Sunday, September 22, 2013

McCain the Split Tongued Viper

The old war horse of mayhem and strife, the Devil's strumpet and the bought and paid for puppet of Jihad, Juan McStain, er John McCain, has written us all a letter....a wake up call to revolution. Why Juan tells us that he is so so pro-Russian and wants us all to be free, just get rid of Putin and bring back Yeltsin, the man he so loved.

Why did Juan love Yeltsin? Because Yeltsin was a drunken corrupt slob who was easy for Juan's masters to buy. Russia was on her back and dieing and Juan's boys could launch all the wars they wanted...with the foolish American peasants marching in lock step to the poor house or the hero's cemetery.

Now, Juan "bomb bomb Iran" sings us a song about how he wants us to live in peace like the US. Peace? You mean by launching wars in Somalia, Bosnia, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Pakistan and all this in just the past 25 years. This from the hypocrite that advocates wars at every opportunity and would rather see us all murdered and our country barren and smoldering than ever step foot in it.

Least we forget, that since he climbed in bed with the Albanian Islamic Jihad and the Albanian mafia, during the US/NATO Terror Bombing of Christian Serbs, under the Clinton regime, he has not met an Islamic Jihadist of the Sunnie ilk, he has not praised, kissed up to and whored for. A dancing be-fumbled puppet of the Muslim Brotherhood who shows you what the people he represents are like...since they do keep voting him back in. He throws the heretics and hypocrites of the "Christian" and "Conservative" state of Arizona a piece of meat in the form of US Federal Debt monies and they happily sell themselves to McCain's real master, the Devil and bring McCain power over themselves to cause havoc all over the world.

Least we forget, this is a creature that surrounds himself with social perverts, and is the first to advocate the powers of moral corruption and perversion. This is a prominent foot soldier of the Pink Fascist Agenda.... arch warrior for the Sodomites.

Arizona and its soulless, Christianless masses deserve to be taken over by Mexico. Its a question which is the bigger cesspool of evil.

He tells us he wants us to be free and have free speech and security in our persons. This from the lizard that has brought the Americans the US version of the KGB, in the form of the Patriot Act. This from a lizard that has worked for the empowerment of the greatest spy and control state that humanity has ever had the misfortune to witness.


A report earlier this year determined that special interest make $250 USD in taxpayer monies for every $1 USD they "invest" in a US Congressman. It has now come out that this moral-less vapid entity took $170,000 from the war industry to get a hot war with Syria going. So by that math, that's a cool $42.5 million his masters were set to make and how many civilians, or their own military would die, is pointless to sleeze and slime...but Americans so love to vote for him and his masters. What does it say about you?

Of course this is a man, who after sitting in "isolation" in a Vietnamese prisoner of war camp for 5 years, rumored with whores on demand, came home 5kg heavier than he went in, while his fellows who really were tortured were skeletons. This is a creature who promptly divorced his wife who had waited for him and married the daughter of a billionaire, with whose monies he bought his political career.

This is the plank of wood reading us lectures on corruption?

Freedom of the Media?

The Valdai event, to which John McCain was invited, but never answered, allows pro and opposition journalists, foreign journalists and foreign officials to ask questions directly to President Putin. In a live, unscripted and broadcast manner. This is something that one would never find in an American scripted and tightly controlled "free" press, where one wrong or inconvenient question would lead to suspension of admittance to the White House press room and in effect the end of a journalist's carrier. 

On the issue of Crazy Juan and his oped, Putin had this to say: 
"Of course, I know the senator. We met in Munich before. .. But there was no anti-Americanism in my article. I presented my position; one just needs to read it carefully. ...I'm just being frank -- I'm being honest in order to identify problems." 

On the question of McCain choosing to publish in the Communist Pravda, but instead of the Communist Komsomolskaya Pravda, he published in, Putin stated that this just shows a lack of information about Russia that Crazy Juan suffers from. For that matter, it is this writer's humble but knowledgeable opinion, that with the exception of a very small handful of American politicians, the majority of that elite overlord class is clueless and plain ignorant about Russia.

Putin continued "he (Crazy Juan) could have come to Valdai Club to participate in the discussion. Our leading nationwide channels invited him to participate in this frank and honest discussion...he had an opportunity to present his ideas to the whole country."

