Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pray for the Liberation of Constantinople

Pray for the Liberation of Constantinople

On this Holy Post (Fast) for the upcoming Holy Pascha (the Christian Passover), let us, dear brothers and sisters of Christ and the Orthodox Church, and our fellow travelers, let us remember in prayer our holy city of Tsargrad, of Constantinople and the enslaved faith of our ancestors, still clinging to life, if only barely, under the yoke of the Islamic Turkish barbarians, who descended from western China and raped and pillaged their way to blue eyes and fair hair.

One of the greatest, if not the greatest center of Orthodox Faith and Theology, the resting place of innumerable Fathers, the Holy city of Constantinople fell 29 May 1453, 657 years of Islamic Jihadist rule and slavery, of unspeakable tyranny.

From an eyewitness account from George Sphrantzes, a close friend of the Emperor Constantine:

"As soon as the Turks were inside the City, they began to seize and enslave every person who came their way, all those who tried to offer resistance were put to the sword. In many places the ground could not be seen, as it was covered by heaps of corpses. There were unprecedented events: all sorts of lamentations, countless rows of slaves consisting of noble ladies, virgins, and nuns, who were being dragged by the Turks by their headgear, hair, and braids out of the shelter of Churches, to the acompaniment of mourning. There was the crying of children, the looting of our sacred and holy buildings. What horror can such sounds cause! The Turks did not hesitate to trample over the body and blood of Christ poured all over the ground and were passing his precious vessels from hand to hand;

"Christ our Lord, how inscrutable and incomprehensible your wise judgements! Our greatest and holiest Church of Saint Sophia, the earthly heaven, the throne of God's glory, the vehicle of the cherubim and second firmament, God's creation, such edifice and monument, the joy of all earth, the beautiful and more beautiful than the beautiful, became a place of feasting; its inner sanctum was turned into a dining room; its holy altars supported food and wine, and were also employed in the enactment of their perversions with our women, virgins, and children. Who could have been so insensitive as not to wail Holy Church?

God's judgement was passed upon the man, a heretic Greek converted to Islam, who led the Sultan's troops in the capture and murderer of Constantinople: Zaganos Pasha. Zaganos met his end at the hands of another Orthodox prince, 9 years later, while Jihading in Wallahia, where Zaganos and his cursed dogs met the good graces of Vlad the Impaler.

Let us remember the prayer of Patriarch Sergius, of Constantinople, who, during the Avar invasions of 626AD, led the city's defenders in this prayer: "To you, the Champion leader, Do I, Your City, Ascribe thank offerings of Victory, For you O
Mother of God, have delivered me from terrors; But as you have invincible power, Do you free me From Every Kind of Danger, So that to You I May Cry: Hail, O Bride Unwedded", from the Akathist Hymn that is sung during Great Lent.

So at this time of fasting, let us remember in prayer and ask for the help of God Almighty in the freeing of our Holy City of Constantinople, in the purging of the Islamic curse, in the conversion of the pagans to Christ, in the restoration of our holy relics and icons into the restored holy places of the Orthodox. Of a unity of all the Orthodox peoples against the Islamic pagans and the Western heretics.

Let us pray that this comes about peacefully but if that is not an option, then let us pray for the wisdom, courage and strength to take up sword and shield and lead the way to the freedom and return of Constantinople.

US/UK/France, One More Blow Against the Nation State

US/UK/France, One More Blow Against the Nation State

In today's illegal attack upon a sovereign nation that has done no aggression to the greatest aggressor nation of the last 240 years, the US, the Americans, with their UK and French stooges, have struck another blow against the modern nation state.

One of the key rights of a nation state is to defend its established order against uprising and rebels. What ever you wish to say about the character of Quedaffi, which is still infinitely better then the Islamist opposition, his government has the right to defend itself. Further, since he is winning, and the people in the majority of the government controlled areas, at least the majority of the people are not shooting at him but are actually joining up, it is hard to say that he is facing a wide spread revolt.

