Friday, August 26, 2011

Is God Punishing America, Urgent Update 1

Is God Punishing America, Urgent Update 1

Early last May, I wrote an article Is God Punishing America?. Since then the evidence has only piled up and up, that the end of that nation, by the Hand of God.

The earlier disasters and warning were ignored by a evil, power mad and diabolical elite and a cowardly and foolish people, high on their own egoism, who willingly play the tune of their masters and their owner, the Enemy, Satan.

Since I published this, the evil of wrote by that nation have continue to grow, every week bringing new and more demented renderings.

First came the backing of Islamics in Libya, to over throw that nation's government and replace it with the murderous and barbaric Jihadists of the Muslim Brotherhood. Just as they had done in Egypt and Tunisia. Thousands of Libyans have been murdered under US bombs and what took generations to build, the highest standard of living in the North African region, has been demolished, with an Iraq style "peace" of blood and vengeance as the only future. Meanwhile, the US stole the Sovereign Wealth Fund of Libya, and is now, with their other allied members of the den of thieves: Britain and France, busily cutting up the resources and assets of Libya amongst themselves.

Then there has been the on going war against the Shiete in Yemen, run by the oppressive Saudi backed Sunni tyranny. The US is actively engaged, bombing and murdering civilians there, to keep the oppression in place.

Next came the backing of Islamic radicals in Syria, against that government. The fall of Basir will promise one thing for certain, a mass purging of Christians from yet another part of the Middle East. We have already seen this US/UK backed mass murderer and ethnic cleansing of Christians from Iraq, Egypt and Tunisia, joining the earlier cleansings from W.Macedonia and Kosovo, all US backed, as well as the earlier earlier cleansing of Christians from N.Cyprus.

The US has also strongly come to the side of the Islamics surrounding the Israelis. While some readers here may rejoice, they are fools if they are Christians. The Islamics in the Palestinian lands, which is the majority of the population, have show a great regard for wiping out their own Palestinian Christians and desecrating our Christian Holy places.

Then there was the rebellion in Georgia, against the US backed dictator. A half dozen dead demonstrators and hundreds beaten, tortured, sent to the hospitals. While the US sang the praises of Misha the Bane of Silk Ties.

Meanwhile psychotic leaders of America, like John McCain, call for more and more such revolutions, to include our nation of Russia.

What has God's response been? Even as the US suffered from a once in 300 year splurge of tornadoes, a once in 500 year fire in the west of Texas and bordering areas, a once in 500 year flood of the Ohio and Mississippi, God has sent down yet more grief on those who export evil.

The US has suffered a once in 500 year drought in the south, the old Confederacy, which this year marks the 150 year anniversary of its bid for freedom. East Texas and the Gulf areas have been in 40C+ weather, with little to no rain, for almost half a year now, with no relief in site. What is left of the crop that was not destroyed by tornadoes, fires and flood, has been finished off by drought. Hunger and massive food price increases are a stocking horse, just beyond the horizon.

But still no one listened.

Then God sent a once in 100 year earth quake to the US east coast. Three of the four spires on the Washington DC cathedral have been broken and their tops have fallen, yet no one still listens.

God's latest hit is Hurricane Irene, at Cat 4 and growing storm, heading straight into the heart of evil, Washington DC. Will anyone listen? No, of course not.

What will it take to stop the evil and get the people's attention? Massive earth quakes? Mt. Reiner exploding? No, at this point, the masochist culture of the US Anglos will only take the damage, bury their dead and shrug it off. It would seem that the average man is beyond God's lessons, having followed his elites to far down the path of the Enemy.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Mass Pillaging, American Style

Mass Pillaging, American Style

A theft and corruption of unmitigated proportions is about to take place, under the very noses of the property owners, who will soon become the property's renters, at best.

The American Congress (Parliament) a den of thieves, megalomaniacs and jackarses as the world has rarely seen, except maybe in the final days of the Roman Senate, are about to help their owners, the super bankers, to become the biggest owners of improved property, in the world.

How is this?