Of course we know why Crazy Juan did not respond to Solovyov or anyone else, because 1. it would prove that he and the vast majority of the American establishment are full of it and do nothing but lie about our freedoms in Russia and 2. the "senior" and "experienced" leader of the Republican branch of the One Party Two Branch police state would prove himself a bumbling, senile, do little imbecile and become an instant laughing stock of the planet. 

And who wants to spoil yet one more illusion about US political Exceptionalism?

Nikolia Zlobin, an outspoken critic of Putin, who is also a journalist and a political analyst, added that John McCain is very ill informed, since Nikolai was living proof that there is nothing of the level of press censorship that the US claims. "I have criticized you (Putin) often and I am still alive and safe."
So Mr. Juan, how about you keep playing the part of the addled minded old fool and whore of Satan and keep destroying your nations from it inside of its rotten heart out...and we'll keep living as we want to other words: go bugger yourself.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Putin Should Have Known Better

Recently, President Putin, in an open letter to the American public, tried to speak some sense and give voice to an alternate reality than the one that the one party, two branch Masonic cult has been using to indoctrinate the serfs.

He should have known better.

It is said that those whom God wishes to destroy he first drives insane and there are few more insane than the modern American, anti-Christian, degradation that poorly passes as a society. To Putin's letter they have reacted in indignation and self-righteous posturing. How dare he preach to us? Of course, that the hypocrites preach to the whole of the world, is beyond their thoughts, after all, as God's gift to humanity they have the right to be self righteous boobs.

We'll ignore that the nation murders its unborn up to the day of birth and its bio-"ethicists" insist on post birth abortions...murder. Our abortion is capped at 12 weeks and we are moving for a total ban. We'll ignore that they have the highest drug use, have some of the most dangerous cities in the world (not a one Russian city made the top 50 list, but plenty of US cities). We'll ignore that 20% of Americans in surveys recently out stated that they have problems providing enough food to survive on or that the rest of fatter than a hot air balloon from the fast food crap they consume in place of real food. We'll ignore the slave labour of illegal aliens or foreign child labour sweat shops. We'll ignore the mass violence of their oppressive police forces or the police state's insane survalience, or the endless wars of profit and mass murder. We'll ignore the fact that they are the biggest mass producers of pornography, exporters of homosexuality, and oppressors of Christianity, be it at home or through military support of Jihadists....we'll ignore all that, and thus ignore the vast majority of what has transpired over the past 30 years.

But what have the American media been saying in response to Putin's sensible and restrained letter? Why what would one expect?

Senators unite in criticizing Putin's op-ed on Syria                 

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., was succinct in a Thursday morning post on Twitter, calling the Putin column an "insult" to Americans. Across the political aisle, Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Robert Menendez said he practically tossed his dinner.
Over in the House, Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, said he was "insulted" by the Putin column.

 The typical response of American politicians, verbally something on the level of a 5th grade student who sits in the back of the classroom, drawing on the table. God forbid anyone brings up their hypocrisy to their faces, these mental midgets and spawn of Satan surely could not handle it.

Menendez says Putin op-ed made him want 'to vomit'                           

“I almost wanted to vomit,” Senate Foreign Relations Chairman Robert Menendez, (D-N.J.) told CNN.
“I worry when someone who came up through the KGB tells us what is in our national interests, and what is not. It really raises the question of how serious the Russian proposal is.”

Vladimir Putin -- the last person in the world who should be lecturing us on democracy and equality Rep. Vern Buchanan

Putin a hypocrite with blood on his hands                                    

This time, Putin's PR machine managed to get him an op-ed in The New York Times, just in time for the start of talks in Geneva, Switzerland, over a plan to dismantle Syria's chemical weapons arsenal. The column is so filled with hypocrisy, inaccuracies and even veiled threats that it's hard to know where to begin.
Nothing could be more deliciously absurd than Putin accusing America of not being a "model of democracy," except perhaps for his closing line in which he chastises President Barack Obama for speaking of American exceptionalism. Obama shouldn't have said that, Putin humbly explains, because "We are all different, but when we ask for the Lord's blessings, we must not forget that God created us equal."

Right. All equal. That coming from the man who has presided over the introduction of law after law turning gays and lesbians into second-class citizens in Russia, with the latest allowing police to arrest anyone suspected of being "pro-gay."

 No, Putin's actions are not driven by a passion for peace and democracy. They are an example of cold calculation -- a quest for power and a bold display of hypocrisy.