Regardless of this, the tyrannical and would be world government UN, whose professional bureaucrats are ever busy living like kings with bloated salaries, off of the backs of the world's peasants, have decided, with the proper prodding from the American Mullahs, to "allow" the murder of this fundamental right.

The Anglos, ever happy to destroy the nation state and bring about their Orwellian ideology, are already at it, firing off over 124 cruise missiles into Libya. Of course this is to create a "no fly zone", which means, the rebels, who conducted air strikes last week, will be able to continue conducting those strikes, armed with US/UK/French ordnance.

The French, still pissed off at loosing the arms contract to Quadaffi, to us Russians, are now conducting air raids on the Libyan army, not even bothering with the pretense of the no-fly zone, enforcement. This is of course claimed as a way to force a cease fire and negotiations, of course, never mind that the Libyans proclaimed a cease fire 2 days ago, but what are details to the leper West's blood lust?

Never mind that the "mad man" Quadaffi modernized a primitive 3rd world nation into more or less a modern state, where women can go about without male escorts, can go uncovered and get educations and work. Where the medical system has led to a massive drop in childhood deaths and extended the life spans of the people and where the economy is the best of the North Africans. No, instead the US as usual, is backing an Islamic jihad that will soon put a vale on those women even as they are raped and stoned to death for being victims. This is the real form of human rights the Anglos enjoy: Shari. The only thing that will ruin their day is that there are not enough Orthodox Christians and Jews to be murdered, unlike Tunisia, Egypt, and Iraq.

Even now, Obama is screeching that they are doing this for "democracy" even as he spits on his own constitution, which still stinks from his feces, the last time he wiped his arse with it. After all, only the US Congress has the right to declare war and thus authorize military action. Not that it has ever stopped the "constitutional scholar" as claimed by the US unfreepress, from massacring civilians in Pakistan with drone strikes and now doing the same in Libya, even as he threatens war on the Iranians and Syrians. There's a noble peace prize joke for you, not that the spineless Cretans that gave it to him could ever appreciate what kind of strumpets they really are.

Obama, of course, made his speech from his vacation in Brazil, where he is visiting the local communist run government, that just put down mass demonstrations, against Obama, with rubber bullets, gas and water canon, in other words, mass violence against their own people. Not that we can expect the greatest genius of our time to appreciate the irony of it all.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Russia Give the Most Critical Aid to Japan

Russia Give the Most Critical Aid to Japan

Throughout this crisis, this devastating event, Russia has been the leader in aid to Japan, even though, with lots of Anglo manipulation, Japan has been kept a cold war era rival to Russia.

Besides being the first to pledge aid without scope and sending the usual aid, that everyone else is sending, Russia has taken steps to make sure that in its time of absolute crisis and economic devastation, the Japanese people will have what they need most to stand up on their own feet: energy.

Sure, Russian planes, carrying rescue teams and humanitarian aid have arrived, along with that of other nations. An airborne hospital, 200 doctors and psychologists, search and rescue teams arrived in Japan, along with those of many other nations, to help save the living, what few are still in the rubble, and dig out the dead, as well as tend to the physical and emotional scars of the survivors. Even here, Russian aid was not immediately accepted, while the powers that be, in Japan, dithered and their people suffered, accepting aid first from the US, UK, Germany, Australia, South Korea and New Zealand (itself having recently survived a devastating earth quake).

But like a man, whose house is burned down, once the fire scars have healed, there is the problem of rebuilding. Sure, rebuilding one house or even a block of houses or even a town is one thing, running and rebuilding the 3rd largest economy in the world is quite a different thing indeed.

As the most technologically advanced society in the world, the Japanese are very dependent on energy, something the island is short on resources for, thus the nuclear plants. With key plants out of commission, rolling black outs, collapsing manufacturing are adding to a general suffering of the Japanese people.

The Humanitarian aid, is of course, a great concern and a great help, bur for a society, it is but the first aid, in a long struggle of recovery and for a nation such as Japan, Russia is providing it with something no other nation can or those who can will not do, for one reason on another: Russia is sacrificing from its own, energy: gas, coal and even directly, electricity.