Very easy. The American government organizations of HUD, Fanni Mae and Freddie Mac have become the primary owners of the vast majority of American "distress" property. That is, as they have been buying up foreclosures in unprecedented volumes, some saying of up to or over a trillion dollars or more in foreclosed houses, offices, warehouses and factories.

In short, these properties are the property of the American people, who are on the line for their payoff, a public debt that will not go away.

The HUD and the US Treasury Department, on orders from the cabal of crooks, that is Congress, have put out a Request for Information (RFI) on the disposition of the inventory. This is the first step in the process of selling these properties for pennies on the dollar. What will follow will be a Request for Proposals (RFP), which is, in effect, a bid. Now, the fact that the RFIs were written by the very parties that will then send in their RFPs, that is, parties who can bring no less than $1 billion to the table. Of course, this is primary the likes of Goldman Sachs, the Bank of London, Saudi and Chinese sovereign funds, will hopefully not be noticed by the serfs.

To make things even better, many of those organizing this sale/theft, that will deliver these properties at literally, at pennies on the dollar, will be former US bureaucrats and politicians who now live at the purchasing organizations. Many of those making the sales will also soon live there, it is how business is done in the dual capitals of world corruption: Washington DC and New York.

Luckily, for the serfs, they do not need to get upset. The oligarch owned "free" press of the regime is already busily promoting the theft as a great and heroic effort by the thieves to revitalize the rental market....since the new owners will want to rent out their newly acquired properties to earn yet more money.

That is how business is done in a third world kleptocracy, the USA.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Shell's Sakhalin Shell Game

Coming Clean on Sakhalin-2

Europe Wary of Sakhalin Loan By GUY CHAZAN January 2, 2007; Page A4 MOSCOW — A potential about-face by the former Communist bloc’s biggest single investor over a massive Russian energy project comes amid rising Western concern about increasing state control of that nation’s energy sector. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is likely to abandon a loan to Sakhalin II, the huge energy project in the far east of Russia, after Royal Dutch Shell PLC and its two partners were forced to sell a 50% stake in the venture to Russian natural-gas giant OAO Gazprom.

One of the great legacies of the "excellent" rule of the Russian embarrassment, Yeltsin, was the would be economic disaster of Sakhalin-2, the first totally private development project in Russia.

The project was originally a three company cooperative lead by Shell 55%, Mitsui 25%, Mitsubishi 20% named Sakhalin Energy.

On the surface, the project looked like a normal enough setup. At a time, when Russia still lacked a lot of the newest technology for exploration, this project brought in 3 foreign companies to invest and develop the field. In exchange, all production would go to export and before any taxation was taken out on the product, the companies would be allowed to recoup their losses. Fair enough, right?

Well, as with all such things, when dealing with the West (and the Japanese in this case), best read all the fine, very fine, and minute print. The obvious question becomes, how do you screw the Russians out of all their oil and tax monies?

Actually, quite easily. First, the contract, which was signed on 22 June 1994, set the per barrel oil price at less then half the value of that day's oil value and set the growth on a standard, no questions asked, 3% per year growth rate through the year of 2045A.D. So, by the time oil was hitting $60, the contract had it at $34. Thus, by under scoring the cost of the product, you get a lot more out of the ground, to pay off the investment, before having to pay taxes.

The other way of doing this, and of course, they did both, was the highly increase the "cost" of the development. Originally billed at $12 billion, when the contract was signed, the cost of investment was rewritten as $22.2 billion through the year 2010.

Both these moves insured that less then 10% of the 150 million tons of oil and 500 cubic meters of gas, would be taxed and non of it would ever reach the Russian market. For Shell and its partners, this would be the robbery and hoodwink of all robberies and hoodwinks. At even $40 per barrel, they could easily pump all that oil out, without breaking down, even seriously, the $22.2 billion price tax, while realizing a $20+ (and that plus reached over $80 when oil hit over $120) profit per barrel (not counting logistics costs).

What a game, what a game.

Of course, when Putin and his people came in, they say the obvious theft and fraud for what it was and were at powerless to tare up the contract. The reason for this was the massive storm of negative publicity that would draw on Russia from the West's attack dog, slave media. This at a time when Russia was desperate for investment.