I am sure the facts of Frida Ghitis championing all this homosexual and perverse had nothing to do with those comments. 

Charles Krauthammer: ‘Obama Has Been Played’                

 “Here is the president of the greatest democracy on Earth, being lectured — insultingly, really — in an American newspaper about human rights, about international law, about the protection of the elderly and children in wartime.” Krauthammer said.

He said it only makes it more embarrassing that the lecture came from a “KGB thug.”


Cruz hits back at Putin's attack on American exceptionalism     

’Autocrats have reason to fear when Americans focus on our principles, and focus on exceptionalism, because it’s been American exceptionalism that stood up to the Nazis, stopped the murder from the Nazis,’ said Cruz.

I don't even know where to start with this loony toons fool....and he is the future of the American conservative movement? Regardless of where one turns when dealing with the Yanks, who force everyone to deal with them by never leaving anyone alone, its all idiot hour every hour.

An Explanation of American Exceptionalism for Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama

My God, we have the communist leader of Russia more proudly quoting the Declaration of Independence than our own president does! We got Vladimir Putin asserting a "moral superiority" to the president of the United States.  Vladimir Putin! 

Anyway, what American exceptionalism is not: It is not that we are better people.  It is not that we are superior people.  It is not that we are smarter people.  It is not that God loves us and hates everybody else.  It is not that God prefers us.  It is not that God doesn't prefer anybody else.

The history of the world is dictatorship, tyranny, subjugation, whatever you want to call it of populations -- and then along came the United States of America.  Pilgrims were the first to come here seeking freedom from all of that.  They were oppressed because of their religion.  They were told they had to believe in the king and his god, whatever it was, or they would be imprisoned.

They led an exodus from Europe to this country, people of the same mind-set.  They simply wanted to escape the tyranny of their ordinary lives.  This country was founded that way. For the first time in human history, a government and country was founded on the belief that leaders serve the population.  This country was the first in history, the EXCEPTION -- e-x-c-e-p-t, except. The exception to the rule is what American exceptionalism is.

You could dismiss and laugh at this, but one must realize that this buffoon actually influences what passes for political thought in the insane assylum. Yes, God prefers you for supporting and leading Jihadists to murder His children in Bosnia, Serbia (Kosovo), Russia (Chechnya), Israel (PLO), Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Libya, Cyprus...heck, Turkey if we go back far enough to the 1920s or that it was American oligarchs that helped make sure the Russian Revolution happened and that the Reds won the civil war or who put Hitler in to power and made sure he had what was needed to rape most of Europe.

But all is not lost, we are about to be entertained by the Whore Of Islam, the Mad Mental Midget himself, a senile, irrelavent, Islamic terrorist strumpet: John McCain with his own op-ed letter to us. Go figure it'll be in the Communist paper: Komsomolskaya Pravda.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Washington's Latest Favorite Nazi: Alexey Navalny (Навальный - нацист)

Washington's Latest Favorite Nazi: Alexey Navalny

Washington DC has had a long and sorted history of creating, uplifting, supporting and occassionally fighting Fascists and out and out Nazis. From the likes of Henry Ford, who not only published Mein Kampf in the US and advocated for Hitler, earning himself the Reich's highest civilian award, but also built tanks for Hitler right up through 1945, to the likes of Prescot Bush (yes of those Bushs) who money laundered for the Nazis through 1943, two years into US participation in the war against Hitler.

On a more recent basis, the US has been in a deep love with both the various Islamic Nazis (on and off with Al Quida and the Taliban, very much on with the Muslim Brotherhood) and the  European Nazis, such as supporting the Croatia Nazis who ruled Croatia in its series of civil wars in Yugoslavia and than specifically in Bosnia, to Una-Unsa, the Ukrainian Nazi party who helped bring the American puppets of the Orange Revolution to power. In Russia they most famously gave monetary support to Lemonov and his National Bolshevik Workers' Party, aka National Socialist Workers' Party. These subhumans even use all the Nazi symbols and flags,having only replaced the swastika with a hammer and sickle and reworded the German into Russian.

All these maggots of the earth are funded by the ironically names Freedom House, a front for American sponsorship of world fascism/communism.

And now we come to the latest darling of America: Alexey Navalny, who was vetted by DC as their designated replacement for President Putin. Navalny was first picked up in Yale during his stay there while working on his degree, in 2010. After all, even his two main advisers: Leonid Volkov and Vladimir Ashurkov are both creatures of teh Luxembourg Investment fund, Alfa Group, thus members of that international banking cartel that rules the West.