The most immediate aid is through the underwater power cables connecting Russian and Japan, through which Russia will send 6,000 megawatts of electricity, desperately needed by Japan. Russia will also supply 200,000 tons of liquefied natural gas, more is not possible from Sakhalin, as it is already committed to Western energy companies, and unless they decide to move to charity, no more can be sent. Russia will increase coal supplies to Japan, which account for 22% of Japan's energy needs. Russia will deliver an additional 3 to 4 million tons of coal, in short order.

To underline the situation and Russia's commitment to sacrifice for its neighbor, Prime Minister Putin, the favorite target of the West, who has been compared to everyone from Hitler (the favorite bogyman of the West), to Attila the Hun, had this to say: "“Our neighbors are faced with huge grief and tragedy” and that “despite the problems we have inherited from the past it is important that Russia does everything it can to help Japan."

We can hope that the Japanese people, if not the present bunch of socialists and their fascist allies in power, will remember this most telling aid and when a sane party returns to power, after the next elections, we will be able to build upon this good will into a natural, mutually beneficent alliance.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

More Western Media Lies about Lybia

Russia Will Not Fail Japan, Aid Is Rushed

Russia Will Not Fail Japan, Aid Is Rushed

Though we Russians are ever the scape goats of the West's politics and now of the Japanese socialists and their fascist allies, who presently sit in power, we are an Orthodox people.

As such, Russia has set aside the territorial disputes, forgotten the threats of war and the attack on Russia's embassy, condoned by the present Japanese government, and has rushed to Japan's aid.

President Dmitry Medvedev was the first world leader to quickly pledge all aid as necessary to the assistance of Japan, even as Russia itself was evacuating our citizens from our southern islands, north of Japan.

Notified of this unprecedented disaster, in the middle of a meeting on Russia's energy sector, with the State Council, President Medvedev interrupted the meeting to pledge his and Russia's support for Japan and to order preparations for the evacuation of Russia's citizens.

"Our consolidation should be at its highest today. I am instructing the emergency situations minister to submit these assistance-related suggestions to me for confirmation," President Medvedev said.

"Should Tokyo appeal, including via the United Nations, Russia will be ready to provide the necessary humanitarian aid to Japan," Russian news agency Interfax quoted the Emergencies Ministry source as saying on Friday.

Sberbank, one of Russian's top commercial banks, has opened a donation fund, for public donation gathering, to assist the Japanese.

Для пожертвований в рублях:
Благотворительный Фонд "СОЗИДАНИЕ", ИНН 7705401519, КПП 770501001, ОГРН 1027739370669
Расчетный счет №40703810600020018384 в ОАО "Сбербанк России", г.Москва, БИК 044525225, Кор.счет №30101810400000000225

For giving in Rubles:
Charity Fund "Sozidanit", INN 7705401519, KPP 770501001, OGRN 1027739370669
Account number #4070381060020018384 v OAO "Sberbank Russia", city Moscow, BIK 044525225, Kor.Account #30101810400000000225

Для пожертвований в иностранной валюте:
Счет в японских иенах - 40703392400020008384.
Счет в долларах США - 40703840800020008384.
Счет в евро - 40703978400020008384.

For donations in international currencies:
Account in Japanese Yuan - 40703392400020008384.
Account in US dollars - 40703840800020008384.
Account in Euro - 40703978400020008384.

The Japanese are a honourable people and this aid by Russia and the Russian people will not fall on deaf ears and blind eyes. Out of this unimaginable tragedy, may finally shine the light that will bring us to brotherly existence and maybe alliance.

Orthodox Christian prayers for the fallen and their families.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Anglo Containment of the FRIG (France, Russia, Italy, Germany)

Anglo Containment of the FRIG (France, Russia, Italy, Germany)

No matter what you hear about the Arab Street and Jihad, what you hear about China rising or any other such and such, the Anglo-Sphere's main policy for world domination, designed by the English and driven by the Americans, has always been and always will be, short of some massive catastrophe: FRIG.