So, a Russian being a Russian, Putin looked at other options.

To that end, Putin sent Oleg Mutvol, the vice minister of Rosprerodobzora, the Russian version of the Environmental Agency. The man quite out did himself. Congratulations.

It is common in the West to believe that Russia is a lawless wild East. That is rather far from the truth. While it is true that enforcement is often lax, there are, actually, quite a large collection of very specific laws and standards.

What Oleg found were destroyed forests, polluted rivers, dead lakes and decimated off shore fisheries, all the result of Shell's careless construction of the pipe network and other infrastructure. Shell and its partners were so arrogant about their ability to do as they pleased, they did nothing to hide their crimes and paid little attention to Mr. Mutvol. However, Mr. Mutvol paid very close attention to them.

By September 2006, construction was halted and an accounting was begun. What is the value of a tree? Of a salmon? Of a Gray Whale? What is the value of the economic life of the local people being destroyed? Tens of thousands of fishermen and their families faced disaster. Over a million tons of waste and dredging soil was dumped off sea. For this alone, Sakhalin Energy was sued and forced to pay out $110k. A pittance of a compensation.

River effects are noted as follows in the "Sakhalin Energy's muddy waters - A "few cases" where Sakhalin Energy is endangering wild salmon on Sakhalin Island":

Pilenga River: Erosion control is visible on one bank but not on the other bank of
the as of April 2006.

Mereya River: Active slope erosion and water pollution as of July 2005.

Woskresenkovka River: The clear river is threatened by the creation of a junction of
two pipeline trenches filled with mud as of December 2005.

Golubichnaya River: Normally this river would not be frozen solid in winter but the
digging of the trench has provoked the complete lack of river flow as of December

Bystraya River: The river ice is covered by soil as a result of the river crossing,
which will result in additional contamination when the ice melts as of December

Stolichnyi stream: Ploughed-up channel of spawning stream and active erosion and
silted processes as of August 2005.

This was all just the tip of the iceberg. Before the full extent could even be calculated up, Shell saw the writing on the wall. In order to get out of its responsibility to pay, it gave up control of Sakhalin-2, handing Gazprom 50% +1 vote and leaving itself 27.5%, Mitsui 12.5% and Mitsubishi 10%.

Now that one more of Yeltsin's traitorous legacies has been cleaned up, taxes are flowing in to Moscow, even as Moscow spends large sums to purchase medical equipment, upgrade the universities and rebuild the army, as well as tax breaks to get new businesses and factories opened.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The British Pig in Lipstick

The British Pig in Lipstick

Put lipstick on a pig, its a pig and merry old England is one shite covered, old obese pig.

To watch the spark of violence in England, one can not stop to compare it with Greece. In both, the demonstrations that helped bring the Greeks down to third world status, over two years time, started with the questionable police shooting death of a local man. In the case of England, it was 29-year-old Mark Duggan father-of-four who was shot in a taxi. Both he and his Greek counter part had criminal histories, though both were not a threat to police at the time of the shooting.

Following both deaths, vigils and small demonstrations started outside of the city, both grew in size and soon both engaged the police. Now, while the Greeks did throw petro coctails and did fight the police, in comparison to the UK, it was a mild mannered gathering. The Greeks set very few things on fire, with the exception of the Christmas tree in central Athens, which they seemed to hate with a passion, as they kept resetting it on fire and its replacements. When Greek violence burned down a small bank and caused the deaths of two people, everything froze and the tone of follow on demonstrations quickly scaled down. Down so much that even with massive default of the government and tyrannical asturity measures forced upon them, they are still relatively peaceful demonstrations. Even the storming of parliament, beaten back by police with rubber bullets and tear gas, resulted in no fatalities.

