians are feeling very smug about themselves with their latest round of sanctions. These are targeted at banks that are owned by people close to Putin, for example Tinkoff Bank and Russkii Bank. 

The surest way of doing this is to block transactions by Visa and MasterCard issued from these two banks. Of course this was done with the point of making life difficult for the average person and trying to create a run on the banks. 

American elites in their ever present stupidity, something they take great global pride in, are going to show us stupid and poor Russians who is boss. Thank Christ those degenerates live with 15 year outdated stereotypes.

The Russian government moved quickly to assure the public that all the deposits in ithese banks are guaranteed so no run on the banks will occur. But something more important is now underway, something that in very short order will transform the global banking order and will cause the stress suicide of a dozen top bankers at Visa, Masrercard, and AmericanExpress. I would equally not be surprised if the careers and maybe even lives of several American Congresscreatures, dependent on financial sector backing to survive.

In he Orthodox Christian faith there are prayers for our enemies and their well bing. Why? Because through their evil, they force us closer to God and force us to do the difficult things we may otherwise put off.

It is the same thing for the evil that the Masionic elites of America create.

For some ten years there has been discussion of and plans created for the creation of a payment platform and clearing service for a Russian based credit service to rival that of Visa and MasterCard. Up to this point there has been a lack of political will to back this. Not a lack of technical or intellectual ability but political.

Now that will has become a reality and the platform Protsoplat's imminent creation has been announced. Fortunately for such things, setting up such a platform is not a difficult creation and a basic form can be up and running with in two months. 

Within a year, this platform will be a full competitor for the American monopolists in Russia and the Eurasian zone. Considering the insulted sense of spravadlivost of most russians and their innate patriotism, this will cost the Americans tens of billions of dollars yearly. Best of all, within two years, this platform will be able to go international outside of Eurasia and offer the world a realistic alternative to the American oligarchs.

Best of all, even if sanctions are lifted tomorrow, this program will not stop and will move forward, as the political and business and financial class now see that they must have an alternative to capricious Anglos. 

Sanctions do have consequences and for the temporary discomfort of a million or so Russians, the Americans will lose hundreds of billions over the decades to come.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

America's Crimea Hypocrisies

America's Crimea Hypocrisies

Few nations or their elites have existed who raise hypocrisy and shamelessness to such a fine art, to such a vintage as the masoionic cabal that makes its nest in the moral and physical swamp of Washington DC.

Not being satisfied with having unleashed the satanic evil of nazism in Kiev, they are desperate to make sure no one, no sacrifice escapes the maws of that beast, on whose chain their soulless and blood soaked hands pull.

But what of the hypocrisy? Do I refer to the inane utterances of that Frankenstein monster that passes for a minister of foreign (and thus not American) affairs? Where it lurched to its feet to say that in the modern world nations do not invade other nation under false pretenses. Even though it itself has raised its claw to vote for one genocidal war or bombing after another?That the beastman could utter such nonsense with a clear conscious tells one how much of a sociopath he is.

No I speak of other things, issues that go deeper to the core of the American creation myth.

Let us begin with the so called American Revolution, a war of separation by a people who supposedly no longer wanted to live under their rightful king. 

Never mind that fewer then a third of the population was for this or that it was led by and owned by Masons,  or that officers such as George Washington threw away their honour by forgoing the word and oath to serve their king, given freely before God.

This they claim was a good and righteous deed, because, after all, it served their purpose. That it had no legal basis and was not authorized by either king or parliament, that out right theft of the kings and government's property or that of his loyal citizens, is flat out ignored.

Now we move a bit forward in time.

Many ignorant commenters on various so called conservative forums in the US are saying that Crimea is an example of what happens when you allow "those" immigrants to become the majority.

This is their projections on the Mexicans flooding in to Texas and California.

First what is wrong with this analogy? That we are not immigrants in Krim, it has been our land for longer than America has existed. Nor that the Ukrainians and Russians are two different races, such as the Hispanics and the Anglos.

Now on the issue of the US itself. It was Anglos who were at first invited by Spain and later by Mexico into Texas and California. Once the invitation ended, the illegal Anglos kept coming.

When Mexico refused to bend to their desires and demands, demands such as being allowed to own slaves in a country that had made slavery illegal, they launched revolutions and created two separate republics which they then added to America as states. California's lasted for only a month or so and Texas for several years, though the end results were the same.

So now we come to Crimea and America's direct meddling trying to block the very precedents they set. 

Maybe the real reasons for the American stance is they see this coming to their own SW, as Mexicans migrate back into their own lands with the aim of reclaiming them?