Since Navalny has a snow balls chance in Hell of doing this out and out legally, he is being sponsored to create an impression of a movement that is being cheated and can then hit the streets and thus start a major blood letting, all with the money and "moral" and I'm sure if need be NATO troop support of the West, or more specifically of the Banker owners of the US and UK.

Am I making this up? Well some is conjecture, sure, but the basis of the claims are quite straight and pointed. Lets judge the man by his own words:

Navalny's comments have been "colourful" to say the least. 

Once in a meeting he referred to Georgians as Gruziny a play off of Gruzini, but which also translated in Russian as Rodents. True, his defense was it was during the 2008 war, which I might remind my readers, was never against the Georgian peoples, with whom we have been fellow traveler for the past 300 years, but against their American puppet dictator. Interestingly the same role Navalny now seeks to fill. Of course he followed that up by demanding that all Georgians, over a million of them, over half born in Russia, be expelled, even though tens of thousands were serving in the Russian military.

 At another point he referred to his Azerbaijani co-worker as a chernazhopaia...a black-ass, which is a very insulting derogatory statement. During a conference, he told her "And you blackass, shut up, your place is in a market." This was at Saadat Kadyrova, who was his coworker in the Yabloko (Apple) liberal party headquarters. This was in the early 2000s and Navalny's racism was so blatent and oppressive, that the woman was forced to leave.

When confronted on the issue of Saadat, this week, Navalny lied about it and said that it was a recollection of a senile old grandmother, who rarely ever saw him. In this case he flat out confused the young woman with another co-worker. Typically trying to off track the argument.

To this, the former Deputy Chairman of the Moscow branch of Yabloko, one Semyon Burd, responded: "Here he is lieing and not even blushing. I was a witness several times to long conversations between Engelina Borisovna (Tareeva, the grandmother he was referring to) and Alexey, in room 101." 

Engelina's own recollections of Navalny were that he formed relationships with people build strictly on their ethnicity.
One of Navalny's allies, Dmitry Olshansky, a publicist, summed up the position quite well:
"If Navalny, in the minds of all residents of RF (Russian Federation), who some how or other, find out about him, was tightly tied to the idea, we will call it ethnocultural replacement, 50% victory would be in the pocket. "Navalny will come and will drive out all these others""

So lets understand what this man, this ally of Navalny is saying: we get into power and we'll ethnically cleanse, which is the real name for ethnocultural replacement, half the population of Russia. Now, that's a cause the US State Department can really get behind. After all, that is exactly what they back in fallen Libya, fallen Iraq, fallen Yugoslavia, fallen Egypt and so on.

Considering the Church would never stand for this, we'll assume a Navalny dictatorship, because how else would a little Nazi like him hold power but through dictatorship, would cleanse the Church as well. Why that is definitely another idea the West can rally behind, destroying organized Christianity at any and all opportunities.

It is further telling that each and every of Navalny's former allies, that is, those who are able to think for themselves and are not a zombie cult like blind following, has long abandoned him. Not just abandoned but denounced.
One Austrian journalist stated "If Iorg Hader had done even a little of what Navalny has done in propaganda of Nazism, he would have long ago gone to jail." 

So of course this is a favorite for the Anglos. We have a man, who if released to power, will make for a new Himmler/Hitler and against whom the US can rally the EU and others. In one fell swoop, the Banksters will be able to get the West's economy out of collapse, zero out the debt, cut up Russia, their arch enemy and her Church, enemy of their dark god, and rid the world of 300-500 million or more "useless" eaters on their way to a controlled utopia.

So when the vote goes in for mayor, this Sunday, 8 Sept and Navalny is projected to only get 18-20%, he will more than likely launch his cultists into the streets to bring him power through blood. At this point, facing a lengthy prison term for graft, he has nothing to loose. That this agent and pawn of the West has no qualms about ordering the spilling of blood of his fellow Russians, be they "clean" enough for his likings or not, is beyond the doubt.

Hmmm, me thinks that besides the OMON, maybe the Cossacks need to come out in force and keep paid agents of DC from murdering their fellow countrymen and grabbing power. After the Cossacks, the likes of Navalny may be praying for the gentle touch of the OMON.