Of course the Greeks have deep roots in civilization, which is more than just veneer for them. Equally, though weaker then it was, the Greek Orthodox Church is still a major religious force and the people, with the exception of the Islamic Arabic and Pakistani "refugees" forced upon them by EU open borders, are a homogeneous people. The Islamics, who make up about 2-3% of the population, tried to get their way, during the middle of things. However, they quickly found out that neither the police nor the rioters had any patients for these Islamic barbarians and their "rights" agitation. In other words, these fools had their lunch handed to them, or rather smothered on their heads.

Now, enter stage right, merry ole England, set ablaze and I mean ablaze. Violence in the UK escalated instantly. The level of violence that took two weeks in Greece to achieve was present on the first day in the UK and has only escalated each night. Tottenham, a suburb of London, where the violence started, suffered burned out and looted shops, burning police cars and other autos. Roving gangs of yutes and yobs all over the place. Voilence then quickly spread to Peckham, Lewisham, Walthamstow, Brixton, Clapham Junction and Croydon, all suburbs surrounding London. Basically, London proper, where there is still peace and quite of sorts, is surrounded by violence and roving bands, while citizens are forced to flee for their lives. Violence and looting erupted in Hackney, east London, not far from the site of next year’s Olympic games. Maybe the British should be relieved of the burden of those games, if the safety of the park itself may be in jeopardy?

AFP described the violence and arson as thus:

In Croydon, an entire block of buildings -- including a 100-year-old family furniture business -- was ablaze, sending raging flames leaping into the night sky.

The Telegraph added this:
Reeves, a family run business established in 1867, was engulfed in flames sending smoke billowing across the London skyline. As the blaze raged out of control, the store’s owner Trevor Reeves said: “It’s just completely destroyed. Words fail me. It's just gone, it's five generations. My father is distraught. It's just mindless thuggery."
His brother Graham added: "Our lives are destroyed, it will probably be someone else next week. It's horrendous.”

Citizens were even forced to jump from their windows to save their lives, as businesses below them were set ablaze by rioters.

Violence has also spread past London, exploding in Birmingham and Liverpool and threatening every other city in the UK. In central Birmingham, gangs were roaming unopposed, looting and burning at will.

For all of this, police have only made around 250-300 arrests! If this was Russia, riot police would have been there on the first day. If it escalated to this point, the military would have long ago been called out and the body count would have risen quickly and properly, as it should be. It is one thing to stand in a street screaming. It is one thing to slug it out with the police. It is one thing to even set a few cars on fire, though by this point, that one thing is getting mighty thin. But, BUT, it is quite a different creature when mass arson and looting is taking place. At this point, it is nothing but a purely criminal and treasonous affair led by maddened animals, destroying everything in their path. When an animal is maddened, there is only one thing that can be done: it MUST be put down. There is no difference here. To boot, most of this is being done by immigrant minorities from third world hellholes, whom the Man-Gods imported in mass quantities to destroy that old English culture.

The fact that entire neighborhoods in eastern London, coincidently where this is happening, have been brought under Shari law by these third world dark age barbarians...well, dear reader, you get the point. The English Church is not even a shadow of itself, it is a joke to the world, an insult unto God, made up of spineless moderns who believe not in Christ but in being hip.

So of course, this had to happen. You import skilless, lay abouts, from third world hellholes, who contribute nothing to society, except for the taking up of space and the theft of oxygen and then, when faced with the cut in resources to these cancerous organisms, due to their crippling obligation on a weak economy, they riot. Either you give them what they want in a paper cheque or they will take it with fire and knife. Well, when a wilding happens, there is only one way to get through to those who are not totally insane yet and only one way to protect yourself: you shoot, you shoot and you shoot until either there are none left walking or the zombies have come out of their trance, figured out what is going on and run for their bloody lives and their rotting hides. Then, you round up the families of those involved and you deport the bloody lot of them.

It is either that or become a second Somalia or Haiti.

Of course, the British would then have to eat a lot of crow, after their endless condemnation of the actions of every other nation who has been faced with the exact same thing and have taken the hard course. So I guess it is better that the UK burns, to save face.

The fact that David Cameron is just now deciding to return from his vacation and that Theresa May, home secretary, and Boris Johnson, London mayor returned to the UK after violence was already out of control, says a lot about the streaming mascara and smugged lipstick on this particular pig.