Only in France, Russia, Italy and Germany does the Anglo contagion face a real threat to world financial and thus resource and military domination. These countries in and of themselves and worse, in any kind of alliance with each other, have and still do pose the real answer of the multi-polar world view, that can and will threaten the merciless exploitation of the world for the benefit of primarily 2 Anglo nations: US/UK.

While we hear much about the Islamics and on a local scale it may be true, no Muslim nation in the world has the military or economic capacity to even challenge England, which all said and done is a second rate European power. So how, then can even an alliance of these destitute, culturally backward, death cultists, threaten or even topple the Anglo sphere? Simply put, they can not, but with terrorism and piracy, they can be blown up into a fear mongering for the little people at home and as a smoke screen to cover the machinations of these elites. The same can be said for China.

The Arabs make great headlines and reasons to pull NATO and thus three of the four real threats, into bankrupting and soul draining wars. The simplest way to handle any terrorist act is to identify the country sponsoring it or giving aid and bomb the Hell out of them: one full village or town flattened for every terror act committed. Similarly with piracy: wipe out the villages along the coast from which the pirates range forward and burn the ports and you have sold that issue. But why waste the smoke screen.

Similarly, the issue of China. Yes China is a threat, a regional threat, with little to no chance of threatening the world, but a US/UK built up headache for Russia and for that matter every other nation surrounding it.

Following the end of the WW2, the Anglo-Sphere had partially achieved its aim, with a divide Germany in the camp of the Soviets and Anglos and France, especially after the ousting of De Gaulle, as well as Italy, in the Anglo camp, a strong hegemony was established upon the European continent.

Europe has been the seed bed of most of the modern technology that the world enjoys, of the past 250 years. It was the seedbed of the industrial revolution, of the majority of philosophy, literature and culture, as well as the majority of the empires of the past 400 years. To that end, the only exceptions to this rule have been the American and Japanese empires, and the Japanese one was relatively short lived, at less then 100 years.

With the end of the Cold War, a united Germany was firmly cemented into the alliance. It was given some free reign in the creation of what is now Croatia, its own colony of sorts, not realizing that a full blown civil war was the perfect context under which to pull the Germans into their first quagmire.

At the same time, the Anglos were heavily backing the Eurozone for the simple reason that a combined currency, split amongst the main threatening players, 3 out of the 4 FRIG members (France, Italy and Germany) and forced to support weak nations, would confuse and defuse any real national ambitions of those three. Like wise, the Anglos were busy gorging on the ruins of the Soviet Union, helping turn neighbor on neighbor and stealing anything not nailed down, even as they pulled in puppet states such as Poland, the Baltics, Romania, Bulgaria and so on to make sure that any vote in NATO and the EU was diluted and directed in the Anglo preferred direction.

However, in their endless greed and hubris, the Americans and English, hoping to create more bases for further reduction of Russia and to involve the French, Italians and Germans in another series of soul crushing quagmires, got involved Iraq and Afghanistan, with a smaller degree in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. In both direct instances, these turned into absolute disasters, similar to the British wars against the Boers of the 1880s-90s.

During this period, Russia got up off of her knees and began to actively present an alternative power point to the Anglos. The nationalist elements of France, Italy and Germany were also able to gain power, though, these were of the milder element, non-the-less and began steering their nations more in line with Russia, to oppose Anglo domination.

This is why the US placed so much pressure to stop the Minstrel sale from France to Russia. Thankfully it failed. The French had given the Anglos the proverbial finger and went after what is best for France. Germany is already doing the same and Italy is like wise running for the exit of the Anglo supremacy.

In short, the multi-polar world is forming faster then the Anglo efforts to stop it.

Containment of the FRIG was successful to one degree or another, until the endless and ever bubbling Anglo hubris once again sank them. Now containment is collapsing and the world may once again see an answer to the Third Way Socialism, aka Marxism that the Anglos are fostering upon the world. The world may also once again see a strong block of nations who supports and defends Christianity.