A lack of leadership, a lack of economy, a lack of will and an army of angry lay abouts.

England has finally started its full fast slide into the Third World.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Of Barbarians and Nuclear Plants or the Double Standard for Japan

Of Barbarians and Nuclear Plants or the Double Standard for Japan

On April 26, 1986, a terrible disaster happened at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, causing wide spread damage, evacuation of a whole city, Prypiat, and then of a whole oblast. A state commission was begun, headed by Valeri Legasov, to investigate the accident on the same day and it was Legasov who ordered the evacuation.The evacuations began at 1400 on the 27th, once the full scale of the disaster was realized. A 30km radius exclusion zone was setup, removing all human habitants. Liquidators were brought in to pick up the debri from the explosion, able to work only a minute at a time, regardless of their heavy protective clothing, due to the high dosages of radiation. Meanwhile, other crews, by helicopter, dropped sand, lead, and boric acid to seal the radioactive hellhole. This occurred in the week following the disaster. In all, over 5,000 tons of material was dropped in and by December of that year, the now stabilized location was sealed in a giant cement sarcophagus.

Of this, the Soviet Union and then Ukraine and Russia, were never to hear the end of.

Neighboring nations screamed about radioactive clouds. Endless UN committees on the event and its handling and the Western media still loves to do hit pieces on the follow up to that disaster.

As it so happened, the Japanese ambassador to the UN was quoted as stating something to the effect of "We told you that these barbarians should not be allowed to have such technology." As if someone had given it to us.

Well, 25 years later and we are witnessing a much much worse catastrophe and one that has not, for 4 months now, been contained. The Soviet Union lost a lot of very brave men, Russians who gave their lives, dieing in agony, to seal that nightmare. From 1986 to 2000, 350,400 people were evacuated and resettled from the most severely contaminated areas of Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine

Much less can be sad about Japan....much much less and much much less has been said in the world press. The hypocrisy is rank.

"It is clear that the two cases are different in nature,” Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano told reporters, according to AFP. "Unfortunately the amount of radioactive material leaked was about one-tenth [of Chernobyl], but at least we were able to avoid explosions of the reactors.” Apr 26, 2011
Chernobyl and Fukushima are Different, Japanese and Ukrainian Officials Say

Now, the Japanese situation at Fukashimo is much worse. First, there are 3 vs 1 reactors that have fully melted down, along with a coolant pool. While Chernobyl was a major explosion, the three plants had slow melt downs, with two explosions. Radiation continues to leak forth, being cooled and washed out by sea water that is then just dumped right back into the ocean. One reactor is still not even partially handled, with workers unable to get in and several death zones detected, where exposure in a minute is enough to kill in days.

The Japanese have down played the issue, stating over and over the mantra that it is not that bad. However, they have also denied entry to any foreign third party experts and have attacked any independent assessment. While the main Chernobyl cleanup was over in a month, the Japanese efforts are now in their fifth month and going, with no end in sight and with any explained end game.

Now news is filtering out that one of the explosions, a gas blast, was actually a full nuclear reaction, not just a pressure build up. And yet, again, the "open democracy" of Japan is operating on the same level of secrecy as the Soviet Union with only half the effort at containment.

Professor Christopher Busby, Scientific secretary of the European Committee on radiation risks, was quoted on RT as stating:

It could be a lot worse because it is a lot less under control, then Chernobyl was. I have to say that the Soviet system moved very fast to try and contain what was happening in Chernobyl and the Japanese have been very lax in the way they took people out of the exclusion zone.

Even the evacuations have not been nearly as extensive.

So where is the world outcry? Considering nuclear fallout reached and covered much of the US and Canada, both governments have been absolutely mum about this. As a matter of fact, the Western "free" press has total ignored this on going tragedy. The marine contamination will ride the currents and cover a very large chunk of the Pacific ocean. Again, mum. Mum about the contamination bound to hit the people's dinner tables, as nothing is said and contamination coats all of the N.& S. American coast.

I guess, the non-"Barbarians" get special treatment.