The transformation of the French, Italians and Germans back into nationalist, Christian states is only just beginning and still has a long way to catch up to Russia, but it is happening and nothing the atheist and dhimmi Anglos do will stop it.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Out With Militsia in with Politsia

Out With Militsia in with Politsia

On 1 March 2011, the new ordenance on Police came into being. No major surprise, as this giant piece of reform has been in the works for some time and has been debated on one television site after another, for the better part of the past half year. But what does it mean?

Well, it is more then just a change in names, from the revolutionary Marxist term Militsia to the monarchist term Politsia. It is even more then the up coming change of uniforms from the old Soviet hold backs of the militsia to the pseudo-Tsarist uniforms of the new Politsia. Indeed, it is a whole new mentality and a new view.

First amongst things, is the new mentality to be rammed into the heads of Our Civil Servants that they are Civil Servants. No longer will they be taught that they are here to regulate and manage the society, as the word Militsia dictates. Instead they will be taught that they are there to protect the public, that they are there to serve. Furthermore, though this is already happening, when ever a Politsayski stops a person, they must present themselves with their rank and name. If the person is being arrested, they must now be read their rights, which includes the right to a lawyer and for the first time, they will be given the right to a phone call.

Furthermore, after the bottom 20% of the force is released from duty: fired, the remaining Politseski will undergo career training. First and foremost, they will learn the Russian constitution, the obvious mentality being: how do you defend the rights of the people if you do not know them yourself. Next, as the career grows, they will be forced to learn psychology, public relations, foreign languages and so on. Added to that, the provincial and municipal two thirds of the police budget will now be only handled by the federal budget, this will remove much of the temptation for bribes. The problem is, often enough, the local administrations would steal the provincial and municipal portions of the police pay, so the police were only getting 1/3rd of their pay. Additionally, any politsasiki who stays clean for 15 years, will get a government bought apartment to own.

But as with all such things, it is more then a matter of switching on a light and seeing things happen. These changes will take time to impliment in our giant nation and will take longer for the older Politsia to absorb and cast aside their Militsia psychology.

Russian Justice, Slow But On the March

Last week, a Russian court sentenced 4 men to 19 years in prison, in other words, longer then their life expectancy in prison, for the 2002 murder of Valentin Tsvetkov, 54, governor of Magadan. The reformist governor was shot in Oct 2002, leaving his office, in front of his wife. Vladimir Putin, then president, described the murder as a crime against Russia. The Western media, as always, blamed it on Putin, their standard propaganda move. Luckily when critics or former allies of the various rulers of the Anglo-Sphere get murdered, for things like telling the truth on Iraq before the war started, have their wive's cars explode into flame with their wives unconscious in them or have their bodies found in land dumps, it is never blamed on those in power but on mysterious foreigners and freak accidents.

Part of the delay was the length of time to extradite the main two heads of the crime. Alexander Zakharov was extradited from Spain in 2007 and Martin Babakesyan was extradited from Spain in 2008, while the other two: Artur Anisimov and Masis Akhunts were already held. See England, at least some European countries believe in Justice and do send criminals home, instead of giving them citizenship and defense, if they have enough cash.

The murder was committed over Tsvetkov's attempts to overhaul the local gold mining operations, installing and enforcing fishing quotas and the use of state funds for bringing in fuel and food in the winter. In other words, huge money was at stake for Zakharov and Babakesyan.

Also in the news is the beginning of two murder trials for the murders of lawyer Stanislav Markelov and journalist Anastasia Baburova. They were shot dead on January 19, 2009, in central Moscow. Nikolai Tikhonov and Yevgenia Khasis, members of a radical neo-Nazi nationalist group, were charged with the murders. Presiding Judge Alexander Zamashnyu, stressed to the jury that the prosecution had to prove the defendant's guilt, saying "The defense is not supposed to prove [their] innocence,"

The defendants pleaded not guilty.